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Mr. Fong’s Dong

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I’d struck out again. It was Friday night and after happy hour with some friends from work, I’d gone to a local club in search of hooking up with a cutie. As had become my fate lately, I had no takers and was gonna be left to feed the hog alone again. I’m a decent looking guy, with a good job, and what I’d always considered to be an OK personality, but my luck with the ladies had been miserable for several months.

On my way home, I pulled into the local filling station, to get some gas and pick up a couple of girlie magazines for my late night stroke session. Fong’s Filling Station was open 24 hours and the small convenience store had a serious selection of adult magazines to help fuel the imagination of a chronic masturbator like me. As usual, it was Mr. Fong himself behind the counter. I swear, I think the guy never sleeps cause I can’t remember ever stopping in when he wasn’t the one running the cash register.

The store was small, but next to the checkout counter was an even smaller area closed off by a curtain. Behind that curtain was my destiny for the night, a display full of porn magazines ranging from the mainstream (Playboy), to the vulgar (Club and Hustler), to the bizarre (Juggs and Backdoor Babes), to the alternative. While my car was filling up, I stepped behind the curtain to browse the selection.

I always felt a little self conscious browsing the dirty magazines with Mr. Fong sitting on his raised stool just a few feet away, but I’d had a couple of cocktails tonight and was in the mood for something different, so I thumbed through several before making my selection. It was nearly 2am and the place was completely empty, so I wasn’t in any hurry to grab and dash before someone I knew recognized me as the creepy pervert that I really was.

I even picked up a couple of the gay mags, flipping through the pages, as always mesmerized by the hung cocks on the male models. I always considered myself 100% heterosexual, but something about seeing a guy’s big dick always fascinated me. Even when watching straight porn I often found myself drawn as much to the male performers’ anatomy as the sexy little sluts that were getting banged.

Having made my selection, I dropped the mags on the counter along with my credit card. “Evening. Pump 6 please.”

“No luck tonight, ehh Mr.?” Fong chuckled. “You need bottle lotion, too?”

Everybody’s a fucking comedian, I thought to myself. Fong was easily in his late 50s, skinny as a rail, maybe 5’5″ tall with a greasy head of messy black hair and a case of decades old acne. As usual, he had on his dirty mechanics shirt with his name stenciled on the front pocket. 

As he was ringing up my sale, he continued, “Maybe you playing wrong team? I see you looking at gay pictures. You have more luck if you go after dick, maybe?”

My first thought was to punch this old fart in the nose, but he had caught me red handed looking at the gay magazines. “Very funny, but I’m just on a cold streak.”

“Sure, whatever you say. But you do have a nice big mouth, just the kind Fong like to fuck.”

That hit me across the jaw like a big upper cut and I had no response. Was this dirty old guy making a move on me? I didn’t have long to wait before finding out.

He pushed his stool back from the counter and stood up. Fong was wearing a pair of thin grey sweatpants that did next to nothing to hide the unmistakable outline of his semi-erect penis. To add to the visual, a huge wet spot was clearly visible several inches down his leg where his prick had been leaking. For such a small guy, his cock looked humongous.

I reached for my magazines and my credit card, intending to get the hell out there. But something kept my feet glued to the spot and my eyes fixated on his impressive bulge.

“Don’t be shy boy,” Fong continued. “I keep your secret. You just closet cocksucker. Nobody else here. I give you what you need.”

I can’t explain why I was still standing there and why I couldn’t take my eyes off his big package. It was like I was in a trance.

“Come behind counter, boy. I feed you good.”

My mind was saying run, but my feet wouldn’t listen. I did as instructed and found myself standing directly in front of Mr. Fong.

“Fong insist his cocksuckers are naked,” he commanded. “Undress now and get on knees.”

Unbelievably, I did exactly that. I took off all my clothes and piled them in the corner, before falling to my knees, my face now only inches from his pulsating crotch. My mind raced as I realized I was completely nude in this man’s store, submitting sexually in a way I had never imagined. My cock was harder than I could ever remember it.

“Kiss it,” he directed.

Through his flimsy sweatpants, I kissed the bulbous outline of his knob, tasting the salty precum seeping through his pants. I heard myself let out a moan from deep in my gut.

“Yes, you make good cocksucker. You need it bad,” he said. “Now pull down pants and free Fong’s dong.” 

He giggled, obviously pleased with his dime store poetry. This guy was anything but a smooth operator, but his huge member was close to the sexiest thing I’d ever encountered.

As I pulled the elastic waist down, his still hardening tool popped free and whacked my chin. “Don’t just stare, get to work,” he demanded.

Tentatively, I licked his thick purple cockhead, still partially engulfed in his uncut helmet. His crotch had a musky smell, as if he hadn’t showered in several days. While his tool wasn’t massively long, probably close to 8″, it was ridiculously thick and fleshy, contrasting greatly with his skinny body. As I swirled my tongue around my first cock and took the first couple of inches into my virgin mouth, stretching my jaw to it’s limits, I was struck by how obscene his amazing cock looked sticking out from his frail body. This was the cock of a warrior attached to the body of a weakling. 

“Ahhhhh,” Fong groaned. “You big mouth perfect for Fong dick. You watch teeth,” he demanded as he gave my face a hard slap.

While he had a dark patch of black hair above his tool, his balls and cock were completely smooth. His nuts were equally impressive and hung very low in his loose sack. He was the epitome of the expression “hung like a horse.”

He roughly grabbed the back of my head and forced what I thought was an impossible number of inches into my mouth till his fat gland pushed against the back of my throat. I started to gag and reached up to push him away.

“No hand boy,” he growled. “Put behind back, now.”

As I did, Fong reached under the counter and pulled out a pair of regulation hand cuffs. 

“Keep these in case of robbers,” he laughed. “I shoot fuckers in gut with my 357 then cuff and watch as they squirm in pain. But work good for training cocksuckers too.”

He locked my wrists behind my back, effectively putting me completely at his mercy. “Don’t worry faggot boy, I train you to take cock like a pro.”

As he again began his assault on my throat, I was thankful that his fat schlong had a slight downward curve. He was now rock hard, but rather than bending to one side or the other, his boner bent down slightly, which appeared to be the perfect shape for deeply penetrating a cocksucker’s throat.

I fought to breath through my nose and resist my gag reflex as he inched his way down my throat. I had read somewhere that to deepthroat a cock, you had to act like you were literally swallowing it, so I swallowed hard and his rod was actually inhaled down my throat. I felt my neck bulge and my pharynx stretch to accept his girth. After several minutes of this constant onslaught, I felt his pubes tickling my nose and his hanging balls bang against my chin.

“You fucking pro now, boy,” Fong announced. “You take all Fong have to offer.”

He slowly withdrew and then thrust forward, bottoming out again. This was repeated over and over till he was fucking my throat like a pussy. Lucky for me, his prick continued to secrete a steady flow of precum, keeping my throat lubed for his ferocious attack. 

Suddenly Fong stopped pumping my throat, leaving his tool buried deep. 

Ding, ding. Shit, somebody had just entered the store. I was hidden from view under the counter, but I still felt incredibly vulnerable and exposed.

“Hi Mr. Fong,” a sexy girl’s voice echoed through the store. “Just this bottled water please.” I recognized the voice as the college daughter of one of my neighbors. I’d seen her at the club earlier with some of her girlfriends. 

“No fun for you tonight, huh?” she giggled as he gave her change, obviously a little buzzed. “All work and no play makes Mr. Fong a dull boy.”

“I have plenty fun, Suzy,” Fong said, as he gave a little hip thrust and poked the back of my throat. Not being ready for this sudden movement, I gagged loudly.

“What was that?” Suzy exclaimed.

“Just my cocksucker learning his new skill,” Fong laughed. “Take look.”

I saw Suzy’s cute blonde hair fall over the counter as she leaned across to see what Fong was talking about. Here I was face to face with this gorgeous coed, naked, on my knees, handcuffed with Fong’s wicked shaft buried down my throat.”

“Holy shit. I didn’t know Mr. Simpson was gay. Hi Mr. Simpson, I thought I saw you dancing with some cute girls tonight at the club?”

I wanted to shout, “I’m not gay”….but with Fong’s huge rod buried down my throat I couldn’t even muster a whisper. Besides, trying to deny the accusation while I had a male organ inserted in my throat was kinda a lost cause.

“Simpson damn good cocksucker. His big horsemouth just what Fong needed. He take it like pro,” Fong grunted as he returned to his steady throat fucking. “You want watch me feed this faggot?”

“Hell yes,” Suzy squealed. “Let me go get my girlfriend in the car. Rachel will never believe this.”

Within seconds, Suzy returned with her friend. I recognized her immediately as one of the girls I’d been shot down by earlier in the evening. She was a beautiful redhead, with emerald green eyes and a body made for fantasies. She was way out of my league, but I’d given it a shot anyway.

“Suzy, this guy was hitting on me earlier tonight. Guess I didn’t have anything to worry about.”

“He switch teams,” Fong interjected. “He no good with girls, so he now my little bitch.”

“Wow, he’s got a bottomless throat. No way I could take all that cock, Mr. Fong,” Suzy said. “I had no idea you were so big.”

The girls went on giggling and commenting on my skills as I doubled my efforts to get Fong off. He had incredible stamina and my jaw ached painfully. Tears were running down my cheeks as my eyes were watering uncontrollably.

“Look how hard his weenie is,” Suzy’s girlfriend commented, pointing at my throbbing boner. “It’s dripping so much, he left a pool of spooge on the floor.”

“I think Mr. Simpson likes giving head as much as Mr. Fong likes getting it,” Suzy snickered.

“Oh, I like fucking his mouth,” Mr. Fong replied. “Too bad he not pretty like you girls.”

With that comment, Suzy reached into her purse and pulled out a lipstick. “I can make him prettier for you,” she giggled.

“You funny girl,” Fong commented as he pulled his tool from my tortured jaw long enough for Suzy to apply a thick coat of ruby red to my lips.

“Open wide my pretty bitch,” Fong snarled as he drove his boner back into my throat.

The humiliation was almost unbearable, yet I couldn’t wait to swallow Fong’s creamy load. 

Suzy jumped up on the checkout counter and pulled up her short skirt. Her skimpy pink panties had a huge wet spot. “This is so fucking hot,” she squealed as she started fingering her pussy through her panties. “I’ve got another idea how to make Mr. Simpson even prettier.”

She peeled off her pink panties and dangled them in my face, the smell of her pussy juice driving me crazy as I continued to deepthroat Fong.

“How about putting my panties on him?” Suzy quipped.

“You nasty girl,” Fong laughed. “Stand up bitch, Suzy put panties on my cocksucker. Keep his dirty seed from dripping on my floor.”

I did as instructed and Suzy pulled her panties up and over my raging cock. They were very tight and the thin material was sucked deeply into my ass crack. My boner tented the front of the panties lewdly, my own dripping precum now mingling with Suzy’s already soaked pussy juices. The silky panties felt awesome against my skin.

Fong put his hand on my head and forced me back to my knees where he again began to feed me his cock. 

“Finish job, bitch,” he commanded. “Show Fong what a good little slut you are.”

Suzy pulled out her smartphone and started snapping photos of me sucking off Fong. I had no idea what she was going to do with the pics, but at this point, I was in no position to argue.

“Yes, take pictures. Can e-mail me later, please. Will go nicely with my video.” He pointed to the TV screen on the counter and I realized my cocksucking exhibition was being recorded by his security system. I was in deep shit. Fong had me over a barrel; looked like I was going to stay at his mercy.

“I’m sure Simpson not want these pictures to get posted on internet. He be my personal btich, now, huh fagboy?”

I assumed the question was rhetorical, so I didn’t try to answer, knowing my fate was completely in his hands.

Suzy jumped back up on the counter and her friend crouched down next to me, her head between Suzy’s legs, staring straight into her now bare twat. With a flick of her tongue, she made Suzy moan with pleasure.

“Watching Simpson suck cock make you girls horny, heh?” Fong chuckled.

Suzy lovingly grasped her friend’s head and started to grind her pussy against the smoking hot redheads tongue. The store was filed with the sound and smells of sex as the two of us performed oral sex side by side, me on Fong and Rachel on Suzy.

Between moans of pleasure, Suzy asked, “So are you gonna fuck your new bitch, Mr. Fong?”

“I save his ass for later,” Fong laughed. “He my bitch now and I take my time training him.”

I knew my virgin ass could never accommodate his massive girth, but at the moment, the thought of getting bent over and submitting my hole to this stud of a man made me squirm with anticipation.

Suzy began to pant furiously, and I knew the tongue fucking she was getting had her close to orgasm. She squeezed her thighs around the redhead’s face and with a mighty groan screamed, “God, I’m fucking cummingggggggggggggg!”

The hot action between the girls had a positive effect on Fong as I felt him tense and if possible, his thick tool actually grew bigger. He was on the brink. My arms had been restrained for some period of time and were aching painfully, as was my jaw and throat. I was thankful that this experience was nearing an end, and equally happy that I would soon be getting fed his salty load.

“I cum too,” Fong announced as he pulled my head roughly forward, burying every last inch of his tool down my throat. My nose was pressed against his pelvis as I felt the first jets of his cream spurting down my throat. He slowly pulled his rod out, shooting jizz first into my mouth and finally erupting the last few torrents on my face.

The girls began clapping, “That was cool, Mr. Fong. His face is covered in your cum, and look how he’s trying to slurp those big, thick ropes off his chin and upper lip. You are a cum hungry pig, huh Mr. Simpson?”

I could only hang my head in shame. It was true, I was a cum hungry pig. I was smacking my lips and trying to taste every last drop of Mr. Fong’s jizz. 

“Answer the pretty girls,” Fong insisted as he slapped my face with his big fleshy member, big thick drops of spunk still oozing from his piss hole.

“Yes, I’m a hungry cum-pig,” I admitted. Never thought those words would be escaping my mouth.

Fong reinserted his now deflating dick back into my mouth, “Clean me whore.”

I eagerly sucked and nursed on his softening cock, getting several more dollops of tasty cream as a reward. Fong must have cum a gallon, but I was still hungry for more.

“That was so fucking nasty,” Suzy announced as she pulled down her skimpy skirt. “I’ve never seen anything so hot.”

She jumped down off the counter and grabbed her girlfriends hand. “Come on sweety, let’s head back to my place and I’ll return the favor.”

“You want panties back?” Fong asked.

“Keep them,” Suzy replied. “You’ll probably want Mr. Simpson to wear them next time. Hope you invite us to Mr. Simpson’s cherry popping ceremony.”

“Good idea, and I will,” Fong chuckled as he reached for a keychain hanging by the cash register and thankfully unlocked my aching wrists. Standing up, I was woozy, my legs completely unstable from being on my knees for so long on the hard concrete floor. “Give me panties, bitch.”

“Get out now,” Fong demanded as he picked up my clothes and tossed them out the door into the parking lot.

I scurried out and scanned the area. Luckily it was late at night and nobody was around. I grabbed my clothes and sprinted to my car.

Fong opened the store door and tossed my porn magazines at me, “You probably still need, huh bitch? I know you be fantasizing about sucking my dick when you jerking off.”

As I reached my car, the horn beeped. Fuck, I’d forgotten my keys in the store. I turned to see Fong standing at the glass door, dangling my keys. He’d just locked my car and was now laughing at me.

The intercom system crackled alive, “You forget keys, heh, cocksucker?”

As I looked up to the intercom, I noticed the TV screens over the gas pumps were running a video loop from the closed circuit security camera. There I was, naked, on my knees, deepthroating a thick cock, a look of pure lust in my eyes. He wasn’t letting me off easy. This sadistic bastard was loving every second of my discomfort.

“Come get keys, boy,” he laughed.

I started to pull on my pants, but the intercom blurted, “No, leave clothes and come naked.”

I jogged back to the store, my still rock hard dick bouncing wildly. I pushed on the big glass door, but it didn’t budge. The old fucker had locked me out.

“You jerk off now bitch,” he yelled through the door, “Then I give you back keys.”

I didn’t have much of an option, besides, as hardup as I was, it would only take a couple of strokes to blow my load. I grabbed my boner and started to jerk, standing only a couple of feet from Mr. Wong, but separated by the thick security glass.

Fong pulled down his sweatpants, revealing his still obscenely large dong. He thrust his hips forward and his huge cock was smashed against the glass. “Shoot load on my cock, boy.”

Damn, I think I actually started to drool seeing his big schlong again. With one more stroke, I exploded, coating the glass door in jet after sticky jet of hot man seed. 

“Get on knees and clean my door with your tongue, you slutty cumeater.”

I was still completely at his mercy, and I did as instructed, licking my own cum from the glass, my tongue less than one inch from his thick member. 

“You a nasty cocksucker,” Fong chuckled as he pushed my keys through the mail slot. “Damn glad you Fong’s new cocksucking bitch”

I grabbed my keys and sprinted back to the car. As I was opening the door, the intercom buzzed on again, “See you next Friday, same time. You not disappoint me, heh slut?”

Fong owned my ass and I only hoped he didn’t intend to share those videos with anybody else. The only thing I had in my control was being here next Friday to submit again to Fong’s dirty mind. As I started the car I realized I was already looking forward to next week.

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