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My Awakening

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My name is Amy. It was toward the end of my second month of grad school, when I happened to run into Janie, a girl I hadn’t seen since high school. We hadn’t been particularly close friends, but we had known each other casually and kind of liked one another. It was lunchtime, so we went to the campus deli where we each ordered a salad and sat down to reminisce a bit. As we chatted, I couldn’t help noticing how really stunning Janie had become.

I kind of remembered her from high school as being attractive, but not this beautiful. She was maybe 5’8″, with a model’s figure – lovely long straight blonde hair, blue eyes, and dynamite legs. I tried to remember what she might have looked like naked in the locker room, but it didn’t come to me. She had a small waist and perfect round breasts, maybe a 34C I guessed. She was dressed modestly for campus, with a white blouse, medium length denim skirt, no stockings, and sandals. She wore two-inch yellow hoop earrings. Her fingernails were long, neat, and red.

We talked about psychology – our mutual field, books, movies, dieting, and a bit about guys. Somehow the subject of sexuality came up, and I found myself sharing my own modest experience. Lost my virginity at 17 in the back seat. Like so many other high-schoolers not really satisfying but relieved to get it over with. Then in college a few short affairs, nothing serious. Vaginal missionary-position sex, some mutual oral sex, once or twice some cum got on my lips just enough to taste, but that was it. A few more short flings during the last two years. I had had a total of six guys inside me – I remembered them all. Janie listened patiently, and as I talked a mischievous smile began to appear on her face.

“Amy,” she said, “if I asked you to join me at a party, and there was a chance that at this party you might have, uh, a somewhat more broadening sexual experience, would you be interested at all?”

I thought for a moment, admitted to myself that things hadn’t been all that exciting lately, and said, “Sure, why not?”

“OK,” she said, “here’s the deal.” Once in awhile some guys I know on the football team have a party. They’re having one this evening. They rent out the small theater-in-the-round on the upper campus. It’s got seats for an audience, a round stage good for dancing, a lot of theater props that come in handy for parties, and a concession stand with a bar. I’ve been to a couple of these parties – it’s an experience. But I should warn you, these are very fun-loving, healthy, strapping guys and it can sometimes get a bit wild. What do you say?”

I nodded my assent and gave her my address.

“I’ll pick you up at 8 PM.”

“What should I wear?” I noticed her eyes twinkle.

“Whatever you have that’s a bit exciting. Oh, and Amy, uh, do you know what a Fleet’s is?”

“Huh? Isn’t that, like, you know, an enema or something?”

“I’m using it before tonight, you should do the same.”

“What? Why in the world would you…?” I stopped in mid-sentence. I thought I could guess the answer. “Janie, you’re not suggesting, I mean you’ve go to be kidding; you can’t be serious! You can’t, I mean, I’ve never even thought about…”

She interrupted me. “It just never hurts to be prepared,” was all she said.

Early that afternoon I thought about this party. There were going to be some very attractive guys there I was sure, and I wanted to feel as sexy as I could. I took stock. Like Janie I am 24. By coincidence I am also 5’8″. My hair is auburn, and long and straight down to the middle of my back, and I have green eyes. I bicycle and have long, thin legs with well-toned calves and thin ankles. I keep trim and slim by watching my diet. I weigh118 and measure 34-24-34, not bad at all. I’m proud of the shape of my breasts, and my perky nipples get hard easily, and when they do they point up. I have one body piercing – in my navel, with a single zirconium stone – which I just had had done once just on an impulse. I don’t have any tattoos.

I kept my pubic hair trimmed to accommodate my favorite string bikini, but I was never completely shaved. I had read a couple of magazine articles about this, and I wondered about it now. I passed a salon and stopped in on the chance that I might get a spur-of-the-moment manicure if someone was free. By chance, they had had a cancellation and less than an hour later I had freshly polished bright red nails, not at all unlike Janie’s. Just for fun, I had them do my toenails too. And yeah, on my way back to the apartment I actually did stop in a drugstore and picked up a twin-pack of Fleet’s.

Back in my apartment, I got in the shower and washed my silky hair with a new fragrant shampoo. I studied my pubic triangle in the mirror. I decided. I lathered up, rubbed the cream in thoroughly, and set about with my Gillette. I worked gingerly, but with purpose. I left just a tiny narrow vertical strip of fuzz over my mons, kind of like a little Mohawk haircut, but everything else, including my vulva, was bald. I couldn’t believe how exposed my slit looked with no hair around it. It felt very naughty and I savored the sensation. I smiled to myself. I contemplated the Fleet’s sitting there on the vanity; I cocked my head, thought about it. What the hell, there was nothing to lose. It was pretty much effortless, and it only took a few extra minutes anyway.

What to wear? I thought about pantyhose, but I took out black lace-trimmed stockings and a garter belt. My briefest red thong panties. A matching red lace bra, or should I omit the bra entirely? A pang of modesty; I decided to wear it. A ribbed red top with spaghetti straps, and a moderately short black skirt. My highest heels were 3 inches. Black. I’d wear sandals and change into the heels in the car. I put on playful long dangling earrings with little yellow crescent moons.

I had a light supper, made up my face at 7:00, and changed at 7:30 into the clothes I had laid out. I dabbed on a little of my best perfume. I thought I looked fine, but the heels were very ordinary and now I wished I owned something a little sexier. The vision of my completely bare pussy under the little red thong lingered. The doorbell rang at 7:55.

Janie was an absolute knockout. Her long straight blonde hair was gorgeous. She had on just enough make up, eyeliner, blue eye shadow, light red lip gloss. She wore red hoop earrings, 3 inches in diameter. Her red top was tight, but her breasts were firm enough that it didn’t flatten them at all. It was obvious she had on no bra, because her nipples protruded noticeably behind the thin material. She wore a brown leather miniskirt, no stockings – the skirt was too short and pantyhose were always a turn-off. Incongruously, she had on sneakers.

“All ready?” she asked. I nodded, and we were off. I carried my shoes in a plastic bag and wondered about her sneakers. In the car Janie told me how nice I looked. I didn’t say anything about having shaved for the occasion, but I was still smiling to myself about it. Even if nothing at all happened, I liked what it had done for my self-image. I wondered to myself momentarily if Janie had a completely shaved pussy, and somehow guessed that she probably did. I more than half-wondered if I might even get to see it tonight…

The drive to the theater was only a few minutes. We parked and Janie popped the trunk and I saw two shoe boxes. The sneakers came off. She opened one box and took out a pair of red 5-inch stiletto heels with sexy thong straps that wound around the ankles and calves. With those incredible shoes on, a change seemed to overcome her. Now she was really statuesque, and the way those shoes stretched her taut calf muscles was tantalizing. I gave a little gasp and she smiled appreciatively. “Here” she said, “I brought you a little prop.” She opened the second box, and there were another pair of 5-inch stilettos, black. These had no thongs, but I wouldn’t need straps over my stockings anyway. I slipped on the shoes which were exactly my size, no surprise as we measured almost exactly the same in all other departments too. The shoes completed me. At first I wasn’t completely sure I could walk in heels this high, but I managed just fine.

“Well, all right,” she said, “you look terrific, good enough to eat. Let’s go.” I half-wondered if she had meant that literally…

We entered the theater through the front door. There was a large attractive guy at the door, who looked like he could be a football player, acting as a bouncer to make sure no one uninvited wandered in. There was a “private function” sign in the foyer. The lights were low, rock music was already thumping in the background, and a number of athletic-looking guys were standing around, a few with a glass or a bottle of beer in hand. I didn’t see any other girls yet. A guy came over to greet Janie, and she introduced me to “Don.” Don introduced me to another guy, Alan, and two more guys drifted over, more intros, and we all stood around talking about music, movies, sports, whatever. All these guys were really built, and almost all of them were taller than Janie and me, even in our 5-inch stilettos. Someone offered us drinks. Janie asked for vodka on the rocks with some lime, and that sounded really good so I opted for the same.

I felt warm and loose after the drink, and someone thoughtfully brought each of us another, even though we hadn’t asked for them. The music seemed to get louder. Don asked Janie to dance, and in a moment I found myself dancing with Alan. The music was fast and loud and we danced with abandon. I thought about kicking off those heels, but I was managing, and anyway I really wanted to keep them on. The next dance was slow. Alan was nice. And gentle. He told me he liked my perfume and when he said it his lips just brushed my ear. I tingled. The vodka flowed through my veins. The music pulsed. The scene was beginning to feel like some pagan ritual. As I swayed with Alan, I glanced over at Janie and Don. They were kissing deeply. Don had both hands caressing Janie’s rear end and she seemed to be somehow melting into him. Alan’s lips brushed my ear again. I looked into his eyes and our lips got closer and closer and finally met – very slowly. Then harder and our tongues began to search for each other. Already I could feel myself getting moist.

Don’s hands moved higher up Janie’s back. Then they lifted her little red top over her head, and just like that she was nude above the waist. Her breasts were firm and round and her nipples were fully erect. She untucked Don’s shirt and began unbuttoning it, while they still kissed deeply. They kept dancing. The song ended. The next one was fast again. Janie and Don thumped and gyrated sensually to the beat. Her pretty breasts bounced. Sweat glistened on them. Janie undid a snap on her hip and suddenly her skirt dropped to the floor. Now she had on only a black g-string and those incredible 5-inch stiletto heels with their thongs caressing those beautiful calves. Everyone was watching her. I was mesmerized. Alan kissed me again. I felt his hands feel for the bottom of my top, and a stupid conditioned impulse to stop him momentarily flashed, but vanished almost instantly. Then the top was over my head and I was in the red lace bra. At that moment I didn’t know if I was glad I had worn it or not.

We kept dancing. Slow again. Alan and I pressed our pelvises against each other. We started a slight sexual rhythm. Janie flicked at the corner of her g-string and it too dropped away and was on the floor. Now she was completely nude except for the stilettos. And I had been right about the shaved pussy; there was her perfect slit exposed for everyone. No pubic hair at all. One small silver ring in her pierced left labia. Janie didn’t miss a beat, and… Of course! She was nude on stage with a half-naked guy, and cool as a cucumber. It suddenly dawned on me that my high school acquaintance was no novice at this. Sure, after Janie’s coy warning, I had thought that there was a strong likelihood of some sex this evening, but I had never dared to envision her doing it in public in front of an audience! Janie gyrated with Don. The music stopped. Janie took off his shirt and unzipped his fly and Don stepped out of the pants. He wore only a pair of blue briefs. His huge erection was practically busting out, and Janie just grabbed the briefs and pulled them off. Two beautiful nude people, a stage, and an audience. Don’s cock throbbed and the head was purple and swollen. You could see the engorged blue veins.

Janie’s eyes caught mine. She winked and gave a little nod. I knew it was now or never and I gave her a tiny nod in return. My red lace bra opened in front, which Alan had already discovered. Our tongues entwined and his hand was between my breasts, and as the bra suddenly fell away I undid the zipper on my skirt and let that drop away too. Topless, I now had on just my red thong, the black stockings and garter belt, and those five-inch high heels. The round cheeks of my ass were completely exposed. Alan cupped both of my breasts with his hands and kneaded my precious little erect nipples with his thumbs. Then he caressed each one with his lips, flicking first one nipple, then the other, with the tip of his tongue. I felt light-headed and my knees went weak. Alan’s hand went between my legs and two fingers rubbed my moist pussy. Then he bent down, and with his teeth began tugging the thong down to my ankles. I helped him a little and finally stepped out of it. He held it in his teeth, then ran his tongue over the inside of the crotch, already wet with my juice, and then we kissed again. Now I was nude except for the stockings and garter belt, and the heels, and my naughty bald slit was totally exposed. I could sense all the eyes on me, but I didn’t care. I felt like I was floating on air.

A mattress materialized on the stage. With the loud music pounding, Janie and Don lay down, and she spread her legs wide and put her high heels up in the air as he played with her pussy opening with the head of his big cock. He teased her like that for a minute or two, and all the while poor Janie moaned and her head thrashed from side to side. She was so wet I could see her labia just glistening. I unconsciously touched myself for the briefest second with two fingers, and I was just as wet as she was. Then Don entered her – all the way up to the hilt with one single big thrust. Janie gave a little gasp which morphed into a deep sigh, and then she began to breathe harder as Don moved rhythmically in and out of her cunt. I looked around; some of the other guys had lost their clothes too. Janie and Don fucked furiously for a minute or two while everybody watched, and then she rolled over for him.

Next thing I knew, another mattress appeared and I was on my back next to Janie. She was now on her knees with her ass pointing straight up and Don, who really did look like a linebacker, was ramming his cock deep into her glistening pussy from behind. Two other guys now began taking turns shoving their enormous cocks in and out of Janie’s mouth. She panted in between deep sucks on the two cocks while Don fucked her harder and harder. Her body glistened with sweat and shook with each deep plunge. Two more guys held my ankles and spread my legs wide and held my feet way up in the air. Alan knelt down and smiled at me and began to run his tongue down my tight body, starting with a caress of each nipple, then down my flat stomach to my belly button. He twirled the tip of his tongue around the jewel in my navel, then slid further down the crease of my left thigh. My whole body felt like it was on pins. My pussy was so-o-o wet and I could feel my vulva swelling and my cunt juice just moistening the outside. I could almost sense all the eyes on my pussy, all wet and glistening.


Alan’s tongue caressed both pussy lips for a few seconds that seemed like minutes, and suddenly it just barely tweaked my engorged clit! My back arched and I thought I was going to cum right then and there. I couldn’t believe how much I craved that tongue on my clit. But now he was French kissing my sopping pussy; in and out his tongue went, I gasped and panted, faster and faster and faster. Everyone in the room could easily hear the slurping noises. The tension was building and building – I was going to cum any second. Suddenly Alan stopped eating me and knelt between my legs. I felt his hard-on slide over my entrance three or four times, and I just wanted him to jam that thing in me really hard. When the thrust came, Alan’s huge rod went all the way in with the first push – I was so slippery inside. I gasped, just like Janie had, and we started fucking, not slow, but really hard right away. I came with a scream after only about ten seconds.

We moved to the music, to the paganism. I was on a stage fucking a guy I had known for less than half an hour! Faster and faster we moved against each other until I came again, and still we kept going and going. Suddenly Alan spasmed and I could feel his cock exploding deep into me. Spurt after spurt of wet warmth filled my cunt and the huge load welled up until my pussy just overflowed. He kept fucking me hard all the while he was cumming and my fists clenched and my head rolled from side to side, and then I screamed and released again with spasm after ecstatic spasm. At the same instant next to me I heard Janie scream out as Don came in her pussy and she too orgasmed in six or seven shuddering waves. Then one of the guys Janie was sucking pulled out of her mouth and turned to me. I could see the perspiration glowing on his face. His cock was already starting to throb, and I could see his orgasm building.

Our eyes met and there was this kind of instantaneous understanding and I gave him this almost imperceptible nod. He straddled my face. I grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands and pulled his cock between my lips. Two deep thrusts into my wide open mouth and he started to spurt. And for the first time in my life I felt hot salty cum in my mouth – and not just in my mouth but filling my mouth. It just kept cumming and cumming. Quickly I realized I could keep from gagging by opening my mouth just enough around his shaft to allow the cum to ooze around it and dribble out over my lips. He came for about ten or fifteen seconds – I couldn’t believe how much cum there could be in one guy. I swallowed a little, but most of it seeped out, coated my lips and chin, and ran in shiny white little rivers down my neck. I kept just enough sticky stuff in my mouth to play with a little and savored the soft taste.

I smiled up at him and he smiled back, looking me right in the eye while I twirled his semen around with my tongue. I blew a few bubbles and a few very thin strings of cum stayed stretched between my lips. He bent down and we french kissed. When he finally pulled slowly away, one strand of his cum stayed briefly attached to both of our tongues. I milked the semen off the length of his shaft with one hand and smeared it over my breasts, massaging a little of the sensuous lubrication over each nipple.

Meanwhile I had temporarily been completely unaware of Janie. Alan had gotten up from between my legs and had moved over to Janie’s face and now she was eagerly slurping his still hard shaft, savoring the combined taste of his jizz and the juices from inside my own pussy. And I could feel semen oozing out of my slit down both inner thighs and I had sperm all over my mouth. I felt so incredibly slutty – the feeling was delicious and just so totally intoxicating. I reached between my legs and rubbed my sticky hand over my breasts again.

The rock music continued to pound. Someone handed me a glass with some more vodka which I gulped in two swallows – as if I really needed anything to loosen my inhibitions at this point. But the liquor felt great. It burned a little going down and I could feel its warm glow spread over me almost right away. Janie and I both stood up and now we could now see that there were not just a few, but at least thirty guys in the room, maybe more, all muscular and athletic, some already nude. This time I was able to count two girls, a redhead and one with black hair, both very pretty and both fully clothed. They looked younger than Janie and me, probably undergraduates.

I hadn’t wiped any of the semen off my face and it still felt really runny. Rivulets of cum had run all the way down my neck and between my breasts. I now saw that Janie’s second blow-job guy must have cum all over her face, because her face actually glistened with whitish streaks that reflected the light and she had white goo stuck in her hair and more semen dripping down her neck. A little had somehow even gotten on both breasts. We hugged each other and kissed deeply, our tongues playing and lingering with each other. The room broke out in cheers. The jizz on our breasts made us kind of slide against one another. What nasty cum sluts we already were! And so far we had each fucked just one lone guy and sucked off another. At least thirty more pairs of hungry eyes were devouring us on the stage. Oh well, I had already fucked one guy in public, what difference would a few more make now?

A fantasy suddenly flashed through me that it would be the coolest thing to see how many guys’ cum I could collect in and on various parts of my body without wiping any of it off. I leaned over and whispered this to Janie, and she got this deliciously naughty glint in her eye and smiled and nodded.

Two guys rolled a desk out onto the stage. The loud rock music continued and someone had turned on a disco globe that revolved and the reflections made everything seem surreal. Two guys picked me up and put me on the desk with a pillow under my head, but with my crotch, semen still dripping out of my slit, dangling. The same guys now picked up Janie and lifted her over me so her ass was toward my feet and her cunt was right on my face. I could really smell the sex – the mix of pussy lube and still gooey jizz, and then Janie began to face-fuck me. I forced my tongue in and out of her vagina as she bumped and grinded on my face. There was still so much semen in her cunt that it coated my whole mouth even more than it already was, and caused her pussy to slide across my mouth and nose.

Then I felt a hard cock spreading my vulva and immediately began thrusting against it, so that it slid in right away. My pussy juices were really flowing and that cock going in and out felt so-o-o incredible. At the same time I was trying to tongue-fuck Janie while she slid over and over my face – everything was just so unbelievably slippery. My face was still buried in Janie’s vagina, when suddenly she was lifted off me and placed on a bed that someone had rolled out. I could see it was kind of like an old hospital bed with a grate at each end. Janie saw what was coming, and sure enough she was soon spread eagled with both wrists and ankles tied to the bed. Someone then shoved a cock in my mouth so I couldn’t see Janie any more, but I could still hear her starting to moan as they began to fuck both her cunt and her mouth really hard while she writhed against the restraints on her wrists and ankles.

For several minutes I had these two cocks pounding my cunt and my throat, and I could hear the excited murmuring in the room as all the guys watched and waited their turns. All at once my fuck guy started to pant and groan and the first load went deep right into my pussy, but he pulled out and three or four more warm spurts sprayed my belly, my perfect little mons, and my inner thighs. I could feel the warm sticky liquid running between my legs from my cunt right down to my asshole – which gave me another flash idea. Then the other guy came in my mouth, and he held my head on his shaft the whole time so that all of it went into my mouth – five or six big spurts. I didn’t gag because I swallowed about half of it, and the rest seeped out both sides of my mouth and over my lips and chin. The taste was both slightly sweet and slightly salty all at the same time, but the sensation was fantastic! Again the guy and I held eye contact while I played with his semen with my tongue. Then I gathered it all into one oozing glob and forced it slowly out through barely open lips so that it briefly collected at the corner of my mouth before trickling down my neck. This earned me a loud cheer, and made me aware of the audience again. I had never even thought about them while I was being fucked.

Meanwhile, Janie was being gang-fucked by three guys who took turns pounding her pussy, while a fourth guy kneeled over her head and forced his cock in and out of her mouth. With all four limbs restrained, Janie was almost lost in ecstasy. She thrashed and moaned and squealed with raw sexual desire. The cock in her mouth suddenly let loose, filling her mouth and then spurting on her forehead and into her long silky hair. All three other guys one by one then straddled her in the same manner and unloaded on her face. There was so much cum, you couldn’t tell whose it was. Jizz landed in her hair, on her eyelids, her nose and cheeks, and filled her mouth over and over, making her sputter and blow bubbles while streams of cum ran down her neck to her breasts and also onto the mattress. She was such a gooey, shiny, slimy mess by now and was still tied down so she couldn’t wipe any of the sticky stuff away even if she wanted to – but then I remembered our silent nod earlier and I realized that she had no intention of wiping anything away even if she could!

A guy took my hand and helped me off the desk and over to Janie. I knelt over her and began to lick her shiny semen-coated face. Suddenly I felt something between my legs, but this time fingers were probing both my cunt and my butthole. I couldn’t tell if it was two different hands or fingers of the same hand, but I pushed back a little bit against them. With Janie still tied down, I kept slurping her sticky face. Another guy started to fuck Janie’s cunt. The finger in my ass became two, then three. Then I felt something cool, which I realized was KY jelly, and then, oh my God, something larger began gently to probe my asshole. I turned briefly to see the very good-looking guy, maybe 6’1″ and 220 pounds who was actually starting to push his rigid cock up my ass. At first it went slowly, less than half an inch at a time, then withdrew slightly and made a little more progress. My ass was tight but this felt wonderful – it didn’t really hurt, it just felt different, kind of stretchy sort of. As the guy thrusted, I consciously worked my way slowly down onto the shaft inch by inch until finally I had every bit of its length in me. Janie and her Fleet’s…

Slowly we began to move with each other. He pushed in, I pushed backward against him. I had to stop licking the cum off of Janie’s face so I could concentrate totally on this crazy sensation flooding the whole lower half of my body. I could feel my sphincter beginning to relax, and soon, helped by the KY, his cock was going in and out of my ass with less and less resistance. Soon I heard him groan and the cock head swelled and he exploded into my rectum. He pulled out and came right over to Janie, and shoved that big cock that had just cum in my ass right into Janie’s mouth. Janie sucked and slurped, and I could tell she was loving it all. As soon as she had sucked his cock clean, I got up on the bed and sat on Janie’s face with more of the same guy’s cum now dribbling out of my stretched and gaping asshole into Janie’s open mouth. Boy did that get a rousing cheer! She was still tied down, and a completely sopping gooey mess. I had a lot of catching up to do. So far I had only fucked two guys, even if one of them was up the ass, while Janie had fucked four, or was it five? And I had semen only around my mouth and chin while her whole face was drenched in it. Maybe we could even make this a competition.

It was really warm, and we were all really sweaty so I took a short rest and chugged an ice cold beer that someone gave me. They untied Janie so she could enjoy one too.

The break lasted only two or three minutes. Now they positioned the two mattresses in the center of the round stage, end-to-end. A guy with a huge hard-on lay down on his back with his head at one end of the first mattress, and Janie knelt on the other mattress, so that her tantalizingly glazed face, the disco light glinting off the gooey, streaky coating on it, was just over his. A few minutes earlier the cum would have dripped right on him, but it had just started to dry by now. I was handed the KY, and I immediately saw I was expected to squat on this huge cock, impaling my ass again. My anus was still stretched, so this time the shaft, nicely slick with lube, glided right in with hardly any squirming. I found myself again with eight inches of rock-hard cock up my ass, and was just beginning to move up and down on it when a second athletic guy walked over, locked eyes with me, smiled, and gently kissed my lips. My pussy was already wet from the sheer turn-on of the cock up my butthole, and I realized that now I was about to have my cunt fucked too, with that first big rod still up my ass.

As I leaned back, the guy under me played with my nipples, and now the second guy stuck his pole right in my fucking cunt. If you’ve never been sandwiched like this, you just have to try it. I just felt so damn slutty, and so utterly and completely FUCKED. Wow! Both the guys and I started gyrating as best we could under the circumstances – you can’t move too much with two cocks in you or one will pop out, and right then I needed them both in! A third guy now lay down on his back and scooted under Janie and his big thick hard dick slid right up into her pussy and she began to fuck him cowgirl style. A fourth guy lubed up another gigantic ramrod, and, again with the KY, this time began stretching Janie’s asshole. All Janie had to do was lean forward slightly and the shaft began to work its way in, and now both of us were nastily sandwiched. With me facing up and Janie facing down, we were able to French kiss while both being penetrated in both our holes. I could taste the sperm coating her chin and her pretty lips.

With all the squirming, groaning, moaning, and audience appreciation, it was hard to tell who among the six of us was going to cum first. It turned out to be the guy in Janie’s ass. He pulled out, and aimed right at our faces while Janie and I were in the middle of a deep tongue-curling kiss. His first spurt hit Janie with a long streak starting on the cheek just below the left eye and extending onto her forehead and into her hair, and there must have been at least five more spurts, all over both of our mouths, which were now brimming with the sticky white mess, and we exchanged it over and over with this incredibly sloppy wet stringy spermy kiss. And then the guy in my pussy started to cum, pulled out, and with a loud aahhhhhh also spooged all over both of our faces while we were still kissing and exchanging the first guy’s big load. Meanwhile while all this was going on, my ass and Janie’s cunt were still being fucked silly. Both guys came in us almost simultaneously – again I felt that sweet trickle down my inner thighs as sperm spilled out of my overfilled bumhole.

Semen seeped from Janie’s slit and formed a small puddle under her on the mattress. All four holes were now quickly refilled by four other guys, and the ass-fucking and cunt-fucking continued. This time all four stopped before anyone came. Our four guys and four others, who just hadn’t been able to wait any longer and had been jerking off on the sidelines, surrounded our heads. I grabbed one guy and pulled his cock into my mouth and he started to cum right away. The load nearly gagged me, but I had already learned what to do and again I swallowed some while dribbling out the rest which oozed over my chin. Janie got a load right in her open mouth and also let it drool out after briefly gurgling and orally playing with it. One by one the other six guys unloaded in our mouths, on our faces, and all over our breasts. We shared another unbelievably sticky, gooey long deep kiss, exchanging the cum over and over. Neither of us swallowed it – instead I finally used my tongue to slowly push the biggest glob out between my nearly closed lips and let it flow down the front of my neck while I licked my sticky lips. Janie and I were now both sopping wet, drenched cum buckets, but dammit she had still fucked more guys than me.


Janie took time out for another cold beer, but I wanted to catch up with her in the numbers department. I lay on my back, legs spread wide, and played with my clit while cum still visibly seeped out of both my holes. I purposely made eye contact with several guys. I figured this would be enough to bring on the troops, and I was right. This time I just straight-out fucked five guys right in a row, all missionary style with my legs way up in the air, still wearing those stiletto heels. Three guys came in my pussy, one blew his load all over my labia and mons, and the fifth guy gave it to me on the face again. I licked my lips all around, savoring the taste of the slightly salty spooge. Janie had finished her beer and she now lay down, motioned for me to squat over her, and we allowed the mix of the three loads in my dripping pussy to slowly run into her open mouth. With her tongue, she spread my shimmering sticky wet labia and proceeded to lick my clit harder and harder, while all the time it was immersed in all that cum. I screamed and came so hard she almost fell backwards, but she continued lapping my cum-covered clit with her equally cum-covered tongue. I welled up and came again – a gushing orgasm with another piercing scream. I heard some applause in the background.

Now I sat on Janie’s face. Both my twat and Janie’s face were so completely covered with goo that I just literally slid all over her face for several minutes. I gazed out at the audience who were now almost completely quiet, so rapt were they with what they were watching. I figured I had now fucked about nine guys and was ahead of Janie, but it was all beginning to run together and I was beginning to lose count. We stood up and hugged breasts to breasts and we slid against each other as if we were covered in oil, we were coated with so much cum, and neither of us had wiped off anything.

Janie was already for more. She knelt down and drew her knees in extra close so her ass stuck up in the air as high as she could get it, and fingered herself for the audience. She rubbed some of the excess cum on her body over her twat over and over and kept sticking fingers in and out of herself, occasionally putting them in her mouth and sucking on them while keeping eye contact with the audience. With Janie’s shiny ass in the air like that, several new guys came onto the stage and one immediately rammed his cock deep into her cunt doggy-style and began fucking her so hard we could all hear the slapping of his groin against her ass. Janie’s ass cheeks jiggled with each deep thrust, and when the guy finally came all over them, his semen seeped down between her legs and through her pouting slit where his cock had just been deeply buried. I knelt down to get a big glob of fresh cum from between Janie’s legs on my hand and licked my palm for the audience. Another guy came over to fuck Janie’s still dripping cunt from behind, and we could all see this guy was wearing a pink ribbed condom.

This fuck took longer, I guessed because of the guy’s decreased sensation due to the condom, and Janie had to work extra hard to get him off. With a loud groan he finally shuddered and came while still pumping her hard. Janie then peeled off the condom, which had the first guy’s cum from inside her pussy on its outside, and this new load completely filling up the receptacle at its tip. Looking right at the audience, Janie first held up the condom, with its tip down, and did a sort of blowjob on it, licking the outside completely clean of cum and her own pussy juice. Then she turned the condom upside down and let the cum slowly drip out of it onto her tongue. When the dripping stopped, she milked out some more into her mouth with two fingers, and then held the thing in her mouth and milked and sucked out the rest that way. Finally she stuck her tongue back into the limp condom to get the last few drops. Then she put it in her mouth and chewed it briefly like it was chewing gum. At last she removed it from her mouth and offered it to the guy as a souvenir.

Wouldn’t you know it, suddenly two more cocks materialized condom-clad. One guy fucked me in the ass. He finished quickly and I squatted on a second stiff, condomed rod and fucked it reverse cowgirl with my pussy, giving the audience an up close frontal view of the cock sliding up into my vagina. After the second guy came, I was determined not to be outdone by Janie. I removed the first condom that had come in my ass and sucked it dry, then carefully milked the one from my pussy with my lips pursed. I didn’t really think they tasted any different at all, and I was getting really used to the taste and warm gooeyness of the cum itself. I offered the milked condoms to Janie who put them in her mouth and swished them around for a minute or two before again giving them to the guys.

They carried me to the bed, and this time it was my turn to be restrained. This is a weird sensation if you’ve never tried it. You feel completely helpless, but at the same time the sense of anticipation is so-o-o sensual. You know you are about to be debauched, but you don’t know exactly how. It’s a delicious feeling. One guy knelt over my face and began to fuck my mouth. I closed my lips just tight enough so they would actually act more like a cunt for him. Three guys lined up between my spread-eagled legs and took turns fucking my real cunt. One guy did about ten thrusts, pulled out, and another guy did some, and then the third guy, and they fucked me not gently, but really hard and I started to thrash around but the restraints held me down. The guy fucking my mouth held my head down by my hair so now I really couldn’t move my head either. His big shaft slid all the way down into my throat again and again and I had to breathe harder and harder through my nose. Finally the cock began to throb, and the head swelled, and this guy came – so deep in my throat that this time I had to swallow all of it, and I was kind of disappointed that there was no cum to play with and to show externally. The other three guys were still fucking my cunt when someone stuck another hard erection in my mouth.

The first guy in my pussy came inside me and the next guy was immediately there for sloppies and plunged right in while the first guy’s cum was just starting to ooze out. After a minute or two the second guy came in my cunt too, just as the new guy in my mouth blew his load all over my face. It ran everywhere and I couldn’t touch any of it because of the restraints. Finally the third guy came all over the outside of my pussy, and the fucking stopped. All my orifices were vacant. But suddenly out of nowhere a third cock unloaded on my face. Where the hell had that come from? This guy had been fucking Janie in the ass behind me where I hadn’t realized what was going on. There was literally no more room on my glazed face for any more cum, and this load ran quickly down my neck in several streams and down between my breasts. Janie came over and got on top of me in a cum-soaked sixty-nine. Besides the guy in her ass, another guy had unloaded in her cunt which was now seeping so much it was almost flowing with the sticky jizz. We sixty-nined this way for several minutes – both of our bodies lubricated with cum and sliding against each other, while eating semen out of each other’s cunts. I came twice and I think Janie did too, if I remember right…

When they undid my restraints, I was actually almost sorry! By now I had completely lost count of the guys we had fucked. I wondered out loud if there were any in the room who still hadn’t had a turn, and it turned out there actually were seven! Janie and I decided to do this together. I lay on my back, and, facing me, she knelt over me so my face was between her legs. Each guy could now kneel over me behind her and fuck her cunt doggy style right over my mouth. The guy could give her a few thrusts, then pull out and fuck my mouth with a few thrusts if he wanted to, then fuck Janie’s pussy again. Each guy could choose whether to come in my mouth, or come in Janie’s pussy and have it dribble out into my mouth, or come on her ass and have it run down over her slit onto my lips. This not only worked great, but I liked the little bit of suspense not knowing whether the guy would blow his load into my mouth or whether I would watch it spurt onto or into Janie’s body.

Janie brought the first guy to the brink, moving back and forth on his stiff cock and squeezing with her pussy, and at the last second he pulled out and did come in my mouth. I swallowed some and spat some of it out onto Janie’s slit and rubbed it in a little before the second guy entered her. This guy fucked her really hard but intermittently pulled out and let me go up and down on him with my mouth a few times before fucking Janie some more. I kind of hoped I would be the one to get the blast, but when he came it was way up inside Janie’s pussy, and although she did squeeze out a nice stringy gloop for me to swallow, a lot of it stayed inside her.

The third guy came over with, you guessed it, the KY again. He lubricated his shaft and soon worked it right up Janie’s ass. I hadn’t expected this, but she squealed with the sensation and worked herself against him until he started to cum. The first spurt went up her ass, but his cock slid out and the next three landed all over my mouth and lips. I grabbed his cock and pulled it into my mouth for a few slurps. Then I licked Janie’s slit to get both the last bit of cum from her pussy, and some that had leaked out of her gaping asshole. I licked around her rim a few times, gathering what was still oozing out onto my tongue. Then I snuffled both of her orifices with my face for a couple of minutes, while cum still seeped out of both of them and used my tongue to push a little of it back in. Still four more guys to go.

We switched positions, so I could be the one fucked. Two guys went for my pussy, and two for my ass. The first two both came in Janie’s mouth and she let almost all of it run over her chin, down the front of her neck, and down over and between her breasts. I called these guys around to my front and gave them each a little extra treat by running my tongue up the lengths of their shafts, tasting myself, and each time licking them clean and then taking the head in, squeezing my lips, and releasing it with a little audible “pop.” The third guy left his load on my ass and twat and Janie spent the next two minutes licking them nearly clean. The fourth guy came deep in my pussy, and Janie slurped up the excess that leaked out as the slippery rod withdrew. Then I squeezed out as much more as I could for her, and she spent a little extra time rubbing cum over my clit with her tongue and lapping me hard until I arched and orgasmed again with another muffled scream. The guys cheered wildly.

We had done it – fucked the entire room. We stood there in our 5-inch heels literally glistening. Except for the cum we swallowed, the rest was all over our faces, breasts, bellies, legs, twats, asses, between our legs, and had formed lots of matted strings in our long silky hair. Someone came up with a digital camera and snapped a few shots for posterity. I wondered how many pictures or even a video were taken while everything else was going on. We had been at it for nearly two hours, but I had this incredible adrenaline rush and I felt like I was already getting my second wind. Janie must have had read my mind, and I wasn’t at all surprised when she suddenly announced, “OK, are you guys up for giving it another go?”

The guys applauded like mad and a big cheer went up. “I guess that means yes,” Janie said. “We’re going to take a short break. See you in a few minutes.” We both really needed to go to the bathroom to pee, and I was dying for another ice cold beer. Janie and I each grabbed one on our way to the ladies room. Once there we were able to admire ourselves in the mirror and see exactly what soppy sticky messes we had become. We thought about washing our faces, but settled for wiping away just the cum that had dried on our eyelids and lashes and had matted the lashes together. Janie was nude, but I still had on my stockings and garter belt. Cum had run down over my hips and down both legs and the garter belt now had cum all over it and stuck to me in places. Cum had run down my thighs and had stuck to the lacy edges of the black stockings, and both of them now had several small tears from all the flailing arms and legs and bodies. Janie was simply coated all over. Cum had run into the thong straps on her beautiful calves, and some had even dripped onto those sexy red stilettos, which somehow seemed perfectly appropriate. The cum was just everywhere. Most of the streaks had partly dried, but some, and a few of the larger globs, mostly on her breasts, still glistened. Just then we heard another cheer and more applause from the theater. Now what was going on out there?

We finished the beers and headed back out. I had so much adrenaline flowing from all the fucking, I was still high from it. Loud, fast, rock music was playing again. A strobe light had been turned on, which heightened the surrealistic effect even more. Janie and I in our high heels got on the stage and began to dance with each other to the fast beat. It was then that I suddenly noticed the two girls I had seen earlier. They stood at the edge of the stage to my left. The redhead was now totally nude, and the black-haired girl was topless, but did have on this tiny black thong. Her breasts with small very dark nipples shimmered with perspiration, and her hair was disheveled and she seemed somewhat out of breath. The thong had been pushed to one side so that I could clearly see this girl’s slit, and she made no attempt to cover it. Her labia were swollen. The skimpy thong was all soppy and I saw several unmistakable whitish smears.

It was obvious that in our absence this girl had just been fucked, probably onstage judging by the applause, with her little thong still on, and I guessed by just one guy – maybe even her boyfriend. Apparently the guy had pulled out and cum all over the thong. The girl’s body was otherwise clean, so the sex had to have been pretty straight one on one. Had her nude redhead friend also participated? It didn’t appear so until she suddenly turned around and I could see the telltale shiny streaks on her ass. I realized this girl had been fucked from behind and the guy had blown a load all over her ass, and the semen was now dribbling down between her legs, all of which I hadn’t been able to see while she was facing me. So that’s what the applause had been about! (We learned later that the black-haired girl was Melissa, a 19 year-old sophomore, and the redhead was Shannon, a 20 year-old junior.)

By now a few of the guys had again joined us on the stage, and I found myself dancing with Don, the guy who had stripped Janie and had been the first one to fuck her. His huge cock was again fully erect and again the head was purple and beautifully engorged. Sinuous blue veins stood out along its throbbing length. We rubbed against each other as we rocked and rolled to the beat of the music. Suddenly I wanted that thing inside me so much I couldn’t stand it. The mattresses were still onstage, and while still grinding with Don, I backed over to one of them and lay down on my back with my legs fully spread. He was looking right into my eyes and I squinted slightly, made a small puckered O with my lips and a silent ooooohh sound. “Come into me, baby,” I breathed to Don. He knelt down, lifted both of my feet high and apart with his hands, and stuck that beautiful stiff cock straight into my waiting fuckhole. Eight inches plunged in, then almost out, then in again, again and again and again. He fucked me so hard and so deep I though he was going to split me open. I felt the tingle in my groin building and building and building and then, ooooooohhh, ooooooohhh, I screamed and released once, then a second time as he continued to plunge his rod in and out of my pussy. Now Don groaned louder and louder and stiffened and spurted deep into me once, twice, five times. When he pulled away from me his still rigid cock was all shiny with sperm and with my vaginal juices, and I could feel the now familiar sensation of semen trickling out of my pussy again.

Meanwhile, Janie had coupled with Alan, the guy who had fucked me first. He took her doggie style and they were still copulating madly when Don pulled out of me. Finally, while we all watched, Janie came twice, and her screams, though piercing, I didn’t think were as loud as mine had been. Alan unloaded in Janie’s pussy, and as he pulled out I couldn’t resist the temptation to give his cock a couple of good slurps so I could taste his cum together with Janie’s juice. Janie then grabbed Don’s hand and pulled him down to her and went down on his slimy cock with her mouth a couple of times almost down to its base. This girl was really good.


In the restroom, Janie and I had worked out a scenario, of which this had been the first part. We wanted to start with cum in all our orifices. Next I grabbed the KY and handed it to the guy who was now next to me and he knew exactly what I had in mind. He rubbed some on his rock hard rod and a little more around my anus. Then, with me on my knees, cum still dripping out of my twat, he bent over me and began to push his pole straight down into my ass. I was now used to this, and it was becoming easier each time. Soon I was impaled by the entire length and we established a good in and out rhythm. I rubbed my clit furiously while his cock continued to ream my ass. I felt the guy swell before he came, and then felt the spurts of warm thick liquid shoot into my rectum. Second stage complete for me; now Janie had to do the same. Her guy lubed up and lay on his back so Janie could squat and lower her asshole onto his rod. She let it inch in gingerly, but once completely impaled, she was soon bouncing up and down while the audience clapped in rhythm to each bounce. I noted the two nude wide-eyed coeds watching raptly, and now I mentally added a new part to our scenario.

It took a few minutes of Janie bouncing before her guy blew his load in her ass, and when she got up semen spilled from her anus down between her legs and over her slit. OK, both Janie and I now each had fresh cum leaking out of both orifices – just what we had wanted. This time it was my turn to address the audience. “Guys, here’s what we’re going to do. We will bring each of you to the brink of cumming, but when you reach this point, pull away. I know that’s hard, but you won’t be sorry – we promise. Rub yourself if you have to in order to stay near the brink. When you are all ready to cum, we’re going to see how many of you we can get to do it all at the same time, and how much of the rest of our bodies you can cover. We’ve already got your cum in both of our holes, and if you’re good maybe we can even refill those holes at the end. What do you say?”

The cheer told us all we needed to know. Eight small folding bridge chairs were arranged facing in and forming a tight circle. Janie and I would be standing back to back in the middle, but I now went over to the two nude girls and took them by the hand onto the stage. Not a word was necessary – they seemed to have anticipated me and followed eagerly. I brought them into the circle of chairs, and immediately Janie could see what I had in mind. I sat Shannon and Melissa back to back on the floor in the circle. Janie, with her legs apart, stood over Shannon, and I stood, legs spread, over Melissa. The circle was tight and the two younger girls had to extend their legs under the chairs. Now they had only to tilt their heads back a little, and by bending our knees just slightly we could lower ourselves right onto their faces.

We called for the first eight guys to stand on the chairs. As we had planned, their erections were at just the right level so they could face fuck us at will, and by turning our heads just slightly each guy got easy access to a mouth. We experimented with all possible techniques. I liked to hold a dick up with my hand and run my tongue along it all the way to the tip before taking its whole length in my mouth and mouth-fucking it. I tried to deep throat a few and actually got an entire erection down into my throat so far that my teeth were in the guy’s pubic hair. Janie and I couldn’t see what the other was doing, but it went great. As soon as any guy neared completion he stepped down and another guy took his place.

Suddenly I felt Melissa between my legs tonguing my clit. I remembered the cum in my ass and vagina and squatted down just enough to squish onto her face. Now I could feel her tongue probing my cunt. I squeezed so as much of the cum as possible would drip into Melissa’s mouth. Melissa slurped and licked and tasted while I continued to suck guys off. Janie also had squatted down on Shannon’s face and the redhead was licking and nibbling on Janie’s vulva. Cum dribbled out of Janie’s cunt and ass into Shannon’s mouth. With the cum from our pussies and the girls’ saliva lubricating everything, Janie and I could literally slide over Shannon’s and Melissa’s faces the whole time we were sucking off the guys.

With all the guys now really close (some were rubbing their cocks to stay on the edge), everyone gathered around the circle, eight guys standing on the chairs, and three more behind each station. We were ready. “OK, guys, go. And try for the front, not the back. When you’re going to shoot, yell, and we’ll turn to face you!” yelled Janie. The music pounded and the strobe light flickered. Eight guys began to stroke.

The first spurt hit me square in the face, then several more on my neck and breasts. The guy stepped down. Another took his place, stroking furiously. A guy on my right yelled “here.” I turned to him and a load hit me on my upper lip and dribbled into my mouth, then another spurt went right into my open mouth. More turning, more yelling, more stroking. Cum was flying everywhere. Two white streaks went in my hair. Three spurts hit me in the face from different directions all at the same time, and little rivers of semen cascaded down my neck, over and between my breasts, onto my belly. Spurts spattered my breasts and flowed down my belly, over my mons and slit, and into Melissa’s mouth. More and more cum followed these same rivers down between my legs, into Melissa’s shiny jet black hair, down her face and into her mouth. There was so much that she let some cascade over her tongue and drip onto her own breasts. Three more spurts from different directions simultaneously exploded on my face and ran down my neck again. I got another one right between my eyes and the semen ran down the side of my nose and into the corner of my mouth.

Within two minutes, Janie and I had been plastered with at least thirty big loads of semen, maybe 150 spurts. Much of it now glazed our faces, and some still bubbled in our mouths. Some of it matted sticky strands of our hair together. More splattered our breasts and bellies, coated our labias and inner thighs. So much sperm had run down through my vulva onto Melissa’s face that my cunt almost stuck to her face as I squatted down and forced my pussy onto her mouth and slid around and around. Janie was doing the same with Shannon who was sputtering bits of white cum out of her mouth whenever she could get a breath, which wasn’t easy with Janie’s sopping cunt gliding over and over her mouth and nose.

Finally the cumming stopped and all four of us stood up. The guys whooped and cheered. Janie and I looked like frosted pastry. All the cum was still wet, sticky, and running down our bodies. The strobe light made it all unearthly. Cum dripped from between our legs onto the floor. Shannon and Melissa, who hadn’t actually taken any direct hits had had so much semen drip onto them that their faces were glazed too, and their pretty breasts, all shiny now with second-hand cum, shimmered with the flickering light. Melissa was still wearing her little cum-soaked thong, and it was still displaced, with her slit still exposed.

We should have been exhausted by now, but we still hadn’t come down from that adrenaline rush.

“I don’t suppose,” Janie announced, “that any of you guys could get it up a third time, could you?” A few uncertain hands went up, but now I also saw the guy who had been the bouncer at the front door joining the group. It seemed so unfair that he had missed all the fun, but I learned later that it was a pledging ritual, and everyone had gone through similar penance at some time or other. He was the only person in the room now who wasn’t naked and hadn’t been laid at least once. Janie beckoned him up and together she and I helped him out of his clothes while the guys all clapped. He was already hard. Someone brought over the two good old mattresses and Janie and I lay down on our backs side by side, still covered and dripping and sticky.

Our legs were spread wide and our feet held up by several guys, our “fuck-me” stiletto heels still beckoning. The bouncer knelt and entered Janie first, pumped her a few times, then fucked me a little, and then Janie again He fucked us both this way, and again we had the little suspense of not knowing who would get the cum shot. Shannon straddled me in a sixty nine, and while I ate her out she slurped the bouncer’s cock each time it slid in and out of me. Melissa positioned herself over Janie the same way, and Janie ran her tongue over and over Melissa’s slit, licking off all the cum that had collected on it. Soon we heard the familiar sound and with several loud gasps the guy, who was now in Janie, pulled out and blasted into Melissa’s open mouth. The second and third spurts got her face. Melissa sputtered and blew bubbles and welled a stream of semen out of her mouth onto Janie’s vulva. Then she went at it with her whole face – mouth, nose, everything – mushing her face into Janie’s sopping snatch.

After watching this, several of the other guys not surprisingly had gotten their erections back. This time it was Shannon who had her legs held apart while three guys fucked her in quick succession. The first guy came in her pussy, the second plunged in while the semen was still spilling out and filled up her pussy even more. When the third guy entered her, her cunt was so full of sperm that the big cock forced most of it out along itself and made a lot of squishing sounds that we could all hear even with the music still going. Then he came in her pussy too, and it just oozed. Melissa, her face slathered with the bouncer’s cum and Janie’s pussy essence, now knelt down and started eating the cum out of Shannon’s cunt. She swiped a little on her hand and reached back and massaged it onto her own snatch. A guy now entered her from behind, his cock pushing the cum she had just lubed herself with ahead of itself into her cunt. He came inside her and two more guys followed, one again cumming in her vagina and the second guy blowing his load all over her ass. Shannon and Melissa then sixty-nined for a couple of minutes, sliding over each other’s now slippery bellies, and sucking out semen from each other’s fuck holes. After that, they entwined in a kind of scissors position with Melissa’s right leg over Shannon’s left, so that they could swoosh their gooey pussies against one another. I wished I had thought of that, but, hey, it wasn’t too late.

Two guys positioned themselves side by side on their backs with erections pointing straight up. I impaled myself onto one of the stiff cocks, and watched as Janie lowered herself onto the other. Then we bounced up and down until first Janie’s guy and then mine came in our pussies. We climbed off the guys, trying to keep as much as possible of the semen from leaking out of us. Then we tried the same scissors position we had just learned from the younger girls, and pressed and humped our sopping cunts together. It was so slippery and gooey and just plain sensual – our clits actually rubbed against one another with two guys’ semen as a lubricant. I came in no time at all, and by the time Janie came I had cum a second time. We got up and went over to where Shannon and Melissa were still entwined in their squishy scissors position. Each of them had also come twice. While they continued to rub their pussies together, I sat on Shannon’s face and Janie sat on Melissa’s and we let all the cum we had held in drip from our cunts onto the two young coeds’ faces. I continued to sit on Shannon’s face and fucked it, while Janie squatted down and face-fucked Melissa. While our twats slid over their faces the two younger girls continued mushing their own sticky vulvae together.

I got off Shannon and knelt down for another guy who was ready to fuck me from behind, while Janie also knelt and let herself be fucked in the ass again by another big stud. I took another load in my cunt. By this time the coeds had finally disentwined themselves and Shannon came over and began lapping up the sperm that was seeping out of my vagina. She had no sooner started slurping when the guy pulled out of Janie’s ass and came on Shannon’s face right while she was eating me out. More semen cascaded down her face and all over my vulva. Shannon’s entire face was now completely slimy with glistening white semen, but she still continued to slurp away at my cunt. Her tongue going over and over my clit brought me to the edge, and I suddenly came again with another scream.

Another guy was already fucking Janie doggie style. The cum from the guy just before, still dribbling out of her asshole, ran onto the guy’s cock as it went in and out of her vagina. This guy too pulled out of Janie’s pussy and fired onto poor Shannon’s face again and all over my vulva. Shannon’s face had disappeared under a literal glaze of semen – you couldn’t even identify any of her features clearly anymore, except her fiery red hair. Melissa knelt and began licking cum off her friend’s face, but there was just so-o-o much of it. While she was kneeling a guy came up behind her and she let him fuck her that way. While he pounded her cunt she continued to lick cum off Shannon, and actually licked my twat at the same time so that now I had both girls eating me out together. Her guy pulled out and blasted on both girls’ faces and my vulva again at the same time.

I was finally just about spent, but while I lay there being eaten out, yet another guy came over and stuck his swollen cock in my mouth. I let him face fuck me until he exploded, but I didn’t stop, and the cum drooled out over my lips and all over his shaft which was still partly in my mouth, while Janie, who had so far been just watching all this, licked his balls, then pulled his cock out of my mouth and plunged it into her own and sucked off all the cum that was left on it.

We looked around for any more guys, and, yup, there was just one more with a waiting hard-on. There seemed to be only one fair way. Both coeds and Janie and I were totally slimy and come-drenched. We were all so slippery that all four of us rolled together on the mattresses and just kind of slid around on each other. I finally pulled off Melissa’s little black cum-soaked thong, and wiped it across my mouth. Then I passed it to Janie and Shannon who did the same, and finally back to Melissa who could now taste at least a dozen different guys’ cum as well as herself on her own underwear. As we slithered around together, one or another slit would offer itself to this lucky guy who could enter us one by one, literally fucking all four of us at the same time all by himself. Each girl received just a few thrusts before he plunged into the next slit. The only suspense was who would receive his load. It turned out to be Melissa, at last without her little thong. The guy came deep right in her tight little twat and she cried out and came at the same time. She squeezed the cum out and Janie, Shannon and I all licked at it as it seeped out. Finally Shannon stuck her tongue deep into her friend’s slit and ate out whatever she could that was left. We were done.

Many of the guys had already started to drift away. The lights came on. We went off to the restroom to wash up as best we could. We could wash our faces, but there were no showers here and we would have to go home cum-soaked. We gathered up our clothes as best we could. No one bothered with underwear, except for Shannon who had retrieved Melissa’s sopping thong and now put it on herself, cum and all. At this moment I never felt so alive, so filthy, and so exhilarated all at the same time. I never knew how much pleasure you could get out of your body. And the sheer sluttiness of it all was the absolute best and most wicked part. Tomorrow I’d be just another demure psych grad student again, but Janie mentioned that there would be another party in six weeks…

As we were getting ready to leave, dressed now, but eye make-up all streaked, messy cum still all over our bodies (anyone could easily see it on our arms and legs and in our hair, and we hadn’t gotten absolutely all of it off our faces either), a couple of the guys, now also dressed, came over to us and almost shyly told us what a wonderful time they had had. One guy said, and these are his words, that even while watching us being gangfucked, watching us eat cum out of each other’s pussies, seeing cum all over our faces and dripping from our mouths, seeing cocks up our asses, cocks in three holes at once, and everything else, he never stopped noticing our 5-inch stiletto heels that we had kept on all evening. That observation surprised me and gave me some pause for thought, so I came up some more things I had learned that evening that you girls might want to think about:

In no particular order:

Guys don’t just like high heels, they love ‘em – and the higher the better. Never forget this.

If you’ve hesitated to shave your pussy, don’t wait – do it yesterday. You won’t believe how differently you will think about yourself, how much more you will admire yourself in the mirror, and how just plain sexy that exposed slit will make you feel. You will love it.

Now imagine stripping on stage with a room full of eyes on you. Think about the guys watching you nude and think about being able to fuck any or all of them right then and there if you feel like it. Think about how much everyone of them is desiring you.

If you’ve been shy about trying a cock in your ass, you’re missing one great sensation. Get over the shyness. One cock in you is nice. Two cocks in you are so much better. A cock in all three of your holes is a category unto its own – and you don’t want to miss this. Being sandwiched does take a little getting used to, but try it once and you’ll be hooked. And don’t forget that third cock in your mouth. It adds a lot, especially when it cums.

Getting fucked with an audience is worlds more exciting than without one – no comparison – not even close.

Getting fucked by more than one guy is something every girl just has to experience. You just can’t imagine what you’re missing. Getting fucked by a group may be harder for some of you to arrange, but if you can – go for it for once. If you can share the experience with a girlfriend, even better yet. You’ll be turned on watching her and she’ll be turned on watching you, and you can do things with the guys together that neither of you could do alone.

I’ll bet most of you try to avoid getting cum in your mouth, right? You are making a huge mistake and missing out on the biggest aphrodisiac there is. It is not gross. The first time a guy comes in your mouth and you can taste the warm semen and feel it on your lips and trickling down your neck, you will know what I am talking about. Now think about several guys cumming on you and in you all at once, think about your face all sticky and shiny, about tasting several guys at the same time. Now think about French kissing your girlfriend, each of your mouths dripping cum, and then having a third guy spurt all over your faces in the middle of that kiss. Can you feel your pussy getting wet right now just thinking about it? I thought so.

Now think about cum seeping out of your cunt after just being fucked and everybody watching. Think about them watching that trickle. Think about bouncing up and down on an eight-inch rigid cock in your ass while three guys cum in your mouth and all over your face and breasts.

If you’ve never eaten warm cum out of your girlfriend’s vagina, try to arrange it so you can experience this. And feeling her eat the semen out of your own pussy is just as good if not better. The absolute best is if you can do it to each other, and have more cum spurted in your faces while you do it.

And whatever you do, don’t use a stupid towel. First of all, it’s a big turn-off. Let the cum get all over everything. Let it get all over you. Clothes and sheets can be washed. All that messy stickiness is half the fun! Sex is better messy. Sex is supposed to be messy!

If a friend ever asks you to a party where you think you might be able to experience any of these wonders, whatever you do, accept the invitation. Look at what I experienced with Janie – I wouldn’t exchange it for anything. Don’t miss out by being shy or self-conscious. You don’t stay young forever, and you don’t get limitless opportunities either, so don’t pass up the opportunities you do get, and go for the gusto. You can be as sexy as you want to be. Trust me, slip on those 5-inch heels and the guys will think you are good enough to eat.

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