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Dorm Room Debauchery

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My freshmen college roommate, Lissy, had an absolutely gorgeous ass. It was possibly the best ass on campus, easily in the top ten. She was a slight blond, with curly shoulder length hair, and small perky tits. She had a good body, with tight abs, and a sweet face, and what an ass. She could have had any guy on campus that she wanted, but didn’t have a boyfriend. After several weeks there was still no apparent action or even any inclination toward the guys on campus.

I decided that she was a lesbian; which was great for me. I liked little better then getting filled by a hard cock, but I never turned down an opportunity to eat pussy. I like I said, she had an ass that was worth the time to get uncovered.

Playing on my hunch, I started to ware skimpy bras and panties as I walked around our room after my shower. But she didn’t bite at all. It was disappointing to me to see such a cute women not being satisfied by anyone. Although I had to admit that I was not with her all the time only in the room and that I also, was not dating anyone at the moment, though I did find ways to get myself off when I needed it.

It was late October when things changed. The Chi Upsilon Mu fraternity gave a notable Halloween party every year, and this year’s turned out to be wilder than usual. As the saying goes the  brothers rock out with their cocks out, if you know what I mean. Although I have to confess that they didn’t stay out of everything thing; I was filled to the brim.

I made it back to the dorm room late that evening after the festivities had wound down. I was completely exhausted and stumbled into the room after fumbling with the lock for several long moments. I wanted nothing more then to fall into bed and go to sleep. The only problem was that my bed was the top bunk. It occurred to me then that taking the top bunk was probably not the best idea; however it was far too late to revisit that decision.

I pulled my T-shirt up over my head and discarded it on the floor. My skirt quickly followed, and I found that I was already naked. I could have sworn that I had panties on when I left for the part. But after the events of the party I guess I could not be too surprised if they ended up missing. Which is too bad, it had been wearing a pair that I had particularly liked; a lacy red thong.

Sleep was already starting to take me as I stood there, and the room was cold. I started to climb up into my bunk, and stumbled backward, it was obvious that was not going to happen. I wasn’t going to sleep on the floor, so there was really only one choice left. I was going to have to sleep with Lissy. She was sound asleep and snoring softly. I noticed how cute she looked while sleeping. But then she looked pretty damn cute most of the time.

I pulled back the covers and slid into bed beside Lissy. She was curled up on her side, her back to me. I noticed her delicious ass under the thin shorts she wore. I squeezed on to the mattress; these twin beds that the school provided were not very conducive to sharing. I slid my arm around Lissy to avoid falling off the bed, and before I knew it I was fast asleep.

Overnight I dreamt that Lissy made love to me. I imagined what it would be like to have her sucking on my tender nipples. Then moving slowly down my body until she was at my pussy; licking it until I came on her tongue. And then I would return the favor, devouring her tender snatch, licking every fold and sucking gently on her clit until she cried out in pleasure, allowing me to taste her sweet nectar.

Slowly sleep faded. I opened my eyes and tried to adjust to the light in the room. The sun was streaming in through the window, which only made my head hurt worst. I still needed to sleep. But I was also feeling very horny. My pussy was on fire, but not in the way that I’m used to; when I need to be fucked so very badly. This was more pleasurable. Actually this felt just like someone was licking my pussy.

I looked down to find Lissy between my legs, lapping eagerly at my tender flesh. I was shocked beyond words. I could not believe that my mousy, bookworm roommate was chowing down on my soaking pussy. But I sure wasn’t going to stop her. I’m not sure if this was her first pussy, I assume not. Either way, she sure seemed to know what she was doing.

“God that feels good Lissy,” I moaned, placing my hand on her head so that she would not stop.

Lissy raised her head slightly. “Hmm Good morning,” She murmured, “I’m glad you are enjoying it, because I sure am. This always helped with my hangovers.”

Her tongue went right back to my clit, pressing firmly against it before she swirled it down over my opening. My hands cupped my firm tits pulling at my taut nipples as I moaned softly with pleasure. One of the most incredible feelings in the world, I think, is to wake up to your pussy being licked. This was the second time that I’d had the pleasure. I certainly hope it won’t be the last.

Lissy drove her tongue deep into my entrance, lapping at the inside of my pussy on her way out. And then up to my clit. Her lips encircled the hard nub and she sucked it gently into her mouth; her tongue flicking across it. She repeated this several more times, before focusing completely on my clit with her tongue. She slid a finger into my burning center, thrusting it in and out of me as she continued to lap at my clit.

After a couple minutes of this treatment she added a second finger and this was now more then I could take as she continued to lick at my clit. Her talented tongue brought me right to the brink while her fingers rammed into my sopping cunt.

“Fuck, Lissy. Oh Fuck Yes!” I cried. “Don’t fucking stop, I’m so fucking close. Make me fucking cum. Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck yes. Oh God Yes.

My hips thrust into Lissy’s face as my wave of pleasure washed over me. My fingers clenched the sheet below me as I tried to stabilize myself during the heavenly climax. I slumped onto the bed exhausted by the force of my finish.

“Oh God, Lissy that was so fucking good,” I gasped. “If I had any idea that you could eat pussy like that I would have had my panties off the moment we met.”

Lissy gave me coy smile from between my legs. “Well I don’t think I want to start dating you, but now that I know how good your pussy tastes I may have to give it a lick now and again.”

“Oh, don’t worry I like guys way too much to ever get to serious with a chick. All I’m saying is that we shouldn’t be strangers if we can’t get any action elsewhere. After all a women needs to be satisfied. Now I believe that I need to return the favor. That was far too good an orgasm to go unreciprocated.”

Lissy stood up. My eyes roamed over her small frame. I could see her nipples pushing at the thin fabric of her T-shirt. She grabbed lifted the shirt over her head, casting it to the floor. Her pert breasts stood off her chest, each topped with a perfectly proportioned nipple as hard as an eraser. I noticed that her shorts had disappeared somewhere overnight, and now she was only wearing a cute pair of cotton panties. The center of her panties was already saturated by her excitement.

She pushed her panties down to mid thigh and then shimmed her hips causing her panties to fall to the floor. Stepping out of her panties she climbed on to the bed completely naked. Her pussy was unshaven, its thick hair already slick with her juices.

I reached out for her, my hands sliding over her smooth body. Lissy straddled me and started to slowly walk forward on her knees. She was already too close to allow me to give her a kiss. How I wanted to taste my pussy on her lips. This thought was short lived however as I found myself eye to nipple with her lovely tits. I took hold of one in each hand and kneaded them gently as I put my mouth over one nipple and then the other sucking vigorously on them. This caused Lissy’s forward progress to stop briefly allowing me time to suck on both of her wonderfully erect nipples.

Lissy started to move forward once more, forcing me to lie down on my back. Her hands were traveling over my body as well. She took my tits in her hands and started to pull at my nipples. I moaned softly in response.

I could already smell the delectable scent of her sex as she inched toward me. I took her ass cheeks in my hands, massaging the soft flesh, and trying to hurry her pussy to my mouth. Leaving one hand to continue to knead her ass, I moved the other to her opening, already soaked with her juices. It felt so unbelievably wet, but I’m sure that this feeling was enhanced by the mat of hair that still shrouded her beauty from me. My fingers slid through to her slick folds. This had the desired effect as she quickly moved her hips forward the last precious inches so that her pussy was now directly above my face.

I spread her delicate flower open with my fingers. Her juices clung thickly to the sides of her entrance. The bright pink of her interior looked so enticing, and the aroma that wafted down to me was intoxicating. No longer able to resist I pushed my tongue flat against her entrance and moved it up along her slick folds to the top of her pussy. Lissy gave a low primal moan and pushed her cunt into my mouth. I responded by pushing my tongue up inside her, where I could fully taste her flavor. Her musky essence got me so aroused that I think I had a small orgasm right then.

My other hand continued to knead Lissy’s lovely ass as I eagerly lapped at her steaming cunt. I kissed and sucked at her folds, drinking the juices that coated them, before inserting my tongue back into Lissy’s delicious pussy.

I felt her hand slid over my belly in search of my saturated pussy. Her fingers skimmed over my clit and pushed into the center of my soaking cunt. Her back arched as she tried to extend her fingers deeper inside me; simultaneously pushing her own pussy firmly onto my mouth.

I moaned into her furry snatch as I continued to lap at her entrance. I made sure that every draw of my tongue over her tender folds culminated with it flicking over Lissy’s rigid clit. We continued like this for several minutes; Lissy pushing two fingers deep into my pussy while rubbing my clit with the heel of her palm, while I licked her cunt and sucked on her clit.

Lissy’s breathing started to become ragged, her hips bucking slightly. I moved all my attention to her clit determined to make her cum in my mouth. This caused her to gasp with every pass my tongue made over her pleasure nub.

“Oh yes,” she cried. “Yes, yes, yes. Oh fuck yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!”

Lissy collapsed on top of me as her body convulsed with pleasure. I craned my neck to get one last solid lick of her cum filled pussy. I wanted to taste that sweet treasure that I had worked her so hard to get. She tasted as wonderful as I had anticipated, sweet and tangy. The flavor of Lissy’s cum sent me over the edge one more time. My hips bucked up into her back as she laid on top of me, my own pussy flooding with cum.

“Oh my god, why have we never done this before,” I gasped as I recovered from my second orgasm of the day. “We are never sleeping in separate beds again.” I saw a shadow pass quickly over Lissy’s face that seemed to imply some uncertainty of my exuberant declaration.

“Well maybe not never,” I quickly amended. “But I need to lick your pussy again.”

Lissy rolled off me and out of the bed. “And I want to lick you more often too. But I don’t think we should let good sex get confused with where we sleep.” With that she walked into the bathroom and I soon heard the water running in the shower.

What an amazing turn of events, I thought to myself. I’d been trying to get into my roommates pants for several months now, and all it took was getting shit-faced and climbing into her bed naked. I guess my earlier displays had attracted more attention from her then I had realized.

* * *

Over the next several months Lissy and I became incredibly close, sharing everything with each other, including several girlfriends.

One evening there was a knock on the door. “Oh that must be Amy,” Lissy commented as she jumped up to answer the door.

“Oh good, I was really sick of this homework anyway. I could go for a romp right now. And Amy has such nice tits; I can’t wait to suck on them.”

Lissy opened the door, just as I was shutting my laptop. “Amy! It’s so good to see you,” I heard her greeting our guest. Amy is a cute little brunette with short pixie style hair and a wonderful set of B-cup boobs with these thick dark nipples that are make me wet just thinking about them.

I turned around and saw that Amy wasn’t alone. “Lisa! How have you been?”

“Great. It’s good to see you. I’m so glad that you were able to come over.”

“This is Kevin.” Amy said, indicating the guy that was with her. The first thing I noticed about Kevin was that he had a great body. His T-shirt clung tightly to his torso showing everyone what a wonderfully sculpted chest he had. His face was pretty cute too, and it was all topped off with an unruly shock of sandy hair.

“Hey,” said Kevin extending his hand.

“Nice to meet you,” I said shaking his hand. His grip was strong but gentle.

“Well come on in, and have a seat,” Lissy directed. She ushered Amy and Kevin over to a couple of Ikea chairs. She angled the chairs toward her bed where we both sat on the lower bunk.

“So, Kevin,” I asked, “How did you two meet?”

“We met down at the pub . . .”

“I was his waitress, and we got to talking over the course of the night. He seemed like a pretty nice guy, so I gave him my number and we hooked up last night.” Amy looked over at Kevin, clearly pleased with the memory of the previous night. “I have to say, he’s got an amazing cock. You should see the size of it.”

Kevin blushed at the praise, but I noticed that he didn’t deny a thing. I decided to play with him a little bit. “Well we’ll have to have a look at that later,” I said with a sly grin.

“Hmm, yes,” Lissy agreed, “If you’re as big as Amy claims I certainly want to see that.”

“Well, I don’t think he’s going to be quite in the state to impress right now,” Amy chided. “Why don’t you give him a little show to get his blood flowing?”

“Something like this?” I asked as I pulled my shirt and bra up to expose my chest to Kevin. I rotated my torso making my boobs jiggle as Kevin looked on, his eyes glued to my giggling tits. After several long seconds I pulled my shirt back down recovering myself.

“Damn you’ve got hot tits,” Kevin commented once they had been concealed once again and the trance had been broken. “Do you think I could take a few pictures of you?” he asked, taking a small camera out of his pocket.

“So you can go back to your room and stroke off to them?” Lissy asked.

Kevin blushed, though he responded quickly. “Does that excite you?”

“Ok,” I agreed, lifting my shirt back up so that my breasts were once again exposed to his view. “But I get copies of everything you take.”

“Deal,” Kevin agreed. He raised the camera and clicked the shot.

Lissy leaned in and took one of my boobs in her hand. Kevin’s camera clicked. I leaned toward her and kissed her lips. Click. Lissy’s head dropped as she took one of my tits into her mouth tonguing my nipple as she did so. Click. Her hand squeezed my tit feeding as much of it as she could into her mouth. Click. Click. Click.

“Hey, you guys are getting pretty serious over there,” Amy commented.

“Jealous?” I asked, holding Lissy’s head to my breast to keep her from moving away from it. “You can come over too. I’ve got another breast that is feeling neglected.”

“Well we don’t want to have any neglected breasts now do we?” Amy said in a sultry voice. She moved the six feet across our impromptu seating area to Lissy’s bed, and knelt in front of me, her head at the level of my chest. Amy reached up and took my other breast into her mouth her expert tongue swirling around my nipple.

Kevin continued to click away on his camera, documenting the scene in front of him. I held both women’s heads to my breasts, looked directly into the lens and tried to look sexy. I made poutty lips and stuck out my tongue, rolled my eyes up in my head like I was having an orgasm. It was so much fun to show off for the camera. Kevin captured it all.

I took my hands from the two heads that were so expertly servicing my tits. Both women broke contact and sat up with satisfied looks on their faces. Click.

“Well if this is going to be the kind of night that it’s going to be then I’m not going to need these again,” I said pulling my shirt and bra up over my head and discarding them on the bed behind me. “But I’m not going to be the only one with her tits out. So, shirts off ladies.”

Lissy pulled her T-shirt up to reveal that she was not wearing a bra at all. Click. Though, this was typically the case. Amy slowly started to unbutton her shirt. I reached down and popped the clasp on the back of her bra so that she could more easily expose her full tits to the camera. Once her shirt was unbuttoned to her belly button I leaned over her and slid my hands down her chest, over those luscious tits of hers, pushing her bra out of the way as I did so. With one breast in each hand I gave them a playful squeeze and then moved my hands out of the way so that Kevin could get a shot of Amy’s beautiful tits. Lissy leaned in so that he could get a shot of the three of us with our chests exposed. His shutter snapped the whole time.

I was starting to be quite aroused, playing for the camera. Creating pictures that Kevin would go home and masturbate to, or hotter still, put on the internet so that guys I’ve never even met in other states and countries could please their cocks to them.

Lissy put her arm around me and pulled me to her breast. My mouth opened eagerly anticipating the feel of her hard nipple between my lips. It did not disappoint, as I sucked at her tit, my hand kneading the soft flesh into my mouth. I moved to her other breast and wrapped my tongue around her thick nipple.

I felt hands groping at my legs and ass. Amy was looking to get into the action. I moved my leg aside to give her better access to my crotch. I was really heating up and needed some real stimulation. I was hoping that she would take the hint and pull my pants off.

Amy’s hands ran up over my ass, squeezing the supple flesh. I pressed my ass against the hands that were so lovingly probing me. I wanted nothing more then for those hands to move to my pussy, already dripping under my pants. The inquisitive hands left my ass and slid down my legs. They made it my knees before reversing and slowly working their way back up. Fortunately, this time they were on the insides of my thighs. It seemed to take an eternity, but finally Amy’s hand reached the apex of my crotch. Her fingers pressed into the damp material between my thighs, pushing the sodden fabric of my thong into my burning cunt. I had already completely lost focus on the camera clicking away beside me. All that mattered were the two bodies pressing against me.

I ground my hips onto Amy’s fingers, trying futilely to push her side me through my clothing. Amy’s hand shifted position and her palm started to push and grind against my crotch. I pulled Lissy down toward me, wanting to taste her sweet lips. I thrust my tongue into her mouth desperately needing the stimulation. Our tongues intertwined as our hands explored the other’s body. Lissy’s hands squeezed my tits as her tongued continued to probe my mouth. My hand made a bee line for her crotch. Lissy’s legs parted to make room for my hand. I pressed the heel of my palm straight into Lissy’s pussy. She gave a slight whimper as I increased my pressure.

I gasped as I felt the button of my jeans pop open. Amy pulled at the waste of my pants trying to work them over, what I thought of, as my luscious ass. I wiggled my hips trying to help her work my pants down my thighs. She managed them to my knees before she determined that she had enough access for her needs. The question remained if she had enough for mine.

Amy’s hand returned to my crotch, her palm once again grinding into my pubic mound. Only this time the only separation was the flimsy material of my thong. I felt her other hand knead my ass as she continued to grind against my cunt. I imagined her hand getting slick with the juices from my saturated thong.

It was all too much for me I needed release; I needed the feel of a tongue or fingers or something sliding along my sodden trench. I reached behind me and pulled at my thong, it obediently slid aside so that Amy’s hand had full access to my saturated pussy. Realizing that she had teased me long enough she got to work trying to get me off. Her fingers slid along my slippery lips several times, lubricating themselves in my juices before finally plunging inside my burning center. I gave another little cry as Amy penetrated me, working her fingers deep into my pussy. My hips started to move in time with her fingers ensuring that she drove them as deep as possible.

Lissy was panting hard from the attention that I had been giving her pussy through her clothing. I imagined that she must be in the same state that I was and pulled at her jeans trying to get at the delicious treasures inside. Fortunately I had been beside Lissy and my weight was not hindering the removal of her pants. She lifted her beautiful ass of the bed long enough for me to pull her jeans down to her ankles and then managed to kick them off altogether. I found myself staring straight into a pair of thin cotton panties that were somewhat dampened by Lissy’s enjoyment.

With one quick motion I had her underwear down to her ankles and the full aroma of Lissy’s delicious pussy wafted up to greet me. Her legs spread as I leaned in, inhaling her scent deeply. My eyes roamed over the glistening lips that I had come to know so intimately. I reached out, and gently rubbed her opening with my fingers. Lissy’s hips responded immediately, trying to find a way to move so that my probing fingers would slide into her needy cunt. I pushed her lips apart, opening the delicate flower before me. And then ever so gently, pressed my tongue to her pussy. I instantly tasted the musky flavor of her juices. Slowly I started to lap at Lissy’s tender folds, working my way toward her clit, while my fingers played across her opening.

Amy’s tongue had joined her fingers in my pussy at some point that I can not remeber. But I was sure that she was now actively servicing me with her tongue while she continued to push her fingers deep into my throbbing cunt. It would not take very much more of this kind of attention to send me over the edge I’d already been so worked up by the time she had gotten into my pants.

Lissy’s hands held my face to her lap as her hips gyrated against me. My middle and index fingers had worked their way deep into my lover’s pussy, and I was doing my best to give her the fucking she deserved. My tongue lashing at her clit every chance it got.

It was then that Amy’s work on my own pussy paid off. I cried out with pleasure, though they were mostly muffled by Lissy’s cunt pressed tightly to my mouth. My hips bucked the wave of pleasure that Amy had created in my pussy washed along the length of my body. Amy pulled her fingers from my body as her tongue forced its way between my legs to the opening of my pussy. She savored the new juices that had flooded my cunt.

After several minutes Amy joined me between Lissy’s legs. Her breath was full of the earthy scent of my cum. I raised my head to allow Amy access to Lissy’s pleasure well. She gave me a deep kiss on the lips, our tongues played across each other, mingling the juices of the pussies they had been licking. Breaking our kiss Amy dropped her head to Lissy’s cunt and started to savagely lick her friend’s pussy. My fingers continued to push into Lissy assisting Amy in her work.

Recovered from my climax while laying on the bed fingering my roommate’s sodden pussy I remembered Kevin. He was still recording the action, clicking away with his digital camera. “Why don’t you come here and take some close ups?” I asked looking up at him.

Without hesitation Kevin moved closer, snapping away as Amy lapped at Lissy’s pussy, my fingers pumping along below. Now Kevin was standing along side me and I focused in on his crotch. It was very obvious that our antics had affected him. From the looks of his pants I had to say that he was working with as big a tool as Amy had bragged.

I reached up and lightly traced the outline of Kevin’s manhood with my finger. He looked down at me a look of pure delight on his face. I started to softly massage his cock as he continued to snap away at Amy and Lissy. I could feel his shaft hardening further under my touch. Reaching up for his fly I pulled at the buttons of his jeans. They relented with little effort allowing his pants to open fully. Kevin’s cock twitched, sensing how close it was to freedom. I slid forward to give myself better leverage and almost fell flat on my face, my legs caught in my pants around my knees. I quickly kicked out of my pants and regained my balance, ending up on my knees in front of Kevin. Taking hold of the waste band of his pants and shorts I jerked them down to his knees, his erect cock sprung out and slapped me in the face. I gave a little smile, but no one else was watching. All eyes were on Lissy’s writhing body as Amy brought her to a thrilling climax.

My interest however lay in the massive tool in my hand. I ran my fingers over the length of Kevin’s shaft enjoying its veiny surface. It was now almost fully erect, standing stiffly from his pelvis. I leaned forward and took his head into my mouth. My tongue swirled around his head as I gently sucked at it. My hands explored what they could reach of his body; his strong legs, taut abs, and firm ass. Once finished their exploration my hands pulled back to the length of his cock, pumping his length into my wanting mouth.

I looked up and saw that Kevin had redirected his lens at me. I imagined how hot the P.O.V. shots would look with his hard-on in my mouth. Keeping eye contact with the camera I tried to see how deep I could take his cock. It was a massive member and I was only able to get half his length into my mouth before I started to gag. I slid backwards resting on my heels, glad for the air, while Kevin’s shaft bobbed in front of me.

“Kevin, your cock is so delicious,” I said, staring up at his lens. “I just have to taste your cum before you leave tonight.”

I turned to look at the others. We were all in various states of undress. Lissy was completely naked, and I wore only my thong, but Amy still had her pants on and her shirt open showing off those beautiful tits of hers. Kevin was also almost completely dressed, only his cock was out for us to see.

“I think that it’s Amy’s turn for some fun,” I suggested. “Kevin, why don’t you get rid of the rest of that clothing and show us how you fucked Amy last night.”

“Oh, Yes,” Lissy agreed. “Amy did such a good job licking my cunt, she deserves to be the first one to fuck Kevin.” Lissy pushed gently at the busty beauty lounging against her, encouraging her toward Kevin.

Rising to my feet I took Kevin’s camera from him. “Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of this while you’re busy,” I purred. I passed the camera on to Lissy, knowing that she would use it to continue documenting the evening’s activities.

I took the bottom of Kevin’s T-shirt and pulled the garment over his head, tossing it on the ever growing pile of discarded clothing. I ran my hands over Kevin’s chest feeling his hard abs and the thick hair of his chest. My fingers found his nipples and pulled at the taut little nubs.

Amy rocked forward on her knees and ended up with her face in front of Kevin’s cock. She reached up and took hold of his shaft and jammed it into her mouth. Amy sucked on Kevin’s tool with long deep strokes.

I moved around to Kevin’s side and pulled his head down to mine, giving him a long deep kiss. My tongue pushed between his lips. Our tongues danced around his mouth before moving into mine. Kevin’s hands slid across my body, coming to rest on my breasts and ass, his strong fingers kneading my supple flesh.

Lissy moved around us with Kevin’s camera, snapping away as Kevin continued to fondle me, while Amy sucked on his erection. Kevin’s hand found its way to my pussy. His fingers slid over the outside of my panties before pushing them aside and driving into me. His angle was awkward and it was difficult for him to get very deep, but it still felt good to have his fingers working my pussy. However it was Amy’s pussy that we wanted him to pay attention to and she was still wearing pants. I enjoyed his fingers for a couple more moments before pulling away.

Moving behind Amy I started to work her pants down her hips. Amy realized how difficult it was going to be to take off her pants while she sucked Kevin’s thick rod. Releasing his tool from her mouth, she stood and was instantly in my former position; her tongue twisting with Kevin’s while his hands worked their way over her body. She continued to stroke his pole.

Amy quickly joined the ranks of the nude. I slid between her legs and ran my hand over her pussy; already slick with her juices. I could smell her excitement. Parting her lips I leaned forward and traced her slit with tip of my tongue. I heard Amy’s whimpers as I continued to explore the delights of her juicy cunt. Kevin worked on her tits while Lissy documented everything.

As much as I was enjoying eating out Amy’s delicious pussy I really wanted to watch Kevin fuck her. That big tool of his needed to get its exercise. “I think this cunt is ready for that big fucking cock of yours Kevin,” I declared. “Why don’t you bend her over and give Amy the fucking she deserves.”

I slid out from between Amy’s legs so that I could have a good view of the action. Kevin’s hand quickly replaced me, making sure that Amy was as ready for his invasion as I had said. Finding her pussy hot and absolutely dripping he took a step back and looked down at her. He too saw the look of wanting in her face and immediately took control. He twisted Amy around and bent her over, her pink pussy peaking out from below the curve of her ass. He pushed her legs further apart and moved in behind her.

Kevin took his cock in hand and slapped in several times on Amy’s tight ass. The sound bounced off the walls. Then he positioned it right at her entrance and in one quick motion, pushed inside. Amy moaned with pleasure as Kevin established his pace. Lissy and I stood by and watched as Kevin’s thick shaft pummeled Amy’s little cunt. I imagined how good it would feel to have that tool stretching my pussy.

My vagina was demanding attention. Watching this arousing action was getting it very hot and bothered. Kevin had moved Amy to the bed, he was still taking her from behind, but now they were both on their knees on top of the lower mattress. Amy had only eaten me once before, but I can still remember what an incredible orgasm she had given me. I discarded my saturated panties and moved onto the bed, positioning my burning cunt directly under Amy’s face. She needed no encouragement and lowered her mouth to my aching pussy. Her tongue felt wonderful as it stretched out to me and played across my soaking lips. She worked up to my clit and focused there as Kevin continued to plow his row, getting ready to sow his seed.

Rising up on my elbows I took hold of one breast in each hand massaging them and pulling at my nipples in time with Amy’s tongue. I watched Amy body flex under each of Kevin’s powerful thrusts. Amy rocked forward in rhythm pressing her mouth to my pussy. My attention drifted to Kevin, his strong chest fully visible to me over Amy’s round ass. As I made it up to his face I noticed how Kevin’s eyes were roaming over my body in a similar manner, as I lay there spread eagle, with the woman he was fucking busy lapping at my cunt.

I really wanted to tread places with Amy. I needed to feel that massive tool in my pussy. Then, perfectly timed to my desires, Amy cried out, her body shaking as a massive orgasm ripped through her. Now I could suggest a rotation with out feeling guilty that my friend had not been properly serviced, I thought gleefully.

But Lissy beat me to it. Laying the camera next to Amy she stated, “I think that makes it your turn to be photographer. You can’t hog the only cock all night.”

Amy shifted forward and rolled to her side, Kevin’s shaft slid from her, glistening with a thick coat of her juices. Amy collapsed on her back, fully satisfied. Her head was on my thigh, and though she looked ready to sleep, I was in no condition to stop.

“Who wants the next turn?” Kevin asked, looking directly at me as he stroked his shaft.

“I’d love to feel your thick manhood stretching my pussy,” I responded. I slid out from under Amy and scooted forward so that my ass was at the edge of the bed, my legs spread for Kevin.

Lissy dropped to her knees in front of Kevin and took his pussy slick cock into her mouth. I watched the scene before me unfold with amazement. I had never seen Lissy so much as touch a cock and now she was deep throating Kevin like some sex starved slut. Kevin moaned with pleasure as Lissy slurped on his thick shaft. With a loud pop Lissy pulled Kevin’s dick head from her mouth as she sucked the last of Amy’s juices from it. She positioned Kevin’s member at my entrance giving my pussy a couple of quick slaps with the massive tool, before pushing it into my wanting hole.

Kevin waited for Lissy to slip out of the way and then pressed his full length into me. He felt bigger then anything that I had ever had inside me. My pussy strained to accommodate his girth. But my need for cock was so great that the pleasure of his penetration was far greater than the pain. Kevin kept it slow for the first several thrusts, allowing me some time to adjust before settling into an aggressive rhythm of quick, deep strokes.

“Fuck, Kevin, that feels so fucking good,” I moaned. “I just love your big fucking cock fucking my tight little pussy. Make me cum. Make me fucking cum all over your giant cock.”

I felt some movement near me on the bed and opened my eyes to find that I was staring straight into Lissy’s cunt. The tuft of golden hair perched above her entrance was matted with her juices. My hands moved from my breasts and quickly started to fondle my roommate’s supple body. She writhed under my touch, trying to push her pussy onto my mouth.

“Lick my fucking pussy, you bitch,” Lissy cried in frustration.

I teased her for another minute before I snaked my tongue up to make contact with her sopping cunt; she tasted as delightful as always. I traced the edges of her folds with the tip of my tongue, making my way slowly up to her hooded clit. I pushed at the tender nub, causing her to whimper. My tongue now fully covered in Lissy’s juices made the repeated trip from her entrance up to her clit. My hands busied themselves with Lissy’s tight ass as my tongue pleased her pussy.

I worked my hand between Lissy’s legs so that I could run my fingers along her as well as my tongue. I licked my fingers out of habit to make sure they were completely lubricated. Lissy was so wet it was not necessary, my fingers slid easily inside her. My mouth and tongue refocused their attention on Lissy’s clit. I sucked her tender lips into my mouth pulling off the juices that clung their. Lissy’s breathing was starting become more labored as I assaulted her with both tongue and fingers.

“Oh, God, Lisa, that’s it,” Lissy panted, “Make me cum in your fucking mouth.”

I was in heaven. My pussy was being fucked by the thick cock of a beautiful guy while I licked out the dripping cunt of my college roommate. And she was on the verge of cumming. I increased the pace of my fingers and lashed Lissy’s clit with my tongue. I was anxious to taste her cum.

“Oh yes,” Lissy cried, her body shaking slightly above me. “Yes, yes, yes. Oh fuck yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh. Yes. Yes. Oh. Yes. Fuck, fuck, fuck! YES!”

I lapped hungrily at Lissy’s pussy, enjoying every drop of her cum that slid from her entrance as she moaned above me. I slowed my attention as she came down from her glorious high.

The combination of Kevin’s cock and Lissy’s cum had me right at the edge of my own climax. “Fuck my fucking cunt Kevin,” I cried. “Make me cum all over that fucking monster cock of yours. Give it to me hard.”

Kevin increased his pace at my insistence and was slamming his cock into my needy cunt. “Oh fuck yes, just like that. Fuck me Kevin. Fucking fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh fuck, that’s it. Fuck my fucking pussy.” The warmth of my orgasm spread from my pussy until my whole body was engulfed in a wave of pure pleasure.

Kevin slowed his rhythm as my pussy tightened on his shaft pulling him as deep as inside me as it could, thirsty for his cum. I had a different idea. I wanted Kevin’s cum in my mouth.

“Oh, shit, I can’t hold it any longer,” Kevin called out. “I’m going to fucking cum.”

“I want to taste that hot cum of yours,” I cried. “Cum in my mouth.”

Kevin pulled his long shaft from my still reeling pussy. I closed my legs as Kevin straddled me and moved up bed until he was kneeling over my chest. He was slowly stroking his thick tool, keeping himself right at the edge. I opened my mouth in anticipation of the thick cream that would soon be jetted into it. Kevin lowered his cock, pressing the underside of his head onto my tongue. I lifted my head and took his throbbing cock head into my mouth, sucking it gently. I increased my suction, caressing his head with my tongue as Kevin stroked his shaft with increasing urgency.

“Don’t think your going to take the prize all by yourself, you little slut.”

I turned my eyes in the direction of the voice to see Amy sliding up against Kevin’s leg. She pressed her cheek to mine. “I know how good his stuff tastes and I want some too,” She commented. “Come on Kevin give us that sweet cum of yours. Cum all over your two sluts.”

Kevin gasped and I felt his first spurt of cum flood my mouth. He rocked back as his next stream was coming out and painted it across both mine and Amy’s faces, before she grabbed his shaft and shoved the exploding head into her own mouth capturing what was left in Kevin’s quickly emptying balls.

I swallowed the mouthful of cum that Kevin had deposited, trying not to loose any. It was hard to tell if any dripped form the corners of my mouth as his second shot had pretty well coated around my mouth. Amy and I seemed to have been thinking along the same lines as we turned toward each other tongues extended in search of more of Kevin’s cum.

“Wait, don’t lick it off just yet,” Kevin called. We looked up to see Kevin standing next to the bed, camera in hand. His deflating cock glistened with a combination of saliva and pussy juice.

“You two look so beautiful with your faces covered in cum. I just have to capture it.”

Kevin snapped away as we smiled and stuck out our tongues and played with each others tits, and eventually got back to licking the cum off the other’s face. I felt something press against my back. Breaking a kiss with Amy I turned to see that Lissy had decided to join us. Her still nude body pressed firmly against my side as her arm snaked over me and took hold of my left breast. The three of us nestled up against each other in a warm and comfortable embrace. I heard the camera click the final shots of the evening.

“Come join us Kevin,” Amy invited.

I pushed back into Lissy clearing a small space between Amy and I. “We have room for you,” I added.

Kevin slid into the space we created for him, and Amy and I snuggled up against his strong body.

“You are both welcome to stay as long as you would like tonight,” I added. I could feel sleep pulling at me as I rested between Kevin’s and my roommate’s naked bodies.

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