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Mrs. Jones

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She had been my English teacher, she was my next-door neighbor. I had known her for years now though we had always maintained a neighborly relationship. Had she known the private fantasies I’d indulged my self in over the years, not only might she have been surprised, but shocked by the numerous times I had climaxed just imagining being with her.

I had had one of those school crushes with her, though I had of course never acted on it, not in reality anyway.

I spent as much time around her as I could get away with, without exposing myself in the literal sense. And since she had been my English teacher at one time, it had made any sort of relationship outside of that virtually impossible. Not that someone thirty years older than I was, would have even considered anything more than that anyway, but it was after all my fantasy.

She was around my same height, about five foot seven or eight, slender with short brown hair and green eyes. She certainly didn’t look like she was 56 years of age either, not with a body like that anyway. Though she certainly wasn’t large breasted, she wasn’t exactly small either. And her boobs were beautiful too. Yeah, I had seen them on more than one occasion, though I am positive she never knew that. Ms. Jones, for I would always refer to her as that, would on occasion during the hot summer months, lay out in a hammock in the privacy of her back yard. A yard that had an eight foot privacy fence surrounding it, though I had long ago managed to chisel out a small brick that could easily be taken out and replaced without anyone being the wiser. Again, I couldn’t even begin to count the number of times I had watched her lying there sunning herself on the weekends, hidden as I was by the small irrigation ravine that ran behind both of our homes. As soon as I became aware that she was lying out, I would find some excuse to be gone for a while, sneaking out around back of both properties. Here I would carefully and quietly make my way up the ditch to where my secret vantage place was, removing the small portion of brick I had worked so carefully on loosening, and then sit back, cock in hand, and quietly masturbate while watching her.

Of course many of my fantasies included her doing the same, masturbating while I watched her, masturbating while she caressed and played with those magnificent tits, or masturbating while she twiddled her twat, or shoved fingers deep inside herself. Unfortunately, that never happened, though it really didn’t matter. Just as long as I could sit there secretly looking at her nude form, I could imagine her doing just about anything I wanted her to.

As the years passed, I eventually bought the home from my parents who had since moved into a larger, nicer home. They had willingly sold me the old home glad to have it stay within the family. But the real reason of course, was my fondness for Ms. Jones. As I had grown older, no longer that teenage kid she had once taught during my Senior year, I had now become her neighbor and friend, often doing odd-jobs for her on occasion, or even running an errand or two whenever she needed something. It had only been in the last two years that she’d actually been on her own too. Having gone through a divorce during that time, now living alone, which had afforded me an even greater opportunity to befriend her.

I certainly dated, though I hadn’t been seeing anyone steadily for quite some time now. And it was usually during those periods when I was in between partners that my thoughts would return to Ms. Jones and those wonderful hot summer days when I would spy upon her in the back yard.

In hindsight, I wish I had known then what I was about to learn. Though it probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference one way or the other. What really mattered was now, and how fate finally played a hand in bringing our relationship more intimately together.

We’d just had a period of very hard rains, some of which had produced some minor flooding, especially on the properties behind our two homes, along the old irrigation ditch where I used to sit and secretly watch her. I’d been outside mowing the lawn which had all but overgrown itself from all the rain when she came outside and started walking towards me.

“Andrew?” I heard her call out towards me even over the high-pitched motor of the mower. It was funny hearing her call me that even after all this time. My friends and family called me Andy, but Ms Jones had always called me by my formal name, Andrew.

“Ms. Jones?” I replied shutting off the mower. That made her smile. I knew in calling her that, it took us both back to another place and another time.

“Andy,” she corrected still smiling.

“Nancy,” I acknowledged still somewhat awkwardly. It was still difficult for me to be on a first name basis with her, though as ‘just’ neighbors now, she’d pointed that out to me several times over the past few years.

“Have you got a moment? After you’re through mowing I mean?”

“Sure, what’s up?” I asked.

“Well, after all this rain we’ve been having, I noticed that part of the ground has started to give way beneath the fence outback. Can you look at it for me? Tell me what I might be needing to do before it begins to collapse the fence?”

“Sure, be glad to I offered. I’ll just finish up here and be right over.”

“Thank you,” she said already turning. “Take your time, I’ll be outback in the garden area doing some weeding when you’re finished. Just come through the house.”

She was wearing a pair of tight fitting shorts that showed off her still shapely ass. It had been difficult enough not staring down the deep “V” of her cleavage as she’d stood talking to me. The men’s long sleeve shirt she’d been wearing, the tail of which she’d tied in a knot revealing a great deal of midriff as well, had been a tempting feast for my eyes, which I’d been as careful as possible in not making it too obvious as I stole brief fleeting glances at those full breasts and tan tummy. But now, watching her return back towards the house, I allowed myself the indulgence of watching her go, imaging the shapely curvature of those twin ass cheeks and what it might feel like to burry my cock deeply between them. Just as she got to the door, she again turned for a brief moment, giving me a cheerful little wave before disappearing inside the house. I wondered momentarily if she knew I’d stood there the whole time just watching her…and wondered further if that made it at all curious as to just what I was wondering, or thinking about.

Once she had disappeared, I returned to my mowing, eager now to finish up and rejoin her. A short time later I had done just that. As she’d asked, I simply let myself in, though calling out to her as I did, anticipating perhaps that she might still be inside rather than outback where she’d told me to expect her. I heard no response and began making my way through the house out towards the kitchen area and her back door. For whatever reason, I did so quietly, not quite knowing why I did, nor what I hoped to see or catch her at when doing. I was glad that I did however.

I had caught a glimpse of movement out on the patio area. That very same patio where I had so often spied upon her sunbathing. I watched as she undid her halter, running a clean white handkerchief around her exposed breasts. It was hot, humid…sticky. But I found myself holding my breath for a moment as she stood there before finally retying her blouse once again covering those glistening silken breasts.

“Nancy?” I called out as though having just entered.

“Out here,” I heard her respond.

I crossed the kitchen exciting through the back door. Already she was standing in the far corner of the yard next to the fence. I winced slightly noticing the secret brick I had chiseled out so long ago was actually missing. When she turned to face me however, I noticed she was holding the missing brick within her hands.

“The grounds already starting to give way beneath the wall,” she spoke still holding the brick as though unsure what to do with it.

“I’ve got some lumber,” I began. “We can fortify the foundation, then I’ll repack it with fresh dirt and some wire mesh.” I held out my hand to her, expecting her to hand over the brick to me. “I’ll re-mortar that for you as well,” I added.

I was surprised when she pulled back her hand rather than giving it to me. She smiled. “What? You no longer interested in spying on me?” “What?” I half stammered. Now she laughed, letting out a stream of almost hysterical guffaws.

“Oh come on Andy, I’m not that naive!”

“You knew?”

She was blushing.

“Lets just say I had my suspicions, though to be honest with you, I really wasn’t sure…until now!”

“Let me explain,” I began almost automatically, feeling a lot like that young teenage kid I once was.”

“Please do,” she grinned clenching the brick against her breasts. “Tell me what you were thinking when you peeked through the wall at me, better still…tell me what you were doing back here!”

Now it was my turn to blush. “I…ah…I…”

She laughed. “Oh for heaven’s sake Andrew,” she replied using my formal name, which surprisingly put me at ease somewhat. “That was a long time ago. We’re adults now.”

I was grinning, still not feeling too much like the adult I was trying to be. But I answered, “You know what I was doing,” I countered.

“Every time?”

“Almost.” Then I considered, and asked…”You?”

“Me what?”

“You know. You just admitted that you suspected I’d been spying on you, and thinking that, realizing my hormones were on over drive, you also must have suspected what a young boy would be doing looking at a naked woman.”


“So…did the thought of that ever turn you on?”

She paused for a moment considering. “Yes…yes it did.”


“And I think we should get this fence repaired,” she responded totally avoiding my question.

It was hot. Sweat was pouring off me as I worked, though I had finally removed my shirt in an effort to cool off some.

“I do envy you that,” she said a few minutes later as she handed me a cold beer.

“What’s that?”

“Being able to take your shirt off.”

“You wanna take yours off? Be my guest,” I said jokingly.

“Oh, and that wouldn’t bother you?”

“Bother me? No…not in a bad way anyway.” I know my mouth was still hanging open when I saw her reach up and begin untying the tidy little knot in her shirt. I thought for a moment she was merely teasing me, until she pulled her shirt open and then off her shoulders. She stood in front of me, glistening in sweat just as I was, but it was the most erotic sight I had ever seen before in my entire life. Her bare breasts, full, mature, and exceptionally beautiful with light brown areolas the size of silver dollars, each capped with a hard thick erect little nipple.

“Fuck,” I heard myself saying, and immediately apologized for my language.

“You offering?” she countered, “Or is that just a general statement?” I followed her gaze as her eyes dropped down towards my crotch. “I guess…that’s an offer,” she added coyly.

I didn’t even realize it until now, until I glanced down myself and simultaneously felt and saw my erection. I was hard as a rock! I looked back up towards her, unsure of what I could say, or should say. But already she crossed the few feet that separated us, her hand already reaching for, and finding my zipper.

“Oh my, have you always been this big?”

I wasn’t that big. But it was a nice ego stroke nevertheless, but one thing was for sure, I was hard! Fucking hard!

“Maybe I’ve gotten a little bigger…fatter!” I amended quickly. “But pretty much the same ever since…”

“Ever since you used to sit back here and masturbate while watching me?”

I avoided her question, re-asking another she still hadn’t answered. “You never did tell me if you ever got turned on knowing I was.”

She wrapped her hand around my hard stiff shaft stroking it. “Would it surprise you to hear that I’ve always wanted to do this?”

“Well, yes…and no. I mean, I fantasized enough about you doing it, imagining…but never in a million years…”

She laughed interrupting me. “Seems like a million years ago though doesn’t it?”

I don’t remember putting my hands on her bare tits, but suddenly I felt them within the palm of my hands as I caressed each of them, kneading the soft pliant flesh of those magnificent boobs. She moaned, then squeezed my prick even more needfully.

“Fuck me.”


“Here. Right here!” She said seriously.

She continued to stand there fondling my stiff prick even as I struggled out of my shorts. As hot as it was, it still felt coolish when I felt my shorts drop down around my ankles, my dick hard as a rock now being caressed by both her hand as well as the fresh air suddenly surrounding it.

“Fuck me!” she repeated. “Hard, fast!”

“I will,” I told her, but then forced her to release me as I dropped down to my knees before her.”

“Oh fuck!” she moaned breathlessly, making me laugh as I reached for the button, then the zipper on her shorts pulling them down her still muscular thighs and legs. She had also worn a black thong, but this too soon followed the removal of her cut off shorts until she stood before me, exposed, vulnerable, and now naked. As I knelt before her, I couldn’t help but allow my eyes to feast themselves on the swollen puffy lips of her sex. She was clean-shaven, something that surprised me and caught me off guard, but I found it erotically even more stimulating, decadent in a way I couldn’t explain. It reminded me in a way of those very young days of exploratory curiosity with the next-door neighbor girl. And suddenly, I felt like that very same kid again, though with my teacher this time, my very, very naughty teacher.

Tentatively I allowed my fingers to dance on the surface of her swollen lips, parting them slightly as I merely looked, brazenly allowing myself a close look at her sweetness. She was trembling, her hands now holding onto my head for support as I glanced upwards into her face. Her eyes were closed; her head tilted back ever so slightly, pursed lips in expectation of what was to come. She didn’t have long to wait.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed a moment later.

I tickled the surface of her hard exposed clit with the tip of my tongue, ever so softly, ever so gently, introducing myself to her as I continued spreading her pussy lips apart, her clitoris so aroused, so wonderfully swollen and anxious as I flicked it repeatedly, though still lightly with my tongue. Her knees buckled for a moment, but I reached behind her, filling my hands with her exposed ass, drawing her even more deeply against my face as I gathered her in, now sucking, now probing the recess of her femininity with my fucking tongue.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she repeated over and over again. Just hearing ‘Ms. Jones’ using such wonderful vulgarity was a turn on. For the craziest of moments, I could see her in the classroom writing on the black board, but in that thought, she was naked, me…kneeling before her there on the floor as she continued to write upon the board, “Oh fuck…Oh fuck…Oh fuck!”

I continued sucking her pussy, the sweetness of her fragrance intoxicating. As hot as it was, her pussy was just as fresh as though she’d just stepped from the tub. I devoured her, licking her over and over again until my face was smeared, dripping with her juices. I felt the pull of her hands upon my head, forcing me to stand, then felt as she slithered down before me on her knees as we exchanged places. I could only groan as her warm hot mouth surrounded me, gathering me in.

“Oh fuck Nancy, you know how many times I imagined you doing this? I felt her laugh around my cock.

“Probably the same number of times I imagined you eating me!” She responded openly.


“Yeah…really,” she stated once again pulling my rock hard dick deep within her mouth, letting it go with a firm, slick ‘popping’ sound before gathering it back in again.

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard, deep, long and fast,” she said finally.

“Yes mam,” I responded using the same tone of voice I once used with her.

“Oh fuck, that’s so naughty!” she giggled as she lay back on the soft grass, pulling me down upon her. “It’s almost as though…”

“As though I was still in your class,” I spoke, spreading her legs apart with my hands, my stiff throbbing member already poised at the opening of her wet glistening slit.

“Yes! Yes!” Was all she said. “Yes!”

I entered her. I felt the head of my prick suddenly surrounded by the slick heated moisture of that pussy passage. Then I slid into her fully, taking her, as well as my own breath away in the process. I pumped her, fucked her, slowly, then faster. Each thrust deeper and deeper as she clawed at my back, her legs wrapping themselves about me in a vise-like grip.

Though secluded from sight, there were other neighbors nearby. Even so, her screams of pure unbridled ecstasy surprised me, music to my ears as she cried out her pleasures, uncaring if the neighbors could hear should they be listening, or curious as the sounds of our frantic coupling continued.

Somehow I paced myself, and her. Every time I felt either one of us reaching the edge I backed off, allowing us to recover momentarily. When I did so, I changed positions with her, now behind, now fucking her doggy-style as we knelt there on the grass together. Her sweet dangling breasts once again filling my hands as I reached around her, driving myself deeply inside her, teasing the taut firm little nipples which had seemingly grown even harder, even firmer now pressed within the palms of my hands.

She rolled me over then, twisting about impaling herself before I had even realized that she had. Riding me like a bucking bronco, which I became as I lay beneath her, thrusting upwards as she thrust downwards. My hands once again clenching her ass as she moved against me, slithering sometimes like a snake, teasing me as she lifted herself, supporting her weight on her legs, just barely containing me within the slippery softness of that perfect pussy before lowering, engulfing, soft-fucking me in such a tantalizing way that bordered on madness.

“You like fucking your teacher?” she moaned, though her eyes were wild with passion and desire. “I bet in all those times where you sat there jerking yourself off, you never imagined it like this did you?”

“No more than all those times when you went inside the house afterwards, probably fucked yourself with a vibrator, or your fingers…”

She laughed, still fucking me, still teasing me with that now very gooey, very slimly slippery cunt. “Usually, it was either a banana or a cucumber,” she admittedly hotly. “I didn’t even know what a vibrator was in those days!”

“Fuck!” I said simply. “I’d love to see that!”

“You would?”

“Yes…fuck yes!” I admittedly openly.

“In that case, let me come now. Fuck me silly until I do. Then later, maybe I’ll let you watch me pleasure myself the way I used to. Provided…”


“Yes, provided you show me the way you used to jerk yourself off while watching me.”

“Deal!” I said happily. Then once again rolled her over and plunged deeply into the very depths of her soul.

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