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Mr. Robinson

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I had just finished my Junior Year in College when I was invited by my fiancé Matt to spend a few weeks with his parents at their Beach house on the Jersey shore. I had met his parents a few times and they were both terrific people. His Mom, Brenda, was one of the sweetest women I had ever met. She wasn’t typical of Mother-In-Laws since she kept to herself with her opinions. Matt’s father, Steve, or Mr. Robinson, was also very nice and was also very handsome.

Although he was in his fifties he was in exceptional shape. Actually he was in much better shape than my fiancé who was about 25 pounds overweight.

I was flying in to Newark on a Thursday night and was expected to meet Matt at the airport. As I exited the gate I saw Mr. Robinson instead of Matt waiting for me.

“Hi Lisa,” Mr. Robinson said as he watched me walk down the jet way. Before I could say anything he moved over and pulled me into his arms. I knew Matt’s family was affectionate when they greeted you but Steve’s muscular arms pulled me into his hard body with more passion than I expected. I looked up to say hello when his lips moved over mine. I was kissing my future father-in-law on the mouth! I was in too much shock to pull away and didn’t want to offend him so I held our lips together for a few seconds. I felt his lips opening and got real nervous and pulled back. I thought I felt the tip of his tongue as I pulled back. I must have been mistaken.

“Hi Mr. Robinson,” I meekly said as I moved my face away from his. I was holding a bag in one hand and my purse in another so my hands were busy. I couldn’t push away from his body. My breasts were crushed against his hard chest and my stomach was pushing against his lower body. Oh my god, I could feel his penis against my stomach. The more we hugged the harder it became. My face turned bright red.

Finally I dropped my bag and used my hand to push back away from him. I quickly looked down to see his hard-on pressing outward under his slacks. My face became even redder. I felt somewhat dizzy and upset that I was experiencing sexual feelings towards Matt’s father.

“Where is Matt?” I managed to ask as I cooled down somewhat.

“He got stuck at school and will not be able to make it until tomorrow” Steve said with a big smile. “Brenda has a bridge party tonight so it will be just you and I to keep each other busy”

I was going to ask why Matt didn’t call me but I didn’t want to sound too disappointed. Mr. Robinson grabbed my bag and we headed downstairs to pick up my luggage. I was still shaking from the overly affectionate hug and kiss I got. But, the more I thought about his bulge moving against me the hotter I got. I knew my panties were wet as we stood waiting for the luggage to arrive.

“So what do you want to do tonight?” Mr. Robinson asked.

“I don’t really care. I’m just glad to be away from school and can’t wait to relax” I replied.

“Why don’t we spend a quiet night at home?” He said. “We can order some food in and just get to know each other better.”

I was wondering how well he wanted to know me. But, I figured he was just a big flirt and was just being overly warm to me.

When we arrived at the house he showed me to my room. Although Matt and I had slept together his Mom did not want us sleeping together in their house. It was fine with me since I figured we would have a lot of time to be intimate during the next two weeks.

“Why don’t you take some time to unpack and get comfortable and I’ll order some Chinese food.” He said while looking down at my breasts. “Matt has some good taste in women,” he said as he turned and walked out the door.

I quickly moved over to the door, closed and locked it. Mr. Robinson was really making me nervous. I didn’t want to do something that would mess up my relationship with Matt. My mind was saying watch out but my body was on fire.

Matt is the only one I have made love with. We have only been dating a little over a year and most of that time we’ve been apart. I was surprised when he asked me to marry him during the spring break. But, if I loved him so much why was I having these feelings towards another man especially his father?

I unpacked my suitcase and took my time to cool down. I was wearing a skirt and blouse and decided to change into some cotton shorts and a tee shirt. I also changed my underwear since my panties were so damp. As I slid on a pair of my sexiest thong panties I realized I might be doing it for Mr. Robinson. I was starting to really enjoy the feeling of being sexy towards an older man. So what if he could see the outline of my thong underwear under my shorts. I also put on my thinnest bra that showed my hard nipples. Two could play the teasing game I thought as I walked down the hallway.

I moved downstairs and was looking at the family photos in the den when I heard Mr. Robinson behind me.

“Wow, you are looking really good Lisa” he said moving up behind me. I glanced to the side to see his face in the big mirror over the fireplace. I could see his eyes looking downward at my ass.

“Why thank you Mr. Robinson” I said as I turned to see him standing in front of me in only his bathing suit. It was the first time I had seen his chest, which was very muscular and covered with a mixture of dark and gray hairs. Matt’s chest was bare of hair and showed little muscles. My eyes automatically moved down his tight abs to his suit, which didn’t hide his bulging penis. Finally, I looked up and got the nerve to say, “you are looking pretty good yourself, Mr. Robinson.”

Before we could continue our praise for each other the doorbell rang. It was our dinner. We moved to the kitchen and I watched him get our plates, silverware and drinks. Since he was mostly turned the other way I could really check out his body. He looked better than most of the guys I knew at college.

We chatted while eating and with the wine I was getting a little loose. Somehow, the topic got onto sex. I can’t remember who brought it up but suddenly Mr. Robinson asked if I enjoyed sex. I was now at the giggling stage and surprised myself when I answered, “Yes, but I just don’t get enough of it.” Mr. Robinson’s eyes lit up and then he asked me, “What do you like to do the most?”

I took another gulp of wine and told him I didn’t really know since I haven’t had a lot of experience. I told him I didn’t date much through high school and didn’t date anyone until Matt. “Don’t tell me you are a virgin!” he said with a grin.

“Mr. Robinson, I don’t think we should be talking about this.” I answered as my face again turned bright red. “What would Matt or Mrs. Robinson say?” I said with a shy look.

“They don’t need to know,” he said. “It will be our little secret.”

“Well, if you promise? He shook his head yes.

“Matt was the first and only one” I said. “And, because of us being so far apart we haven’t had much time to experiment. I’m not that experienced.”

We talked some more and the topic kept coming back to sex. My head was now spinning between the wine, the sex talk and a near naked man sitting next to me. The room was starting to spin and my eyes were starting to close.

“Why don’t we go into the den and put on some music?” He suggested. I slowly got to my feet and was a little wobbly. Mr. Robinson quickly moved over and slipped his arm around my waist. “Let me help you” he said as his arm moved down to my side. I could feel his hand moving over my hip and the top of my naked thigh. I slid my arm around his waist for support. My hand moved on it’s own to touch his muscular back. When we got to the sofa he let go of me and I fell face down. “I’m so dizzy” I said. “I must have had too much to drink.”

“Go ahead and rest,” he said as he moved away. “I’ll clean up the kitchen”

“I must have dozed off and was unsure how much time had gone by when I felt the sofa move next to me.” I felt hands move to my feet and then a soft massage. The hands traveled up to my ankles. “Are you awake?” I heard Mr. Robinson ask. I was enjoying his touch and wondered how far he would go while I was pretending to be asleep. I didn’t reply and felt his hands moved up to the backs of my knees. He started to move higher and then asked me again, “Are you sleeping.” I still didn’t reply.

His hands moved slowly up my burning flesh to the bottoms of my shorts. I again felt his hands stop until he got up enough nerve to move his fingers underneath the shorts.

I tried to remain totally still but his hands were making me quiver with anticipation. My legs slowly opened to allow his fingers better access. When I moved he suddenly stopped and pulled his hands off my body. I thought I scared him off until I felt his fingertips moved back to my naked thighs. He moved a little faster to get back under my shorts to the area he left.

Finally I felt his fingers touch the bottoms of my ass. The fingers lightly moved up and every few seconds would push in to feel how soft my ass was. My thong was now tightly squeezed between my cheeks giving him total access to the flesh of my naked ass. His hands moved upward and then his hands moved forward and cupped my ass cheeks. My future father-in-law was feeling my naked ass and I was enjoying every second of it.

He must have touched every inch of it for a few minutes. His fingers moved between my cheeks and pushed my thong inward. He tried to move his finger between my legs but they were too tight. We both wanted his touch to move to new ground, which was located on the other side of my body. I had to figure out how to turn over while pretending to be asleep. As I was planning my move the phone rang and Mr. Robinson jumped back removing his hands quickly from under my shorts. I slowly pretended to awake and looked over to see Mr. Robinson on the phone. “Yes, dear, Lisa made it in on time and we just finished dinner.”

My eyes were now looking at Mr. Robinson standing less than five feet in front of me. His swimsuit was sticking straight out. Touching my ass gave him a huge hard-on. I guessed his penis to be at least 9 inches long. “No, you don’t have to hurry home. Take your time and we will see you later” He said and then hung up the phone.

“Was that Mrs. Robinson?” I asked with a big yawn. “Yes, and you should go back to sleep and get some more rest” he said as he again moved to the kitchen. I saw my opportunity and turned over onto my back while slightly spreading my legs. I closed my eyes and again pretended to be asleep.

In a few minutes I heard Mr. Robinson call from the kitchen, “Lisa, do you want anything while I’m out here?’ I didn’t answer. In less than a minute I again felt him sit next to me on the sofa. “Are you sleeping?” he asked. I didn’t say anything. I awaited his touch and was not disappointed. His fingers again started at my ankles and moved northward. I braved it enough to peek out my closed eyelids and could see his eyes locked onto my legs as his hands moved up them. He moved faster this time and soon was at my shorts again. His fingers slipped under them and moved slowly up my soft flesh towards the junction between my legs. His fingers moved forward until they touched my thongs. They tried to move under them but they were too tight. He wasn’t going to get to my wet pussy from the bottoms of my thong. He realized his only chance to touch my pussy was from the top of the thongs. I was disappointed when his fingers moved down and out of my shorts. I thought he had lost his nerve until his body moved off the sofa and was next to me on the floor. “Still sleeping?” he again asked. I didn’t answer.

My body waited in anticipation guessing where he would touch next. Finally I felt him lightly touch my stomach just under my breasts. I again peeked out to see my hard nipples sticking up under the shirt. They were signaling him for attention.

His hand stayed there for a while and I felt it brush against the bottoms of my breast. Pretty soon the thumb moved up and moved gently across my breast. The thumb was followed by his finger, which moved upward until it touched my hard nipple. I almost moaned but was able to hold it back. He moved his finger and thumb around my nipple and slowly moved them up and down like he was masturbating my nipple. I have never been so hot and he hadn’t even touched my pussy yet.

His whole hand moved upward until it was hovering over my breast. Then he slowly lowered it until he was cupping my mound. My hard nipple poked upward into his palm. I was wishing I wasn’t wearing any clothing. I again tried to hold back a moan but it weakly came out. His hand froze on my breast and waited to see if I was waking up. I didn’t move.

He was now anxious to move to my pussy before I awoke. His hand moved off my breast and then down over my stomach to the top of my shorts. My stomach was lightly shaking as his fingertips moved past my navel and under the waistband. He moved slowly but with purpose as his fingers moved lower towards my thongs.

I trim my pubic hair into a narrow strip, which he soon found. His fingers lightly touched my pubic hair, which is a very fine blonde cluster, located above my slit. His hand moved under my thong following my pubic hair to my wet pussy. His huge fingertip moved down and into my damp opening. I don’t think he noticed as I slowly open my legs wider. His finger moved down and over my hard clit. I again moaned but kept my eyes tightly closed. He must have figured I was dreaming as his fingers continued their journey over my clit and into my wet pussy channel. I waited for him to move it inside but the finger moved over the opening and down to the end.

My pussy was dripping wet, as was his finger. I thought he would move it back up but he continued down until he was touching my rear opening. No one had ever touched me there not even Matt. I was worried he was going to put his finger inside but he just touched around the opening. I wanted his fingers inside of my pussy.

His fingers finally moved back into my pussy and again found my hard nub when the telephone again rang. Mr. Robinson had his hand out of my shorts so fast and he was to the phone before I had a chance to pretend to wake up. “Hello” he said. “No, I’m not interested in land in Florida” he said slamming down the phone.

I was now yawning and disappointed the phone again had stopped his exploring. His prick was still sticking outward under his shorts and it looked kind of funny. I tried not to laugh but it was too funny. He turned to see me laughing and saw where my eyes were focused. He turned away quickly. “Sorry about that” he said. “It’s hard to controlled some things when a beautiful woman is around” he said looking back at me.

“It’s Ok,” I said, ‘I’m flattered I caused that” I said with a smile.

His fingers had gotten me so hot I couldn’t control myself. “It looks so big” I giggled back to him.

He was now smiling himself as he turned to show me his expression of his love for me or lust for me.

My eyes never left his bulge as he walked back to the sofa and sat down next to me. “Stop me at anytime” he said as he again put his hand on my stomach. I just looked down at his hand as it moved under my tee shirt. His eyes locked on to my lips waiting for me to stop him. I said nothing as his hands moved up over my ribcage to the bottoms of my breasts. I didn’t stop him as his other hand pulled my tee shirt up over my bra. I watched as he tried to push my bra up over my mounds.

“It unsnaps in the front,” I whispered. “Thanks” he said as his hands found the clasp. But, he was still having trouble unlatching it. “Let me” I said while moving my hands up to quickly release the clasp. My bra was now unhooked and waiting for him to open it. His fingers moved forward and grabbed the two ends of the bra and opened it until my naked mounds were exposed. My pink nipples were now sticking straight up at his face. For almost 20 seconds all he did was look at them. “They are so beautiful’ he said as his face moved forward until his lips found a hard nipple. This time I didn’t have to hold back as I moaned loudly. “OHH, that feels good” I cried as his lips sucked while his tongue flicked across the tip. I thought it couldn’t get any better until his fingers moved under my shorts and thong and into my wet canal. This time his fat finger move into my hot oven. “OH, don’t stop” I cried as his finger moved in and out as his hand rubbed against my hard clit. I was so hot I knew it would be seconds before I came. Then came the explosion. “NOW!” I yelled as I exploded in his hand. My whole body shook as I reached a shattering climax.

I was coming back to earth when I felt him trying to remove my shorts and panties. “Stop” I yelled while grabbing my shorts to prevent him from removing them. “We can’t go any farther. We have to remember we will soon be family,” I said sternly.

“Come on Lisa. You know you want me to fuck you,” he said still holding on to the shorts. My shorts had moved down so low my blonde pubic hairs were now exposed.

“No, I will only have intercourse with my husband” I said pulling his hands off of my shorts.

Steve was troubled. He had just finger-fucked his new soon to be daughter-in-law and wanted to rip the shorts off of her and fuck her. But, he didn’t want his son and wife to know what had happened. He decided to go slow and maybe she would do more.

“OK, I understand and am sorry I was pushing you to do something you don’t want to do,” he said. “You know I think you are terrific and am real happy you are marrying my son. There is nothing that wrong with us showing affection to each other short of intercourse now is there?”

Lisa was now happy he was seeing her side of things and didn’t complain when he leaned over to hug her. She was thinking of Matt when she felt his lips on her neck and then his mouth move up to her ear. Then he whispered, “What about me? I made you happy. What will you do for me?” He asked as he nibbled on her ear.

Lisa could feel her naked nipples touching his hairy muscular chest. His tongue was again awaking her body. She knew it was wrong but after all he did make her reach a climax. “What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“Just touch me,” he said as he moved his body next to hers on the sofa. Lisa turned on her side as he moved next to her. He moved his arms up behind his head waiting for her to touch him.

“I’m not very experienced at this,” she said as her tiny hand moved down to his muscular stomach. She watched as he tightened his stomach to allow her hand to slide under the waistband. She moved slowly not expecting to touch his prick so soon but his hard-on was just under the top of the waistband and her fingers brushed against the tip. When she touched it she quickly pulled her hand back. “Go ahead it won’t bite you” he said with a big smile.

He watched her hand moved back under the trunks and then over the tip of his prick. Her hand froze as she moved her fingers over the crown. It was so much bigger than Matt’s. She tried to imagine how a penis so big could fit inside her. It must hurt, she thought as her fingers continued the journey southward. Just when she thought she would reach the bottom it kept going and going. He was definitely endowed.

Finally she reached the base and then moved down to cup his balls, which were also huge. Her hand moved back up and lightly gripped his shaft. Matt had showed her how to masturbate him so she knew what to do. Her hand moved slowly up and down. She tried but couldn’t manage to get her hand around it. “Faster” he commanded. Her hand moved faster and she squeezed harder. Pretty soon he was ready to cum. “NOW” he yelled. Lisa watched as her tiny hand brought the big monster to a climax. His come shot up his stomach and onto his chest. Her hand kept moving until he was empty.

He turned to give her a kiss when they heard the garage door open. It was Mrs. Robinson!

Lisa resnapped her bra, jumped up from the sofa and moved over to the chair. Steve had jumped up behind Lisa and was just moving up the stairs when Brenda came through the kitchen. Lisa looked over at the sofa and noticed a large drop of Steve’s come on the seat cover. She quickly jumped up and moved over to sit on the spot as Brenda turned the corner.

“Hello Lisa” Brenda said as she put her purse down on the chair. “Hi, Mrs. Robinson ” Lisa said as she stood up to greet her new mother-in-law to be. Lisa quickly sat down on the spot again. “Where is Steve?” Brenda asked. Brenda noticed Lisa’s shirt was kind of bunched up under her breasts and her shorts were low on her stomach. She figured it must be from sleeping on the sofa.

“I think he is upstairs,” Lisa said. “I was so tired I fell asleep on the sofa”

“Well, you go ahead and get your rest” Brenda said while moving to see where her husband was.

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