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Mustang Claire’s Gift

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My life had changed a lot over the past two years. A new job, a new city, and a new romantic interest, were only three of the many transitions I had made.

Claire, was the only girl I had dated through college. Deeply in love, we’d shared an off-campus apartment throughout our academic years. It saved us a lot of money, and filled our hearts with the security of having someone we loved so close while working hard on our educational goals. After college, then law school, we’d returned to our native city.

We continued living together in Smallton, each working in a different law firm. Neither Claire nor I ever questioned that one day we’d marry and raise a family, right there in Plainview.

However, we soon learned that life is nothing if not unpredictable. As our careers matured, changes in our personal goals pulled us in different directions. I got a promotion which meant I would have to work in a city over a hundred miles away. Claire couldn’t move there with me. She knew that walking away from the prestigious local law firm she worked for, would seriously derail her promising career. After eight wonderful years together, separating had been the hardest decision either of us had ever made. Although we were still deeply in love, the economic reality of our lives, and the need to build successful careers, won the battle.

We reasoned that love like ours would survive any distance. Claire and I shared a dream that we’d soon be established, professionally, and be able to resume our lives together. “Once we’ve made names for ourselves, we’ll start a husband and wife practice in Plainview,” we rationalized.

Over the next several months we struggled to adapt to living apart. We’d call, text, and occasionally meet for a weekend of togetherness and sexual abandon. After a year of long distance romance, we both felt the strain. Only in our late twenties, we both needed someone to share our daily lives with, and we knew we were slowly growing apart. After a great deal of soul searching, we’d decided we should see other people.

By this particular weekend, Claire had recently begun dating a successful young corporate farmer, in the Plainview area. I’d started seeing a female associate from my new firm. Her name was Melanie, a beautiful redheaded lawyer, originally from Philadelphia.

My heart was rooted in Southern NY, so about once a month, I’d spend the weekend at my nineteenth century farm house in Plain View.

It was one of my Plainview weekends. Melanie had come home with me. I was a bit ashamed of my clandestine thoughts that Melanie was appropriately named. But then, how could a newborn’s parents know she’d grow up to be so well endowed? We were nicely settled in for a romantic Saturday night. Downton Abbey was playing on the big screen TV, and I was in the kitchen checking on dinner. It was going to be the perfect evening. Then my cell phone rang.

“Hello, Jackie,” she said softly. “I see you’re home this weekend. What are you doing?”

Everybody on Earth but one, calls me Jake. It had to be my ex-girlfriend, Claire. I couldn’t breathe.


“Claire?” I asked, trying hard not to catch my breath. My mind was racing.

“It can’t be Claire!” I thought.

“Surprise!” she said. “It’s me!”

“Holy shit!” I stammered. “Oh my god! I did not expect to hear from you!”

“I’m so sorry. Is this not a good time?” Claire asked. “Is Melanie with you?”

“Yes, she is” I replied. “She came home with me this weekend”. “Duh!” I thought. “Of course she came home with me, or she wouldn’t be here.”

“I guess you can’t chat, then, Jackie.” Claire laughed. “That’s okay. I didn’t call to chat. I came to get you. Meet me at the convenience store,” she said. “I won’t keep you long. There’s something I need to show you.” Claire wasn’t asking. She knew I couldn’t say “no” to her, so why bother asking.

“But, it’s the first time Melanie’s been down,” I pleaded. “For God’s sake Claire, I… I… I’m in the middle of cooking dinner for her,” I stammered. “My homemade spaghetti sauce is simmering. I just poured the ‘Love My Goat’ wine. I can’t abandon her to go see you.” My mind was racing, devising a plan to get out of the house for awhile. “You know, you haven’t called since we split. You never even returned my texts. I’m sorry Claire, tonight won’t work.”

My mind was trying to process everything that was happening. Suddenly, after nearly a year, I’m hearing Claire’s voice. She’s a quarter mile away, and wants to see me right now. “Why?” I wondered, “after such a long time? What the hell does she have to show me? What could be that important?”

“I thought it was best to not be in contact, so we could get on with our lives. I was wrong,” Claire said. “When did we ever care what anybody else thinks?” Claire asked, chuckling. “I have to get right back home, anyway. Jackie, I really want to show you. I’s something no one else ever has ever seen. It was inspired by you, and I want to know what you think.”

“Christ, Claire! Why are you doing this?” I whined, playfully. But, as Claire no doubt knew it would, the subtle stirring in my pants had already made up my mind. “Okay, but this has to be quick. You’re already there, aren’t you?”

“I’m parked behind the store, right now,” Claire breathed softly.

* * * * *

“Melanie, honey. I have to fly down to the store. I need oregano, or this sauce won’t come out worth a crap,” I lied to Melanie for the first time. “I’ll be right back.” Only Claire had the power to make me lie to Melanie. Feeling guilty, I clandestinely pocketed my nearly new container of McCormick oregano. I turned my cell phone off, laid it on the kitchen counter, and kissed Melanie good-bye. I practically sprinted to my car.

* * * * *

“Hi there!” I said. Then I saw Claire’s face for the first time in over a year. “Wow! You’re more beautiful than ever!” Every time I had ever seen her, Her looks had the same impact on me, even when we lived together. I’d momentarily stopped breathing. That reaction was one of the things that had kept our relationship new for eight years. It didn’t matter if we’d been working in the yard and covered with dirt, sweaty from a long run, or just getting out of the shower. Every time I saw her, I would automatically be ready for sex. My cock would jump in my pants, my mouth would become dry, and all I wanted was to touch her and feel her warm skin against mine.

I automatically leaned in for a kiss. When our open mouths met, it was the same familiar kiss we’d always shared. Her tongue slipped inside my mouth, like always. I took a deep breath. “I guess I’m sitting on the driver’s side, huh? We don’t have time for a ride, Claire,” I said. “I told Melanie I just needed spice for my sauce, so I can’t be gone long.”

“Jump in, Jack. I can stretch out more here on the passenger side,” Claire purred. “These long legs need lots of room.” Her voice was low, sultry, teasing. She stroked her own thigh, knowing the effect her long legs had on my libido. “I’m more comfortable over here.” Claire smiled. “I have a confession, Jackie. Now I’ve got you. I’m not so sure you’ll get back to her very soon.”

Her seat was all the way back. She was wearing very short shorts, and those epic legs stretched for miles in front of her. They were as perfect, white, and shapely, as I remembered. They were a stunning sight I thought I’d never see again.

Her tone, and a faint whiff of her perfume, brought all my senses to attention. She was wearing my favorite perfume, and my subconscious reflexively made an instant connection between it and sex. My brain was overwhelmed by the sensory stimulation of her beauty, perfume, and intimate view of her thirty-six inch inseam. I could virtually feel the sensation of those velvety thighs closing on my face, and smell the delicate fragrance of her sex. I’d stopped breathing once again. Like a switch had been flicked to “ON”, I could feel an erection growing in my shorts.

“So, how have you been?” she sighed. “I have missed you so much. I think of you so many times, each day.”

“I think of you often, too,” I heard myself say. Suddenly my mouth was bone dry, and my tongue three sizes too large. My mumbled words were no more than a whisper.

“You’ve got a hard on, don’t you?” Claire asked with her classic million dollar smile. Even in the dim light behind the convenience store, I could see her eyes sparkle the way they always did when she won. Won anything. A game, a bet, a race in her Mustang, or discovered wood in my pants while we were just talking.

“No, I don’t,” I lied.

“Oh yes, you do,” she whispered. “Your voice gives you away. It’s that huge case of desert mouth you get around me.” She reached over and laid her hand on the bulge in my shorts. “You still get it!” My lie was exposed. In the seconds between her mentioning my erection, and touching it, it had become fully engorged. “I’m glad to see you, too,” she said to my erection, giving it a firm but gentle squeeze.

“No, I was actually thinking about…” I trailed off.

“Melanie? Sure you were. That’s why you couldn’t remember her name,” Claire laughed her deep, sexy laugh.

That laugh was so sensual, I always said it originated in her pussy, growing sexier by the inch as it worked it’s way through her lengthy body to her throat. By now, I couldn’t conceal my wood if I’d wanted to. I didn’t want to. Our lips met again. I lost all track of time. Her lips on mine, and her hands squeezing my cock, were the only things in the world that mattered.


“I hate to change the subject,” I said, lifting my lips from hers. “But, didn’t you have something to show me?” I knew what I was hoping she’d show me, but I was quite sure that would not be what she was planning.

“I do want to show you something very special. First, I want to see what you have for me,” she said, still whispering.

As we’d kissed, Claire had been slowly sliding her ass closer. Now as close as bucket seats allow, she stopped caressing my hard-on long enough to slip her soft hand inside the oversized leg of my running shorts. She gently cupped my balls. Her hand was hot and moist, as she hefted and gently squeezed them.

My cock jumped and pulsated like I was about to come. Claire noticed the twitch, and wrapped her fingers tightly around the shaft. “Just like I remember. As hard as a rail road spike, and yet so silky and smooth.” she whispered dreamily. Her firm grip kept me from spurting a handful of cum onto her hand and the Mustang’s seat.

The feel of her strong, gentle fingers, around my cock erased the year that had passed since we’d been together. It felt just like it did the last time we’d made love. It may be a cliche, but it was as though time had stood still.

“My god! You’re making my mouth water.” she said softly. “I’ve got to taste your cock before I drown on my own saliva!”

“Well, my love, we can’t have a drowning,” I said.

Claire deftly pulled the loose leg of my exercise shorts up so that my cock and balls were fully available. “Oooooh.” she whispered, and slowly worked her soft hand up and down the shaft. Her face was now about three inches from my ten inch dick.

“Just like I picture it when I close my eyes,” she moaned. “Sometimes, at the office, I go into the lounge and masturbate picturing your cock, imagining how it fills my mouth, and how sweet it tastes.”

She lowered her head and licked the tip. My cock jerked back toward my belly, in a little ‘happy dance’. For the first time since I was a teenager, I thought I was going to blow my load prematurely. I watched her face as she placed her lips around the corona.

The heat of her mouth felt like a fire on my cock. I laid my head back, surrendering to the overwhelming sensation. I wasn’t going to try to delay coming. If she made me come, even if she’d already had an orgasm, I knew she’d swallow my load, lick me clean, and suck me hard again. There would be no interruption. We’d just keep making love until we were both exhausted.

Claire’s gentle lips felt so familiar. She had been a virgin the first time we made love. An enthusiastic lover, she loved to suck my cock. During the hundreds of lovemaking sessions that we’d shared over the course of eight years together, she perfected her blow jobs to an art form. No other woman ever had, or probably ever would, feel this good doing this sublime act. I hadn’t even dared think this would ever happen again, but unless I was dreaming, it was suddenly happening. I would have thought I was dreaming, but for a distant clang of a dumpster lid slamming. I opened one eye and saw a store clerk walking away from the store’s dumpster, toward the back door. This was really happening!

“Claire, that’s amazing,” I murmured. “Your tongue is still velvet, and your fingers are still magic. This is heaven. I must have died, and you’re an angel.”

Her tongue was making lazy circles around my cock’s head, and she was stroking slowly, her eyes meeting mine. That did it. Suddenly, my cock began pulsating and shooting spurt after spurt of cum into her welcoming mouth. Claire sealed her lips around my cock head, then swallowed the shaft until I was buried balls deep in her mouth. The cum was shooting straight down her throat. When the strongest pulsations stopped, she moved her head up and down the shaft, milking me until she was sure she’d swallowed the last drop. Then, just like she always had, she kept the head of my cock in her mouth, gently licking and sucking it until she’s swallowed every trace of cum. When my cock was perfectly clean, she licked her lips, swallowed one more time, and sat up to kiss me. She had always been proud that she never lost a drop of cum. Claire used to say she, “wanted every bit of me inside her, that she could get.”

My cock had stayed rock hard, and she still held it in her hand, gently stroking it.

“Oh, you’re very much alive,” she whispered. She softly kissed my lips again, the faint taste of my cum on her tongue. “Jack, right now I feel more alive than I have for the last two years.” Her face was tilted upward, her eyes closed, her lips slightly parted in a dreamlike smile. Once again, I had the feeling that we hadn’t been apart at all.

Sex with the person you love, is the most beautiful thing on earth. We were totally caught up in the moment. Claire closed her eyes and slowly lowered her mouth back to my cock. She began licking the head and top couple of inches of the shaft. Paradise.

After about five minutes of gentle licking, an occasional wet suck making a “pop” when she pulled her mouth off my cock’s helmet, I was about to come again. Before filling Claire’s mouth with a second load of hot cream, I whispered a quiet warning. Tempting fate, she risked taking a couple more deep thrusts, burying half of my cock in her warm mouth. She was showing great restraint. I knew she loved to swallow the entire shaft, and could ‘deep throat’ all night. But she knew what that would do to me, so she stopped with only half of my turgid member inside her mouth. Then she slowly worked her lips up the shaft, instinctively tightening her grip around the base, so I wouldn’t come. Once more we shared a long, deep kiss. The mixture of her taste and mine, was an aphrodisiac which made my cock throb again, jumping in her hand. She felt my cock pulsating, and moaned softly.

“Jack, would you like to see what I came to show you, now?” she whispered. “Or, would you like to come in my throat again, then see it?”

“Yes! I mean either or both would be great! I love to come in your throat, and I’m also curious about what you want to show me. You know? By the way Claire, you’ve already shown me a lot more than I ever expected.” I said. “I love you so much.”

Even with the seat all the way back, she couldn’t straighten her legs completely. She quickly unbuttoned her skimpy shorts, slid them off her full hips, down her legs, and kicked them off her feet. Commando! The sweet odor of her sex filled my nostrils. Without a thought, I reached to stroke her silky thigh. Claire took my hand and pulled it tight against her sopping wet pussy. My two middle fingers automatically found their way into her steaming pussy. The dampness was completely covering her puffy vaginal lips. Her pussy juice had run down between her butt cheeks. A wet spot had formed on the Mustang’s leather seat. I’d seen, felt, and tasted her wetness hundreds of times before, but this was the wettest I’d ever seen her. I love the taste of her juices, so clean and sweet. Looking into Claire’s eyes, as I slipped my dripping fingers into my mouth. I wanted to suck her flavor into my soul and let it permeate my very being. Christ! How could anyone’s pussy taste so fresh? So delicious?

I placed my fingers back on soft folds of her slippery slit. Only then did I notice something different. “Claire, you’re little pussy is trimmed completely different!” I exclaimed. “I love it! It’s wonderful! Your pussy is so much easier to see and get to than when your bush was longer.”

“So, do you like the new me?” Claire purred? “I did it just for you, this evening. I wanted to see you, and I was masturbating thinking about you. That’s when I came up with the idea of making my lips and clit more accessible. I did it just for you.”

“For me? You mean… I really am the only one who’s seen your new look?” I asked slowly?

“Yes, silly. I did it for you, so I wanted you to see it first. What’s the verdict, your Honor?”

“I love it!” I said. I had been barely breathing since Claire had removed her shorts, and I suddenly gasped for air.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

“Your scent, feel, and sight of your beautiful pussy… I forgot to breathe,” I laughed. “You know, that happened the first several times I helped you undress. Do you remember? I couldn’t believe your body then, and nine years later, you’re even more beautiful, and it’s even harder to believe.”

“The first time was on my nineteenth birthday, remember?” she mused.

“I will never forget. You were working in my buddy Harry’s drug store. Over time, you and I had become friends. We’d done a little harmless flirting.”

“Um humm. You were always stopping in to see Harry and hanging out in the store. Sometimes you’d help us girls restock shelves. I always schemed to work with you. My friend Jen knew I had a crush on you, so she always let us work together. The first time we touched we were moving a display. Your hand brushed mine when you tried to get a better grip. I got so wet I soaked my panties. I was shaking so bad, and trying to hide it. I had to go to the restroom to compose myself. Good god! I was a virgin. I came as soon as I touched my clit. I didn’t dare make a move on you then, but I knew I’d get a chance someday.”

My fingers were still touching her pussy, making gentle circular motions on the firm nub of her clitoris. Claire was wetter than ever. She kept stroking me, occasionally wetting her fingers on her pussy, using her natural lube on my cock.

“You took me by surprise on your birthday. We’d never even held hands before then. Suddenly, you showed up at my door, and everything changed.” I reminisced.

“You were the birthday present I had planned to give myself,” she whispered. “I had dinner and birthday cake with my parents. Then, I told them I was going to go celebrate with Jen. I drove straight to your house.”

“When I got there, you looked stunned. I had to ask you if I could come inside. You invited me in and late that night, I gave you my virginity.” Claire had a distant look in her eyes as she recalled that landmark birthday. “It was the start of something wonderful. I’m glad you like the new landscape, Jackie. Now, I have another surprise for you,” she whispered.


“I can’t wait.” I whispered. “How could it possibly be as exciting as the one you just gave me?” I couldn’t imagine anything any better than what had just happened, what I’d just seen, and the sex that was sure to follow.

“Oh, you’ll like this even better, baby,” she smiled.

Claire slowly reached for the two buttons that fastened her shirt. I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra, but with her firm breasts, she often didn’t.

The skimpy shirt fell open, revealing her second big surprise. Her once average size breasts could no longer be classified as ‘average’. The two pale globes, proudly standing high on her chest, were at least a C cup. The change from the firm B’s I’d always loved, was startling. I managed a choked, “wow.”

“I’m sure you’re wondering what happened. I’ve been helping Jeff on the farm. There’s a lot of lifting, throwing hay bales, and shoveling all sorts of things. Exercising more and eating more, I’ve gained ten pounds in the last year. In filling out my curves, a couple of pounds of it ended up right here, where I needed it most,” she smiled. “I was happy with what I had, but I’m very pleased by the addition. I even feel sexier. I’m a little more padded everywhere, but not fat, do you think? If it had all gone to my butt, I’d have died,” she said with that sexual laugh.

“They’re perfect,” I said, catching myself. “Hell sweetheart, they were perfect before. Now there’s even more perfection to love.”

Claire’s hand had only left my cock for a few seconds while she removed her shorts and unbuttoned her top. She was still gently stroking up and down my shaft. She bent to suck the head a few seconds, swirling her tongue around the tip. Her over salivating had not stopped, and her saliva mixed with the pussy juice from her hand. My cock became slipperier and wetter every time she sucked it into her mouth. For a few seconds she put her cheek against my stomach, lovingly studying my cock. Still stroking me, she said, “Jack, I have our old two person sleeping bag in the trunk. What do you say we go somewhere and get out of this car?”

She didn’t need to explain. We’d spent many star-lit nights making love on the double sized bag we’d picked up five years earlier, for a weekend in Maine. Claire sat up while I toggled the switch, moving the seat forward. I started the Mustang and drove to a secluded spot we both knew, on a nearby dirt road. I parked behind a stand of pine trees with branches that touched the ground. Claire hit the trunk release button in the glove box. I grabbed the sleeping bag and laid it on the ground between the Mustang and the pines.

* * * * *

Claire didn’t bother covering up when she moved from the car to the sleeping bag. She said the warm summer night air felt good on her skin. Her breasts had a new motion they hadn’t had a year ago. They swayed slightly as she moved. The gentle breeze made her barely visible light pink nipples stand out another quarter inch. In the moonlight I could see what I had been missing for over so long. Six feet of breathtakingly gorgeous woman, long shapely legs, curved hips, tiny waist, and perfect breasts. Everything was capped by a classically beautiful face. Her wide, full lipped mouth, was made for smiling and lovemaking. Her sculptured equine nose, deep blue eyes, and naturally golden hair were what wet dreams were made of.

I took her hand and helped her lie down on the open sleeping bag. When she was comfortable, I stretched out beside her.

We kissed deeply. Her lips never leaving mine, Claire slowly unbuttoned my shirt. She pulled it off then pushed my shorts down. We’d been together for over a half hour. My erection still raged, and when I touched her pussy, it was still sopping wet and steaming hot. I broke the kiss as Claire used her foot to push my shorts off my feet. I let my lips trail down her long neck. I took my time, exploring her beautiful breasts, sucking gently on her nipples. I kissed my way downward, across her flat belly, to the golden strip of short curls remaining above the pouting cleft of her fragrant pussy.

By the time my mouth reached Claire’s nether lips, my feet had worked their way past her head. Her sensuous lips were lazily working on my cock. We hadn’t said a word since we’d parked. No words were necessary. Our bodies were saying it all.


“I do love the feel of your cock in my mouth,” she murmured, releasing me for a few seconds. “I’ve awakened wet, in the middle of the night, so many times, dreaming about sucking your cock. It’s a perfect fit. Luckily, I have a big mouth.”

“Claire, everything about you is perfection. You taste so sweet, my mouth waters whenever I think about eating your pussy. You should know, I think about it a lot!”

My lips and tongue were loving her pussy. I could smell and taste the faint flavor of strawberries. That was a new addition to our lovemaking. I liked it.

“This is wonderful,” she said. “But it’s been a long time and I’m dying to feel your big cock inside me right now.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” I said. “I know you love my tongue, and I didn’t want to deprive you of ‘lip service’, baby.”

“We definitely will get back to that, sweetheart. But right now, I want you inside me!”

I twisted around unitl our feet were in the same direction. My lips were still fastened to her juicy pussy, my tongue was circling her clit like a feather. After a minute, I began kissing and licking my way back up her body. Claire’s saliva coating made my cock felt cool in the night air.

As we kissed, my cock found her soaking pussy. Like a heat seeking missile drawn to it’s target I slowly sank inside her steamy opening. Claire reached between us, and pulled my cock out of her pussy. She began rubbing my pecker up and down her wet opening. She rubbed it against her clitoris for a few seconds, and moaned at the effect that had on her body. I nearly exploded, but sensing it, Claire tightened her thumb and forefinger around the base of my shaft. The urge to come quickly passed, and she resumed slowly rubbing my cock up and down her pussy lips. I closed my eyes and let the feelings flow over my body like waves on a Caribbean beach.

* * * * *

Claire lie on her back, my weight pressed against her body. Her eyes were closed. A euphoric smile played on her lips. I’d seen this contented look before, and it pulled my heart closer to this beautiful woman who’d come to share pleasure with me, if only for tonight.

She gently placed the head of my cock between her swollen pussy lips. I felt her wrap her legs around me, and almost imperceptibly, she began moving her pussy upward toward me. My cock effortlessly slipped into her dripping opening. When about an inch was inside her, she began working her pussy mussels. Using only the grip of her pussy, she pulled me slowly inside until my balls were against her anus. The heat from her sex was so intense, even naked in the cool night air, I began to sweat. We were as relaxed and comfortable as we’d always been. I couldn’t help but thinking that this was the way it is supposed to be between a man and woman in love. I gave in to the moment and let it consume me.

Claire’s soft moans started out as a gentle sigh. Slowly, they began to build until she was nearly screaming. I covered her mouth with mine, our tongues doing a frantic dance of love. We began to move together, rocking gently at first, then gradually harder until we were hammering each other to heighten the sensations. We wanted to be completely fused to one another. We were striving to become one, as we slammed together harder and harder.

“I’m coming!” Claire cried out. “Fuck me harder, baby! I’m coming! I’m coming! Oh my god, Jake, I’m commmmmming!

“Oh, Claire! I’m coming tooooo!” I yelled.

“Oh, please, Jake,” she begged. “Cum in my mouth! I need to taste more of your cum. I’ve missed it so much!”

The dam was about to burst. I quickly pulled out of her pussy. She moaned at the loss of fullness, but I moved fast to get my cock to her mouth before it began to spew. She took it in both hands and pulled it to her lips, placing just the head in her mouth. She sealed her lips around the shaft, and began wildly milking it, moaning loudly. I was more than ready to come, and began ejaculating almost immediately, shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum into her welcoming mouth. After what seemed like forever, the spasms subsided. She tickled me with her tongue which caused me to pulsate a few more times, until I was drained once again. Claire let my cock slip out of her mouth and looked at it like it was treasure, glistening in the moonlight. She licked a couple of errant drops of cum off the knob, then placed it against her cheek. Her eyes were closed, and she looked totally at peace. I moved to lie face to face with her.

I lay on my side, looking down at Claire’s face. Her eyes were closed, still holding my cock against her cheek. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes and smiled. With a wink, she began licking me again. She started by licking my balls, then she licked up, down, and around the shaft, covering every millimeter. In a few minutes, I could feel my cock twitch as blood began to engorge it once more. She was getting me ready for more lovemaking, but I could never have guessed what was coming next.

When my cock was rock hard, Claire smiled seductively and asked, “How would you like to give me a back rub, baby?” I could never refuse that request. Now, I began to fantasize of what this may be leading to.

Time no longer mattered. The only thing in each of our worlds at that moment, was the other.

“You better roll over then, baby,” I said. “I’ve dreamed about giving you a ‘back rub’ almost as much as I’ve dreamed of the taste of your pussy.”

Claire quickly flipped over. Her pale body seemed to glow in the moonlight. Once again, I had to catch my breath. Though she was slim, her hips widened dramatically, invitingly. Her butt was so firm I knew I could crack an egg on it. She had an ass any straight man would die to see, and kill to touch. I wanted this vision to last as long as possible, so I started high, kneading Claire’s neck with my strong fingers. No hurry now, I payed close attention to every detail of every muscle, as I slowly worked my way down to her spectacular buttocks.

Except for an occasional moan, Claire was silent as I carefully kneaded each perfect globe. I could feel the flesh grow warmer, and the scent of her pussy became stronger as it became even wetter from my touch. I gently parted her ass cheeks, and with the lightest touch possible, brushed my index finger across her tiny pink orifice. Again, a whiff of strawberries. When my finger touched her butt hole, Claire’s whole body quivered. She shuddered with a deep sigh. The strawberry scent. The back rub. I now knew what she planned for tonight’s grand finally. What a woman! What a lover! Knowing me as well as she did, she had applied the strawberry lube before we met in the parking lot. I was breathless with anticipation of what lie ahead.

I wet my thumb in my mouth, and gently pressed it against the tight opening as my fingers cupped her dripping pussy. The sweet fragrance of her sex, filled the air. Claire was moaning softly as I rubbed my thumb in small circles over the puckered opening. I was intoxicated by the scent of her steaming pussy and the fragrance of strawberries. My raging hard on throbbed to the beat of by pounding heart.

“What do you want, baby?” I teased. “What would you like?”

“You know what I want,” she whispered. “Don’t tease me. Just give it to me.”

“I’m not sure. It’s been such a long time since we made love, I don’t want to get my signals crossed,” I chuckled softly.

“There’s no crossing of signals,” she murmured. “You know what I want.”

“I don’t. You’re going to have to tell me. I’d hate to get it wrong,” I said, smiling in the darkness.

“Jack, stop playing with me. I want you to stick your tongue in my ass. I want you to lick my ass. First, I want you to fuck me with your tongue, then stick your big cock in my ass!” Claire was very assertive. She knew what she wanted, and she wanted it right now.

“Did you bring any lube?” I asked feigning innocence.

“Silly boy!” she murmured. “I know you can smell the strawberries. Have you forgotten how wet I am? Just stick your cock in my pussy for a few minutes, and it’ll be wet enough to stick anywhere you want.”

Still massaging her pink opening, I could feel her sphincter begin to relax. Slowly, gently, I slipped the tip of my thumb inside. I slid two fingers inside her sopping pussy. I asked, “Are you sure? It feels awfully tight, and my cock is a lot bigger than my thumb. Let me just slip a couple more fingers in first, to see.”

When I said that, Claire shuddered and moaned softly, pushing her ass against my thumb, even harder.

I slowly slipped my thumb and fingers out of her openings and placed my tongue against her tight little anus. I could taste strawberries as Claire pushed her ass back against my warm tongue. It easily slipped inside as far as I could get it. “Lick me! Slip it in and out, Jack!” she moaned. “Your tongue feels so damned good. It’s been a year since anyone has even touched me there. Jesus, I love that!”

I slipped my tongue in and out of her ass again and again, with a slow ‘fucking’ rhythm. I gently picked up the pace, until I was steadily fucking her ass with my tongue, while Claire moaned and purred in her pleasure. The tight little hole was incredibly wet and slippery. As I continued tonguing her ass, I slowly slipped my index finger in too. I worked my finger and tongue together, nearly out of her ass and back in, until my finger was going in all the way. Her sphincter continued relaxing until I could easily slip two fingers in. That’s when she started begging for more.

“Faster, Jack!” she growled softly. “Faster, and harder! I want you slam into me hard. It feels so damn good!”

As I kept slipping my wet fingers in and out of her tight butt, it continued to relax. When I felt her sphincter loosen up a little more, I let a third finger join the lucky first two, my tongue no longer in play. A loud sigh came from Claire’s lips, accompanied by something that sounded like a soft sob.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked, stopping my thrusts. “Are you all right?”

“I’m more than all right,” she said. “I’m crying, but they’re tears of joy. I know you always wished I’d do this with you. I know you always wanted anal sex. Since we broke up, I’ve realized how much I really want to give my ass to you. To only you, Jack. It’s so intimate and beautiful. It’s giving yourself completely, and totally trusting another person.”

“This is fantastic, Claire. Coming to see me has made my year. Offering me your ass, and surrendering yourself completely to me is unbelievable. I love you so much.” I blurted out.

“I love you too, Jack,” Claire purred. “I want to give myself to you completely. I’ve never said it before but, I want to give you everything I have. Fuck my ass, Jack. It’ll be like your fucking my very soul.”

I’d never heard her say anything like that before. Even considering the way she’d been talking about sex from the minute we met that night, it was still a total surprise.

“Are you sure you’re ready, baby?” I asked, fully knowing that she was boiling over with the desire to have my stiff cock shoved in her tight little butt. “Are you ready to have my cock all the way up your ass?”

“Oh, god yes!” she moaned. “I want your hard ten inches in my ass all the way, for as long as you can keep fucking me.”

“My pleasure, sweetheart,” I chuckled. “Like you said, I’ll fuck your pussy to make sure it’s nice and slippery. Then I’ll fuck your ass for as long as you like. I want this to be the perfect butt fuck.”

“I want it so badly,” she said. “Lie on your back, so I can fuck you with my tight little ass.”

I pulled my fingers out of her ass and rolled to the side so she could get on top. Above me in the moonlight, Claire was spectacular. She towered above me, her breasts swaying gently and her long blond hair falling around her shoulders as she moved to straddle me.


Claire took my stiff cock in her hand. She rubbed it up and down her sopping slit, then gently lowered herself until it slipped completely into her pussy. She smiled down at me in the moon light. I must have been gaping like an amazed child. She reached down and stuck two fingers my open mouth. They tasted of her juices, so I sucked them dry while she wiggled them in a slow circle in my mouth. Still smiling, she hovered with only an inch of my cock inside her pussy. Then with a hint of surprise in her eyes, Claire slowly lowered herself on my cock until her crotch was pressed tightly against mine. She slowly raised up, until only the head of my cock was between her lips, then she dropped down all the way, with one thrust. “Oh god!” she exclaimed, then began rocking gently. Her eyes closed, and her head fell back in ecstasy.

“That feels so good in my pussy. I’d love to keep you in there forever,” she whispered. “But I want your big cock in my ass, and I want it right now.”

“Thank god! I thought you’d changed your mind.” I teased. “I wasn’t going to complain. Only a crazy man would complain about being inside the hottest, wettest, tightest, pussy on earth.”

“I know,” she said playfully. She slowly rose until my cock popped out of her wet pussy. It stood straight up, like a ten inch rocket in the moonlight. I could see her trimmed pussy hovering above my anticipatory erection. Claire held my cock with one hand, and slowly rubbed it across both of her openings. It was hot and slippery from her juices. When the tip pressed into her strawberry lubed anus, I suddenly felt even more heat. As she lowered herself, my cock easily slipped in about half an inch. Claire’s eyes open a bit wider, and she moaned softly. She stopped a few seconds to let her sphincter relax for my cock’s spongy tip. With the full moon lighting her face, I could see her eyes staring into mine. A slight smile played at her lips, as she whispered, “I love you so much, Jack.”

As she said she loved me, she let her ass slip further down my shaft. “Jesus, that feels so damn good. I’ve dreamed about us doing this since we separated. All those times you wanted my ass, and I wouldn’t let you have it. What a waste.” Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was open slightly. She was completely relaxed, savoring the intense pleasure she was feeling.

“I love you too,” I whispered. “I have always wanted to have you anally. I mean, your ass is so beautiful, it just begs for it. I hinted, but I wanted you to want it too. It’s a gift to be given by a woman, not to be taken by her man.”

“I know that now,” she said. “It’s wonderful. I feel so full. It’s so exciting to give you something that I’ve never shared with anyone else. I’ve only ever wanted to do this with you. I was thinking about you one day and I remembered you saying my ass was begging to be fucked. Out of nowhere, I started feeling a need there. I’d never felt it before, but whenever I’ve felt it since, it’s always tied to thoughts of you.”

It was surreal. We were chatting casually, like the best friends and long time lovers we were, while Claire towered above me with all ten inches of my cock in her ass.

“Let’s just enjoy the feeling, baby,” I said. “Now that it’s finally happening, I want us both to savor all the feelings, physical and emotional.”

Claire started slowly sliding up and down, maybe an inch or inch and a half, driving me crazy. I was completely inside her butt with every stroke. I could feel her dripping pussy’s soaking my pubic hair, and the cool air on my cock when she rose up. She’d begun to finger her moist slit, and she was gently rubbing her clitoris in a slow circular motion. Her moans grew louder, and more urgent. Her strokes began to quicken. Her fingers on her clit moved faster and faster. I knew I could not stand such intense feelings much longer, without coming inside her ass. Then, as though she could read my mind, she said, “Oh god Jake! I’m coming! Cum inside me! Come in my ass! Shoot your hot cum right up my fucking ass!”

I’d never heard Claire use that language, but I didn’t question it. I felt the same way. The difference was, even if I’d wanted to, I couldn’t speak.

Suddenly, it felt like a dam bursting. Claire began to moan and grunt loudly, as her body shuddered in the throes of an intense orgasm. Her orgasm brought me to the brink, and my cock kept pace with her as it exploded, shooting stream after stream of cum into the furnace that was ass. After our simultaneous orgasms subsided, Claire lay flat on my body. Her lips found mine, and she began to explore my mouth with her tongue. She held my face in her hands, stretched out on me, my cock still in her ass. Surprisingly, my erection remained. We were both glad, as neither of us wanted break the connection.

Claire’s kisses slowly ended, and I realized that she had fallen asleep, my cock still inside her tight ass. As much as I wanted it to last forever, I knew we both had to get back to the people we were currently involved with. I kissed her face. “Wake up, sweetheart. We better get going, or we’ll have a lot of explaining to do.”

“Ohhhh, you’re still in my butt!” she purred. “I thought it would hurt, but it didn’t. I wish I could make love to you with my ass all night.”

“Honey, I’m afraid we’ve both been away too long. I don’t want you to have trouble with Jeff,” I said. I was trying to hide my jealousy.

“I’ve been gone a long time, but I can handle him alright,” Claire said. “He feels lucky that I’m with him. He never questions where I’m going or how long I’m out.”

“Well, you’re lucky there,” I said. “Melanie will be madder than hell. I told her I’d be back in a few minutes and it’s been over two hours. The dinner I was cooking, has probably either burned up or been thrown out, by now. I guess it’s a good thing she’ll be mad. I wouldn’t have sex her tonight anyway, after making love with you.”

“Jack, I was thinking the same thing. I’m telling Jeff I’m tired, and have a headache. He’ll be okay with that.” Claire smiled sheepishly.

* * * * *

We rolled up the sleeping bag and stashed it in the Mustang’s trunk. I got out of Clair’s car a few minutes later, behind the convenience store. She came around to get behind the wheel. The lighthearted mood we’d shared since she picked me up, was gone. We looked into each others eyes in the dim light. We melted again into each others arms. Our kiss went on for minutes, as we explored each others mouths one last time.

When the kiss ended, I saw tears down both of Claire’s cheeks. That solitary tear broke my heart all over again. We were still very much in love. Why were we saying good-bye once again?

In the yellow glow of the mercury vapor lights, a cloud came over the full moon. Large raindrops began to fall. I pulled the car door open so she could get out of the rain. I wondered if she was thinking what I was.

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