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Mrs. McCall

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Vanessa McCall threw her purse on the couch and then checked her self on the mirror. She smiled looking at her pristine face and glanced approvingly at her voluptuous, firm breasts, which despite having an 18-year-old step-son, were delightfully full and firm. Vanessa knew that she was still a very attractive woman and she took pleasure in the flattering glances and stares of men even as young as her own son. After having admired her body for a couple of minutes Vanessa made her way to her bedroom.

Vanessa had just came home from doing her groceries and she had the whole house to her self, her husband was still at work and her son Mitch was at his girlfriend’s house trying to spend more time with her before going off to college. Vanessa was planning to finish a book and sunbathe until her husband and son comes home.

At 38 years old, Vanessa was a model of what a perfect housewife should be. She had everything she needed, her husband provides her with all the necessary material things that any woman could ask for. She has a nice house, vacations every year and all the spending money that she could ever wished for. Looking at her from her façade you would say that she’s got a perfect life. But deep inside there was something missing, she was yearning for attention from her husband who is most of time was out of the country tending to his numerous dealings and practically neglecting all of her sexual needs.

Vanessa changed to her new bathing suit, a white French cut two-piece bikini. She just bought the suit a month ago but until now she didn’t have the guts to wear the skimpy outfit, she was afraid that her husband might make fun of her. But being all alone she checked herself again in the mirror.

“Oh….I hope nobody comes over, so that I could wear this the whole afternoon.” she thought to herself as she turned around and then cupped the shapely cheeks of her ass.

As she made her way to the poolside, she came across an adult magazine lying on the pool table.

“How many times do I have to tell that young man to keep his magazines inside his room?” she thought to herself as she got the magazine from the table and then went outside to the pool.

She placed the book and magazine on the table beside her, put on her sunglasses and then laid herself on the lounging chair. As the warm rays of the afternoon sun hit her, a naughty thought came in to mind

“I haven’t seen what’s inside these magazines, since I’m all alone ,why don’t I take a look inside.” the notion of seeing what was inside the magazine thrilled her.

As she opened the magazine and browsed through the pages of the different women posing in different stages of undress and with young men ramming there stiff rods in to them, her heart raced and she felt a slight tingle forming in between her thighs as she continued to rummage through the pages of this porn magazine. What excited her was the fact that here she was a married woman, a model housewife and mother looking at pornographic materials in the middle of the day while her husband was out of the house. She could feel her excitement building up as she felt her love juices starting to stain her panties and her hard nipples push against the soft material of her suit. To make herself comfy, she loosened the ties of her bathing suit top, and then slipped a hand inside and then stroked her tender and erect nipples.

“Oooooooooohhhhhhhh……..”Vanessa let out a soft moan of satisfaction as her hand continued to knead her voluptuous breast.

Then as if not yet satisfied with just playing with her excited breasts, Vanessa slipped the other hand inside her damp panties and then started to rub her tense clit bringing out a satisfied moan from this passionate mature woman.

“Hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh………”Vanessa sighed as her hand continued to massage her wanting pussy.

Sean was turning the corner when he saw his friends, Joe, Ryan, Clint, Chris, and Chris all gathered at the local grocery having some soda and shakes.

“Hi! Why did you call me out here in the middle of the day, man!” Sean grumbled as he joined his friends on their table.

“We were planning to see Mitch, because he’ll be leaving for Wisconsin tomorrow.” Luke, the stocky fullback of their soccer team, blurted out from the end of the table.

“Wanna come, we’ll just surprise him!” Clint patted Sean’s back to encourage him to come with them.

“Ok man, then let’s go.” Sean told them as he got the keys of his pick-up truck and then headed for the door, instinctively the five young men followed suit and then got on the back of the truck.

Sean, Clint, and Luke where the teammates of Vanessa’s son Mitch on the soccer squad of their high school, they were planning to stop by Mitch’s house and then go to the beach in order to celebrate Mitch’s last day in Piedmont as a high school kid.

The fact that dropping by Mitch’s house meant that they would get to see their friend’s mother, Vanessa, was a little extra reason to stop by the McCall’s place. The boy’s always had this crush on their friend’s mother, such that they would always meet at Mitch’s house every time they would go somewhere and sometimes the boy’s would individually drop by the McCall’s place unannounced so that they could just take a look at their friend’s mom without him being there. The boy’s lusted for Vanessa McCall; to them she was the epitome of what a woman should be like. With her shoulder length blonde hair worn on top of her angelic face, a face that you would not suspect to be a day over 30, and her body was like a goddess with her delicious breasts, her well curved ass and a figure that the boys drooled over. Each of the boys had their own fantasies about making it with Mrs. McCall. Sean wanted to make love to her in her own bedroom, Joe dreamed of fucking her from behind, Ryan always imagined her to be sucking his cock and then swallowing all of his cum, Clint had this fantasy of eating Mrs. McCall’s mature and experienced pussy, it was these fantasies that fueled there lusts for their friend’s mother.

Vanessa was dreaming of some faceless man sliding his cock in and out of her pussy, as her hands continued to work their wonders on her voluptuous breasts and her thrilled mature pussy. But Vanessa’s animated journey into her self gratification was rudely interrupted when she was startled back into reality when the doorbell ring.

“Damn, who could that be? I was so close to coming!!” Vanessa cursed as she got up and then went inside.

With irritation written all over her face, Vanessa opened the door.

“Umh..Good Afternoon Mrs. McCall, is Mitch around?” Sean greeted her while his lustful eyes admired the beautiful figure of Mrs. McCall, in her white French cut string bikini, as his cock began to feel the birth of an erection.

“Oh it’s you boys, Mitch’s not here, he’s at Sweet’s house.” Vanessa told them as the sense of irritation left her, as soon as she saw the boys. Although she was not to admit but deep inside her Vanessa had secret crushes on her son’s friends, especially Sean with his athletic built and his choir boy face Vanessa would always fantasize about how it would feel to make love to such a young and energetic boy. But as soon as those thoughts came into her mind she immediately dismissed them as just an effect of her longing for some attention from her husband.

“Do you want to wait for him here?” she told them as she felt her body get excited at the possibility of her being alone with six young and energetic stallions.

“Yes ma’m we’ll just wait for him.” Clint blurted from the back.

“In that case, come in boys. Mitch will be home very soon.” Vanessa told them as she made her way to the kitchen.

The young boys followed suit, their admiring stares followed her swaying ass. They had to control themselves from cupping those soft heaps of hot sinful flesh bobbing to and from in front of them.

At the kitchen

“Make yourself comfortable boys. If you like there are some sodas and some chips on the fridge.” She instructed them as she went upstairs to her bedroom to change. She just realized that she was wearing such a revealing suit in front of the boys.

While Vanessa was changing in her bedroom she could overhear the young boys talking in the kitchen.

“Damn, did you see her melon’s? They looked so soft I just wanna grab and suck them until they turn red.” she distinguished the voice as belonging to Luke.

“Oh… How I wish I could touch her beautiful soft ass.” Clint shot back at his friend.

“I just would like to take her and then ram my cock in to her pussy until I come inside her.” Luke added.

“Guys..guys you don’t treat a beautiful woman like Mrs. McCall like that. You must treat her special, like caressing her neck, kissing her breasts, gently nibble on her nipples and then lick her experienced pussy. And when they are ready fuck them slowly until they beg you to give it to them harder.” Sean’s voice rose above the chatter.

Although Vanessa knew that her son’s friends had crushes on her but she didn’t thought that they were fantasizing about fucking her in such an erotic fashion. Listening to the boys describing how they would each take and fuck her got her quite excited such that she could feel an itch forming in between her soft plump thighs, an itch that needed to be scratched.

When Vanessa finished changing, she was now wearing a tank top that showed off her unbelievable bosom and a very meager pair of shorts, which bared her long slender legs and hugged her curvy ass. Vanessa was very excited when she made her way down the steps of her small mansion, she grew quite aroused hearing the boys talk that way about her, and she was resolved that since her husband has had ignored her for so long a time she might as well play along with the fantasies of these young boys. So as she made her way to the kitchen, her heart pounded rapidly on her chest and her legs wobbled at the prospect of fulfilling these young boys’ fantasies and in turn satisfying all the pent up sexual frustrations inside her body.

“Boys? Why don’t you bring your drinks here in the living room!” Vanessa called from the living room as she got the VCR ready.

When the boys got to the living room, the lustful sight of Mrs. McCall bending over the VCR with her paltry pair of shorts going up a notch higher, slightly exposing the bottom of her soft ass, greeted them and giving all of them minor erections. Vanessa was well aware of the impious stares of the young men behind her and it made her even more aroused such that she felt her juices start to flow from her pussy.

After having given the boys ample time to admire her sweet behind, Vanessa straightened up and then sat down in the middle of the couch in front to the television. Then she waved to the young men, who were still glued to there places after having witnessed such a delightful sight, and patted the cushion next to her indicating to them that she wants them to sit with her on the couch. Excitedly the three young men rushed beside her with Sean and Luke having had the privilege of sitting next to Mrs. McCall while Clint sat on the easy chair beside the couch.

“How would all of you like to watch a movie while waiting for Mitch to come home?” Vanessa presented to them.

Unable to speak the young boys just nodded their reply.

“You know Mr. McCall and I planned to watch this movie a while back but never got the chance to see it because he’s out of the house all the time.” Vanessa set the background of what she was about to do as she turned off the lights and clicked on the play button on the remote.

As the black screen of her wide screen TV came alive, there was a man and a woman passionately kissing one another. Everybody became quiet in the living room as they intently watched the soft porn movie that Mrs. McCall played on the VCR.

“Sean, have you tried that with your girl?” Vanessa whispered in to the boy the beside her as the man on the screen got on top the woman and made passionate love to her.

“No, ma’m never had the chance ma’m.” Sean whispered his answer as he crossed his legs to conceal his growing erection.

“Would you like to try it with me?” she whispered into him and then nibbled on his ear.

The sensation and the excitement of hearing that from the object of his fantasies was just too overwhelming such that, without regard of being seen by his friends, Sean gently kissed Mrs. McCall and then that gentle kiss turned into a torrid embrace with Vanessa introducing her tongue into Sean’s inexperienced mouth and Sean reciprocating by avidly sucking on her mature tongue. Then Vanessa’s hand wandered down to the young man’s crotch to discover his fully erect penis straining to get out of his pants.

“Oooohhh…I think our little friend here needs some attention.” Vanessa whispered in to Sean as she traced the outline of his straining cock from the outside of his pants.

“Ooooooohhhhhhh…….Mrs. McCall that’s very niiiiiiiiiiice.” Sean groaned as Vanessa started to stroke his young cock through his pants.

Vanessa slowly undid his trousers and then gently got hold of his throbbing erection, stroking it gently to the utter pleasure of the young man.

“Haaaaaahhhhh…… haaaaaahhhhhhh……..Mrs. McCall that’s incredible.” Sean groaned as Vanessa’s experienced hand worked its wonders on his aching manhood

Luke, who was beside them, was surprised at what was happening. He could not believe that Mrs. McCall was giving Sean a hand job, so as not to be left out of the action Luke slowly worked his hand towards Vanessa’s voluptuous breasts, sliding it under the tight constraints of her tank top. Upon reaching it’s desired destination, Luke gently cupped one breast and then tenderly played with Mrs. McCall’s firm breasts.

Vanessa felt a hand go up her bosom, attempting clumsily to slide inside her tank top and then settling wonderfully on her bare breasts. Exquisite sensations permeated through her body as she felt a trickle on her thighs, she realized something began to run down the inside of her legs and knew she was flooded with the overflowing of excitement.

“Hmmmmmmmmmhhhhhh………” Vanessa moaned as she turned to face the one responsible for the delightful sensation she was experiencing.

As she turned to Luke, he immediately engaged her in a hot and passionate kiss, but Vanessa had other plans. She broke their burning kiss and then guided Luke’s head down to her breast as she hiked her top over her head and offered her luscious breasts to Luke’s wanting mouth. Taking a cue from the mature lady Luke softly suckled on her wanting breasts.

“Haaaaaaaaaahhhhhh……… haaaaaaaahhhhhhh……… Luke please don’t stop. Suck on them baby………. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh…” Vanessa cried as Luke licked and sucked on her long neglected breasts.

As Clint became curios of what was happening, he turned on the lights of the living room and to his delight there was Mrs. McCall half naked and jerking off Sean while Luke had his mouth and hands full of Mrs. McCall’s delicious tits.

Clint seeing that this was the opportunity that he has been waiting for since he first laid eyes on Mrs. McCall hurriedly kneeled in front of Vanessa’s crossed legs. Seeing what her young admirer was up to, Vanessa slowly uncrossed her long slender legs while she continued to masturbate Sean and letting Luke have his way with her adorable bosom. Vanessa opened her thighs apart as Clint clumsily undid her scanty shorts and then without warning he tasted her aching mature pussy.

“haaaaaammmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhh……… Clint baby that’s the best baby……… eat me…… my pussy pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeassseeeeeeee!” Vanessa shrieked as Clint hungrily sucked on her clit and licked her vagina for all its worth.

Feelings of delight began to fill her. Her husband never got down on her any more. He hadn’t touched her pussy for so long she couldn’t remember when the last time was. Clint was licking her and giving her divine sensations! Vanessa felt her body shudder as streams and streams of her juices flowed from her pussy bringing her nearer to a long over due orgasm while Clint and Luke tried their very best to bring her to the promise land.

“Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh………….. baby I’m cummmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnggggggggg………. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…….” Vanessa screamed as she let go of Sean’s manhood and pushed Clint’s head deeper in to her drenched pussy.

Vanessa almost fainted at the intensity of her orgasm, such that after cumming she collapsed on a Sean’s lap and laid there spent almost lifeless, with the young men all around her all of them sporting a throbbing erection. When Vanessa saw that all of them had there pants to there ankles and each one had their cocks standing like horizontal rods sticking out of the bodies, she had a grin on her face.

“Well ,I guess I have to take care of all of these.” Vanessa broke the silence as she sat up and then gently stroked Luke’s erection.

“Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh……….. That’s very nice Mrs. McCall……..” Luke expressed his satisfaction.

Then she pulled Clint’s wet face from her vagina and then kissed him passionately on the lips.

“That was wonderful Clint……that was one of the best orgasm’s that I have ever experienced.” she praised young Clint as she broke the kiss while still stroking Luke’s aching penis.

She then directed the three boys to the positions she wanted them to be, with Luke kneeling on the couch on her side, Clint on the other side while Sean kneeled between her out spread legs.

“ would you be a darling and lick my pussy please…baby?” Vanessa directed her son’s friend as she grabbed his head and pushed it down her sopping wet vagina. Sean in return fervently licked her swollen clit soliciting an ardent moan of satisfaction from his friend’s mother.

“Hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh……… That’s it Sean, baby………lick it there babyyyyyyyyy……” Vanessa shrieked as she rested her ankles on each of Sean’s broad shoulders.

Then Vanessa shifted her attention to the boys beside and then gently grabbed their cocks and then gently stroked them. Then Vanessa tenderly licked the head of Clint’s young cock sending the young man groaning in pleasure.

“Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yesssssss……. Mrs. McCall………!” Clint groaned as Vanessa licked the pre-cum at the tip of his penis.

“You like that huh………?” Vanessa remarked as she looked up to see a satisfied smile on Clint’s face while she continued to lick his cock with her experienced tongue.

“Yes very much ma’m……please don’t stop.”

Then Clint got hold of Vanessa’s head and then gently pushed his cock into her wanting mouth. This reaction surprised Vanessa but she took all of Clint’s 8 inches and then swallowed it, bobbing her head to and fro as Clint’s slippery rod slithered in and out of her mouth.

“Haaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………. Mrs. McCall you’re the bessssssssssst!” Clint expressed his approval of the blow job he was experiencing.

After pleasuring Clint, Vanessa transferred her attention to Luke’s penis. She was surprised at how big his cock was, but nonetheless she took all 10 inches of it and then tried to consume all of it. As she tried to slide all 10 inches of Luke’s cock into her mouth, Vanessa gagged so she just sucked the tip of his enormous cock and then masturbated him.

“Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyy………….. Mrs. McCall what are you doing to meeeeeee……….?” Luke cried as Vanessa sucked on the bulbous tip of his enormous penis.

After eating Mrs. McCall’s sweet mature pussy, Sean looked up and saw that Vanessa was alternately sucking both Luke’s and Clint’s cock and he became jealous of the attention that Mrs. McCall was giving to the two other boys so Sean stood up and then ask Mrs. McCall.

“Mrs. McCall can I put my cock inside your pussy?” Sean innocently asked his friend’s mom.

“Oh………please Sean please put in Sean………..I want to feel your smooth young cock inside of me……….do it baby please.” Vanessa begged Sean in between slurps of Clint’s and Luke’s cocks.

So Vanessa stood up, stopping the wonderful blowjob she was giving Luke and Clint.

“OK we can’t do this together, so I’ll take care of you boys one by one.” she told the other two men and directed Sean to sit on the couch. Then with her back turned towards him she lowered herself on Sean’s striving cock.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh……… Sean baby……. hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhh….”Vanessa moaned as Sean’s cock burrowed

through her hot vagina.

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…….. Mrs. McCall your pussy is so hot ..”Sean groaned as the clutching heat of her vagina sent wild sensations rocketing through him.

Vanessa was riding Sean’s cock like there was no tomorrow Vanessa was finally getting the very thing she’d missed for so long. She was ecstatic as she savored how it felt to have the young man’s organ probing deep into her. While Sean reached out from her back cupping her voluptuous tits, kissing her naked back, thrusting his cock in to her, and guiding her body up and down his swollen member. Vanessa could not fathom the pleasure she was experiencing at the moment, she was feeling sensations that she has never felt before with her husband.

“ooooooohhhhhhhhhh……….. haaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaaaaa… Sean baby give it to me pleeeeeeease.” Vanessa screamed as she rode Sean’s cock like a wild woman while Luke and Clint stared in awe at this wonderful sight of their friend’s mother riding Sean’s enormous cock.

Sean, nearing his climax, began to move his hips more and more forcefully, bobbing Mrs. McCall’s body with greater intensity, making the couch creak in the process.

Vanessa felt herself approaching the bursting point then, suddenly, something exploded inside her.

“Seeeeeaaaaaaaan…….. babbbbbbyyyyyyyyyy…. haaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaa….”

Vanessa wailed as wild and delightful sensations overwhelmed her entire body.

Vanessa continued to groan as she shuddered through the second orgasm she experienced in less than an hour. The intensity of her orgasm and her wild swivels on his cock also drew the most violent ejaculation that Sean has ever experienced.

“Aaaaaaaarrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh……….Mrs. McCaaaaaalllllllllll………..” Sean screamed as he sprayed his fiery cream into her spent pussy.

As Sean’s enormous cock went limp in her pussy, Vanessa signaled for Clint to come over as she gently freed Sean’s cock from the moist confines of her pussy with his semen sliding down her thighs and falling harmlessly to the carpet. Then she knelt in front of Clint , taking his cock in to her hand, her mouth slid down over his erection and he felt heat and wetness engulf his cock. Unbelievable thrills soared through him as Mrs. McCall obsessively sucked his aching organ.

“Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh……….Mrs. McCall please don’t stop I’m going to cum soon……..” Clint warned his mature lover as he felt his cum brewing inside him.

“No… don’t cum yet, I have some place for that wonderful cum of yours.” Vanessa reminded Clint as she stopped sucking his cock.

Vanessa then sat on the couch, her slender legs invitingly spread apart and her feet resting on top on the couch. She took hold of Clint’s throbbing member and then guided it to her eager pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhh……..” Vanessa moaned as Clint’s manhood slid through her vagina, filling her, stretching her. She pushed her hips upward, welcoming him, inviting him deeper.

“haaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh…….. Mrs. McCall this feels wonderfuuuuuuuulllllllll…….” Clint groaned as he experienced for the first time the pleasure of having his virgin cock being inside a woman.

Clint began sliding his erection in and out of her drenched vagina as Mrs. McCall’s vagina rippled around his cock, milking him; her hips pressed against his, rocking him, building his excitement to a scorching climax. Although he would have wanted to prolong this very incredible feeling but he couldn’t wait, he had to come.

“I Can’t wait!! Can’t wait!!! Mrs. McCall I’m cummmmmmmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnggg” Clint groaned as his juices came gushing out, flooding Vanessa with warmth and wetness.

“Yesssssss!!!! baby…Yesssssssss…….” Vanessa cried when she felt his hot cream soaking her insides.

“Haaaaaahhhhhh…… give it to me…….aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…..I’m cummmmmming……….” Vanessa screamed as she complimented the young boy’s massive orgasm with her very own.

As the two bodies scuffled, unbelievable sensations rushed through their naked bodies until the feelings retreated to nothing. Spent, Clint collapsed on top of Vanessa’s breasts, they lay in a warm embrace, both more satisfied than they’d ever been.

“Gee., Mrs. McCall that was wonderful….”Clint expressed his gratitude to the mature woman for finally making him a man.

“I’m glad you liked it, baby..” Vanessa answered him as she kissed his forehead like an affectionate mother.

Having seen his two friend’s get off Mrs. McCall, Luke approached the two lovers. Vanessa upon seeing Luke come over; gently pushed Clint off of her, waved at Luke and then patted the cushion next to her. Luke understanding what Mrs. McCall wanted him to do, sat next to her on the couch while Clint stood up, and took a sit beside Sean on another couch, to give way for Luke.

“I’m sorry baby… I almost forgot about you….but don’t worry baby I’ll take care of this for you…” Vanessa whispered to Luke as she gently grabbed his swollen member, stroking it to the young man’s delight.

“Oooooooooohhhhhhh…..Mrs. McCall you’re so wonderful…..” Luke moaned as Vanessa bent over and then kissed the tip of his inflamed organ.

Vanessa started to suck on Luke’s ten inch cock and at the same time rubbed her throbbing pussy. Luke upon seeing what Mrs. McCall was doing removed her head from his lap and then positioned her such that she was bent over the couch, with her back towards him. Vanessa grew excited as she let Luke maneuver their places, she liked the way that Luke took charge of her.

“I’m going to fuck you from behind, Mrs. McCall.” Luke whispered to her leaning over her back with his erect penis brushing at her wet vagina.

As the humongous tip of Luke’s penis touched her pussy, Vanessa felt a surge of electricity envelope her whole body again. Although having just experienced an orgasm ten minutes ago Vanessa was again aroused in anticipation of feeling Luke’s gigantic cock inside her.

“Haaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa……..” Vanessa cried as Luke tried to push his cock inside her.

“Mrs. McCall you’re so tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggghhhhttt!!” Luke groaned as his penis penetrated her vagina’s walls.

“Luke, baby just push it in slowly….. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…… Slowlllllllyyyyyyyyyy…….” Vanessa screamed as Luke’s cock infiltrated her mature pussy.

Wonderful sensations swept through Luke as his cock burrowed into Mrs. McCall’s heated pussy. The sensations were as intense and pleasurable as any he had ever known. He groaned and his body began the instinctive movements of making love. His young hips drove against the soft ass of the mature woman in front of him and, just as powerfully, she responded.

“Luke!!! Vanessa groaned.

“You’re filling me!!! Aaaaaaaahhhh…….So goooooooodddddd!!!!” Her legs spread apart as her soft ass ground up against his. His swollen cock filled better than she ever dreamed she could be filled.

Just as the two lovers experienced ecstasy, unknown to them the backdoor of the kitchen opened and then Mitch, Vanessa’s stepson, entered the house. He could hear people moaning and groaning in the direction of the living room. Having seen his stepmom’s car outside and his friend’s pick up truck parked on the driveway he assumed who the people in the living room were. As he slowly peeked through the kitchen door, he was shocked to see his friend Luke, fucking his step mother and his two friend’s Clint and Sean holding their cocks in front of his step mother. As he continued to peer through the door Mitch was surprised by his reaction to the whole fucking thing, instead of being angry he felt a sudden arousal marked by a growing erection. Although he would not be the one to admit it but since the time that he found out that girls were delightfully different from boys he had this secret crush on his step mom. And seeing her in this quite uncompromising position got him an idea. While he watched his friend pump his cock on his step mom’s behind Mitch hand instinctively freed his swelling cock out of his pants and then started to masturbate at this licentious sight.

Luke pushed his cock deeper in to Vanessa’s vagina and watched her body shake and quiver as he hammered into her. Her breasts bobbed and jiggled, the nipples drawing circles in the air at the intensity of his thrusts . Her face was flushed, her mouth open and she sucked in air desperately.

“Luuuuuuukkeeeeeee…….”Vanessa cried, her motions becoming frantic.

“Luke take meeeeeeee……… Yesssssssssssssssssssssss……… Oh, yesssssss!!! Yessssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” Vanessa screamed as she experienced another orgasm, only this time it was much more intense than the other ones.

“Yeahhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” Luke cried as Mrs. McCall’s violently writhing body and her quivering canal milked his pulsating member. He felt his fluids pumping into her as his loins went into spasm after spasm of joy.

Spent, Luke collapsed on top of Vanessa as she removed his cock from his pussy and shifted her position such that she was now seated on the couch and the three men where all in front of her offering there young smooth cocks to her waiting mouth. And she did take them for their offer.

Mitch, seeing the intensity of her step-mom’s orgasm, came wildly in his hand as he watched her sucking the cocks of his friends. After recovering from his self gratification Mitch quietly slipped out of the house, he had a plan for her naughty step mom.

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