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Mrs. Ford Takes Another Ride

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Adam hadn’t seen Mrs. Ford in a couple of weeks although the memory of the late evening they had spent in her back yard was still vivid in his mind. He had agonized over whether or not he should get in touch with her. He thought of calling her and asking if she needed someone to clean her pool, but then he would cringe at the sexual overtones that were so obvious in such an offer. Ultimately he decided that it was unlikely that his mother’s best friend would want him calling her up like some moon struck teenager which was, in fact, pretty much what he was.

But he still spent most of his nights reliving their erotic sexual encounter and messing up his sheets.

It was at a country club dance on a Saturday night that he finally saw Mrs. Ford again. He and a couple of his friends from school had been asked to work serving dinner. Adam had hoped he might see her but he had checked out all the tables early and she wasn’t there.

He had gotten a ride over with Amelia, a girl from school that he had just started seeing. After they finished serving she was going to give him a ride home but first she wanted to talk to some other friends who were there. There was a pretty good band and a lot of people were dancing. Adam had gone to the bar for a coke while he waited for Amelia. That was when Mrs. Ford came up to him.

“Well hello there Adam!…Fancy meeting you here!…” she said as she sidled up to the bar next to Adam and put down her drink.

Adam hadn’t seen her coming. He jumped when she said his name. When he saw who it was, he sucked in an excited breath. He couldn’t help himself as he ravaged the lovely blonde with his eyes. Mrs. Ford was wearing a red Chinese silk sheath that clung thrillingly to her hour glass figure. Her arms and shoulders were bare. Her hair was pulled up with a few blonde curls artfully straying from the silken pile. The dress had a high collar and the crimson silk was taut around her chest, her waist and her lower torso where it ended about mid-calf. There was a long slit up the side, almost to her waist so she could walk in her wickedly high heels. And there was a teasing glimpse of her nylon clad thigh through the slit in the dress.

“Mrs. Ford!…Hi!…I looked for you earlier but didn’t see you!…” Adam stammered, his heart starting to pound excitedly.

Lauren Ford looked at him with an amused expression as she pushed her drink across the bar for a refill.

“Brad had a late flight and dropped me off on his way to the airport. He’s out of town for a couple of days. But I didn’t want to miss all the fun, so here I am! How have you been Adam? I haven’t seen you for what…oh at least a couple of weeks?…How have you been?…”

Adam was so flustered he hardly could speak. Mrs. Ford was talking like she hardly remembered when they’d last seen each other. And yet on that occasion she had wantonly seduced him, treating him to his first oral sex experience. The image of his turgid cock gushing beneath her ovalled lips as her eyes sparkled up into his was burned into his brain.

“Oh I’ve been fine!…Busy at school you know…And sometimes I get to work a couple of evenings, like tonight…”

“Didn’t I see you with Marcia Hennesy’s daughter just before?… I didn’t know you two were together.”

“Amelia?… And me?… Oh no…. She’s just a friend. She gave me a ride over and she’s supposed to give me a ride home…if she doesn’t forget…” Adam said sheepishly.

“Why she seems so sweet Adam! …I’m sure she’d be interested in a good looking young guy like you!… Have you asked her out? …You should… I think you’d make a lovely couple, don’t you?…” Mrs. Ford asked with a teasing smile.

“Well I’ve been kind of busy and I don’t know Mrs. Ford…I…I haven’t really been paying too much attention to the girls …to the girls at school lately…” Adam said lamely.

Mrs. Ford continued to look into his eyes with a calculating smile.

“You know what they say…all work and no play makes Adam a dull boy…and we wouldn’t want that!…Why don’t you dance with me!…” Mrs. Ford said. Leaving her drink, she took Adam’s hand and started pulling him towards the dance floor.

“Really Mrs. Ford!…I’m not very good!…This probably isn’t a real good idea!…” Adam said, trying not to be ungracious. He really was a terrible dancer and usually felt like an idiot on the dance floor.

But Mrs. Ford wasn’t letting him off the hook that easily as she dragged him out to the middle of the floor then turned to face him.

“Come on!…You might like it!…” Lauren said with a saucy wink. Then she put her hands together in front of her and began to twist her hips and shoulders in time with the music.

Adam was transfixed for a moment. He hadn’t initially thought that Mrs. Ford’s dress was particularly sexy, but he had been wrong. When Lauren started to dance her voluptuous breasts heaved and rippled enticingly beneath the tight silk that sheathed them. He could clearly see the shapely moons of her ass flexing as she swiveled her hips beneath the gauzy silk material. And sometimes her nylon sheathed thigh would come snaking out of the slit in the side of the dress, giving Adam a eye-catching glimpse of her stocking tops.

Lauren watched him with amusement as Adam stood there like a statue. She slowly raised her arms until her hands were in her hair. Then she turned slightly and started bumping her hips into Adam from the side. The young man couldn’t take his eyes off the seductive Mrs. Ford but he eventually realized he was expected to dance. He tried to follow her motions and before long his body was swaying rhythmically. He was obviously out of his league trying to match her sinuous and spellbinding shimmy but he didn’t do too badly. The band dragged the song out for quite a while but eventually it ended and Adam and Mrs. Ford were both quite out of breath. Adam started to head back to the bar but Lauren stopped him.

“I need a cigarette… Let’s go outside for a minute…” she said, pulling Adam towards the deck. She picked up a pack of cigarettes that was on a table that they passed on their way out the door.

When they were outside she quickly lit up and took a deep drag as she leaned back against the railing. She kept her eyes locked on his, still smiling quietly at him with an amused expression on her face.

“Thank you Adam!… That wasn’t so bad was it?…You dance very well!…”

“Oh that’s not true… I know I’m not very good but at least I didn’t step on you!…”

“Oh I think you could be good Adam…Very good!…You just need someone to show you some of the basics!…Would you like me to show you a few things?… ”

“Mrs. Ford…I don’t..!…I’m not sure!…” Adam stammered. He wanted to think that this beautiful woman was sort of coming on to him again but he didn’t want to make a fool of himself by jumping to conclusions.

Lauren continued to watch him as she took another drag of her cigarette. Then she stepped close to him and said…

“Here…Over here…” as she pulled him into a secluded corner on the deck. The band could still be heard playing but they were playing a slow tune now.

“I think you could be a wonderful dancer!…All you need is someone to show you a few moves…” Lauren said in a husky murmur, slowly sliding her arms around Adam’s neck as she looked into his eyes.

“Would you like me to teach you?…”

“Ohhhh!…Yes!…Yes, please Mrs. Ford!…” Adam answered excitedly as the older blonde’s perfume enveloped him. The feel of her bare arms drifting around his neck as her body pressed lightly against his made him dizzy with excitement.

“All right!…Just relax and let me show you what to do!…” Mrs. Ford said with sparkling eyes as she moved in closer.

The sultry blonde was enjoying herself. She had been looking forward to getting her hands on young Adam again and this was turning into the perfect opportunity.

“Just let your body feel it!…”she murmured as she molded her voluptuous curves to the inexperienced young man and began to gently sway against him.

“Oh my!…” Adam gasped quietly. He hadn’t expected anything like this. He had thought Mrs. Ford was being quite reserved with him and now, all of a sudden she was in his arms, her warm, lush curves pressing against him in the most arousing manner. His youthful cock quickly stiffened and bulged through the front of his pants. He moved fairly awkwardly, embarrassed that Mrs. Ford might realize he had an erection just from dancing with her.

Lauren Ford smiled to feel Adam’s cock lurching between them. She stood on her tip toes to take a drag from her cigarette over his shoulder. She made sure to thrust her silky curves even more tightly against him as she did so

“Relax, baby!…I can feel you tensing up!…Just relax!…Think of something you really like!…I know!…Why don’t you tell me about the best blow job you ever got!…” Lauren breathed huskily into Adam’s ear as she twisted against him.

“Ohhhh!…Mrs. Ford!…” Adam gasped in dismay. He definitely didn’t know how to answer that question but just hearing it from Mrs. Ford’s lips sent a lightning bolt of excitement jolting through his groin. Reflexively his hips shot forward, and he moaned quietly as he hunched his aching boner into Mrs. Ford’s swiveling loins.

“Was it out by the pool?…With me Adam?…That night I sucked you off two weeks ago?…Ummm!…That was a good one wasn’t it!…You came so much I could barely swallow it all!…Did you like that Adam?…”

Adam only groaned quietly again in response. His eyes closed and he pictured the moment again for the hundredth time in his head when Mrs. Ford’s eyes were burning up into his over her sunken cheeks as she avidly sucked the come from his throbbing tool.

“Ohhhh!….” he gasped again, hunching even more excitedly into Mrs. Ford’s provocative loins.

Lauren’s moist breath gusted into his ear as she purred….”Remember how you came in my mouth!… Even after I asked you not to!…Your cock was so big I thought I was going to choke on it, you bad boy!…And so much come!…I could barely swallow it all!…You were so bad, weren’t you baby?..”

As she spoke Lauren took one of Adam’s hands in hers and guided it under the slit in the side of her dress. She pressed his hand around behind her and onto her bare ass. Adam’s outstretched fingertips were just slipping under the tiny strip of her thong underwear when she sank her nails into the back of his hand, making him squeeze her creamy butt hard.

“Ohhhh!…” she groaned appreciatively, slamming her loins forward and molding her silk clad vagina hotly into Adam’s straining loins.

“Unnnn!…Unnn!…Oohhhh!…” Adam cried at the searing press of Mrs. Ford’s groin against his. He never even had a chance to try and hold back. His cock stiffened feverishly against the silky heat of the older woman’s thrusting loins. His balls lurched and suddenly his come was spewing in his pants in a molten rush.

“Oh my!…Adam!…What are you doing?… ” Lauren Ford whispered with an amused smile, knowing full well what she was doing the eager young man.

Adam look downed at the smiling blonde then closed his eyes and groaned with embarrassment and arousal.

“Are you coming?…You are, aren’t you?…” Lauren asked coyly as she felt the unmistakable throbbing of Adam’s boner against her. This was too much fun she thought as she tilted her pelvis up and in, jamming her satin sheathed vulva into Adam’s spasming groin.

“Nahhhh!…Ohhhh!…Nooo!…” Adam moaned. But he couldn’t help himself from clutching Mrs. Ford ‘s ass as his orgasm washed over him. Helplessly he hunched against the press of her swiveling pussy.

“You’re such a bad boy Adam!…What am I going to do with you?…” Mrs. Ford teased as the gasping teen-ager trembled in her arms, his come spewing into his shorts. She giggled as his gushing sperm began to soak through his pants and spread warmly against the relentless press of her loins.


There was a muted silence for a second as Adam opened his eyes and looked at Mrs. Ford. Her eyes sparkled back into his as his cock continued to throb and his come spurted against her.

“Adam?…Are you coming?…”

And then Adam realized it wasn’t Mrs. Ford who was talking to him. It was Amelia! She was looking around the corner of one of the doorways from the dining room and was speaking to him. He had no idea how long she’d standing there.

Mrs. Ford discreetly slipped his hand off her ass and back around to his side. She turned her head slightly to look over her shoulder at the young lady standing there. But she did nothing to disengage herself from Adam’s bucking loins. If anything she shoved her teasing cunt more tightly against him.

“Hi!…You must be Amelia!…I’m Lauren!…Adam was just telling me about you!…” Mrs. Ford said to Amelia, even as Adam’s cock continued to pulse out its fiery sperm against her.

“Ohhhh!…” Adam groaned, trying to act normal in this incredibly awkward situation. He stood rigidly erect in front of Mrs. Ford, hoping Amelia wouldn’t think there was anything more going on than some innocent dancing.

“Ohhh!…Hi!…Unn!… Amelia!…Are you ready to go?…” he squeaked out in a choked voice over Mrs. Ford’s shoulder.

Amelia looked at him like he was some kind of human sub-species.

“Well I am whenever you’re finished doing whatever it is that you’re doing!…” she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. Then she turned on her heel and stomped off.

Mrs. Ford waved at Amelia’s departing figure then returned her attention to Adam. She slipped one hand between them and closed it on his cock through the sodden crotch of his pants.

“Are you finished baby?…Are you?…” Mrs. Ford asked, giving Adam’s cock a couple of sharp tugs that made him moan as she coaxed the last of his come from his aching testicles.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Ford!…I couldn’t help it!…It’s just that I had been thinking about you so much…and …and…Ohhhh Goddd!…” Adam groaned as Mrs. Ford gave him a luxurious cock massage through his pants.

“I know baby!…I know!…It’s alright!…Now why don’t you go ask your pretty little friend if she would mind dropping me off while she’s taking you home…” Lauren said to Adam as she stepped back from the blushing young man. She looked down at Adam’s pants and smiled when she saw that they were totally saturated with his come.

Adam’s shorts had already turned cold and were starting to stick to his crotch uncomfortably. He was so embarrassed by his premature ejaculation that he couldn’t even bring himself to look at the smiling blonde who was regarding him with such amusement.

“I hope you brought a change of clothes with you!….Now go talk to Amelia!…”

“Yes Mrs. Ford…” Adam answered sheepishly, heading to the locker room to change.

Fifteen minutes later, Mrs. Ford was sitting in the back seat of an ancient Chevy Malibu getting a ride home. Amelia and Adam were sitting up front. There was a frigid silence filling the air. Mrs. Ford had happened to catch up with the young couple at the door of the club as Amelia was seething at Adam about …”what did he think he was doing with that old bitch anyway and why did she have to give her a ride home!…”

Mrs. Ford only smiled sweetly as if she hadn’t heard and thanked Amelia for going out of her way for her. Amelia didn’t have much choice at that point so she had driven off sullenly, periodically staring daggers at Adam who didn’t dare say a word.

A few minutes later they pulled up in front of Mrs. Ford’s house.

“Adam!… Would you be a dear and come in with me… I think I’ve blown a fuse in the kitchen and the electrical panel is behind the fridge and I can’t move it… I’m sure it will only take a minute… You don’t mind do you Amelia?…” Mrs. Ford asked.

Without really waiting for an answer, Lauren got out of the car and headed up the walkway. Adam cast a despairing look at his girl friend then hustled out of the car and after her. The scheming blonde suppressed a satisfied smirk as she opened the door and stepped inside with Adam right behind her.

Once she had closed the door, Mrs. Ford made no motion to go further inside. She just turned to Adam and, with here eyes sparkling merrily into his, she let one hand slide up around his neck while her other hand drifted down into his crotch. She grabbed his responsive tool through his pants, straightened it up and started rubbing it in the most lascivious manner as she moved her lips to his ear.

“There really is something I want you to do for me before you go Adam!..” she murmured, nipping his ear lobe with her sharp little teeth. She smiled to feel his cock lengthening quickly at her lewd caress.

“Unnnn!…Mrs. Ford!…I really can’t stay..!…Amelia will…!…I!….Ohhh!…” Adam gasped as Mrs. Ford slid her hand down under his jutting cock, cupped his balls and gave them a torrid squeeze.

“Eat me baby!…Please!…I want you to eat me!…” the sultry blonde whispered in her best little girl voice. With her eyes burning into his, she closed her hand even tighter on Adam’s tender nuts and slowly stretched them down from his groin.

“Unnnn!…Naahhh!…Ahhh!…” Adam gasped as he sank to his knees to relieve the nauseating pain that shot through his groin at Mrs. Ford’s rough fondling.

Lauren smiled down at the cringing young man. With one hand she reached down and began to haul up the crimson silk sheath that enwrapped her. With the other she pressed down on Adam’s shoulder, forcing him to drop his ass on his heels. In that position he was at eye level with the diminutive blonde’s snatch as she unveiled it to him.

“Oh my God!…” Adam gasped at his first glimpse of Mrs. Ford’s bared loins.

Lauren’s black nylons were stretched taut by black satin garters attached to a lacy black garter belt that surrounded her waist. As if the miniscule panties she was wearing weren’t brief enough, they had a split crotch that framed the enticing bulge of Mrs. Ford’s cleanly shaved vagina.

“It looks good enough to eat doesn’t it lover?…” the sultry older woman asked in a husky murmur. She tilted her loins up and parted her swollen labia wide with two fingers. Adam’s mouth dropped open as he gaped hungrily at Mrs. Ford’s luridly posed crimson slash. The little mouth was glistening with her juice and he could see it faintly pulsing with arousal.

Adam struggled to tear his eyes away from Lauren’s gleaming pussy and looked up at the smiling blonde nervously.

“Come on Adam!…Don’t be shy!…Give the little kitty a lick!…Eat my pussy!…” Lauren said, puckering her lips at him in a mocking moue as she swung one nylon sheathed leg over Adam’s shoulder. She slipped one hand into his hair to hold him steady as she lowered her ripe cunt onto his mouth.

“Ummmmphhhhh!…” Adam moaned gutturally as he leaned upwards into the press of Mrs. Ford’s fluttering vagina. His lips parted and his tongue swirled eagerly into the juicy slit that swiveled on his face.

“Ahhhh!…That’s itttt!…Ummm Hmm!…Yesss!…Don’t stop!…Make the little pussy cream baby!…” Lauren purred happily, winding her other leg over Adam’s shoulder so that she straddled his upturned face. With her wide eyes sparkling down into his, she pulled his face roughly into the vee of her loins, bent her knees and hunched excitedly on his slavering tongue.

“Mmmmpfff!…Ummmfff!…Mwwahhhh!…” Adam groaned, looking up anxiously over Mrs. Ford’s looming breasts as he attacked her seething loins. He had to prop himself by his arms in order to stay upright beneath her feverishly bucking groin. With Lauren’s nylon clad legs wrapped around his head, Adam could only faintly hear the sound of a horn honking outside.

“Shit!…” Mrs. Ford gasped, momentarily distracted by the car horn blaring. Then smiling again, she crossed her ankles, clamping Adam’s face tight between her muscular thighs. She took his head in two hands and began to grind roughly on his outstretched tongue.

“Don’t stop baby!…Don’t stop!…I’m almost there!..” she gasped, her hips jerking frenetically as the tension grew in her seething vagina. Adam saw her eyes fluttering closed as she ground her cunt feverishly down on him. He responded by taking her swollen clit between his lips and lashing it back and forth as hard and as fast as he could with his tongue.

“Ahhhhh!….Fuckkk!…Yesssss!…Yesss!…” Mrs. Ford cried as her loins stiffened achingly above Adam’s feverishly leeching suck. Then her cunt began to spasm. She began to shudder like she was being electrocuted on top of Adam’s darting tongue. Her juices began to stream from her loins in ecstatic, fiery pulses.

“Mmphhh!…Nahhhh!…Ummphh!!…” Adam moaned, barely audibly. His hands fluttered aimlessly around Mrs. Ford’s waist as he tried to shift his face and get some breathing room. But he was no match for the muscular, nylon sheathed legs that were clamped viciously around his ears.

“Unnnn!…Unnnnn!…Goddd!…Yess!…” she hissed as she wrenched Adam’s gasping face up into her convulsing loins

It felt to Adam like Mrs. Ford was going to crush his skull between her wildly shuddering thighs. But her excitement was contagious and he attacked her quivering loins like it was his last meal. He barely noticed the intermittent honking that was going on in front of the house.

“Ohhhh!…Unnnn!…Unnn Hnnnn!…Unnn Hnnn!…” Mrs. Ford whimpered as her orgasm slowly waned and she settled more and more heavily on Adam’s flushed face. She smiled as she looked down and saw his rosy cheeks turned up towards her. His face was smeared from his chin to his hairline with her copious outpouring. And still he mouthed her now intensely sensitive pussy.

“That’s enough baby!…You can stop now!…” Mrs. Ford sighed as she dismounted Adam’s glistening face.

She drew him up by his hair and, without lowering her hiked up skirt, she backed up against the front door. She put her hands on Adam’s shoulders and pulled the panting young man with her.

“You’re quite the lover aren’t you baby?…” Lauren teased as she reached down and wrestled with Adam’s belt and his zipper. In no time she had opened his pants and his shorts and shoved them to his knees. In her high heels she was just as tall as he was. Adam whimpered as his rigid boner jutted from his loins and glided over Lauren’s come smeared mons. The searing heat of her against his engorged flesh made him dizzy with arousal.

“Now what are you going to do?…” the sultry temptress asked as she raised one knee along Adam’s side and hooked her heel around his ass. She stretched up on tip toe until the center of her beckoning pussy surrounded Adam’s engorged cock crown.

“Mrs. Ford!…” Adam whimpered, as he swayed uncertainly in front of the wanton older woman.

At that moment there was a tentative knock on the door and Adam’s eyes widened like he’d been shot. Mrs. Ford regarded him for a moment with an amused smile. Then she straightened up a little more, tightened her leg on Adam’s ass and dropped down on him like a stone. In one smooth motion she impaled herself on Adam’s steely erection right down to his balls.

“Unnnn!…” Adam gasped in desperate confusion. Mrs. Ford’s pussy was searing hot and smooth as silk as it enfolded him. Being inside her was his wildest wet dream come true. But Amelia was on the other side of the door and she wasn’t going to be ignored for very long! What was he going to do?

“So what are you going to do now?…” Mrs. Ford teased, clenching her inner muscles and wringing Adam’s cock with her molten interior.

“Ohhhhh!…Unnnn!…Oh my Godddd!…” Adam cried. Mrs. Ford’s cunt was rippling around his responsive tool like a moist, supple glove. He knew Amelia was at the door but he couldn’t help himself. Reflexively his hands came out and he grabbed onto Lauren’s hips as he thrust up from his toes.

“Ohhhhh!…” the sultry blonde murmured as Adam’s knob thrust into the opening of her tender womb.

“That’s it!…Fuck me!…” she hissed, sliding her arms around Adam’s neck. She hoisted herself up a couple of inches and then dropped down again onto the young man’s straining groin.

“Unnnnnn!…” Adam groaned, heaving upwards.

“Yeahhh!…That’s it!!…Fuck me baby!…Fuck me!…” Lauren encouraged as she rose up yet again, tempting the eager young man to plunder her steamy loins.

“Ohhhhh!…Unnnn!…Unnnn!…” Adam whimpered as he began to lunge up feverishly over and over into Mrs. Ford’s irresistibly enticing vagina.

“Oh yeah!…Unnn Hnn!…Come on lover!…Unn Hnnn!…Fuck me Adam!…Yeah!…Fuck me!…” Mrs. Ford encouraged, clenching her muscular thigh around her young lover’s ass and urging him on.

The knocking resumed once more with a little more force. Adam barely heard it as he slammed Mrs. Ford against the door again and again in a frantic rhythm. He was fucking her so hard he was making the sidelights around the door rattle.

“Adam?…Are you alright?…What are you doing?..” Amelia called through the door.

“Adam?…Are you alright?…” Mrs. Ford mimicked, reaching down to cup Adam’s balls in her hand. He was hunching into her so feverishly she could barely get a grip on his drum taut testicles.

“Are you going to come Adam?…” Lauren teased, giving his balls a sensuous squeeze that made his come churn for release.

“Yesss!…Yes!…I’m going to come!…” Adam gasped in a whisper to Mrs. Ford.

“Tell her!…” Lauren demanded, as she again banged her cunt to the root of Adam’s cock and squeezed him with all her might.

Adam hesitated for a moment as his cock grew to an enormous size inside Mrs. Ford’s wringing pussy.

“I’m coming!…” he whispered again. And then in response to Lauren’s little hand closing even more tightly on his balls he yelped out loud…”I’m coming!…”

And Lauren could feel it to. Adam’s cock had ballooned to an enormous size inside her and he was frantically straining upwards from his toes into her grinding pussy.

Then Mrs. Ford did something Adam couldn’t believe! She slipped her hand from his balls and ringed the root of his cock with her thumb and index finger. She squeezed hard as she nimbly dismounted his rampant erection. Then, with Adam gaping at her incredulously, she smoothed down her bunched up dress and turned and reached for the latch on the door.

Adam didn’t think this could really be happening!

“Mrs. Ford!…No!…Wait!…Don’t!…” he whispered fearfully.

But Lauren ignored him and with a lewd wink she jiggled her little fist at the base of his cock. She parted her lips into a suggestive ‘O’ and slowly swiped her tongue around her lipsticked mouth. The dazed young man looked at her aghast but couldn’t help hunching upwards into her persuasive hand.

Mrs. Ford opened the door about a foot and a half and there was Amelia. Lauren kept her hand on the door frame so that Amelia couldn’t come in. Adam was shielded behind the door and Amelia couldn’t see him but she could see that Mrs. Ford was thoroughly dishevelled and had an unmistakably ‘fresh fucked’ look about her.

But before the irate young girl could say anything Mrs. Ford said…”I’m terribly sorry dear!.. It turned into a bigger job than I thought it was going to be!…”

At the same time she relaxed the ring of her fingers on Adam’s shaft and fisted him loosely. Then she slammed her closed hand down to the base of his cock where she exerted a relentless downward pressure. This practiced touch had Adam straining upwards from his toes in helpless response.

“Unnnn!…Unnn!…Noooo!…” Adam whimpered as quietly as he could. He gripped the top of the door and bit his lip as his hips thrust up helplessly into Mrs. Ford’s irresistibly pressing hand.

Mrs. Ford glanced down at that moment and was pleased to see that Adam’s cock couldn’t possibly get any bigger. His erection was a livid crimson and it’s skin looked like it was stretched paper thin. The purple veins surrounding his shaft were throbbing above her clasping hand. His pee slit was stretched into a gaping oval and as she watched, a giant stream of come erupted from that twitching hole and splattered wetly against the door.

A gasping….”Ohhhh!…” could faintly be heard from Adam.

Mrs. Ford smiled broadly and without taking her eyes from Adam’s spewing cock she said… “But he really is coming!…Really!…Ummm Hmmm!…It will just be another minute!…”

Mrs. Ford then looked at Amelia with sparkling eyes as she jerked Adam off in time with his feverish ejaculation.

“Ohhhhh!…Ahhhh!…Ahhhhh!…Nnnn!…” Adam whimpered as his balls lurched again and again and torrents of come spewed against the door in fiery spurts.

Amelia thought she could see Mrs. Ford’s shoulder shifting up and down as she stood there in front of her, but she couldn’t be sure. And at the same time it sounded like there was a tap dripping profusely somewhere in the background.

“I’ve really got to go Mrs. Ford!…My parents are expecting me!…”

“Yesss!…Yesss!…I’m sure!…” Mrs. Ford hissed, her eyes dancing into Amelia’s as she pulled Adam’s come up from his balls in urgent hand strokes.

“Maybe he should just call a cab!…” Amelia seethed, staring stonily at Mrs. Ford.

“Unnn!…Unnnn!…Nooo!…”Adam whimpered as he bucked helplessly into Mrs. Ford’s shuttling fist. The come was no longer jetting from his cock but it still pulsed urgently from his pee slit where it streamed over Lauren’s jogging hand and trickled down onto his balls.

“Oh no dear!…I’m sure he’s just about done!…You wait right there and I’ll go get him!…” Mrs. Ford said with a smile, closing the door on the silently fuming young girl.

She turned and gave Adam a wicked smile as she dropped to her knees in front of him. She stuck his still throbbing erection into her mouth and sucked on it slavishly.

“Ahhhhh!…” Adam wailed quite loudly. His cock was now at its most sensitive from his feverish orgasm. Mrs. Ford’s mouth on his livid flesh sent searing bolts of excitement jolting through his groin. A wracking spasm gripped him and he thought his knees would buckle as more come spewed from his angry prick.

The kneeling blonde looked up at the quivering youth, her lips curled in a smirk around his shaft. She knew exactly what she was doing to Adam’s overworked genitals.

“Ummmm!…Umm Hmmm!…Umm Hmmm!…” she coaxed. She sucked him so hard her cheeks sank deeply around his tumid flesh. While Adam looked down at her in disbelief, she flailed the tender underside of his cock crown with a lashing tongue and sank her teeth lightly into the middle of his shaft.

“Naaaaa!….” he cried out again, as his balls convulsed painfully and a few final drops of sperm oozed into Mrs. Ford’s siphoning suck.

The wanton blonde made a great show of swallowing the mouthful of come she had been savoring then finished young Adam off with a lurid slurp as she pulled her face up and off his shaft.

“Did I get it all?..” the sultry blonde asked, slowly standing up in front of the panting young man.

She reached down and once again fisted his greasy tool. This time she jammed her thumb into the big vein on the underside of his cock and pressed upwards like she was squeezing the last of the tooth paste out of the tube.

“Unnnnn!…Don’tt!…” Adam groaned, his hands darting down to try and stop her as Lauren reached the tender underside of his cock crown. She looked at him knowingly as she frictioned that tender spot with a brisk back and forth sweep of her thumb. Adam’s balls lurched one last time, painfully, and he half doubled over as a final bubble of come seeped out of his gleaming knob.

“There!…That’s it!…” Lauren said confidently as she released Adam’s spent tool and calmly pulled up his pants.

Adam noticed then that Mrs. Ford’s lipstick was quite visibly smeared and there was a snail’s trail of sperm tailing from the corner of her mouth.

Mrs. Ford didn’t seem to notice and she didn’t take any particular care as she buttoned him up and shoved his shirt down into his pants. Adam was pink and sweaty from all of his exertions and his clothes were a mess. Mrs. Ford smiled as she softly caressed his face with her hand.

At the same time she opened the door wide and there was Amelia still standing there in a silent rage.

“Well thank you Adam! …I really appreciate that! …Thank you for letting me use him dear!…Now you two have a wonderful evening!…” she said, giving Amelia a warm smile and Adam a sly wink as she gently shoved him out of the door.

“Ahhh!…Sure!…That was great!…I mean…you’re welcome!…” Adam said in a daze to the closing door. Amelia eyed Mrs. Ford warily and was going to say something, but then it was too late. She turned to Adam who was standing there with a goofy look on his face as he stared at the closed door.

“Adam?…Are you all right?…”

How had he gotten to be so messy? Why was his face so red?

“Well!…Are you coming?…” she asked icily.

“No!…Please!…Unnn!…What?…” he cried. Then his eyes focused on Ameila’s frosty stare and he said..

“I mean…Yeah!…Sure!…” and he turned and sort of lurched down the walkway.

Amelia watched him for a moment then she stomped off behind him. There were more than a couple of questions that she wanted to ask.

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