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My Adventures With Chantal

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Chapter One: Introduction

Over the past few years, I’ve met a lot of people online. Many of those people became fairly good friends even though we’ve never meet in person. A few became a part of my life offline as much as they were online.

However, no one took me on an adventure quite like the one Chantal did. This is her story as much as it is my story.

Chantal is an amazing young twenty-one year old woman. She has an incredible confidence about herself. She has this smile that says, “I’m going to have fun, fuck you if you don’t like it.” The first time I met her, she came bouncing over to me in a downpour and gave me this hug that immediately hooked me. She just has this energy around her.

Oh, and did I mention that I think she is absolutely beautiful? She has short, choppy blonde hair, eyes that gaze into your soul, a neck that just screams to be kissed, and a body that I simply crave. She is five foot three inches, weighs about 120 pounds, and has a perfect thirty-four inch chest. She’s always telling me that she would like to have her breasts done surgically, but I thing they’re perfect just as they are. Chantal also loves tattoos and piercings. She has her tongue, both nipples and her bellybutton pierced.

The first time I saw her picture was while scanning some profiles online. She had a picture displayed on the profile page and I just stared at it for an eternity. I knew I wanted her, but doubted that I would have a chance of even getting her attention.

You see, I’m nothing special in the looks department. I’ve never had a problem attracting women, but usually it’s because they see me as a nice guy. Women find me easy to talk with, to share their needs with. They don’t necessarily swoon over my physique or my looks. Not that I’m hard to look at, just not a Tom Cruise. The women I usually hook up with are the ones who chat with me for awhile. My sense of humour, my passion and my ability to communicate generally bring certain women into my arms.

So, I figured that if I had any kind of shot with Chantal, I would have to use the angle that she liked erotic stories. I’ve written a number of stories that are based simply on fantasies, and perhaps one of them would strike a chord in her.

The problem was, I forgot to send her a story. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but it was something about how she probably gets a tonne of email, mostly from guys who can’t put two sentences together, and if she wanted to chat with someone who loved to express himself through erotica, then to drop me a line. Oh, I also probably mentioned about a dozen times that I thought she was gorgeous.

I was shocked when she replied. Over the next few weeks, we began chatting online from time to time. Chantal only has a computer at work, so we could only chat during the daytime. Sometimes we would chat for a few hours and then not connect again for a few days. Weekends always sucked, because I wouldn’t hear from her at all.

At some point during this chatting, I did manage to send her one of my stories. It’s an intense story about a man who finds his wife cheating on him. As a result, he begins his own affair, all the while keeping tabs on what his wife is doing. It’s a powerful story and I’ve been asked many times if it is true. I’ve had people email me and ask me if I kicked the shit out of the guy who was fucking my wife, and other email like that.

After I sent her the story, we chatted a few more times. She never mentioned the story, so I figured that she didn’t like it or just deleted it. No big deal. Then we lost touch for about four days. A few times I thought of emailing her, but decided not to bother. If she wasn’t interested, she wasn’t interested. I was disappointed because she was an amazing woman with a sense of humour very similar to my own. Not only was I totally turned on by her, and lusted after her, I liked her company. But, if it isn’t mutual, then that’s life. Most online communications die out after a few weeks, and you just go on.

I was shocked, then, when I received this email from her in the middle of the week: Holy Shit Rob…You have neat stories!! I hadn’t read this one…I’ve been so busy….But let me tell you that it completely aroused me!!!! If you have more I’m more then willing to read them….Damn Rob!!….

Just one question…..Did crystal really cheat on you?? I mean….is that really how you found out??

I’m just curious…..anyway…hit me back…I want more details…and things have slowed down here….so I’m a little more flexible to chat…..if you want…..

Later sexy

I replied to her that the story wasn’t true, but that some of it is based on actual events. She replied back, and we were back in business.

We decided to get together and go for a ride on my Harley-Davidson motorcycle over lunch that day. I tried to convince her to take the rest of the day off, but she made it clear to me that we were only going for a ride, and I had to promise to bring her back to work. Reluctantly, I agreed.

I headed out on the bike to pick her up. It was a cloudy day, threatening to rain, but I figured we’d chance it. Five minutes from Chantal’s work, though, the sky opened up and it absolutely poured. I mean, I was drenched. As I pulled up outside her work, she wasn’t there, and I was sure she wouldn’t show up with the rain coming down as hard as it was. I pulled up under a tree and tried to shake off some of the water. I couldn’t believe the shit luck and laughed at how lousy a first impression this was going to be.

Suddenly she came bouncing down the front stairs of her building. I immediately knew it was her. She looked exactly like her picture. Well, not exactly. She was much more beautiful in real life. She came right over and gave me a hug and said, “I didn’t think you would come in this rain.”

“Well, it wasn’t raining when I left.” I replied.

She walked over to my bike and began to admire it. It is a very cool chopper style Harley, and I’m very proud of it. I like it when others take notice of it. It’s a part of me.

We then went over to her building and stood in the doorway, waiting to see if the rain would stop. I was trying to act cool, you know, the biker image thing, but I knew I was being a geek. I just stared at her, continually commenting on how beautiful she was.

She then did something that I consider a major turn on. She blushed. I know what you’re thinking, blushing is a major turn on to you? It is. I look at it this way. I like confident women. I like a female who isn’t afraid to share her fantasies, her feelings and her opinions. Yet at the same time, I like a woman who isn’t so confident about herself that I don’t matter. I want her to be confident to try something, but still feminine enough to jump into my arms when unsure about it. Blushing tells you that about someone. A person who blushes is a person who can become embarrassed, or a little unsure about her actions. I’m not talking about someone who simply blushes every time you say hello. That’s likely a shy, introverted person. I talking about someone who is confident, outgoing, aggressive, yet still blushes from time to time. That is damn sexy.

Chantal was damn sexy. And I desperately wanted to kiss her at that very moment. But I held back because I had promised her that I would not make any moves on her unless she first showed me she wanted me to.

So, we chatted, under the doorway to her work, waiting for the rain to stop, or at least slow down. And finally it did.

We headed back to the bike and put our helmets on and took off. As we headed out of the downtown core, I felt Chantal’s hands pressing against my hips. Every once in a while she would press her body tight to mine, and it felt wonderful.

We turned onto a highway that ran along a river and began to enjoy the ride. It was still a wet ride, with the spray flying up from the cars ahead of us, but it just didn’t seem to matter to me. I was having the time of my life, doing two of my most favourite things, riding my Harley and spending time with a beautiful woman.

I’m a huge fan of soft touching, and would slowly run my left hand up and down Chantal’s leg. Her hands moved over my legs, teasing me with how close she would bring them to my crotch before moving them away again.

As we rode along, I knew I needed to find a place to pull over. A place that was somewhat secluded. A place where I could at least feel this woman tight against my body. I also needed to wipe the rain off of my shades so I could see the road.

Finally I saw the perfect place, so we pulled in to the area. As we climbed off the bike I leaned against the seat and Chantal came into my arms. She pressed against me, her face inches from mine, and we looked at each other.

“I want to kiss you,” I said, “But I promised you I wouldn’t initiate anything.”

Before I could finish the sentence, she pressed her lips against mine, our mouths opened and our bodies clung tight together. “I didn’t make the same promise.” She whispered between kisses.

“I’m glad.” I replied.

I wanted this girl so much. She turned me on like no one had ever done before. I don’t know if it was her body, her personality, her attitude, or what. I just knew that she had a grip on me like no one has had. I would do anything for her, and I hardly knew her.

My hands moved over her back and across her ass as our tongues explored each other’s mouth. I moved one hand up to a breast, cupping it and squeezing her nipple, feeling the piercing. I was burning inside.

Finally she pulled away. “Damn, we need to stop, or I wont be going back to work. And I promised myself that we wouldn’t fuck on our first date. Trust me, Rob, good things come to those who wait. It’s all good, babe.”

We kissed a little more then got ready to head back to her work. I was horny. I was wanting more. But I would wait. I just had a feeling that this was going to be worth the wait. Besides, I had no intention of making this a one time thing.

As we headed back down the highway, Chantal continued to rub my hips and legs, reaching in and running a hand across my cock from time to time. She had me, and she knew it. I knew it.

As I dropped her off at work, she blew me a kiss and said, “It’s all good, babe, it’s all good.”

I headed home, horny and excited about the adventure I was about to chart out on. I knew it would be an adventure like no other I had enjoyed in the past.

Little did I know what an understatement that was.

Chapter Two: Naughty Pictures

Monday morning I received a phone call from Chantal. “Hey sexy,” she said, “It’s sunny out today, wanna take me for a ride?”

“Of course I do, when?” My heart was racing with excitement.

“Well, come by at 11:30. I told my supervisor that I have a doctor’s appointment and likely wouldn’t be back in today. Would you like to spend that much time with me?” Her voice purred into the phone, she was teasing me and I was enjoying it.

“Baby, five minutes is incredible with you. An entire afternoon is heaven.”

I hung up the room and quickly showered, then headed out to pick up Chantal.

She came out of her building with the same jump as our first meeting. This time, as she approached me, she slid into my arms and kissed me. We held each other tight for a moment, then pulled back so that she could put her helmet on.

We pulled away from her work and headed out onto the highway.

“So, where would you like to go, babe?” I asked above the roar of the engine.

“Well, I was thinking we could go for a bit of a ride and then head back to your place. Would that be a problem?” As she spoke, her hands moved across my legs and pressed against my crotch.

“No problem whatsoever, ma’am!” I yelled.

I turned the accelerator as we rushed down the highway.

Half an hour later we pulled into my place, riding the bike into the garage and sliding the door closed behind me.

Chantal climbed off the bike and came in front of me, and once again our lips met and I pulled her into my body. My hands moved under her shirt and across her back, feeling the softness of her skin as my tongue explored her mouth.

Suddenly she pulled away from me and looked intently into my eyes. She was silent for the longest time, then smiled, “Do you have a camera?”

“Yeah,” I answered, “I have a digital one.”

“Go get it.” She ordered.

I moved quickly into the house and grabbed the camera. When I cam back into the garage, Chantal was sitting on the bike, her hands reaching for the bars. She looked at me and grinned, and I took a picture.

She began to play for the lens, one pose after another. Then, without warning, she pulled her shirt over her head, revealing her incredible breasts. Each nipple was pierced with a ‘barbell’, and she leaned back to show them off to me. For a second I simply stared, then quickly took a shot. She laid back on the seat, then moved forward, each pose captured on the digital camera.

Finally I could take no more, and I moved to her. “I have to do this.” I said, as I lowered my head to her breasts. She laid back down on the seat, giving me room to move as I took one of her nipples into my mouth. I flicked at the barbell with my tongue, biting gently at her nipple, pulling it into my mouth. My hands began to caress her skin as I consumed her tits.

She moaned softly, encouraging me to continue. Her breasts were unbelievable to me, I could not believe how much I was enjoying having them in my mouth.

My hand slowly moved down to her jeans, unbuttoning them. Chantal swung her leg over the bike and pushed me away. She stood up and unzipped her jeans, dropping them to the floor. As she kicked them off, her she smile at me and whispered, “First, more pictures.”

She leaned against the bike and rested one hand on the handlebars. She smiled at me, her short blonde hair messy, her tits exposed, nothing on but her panties. I brought the camera up to my eye and focused the shot. She then hooked her thumbs in her panties, pulling them down a few inches. I took another picture and she slid them off.

She sat back on the seat, resting one foot on the left front peg, the other on the left passenger peg. She put one hand on the handlebars and the other on my backrest. Then she cocked her head to one side and licked her lips. My breathing was heavy as I took a dozen pictures of her pose.

Finally I placed the camera on the ground and moved to her at the bike. She remained in her pose as I came to her. I dropped to my knees and brought my face inches from my seat, where her legs rested, wide open, exposing her shaved pussy.

I moved closer to her cunt. My face literally less than an inch from her. I breathed in, smelling her personal smell, my eyes fixed on the moist lips. I turned my head and kissed her knee, gently, tenderly. My hands began to caress her legs as my lips touched her skin. I moved across the inner thigh of one leg then the other.

Finally I came back to her pussy. It had responded to my gentle kisses on her legs, and it was now very wet. My hot breathe ran across her lips and I held my mouth millimetres in front of her. My hands slowly moved up her body, reaching for her breasts, squeezing her nipples.

I continued to breathe on her cunt. Teasing her, out waiting her. Finally the tip of my tongue flicked out and across her lips, tasting her amazing juices. Another swipe of my tongue, this time a little deeper, a little harder against her clit. Her hands moved to the back of my head, and she pushed me deeper into her pussy, my tongue sliding past her cuntlips, lapping up her juices.

I brought my hands back down to play with her as I enjoyed eating her. She had the best tasting cunt I’ve ever enjoyed. I lapped her like a dog, wanting to swallow as much of her juices as I could.

Eventually I started up her body, pausing again at each breast, my fingers playing in her pussy as I sucked on her tits. I moved up higher, kissing her neck, moving to her mouth. She groaned as our lips connected again, her pussy juices soaked into my goatee.

We stood up as we kissed, our bodies pressed tight together. My hands slid across her ass, pulling her checks apart, feeling her body.

I turned her around and she bent over the seat of my Harley. Unzipping my pants, I pulled out my hard cock and slowly positioned it at her pussy. As I entered her from behind, we both groaned. We leaned against the bike as I began to pump her, fucking her over my bike seat. We pumped fast and hard, both wanting a release in our passion. My hands moved across her back as I fucked her pussy, her body responding to each thrust.

It didn’t take a long time to get close to a climax. As my cock began to swell, she pumped her ass harder against my shaft. As I began to explode, her pussy tightened around me, and we both experienced our first climaxes together.

It wouldn’t be the last ones.

Chapter Three: Bisexual

Chantal had told me early on that she was bisexual. In fact, there was very little, if anything, that she would not be open to trying. But she really enjoyed pussy.

I decided to treat her. I had met another twenty-one year old girl online around the same time as I met Chantal. She went by the name Roxy, and I emailed her and told her that I had a friend who loved pussy, and would she be interested in joining us for a threesome.

Roxy responded immediately that she was very interested, and would join us anytime, anywhere. So, I set it up for a few days later at my place.

I picked up Chantal first. She looked amazing in a pair of cut-off jeans and a tiny shirt. She smiled as she jumped in my car, and leaned over to kiss me. I really can’t get enough of her kisses, her lips are so soft and her tongue so moist. She is an amazing kisser.

We headed over to pick up Roxy, pulling up outside her house about fifteen minutes later. Roxy must have been looking out a window, because she was out the door less than a minute after we pulled up. As she walked down her driveway, Chantal whistled. “Nice.” She said, looking at Roxy.

Roxy had dark black hair that fell down past her shoulders. Her height and size were very similar to Chantal, and I knew these to women were going to have a great time together. Roxy jumped in the backseat and smiled at the two of us.

“Chantal, this is Roxy,” I said, “Perhaps you might want to jump in the back with her and get to know each other on the way over to the house.”

Chantal looked at me and smiled, “I would love to do that.”

“I’d love it too.” Roxy purred from the back.

Chantal jumped over the seat and snuggled in close to Roxy. They began to kiss before I had even pulled away from the curb.

I still can’t believe that I didn’t get into an accident on the way home. I spent the entire ride looking into my rear view mirror. I watched as Chantal and Roxy made out, their tongues intermingling in their mouths, their hands moving over each other’s bodies. Chantal was clearly more aggressive and in control than Roxy, and both of them seemed to like it that way.

Chantal’s hands slide under Roxy’s shirt, cupping her breasts as they kissed. At one point, Chantal pulled up Roxy’s shirt so that she could suck on her nipples. They were both getting very worked up, and the smell of sex was strong in the car. I enjoyed the moans as I watched as much as I could in the mirror, wondering what people could see from the cars I passed.

It seemed like an eternity until we pulled up outside my house. We quickly moved from the car to the front door, and as we walked into the house, the two women turned and fell into each other’s arms. I moved over to them, squeezing my way in between them and we enjoyed a three way kiss. I then motioned for them to head upstairs, and we walked arm in arm to the bedroom.

We continued our three way kissing in the bedroom, helping each other out of our clothes at the same time. I couldn’t believe that I was standing in my bedroom with two young naked women who were extremely horny and ready to go. I decided the best thing to do was to let them have fun together and try not to get in the way for the first little while.

I pulled their heads towards each other and they embraced as I backed up a little. I reached for the digital camera, and prepared to take a picture of them kissing. As the flash went off, they both stopped and looked at me.

For a second no one spoke, then Chantal smiled and whispered, “It’s all good. Make sure you get some great shots, babe!” She lowered Roxy to the bed and began to move down her body, quickly making her way to her pussy.

I fired away with the camera as Chantal’s tongue darted into Roxy’s cunt. Roxy moaned loudly, her eyes closed, as she enjoyed getting eaten by another woman. I learned later that this was Roxy’s first bisexual experience and she would join Chantal and I many more times.

Chantal was visibly horny as she ate Roxy’s pussy. Her entire body moved with the motion of her tongue sliding up and down the wet cunt. She groaned along with Roxy as she devoured her.

I took a few more pictures, then decided it was time to get into the action. I made my way to the bed, moving in behind Chantal, who was bent over on her knees, her face buried between Roxy’s legs. I could see Chantal’s tight asshole peeking out from her cheeks, and I kissed it, pushing my tongue into her hole. My fingers moved to her pussy which was dripping with her juices. I began to finger fuck her as I tongue fucked her asshole. She groaned louder as her tongue drank in Roxy.

After a little while, I pulled my fingers out of Chantal’s cunt and slowly introduced one of them into her ass. Almost as quickly, I pushed another finger in, and then another. Soon I was fucking her ass with three fingers. I could tell it was driving her crazy.

Roxy began her first orgasm by a female’s tongue as I finger fucked Chantal’s ass. Roxy’s hands went to her oral lover’s head and she began to buck her body up and down in rhythm. It was an intense climax, probably one of the most powerful this young woman had ever experienced.

I pulled my fingers out of Chantal and the three of us moved up so that our bodies were lying in a pile. Each girl cuddled into one side of me, their heads on my chest, their lips close together, their eyes focused on each other.

They kissed softly, then began to kiss my chest. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of pleasure as each woman took a nipple into their mouths. They watched each other, matching their movements. Slowly they moved down my chest, reaching my stomach at the same time.

Their hands began to play with my balls. I groaned as I felt these two lovely females slide their hands all over my balls and my shaft. I looked down as Chantal took me in her mouth. Roxy moved down slightly and wrapped her lips around my balls. It was incredible. They sucked me and played with me for what seemed like an eternity.

Probably one of the most erotic moments was when they both began to kiss my shaft. Their lips separated only by my hard cock. Every once in awhile, they would open their lips so that they surround my cock, their lips touching. They would move up my shaft until they reached the tip, then their tongues would come out and together they would lick up my precum.

Roxy wanted to taste her first pussy, so Chantal laid down on the bed and opened her legs. It was wonderful to watch how slowly Roxy began. She simply looked Chantal’s pussy over, almost inspecting it. She would touch it gently, examine it. Finally she brought her face down to it and took in a deep breath.

“God, you smell so good, yet so different than my own pussy.” She said, looking at both myself and Chantal.

“Taste it.” Chantal said, her voice raspy and desperate.

Roxy kissed it. Then slowly brought her tongue out and across Chantal’s pussy lips. Chantal responded immediately, raising her hips to the virgin mouth. With each lick, Roxy became more confident, and soon she was eating Chantal like a pro. I understood at that moment why so many women crave sex with another female. Women know how to do things to each other’s bodies that most mean simply don’t understand. I learned a lot that day on how to please a female.

As Roxy swallowed Chantal’s pussy, I moved around so that I was behind Roxy. I positioned my cock between her legs then slowly slide my shaft into her wet cunt. I groaned at the pleasure of being inside her. I began to pump hard as she continued to eat Chatal.

I was wishing there was another person there to take more pictures, because I knew we must have looking incredible. I was standing off the bed, fucking this beautiful dark haired women from behind while she ate the pussy of the most gorgeous blonde I’ve ever met.

I felt myself beginning to climax, and as my cock expanded, Roxy groaned again. Chantal had her eyes closed and she was clearly about to cum. I tried to time myself to cum at the very same moment that Chantal did, but simply couldn’t hold it. My hot load blasted into Roxy’s pussy, and as soon as she felt it, she began to cum again. Her pussy lips tightened around my cock and I felt her squeezing the last bit of cum out of me. Just as she began to settle, Chantal groaned, and her first orgasm began. Roxy pushed hard against her clit as she came over and over.

We collapsed onto the bed again, holding each other and catching our breath.

It was all good.

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