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Mrs. Kelly

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Jack heaved the heavy basket of groceries on to the handlebars of his bike and set off on his delivery run. This was the last of his deliveries this afternoon. Mrs. Kelly’s large family ensured that her delivery would always be the largest and the heaviest. He liked going to her place and left it to last so he could linger and talk.

Mrs. Kelly was a big jolly woman. “I am sixteen stone,” she told him one afternoon when he helped her up the stairs.

Despite her size or maybe because of her size long queues of men were always seeking her sexual favors. She had twelve kids from twelve different fathers according to the rumormongers.

Jack loved visiting her home. She sat like a big Buddha on a large cushion covered lounge dispensing orders to her tribe in an easygoing casual way that made watching and listening to her exciting

Something was always happening in her house. Her oldest daughters were older than eighteen-year-old Jack. Her youngest seemed to Jack to be always sucking on her large white breasts. Today she sat with her dress hitched up over her thick thighs, breast-feeding her baby while talking to a young man. She welcomed Jack and pointed to the kitchen, “put them in there kid,”

In the kitchen, her daughter Mandy was head down in the refrigerator looking for food. “Thank god,” she cried when she spotted Jack. “Mum never has any thing to bloody eat in this place. All she is interested in is men and sex. We could starve when her young studs are around.”

Jack did not say anything he just stood looking at Mandy. Her outburst surprised him. He had never seen her angry before. She had always given him the impression that she was painfully shy and withdrawn. If anything, she always looked down in the dumps.

She did not seem to have many friends, hanging around with what his mum called a bad crowd. “Keep away from the Kelly’s they will all turn out like their mother,” she had said when she saw him talking to Mandy at the shop.

He smiled as he thought how this tall skinny kid could be so physically different to her mother. Today was the first time he had had an opportunity to talk to Mandy on her own. They were chatting quietly when Mrs. Kelly called, “what are you two doing out there? Come in here where I can keep an eye on you.” When they moved into the lounge, Jack noticed the young man had left. Mrs. Kelly was lying on the couch her dress open displaying her huge breasts.

She smiled at them both and signaled to Mandy “Get up to your room, Keep away from that young bugger he will only want to get into your pants.”

Mandy left quickly without a word of protest leaving Jack standing staring at Mrs. Kelly’s big brown nipples. She looked at him and smiled, “you can look but they’re not for you,” She sat up and did up the buttons. “Keep away from my girls. There are a ton of available women for a young buck like you.” He started to protest but she waved him silent.

“Don’t give me that bullshit I know of a half dozen young women like that showgirl Anita Bryant who would love to take your cherry. All they want is a discreet partner who can visit them when their husbands are at work. A young fucker like you is just what they need. With a bit of training you will be the answer to their prayers. She looked him straight in the eye, “let’s make a deal. Leave my brood alone and I will see that you find some willing partners.”

Jack rode his bike home recalling Mrs. Kelly’s words. She said Anita Bryant is looking for a discreet partner. He laughed to himself a lot of good that is to me. I don’t even know her. I have never spoken to her. I think I have only seen her talking to Mrs. Kelly He licked his lips, if the tall blonde in the tight shorts and the knitted top I saw at Mrs. Kelly’s is Mrs. Bryant, she would be fantastic. He recalled that the blonde did not look very old. Her baby was still in a stroller. He shook his head I must have them mixed up. It must be someone else.

That night he rang Mrs. Kelly. He was nervous but determined. “Please will you help me to meet one of those women you mentioned?” he stammered. She teased, “You’re like the dog that chases cars you wouldn’t know what to do if you caught one. To be a good lover you must stay cool, you must be kind and gentle. You are too excitable you must learn to settle down. When you lie in your bed tonight take your cock in your hand and slowly repeat the words calm kind and gentle, over and over.”

“You will be no value to a woman when you are over excited like you are now. You will not last and she won’t enjoy it. If you don’t agree to do as I tell you, I won’t help. It will be a waste of time.” After many minutes explaining what he must do if he was to have married women risk all to sleep with him she laughed. “That’s enough I won’t torture you anymore.” She became serious,

“Promise me you won’t have any thing to do with my daughters especially Mandy. If you stay away from Mandy I’ll introduce you to some women and tell you what to do.” Jack quickly agreed. “I won’t go near Mandy,” he promised. “That’s good, now leave it to me. We will try Anita first.”

Each day as he completed his deliveries he dropped into the Kelly’s place. Each time he was disappointed. “Don’t worry,” Mrs. Kelly laughed. “She wants to play, she’s ready. She will come back because I told her I could help her find someone. When she calls, I will make sure you meet her.” she looked at Jack, “stop worrying, I’m sure she will like you. Your young, clean cut, well built and best of all you can call on her home with your deliveries and no one will think you’re up to something.”

She was enjoying herself. “I have already told her that you think she is very sexy.” She laughed, “I hope she is not all talk. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if she chickens out and leaves you with a perpetual horn?”

Anita Bryant put her baby daughter to bed and sat back on the lounge. Clare Kelly had surprised her when she had recognized her growing disenchantment with her marriage. “You lack loving, and it shows,” Mrs. Kelly had said when they met after church one Sunday morning.

Anita had gone out of her way to sit with Mrs. Kelly after that remark. “Why did you say such a terrible thing about me.” she asked when they were alone. “Because I can see how restless you are and know that many men ignore a woman’s needs after she has had their baby. You’re like me you need a new charge in your life. You need to take some risks, you should take a lover.”

Anita wet her lips thinking back to the men who lusted after her when she was a featured showgirl at the coast’s casino. She grew wet as memories flooded back. She enjoyed the excitement of a man wanting her, knowing they were planning to seduce her.

Her husband was rich and provided everything she wanted but she had to admit that because of his age he lacked the sex drive to keep her happy. Her thoughts returned to her last conversation with Mrs. Kelly. “You want a man to satisfy you and I have just the one for you,” she had said as they left church “He’s eighteen, good looking, thinks you’re sexy and has a great excuse for visiting you every day.” Anita had objected, “My god only eighteen he’s just a kid.”

“Its not the age that counts love, you can train him to do the things you crave. He’s a virgin so he is free of any bad habits. He is a big lad so I am sure he will be big where it counts. I would enjoy him myself but he is hanging around my daughter Mandy and she is still only seventeen. I don’t want her to turn out like me so I want him to get his nookie elsewhere.” “He will be just right for you. Order some groceries from the general store and ask for them to be delivered. You can look him over and decide.”

Anita visited the general store. She had not shopped there before. She brought most of her goods from the city. The size and range of goods in the general store surprised her. Servicing the semi rural community on the fringe of the capital city it had grown as more and more city dwellers opted for the clean air and rural lifestyle of the hills.

She pushed her daughter in her stroller as she wandered through the store keeping her eye out for Jack. When he did not appear she took her list to the counter “I’m told you deliver,” she said to the old man at the counter. “Yes my son Jack delivers after school and on the weekends. He will be back shortly. If you like to wait you can give him directions and set a suitable time.”

Jack was daydreaming as he rode his bike back to the store. He spied a woman loading a baby in to her safety harness, dropped his bike, and walked over to help. As he drew closer, he could not help but admire her well-rounded backside and her long sexy legs. He walked up behind her. “Let me help,” he whispered as he started to fold down the stroller. The woman jumped back at his words bumping into him before straightening up and looking around. “Oh you gave me a start,” she said with a smile.

“I’m sorry,” he cried. “I didn’t mean to scare you; my mother insists I help our customers.” Anita looked him over, “Your customers? You wouldn’t be Jack the delivery boy by any chance?” Jack took his time studying her heavy breasts. “Yep that’s me at your service.” Anita continued to study him closely “At my service that’s nice,” she whispered as she climbed into the driving seat. “I look forward to your service,” she whispered as she drove away.

Jack’s cock grew hard in his pants when he heard his father call. “I see you met Mrs. Bryant, she wants you to deliver an order. Did you fix a time?” Jack’s mind screamed that was her. That is the one Mrs. Kelly said needs a lover. She’s beautiful and wants me to call at her house. He ignored his father’s words as he rushed to ring Mrs. Kelly.

“That’s great,” Mrs. Kelly said when he told her what had happened “Make her delivery the last one tomorrow. She has made up her mind. She’ll be waiting. I will ring her tomorrow morning and warm her up. Good luck kid, don’t forget to tell me everything when you’ve done the deed.”

Jack could not concentrate at school. He could think of nothing else but Anita Bryant. He sat in class remembering her tight hard bottom and long legs as she bent over into the car. Dog fashion was one of his most regular dreams. To have a woman with a body like hers bent over a chair waiting for his cock would make all his dreams come true.

After school, he rushed his deliveries until there were only two left. Mrs. Kelly and Anita Bryant. “My god you look good enough to eat,” Mrs. Kelly said as he rushed in the door. “Take your time lad. Dont go up there and rush things. You must remain calm so she does not worry or become frightened. Remember she is risking her marriage for a bit on the side. She will want you to visit again and again if she finds it fun and enjoyable.”

“Be kind and considerate, she needs a lover not a rapist. She will respond to love and affection so take your time, tell her she is beautiful, talk to her, admire her, and love her.” She waved her finger at him. “Remember if you are to be invited back, you must leave her with a smile on her face. Satisfy her every wish, make her come with your tongue and then make her come again.”

Jack knocked on Anita Bryant’s door and stood waiting. His heart nearly stopped when she came to the door with her baby in her arms. “Come in,” she whispered, “I have just finished feeding her.” “Put those things on the kitchen bench while I put her down for her sleep.”

He left the groceries and followed her into the nursery. His mouth went dry and his head seemed to spin when he laid his hand on her round firm bottom as she bent over the bed. He heard her gasp and waited for her to object.

Nothing happened and he let his hand slip down over her short skirt to touch bare skin, she did not move but stopped crooning to the baby long enough to whisper, “Take your time my husband won’t be home for hours.” It was Jack’s turn to gasp. He bent over and kissed her on the neck while his hands took hold of her bottom. “Don’t make a noise she will be asleep in a moment,” she whispered as she pushed her body back so her bottom filled his hands.

Jack dropped to his knees and raised her skirt. She was wearing stockings and a garter belt. He sat back and stared. Her long legs in black stockings, the flash of white skin above the stockings and the straps of the garter belt highlighting the curve of her arse, he was in heaven.

Mrs. Kelly was right Anita Bryant wanted him. She was letting him do what he liked. He leant forward and kissed her bottom, his fingers running along the thin strip of black silk that was snug between the cheeks of this fabulous arse.

He ran his fingers down to try to caress between her legs but they were tight together. He groaned in appreciation when she moved to allow his hands more freedom. Now he could push his fingers forward until they touched the moist flesh of what he presumed was her pussy lips.

Taking a deep breath as the scent of her pussy invaded his nostrils he leant forward and licked along her bottom and down between her legs. He felt her shiver and straighten up. “She’s asleep” she whispered, “Let’s get out of here.”

She took his hand and led him through the kitchen and upstairs to a large bedroom. Turning she smiled as she leant forward and kissed him. They kissed silently until she pushed him away. “Are you a virgin? Have you ever had a woman before?” she asked quietly.

Jack blushed and stammered, “No.” Her face broke into a wide smile. “That’s good I have never had a virgin lover. We will have fun together.” She stepped back and turned around, her short mini skirt swinging out. “I dressed especially for you this afternoon.” She raised one leg and placed her foot on the stool at the end of the bed. “Sit down lover. Let me show you how I’ve made myself ready for you.”

She ran her hands down over her stockings and then ran them right up again until he thought he could see a few sparse pussy hairs. “I rarely wear high heels and stockings at home. I bought these stockings at your store yesterday especially for you. Do you like women in stockings?”

Jack sat mesmerized his mouth was dry. He opened his mouth and ran his tongue over his lips. She laughed quietly “I take that as a yes,” she whispered. “Let me show you more.” She stepped back and lowered her skirt wriggling her hips as the tiny skirt slid down her legs to the floor. She stepped out of it and kicked it high in the air.

She stood still her hands on her hips and licked her lips “You like?” she whispered as she arched one eyebrow and winked. Jack made to grab her but she stopped him. “Wait lover, all in good time. Let me show you what my bloody husband ignores these days.”

Jack stepped back. He had never seen anything more beautiful. Mrs. Kelly had said she had been a showgirl and he believed her. Anita’s body was perfection. The white skin of her hips stomach and legs contrasted with the black of the stockings and garter belt reminding him of a photo shoot he had seen in either playboy or penthouse.

He had to make room for his cock in his shorts. She laughed, “You don’t have to say a word I can tell by that action you like what you see. Relax lover, it will be your turn to show me in a minute. Just let me finish.” Her fingers rolled the bottom of her knitted top up over her breasts ever so slowly so Jack could see them gradually appear. First, the full round shape then the darker brown and a hard jutting nipple until he was dying to touch and kiss them. Her large breasts jiggled as she threw the top on the bed and removed a small piece of material covering her pussy. When she finished she stepped back and stood for his inspection wearing only high heels, stockings and garter belt.

He gasped for breath as his eyes ran over her lush white body. He could hear his heart beating wildly, his cock felt like it was going to explode. He wanted to grab her and throw her on the bed but remembered Mrs. Kelly’s warning. The words take your time, cool, calm, kind and gentle, make her happy and she will want more, were tattooed on his brain. Not just once, he kept saying to himself. I want her everyday in everyway.

Anita had loved being a showgirl. She knew she had a beautiful body and loved to parade it in front of horny men. Her husband had demanded that she retire and be a housewife after their wedding. She had agreed but missed the excitement she saw in men’s eyes as she paraded her body for their inspection and admiration. Now young Jack was making her feel alive. His eyes never left her body. He was panting with excitement. Her pussy was wet with anticipation. It was going to be a great afternoon.

She licked her lips. “Your turn lover lets see what you have hidden under those clothes.” She pulled him to his feet and opened his shirt. “Hmm nice chest,” she whispered as she kissed down to his nipple. Looking up she whispered, “Let’s drop those shorts sweetie.” Jack groaned as she dropped down in front of him pushing his shorts and his underpants down around his ankles. “My oh my, that’s a really nice one, I’m going to love it” she giggled as her hand closed around his cock.

She felt Jack jump. She gripped his cock as it throbbed in her hand. “Make love to me sweetie, take your time and love me, we have lots of time.” She took an alarm clock from the bedside table. “I’ll set the alarm for six; my husband comes home at seven.” He jumped at the mention of her husband and she responded. “Don’t worry we will not be disturbed,”

As she set the clock and spoke reassuringly Jack’s heartbeat settled down. He started to think straight and remembered what Mrs. Kelly had told him. He relaxed and took her in his arms, “you’re beautiful,” he whispered, “so very beautiful that I am scared to touch you.”

He kissed her cheek then kissed over her ears and forehead and back to her lips. He remembered watching actors on TV and copied their kissing styles. He struggled to keep himself calm. He wanted to grab her big breasts but held her shoulders instead as he kissed her thoroughly.

Anita was impressed; she had been sexual active before her marriage. Her lovers without exception could not keep their hands off her showgirl’s body. Jack’s approach made her pussy twitch. She love kissing and loved the way Jack was kissing her.

Jack loved her body. He had never imagined in his wildest dreams that his first intimate contact with a woman would be on his grocery run. He found every part of her body exciting. He took her hands and kissed them sucking on each finger. Then slowly he kissed and nibbled up her arm to her shoulder and neck.

He heard her groan and felt her shiver as he took a whole ear in his mouth. “You are fantastic,” he whispered as he licked and kissed away from her ear over her face. Kissing her eyes closed he whispered, “I love your eyes they are very beautiful.”

She held her breath waiting for him to kiss her on the lips but he kissed down her nose and cheek before nibbling her lip lightly. Her hands came up to hold his head as he let his tongue flick in and out of her mouth. She imagined his cock doing the same when they fucked.

Jack was in heaven. Anita’s nude body was pressing against him. His cock was harder than it had ever been in his wildest fantasies. She was responding to his kisses holding his head in her hands and kissing him back.

He could feel her pushing her big breasts hard against his bare chest. Her legs had opened slightly letting his body move closer to hers. His cock was sandwiched against her stomach. He wanted to grab her but he remembered Mrs. Kelly advising him to go slow, stay calm be gentle and remain relaxed.

Anita started to doubt that Jack was a virgin. Already he was making her more sexually excited than her husband and most of the men with whom she had slept. She was amazed at his control. His hard erect cock was pushing at her belly button. He had continued kissing her all over her face stimulating her far beyond her expectations. She could not believe that he had not tried to touch her pussy or her breasts.

Most men were quick to maul her body. After a quick kiss, their hands invariably moved quickly to her breasts and her pussy. She hated the way her husband poked his finger in her before she was wet. He did not listen when she told him that it did not excite her it only hurt.

She looked at the clock it had been more than forty minutes since she set the alarm. Jack was still kissing her face and neck his hands had not touched her pussy. He had not kissed her waiting breasts. Instead of trying to head off unwanted advances, she was waiting anxiously for Jack to touch her breasts hoping that he would caress her clit.

Jack was unaware of her rising emotions. He could not help repeating what he was thinking, “My god you’re fabulous, I love you so much I am going to kiss every little bit of you,” he groaned as he started once again to kiss her face. “Lovely eyes, lovely nose, lovely ears lovely chin, lovely lips,” he kissed them as he spoke pulling his head back each time to look before kissing on. When he finished he drew back. He took her head in his hands, looked her in the eyes, licked his lips theatrically and said, “You are fantastic.”

Anita loved the way he admired her body but she wanted him to move to her breasts and pussy. Her heart beat faster when he bent down and kissed the top of her breasts. She could not hide her disappointment when he straightened up and took her hand to lead her to the bed.

She quickly followed his directions stretching out on the bed moving her legs apart so he could see her pussy. He stopped dead in his tracks when her fingers opened her pussy lips leaving it exposed to his gaze.

The heat built up in Anita’s pussy as she watched Jack’s cock stand out from his body, it grew fatter as it became more erect. She loved the way he was staring at her; his eyes followed her fingers as she stroked her pussy. He really loves my body she thought.

Anita moaned in disappointment and reached for him when instead of joining her on the bed he moved to the foot of the bed and removed her shoes. She raised her body on her elbows to watch him as he looked into her eyes and smiled. He took his time caressing her legs lovingly as he rolled her stockings down and stripped them away. When he finished he surprised her when he sucked on her toes.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered, “I could eat you all up.” She could not help herself, “I have something up here I would love you to eat,” she cried as her hands tried to pull him up to her pussy. Jack knew he should let her have her way but he was enjoying himself caressing her fabulous long legs. Never the less he moved to kiss on up her legs slowly kissing inside and out until he reached her thigh.

He felt Anita’s body stiffen as she held her breath in anticipation. He too took a deep breath before he kissed her inner thigh easing her legs apart with his hands, while he blew softly on the outer lips of her pussy. He felt her body relax, her hands commenced running through his hair as he continued to kiss around her pussy lips.

“Kiss my pussy love,” she moaned. “Don’t keep teasing me. I want you, do it now,” her voice growing louder as she spoke. Jack groaned as he heard her cries. He ran his fingers up her legs until they reached the wet patch on her inner thigh caused by her pussy juices.

Wetting his finger in her juices, he parted her outer pussy lips and sought to burrow his finger inside. At the same time, he lowered his mouth to the top of her pussy and kissed amongst the hair. Her hands gripped his head pulling him forward. He let her take some control at the same time continuing to work his finger slowly.

Jack was sweating He had never seen a pussy before, never touched one, never dreamed that he would be fingering and kissing the pussy of this beautiful married woman on her bed in her house. Here he was for the first time in his life inches from his Holy Grail. He could smell the scent of her arousal he could sense the heat of her passion.

He lifted his head and smiled at her, “it’s beautiful,” he whispered. Anita shuddered and groaned as she eased her legs wider. Jack was wrapped in the vision spread out before him. He reached out to touch and move the folds of skin that stood out at the top of her pussy. She made a tiny whinnying noise her body shivered and bucked lightly. He lifted his head and looked up at her face.

He was struck by the change in her appearance. Gone was the serene look of a woman who knows she is beautiful and expects homage. In its place was a face that sent a message. she was a woman ready for a man. He groanedas he reslised she wasready for him. Oh shit he thought I hope I don’t fail.

He wet his finger and ran it up to the top fold pushing it open. He gasped and his cock lurched when he saw for the first time her little hard bud. He had read and studied women’s pussies in his men’s magazines and recognized his first clit.

He moved closer to look at it and kissed it gently. He heard her take a deep breath and kissed it again. Her legs tightened around his ears as his tongue probed around the inner lips and licked lightly across her clit.

He loved the smell and taste of his first pussy. He took a deep breath and licked his lips. It was beautiful he loved it. He wanted to kiss and eat it forever. He was no longer cool and calm. He was loosing control kissing this warm wet pussy repeatedly, nibbling her nub and savoring the taste of her juices.

Jack felt and heard Anita object. He knew then he had been a little too rough. He told himself to settle down, then turned his finger so his palm was up and inserted a second finger. She groaned and lifted her body off the bed pushing up at him; “Gently sweetheart,” she groaned, “don’t hurt me.”

Jack heard her groans. He didn’t know why but he knew he had to get his face closer. He took his time and eased his face up between her legs until his tongue could join his fingers in her pussy.

Anita felt good. She had been unable to stop a succession of mini orgasms that swept over her body creating exquisite sensations in her breasts. She loved Jacks hands all over her body touching squeezing probing. Now his tongue was licking her pussy running from bottom to top before trying to burrow inside. She squirmed and wriggled helping it enter and fill her pussy.

She arched her back and shuddered as his lips closed over her nub, gently sucking on it until she realised she was going to loose control. “Oh hell,” she moaned. “Oh please don’t stop, you’re marvelous.” She stuttered and stammered as her body involuntarily jumped and shuddered. The feeling was so intense she thought she was going to pee. “My god what’s happening,” she groaned.

Her juices bubbled up and spurted in to Jacks mouth spilling out over his face. Jack did not know that this was much more than she had ever come before. Anita knew. She fell back reliving the last two hours as Jack struggled to hold her. “Fantastic, fantastic,” she groaned

Jack wiped come from his face with the back of his hand and slid up over her body to kiss her on the lips. “I wondered whether I would like the taste of come. You taste wonderful. Can you taste yourself?” he whispered as they kissed. “Oh yes,” she moaned against his mouth. “You made me come more than I have ever come before. That’s me on your lips and it tastes fantastic.”

They lay together regaining their breath. Jack still could not believe what was happening. He ran his hand back to her pussy and slid two fingers inside. She sat up. “We have to make plans. I know it can’t be done but I want you in my bed every day,” she blushed. “I really mean in me every day. I don’t care where or when as long as we do it. We are not going to fuck we are going to make love. I am going to teach you how to become the world’s best lover.”

Jack looked over at the clock and groaned, “I want to fuck you now. I want to kiss your pussy; I want to suck your tits. It is nearly six; your husband will be home soon. I am still a virgin; I don’t want to go home a virgin.”

Anita was struck by the realization that Jack had spent all afternoon pleasuring her. She had neglected him while she enjoyed the most erotic sensations from his young virgin mouth. She pushed him back on the bed “Relax lover let me look at you,” she whispered. She took his cock in her hand. “You have a beautiful cock. I’ve neglected it. I promise I won’t do that again.”

She kissed down along his cock to his balls. “Your balls are hard, they must be full of come,” she whispered as she sucked one then the other into her mouth. “Have you had a woman suck your cock before?” she asked as she looked up into his flushed face.

Jack had never had a woman touch his cock let alone suck his balls. He stammered “No, oh” as her tongue licked the top of his cock and her mouth closed over it. He looked at this beautiful woman. He could not believe what had happened to him. He had spent hours making out with a beautiful ex showgirl.

He mentally shook his head. She wasn’t a girl she was thirty-year-old married woman with a young baby. The best part was that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Right now, she was on her hands and knees on the bed sucking his cock. He had read about oral sex. His mates had told him about girls who would go down on their partners but nothing had prepared him for the feel of Anita’s mouth on his cock. He propped himself up and pushed her hair aside so he could watch his cock disappear into her mouth.

Anita felt him holding her hair. She knew that everything they did together was a first for Jack. She stopped licking down his shaft and looked him straight in the eye. She licked her lips. “You like to watch? That’s great. I will love swallowing your big cock knowing that you are watching.”

When he did not say anything, she ran her fingernails lightly up the shaft of his cock, making him jump. “Talk to me sweetheart, your first blow job should be special.” She giggled, “If you like what I’m doing or want me to do something differenttell me talk dirty to me.” She dropped her eyes to his cock and flicked her tongue out to run around its head. “Come for me baby. I want you to come in my mouth.” She whispered.

Jack shuddered as she spread her saliva over the head, letting it run down the shaft. She looked up at him again and took the top of his cock in her mouth her tongue massaging wherever it touched.

He stayed up on his elbows to watch her head move up and down. Her mouth rarely sucked more than the first inch or two. Her hands did the rest running up and down his shaft and cupping his balls. His cock seemed to grow bigger and bigger he started to sweat, his breath sounded loud in his ears. He fell back, no longer watching as the sensations created by her warm wet mouth took over.

Anita loved sucking cock. Jack’s was the biggest she had experienced she felt it grow harder. He was panting as his body started to respond to her mouth. It moved back and forward as his back arched and he tried to push in further and further.

She kept moving around on the bed until her pussy was near his face. He tried to lift his head up to kiss it. When his mouth could not reach, he ran a finger up over her pussy and rimmed her arse. Jack felt rather than heard her groan.

The realization that she would not stop him fingering her arse was enough to send him over the top. He groaned, “I’m coming,” as his body bucked and his cock pulsed and erupted. Anita did not need his warning. She had felt his cock expand and met the rush of come as it spurted filling her mouth. “Oh hell that’s bloody marvelous,” he groaned as he felt the last of his come ooze into her mouth. “I want to do it again.”

“We will lover, we will but not now. My husband will be home any time now. We have to clean up and get you out of here before he arrives.” Jack had forgotten the time. He did not want to leave. She was so sexy. Her body so exciting that he wanted more of her.

He reached for her as she straightened the bed. She had not put on any clothes her breasts swinging as she bent over the bed. His hands closed over her breasts as he pulled her up and kissed the back of her neck. She giggled and tried to escape. “Stop it,” she groaned.

He held her his thumb rolling her nipple. “Oh hell, stop it. We can’t, not now.” she was talking fast trying to ignore the warm feeling creeping over her body. Jack could feel her nipples getting hard.He moved so he could take them in his mouth first one then the other. “Oh shit,” she moaned “stop it, we can’t, my husband, we can’t.”

Jack knew that they had very little time but his cock was ready to burst. Anita’s hard nipples were driving him crazy. “Come here,” he groaned as he pulled her back towards the bed. She was coming when she stopped and squealed. “My god that’s a car.” She pushed him back and rushed to the window. “Shit it’s my bloody husband,” Her eyes showed her panic. “Get dressed, get out,” she cried as she rushed to straighten the bed.

Jack remained cool but his cock shrank making it easy to pull on his pants. “My bikes out the front he must see it. I can’t just rush past him. He will wonder what we have been doing.” He looked around “can we get downstairs and out the back without him seeing us?”

Still in a panic she cried, “Yes the back stairs,” It became obvious to Jack that he must take charge. “Ok let’s get downstairs as fast as possible. If we get out of the house and he finds us out there it will be easier to explain than both of us up in your bedroom.”

“What are we going to do out there?” she cried her panic still showing. He gripped her arm, “stop it, and settle down. You look scared. You will have to look as though you have nothing to worry about.” He helped her straighten her blouse and skirt,

“Now this is our story if we both tell the same story we’ll be right. Don’t look guilty and don’t tell it unless you are asked. I am in the pony club. When I delivered your order, I asked if you had much spare land out the back. When you answered yes, I asked if you had room for a pony. You said you didn’t know and you were showing me around.”

Anita didn’t have time to argue. The back door swung open “oh there you are,” her husband called as he joined them. Jack was ready.” Hi, I’m Jack, I’m the grocery boy from the general store down by the polo grounds.” He turned to Anita “I had better be going. Thanks for showing me around. I’m sorry I made you late.” Before she could reply, He said, “I’ll leave my number in case you want anything from the store.” She watched amazed as he casually shook hands with her husband and left.

Anita could not believe how Jack had turned a potential disaster around. He had shown a maturity that she had not suspected. He had not only taken charge but he had concocted a story that gave hope for future time together.

His calm manner had convinced her they could get away with it and they had. Her husband had listened as she repeated Jack’s tale of the pony club and said Jack looked like a fine young man. Her heart skipped a beat when he said, “You should talk to him about putting some ponies in the back paddock they would help keep the grass down.”

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