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A New Beginning

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“Sammy! Sammy come back here you little shit bag!” Jane was starting to regret adopting the 6 month old Beagle who was totally disobedient, had already been expelled from one puppy training class and had now disappeared through I tiny gap in a hedge into someone’s garden.

She ran across the field and peered through the small hole, pleading with him to come back but she couldn’t see him.

Standing up and brushing the earth from her jeans, Jane looked around and saw a gate into the garden a few metres away, but on reaching it she found it locked and wasn’t tall enough to see over the top.

Just as she was jumping up and down trying to see over the gate to catch a glimpse of her errant hound, the gate opened from the inside.

“Hello” chuckled a woman dressed in muddy dungarees and flip flops “I assume this little chap is yours?” Jane stared in amazement at Sammy who was sitting obediently at the woman’s feet, gently wagging his tail.

“I’m so sorry, he just runs off sometimes, I hope he didn’t do any damage? How on earth did you manage to catch him and make him sit still?”

“I didn’t have to catch him, he just ran up to me and then followed me to the gate, didn’t you boy?” The dog now wagged his tail furiously whilst having his ears scratched, but still stayed sat in place.

“Well, I’m sorry to have bothered you anyway, come on Sammy” and Jane snapped the lead onto the collar and dragged the reluctant dog back across the field.

The next couple of days Sammy wasn’t too badly behaved; ok so he wasn’t exactly obedient but he did come back eventually and when he looked at Jane with those gorgeous butter-wouldn’t-melt brown eyes he looked so cute that Jane couldn’t entertain thoughts of returning him to the animal shelter.

On Saturday morning she walked him through the woods for about 8 miles, returning home via the field near her cottage. You’d have thought Sammy would be tired after a long walk and countless chased squirrels and rabbits but as soon as they went through the gate he darted across the field and ran straight through the gap in the hedge again.

Jane sprinted after him until a stitch slowed her down, arriving at the gate hot and breathless, grasping her sides, just as it opened once more.

“Hello again, this is becoming a habit! My goodness, you look done in. Come on in and have a cold drink.”

“That’s very kind of you, I assume he’s in there somewhere?” panted Jane

“Oh yes, he’s made himself quite comfortable in fact, come and see.”

As Jane followed the woman around the corner of the house she couldn’t help but notice her arse as she walked, which was straining to escape the tight lycra cycling shorts she was wearing, and the shapely calf muscles beneath.

Jane hadn’t had a relationship with a woman for many years but since her divorce she had found herself drawn to women more than men. Not that she’d advertised this fact – having recently moved into a sleepy village in the heart of the English countryside and she wasn’t sure how people would react.

Jane was so busy focusing on the bum in front of her, she nearly ran straight into the woman when she stopped walking, turning to say something to Jane and catching her staring, making Jane’s already flushed face turn to scarlet.

They were on a south facing patio at the rear of the house and Sammy was curled up, fast asleep on a blanket, on the lawn, in the sunshine.

“Oh the little sod! I’m so sorry, let me get him off – he’s all muddy!” Jane went to move but found that her arm was caught in a firm grip.

“He’s fine, leave him. I’m a dog person so I’m used to mud and hair and everything else that comes with them. Come and sit down and I’ll find us something to drink.”

“Thanks, I really appreciate it. I’m Jane by the way”

“Nice to meet you Jane, I’m Maggie. Now, would you like lemonade, iced tea, white wine or a cold beer?”

“I’ll have a beer if that’s ok?”

Maggie disappeared into the French doors, leaving Jane to admire the views offered by the house being perched on a hillside.

Sammy might be a disobedient mutt but you never knew, it looked like she might be able to make a new friend out of his wayward behaviour.

Maggie reappeared carrying a try with 2 ice cold bottles of Becks, frosted with condensation, and dishes containing crisps, nuts and olives. She handed Jane a bottle and seated herself next to her at the patio table.

“So Jane, tell me about yourself”

“Not much to tell really. 32 years old, recently divorced, moved to the village 3 months ago, currently not working. Oh, and I adopted a dog that never listens to a word that I say!”

“He is a cutie though isn’t he?” smiled Maggie, her eyes crinkling against the sunshine

“I don’t understand why he keeps running into your garden though. Admittedly he rarely comes back when I call him, but whenever we go into that field he heads straight for that little hole in your hedge!”

“Maybe he was trying to introduce us” and this time when Maggie laughed Jane noticed how green her eyes were. “If you’ve only just moved to the village then I’m guessing you haven’t made too many friends yet?”

“Not many, no. I’ve joined the book group but they all seem to be a bit, well a bit, how can I put it….”

“FRUMPY!” Maggie finished for her before taking a long slurp from her beer “I used to be a member but the book choices were all so tame and then the talk would always turn to something as thrilling as knitting or cooking or children; not my cup of tea either.”

“So what do you do Maggie?”

“For a living? Not a lot at the moment; officially I’m semi retired but I’m erring more on the retired side at the moment, maybe I’ll change my mind when the summer’s over. I used to be in investment banking and luckily I got out just before the shit hit the fan, now I run a few people’s stock portfolios for them and the commission from that coupled with my own shares provide me with a decent income; I also do some consultancy work when the mood takes me.”

“You have a beautiful garden – the views are awesome!”

“I know, it’s what made me buy the house. Do you know that because of the aspect of the hill I can look over two thirds of the village from up here without anyone seeing me! It suits my slightly hermit / voyeuristic nature; I even bought the field next door to make sure no one could develop it and disturb my peace.”

They chatted easily for the next hour or so with Sammy lazing happily on the blanket, until the sun started to go down and the air turned chilly.

“Maggie I really should be going, I’ve taken up too much of your time already. Thanks so much for the beer and nibbles, chasing that dog is going to land me in hospital with a heart attack one of these days.”

“Will you be walking him tomorrow? I was wondering if I could tag along? I love walking but it always seems more enjoyable if you’ve got company and a dog always seems to make it more fun too.”

“Yes of course, I usually take him out at about 4ish, shall I call in for you on my way, I only live just the other side of the field on Flemming Lane.”

“That would be great! The gate locks automatically so in case I don’t hear you take this key and you can come straight in through the back gate.”

Jane pocketed the key, put the dog on his lead and walked cheerfully across the field, thanking Sammy for helping her make her first proper friend in the village – she was damned sexy too!

At 4 the next afternoon Jane arrived at the gate, key in hand. For some reason she felt nervous about just letting herself in but as she’d been instructed to do just that, she tentatively turned the key in the lock.

There was no sign of Maggie as they walked around the back of the house but the patio doors were open, so Jane stuck her head in and called out. There was nothing but silence from inside the house so she stepped inside and called out again.

‘Sorry Jane, I didn’t realise the time! I’m in the back, come on through. I need to get cleaned up, I won’t keep you a minute.’

Jane walked into the house, Sammy wagging furiously at the sound of Maggie’s voice and pulling at the lead until they found themselves in a light, spacious room full of art supplies. There were canvasses, paints and easels everywhere, with a small potting wheel in one corner.

Jane walked around the walls looking at the pictures that were leaning against every available space, in awe of the talent that had managed to capture these amazing scenes with such detail and vibrancy.

Suddenly she stopped dead. The picture she was looking at wasn’t a landscape but a portrait of an incredibly beautiful woman, reclining in a bath. The woman was covered by water, only exposed from the top of her breasts upwards with one knee rising out of the water but the picture was intensely erotic.

‘Hey, sorry to have kept you – I had to go and wash the paint off my hands’ and Maggie walked over to Jane and greeted her with a gentle kiss on the cheek.

‘No problem’ mumbled Jane, feeling like a voyeur at being caught ogling the woman in the picture ‘Did you do all of these? They’re amazing!’ she enthused, noticing the flush of pleasure rising on Maggie’s face at the compliment.

‘Just a hobby of mine; didn’t have much time when I worked but I’m enjoying getting back into it. I see you’ve found Grace.’

‘She’s beautiful. I mean the picture is beautiful. Well I guess I mean both. Who is she?’

‘I don’t know; she’s a real person but I’ve never spoken to her. I saw her face in the street one day and she captured my imagination – that picture was the result. Needless to say it’s mostly from imagination since she wasn’t naked or in a bath when I saw her.’

Jane looked at Maggie curiously, wondering if the inference she was picking up was accurate or just wishful thinking. She couldn’t help studying Maggie’s eyes as she scrutinised her own picture and she was sure she saw longing in them.

Then she got caught looking and suddenly Maggie was laughing at her, causing her to turn away quickly in embarrassment as if her every thought was written on her features.

‘I’m sorry Jane, I didn’t mean to embarrass you’ as she took her elbow and forced her to turn her face back ‘but I’m not sorry I caught you looking. I like you and I think we could be friends but you should know that I’m gay. You should also know that I find you attractive and if that spooks you out then please say so. I’m too long in the tooth to pretend to be something I’m not and I don’t play games; I won’t be crippled if you decide to turn around and walk out but I hope you won’t.’

Jane laughed at Maggie’s frank admission and lifted her eyes to meet her gaze.

‘Spooked by you being gay?’ she chuckled ‘no, just spooked by the fact that every time I check you out you catch me!’ and now both women were laughing hard.

‘Come on – lets take that walk, we can chat and get to know each other better’

They walked for hours across the rolling countryside, Sammy bounding along ahead of them, weaving in and out of the hedgerows as they discussed their lives so far.

Jane admitted to being bisexual but with a current leaning toward women and told Maggie of her previous fleeting relationships with women while at university. Of how her marriage had ended in an amicable divorce because they had grown apart and wanted different things from life, boredom finally driving them to separate.

She’d been a sales manager for many years and although she found it dull, her career had been going well until the company had been bought out and she’d opted for voluntary redundancy. Now she was deliberately taking some time out to re-evaluate her life and direction, fortunately funded by the redundancy and her share from the sale of her marital home.

Maggie in turn shared much about her life. She had always known that she was gay; finally admitting it to herself and the world at large after a few brief and disastrous relationships with men in her late teens.

Not being one to live a lie she had always been open about her sexuality and this hadn’t helped in the male dominated banking world, although eventually she had been accepted fully due to her work ethic and proven ability.

She had lived in London while working but always yearned for the rural lifestyle of her youth, so she and her long term partner of 8 years had started looking for a country retreat for weekends. Unfortunately cancer had claimed her lover before they ever managed to realise their dream.

That had been 5 years ago and now and at the age of 44 Maggie finally felt as if she could start to move on with her life again.

Eventually they were walking down the lane that contained Jane’s little cottage, Sammy obediently walking at heal as if he did it all of the time until they reached Jane’s gate, where he jumped up at Maggie almost knocking her off balance.

‘I think he’s trying to invite you in for a glass of wine’

‘Well then, if Sammy’s inviting me how could I refuse?’

Strangely, while walking and talking for hours Jane had felt completely at ease and the slight sexual tension Jane had felt in Maggie’s house had completely disappeared, however once they were inside again Jane felt slightly shy.

She ushered Maggie onto the sofa, fed Sammy and poured them both generous glasses of a deep and fruity Merlot, joining Maggie on the sofa, suddenly feeling at a loss for words.

‘Is this a comfortable silence or an awkward pause?’

Jane looked up into Maggie’s eyes, registering the slight concern she saw there.

‘I don’t know’ admitted Jane ‘how do you see it?’

‘I think that now we’re in your personal space rather than in the wide open, you’ve remembered that I’m attracted to you and you’re either working out how to let me down gently or wondering how to take the next step.’

‘Bloody hell!’ Jane snorted ‘you have to be the most straight talking woman I’ve ever known!’

‘No point in keeping secrets, they only come back and bite you on the arse’ grinned Maggie ‘but I’m right, aren’t I?’

‘Yes, ok you’re right – smart arse! but you’re obviously not as clever as you think. If I wasn’t attracted to you, you wouldn’t keep catching me checking you out, would you?’

The two women looked at each other seriously until both their faces cracked with smiles and they burst out laughing, the tension ebbing away and leaving them comfortable with each other once more.

‘So, does that mean that if I was to shuffle a little closer on this sofa, and maybe try to kiss you, that you wouldn’t run away screaming?’ teased Maggie with a raised eyebrow

‘Hmmm I’m not sure. I guess you’ll just have to try it to find out.’

Both women put their glasses down and Jane turned toward Maggie as she slid herself across the leather sofa until their knees were touching.

They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment until Maggie slowly moved her head and brought her lips to within an inch of Jane’s.

‘Now’s the time to run honey’ and she gently brushed her lips across Jane’s, who sighed as if in relief.


‘Still not sure, you better try it again just to be on the safe side’

This time Maggie kissed her more firmly, her lips staying longer and exerting more force before once again pulling back and looking enquiringly into Jane’s eyes.

‘I think it’s ok but I still need some more convincing’ said in the most serious voice she could muster under the circumstances.

‘You asked for it!’ and Maggie slid her hand into the hair at the base of Jane’s neck and drew her toward her, claiming her mouth and licking gently at her lips until they parted, allowing Maggie’s tongue free access to roam and explore. Jane was no mere observer in this kiss – she returned it passionately, suddenly remembering how soft and sweet and sensuous it could be to kiss another woman, losing herself in the feelings Maggie was provoking.

‘Mmmmm that was nice.’ purred Jane ‘I’d forgotten what that felt like.’

‘Being kissed or being kissed by a woman?’

‘Both; but especially being kissed by a damn sexy woman with soft, sweet lips like yours. Do it again – please.’

Jane had no concept of time passing; all thoughts eradicated by the sensation of kissing Maggie, until on opening her eyes she noticed it was starting to get dark. She unravelled her arms from around Maggie’s neck and sat back, looking at her new friend in the half light and seeing the look of contentment on her face.

The room had started to grow chilly as the late summer evening descended and she noticed goosebumps on her arms, although she wasn’t sure if they were caused by the cool air or the kisses.

It had so sweet; unhurried, unpressured, no fumbling or pawing at each other – just kissing, and it had been wonderful.

Maggie stroked the side of Jane’s face with her thumb, looking at her almost sorrowfully.

‘Although I’d love to keep doing this all night, I have a rare appointment with one of my investment clients this evening; I really need to leave.’

‘That’s a shame, I was about to ask you to stay for dinner.’

‘I tell you what – how about I pick you up here at 7pm tomorrow evening and take you out for dinner. I know it sounds corny but I’d like to take you out on a date, would that be ok?’

Jane smiled, her disappointment at Maggie leaving evaporating instantly.

‘Sounds lovely, where are we going and what should I wear?’

‘Something comfortable, nothing too formal. You’ll look lovely in anything you wear.’ and with that she kissed Jane once more and was gone down the lane, disappearing into the increasing gloom of the darkening evening with a wave.

Jane woke the next morning with the remnants of a dream floating in her head. A dream where she was kissing a beautiful woman who was soft and fragrant – holy shit! Not a dream but a memory!

Then she remembered about their date tonight, leapt out of bed and into the shower before tossing every item of clothing she owned onto her bed, trying to decide what to wear.

The day dragged by interminably slowly. She tried to carry on as normal but thoughts of Maggie kept invading her brain and she couldn’t help wondering if they’d end up in bed. She hadn’t had any kind of sexual encounter in far too long and was undeniably horny – still, sometimes waiting and enjoying the anticipation was nice too.

She managed to get through the day without calling Maggie, walked Sammy a bit early and returned to the house in plenty of time to get ready. She took a long, leisurely bath, shaved her legs and arm pits (just in case) and then wondered if she should shave her pussy.

She knew other women did it, had heard that it heightened sensation but she was too afraid. What if she didn’t do it right? What if ‘tonight was the night’ and she was crippled with shaving rash? No, tonight she would just be neatly trimmed.

Eventually she settled on wearing a pair of loose fitting, midnight blue silk trousers with a white shirt that she knew was slightly see through and after checking herself in the mirror, decided to remove her bra. She liked the effect. Her boobs were small enough to get away with being unfettered and you could just see the outline of her nipples through the fabric – perfect!

At precisely 7pm the bonnet of a sleek, black Mercedes pulled up to the gate; it wasn’t until Jane rounded the hedge that she realised that it wasn’t just any Mercedes – it was a limousine! The driver was just climbing out of the car and as he opened the back door for Jane she could smell Maggie’s perfume.

She peered into the interior of the car to find Maggie sat right at the back, reclined on the huge seat, talking on her mobile. She grinned at Jane and waved her into the car and onto the seat beside her, mouthing apologies for the phone call.

A couple of minutes later Maggie hung up the phone, took Jane’s hand and looked deeply into her eyes before leaning forward and kissing her. Jane had been looking forward to this moment all day and she instantly felt her body respond to the intimacy, her pussy tingling and her nipples jumping to attention.

‘Hey Honey, you look divine.’

‘Thank you, so do you. My god, when you take a girl out you don’t do it by halves do you!’.

Maggie chuckled ‘What this?’ as she gestured expansively around the inside of the car ‘you should see what happens on the second date! Actually the client that I met with last night is very rich and happens to be a dear friend; he doesn’t mind me borrowing his car and chauffeur when he’s not using them.’

‘So, where are we going in such style?’

‘Wait and see. Now, let’s see what we have in here.’ Maggie leaned over and pressed a panel which slid back to reveal crystal decanters of whiskey and brandy and a small fridge, from which she removed a well chilled bottle of champagne.

‘Shall we?’ she said with a flourish as she lifted two crystal flutes out of another compartment.

The champagne was delicious and they finished the bottle on the 45 minute journey, talking and kissing the whole time in the back of the luxurious vehicle and Jane had been so distracted that when the car stopped she had absolutely no idea where they were or even which direction they’d travelled in.

The driver opened the door for them and they climbed out onto what appeared to be a very seedy residential street.

‘Ok, so no wonder you didn’t want to tell me where you were taking me.’ stated Jane with a puzzled look on her face ‘and just where in gods name are we and why?’

‘Doubting me are you? You’ll see.’ Maggie smirked and linked her arm through Jane’s, leading her toward a set of narrow, dirty, concrete steps to the basement of a very ordinary looking town house.

Knocking on an old door, pale blue paint peeling from the wood, Maggie turned to Jane and laughed at the horrified look on her face.

‘Trust me Hon, I promise you’ll like it. You’re actually very privileged to be here and I only got our reservation confirmed just in time – that’s who I was on the phone to in the car.’

After a short wait the door opened and one of the tallest women Jane had ever seen stood on the threshold scowling – until she saw her visitors.

‘Maggie you old scoundrel! I couldn’t believe it when Evie said you’d called – it’s been bloody years!’ and the two women hugged tightly.

‘I know, I’m sorry I left it so long. It was kind of hard you know? We had so many good times here before she got ill, I just couldn’t bear the memories. I’m glad you managed to fit us in at such short notice.’

‘Woman – it would be a cold day in hell before I couldn’t manage to find a table for you.’

‘Clare, I’d like to introduce to you to Jane; we just met recently and she has no idea what’s behind that door, shall we show her?’

They walked into a dimly lit hallway with another door at the end, which when opened caused Jane gasp in surprise. It was a large room with a small stage at one end and about 15 tables at well spaced intervals, only one of which, near the stage, didn’t already have women sitting at it.

‘Oh my god! I would never have guessed this was here’ enthused Jane

‘I’ll leave Evie to take care of you and see you later’ and with that Clare kissed them both on the cheek and left as a woman dressed in a fabulously tailored black-tie dinner suit approached them and planted the biggest kiss on Maggie’s lips – Mmmmwaah!

‘Hey gorgeous, time’s treated you well, you look great! I’m so pleased to see you!’ and she grabbed both of their arms and took them to the empty table, handed them some menus and disappeared, promising to return in a couple of minutes.

Jane just stared at Maggie in absolute wonder. It seemed that she was just full of surprises and Jane couldn’t remember the last time someone took so much trouble to ensure she had a good time.

‘Told you you’d like it.’

‘Damn I’d like to kiss you right now, you dark horse!’

‘Don’t let me stop you. I’m sure you’ve noticed that everyone here is female and every one of them is gay, so I’m sure no one would mind.’ and she leant across the table and kissed Jane square on the lips, casual at first but deepening to the sort of kiss that leaves nothing open to interpretation, again making Jane’s body snap to attention.

Maggie explained that her and Evie had known each other for most of their lives, had even had a brief fling once, many years ago but that Evie had been committed to Clare for the last 15 years.

They had opened this private members club for lesbians about 12 years ago and Maggie and her partner had been regulars before the cancer set in and she hadn’t been back since her death.

‘I thought now was a good time to wave goodbye to past sorrows and say hello to the future.’

The menu was small and limited but it all sounded lovely and eventually both women settled for steaks with a blue cheese sauce, fries and salad which they ordered from Evie when she returned with complementary glasses of champagne.

As their food arrived the lights dimmed even further and the curtain around the stage drew back to reveal a piano and 2 stools, one of which next to a guitar rack holding several instruments.

Clare appeared on stage and stepped up to the microphone.

‘Ladies and Ladies, welcome. I know she’s been away for a while and believe me I’ve missed her as much as you, but we can’t begrudge the girl an education; please welcome back the amazing Charlie!’

The audience were whistling and clapping madly; Charlie was obviously popular and the noise level increased further when a strikingly beautiful woman of about 25, who was easily as tall as Clare walked across the stage, grabbed a guitar and sat on the stool in front of the microphone.

‘Ok, thank you, thank you THANK YOU!’ until eventually the noise subsided.

Clare had sat at the piano and as the first few notes of ‘That ‘Ole Devil Called Love’ started to drift out into the room Jane thought she had died and gone to heaven.

Charlie’s voice was incredibly smoky and soulful, but with a power and finesse that stopped all other noise in the room.

Jane looked up to find Maggie smiling at her and silently mouthed ‘How did you know?’

Maggie leaned over, and kissed Jane before whispering in her ear ‘I snuck a peek at you CD collection yesterday – it seems we have a love of old Blues and Jazz in common. Don’t forget to eat, this steak is heavenly.’

After about 40 minutes Clare and Charlie left the stage for a break and headed toward their table, Charlie rushing up to Maggie and flinging her arms around her.

‘Auntie Maggie! How are you? I’m so pleased you’re here!’

‘My god Charlie, you’ve grown into an absolute stunner! Jane, this is Charlie, Clare’s daughter, star of the show and probably the only straight woman in the room. We got lucky tonight, she’s been away at university. How are the studies going Charlie?’

‘All finished, I’m now qualified to teach music! I much prefer performing it but it’s nice to have another string to my bow, so to speak.

It’s nice to meet you Jane, I’m glad you gave Maggie a reason to come back and visit us, it’s been way too long.’

They chatted for another few minutes before Clare and her daughter excused themselves to freshen up before the second act, leaving Maggie and Jane alone.

‘Oh Maggie this is wonderful, how can I ever thank you?’

‘I’m sure I’ll think of something. You could kiss me again as a start.’

Jane scooted her chair around so that she was sitting much closer to Maggie, rested her hand on her thigh and leaned in to kiss her new found friend. Without realising what she was doing she started tracing patterns on Maggie’s thigh as they kissed, until Maggie moaned slightly into her mouth before pulling away and looking into Jane’s eyes once more; eyes darkening as her pupils dilated.

‘You need to stop doing that or I’m going to rip your clothes off right here and now.’ she growled huskily as she grabbed Jane’s wrist.

‘Mmm that sounds nice but how about we wait until we get home?’

The second act was as mesmerising as the first but Jane was finding it hard to concentrate. She was sitting close enough to Maggie for them to exchange gentle touches and caresses and they were driving each other insane. It was obvious from the look in their eyes that they both wanted the same thing and sitting still, listening to the soulful, sexy, bluesy music was an exquisite torture.

A few couples got up to dance and Maggie took Jane’s hand, leading her onto the floor where they danced close together, their bodies pressed against each other as their hands meandered ceaselessly over sensuous curves.

Clare and Charlie finished their set and Maggie called them over, with Evie also arriving at the table to take Clare into her arms and kiss her deeply, congratulating them on how well they had performed.

‘Ladies, that was a fabulous evening, thank you. I promise I won’t leave it so long next time, but Jane and I have to go now.’

‘So soon Auntie Maggie, we haven’t had time to have a proper chat?’

‘Charlie, I think they have other things on their mind tonight Hon’ chuckled Evie ‘We’ll have to hold Maggie to her promise to come back soon and chat with her and Jane then.’

After much goodbye hugging and kissing the two women finally made it out into the cool night air and into the waiting limo, where they sunk gratefully into the deep leather back seat, making out like horny teenagers. Maggie spoke to the driver, asking to be warned when they were 5 minutes away from home. Then she pressed buttons that raised a black partition between them and the driver and stopped the driver being able to hear them; turning to Jane with a wicked grin.

‘Ever made love in the back of a Limo?’

‘Not yet.’ and she started to unbutton her shirt, slowly revealing her bare breasts as Maggie looked on, transfixed.

As more flesh was revealed Maggie couldn’t help removing Jane’s hands and undoing the buttons herself, until the shirt was fully undone and she could slip the material off her shoulders, letting it fall onto the seat.

With full access Maggie now ran the tips of her fingers down from Jane’s throat, in between her breasts and down to the waistband of her trousers, where she lingered slightly at the fastening, checking Jane’s eyes for approval. Seeing only lust, Maggie undid the trousers and as Jane raised her hips she pulled them over her legs.

She was about to perform the same manoeuvre with Jane’s silky panties when she was stopped by a single word ‘Unfair!’ So she sat still and allowed Jane to lift her top over her head, revealing her large, lace encased breasts.

Jane ran her fingers over them lightly making Maggie hiss as her nails crossed the stiff nipples, before leaning forward and kissing Maggie fiercely as she undid the clasp to set them free.

Maggie, in the meantime was already shimmying out of her skirt to speed the process up and when they were both down to their panties they looked at each other with undeniable hunger on their faces.

Jane dived on top of Maggie, pinning her to the seat beneath them as she took one of Maggie’s distended nipples into her mouth, kneading and sucking until Maggie was moaning in pleasure beneath her, but Maggie wanted access to Jane as well and even the huge limousine seat didn’t offer enough space, so they quickly rolled off onto the plush carpet.

Jane found their situations reversed with Maggie now having the upper hand, her own nipples were now being pinched and suckled. No one had lavished so much attention on her tits since she had last been with a woman in college and she had forgotten how sweet it could be to have your breasts worshipped and adored for their own sake, rather than just a means to an end.

She managed to move out from under Maggie so that they were laying side by side, staring into each other’s eyes before their mouths danced together once more and their hands wandered.

It had been a long time since Jane had felt this sexually aggressive but the combination of abstinence and it being a long time since she’d made love to a woman was driving her actions.

As they kissed she slipped her hands down the front of Maggie’s panties, her finger slipping easily into the wet, silky folds of flesh and sliding over her button with ease as her mouth captured a nipple and sucked hungrily.

‘Oh sweet Jesus!’ cried Maggie as her back arched, forcing her nipple further into Jane’s eager mouth.

Jane lavished attention on both of Maggie’s stiff nipples before sitting up and grasping the waistband of her panties and pealing them down her legs. The aroma of Maggie’s sex filled the car spurring Jane’s desire even further, so she slipped between Maggie’s thighs and gently lapped at her clit.

‘Ok, now you’re not being fair!’ squealed Maggie ‘Get those of and sit on my face.’

Jane wasn’t about to argue and soon she was lowering her own dripping sex onto Maggie’s waiting mouth. They ate each other furiously, slurping loudly and moaning with abandon – giggling like school girls when the car went over a speed hump, until they both cried out in a fast and furious mutual orgasm, coming down just in time to grin at each other sheepishly when the driver warned them they were five minutes from home.

‘I want more’ murmured Jane as she kissed the slick juices from Maggie’s face, while trying to do her buttons up.

‘Come back to my place, you can have as much as you like.’

‘I can’t. Sammy will need to be let out by now, why don’t you come to mine?’

‘OK, but we need to swing past my house first.’

Maggie instructed the driver and they made a quick stop at Maggie’s house, Jane waiting in the car as she ran inside and returned a few minutes later carrying a holdall.

As they pulled up outside Jane’s house they could hear Sammy barking furiously and Jane hurried to open the door to let him out, but rather than run into the garden to relieve himself he ran straight up to Maggie and waited for his head to be scratched first.

‘Not only is that dog disobedient, he’s a bloody traitor too!’ laughed Jane as Sammy completely ignored her.

Once inside the cottage they kissed deeply once more. The urgency had gone but the passion remained and they savoured each other’s mouths as their hands slowly caressed.

‘Shall we take this upstairs?’ asked Jane as she took Maggie’s hand and led her toward her bedroom.

Having stripped out of their clothes once more, they stood and appreciated each other for a moment. Maggie was slightly slimmer than Jane and had an incredible body for someone of 44, especially since she apparently objected to most forms of exercise and Jane was instantly drawn back to her large breasts. They seemed to call out to her, begging to be sucked, the nipples scrunched up and waiting eagerly.

Jane encouraged Maggie to sit at the end of the bed with her legs apart so she could kneel on the floor in between her knees. She caressed Maggie’s thighs as she sucked and nibbled on her breasts, feeling finger nails raking her back and shoulders as her lover’s moans became an audible expression of her arousal and need.

Jane pushed Maggie back onto the bed and lifted her legs over her shoulders, her dripping sex open before her, calling her inexorably forward until she was painting her tongue in broad, flat strokes over the entire area, tasting the slickness that was oozing freely from Maggie’s cunt.

She easily slipped 2 fingers quickly and deeply into the waiting void, pumping them furiously as she took her distended clit into her mouth and sucked while flicking it with her tongue.

Maggie was already highly aroused and it took no time at all before she was crying in out ecstasy as her climax tore through her body, leaving her flushed and gasping for air.

Jane climbed up onto the bed and kissed her deeply as she basked in the afterglow, loving the fact that she had caused Maggie to be in this state.

Maggie wasn’t calm for long though, the kisses serving to enflame her passion once more and she was determined to give as good as she got. She reached over and grabbed her holdall from beside the bed, sitting with it on her lap as that wicked grin returned once more.

‘What was your favourite position with your husband?’ she asked as her eyes danced with mischief

‘Hmmm, doggy style I think. I liked to be able to play with myself as he fucked me from behind.’

‘Nice. Want to try it with me?’ and she reached into the bag and withdrew a leather harness with a nicely sized dildo attached.

Jane helped Maggie to buckle herself in and presented herself on all fours; arse in the air and a pillow under her head so that she only had to support herself on one arm.

Maggie lay underneath her and pulled Jane’s sex down onto her face. She had wanted to make sure that Jane was wet enough but there was no need; it was obvious as soon as she parted her swollen lips that Jane was more than ready and after just a few minutes of oral attention she was begging Maggie to fuck her.

Maggie slid out from underneath and positioned herself behind Jane, caressing her arse cheeks as she positioned the head of the phallus against her opening.

‘How do you like it Honey?’ she asked as she teased Jane by slipping the head just inside and then removing it repeatedly, building Jane’s expectations with every false start.

‘Right now – hard and fast!’ squealed Jane as she pushed herself back, trying to impale herself.

Maggie teased her another couple of times before suddenly thrusting all of the way in, filling Jane completely and taking her by surprise, making her grunt in satisfaction and pushing the knobbles on the harness against Maggie’s clit.

Maggie used long, firm strokes; withdrawing the dildo almost completely before thrusting back in again; loving the squelching noises as Jane’s copious juices were displaced by her actions.

‘Oh shit that’s good!’ Jane could feel Maggie’s breasts on her back with each thrust and it served to heighten the experience even further. The woman certainly knew how to wield her toy and she was varying her strokes now, keeping Jane on the edge, never quite hard enough or fast enough for long enough for Jane to fall into the abyss but keeping her balanced on a knife edge of tortuous pleasure.

Eventually Maggie leaned down over Jane’s back and breathed into her ear ‘play with yourself Honey’ and as Jane’s practised fingers strummed her clit she pounded into her from behind, grasping onto her hips for purchase as she filled her over and over, gritting her teeth to delay her own dangerously close release.

Very soon Jane was whimpering as she got closer and closer until she cried ‘Oh fuck yes!’ her body shuddering and stiffening as the waves engulfed her, Maggie crying out behind her she too allowed herself to fall into a well of pleasure.

They lay entwined, the harness discarded somewhere on the floor, the duvet covering their naked bodies as they gently kissed and caressed, glowing from the tips of their toes to their smiling faces.

Maggie stroked Jane’s face tenderly and kissed the tip of her nose. ‘I have to be up really early in the morning and I’ll try not to wake you, so please don’t worry if I’m gone when you surface.’

‘Do you have plans for tomorrow?’

‘I have some work I need to do first thing but I’ll be free from about 11am, why don’t you and Sammy come for lunch?’

Sleepily Jane agreed before they dozed off, wrapped securely in each other’s arms.


Jane awoke to feel someone pressing against her back and rolled over to kiss Maggie, only to find that Sammy was curled up on the bed next to her. Her raised his head and jumped up, barking his good mornings as he licked Jane’s face in greeting.

She stumbled into the bathroom on shaky legs, her muscles aching – last night had been the best workout she’d had in years and she decided that sex was definitely the best way to exercise!

She showered with a huge smile on her face before dressing quickly, grabbing Maggie’s key and taking Sammy out for a walk across the fields, happy in the knowledge that their walk would end up at Maggie’s gate.

As usual, as soon as they entered Maggie’s field Sammy took off at a run, disappearing through the hedge. Jane opened the gate and let herself in, calling out to Maggie as she stuck her head inside the open door.

‘We’re in the kitchen, come on through.’ Jane was a bit miffed when she hear the word ‘we’. She was expecting it to just be the two of them but she had to laugh when she entered the large kitchen to find Sammy already there and making himself quite at home on a small sofa.

Maggie grinned at her widely and opened her arms, welcoming Jane into them and making her feel as if she’d come home as they kissed languidly.

‘Morning Sweetie, did you sleep well? You looked so cute snuggled up asleep it was all I could do to tear myself out of your bed this morning.’

‘Thanks to you wearing me out I slept like the dead! What time did you get up?’

‘About 7ish. I hope you didn’t mind Sammy being on the bed? He jumped up as soon as I got out and I didn’t have the heart to move him.’

There were wafts of something delicious coming from the oven and a freshly made salad sat in a glass bowl on the counter next to hunks of crusty bread and butter.

‘That smells scrummy!’ enthused Jane as her stomach growled, reminding her that she’d skipped breakfast. ‘what’re we having?’

‘Lasagne; it’s one of my favourites but I’m not good at making it in small portions so it’s nice to have someone over to help me eat it.’

‘Oh my god!’ exclaimed Jane as she pulled Maggie tightly against her ‘You’re gorgeous, you’re a financial wizard, you’re an amazing artist and you cook too? I’m never letting you go!’ and she kissed her deeply, her actions reinforcing the words that somewhere inside her, she knew to be true.

‘Come with me I have something to show you’ and Maggie took her hand as they wandered into the bright studio. There was an easel with a cloth over it, which Maggie removed with a flourish to reveal a charcoal drawing of a sleeping woman. She was laying on her side, her arm supporting her head, the covers just low enough to reveal one small pert breast, her face serene and beautiful in her repose.

Jane peered closely at the picture, admiring the detail and depth supplied by the careful and clever use of shading and light, finally focusing on the face and crying ‘Oh my god; that’s me!’

Maggie was stood behind her anxiously, it had been a long time since she’d sketched someone she knew and her artist’s vanity was dying for approval. She needn’t have worried, Jane turned to her with tears in her eyes and kissed her again.

‘It’s beautiful; You’ve made me look beautiful; oh Maggie I love it!’

‘Then it’s yours. I’ll frame it for you and you can hang it in the loo or somewhere.’

‘I’m not hiding it away on the toilet! In fact I think it would look nice over my bed.’

She took Maggie’s hands and kissed the back of her fingers before turning them over and kissing the palms.

‘You have very talented hands Maggie.’

‘Oh yes?’ came the reply, an arched eyebrow indicating that Maggie wasn’t just considering her artistic talents ‘and in just what way are they talented?’

Jane picked up on the inference and beamed a smile at her new friend, kissing her lightly on the mouth but pulling away before Maggie could deepen the kiss further.

‘Well, for one thing they make a wonderful smelling lasagne and I’m starving!’ and she laughingly dragged Maggie back into the kitchen.

They ate lunch outside in the garden with Sammy bounding around chasing squirrels as they wiped the last of the lasagne off their plates with warm bread. The good food and the cold, crisp Chablis had made Jane drowsy, so they moved onto a blanket on the lawn and lay under the sun’s soothing rays, dozing and holding hands.

Jane woke to Sammy licking her face and Maggie’s laughing voice scolding him gently.

‘Oh look what you’ve done now dog, you’ve gone and woken her up!’

Jane opened bleary eyes and pushed Sammy away so she could sit up, finding Maggie sat on a lawn chair with a sketch pad on her lap.

‘So this is how it’s going to be huh? Every time I fall asleep you’re going to draw pictures of me?’

‘Yup! That’s the problem with having an artist as your girlfriend I’m afraid.’ And Maggie sat on the blanket with Jane and kissed her deeply until she was thoroughly awake.

Suddenly Jane pulled away – Maggie’s words finally making their way into her brain.

‘You just called me your girlfriend!’

‘I know; was it too presumptuous of me? I’d certainly like to think this was going somewhere rather than just a brief fling. I love your company and I think you’re sexy as hell and in my opinion they’re both good girlfriend qualities. I guess the question is – do you want to be my girlfriend?’

‘Well that depends.’ Smirked Jane ‘How do I know that you’ll always be as good as last night and that it wasn’t just a fluke?’

There was only one sensible way to answer that, so Maggie pushed Jane back onto the blanket and set about removing her clothes, swatting Jane’s hands away as she started to protest, reminding her that no one could see them.

Jane didn’t take much convincing and instead started to help the process by shimmying out of her shorts, finally laying back on the blanket completely naked and exposed to the sun’s rays and the gentle breeze, her nipples hardening instantly at the sensation and the feeling of naughtiness.

She looked up at Maggie and saw the way her eyes were travelling over her body, her pupils darkening with desire as she drank in the sight before her; finally managing to tear her gaze away long enough to quickly remove her own clothes.

Laying down on the blanket again she gazed in to Jane’s eyes as one hand languidly caressed the soft skin from mid thigh, up across her tummy to just under her breasts, making Jane shiver with anticipation.

Maggie’s touch was feather light as she traced patterns on the soft skin of Jane’s rib cage, teasingly close to those perky breasts but veering away to stroke Jane’s arm, shoulder and neck as she bent low to kiss Jane’s eagerly parted lips.

Jane knew what she wanted and wasn’t about to be denied, so she grabbed Maggie’s hips and pulled her body down until it was covering her own; their warm, soft skin joining together and causing small fires to start in Jane’s body.

Maggie groaned at the glorious contact and moved slightly so that she straddled Jane’s thigh while she inserted her own up against Jane’s pussy, feeling the moisture that had already gathered in anticipation leave a slippery trail as she moved.

Jane gasped into Maggie’s mouth, pushing her thigh up into Maggie, the two women quickly finding a rhythm as they writhed against each other, the glorious friction causing them both to moan out loud into their kisses as their arousal soared to a finale that had them both calling out the other’s name as they peeked in unison.

Maggie’s sated body slumped down onto Jane, who wrapped her arms and legs around her new lover, holding her tightly in place as their sweaty skin melded together. She nuzzled her face into Maggie’s neck, kissing the tender skin and nibbling on her ear lobe.

‘ok, so you passed the test’ she whispered gently, smiling into her lovers neck ‘I’d love to be your girlfriend.’

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