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Moving Away Party

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I was a very straight 23 year old guy always looking for some hot pussy. It was my last day at a job I had for 3 1/2 years. I had been a dog and fucked several short term co-workers and very unsuccessfully kept trying to get Karma to let me have some of her super fine black pussy. Over the last year or so it seamed like we were friends but she made it very clear that I was a horn dog and she had no interest.

About an hour before my last shift was over Karma asked if I would like to get a cup of coffee next door at the coffee shop, great I said. We had been there talking about the work place for about an hour when she asked if I would like to go to her place as she wanted to wash the daily grime off and get into something comfortable. I said ok, I was thinking hell yea! She lived in a nice but small 3bed 2 bath home just outside of town and ask me if I would like to borrow her roommates shower as well. Sure, I said and she went in another room and came out with some clean boxers and a t-shirt. Here no sense taking a shower and putting on dirty clothes. I am definitely getting me some hot black pussy I am thinking. I jumped in the shower cleaned up real good and dried off. I put on the boxers and t-shirt and headed back to the living room.

When I walked out of the bathroom I was face to face with a butt naked Karma. WOW! Her body was perfect! Do you want to fuck she asked? Yes I do I said and just then two big buff black guys walk around the corner with big smiles and even bigger cocks swinging between their legs. I was frozen, I didn’t know what the heck was going on. Karma spoke first and said since you are moving and we won’t see each other again I thought you might like to party with us. Oh, Okay I said and she took my hand and let me to a king sized bed in her room. Nothing gets me hotter than a girls bedroom with their girly decor and the smells. I had a rock hard cock, but only 7″ while her friends each had about 10 – 11″ I don’t know why but I could not get my eyes off of the BBCs. 

Karma laid me down on the bed and immediately laid down next to me and start kissing me like she was the horniest girl on the planet. I was instantly lost in the lust for her and forgot we were being watched by two hot hung black guys. Then one of the guys Fred started to suck my cock and I started to pull away and Karma said its fine you are going to have a great time I promise. I just relaxed and started sucking on her perfect tits. Then Dan the other guy slid his cock in Karma’s mouth and she sucked that cock like a porn star. She looked at me and said eat my pussy. Oh hell yea! I got between her legs and was having the time of my life and Fred laid me on my stomach and started to eat my ass. Oh shit that felt great. 

All of a sudden the action changed! Fred had stopped to get a better position I thought, I was lost in eating the hottest pussy I had ever tasted. Then Dan grabbed my left arm and slapped a hand cuff on it that was also cuffed to the bed post, at the same time Fred did the same to my right ankle. What the fuck I said! Karma just laughed. I asked if you wanted to fuck, you didn’t think I was going to let you fuck me with you little white dick did you? I ask what the fuck is going on? She said relax I promised you would have a great time. She reached to her dresser and brought out some super fine smoke and we all had more than we should and I was very relaxed, but was still well aware I was cuffed to the bed with two BBCs in the room and I have been told I was going to fuck and that I was not fucking the only woman in the room. 

After several smokes Karma grabbed a small dark bottle that I now know were poppers and asked if I knew what they were. I said no, and as we talked about them Dan started to eat my ass again and I began to relax and moan it felt great. Karma shook the bottle and opened it held it to my nose and told me to take 3 big deep sniffs. I did and I was tingling, floating I felt wonderful and relaxed. Then Dan started sliding a finger in my ass slow and deep and Fred put his hard cock in my mouth. I had never even thought about sucking a cock, but with everything happening I just opened my mouth and sucked his cock like I would want mine sucked. I felt Dan putting two then three fingers in my ass and Karma started stroking my head telling me I was a great boy toy. I was focused on her perfect body, and the big cock that was trying to slide down my throat. 

Then it happen, Dan had lubed his cock and was rubbing the head of his monster cock on my asshole. I started to feel the worst pain I ever have in my life as he started to shove that BBC in my ass. I told Karma that my ass was not going to be able to take his cock and she laughed. Don’t worry she said in a few minutes it won’t be an ass any more it will be a man pussy for BBCs. She grabbed my by the hair and pulled my mouth off of Fred’s cock and shoved my face in her pussy and I started to eat that pussy again. I remember Dan working just a few strokes back and forth still trying to get his fat cock head in my ass when I was given the poppers again and told to take 5 deep sniffs I was again in euphoria and immediately had Fred’s cock back in my mouth and Dan shoved his head in my ass and held it there for me to stop screaming on Fred’s cock.

It seemed to be for ever but my ass was not hurting anymore as a matter of fact having my pussy full of BBC felt wonderful. I was given more poppers and more smoke by Karma. I was able to get most of the cock in my mouth down my throat and the cock in my ass was buried balls deep fucking my slow and deep shoving every inch he could in my pussy on every down stroke. He was making deep hard love to my pussy while the cock in my throat was doing the same. The whole time Karma was masturbating right in front of me telling me I was going to be a cum slut for BBC before I got off her bed. I would feel so empty every time the cock in my pussy was on the up stroke and brought out to just the tip and in total delight as it was sunk back down and held as deep as it would go. Dan whispered in my ear, I am going to bred your tight white pussy you cum slut and then started fucking my hard and fast. He started growling and grunting as I felt a river of hot cum fill my ass, and with no warning Fred started shooting stream after thick stream of hot cum down my throat and in my mouth. I lot came dribbling out the corners of my mouth. Karma licked the spillage off my face then french kissed me for several minutes.

Dan and Fred would switch places from time to time giving my the hardest deepest fuck I have ever had to this day. Karma had cum several times watch me turned from a heterosexual hound dog to a cum slut for BBC. After I had taken a few loads from both of the BBCs I was moaning and squirming for more cock. When they were done with me they both fucked Karma right next to my face and as soon as they had both cum in her pussy she sat on my face and made me eat her fresh cream pie pussy. I lapped at her cream filled pussy like I was starving.

I moved that week and never saw or even spoke to Karma or the guys again, but I have been used by several BBCs and I always thing about my first experience and get a rock hard cock just from the memories.

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Ricky wrote

Nice,my fantasy dosnt go quite like that but it would work