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Saving Our Marriage

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Claire and David were an average couple; just like you and me. They had gotten married almost seven years ago in the late twenties. For the first five years of their marriage, they focused on their careers and finances; saving money to purchase their first home. The day that they moved into the smallish two bedrooms flat in one of the safer and posh areas of London was the day that they threw Claire’s birth control pills away. Within three months, they were pregnant.

When their baby girl Rachel was born, things of course changed as children always do. Claire stayed home with their child. David worked longer hours to support his family. Of course, Rachel was the centre of her mother’s world; to the exclusion sometimes of her father. Like so many couples with their first child, the intimate side of their marriage suffered: badly. Claire seemed to never be in the mood; her excuse was tiredness from sleepless nights with a baby. While David understood and truly appreciate the situation, it did nothing to lower his sex drive.

When Rachel was six months old, Claire was on the computer. David had not logged out for some reason. Claire was shocked when an instant messaging window popped up from a Horni_Grl_24. Without revealing her identity, Claire played along to see just how far things had progressed with this person and her husband. Rummaging through saved files on the computer, she found a couple of dirty pictures of a woman. She was somewhat surprised to realise that she was much prettier than this person. Why would David want something like that when he had her?

When Rachel went down for her afternoon nap, Claire spent those two hours thinking and crying. What was she to do? Should she confront David? What if he loved this person and wanted a divorce? In that time, she did come to realise though that she too played a contributing part in this little affair. She saw now that her constant rejection of David’s love making since Rachel was born and perhaps even before had left her marriage vulnerable to this sort of person. She weighed her options carefully and decided that the best option would be to confront her husband with her discovery, but by the time her daughter awoke she was a wreck. Her self-esteem and feelings about her womanhood were in tatters.

As David walked through the door that evening, having worked late again, he was shocked to see his wife sitting crossed legged on the floor sobbing great mournful tears. With their beautiful baby daughter kicking at the purple elephant suspended from her play centre, he approached them carefully. Not even in those brief weeks after the baby when his wife had suffered from postnatal depression, the baby blues, had he seen her cry like this. ‘Claire, what’s wrong?’ he pleaded.

‘How could you? Who is ‘horny girl twenty-four’?’ his wife inquired in a completely flat tone.

David’s world fell apart in that single moment. It had been nothing more than what he thought was a harmless flirtation with some unknown person half a world away. It had all begun a few weeks before when he set up an anonymous account at a porn site; wanting simply to access the stories, pictures and videos. Then he had begun to receive private messages. At first he simply deleted them, but this young woman’s had caught his eye. She was in some ways a younger and more playful version of his wife, although he admitted that she did not possess his wife’s wholesome beauty which had first attracted him to her in university.

At that moment, David had no idea how to handle the situation; what to say to his wife whom he genuinely loved. He was very much afraid of losing his family; his perfect wife and beautiful little girl who was so much like her mother. Words would not come; the right words anyway. How did one admit to complete stupidity and lack of foresight? In the end, all he had was the truth and he let it flow then.

That night they talked longer and more than they had since the first months of their relationship over a decade before. They both cried and confessed their shortcomings to one another. While the night did not end in the sweet love making David had hoped, they did fall asleep clinging to one another in their marital bed. Their problems were not solved and forgiveness not offered in a single evening, but each came away with a renewed commitment to their marriage and young family.

It had been almost a month since that night. Claire still found herself crying sometimes when she was alone during the day with Rachel. David still found his wife somewhat aloof at moments as if her mind was playing over his betrayal. But they were once again enjoying a ‘normal’ sexual relationship; given that the average was between two and three love making sessions for most couples. It was not the wild and sometimes down right freaky sex they had once enjoyed…before Rachel…but it was a vast improvement over what had brought them to this point.

Their anniversary was later that week: seven years. David wondered at the irony of it: had it all been an illusion of this mythical seven year itch? It did not really matter though. He had a wonderful evening planned. He had made certain that he would be free early that day; committed to leaving the office by four o’clock, not one minute later. He had also arranged for Claire’s mum to watch the baby for the evening. He had reservations at one of the best restaurants in London; well within their budget that is. He even had tickets to the theatre; a musical which Claire had been wanting to see for over a year. He was determined to show his wife that he loved her, that she was the only woman for him, and that he remained committed to making their marriage work.

Claire too had plans for this night. She had taken Rachel on a little day trip to the new shopping centre; seeking out the Anne Summers store and purchasing the perfect little black and red corset, black stockings, and even lacy crotchless knickers. When in the store, she had also happened upon a toy selection. She had never been into artificial stimulation very much; preferring the personal touch of her lover…or even her own fingers when other options were unavailable.

But she remembered one particular thing from ‘that woman’s’ message, something she knew had held a fascination for David’s mind for years, something she had never allowed him: anal play. With the help of a rather nice sales girl, and a great deal of stammering embarrassment on her part, Claire left the store with a couple of other surprises as well: a booty screw, a raspberry ass-berry, a bottle of booty lube and the determination to make this an anniversary her husband would never forget.

When the big day arrived, Claire’s mum came early so that she could spend time getting ready for the evening. She took a long, relaxing bath; polished her nails and did her make-up and hair. Staring at her reflection in the mirror, she thought how very long since she looked and felt this attractive. For the first time in almost a year, she felt like a desirable woman.

Of course, she also felt terribly naughty as she, following the sales girl’s instructions carefully, applied a generous amount of the lube to the raspberry ass-berry. She held the thing for several long moments in her slightly trembling fingers; simply looking at it. She was more a bit reluctant about this whole thing; it seemed both dirty and naughty, but she really wanted to do all she could to keep her husband. Taking a deep breath, she used her fingers to spread even more of the lubricant directly to her bum.

Then slowly and hesitantly she pushed the horrid thing into her virgin bottom. For a moment as the widest portion passed her tight sphincter muscle, she did not think it would work, but then it was over. She could feel the soft plastic pebbled surface filling her hole that until that moment had been exit only. Walking about their bedroom as she got dressed in her new under garments and simple black cocktail dress for the evening, she became a bit more accustomed to the odd full sensation in her bum, as if she needed to use the loo.

David was shocked and unbelievably pleased when he saw her. It was his old Claire; the woman with whom he had fallen in love. Yes, physically she was beautiful, having once again taken real pride in her appearance. More importantly though it was the air of confidence and gaiety with which she carried herself. He so looked forward to a long night with this fascinating and scintillating woman, who was his wife and the mother of his child.

Through out the lovely dinner, Claire tried to ignore the unfamiliar fullness in her bottom; to focus on the words her husband spoke. The West End show was wonderful as well, but she found it difficult at times to pay attention, especially for several moments after she fidgeted in her seat and the ass-berry would shift inside her.

By the time they hailed a cab to take them the short distance to their flat; Claire was questioning her sanity for undertaking such a daunting adventure. The three glass of champagne, which she had tossed back during the show, made her giggle at the thought. When David inquired what she found so funny, she leaned into him and whispered, ‘I have a plug thingy in my bum. It was a crazy idea to tease you with.’

She was more than a tad shocked at the low growl, which she could have sworn come from her usually reserved husband. But the firm grip of his hands about her upper arms and the boldness of his kiss could not be mistaken. It seemed that her little game was to have the desired effect. She watched as David tossed a twenty pound note to the driver, saying to keep the change from a fare that she knew was less than a tenner. David was kind but also brisk with her mother as he thanked her for watching their daughter and shooed her from the flat. Claire had a moment to brush a tender kiss to her mum’s cheek and promise to call her first thing tomorrow.

When she turned back from closing the door behind her mother, her austere husband practically dragged her by the hand down the hall towards their room. Claire wanted to stop for a moment to check on Rachel, but the look in her husband’s eyes reminded her that she was a wife and woman as well as a mother. Her mum had said that she had drank her bottle of expressed breast milk only half an hour before, so Claire knew this would allow them one, perhaps two hours before her next feeding. She would make the most of it…and her husband’s enthusiasm.

When they reached their bedroom, David began to quickly undress; loosening his tie and tossing it and his dinner jacket on the floor. In the over twelve years they had known one another, Claire had never seen him so careless with his clothes. She smiled at the effect her little surprise was having on her lover. By the time that she had worked the zipper at the back of her dress half way down her back, her husband stood only in his briefs.

He crossed the room and made quick work of the dress. As his trembling fingers brushed the silky material from her shoulders and it slid slowly down her still fabulous if slightly fuller and more womanly body, he felt the breathe knocked from his body at the stunning black lingerie beneath. His wife’s pale skin shone against the black and red satin material. Her breasts, which had remained fuller as a result of nursing their child, were pushed up by the corset; as if an offering to his lusts. Her long legs were encased in smooth stockings, which were held up by the red clips dangling from the corset. He could see her bare pussy glistening through the slit in her lacy black knickers.

He pushed his lovely bride back onto the edge of their king size bed. With his hands firmly gripping her thighs, he held her legs open. His mouth descended on that damp cunt quickly. His tongue immediately homed in on her hard clit, which was half hidden by the hood. He flicked the tiny button back and forth fast with his pointy tongue, before drawing it deeply between his lips to suckle upon it. Then slowly his tongue licked from the now fully protruding bundle of nerve endings down past the somewhat open inner lips of her cunt to the reddish plastic knob that covered what he knew was her untouched backdoor. He tasted the raspberry flavour of the oil that she must have used earlier to get that seemingly huge thing into her tight hole. Then he licked back up to her clit. He repeated this for several moments, eating her pussy and ass as if he were a death row prisoner laying into his final meal.

Claire was moaning and gripping the sheets tightly between her fingers as she came closer and closer to a powerful orgasm. She could not remember the last time that her husband had licked her…down there. And she was certain he had never done it like this, so enthusiastically. Before she lost herself in the orgasm she felt building inside her wet cunt, she reached up towards the night stand for the rest of her play package. It was though just out of her reach.

‘David, there’s more stuff in the drawer,’ she managed to exclaim breathlessly seconds before she closed her eyes and threw back her dark head. Her back arched off the cool sheets; as her hips thrust upwards to meet her lover’s firm caress. She felt the muscles in her pussy contracting rhythmically, but she also felt the corresponding contractions in her bottom as her anus squeezed around the raspberry ass-berry. She practically screamed at the twin sensation, which pushed her further over the precipice.

David gently lowered his wife’s trembling body back onto the bed as he reached to open the drawer in their bed-side table. What he found should not have shocked him by now, but the odd almost cork screw looking piece of blue-green plastic had his curiosity piqued. He also found the bottle of something called booty lube, which must be the sweet tasting oil his wife had used before. Taking the items from their hiding place in the draw, he crawled back to where his wife was recovering rather nicely from the powerful orgasm his tongue had wrought. He kissed her softly and lovingly as he inquired, ‘Are you ready for round two, my love?’

Claire was not certain that she was ready, but the look of loving admiration in her husband’s eyes encouraged her to at least try. So she nodded her head and returned his playful kisses with her own.

David smiled as he grabbed the pillows from the head of their bed. Piling them at the end of the bed, he rolled his wife so that the luscious white flesh of her round bum was high in the air as her head rested on the bed; her hips supported by the pillows. He stared at the reddish plastic that winked at him so teasingly from her bum. Gently he pried his fingers beneath its edges and softly tugged. He heard Claire moan at the movement; it sounded half pain and half pleasure. ‘Do you want me to leave it?’ he asked softly; trying not to sound disappointed.

Claire shook her head, ‘No, just do it,’ she growled low in her throat.

David nodded at her words of consent; tugging firmly at the plug. He heard it as it popped free of her bottom. He watched with fascination as her tiny hole opened and closed before him. Smiling broadly at this special gift his loving wife offered him, he applied a generous amount of the oil to the plastic cork screw thingy. Looking at it curiously as he used his fingers to pry her cheeks apart until her tiny brown hole opened to him once more. He poured the liquid directly inside her body, as he inquired, ‘What is this thing called anyway?’

Claire giggled a bit at his curious tone, ‘It is called a booty screw. Do you need instructions? I figured since you are usually the one to open the wine you could figure this one out.’

David laughed at his wife’s impertinence; thinking how wonderful it was to see that wild and playful side of her again. Not that he did not love and respect the wonderful wife and mother she had become; he just sometimes missed his lover. This woman though was everything he remembered: and more. He used his finger to massage the oil into her sweet bum; slowly circling the puckered little hole with fascination. He had always wanted to try anal sex, but Claire had insisted it was too naughty and dirty. So he was going to enjoy each and every moment of this adventure.

With the same care and precision he would use on an expensive bottle of wine, he began to slowly screw this cork into his wife’s sphincter. The booty screw looked to be almost seven inches long; and while the first bit was more than narrow enough to fit comfortably the other end looked to be much to impressively wide to fit into her bottom; wider even than his cock. He wondered if he might manage to screw that into this sweet bum before the night was over as well.

By the time, he had gotten about half of the thing into her virgin bum he could tell that his wife could not manage much more. Her long fingers were almost white as they gripped the sheets tightly. He could hear her using the same relaxation breathing exercises she had used with the birth of their daughter. So he began to just as slowly unscrew the device from its resting place almost four inches inside her ass. It took him at least five minutes to back it out; five spell-binding minutes as he watched with love and admiration this special gift from his best-friend, lover and wife.

When it was finally out, he slowly rose up. His hands firmly caressing the pale globes of her round bum. ‘Claire, I need to fuck you,’ he hoarsely entreated.

She knew the unspoken request he was making. She knew he was offering her the choice. He would respect her wishes; of this she was certain. Her bum was pretty sore from the ass-berry and booty screw, but at this time it was looser than it had ever been. If they were to ever try this thing, then now was as good a time as any. ‘Use lots of the booty lube, when you fuck my ass,’ she whispered against the cool cotton sheets.

David nodded his assent even though she could not see it. Picking up the bottle, he poured more of the liquid into her open hole. Then he shucked off his briefs and lathered his hard cock in the fluid. It was nice, but he stopped quickly. He was very close to cumming and did not want to do it in his own hands, even if he was looking directly into the open hole of his wife’s bum that he had coveted for years.

Using his hand, he guided his hard cock into that wet orifice. The feeling of that tight ring of muscles closing around his engorged and sensitive cock head was almost enough to make him blow his wad right then, but he held very still and breathed deeply allowing them both to adjust to the new sensation. Then he was shocked to feel Claire actually push back against his cock, taking almost the whole thing inside of her.

She moaned. At first her husband’s cock had felt huge inside of her. It was much harder than either the ass-berry or booty screw, which were made of soft, flexible plastic. She could tell his cock was harder than she had ever felt it; something she took as a compliment and made her feel more desirable than she had in over a year.

Then slowly she had through breathing and relaxation techniques she had learned for the birth forced herself to release the tensions in her muscles. She felt his cock slip forward a bit then. It was no longer the intense intrusion though; now it was a teasing fullness that made her want more. So she began to move her bottom back and forth slowly, allowing her to control the speed and depth of his penetration.

David’s hands on her hips gripped tighter into her warm flesh. He made himself hold perfectly still; offering her control of this too. But it was a great sacrifice; he wanted desperately to bury himself fully inside this incredibly tight hole and shoot his load. His breathing was becoming faster and shallower with each tiny circular motion of her hips. Only a couple of inches remained before his cock would be fully embedded in that magical opening. ‘Claire…,’ he breathed hoarsely.

Claire knew that he was close; she could hear it in his breathing, feel it in the swelling of that hard flesh inside her and in the tight grip of his fingers into her flesh. With all the love inside of her she offered up the final gift of this night, ‘Yes, David, fuck my virgin ass.’

It was all the permission he needed. He lost complete control then. He shoved the remaining two inches of his impossibly hard cock deep into his wife’s bowels. Then sawing in and out fast, he pushed himself closer to what he knew would be one of the strongest orgasms of his life. Fuck this hole that he had wanted for so long. The reality was even better than his fantasy; the tightness, the wet oil, his wife open and accepting.

Then he felt it. Hot jism rose up inside his cock. He pushed as deep as he could into her bum and held perfectly still as the first of it exploded out his cock. He moved his hips in short jabs to milk it all from his balls. ‘Claire…,’ he muttered her name like a whispered prayer.

Claire was surprised that the fucking of her husband’s hard cock into her sore bottom had not been unpleasant. She was prepared for pain when she had offered her assent. Instead it had been almost the same tension she felt when he fingered her g-spot to orgasm. Of course, he had not actually lasted long enough to give her an orgasm. But she had to wonder if with a tad of practice they might both find pleasure in this new sex activity.

It was this thought dancing through her mind, when they heard the gentle mewing cried of their daughter on the baby monitor. David was quick to respond. ‘I’ll get her, love. You go clean up, quickly.’ Smiling sheepishly he added, ‘I made a small mess in that sweet ass of yours.’

Grabbing his robe from the hook on the back of their bedroom door, he walked the short distance to where their daughter was beginning to cry more soundly in her cot. Picking her up, he kissed her dark curls and whispered, ‘Perfect timing, angel.’

He heard the water turn off in their en-suite loo as he walked back down the hall. By the time, he entered their bedroom with their child in his arms; the Madonna was once again back. His wife was sitting in their bed, with the cups of the black corset pushed back to reveal her full breasts, bluish veins prominent and a drop of whitish liquid leaking from the brown nipple. ‘Hand her to me,’ she whispered.

David smiled, knowing that there was still a whore buried deep inside this magnificent woman that was his wife and the mother of his child. His mind was racing; thinking of adequate rewards for such a magnificent anniversary present as that sweet, tight asshole of hers.

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