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Morning Wood

Category: Fetish
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I’ve wanted to do this for a long time but before I get into it, just a bit of background first.

Whenever I sleep over my boyfriend’s house, I usually wake up first. You know, I’m just never as comfortable and relaxed as when I’m in my own bed. Anyway, no matter whether we had a night of really good sex or even none at all, he’s always got a hard on in the morning.

It looks so good and it’s just so tempting to grab his cock and start playing with it even though he’s sleeping. But, I never do. Not until last Saturday morning that is.

Well, when I woke up and noticed his cock, it was lying flat on his lower stomach and pointing up toward his belly button. So the underside of his cock was just staring me in the face. I could tell his cock was hard but not quite at its full hardness. So it was large but lying on his belly instead of sticking out a little bit.

I reached out with my index finger and a I gently touched it to the sweet spot. You guys know what I’m talking about, the spot just below the head. Then I slowly dragged the tip of my finger down the shaft until I reached the point where the shaft starts to disappear into his sac. Just as I pulled away my finger, his cock gave a little twitch. It sort of gave a slight bounce up and down and I quietly giggled to myself.

I guess I woke it up because my eyes stared intently as it started to stiffen and grow to its full potential. I find cocks to be simply fascinating. My man is asleep but the cock is awake and it’s coaxing me on to come and play. I put my finger back on the under side of the shaft and slowly and with almost no pressure all, I dragged the tip of my finger up and down the length of the shaft a few times and then pulled my finger back again.

His cock pulsed at me and I just stared at it for a minute while it gave a slight bobble up and down continuing to pull me in and under its spell. I watched as it started to again grow and swell even more right before my eyes. I was getting really turned on so I decided just to give in to its calling and have my way with it.

With an open hand I slowly and gently dragged the underside of all four fingers of my hand up and down the underside of the shaft but as I did this, my boyfriend began to wake up.

I was hoping that just his cock and me could have some fun together while he stayed asleep. He looked down at me with his dreamy blue eyes and I looked and stared back up at him. He lips smiled and he just shut his eyes and laid his head back down into the pillow. Good I thought, his cock is all mine now.

I put both hands on his cock and slowly dragged and massaged both the front side and underside with my hands. It felt so good as I rubbed it this way and I so too love the way it responded to my touch.

I was really getting into noticing the different textures and sensations I was feeling my fingers and hands.

Although I was getting really hot and could feel my own pussy responding, this was becoming more than just sex to me. For the first time, I was really getting to know every inch and detail of his cock and balls. There was no frantic pace caused by our typical horny, lusty, can’t wait to get at each other type of mood we normally find ourselves in. Right now, it was just the two of us. Me and his cock.

Just so you know where I stand, I love sucking cock. I have ever since the first time I got my hands on one and had one inside my mouth. I think what really makes me crave a good hard cock is that they are simply and only useful to us women until they cum. After that, they are down for a while. This only makes me want cock more. It’s what makes cock so addicting. Like a drug.

Slipping my hands down my man’s paints and feeling the cock inside grow and get hard is a high that can’t be replaced by anything. So don’t worry guys, this is why you’ll never be replaced by anything artificial.

I continued to use my hands on his cock and balls in this way until I could feel his lower abdomen begin to clench and tense. A drop of precum appeared at the tip. I could tell his cock was probably more than half way toward cuming. Me and the cock were building toward a climax at a steady pace. The pleasure within growing with each stroke.

Part of me wanted to continue just like this until this hot hard cock could take no more and finally let loose in my hands.

But I really wanted to get my mouth on it. I needed to get this hot throbbing cock in my mouth so I let go of his cock and could instantly sense how I interrupted the buildup my hands had started.

I let his cock alone for a few seconds and just watched it. The cock seemed to gasp for air and struggle about. It seemed to be straining against itself. Seeking out that touch which had just vanished without warning.

I wiped the precum from the head of his cock with the tip of my finger. I raised my finger to my lips and allowed the precum to drip from my finger. I watched it fall as it left a shiny sparkling string behind reaching from my finger to my lower lip.

I brought my head in close to his cock and I reached out with my outstretched tongue. Closer I came with my tongue until the very tip of my tongue reached the very tip of his cock. When the two connected, I slowly slid the tip of my tongue down his shaft then back up again.

I then wrapped my lips around the head and could feel the heat of his cock flow into my lips. I slowly and I mean slowly pushed my lips down his cock. Quarter inch by quarter inch I pressed my lips down while I massaged the underside of his cock with the flat of my tongue. When I got to the base of his cock I paused for bit but keep massaging with my tongue. My man’s torso began to tense and his breathing became more erratic and pressed.

From the base of his cock I slowly drew my lips back up the shaft. Sucking hard and moving my tongue all about as I made my way back up to the top. I keep up this slow and agonizing pace until I could tell he could barely keep still enough for his cock not to slip away.

So I grabbed his cock at the base with one hand to keep it from slipping out of my mouth and then quickened the pace. Up and down. Up and down. All the while making slurping and sucking noises. With my other hand I started massaging his balls.

I could tell the eruption was imminent. I was so hot and I excited I couldn’t wait for him to explode. I was craving his cum. I felt his hands land on the back of my head. His hands pushing my head down. I felt so sexy I continued sucking on his cock with all I could muster. My hand tightened at the base of his cock and started pumping. My mouth kept sucking.

Suddenly, I felt all his muscles tighten and hold. Then with the recoil of a rifle, the first gush of my man’s cum came streaming forth and ricocheted off the roof of my mouth. His cum kept flowing, spurting and filling my hungry mouth until I could hold no more. I quickly swallowed before the next gush of his hot goo came firing inside my mouth. It was all I could do to keep up with the load of cum that kept shooting into my mouth.

I kept pumping and sucking until the fury of his orgasm slowed and I managed to squeeze out every last drop of his thick, hot and yes, oh so tasty cum that I could extract from this beautiful giving cock. Even after all the mayhem had subsided, I continued to gently lick and suck on the cock until sadly my morning wood was gone.

I laid my head down at the side of his hip keeping his cock close by. Should the morning wood return, I want to be ready. We drifted back off to sleep.

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