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The Hotel

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The slip of imported paper shook in his hand as he stood waiting for the elevator. Shaking hands were something he had gotten used to on the drive to Bal Harbor, his mind cluttered with thoughts that she wouldn’t be there, that he wouldn’t be on time; or even worse, that she would be and he would be prompt.

The Sea View Hotel was located right off the beach on Collins Avenue, a busy strip at all times of the year. It was one of those upscale hotels that he would pass, wondering which celebrities were within it’s walls, now here he stood, waiting.

The elevator attendant’s voice startled him, “Sir?” He flung his overnight bag over his shoulder and stepped inside, directing the attendant to the 14th floor. Looking up at the gold panel above the doors, the floors pass slowly, adding to his self inflicted torture. He shook his head. “What am I doing?” he thought to himself, “I’ve wanted this since the first day I saw her, this is ridiculous.” The resounding bell signaling the stop of the elevator broke him once more, he nods to the attendant and steps into the corridor of suites. He glances at his watch, one minute till four, he exhales and walks towards the suite at the far end of the hall; Suite No. 1.

Knowing the instructions by heart, he looks at them once more, maybe out of nervousness, or contempt; wondering which role he should be playing at this point. Deciding he should let the situation mark the path, he turns the handle on the door and pushes it open as instructed, stepping into the enormous room.

The silence in the room was deafening to him as he placed his bag on the floor next to the door; with a brush of his hand closing it at the same time. The large bay window drew him closer, spectacular views of both Bal Harbor Village and Biscayne Bay lay before his eyes. To his right, soft white linen curtains blew inward from the open balcony doors to which he strolled. The brilliant aroma of the air from this height had a calming affect, his strong hands grasp the railing, closing his eyes as he inhaled deeply. Agonizing over her absence his mind drifts to their beginning.

Passing his time online, searching for something missing in his life, as so many others do; he ran across her picture. Something in her eyes caught his, just for a moment. He shook it off, just another face behind a nick. Of course, she couldn’t be one of the accessible ones, no, she had to be a site monitor; never sitting still long enough to carry on a conversation. Changes incurred and suddenly there she was, in his favorite room, playing around with her friends, his friends. Subtle innuendoes passed between them on occasion, a fleeting glance, a smirk, some cheekiness on her part; he just had to ask “I’d like to get to know you better sometime,” he had whispered to her in private. She responded in kind, wishing the same; he will never know the race of her pulse as she answered.

They had spent some time together in the ensuing evenings, playing the get-to-know-you game, Twenty questions to find the true person behind the words. They had hit it off instantly. Just a teeny problem of her not only being married but being owned by her online Master as well. Thankfully her Master was kind and allowed her to play with certain others while He was gone. And so they did.

Their scenes switched from Dom/sub to equals and back again, incredible mindfucking scenes that linger into real time for hours afterward. Days, nights, fleeting moments passed; somedays they spent hours just chatting, others they barely caught each other in passing. One lazy afternoon the words popped on his screen “I will be in Miami a week from Friday.” He almost fell from his chair. Can she really be so close to him and he not touch her?, impossible.

She had planned everything to perfection. Her husband was meeting some friends for the evening and she decided to take a “trip” to see some old friends. The night to herself, the night to him.

The invitation came to his office by courier in a plain white envelope, minutes after he arrived. Softly scented paper, beautifully scripted handwriting with nothing more than a time, a place and the words ` Don’t be late, time is precious’. He made some excuse to his boss, went home and gave his wife the same one; packed a bag, straightened his tie and hopped in the car without a second thought.

Water was running from somewhere inside the suite, jarring him from his thoughts. His heart pounded as he tightened his grip on the railing one last time, took a deep breath and went back inside. She was in the bathroom, the door slightly ajar, revealing nothing more than the marble covering the floors and vanity. He took a step forward and, as if by cue, her voice spoke to him, “uh uh uh…Room Service will be arriving momentarily, please sign for it and wait for me.” He could hear the mischief she was trying to hide in her voice and responded with the same aire, “yes Ma’am.” He caught his reflection in the mirror on the wall, the knowing smirk seemingly glued to his lips as he strolled around the suite. A Tiffany turtle lamp on the table near the chaise was lit, a large king sized bed was barely visible through French doors on his left. He walked past them, running his fingertips over the soft comforter when the knock came on the door.

“Sign here please,” said the young waiter, dressed to the nines. He took the gold plated pen and signed quickly, handing the boy a twenty for his services as he returned form wheeling the cart into the room. “Thank you, that will be all,” a smile on his lips as he closed the door and walked over to the black linen covered cart. Champagne was chilling in the bucket on the side of the tray. Silver domes covered the contents, he lifted one about an inch when a door slammed shut.

He closed his eyes and placed the dome back in it’s place before turning. There she stood, leaning against the frame of the bathroom door; His eyes started from the bottom. Elegant black heels, black stockinged legs that seemed to go on forever, Her dress was a black sleeveless sheath that hugged her curves marvelously. On her neck was a thin silver choker which, upon further inspection, would prove to be the most exquisite of collars. Her long red hair upswept, held by those hair accessories women wear that resemble chopsticks. A few escaped locks, resting against the pale skin of her neck, her arms crossed in front of her and the most devilish look he had ever seen on a woman was found on her face.

The clock struck five as if it was meant to break the moment. She spoke first, “Good Evening, hungry?”

It was all he could do not to fall in a heap at her feet as she pushed back from the door frame and made her way to him. A single manicured nail ran across his chest as she passed in front of him and busied herself with the tray.

“Hello there, yes, hungrier by the moment” he responded a little softer than he wanted to. Reaching for the champagne at the same time as she did, their hands touched and he could swear the surge of electricity that ran thought him was more than just static. Their eyes met for just a moment, each of them mirrored in the other’s. She relinquished her hold on the bottle and turned away.

The meal was laid out perfectly, Chicken Cordon Bleu rested on a bed of rice, accompanied by candied baby carrots and a Caesar salad for two. He pulled out her chair and waved his arm gallantly for her to sit, he could swear the blush in her face was more than just carefully applied makeup. He leaned forward, his lips lightly brushing her bare shoulder as he whispered “You, are a vision.” She lowered her eyes and smiled, retaining her calm position as she placed the napkin on her lap. They dined like old friends, with knowing glances, idle chat about everything and nothing at all. The champagne flowed freely and they were both feeling it’s effects.

Dusk was falling as she suggested the move to the balcony, he pulled her chair out and reached for her hand. She smiles and places hers in his. Once outside she placed her flute on a small table and leaned against the rail, he placed his flute aside hers and watched her for a moment. Her head was tilted back a bit as she breathed in the cool evening air, irresistible. He stepped behind her, his lips caressing her bare tender neck as his arms wrapped around her waist. She leaned back into him and crossed her arms over his. “Beautiful isn’t it?” he whispered, she replied with a nod as they both gazed out over the bay.

When the sun finally set she turned, still within his arms and looked at him with intent glowing in her hazel eyes. “What is it you desire from this evening?” she asked with soft seductive tone. His response was instant, one word, “You.”

She reached up, cupping his face in her delicate hands, her lips moist, pressing to his with an insistence that startled him for a moment. He reached behind her and grasped the railing, pushing her back against it with an equal force. Their tongues entwining for the first time, hard, persistently fighting for control of the others. She pulled away, dropping her head back; he latched onto the hollow of her neck, licking the tender spot as she moaned softly. She placed her hands on his chest, brought her eyes to his and pushed him back harshly, brushing by him and into the suite. He shook his head and chuckled softly, recognizing this game they have played so many times in the cyber world they found each other in. The chase. He looked up to the sky and said a silent prayer, turned and stepped inside.

A soft flicker was dancing on the walls of the bedroom as he entered the suite, calling to him. He stepped through the French doors and looked around. Soft jazz music was playing through the central speaker system, the bed sheets pulled back, red pillar candles burned upon the dresser and end tables. “Sit,” she called out from the dressing room with a strangely commanding domineering voice. “Yes Ma’am” he responded, the amusement in his voice hardly hidden. He sat upon the edge of the bed and leaned back on his elbows, surveying the room, waiting.

Behind the dressing room door she stood, checking herself in the mirror. The image looking back at her was filled with assurance, yet inside she was scared to death, ‘Can I really do this?’ she asked herself for the millionth time since she had arrived. Her hands trembled as she opened and closed them, she leaned in and reapplied the deep red lipstick, puckering her lips and breathing deep one last time. Straightening her posture she opened the door.

The soft click of the door handle caught his attention, he looked over his shoulder towards it and blinked. Totally unprepared for the sight before him, he slowly sat up. “My God.” Her eyes burned into his with a vengeance as she strutted towards him. The satin and lace black demi-bra was devastatingly gorgeous, her large breasts fighting to stay within it’s holds, the nylons held up by the garter belt, matching panties, so skimpy they just barely covered her sex. Her heals were higher than the ones she had worn at dinner. He was speechless as she stopped in front of him, hands on her hips, legs parted. He drank her in, his eyes memorizing every inch of her from bottom to top. His hands moved with a will of their own onto her nylon clad thighs as he looked up.

She grinned inwardly, holding her stare as she placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him back onto the bed. Without a word she places her foot upon the edge of the bed, reaches up and pulls the hair sticks from her hair; shaking it out as it falls over her shoulders. Her soft pink tongue traces along her lips as she looks him over, like a vulture to it’s prey. Her mind races, wanting to please him so badly. She climbs up onto the bed, standing above him, her hips swaying to the music. She moves with grace, her knees bending, her pelvis softly gyrating to the rhythm of the saxophone, her hands roaming over her flesh.

He’s mesmerized, unable to take his eyes from her as she stands above him. The material of her panties are buried between the lips of her pussy, each motion seemingly pulls it tighter into her slit. Her movements are so natural, flowing, as if he isn’t even here. Fingers move between her thighs, pressing against the material within her folds as she lowers herself; only to rise again, this time turning. He hears the low groan and realizes it is his own.

She places her hands on his calves and looks between her legs at him, biting her lower lip as she rocks her hips, lowering herself onto him with bent knees, teasing him with her scent and straightening her legs again. This goes on for what seems like an eternity, her nails digging into the flesh under his clothing as she travels backwards up along his body. She falls back and sits above his head. her legs on the sides of him. She leans back against the headboard, trying to control her own breathing as she whispers ” You wouldn’t by any chance, still be hungry would you?”

He grins wickedly and rolls onto his stomach, the magnificent view before him. “Ravenously so,” he answers and kisses the top of her nylon, tugging it with his teeth. His hands hold her left leg as if it were a fine piece of china, moving over her with his tongue, his eyes glancing to hers every so often; he switches and trails along her right, advancing inward as he nears her sex. She grins at him and places her feet on his shoulders, heels digging into the skin under his shirt, “Strip.”

He looks up to her and growls in frustration as he slides back from the bed. She smirks at the sound and sits up, crawling towards him she kneels at the foot of the bed, grabbing his face in her hands she kisses him, biting on his lip as she pulls back. “Patience my darlin.”

His fingers fumble with his belt as he watches her crawl back against the headboard, her feline motions heightening his desire; freeing his belt she holds out her hand and requests it “May I?” He looks down at the leather strip in his hand and nods, placing it in her hand before unbuttoning his shirt.

She watches as his chest comes into view, the strength obvious, his fingers parting the shirt and pulling it from his shoulders. She fondles the belt within her hands as he undoes his pants. She couldn’t miss the tightness along his crotch, she burned to see it, to feel it. He pulls his pants and underwear off in one motion, softly moaning as his cock springs free. Her eyes fall onto his shaft, trying to keep her own moan to herself, she takes the belt and runs it over her pussy, the leather slipping easily over her wet lips. Grinding against it as she closes her thighs, loving the feeling as it’s trapped between her lips. She pulls it up and motions him back onto the bed, showing him the belt, glistening with her wetness.

He crawls along her body eyeing the belt as she holds it up. She brings her knees to her chest and raises his chin with her finger, “Clean it.” He visibly sulks and reaches for it with his tongue, the mixture of her taste and the leather flooding his senses. She strokes his hair with her free hand, watching him relish in the task. Her pulse racing under her calm demeanor. “Stop!”

He stops in mid-lick with something that resembles a whimper, finding himself whispering “Yes Ma’am.” She turns to her side and climbs from the bed, leaving him there on all fours in the center of it, “Don’t move.” He nods, caught up in the moment.

She walks to the foot of the bed and climbs up behind him, her nails raking over his ass harshly. “You want to play darlin?” she whispers as she leans forward and drags her tongue over the small of his back. Grinning as he shudders under the touch, his voice quieter than she has ever heard it; “Yes Ma’am, please.” Her breasts, still enclosed in the bra, rub across his ass as her tongue marks a path up and down his back. She reaches around and lightly runs her fingers along his shaft, feeling it jump. He throws his head back and sighs, grasping the sheets in his fists. She rises and drops her hands from his cock, pushing his ass forward. He takes her lead and lays on his stomach, noticing her absence, yet not wanting to turn back to locate her. She looks at him hungrily, his legs slightly parted, his swollen balls visible; she resists the urge to flip him over and give him the fuck of his life. She walks to the dresser and retrieves her bag, placing it on the floor at the foot of the bed.

She kneels onto the plush carpet and runs her hands up the back of his legs. Flattening her tongue she drags it along the sole of his right foot, sucking on each of his toes, before moving to it’s twin. Silently wondering what has come over her, she’s never even wanted to do this to anyone before. His moans urging her on as she swirls her tongue over each one repeatedly, her hands stretched above her, kneading the flesh of his tight ass.

He writhes on the bed, attempting to gain some composure as her tongue drives him mad. Clenching his ass with each move of her soft hands; his cock boring harder into the mattress as his hips move on their own.

She moves with intent dexterity, nibbling her way up his legs, alternating between them until she reaches his cheeks. her nails dig into the skin as she parts his cheeks and licks his puckering hole, bathing it under the softness of her tongue. Without a sound she places the egg against the hole and urges it in, twisting it past his ring until it is in place. He cries out as his asshole accepts the egg, clenching frantically around it as it fills him. His balls aching, his voice pleading with her “God, syn please.”

She tugs on the cord as she pulls back, his pleas arousing her to no end, she quietly clears her throat and speaks, “Turn over.” He releases the white-knuckled grip he has on the sheets and turns, instantly noticing the flush of her skin, her chest rising and falling quickly and grins. She turns away for a moment, cursing herself for her weakness and pulls hard on the egg, flicking it on at the same time.

“FUCK,” he screams as the pain is quickly silenced by the vibrations. Her hand wraps around the base of his cock and squeezes, groaning at the drop of precum dripping from the angry head. “This what you want Mr. Man?” she smirks.

His hips buck, thrusting himself into her hand, his back arching, “Oh syn, yes, yesssssssss.”

Leaning down she collects the fluid with the tip of her tongue, letting the string dangle before sucking it into her mouth as she grabs the belt. Her eyes on his, making sure he is watching as she brings her flattened tongue down the length of his shaft. Silencing her own moan she moves across him, the warmth of her tongue bathing his hardness. Her painted lips resting back on the head, pressing firmly; her eyes devious. Parting her pouty lips she sucks him in, dropping over him with a glove, his full length trapped in the confines of her hungry mouth. Her hair tickling his legs as she twists her head, gliding him through her lips as she works. She moves her hand and lifts his balls, snaking the belt under them and threading it through the metal buckle. With a loud pop she releases him from her mouth and pulls the belt’s slack tightly. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh fucking shit,” he cries through clenched teeth as he grasps for the sheets again.

With the taste of him still in her mouth she moves up to kiss him, sucking his tongue into her mouth, mounting him with the belt still held tightly in her grasp. She places the belt between her thighs and bares down on him; his cock pressed against the leather pressed against her clit. Releasing her left breast she brings it to his eager mouth, groaning as he suckles it, his teeth biting down hard on her nipple as she grinds onto the belt and his cock.

She takes the end of the belt and places it in her mouth, pulling her head back and forth as the leather strap digs into her cunt, forcing her panties deeper into her. She looks down to him with half closed eyes and yanks her head back harshly.

The pain cuts through him like a surge of lightening, the vibrations of the egg sending him over the edge. He reaches up with his mouth and rips the belt from hers, grabbing her by the waist and flipping her over in one fluid motion.

She gasps at the loss of control as his teeth grab the skin on her neck, she claws at him,; marking his back. Straddling her, he places her hands above her head and holds them while releasing his balls from their prison. She locks eyes with him and grins as he folds the belt and matches the look. With a low growl He speaks, “Now then, do YOU wanna play little one?” before she even has the chance to respond he brings the belt up and binds her wrists together. “Do NOT bring them down are we clear?”

She whimpers and nods quickly, “Yes Sir,” her mind settling into her place. He looks down at her lustfully, His hands on her breasts, tearing them from the bra. Her nipples call out to Him, His mouth consumes the left, gnawing on the hard nub, as His fingers twist the right. Her cries falling onto deaf ears as her body reacts positively, arching against Him, pressing her tit deeper into His mouth, He moves to the right; devouring it with equal vigor before pulling back up, smirking as she lays panting beneath Him. Speaking with a deviousness she has never heard from Him before, “MY turn love.”

She pulls her wrists against the binds testing her motion as he slides back a bit, “W/we both know what you are, who you are…,” his strong fingers take hold of her panties as he leans towards her ear, “you… love…….to tease Me,” ripping the material as if it was nothing more than paper. She squeals as the panties tear from her body, “I…I…,” He silences her with His tongue, rudely forced into her mouth, raping it with a passion unknown to them as he pulls the material back and forth over her slit.

No more words, His mouth feeds from her flesh as if it has been starved for centuries, leaving a trail of wetness down along her belly. His fingers dig into her tender thighs, tearing the nylons as He parts them roughly. With an animalistic howl He rips the remainder of the panties from her and dives between her trembling thighs. Her wetness overwhelms Him, drowning His face with her juices as He crams His tongue into her entrance. Licking her quivering walls like a madman, her aching clit crushed against his nose. Her hips thrashing towards Him as her cries grow stronger. He pulls back as she begins to move harder, His face drenched as He looks up to her with a sneer, “you don’t think you are gonna cum that easily do you syn?” She screams, shaking her head back and forth almost forgetting to leave her arms above her head. This does not go unnoticed, “your time to turn over girl,” He orders as He rises from the bed.

Wearily she rolls onto her tummy, feeling His hands on her ankles as He pulls her down towards the foot of the bed, His voice chillingly calm ” The belt was a nice touch syn, but you do have a lot to learn. Lesson Number 1…if you are going to play switch love, make sure you hide the belt before the sub switches as well.”

The sound reaches her about the same time as the leather bites into her creamy cheeks, SWISHHHHHH. She throws her head back as tears spring into her eyes, determined not to cry she bites down on her lip, sobbing quietly. Each strike causing her to bite harder until she can taste the warmth of the blood on her tongue, SWISHHH SWISHHH SWISHHH. Her cheeks a crimson flame, her cunt contracting violently, dripping onto the sheets beneath her. He smiles as He watches the crisscross pattern rise on her ass, unable to help Himself He bends down and follows the trails with His tongue. This brings out the scream. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddd pleassssse, I can’t, pleasssse Sir’.

He chuckles, “please what syn?”; she inhales deeply, trying to calm herself as the words fall from her lips “please fuck me, fuck me for real like you fuck me online, oh God Sir pleasssssssssse.”

“Oh, is that all?” He snickers; dropping to the floor between her thighs, lifting her hips from the bed and sucking her cunt into his mouth. She squeals at the suddenness, rocking back against Him, feeling His fingers dig into her hips, His tongue rising against her tiny dark hole, massaging it, teasing her.

He can’t wait any longer, He must have her. Rising quickly from the floor he winces, the cord from the egg, catching on the frame of the bed, tugging it crudely. He frees it and pulls her to the edge; her ass rising for Him, her desperate moans marred with pleas. Bound hands grasp the sheets above in anticipation as she begs for His cock. Holding His erection within his fist, He watches her cunt flex hungrily as He rubs the head over her slit; knowing she loves the feeling of it against her clit, He pays special attention.

His own ass clenches around the egg still vibrating in His ass, grateful that the control is on low. Even still, the build up in his balls is torturing Him; He pulls back and presses the angry bulb of His head against her hole. Unprepared for the warmth and tightness that surrounds Him. He strokes slowly, finally pulling back.

She rips at the sheets as He inches in, her walls stretching to accommodate Him. A silent cry as she feels Him pull back, she turns and immediately is rocked forward. The force of the thrust surprising her, His hand wrapping in her hair; pulling her back onto Him. She rises onto her elbows, each thrust met by the tilt of her hips, feeling as if He will tear right through her cervix. Their bodies dance together like old lovers moving to the beat of their own music. His thumb presses pass the ring of her asshole as He rolls His hips, grinding into her walls, needing to feel every inch of her fiery cunt.

She throws her head back and screams as His thumb hooks into her ass. Her motions devastatingly severe, her moans turning into grunts, the room dimming around her. Her walls threatening to quake, contracting furiously around Him. The voice that spoke was barely recognizable as she opened her mouth, the severity of it haunting her, “Pleasseeeeeeeeeeeeeee let me cum for You.”

The tension in His legs increased, the orgasm crested as He permitted her release, “Cum with me syn, NOW.” Their screams blended, an erotic chorus of insane pleasure; He brought her up to him by her midriff, thrusting upwards as she rained her creamy juices onto Him, as He coated her walls with His. She lay her head back against Him, strands of hair stuck to her face. His lips on her neck, whispering to her as they rode out the waves together, “I dreamed of this… God, you are so beautiful…Do they realize how lucky they are?” She smiled at His words knowing that she is the lucky one.

They collapsed onto the bed and she looks to him wickedly as He unbinds her tender wrists. He raises an eyebrow, “what?”

She quickly points up at the picture hanging over the bed, exclaiming “Oh my God What is THAT?” Startled, He turns back to look and screams as she rips the egg from His ass and tosses it over her shoulder, “BITCH!!”

She giggles and rolls over, only to be grabbed back again. He kisses her softly and whispers “Payback is a bitch ya know.”

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