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More Than Simply Dinner

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Tony was nervous as he sat at the bar of the Toledo Holiday Inn. “I’ll meet you at six,” she wrote in her last e-mail to him just the night before. The drink in front of him remained untouched as he waited, although his fingers played with the intricate cuts of the glass from time to time. He glanced at his watch once more and was dismayed at the slow passage of time. It was only five forty-five. “It’ll be so good to see you.” Tony looked around and saw that the bar and the dining area were beginning to get more crowded.

Tony wasn’t worried because he had made reservations for 6:30, just in case she was late. He turned back and took a small sip of his drink and sighed. First meetings were always hard.

They had been exchanging e-mails, he and Laura, almost daily for the past four and a half months after having been introduced by a mutual friend. Pictures had been sent back and forth, yet strangely, they had not called the other. The thought had crossed Tony’s mind to ask her for her number, yet he didn’t, seeking to keep some form of anonymity with her. At times, he thought he was being stupid about it, but Laura hadn’t asked for his, either. In fact, he didn’t even know her last name.

He had been pleasantly surprised to discover she lived in Ohio as well and dwelled perhaps three hours from his home. Through their letters, they got to know each other and found they shared a great many interests such as writing, the civil war, and ghosts. He loved her sense of humor and was more than flattered that a pretty and young woman as herself would have the slightest interest in a 45-year-old man. But she did.

As Tony sipped his drink, Laura waited in the parking lot. A light drizzle fell and obscured her face through the windshield of her pickup, but even in the mist, one could tell her thoughts were far away as she stared off into space.

Laura knew what time it was without looking at her watch. Apprehension was filling her as she questioned herself, remembering when Tony first posed the invitation to her. “I’ll be in Toledo on the 14th and 15th of April,” he wrote. “Have lunch or supper with me?” It seemed so long ago when he asked, but in fact it had been just a month.

She liked him from the start in spite of everything she had heard about corresponding with men online. He was a police officer and as they got to know each other better, he sent her a photo of himself in uniform. However, it was the first picture he sent to her that made her heart flutter. His smile and brown eyes melted her and she told him so in her next letter. It gave her the courage to send him a picture of herself, something she had been unwilling to do before. His response was exactly as she had hoped; he said she was pretty.

Now she sat in her pickup questioning her sanity and wondering if she should go through with it. The only person she told was her best friend and she thought Laura was crazy to do it.

“You don’t even know him!” she exclaimed the day before. “How can you meet a total stranger a hundred miles away? How do you know he isn’t a pervert or a creep? He’s twenty years older than you, for God’s sake!”

Laura had no sure answer for any of her friend’s concerns, but she knew one thing. He had a hell of a lot to lose if he wasn’t the person whom he portrayed in his letters. She did wonder about the age difference at times. Could he just want to get into her pants? It was possible, yet the subject of sex had not been brought up very much in their emails. Yes, there were the occasional flirting and harmless innuendos, but it was never anything more than that. No, she told herself, he just wanted to meet her and that was all. Most of their e-mails had to do with their everyday lives; work, home life, and their social lives. It was his self-deprecating humor which she enjoyed the most. He never seemed to take himself too seriously and often made fun of silly or stupid things he said or did.

She checked her watch and it was ten minutes before six. In her heart, she knew she didn’t want to turn back, but her brain was playing games with her as rational thoughts permeated her mind. Laura had never been impetuous and she was always known for her level head, yet what she wanted to do was so unlike her and that made it all the more exciting. “You’re very pretty.” Those words he wrote sang in her heart from the first time she saw them in print. Somehow, she knew he meant it.

Back at the bar, Tony’s stomach felt queer as if a hundred butterflies had decided to have a war then and there. His drink was barely touched, yet he wanted to have his wits about him if she arrived. When she arrived, he corrected himself. She said she would come and she would, yet doubts still crept into his mind.

It was then he looked up and saw her reflection in the mirror in front of him. He saw her look left and right, but she did not see him almost straight in front of her. She was wearing black dress slacks which hugged her hips nicely and a light-blue blouse which went well with her pale blue eyes. Her shoulder length blonde hair was curled and she had never looked prettier in any of the pictures she had sent.

When she looked to the right and behind her, Tony quickly slid off his chair and moved to her left.

“May I buy you a drink, Laura?” he asked.

Startled, Laura’s head snapped back in Tony’s direction, but her eyes widened and a broad smile appeared as she recognized him instantly. He was thinner than what she expected, but he looked handsome in his blue suit and white dress shirt sans a tie. She reached for him and they hugged briefly.

“You look really pretty, Laura,” Tony said as he stepped back. He could see the slightest beginnings of cleavage at the top of her blouse as he looked her up and down with approval. She didn’t have a model’s figure, but she wasn’t overweight either. Her build fit her frame nicely. She was exactly how he imagined her.

“You’re sweet,” she replied as she blushed from the compliment. “Thank you,” she said in a hushed tone.

“I’ve got reservations for 6:30. I can get it moved up if you’re hungry.”

“No, I can wait.”

“Can I get you a drink, then? I’ve got a seat at the bar.”


Tony guided her to the bar where they sat down. He motioned to the bartender and a young woman came over to them. “What’s your poison?” Tony asked.

Laura looked at Tony, then to the bartender. “Do you have Sam Adams?”

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” she answered, “we don’t carry that brand.”

Disappointed, Laura said, “I’ll have a rum and coke.”

“Coming up, ma’am.” She moved away to another part of the bar.

Laura reached into her purse and pulled out her billfold.

“No, no,” Tony said, “put that away. This is my treat.”

“But,” she started to protest before Tony cut her off.

“My treat, I insist.” Tony looked at her. “Look, if you don’t put your money away, I’ll bring out a spider and he’ll make you put it away.”

Laura giggled as she slowly put her billfold back inside her purse. It had been a running joke between them when Tony found out she was afraid of spiders. “Okay, okay,” she laughed, “you win.” She shook her head. “I swear, if we weren’t in a public place, I’d slap you.”

Tony laughed then and instantly felt his nervousness begin to leave. The butterflies were gone when he looked and saw Laura smiling at him. He took a sip from his drink. “You have a nice smile. I like it.”

Laura tapped his arm. “You’re going to spoil me with all the compliments.”

“I don’t know,” he said while shaking his head, “but you’re much prettier in person. Not that you take a bad picture,” he added hastily.

The bartender arrived with Laura’s drink and set it before her. Tony nodded his thanks and placed a five-dollar bill in front of him.

“You look very handsome yourself all dressed up in a suit,” Laura remarked before she took a sip of her drink.

“Thanks,” he replied softly.

“Do you always get this dressed up for dates or is this from your convention?” He was in town for a sheriff’s convention.

“It’s for you,” he grinned. “We wear polo shirts and jeans for our meetings.”

Laura returned the smile. “I never thought of you as a vodka person,” she remarked while motioning to the clear liquid in his glass.

Tony laughed. “I’m not a vodka person. You probably won’t believe what it is.”

“Try me.”

“It’s peppermint schnapps.”


Tony pushed the drink to her. “Here, take a sip.”

Laura sniffed at it and concluded it was really peppermint schnapps. “And here, I thought all you cops loved beer.” She pushed it back to him.

“I hate beer,” he said roughly. “I’ve always hated beer and I always will hate beer.”

“Well, don’t hold back. Tell me how you really feel,” Laura said.

Tony shook his head and grinned. “But I do like donuts!”

“You’re silly.”

They chatted easily for the next fifteen minutes until their table was ready. Tony helped her into her seat before sitting down across from her. The food was moderately priced and the selection was quite large. For the first time since she arrived, they were quiet as they pored over the menu. When the waiter arrived for their order, Laura chose pork chops with mashed potatoes and gravy and a salad, while Tony chose steak with a baked potato, green beans and a salad. They were offered wine, but both declined. After the waiter left, an awkward silence came over them as if the waiter’s interruption had somehow taken away their ability to speak.

Tony eased back into his chair and looked at Laura. For a few moments, he studied her features, her blue eyes and the soft roundness of her face. He noticed the hint of dimples in her cheeks and her thin lips and immediately wondered how she liked to be kissed. His eyes traveled down to the beginning of her breasts and he tried to remember when he last kissed a woman there.

Laura watched him with interest as he seemed to be in his own world at that moment. It didn’t upset her. In fact, it intrigued her that a man would find her that interesting and study her that intensely. His eyes were the same soft brown that melted her from the first picture she saw of him and she found herself returning his gaze. She could fall for those eyes. She was falling for those eyes. Laura smiled at the thought of being attracted to Tony. She certainly couldn’t deny there was an attraction. What she really wanted to know was how attracted to her was he? She could only guess.

She cleared her throat lightly and smiled. Tony came out of his stupor and was immediately embarrassed.

“I’m so sorry,” he stammered. “I didn’t mean to stare. That was bad of me.”

“Oh, it’s okay,” Laura replied. “I didn’t mind. I’m glad to find that someone finds me that fascinating. You do find me fascinating, don’t you?” she asked coyly with eyebrows raised. She then batted her blue eyes playfully at him.

Redness had crept into Tony’s face by then and he couldn’t hide it. “I find you very fascinating,” he admitted sheepishly. It was Laura’s turn to blush now.

“Good,” Laura exclaimed, oblivious to the redness in her cheeks. “I wouldn’t want you to be thinking of someone else.”

“That would be highly unlikely.” He took a sip of water and patted his mouth with a napkin. “I’m really glad you came. I wasn’t sure if you would.”

“I told you I would,” Laura replied.

“I know, but it’s a long trip just for supper with someone you don’t know.”

“I think I know you pretty well, Tony. I mean, it’s not like we talk every day or see each other, but you’re quite open in your notes and I’ve gotten a very good feel for what you’re all about. Besides, I wanted to see you, so I’m glad I came.” She paused for a second. “And it’s not a long trip if the person is worth the drive.”

“Was it a long trip?” he asked.

“Not long at all,” she answered demurely before she took another sip of her drink. She looked at him over the rim of her glass and saw Tony gazing at her once again. A smile peeked from the corners of his mouth as he obviously enjoyed the sight in front of him.

Another period of quietness came between them, but this time, neither seemed to mind. Tony glanced about the dining area, checking for any unusual activity as was his custom, but his eyes always came back to the woman beyond the flickering candle that separated them. He liked her eyes. She had always described them as “dull” to him, but he found them full of life and expression. They danced when she smiled or laughed and they were quite appealing. Not dull at all, he thought to himself.

Soothing dinner music was playing in the background, but it was only one of a hundred sounds Tony pushed to the side. Laura’s hands were under her chin and her elbows on the table. A warm smile was etched upon her face as she continued to watch him. If she was any other person, he might have been unnerved, but he found her gaze to be gentle and kind.

Their food arrived a few minutes later and Laura was almost disappointed in that fact. She was enjoying the quiet time they shared even if they didn’t say much. The wonderful aroma of her dish overcame her, so she began to dig in.

They conversed throughout their meal, mostly about his convention and the meetings that went along with it.

“Doesn’t everyone get together for dinner?” she asked midway through their meal. All of the conventions she heard about were like that.


“But, you’re here with me. Shouldn’t you be with the other officers?”

“I’m where I’m supposed to be,” he replied. “I won’t be missed.”

Her puzzled look changed to concern. “Won’t you get in trouble?”

He smiled. “The only trouble I see is seated across from me.”

“What do you mean by that?” she demanded, her food forgotten.

Tony smiled and put his fork down. He reached across and took her hand and held it for a second or two before speaking. It was the first time he touched her since they hugged each other upon her arrival. “I think you know what I mean,” he said softly.

Her expression softened at his revelation. “Yes, I think I do,” she replied. He held her hand for a few more seconds. In her eyes, he seemed to look younger in the candlelight, much younger than his 45 years. His hand left hers much too soon as it returned to his utensil.

“Don’t worry about where I should or shouldn’t be,” he said. “I don’t have to be at their dinner. Besides, I told them I had other plans and it’s okay.”

“You’re sure?”

Exasperated, Tony, sighed. “Yes, I’m sure, so no more talking about it, okay?” His soft eyes had grown a bit darker and his amused look was gone.

She could feel the slight sting in his voice and it hurt. Laura didn’t feel she said anything wrong, yet he seemed angry with her. Looking down and away, she sighed. “I didn’t mean to pry,” Laura said almost inaudibly.

Tony put his fork on his plate and exhaled. “You weren’t prying. It’s just that it’s okay for me to miss the dinner. I don’t have to be there. I’m only required to attend the meetings, nothing more. I was at the breakfast and lunch today and it was boring as hell.” He reached forward and took her hand again. “On the other hand, this is a much better dinner. Much better,” he added.

Laura smiled sheepishly and shook her head from side to side. “Okay,” she said, “no more questions about your dinner.” She squeezed his hand. “Go ahead and eat before it gets cold.”

A minute or two later, Tony asked, “So, what do your parents think about you coming to Toledo and meeting me?”

Laura thought for a second before answering. “I just told them I was meeting a friend for dinner. I didn’t say who or where and they didn’t ask.”

“Oh,” he replied, not knowing what to say.

“I mean, I’ve traveled distances before to meet people and they haven’t cared one way or the other,” she continued. “Anyway, as long as they can reach me on my cell phone, they don’t mind.”

“I thought they might put up a fuss and not want you to come.”

“Well, I may live at home still, but I work, got my own pickup, and I give them money for rent. I can do pretty much as I please and they don’t bother me too much.”

“Would they bother you if they knew you were meeting me?”

“I really don’t think they’d care one way or the other,” she replied.

Tony nodded. “Good.”

It was after seven-thirty when they finished. Dessert was declined by both and Tony paid the check. As they walked past the bar and toward the lobby, he turned to her. “What do you want to do now?” he asked.

“Why don’t we walk around and talk for a while?”

“I’d like that,” he replied.

To her surprise and delight, he took her hand and began to walk with her. They were quiet for a few minutes before they began to talk again. Their topics ranged from writing to cemeteries, Ohio presidents and their burial sites to the civil war and other times in history. They talked about places they had visited and wanted to visit, and they shared their thoughts about current events. By nine o’clock, their tongues were fatigued and it seemed as if only a few minutes had gone by instead of an hour and a half.

Linked arm in arm, they walked past the pool and exercise room. Tony was holding her close and could smell the remnants of her sweet perfume. It had been a wonderful evening and he hated to see it come to a close. “I wish you didn’t have to leave so soon,” he said when they reached the lobby once more. “I really enjoyed this evening.” A boom of thunder could be heard overhead, but he paid no attention to it. It had been thundering periodically all evening long.

“I had a wonderful time, too,” she replied softly, “but you have an early breakfast and I have a two-hour drive ahead of me.” Laura glanced to the door and saw the rain coming down. She never did like driving in rain, especially at night. A flash of lightning appeared and more thunder sounded. “Anyway,” she continued, fixing her gaze upon Tony, “I should go and let you get some rest.”

“Oh, like I’ll be able to sleep now,” Tony laughed. “I’m not tired, by the way.”

“But, I’m tired and I have a long drive ahead of me, so give me a hug and I’ll be on my way.”

Tony bent down and hugged her, a long, warm hug he normally reserved for his closest friends. Laura felt a sensual warmth go through her as she fought back tears. She truly didn’t want to go, but she knew she couldn’t and shouldn’t stay any longer.

“I’m going to miss you,” he whispered in her ear before kissing her cheek.

“I’m going to miss you, too,” she sniffed. Laura kissed his cheek as well before hugging him fiercely once more. “We’ll find a weekend when we can get together.”

“Yeah,” he replied as he let her go. “Call me when you get home so I won’t worry.”

“I will,” she promised. Her blue eyes were misty.

Tony tried to smile. “Come on, I’ll walk you to your pickup.”


As they went through the first set of doors, they were surprised at the intensity of the storm. The rain was coming down in buckets and the wind was howling like wolves in the desert. Others were standing in the foyer as well watching the deluge.

“You shouldn’t drive in this,” Tony said.

“I don’t want to, but I have to,” Laura replied as she looked at the rain through scared eyes.

“I don’t want you to drive in this,” he said firmly, using his cop voice.

“I’ll wait for a little bit and see if it calms down, but I can’t wait too long,” she said in reply.

They turned around and returned to the lobby and saw six or seven persons watching the television. As they got closer, they could see them watching news about the weather.

“What’s going on?” Tony asked one of the bystanders.

“Severe weather for the rest of the night,” was the reply. “Tornado watches everywhere.”

Tony turned to Laura. “You can’t go home in this.”

“I have to.”

“I won’t let you. You can stay here tonight. I’ll pay for your room.”

“I can’t let you do that!”

“You can’t go home in this rain. It’s too dangerous.” His voice was full and commanding.

Hands on hips, Laura glared at Tony. She hated being told what to do as if she were a young teenager. She was twenty-five years old, for God’s sake! “Please don’t tell me what I can or can’t do, Tony,” she hissed. “I’m not your daughter!”

Her words hit him hard as if she slapped him in the face. Laura’s eyes were blazing an icy blue and he could tell she was really angry. Tony blinked and took a step back. “Do what you need to do,” he said softly.

Laura waited for a moment as she tried to think clearly without letting her anger cloud her judgement. She truly didn’t want to travel in tornado-type conditions, but he was not going to tell her what to do, even if his chocolate brown eyes did melt her to her core. She looked beyond Tony and saw the reservation desk. Laura glanced at Tony for a scant second before walking past him.

A nice looking man of Indian descent looked up when Laura approached him. “May I help you?” he asked with just a trace of an accent.

“I was wondering, do you have any rooms for the night?” Laura asked.

The clerk shook his head solemnly. “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we are booked solid for the weekend. I could perhaps direct you to other hotels in the area. Maybe they would have an opening for you.”

Laura glanced at Tony, then at the waterfall of rain cascading down the windows of the hotel. Sighing, she looked back at the clerk.

From afar, Tony could tell the conversation wasn’t going well. Angry at himself as well as Laura, he pondered his next move. Sometimes, he needed to forget he was a cop and let people use their own judgement. He was too used to people messing up their lives and expecting him or his fellow officers to bail them out. Sometimes, he messed up relationships that way. He didn’t want to mess this up.

The clerk handed Laura a piece of paper with writing on it. “Thank you,” she said before turning around and almost running into Tony. She stopped abruptly and looked at him.

“I’m an idiot,” he said simply with his hands in his pockets.

“I agree,” she replied. She moved to her right, but Tony moved in the same direction and blocked her path.

“We need to talk,” he said.

Laura ignored him and moved around him. Not wanting to anger her even more, he let her go by this time. She sat down heavily on an unoccupied sofa and pulled out a cell phone from her purse. Tony sat down across from her and eyed her activity.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

Without looking up, she replied, “I’m trying to find a room for the night. They’re booked up here.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

Laura’s head snapped up. “You’re the one who wouldn’t let me drive home in this storm. Am I now supposed to drive through tornadoes?”

“No. You know I don’t want you to do that. I’m really sorry. I should have never said that. Like I said, I was an idiot.” Tony sighed and looked down. “Look, before you do any calling, hear me out. Please?”

Laura flipped open her phone, but made no attempt to push any numbers. “I’m listening,” she said placidly.

Tony inhaled aloud and clasped his hands in front of him. “Okay, you need a room. Why don’t you stay in my room for the night?” Laura started to protest, but Tony held up his hand. “Please, just hear me out.” Laura closed her cell phone and listened. “I’ve got an extra bed, you don’t have to pay for anything, and you don’t have to go all over the city looking for a room.”

Laura looked at him as if he lost his mind. They barely knew each other and he wanted them to share a room? “You’re joking, right?”

“No, I’m not.”

“Let me get this straight.” Her hands were open, but then she pointed at him. “You want me to spend the night in your room and we barely know each other?” Laura ran her hands through her hair and groaned in exasperation.

“I didn’t say we were going to sleep together, Laura. You sound as if I expect you to have sex with me. I’m just saying I have an extra bed and you don’t have to go out in the storm to find a room. I have no hidden agenda, no ulterior motive.”

“This is crazy,” Laura said as she began to massage her temples with her forefingers. After a few seconds of thought, however, the idea didn’t seem all that bad.

“Look,” Tony continued, “I have an early day tomorrow. I was wanting to get to bed soon, anyway.”

“I thought you said you weren’t tired.”

Tony smiled and shook his head. “I did say that, didn’t I?”

Laura smiled back, her anger diminished. “Yes, you did.”

“You’re much prettier when you smile.”

“Don’t change the subject.”

“Okay, okay,” he laughed. “Come on, what do you say?”

Laura waited another few seconds before speaking. “I don’t have any night clothes.” If she was alone, she would have slept in her underwear or nothing at all. She certainly wasn’t going to do that with Tony and she didn’t want to wear her clothes to bed.

Tony pondered her dilemma momentarily. “You could always wear one of my shirts. I’m sure they’d be long enough. I brought an extra one along, anyway,” he added. “We could even keep the lights off if that would make you feel more comfortable.”

Laura absently ran her fingers through her blonde tresses again. “I look a mess in the morning when I wake up. I’m not so sure I want you to see me like that.”

Tony laughed. “If you woke up looking perfect, I wouldn’t believe it was you. I look like hell, too, so join the club.”

Laura exhaled loudly. She truly could not think of enough reasons not to take him up on his offer. It made sense and she believed him when he said he had no other motives. Even though she barely knew him, she trusted him. She laughed at herself as a thought came to her. Can I trust myself?

“Are you sure it won’t be a problem?” she asked finally.

“If it was a problem, I wouldn’t have suggested it.” He waited patiently for her decision.

Her anger now gone, Laura thought clearly and carefully. Did she have anything to fear from Tony? Her gut intuition told her no. He had been nothing but kind to her and his anger only showed when he was concerned for her safety.

Her next concerns were more delicate and much harder to answer. What if he really did want to go to bed with her? Never in her wildest nightmares would she think he would force himself on her, but what if he asked? Would she resist the temptation? Did she want to resist? Deep down, she couldn’t deny she was very much attracted to him and she also couldn’t deny the thought of a relationship between them had gone through her head more than once. It was then she decided that if it happened, it was meant to be.

“I hope you don’t snore too loudly,” she said finally.

“Only as loud as a bear with nasal problems,” he grinned.

They stopped at the vending machines to get a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and deodorant for her and then, he waited patiently as Laura phoned her folks to tell them she was staying overnight at a hotel to avoid the storm. She didn’t say with whom she was staying and the question wasn’t asked. It was a little bit after nine-thirty when Tony opened the door to his room. He reached to the left and found the light switch and flipped them up in one quick motion. Laura hesitated at the door frame and looked around. In front of her were two queen sized beds on the right hand side and to the left was a television, dresser, and a refrigerator. Just inside the door and to the right was the bathroom. Directly in front of them and across the way, the dark blue curtains were closed.

“Are you okay?” Tony asked as he held the door open for her.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine,” she nodded, yet she felt a bit nervous upon entering his room. She entered slowly and Tony closed the door behind them before turning the deadbolt.

Tony tossed the keycard onto the table and began to remove his jacket. For the first time, Laura became aware that he was securing a gun at his left side with a holster.

“Do you always carry a gun?” she asked.

Tony turned back to her as he unfastened the harness and swung the holstered gun around to his left hand, which he caught neatly. “Most of the time,” he answered. “I usually wear an ankle holster off duty, but sometimes it irritates the bone.” He put the gun and holster on the far bed. “I guess I should have told you.”

“You had no reason to tell me.”

“Maybe,” he replied. He motioned to the beds. “Take whichever bed you want. It doesn’t matter to me.”

Laura eyed the one closest to the bathroom. “This one is fine.”

“If you want to take a shower, there are clean towels and I think there’s still some unopened soap on the tub. I’ve got some body wash if you want to use that instead. It’s on the tub, too.”

The idea of a shower did appeal to her. “That sounds like a good idea. I think I’ll do that.” She moved to her right a few steps before stopping. “Do you need to use the bathroom?”

“No, I’m fine. Go ahead,” he said.

Laura bit her lip lightly and looked at Tony once more. “Could I have that shirt?”

“Sure.” Tony moved to the hangers behind her and extracted a dark blue dress shirt and handed it to her. “Here you go.”

“Thanks,” she said. Their eyes met briefly and Laura gave a scant thought to asking him to join her. She pushed it aside quickly, saying, “I’ll be out soon.”

“Take your time.”

When Laura closed the door behind her, Tony went to his suitcase and took out a pair of gray sweat pants and a plain red tee shirt. When he heard the water being turned on, he began to undress.

In the shower, the hot steamy water felt luxuriant against Laura’s skin. For the first few minutes, she did nothing but let the water fall over her, letting it pummel her face and breasts before it ran down the length of her body and into the tub. She took Tony’s body wash and squeezed a generous amount onto a wash cloth. As she washed, Laura was especially careful around her breasts and genitalia because she didn’t want to get herself into a state of arousal. Her nipples were very sensitive and she could almost orgasm just by toying with them. Of course, her fingers weren’t strangers to her clitoris, either.

She rinsed quickly when she finished washing and turned the water off. Throwing the curtain open, she was amused to find the bathroom hot and steamy. She didn’t think she was showering that long.

Tony was on his bed reading when he heard the water being shut off. He paid little attention as he was engrossed in a book containing letters written by Lincoln during his presidency. As he turned a page, he heard the door open and looked up to see Laura come out in his shirt while drying her hair with a towel.

“Feel better?” he asked.

“Much better,” Laura replied before going back into the bathroom to hang up the towel. She came out once again with comb in hand and began to untangle her blonde hair in front of the mirror.

Tony felt something stir beneath his waist as he admired her. His shirt covered her enough to be barely modest, yet he found her to be a captivating sight. He continued to watch her as she lazily combed the tangles from her hair.

Laura watched him in the reflection of the mirror and smiled to herself. She loved the way he was looking at her and it made her feel good. The fact that he continually looked at her throughout the evening was not lost on her. His kind compliments boosted her ego more than she could remember in the past.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked suddenly as she turned to him.

Flustered and embarrassed at being caught, Tony cleared his throat to stall for some extra time to think. Looking down at his hands, he replied, “Would you be mad if I said I love what I see?”

Laura broke into a smile. “No, I wouldn’t be mad. It’s a lovely thing to say.” She put the comb down on the counter and continued to watch him as he came to a seated position on the bed.

“You look really cute in my shirt,” he grinned. And you would look even better out of my shirt, he thought to himself.

“You’re silly,” Laura replied.

“No, you really do,” he insisted as he eased himself to a standing position. “Women always look cute and sexy in a man’s shirt.”

“Oh, so now I’m cute and sexy?” she asked coyly while batting her eyes his way. Laughing lightly, she added, “Keep on spoiling me, Tony.”

He made his way to her and the closer he got, the clearer he could see the small indentations her nipples made while poking the fabric of his shirt. It was a beautiful sight for his eyes and it took all of the willpower within his being to keep his hands from reaching out and caressing her nipples through the cotton. He now stood in front of her and couldn’t deny he wanted nothing more than to unbutton his shirt and kiss the valley between her breasts before making his way to her protruding nipples.

“You are very pretty and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” he said earnestly. He held his hands firmly to his sides as he leaned down and kissed her cheek gently. The clean scent of her freshly washed skin was wonderful to his senses as his lips lingered near her mouth. An inner debate raged within him as his lips brushed her cheek once more before he pulled back. At that moment, he wished he could offer Laura a younger version of himself, but a man old enough to be her father stood before her instead. Tony smiled almost apologetically before moving past her and into the bathroom.

As the door shut, Laura realized how much he wanted her. She could see it in his warm brown eyes and the way he looked at her just a second before. And she couldn’t deny she wanted him as well. Thinking back, she wasn’t expecting this when she decided to drive to Toledo at his invitation for dinner. Getting to meet an internet friend was all she wanted and expected. His age didn’t factor into this at all. In fact, he didn’t look too much older than other men she dated.

What am I getting myself into? This question swirled through her mind like a crazed pinball in an arcade game. She turned to look at the mirror and saw her reflection staring back at her. Sometimes, the mirror told her she was plain and ordinary, but tonight, the mirror showed a young, pretty woman staring back. Cute and sexy, as Tony had said. And Laura agreed with the mirror that evening.

Laura was brushing her teeth when Tony emerged a few minutes later. He stood behind her momentarily and watched her, enjoying every little thing she did. It amused him to see her breasts wiggle back and forth in time with her brushing motion and he wished to wrap his arms around her and hold them in place with his hands. As she bent down to rinse, he moved away as he lamented his silly thoughts.

Laura looked in the mirror and was disappointed to see Tony moving to his bed. She had hoped for another kiss on her cheek from him, or maybe even to share their first. Her hopes were dashed as she turned and saw him pull back his covers. She turned off the lights, leaving only the lamps over their beds lit.

Sitting on the side of the bed, Tony reached for the alarm clock and began to set a time for him to wake. “Is seven okay for you?” he asked.

“It’s fine,” Laura replied as she tugged the comforter and blanket away from the pillows. She noticed the wind was still howling and the rain continued to beat against the windows of their room. Tony was still messing with the clock and didn’t seem to be aware of it or the disappointment in her voice.

He put the clock back on the night stand and glanced at Laura as she continued to fuss with the bedding. Her one knee was on the bed and he caught a glimpse of her upper thighs and pink panties in the front when she moved. He groaned inwardly and felt himself begin to grow hard beneath his waist. Quickly, he rolled back onto his bed and flipped his covers over him.

Laura saw his quick movement, but thought nothing of it as she finally had her bed the way she wanted it. She slid under the covers as well and turned off her light.

“Good night, Tony,” she said softly from the shadows.

“Good night, Laura,” Tony replied as he turned off his light as well.

In the darkness, Laura could hear the wind whistling and the rain plummeting against the earth. “It’s still raining hard,” she said.

“Yeah, it is.”

“Did they say when it was supposed to stop?”

“I think in a another couple of hours. I’m not sure exactly when,” he answered. He listened to the storm for a few seconds and thought back to their encounter in the lobby. “I’m sorry,” he said without thinking.

“Sorry about what?”

Tony hesitated for an instant. “For being such an ass in the lobby before. Sometimes, I say stuff before thinking. I had no right to tell you what to do.”

“You were only looking out for me,” she countered.

“I could have done it differently.”

“Yeah, you could have,” she teased.

“You didn’t have to agree.”

Silence for a second or two.

“Apology accepted,” she said softly.


An hour later, Laura woke with a start as flashes of lightning and booming thunder interrupted her restless slumber. Silently, she pushed the covers aside and went to the window to look. Laura carefully pushed the curtain to the left and sat down in the chair. If one liked storms, the scene in front of her was wonderful, but Laura never liked storms and wasn’t thrilled to be on the fourth floor during this one.

The squeak of the leather as she settled into the chair woke Tony. He looked over and saw the silhouette of Laura by the window. Streaks of lightning illuminated her face as if a strobe light had been placed there. As the thunder erupted, he saw her jump from fright and he heard a light gasp escape her lips.

“Are you okay?” he asked quietly as he sat up.

Laura jumped slightly again as she wasn’t expecting his voice. “I couldn’t sleep.”

“I see. You don’t care much for storms, do you?”

She shook her head. “No, I don’t like them.”

Still a bit groggy, Tony got up and made his way to her side. He looked out and wasn’t exactly thrilled at the sight, either. It was raining just as hard as before. He wondered how long its intensity could last. “It’ll be okay. It shouldn’t last too much longer,” he said with as much conviction as he could muster. Laura said nothing, but continued to look out the window.

Tony sighed and placed his hand on her shoulder, not knowing the small comfort it gave her. “It’ll be okay,” he said again.

“I shouldn’t let it bother me,” Laura replied as she placed her hand over his. “It scares me, though,” she said as she looked up at him.

“Storms affect people in different ways,” he explained. “Some people love it and can’t wait for it to happen, but some like you don’t like them.”

He took her hand and helped her up from the chair. With his other hand, he closed the curtain again. His instincts told him she needed to be held and comforted and for the first time since they met, he was going to act on them, their ages be damned. “Come on,” he said tenderly. Still holding her hand, he placed his other hand against her back and moved with her as he guided her back to her bed. They sat down on the bed together and Tony put his arms around her and hugged her to him.

With her head against his shoulder and chest, Laura sighed and let her fears melt away. It was as if she didn’t have a care in the world now as she felt safe and protected in his arms. They stayed that way for several minutes in silence before his right hand slipped up to her back where he began to softly rub it with the palm of his hand.

“You’re melting me,” she murmured as he continued his gentle assault.

Tony merely chuckled as he continued to make small, sweeping motions with his hand. Laura adjusted herself until her arms were around Tony holding him and her head nestled under his chin. She felt wonderful in his arms and he had almost forgotten how nice it felt to have a woman hold him as well.

No words were spoken as they began to slowly and gently rock each other back and forth, a few inches one way and then the other. Contented sighs from Laura told Tony he was doing the right thing and that made him happy.

Outside, the storm seemed to abate as the wind and rain became less intense and the thunder and lightning less spectacular. As the minutes passed, Tony was becoming more and more tired and was having difficulty staying awake. The warmth of Laura’s body pressed against his didn’t help matters in that regard, but he certainly wasn’t complaining.

Nonetheless, he stopped rubbing her back and began to wiggle away from her. “Oh, don’t stop,” Laura protested. Then feeling him move away from her, she added, “Where do you think you’re going?”

Without replying, Tony stood up and took her hand once more, guiding her to an uneasy standing position. He wasn’t sure if he was doing the right thing or whether Laura would revolt against him, but he had to try. He took a step backward until he felt the side of his bed. Slowly he sat down and gently began to pull Laura to him until she was seated juxtaposed.

“What are you doing?” she asked. Laura was surprised at the change of positions and wondered why they were on his bed instead of hers.

“Trust me,” he replied in an even voice. Slowly and cautiously, Tony moved back on the bed until he was in the middle of it. “Do you trust me?” he asked softly.

“Yes,” Laura answered.

“Lay down on your left and pull the covers over you.”

Although she wasn’t entirely sure she should do it, Laura scooted under the covers and pulled them up to her chest before turning onto her left side. With her heart beating quickly, she felt Tony moving around behind her and heard the rustling of sheets and blankets. Seconds later, she felt his presence behind her, yet not touching her. She could hear and feel his breaths and they were slow and even.

“Do you still trust me?” he asked in the darkness.


Laura felt him inch closer until she felt his body against hers. She then felt his hand touch her back and move up and over her ribs until it was around her stomach. Tony readjusted himself until his entire body was against hers and he was hugging her tightly to him. His cheek was against her shoulder and she heard him exhale. She had to admit he felt wonderful against her, but she wondered what he had in mind.

His lips brushed against the back of her neck and she stiffened from the sensation it gave her. He continued to stroke her neck with his lips, barely touching the fine hairs that were standing on end as she waited for more. Soon, he pressed closer and kissed her, soft fluttering kisses that teased and excited her at the same time. He moved to the right slowly, pushing the collar of the shirt aside as he planted little kisses along her neck towards her shoulder. Laura groaned involuntarily as her hand moved to open the top button to give him more room.

Just minutes before, he thought he needed sleep, but Tony realized what he really needed and wanted. This sensual woman he was holding was allowing him to love her and no amount of weariness could stop him.

He continued to kiss Laura, making his way back up her neck until he reached her cheek. Adjusting himself once more, Tony kissed her cheek and then her jaw as he crept ever closer to her lips. Waiting no longer, Laura turned her head and their lips met for the first time. His kiss was light and feathery as he tried to read her signals. Feeling herself go weak from the initial contact, Laura whimpered softly and held onto him. Without reservation, Laura accepted his kiss by opening her mouth slightly and returned the favor in kind. It had been a while since Tony had kissed a woman and he had to caution himself against going too fast. His kisses remained soft and tender with just an underlying hint of urgency within.

Wanting more, Laura slowly moved within his arms, turning her body until they were facing each other. Their seal had become broken during her movement and she could feel his warm breath and presence in front of her. The time seemed interminable as Laura tried to remain calm when her feelings and thoughts were in a jumble. She wanted him and didn’t care how far he would take her on this unforeseen journey.

“More,” she whispered as she moved closer to his face.

With his hand still around her waist, Tony gently pulled her to him as he rolled on his back. Laura gave no resistance and rolled with him until she was almost directly on top of him, her breasts pressed against his chest. Without any hesitation, she moved forward and began to kiss him. They were soft and sensual kisses not of a friend, but of a lover. If she had been thinking about it, she might have thought it odd of her to be kissing him this way, but she wasn’t thinking. She was totally absorbed in the moment and loving this man beneath her was the only thing on her mind.

The intensity of her kisses surprised Tony as he accepted them. His hands went to her hair and back, gently massaging both as he held her head to his face. He loved her kisses and the warmth of her body against his. Down below, his penis began to respond as it pushed against her stomach.

Laura’s breathing was swift and ragged as she continued to assault his mouth with her love. She felt his excitement against her and it made her feel good that she was able to do that to him.

Tony’s hand slid down her back slowly until he felt the small ridge of Laura’s waistband beneath his shirt. Deftly, he pulled the shirttail forward and began to rub and massage her butt. He alternated between rubbing it with short, gentle strokes and kneading her baby soft flesh with his strong hand.

Laura held her breath when she first felt the contact there, but soon relaxed. She loved being touched there, the more, the better.

Laura’s hands moved to Tony’s face and she rubbed them all over his stubble covered chin. It felt scratchy under her sensitive palm, yet wonderful at the same time. They moved up to his cheekbones and she rubbed them lovingly. She broke their kiss then to catch her breath as Tony’s hands played and teased her.

“I love what you’re doing,” she managed to say.

“I aim to please.”

“You’re pleasing me very much.”

“I thought I should try to take your mind off the storm.”

“What storm?” she giggled.

“See. It’s working.”

Tony hugged her to him and rocked her tenderly as the palm of his hand maintained its smooth, slow pace over her soft, round bottom. Laura’s head was against his chest now and she listened to the steady beat of Tony’s heart. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her and yet, she was so happy it was happening. There was nowhere else in the world she’d rather be than in the arms of a friend and a lover and Tony was both to her right now.

Wanting to kiss him again, Laura raised up and moved to toward his face once more. He was already waiting as his hand gently guided her to his lips. His other hand slid under the waistband of her panties and started again to rub and caress, this time skin to skin.

Laura didn’t miss a beat as her kisses became more fervent and demanding, her mouth opening and accepting more. Her hips swayed back and forth slightly as Tony’s warm, strong hand continued its ministrations. She loved the feel of his hand against her bare skin and loved the way he touched her, sensual and undemanding.

Tony moved his lips away and kissed her cheek before making his way to her neck once more. He kissed her throat and the soft spot just above her collar bone. Laura squirmed from its sensitivity, but she didn’t move. He removed his hand from her bottom and gently rolled her on her back, all the while kissing her sweetly around her neck. His hand slid slowly from Laura’s hip to her ribs until it was just under the bottom swell of her left breast. Feeling no resistance from Laura, Tony tenderly cupped her breast, squeezing it gently. Laura emitted a soft moan from his touch and raised her head to kiss him. As they kissed, he moved his thumb over her nipple. Laura gasped from the sensation in mid-kiss and waited for more.

“You must like that,” Tony said as he rubbed his thumb over it again.

Laura shuddered and nodded. “Oh, yes,” she replied.

Tony squeezed her breast again softly and pulled on the nipple lightly. Laura groaned beneath him from the sensation. Taking this cue, Tony stopped kissing her and moved to her side before moving back and straddled over her.

Laura could feel his weight over her and it felt nice. She reached for him, but his hands met hers and held them.

“Do you trust me?” he asked softly.

“You know I do,” Laura replied.

“Put your hands down.”

Laura put her hands down to her sides and waited for Tony. The suspense was killing her, but he hadn’t let her down yet. Soon, she felt his hands on her hips light to the touch and almost tickling her.

“I think you’re wearing too much,” he said as his hands cupped each breast. He gently massaged both of them for a second or two before stopping abruptly. “I want to see you,” he said earnestly.

For a split second, Laura panicked. It had been so perfect up until then. “Please don’t,” she said. “I like it like this.”

Tony was puzzled. He leaned forward and put his hands on each side of her face before kissing her tenderly. “Don’t you know how pretty I think you are? I want to see you when I love you.”

“I’ve always been self-conscious the first time,” she replied quietly, her voice a bit shaky.

Tony kissed her again. “Sweetie, you’ve got nothing to be scared of. You still trust me, don’t you?”

“Yes, but..”

“Trust me when I say you have a wonderful body clothed and semi-clothed. It will be a special treat for me to see you unclothed as well.”

She started to protest again, but Tony put two fingers to her lips. “Trust me,” he whispered.

He got off the bed, but didn’t switch on the overhead lights as she had feared he would do. Instead, she heard him move to the far side of the room where he turned on the bathroom light and positioned the door so it cast a low light over the room. He pulled off his tee shirt and tossed it on Laura’s bed before kneeling over her again.

“You’re beautiful,” he said from above. He could clearly see her face and the tears that threatened to fall down her cheek. He kissed her eyes and tasted the salty tears on his lips. Tony continued to place sweet, reassuring kisses all over her face. Slowly, he sat up and placed his hands near the top buttons of his shirt.

Laura smiled and nodded, no longer fearing being exposed to him. His hands trembled slightly and his fingers fumbled with the buttons, but one by one, each button became unfastened. He left the shirt in place until all the buttons were undone. Before he had a chance, though, Laura opened the shirt for him and smiled sweetly at him.

Tony blinked and couldn’t speak. Looking down at her, he saw beautifully rounded breasts with pointed nipples staring at him. He touched her right nipple and Laura flinched from the sensitivity, sending a signal straight between her legs.

“Why would you be shy about showing these to me?” he asked in a low voice. “They are so beautiful, just like I thought they’d be.” He gave each one a gentle squeeze and a playful tug on each nipple before breaking into a broad grin. “I can’t wait to love you.”

Laura shrugged and smiled before pulling him down to her face once more. “You are so sweet,” she murmured before kissing him.

He moved back and began to love her breasts, taking his time as he kissed, touched, and played with them. Laura writhed beneath him as he tugged gently on her nipples with his lips. Her body was alive from the sensations going through her. Laura’s hands found his face and she guided him from one to the other, showing him what she loved.

Patient and loving, Tony took his time and divided his attention equally. Every few minutes, he would kiss his way back to her lips and face and back down again. Laura appeared to take particular pleasure whenever Tony’s lips made their way down her neck to her shoulders, arching her back slightly and moaning through clenched teeth. She shivered with delight as the tip of his tongue tickled the fine hairs along her skin. After several minutes of pleasing her, Tony gave each nipple a final kiss before sitting on his haunches with his hands on her ribs.

He grinned at Laura and placed his fingers inside her waistband. He then moved further down her legs, pulling her panties down over her hips as he went. Once past her hips, he moved off her legs and pulled them the rest of the way off her and tossed them to the other bed. Tony looked back at her sex and smiled. Her blonde hair was neatly trimmed and as Laura parted her legs slightly, he could see the beginnings of her sweet center.

The bulge in Tony’s sweat pants was quite obvious by then as Laura eyed it lustfully.

“You’ve got a beautiful body,” Tony remarked. “I knew you shouldn’t have kept it covered.”

“You’re just horny,” Laura laughed.

“It’s not all that,” he said seriously. “You really do have a beautiful body.” Tony rubbed her leg affectionately before he bent down and kissed her soft pubic mound, inhaling as he did. “Oh,” he groaned, “I can’t wait to taste you.”

Laura giggled, but she also felt a shiver go through her, not unlike what she was feeling when he was paying such close attention to her nipples, but this was stronger. She bit her bottom lip lightly as she continued to eye his crotch. “I think you’re way overdressed right now,” she said in a husky voice.

Tony gave her a wry smile before he sat down and took off his sweat pants. Laura unconsciously licked her lips at the sight of Tony’s erect penis jutting out from his groin when its freedom was gained. She sat up quickly to get a closer look at it. It was average in length, maybe seven inches, but its head was large and nicely shaped. Laura reached over and touched it and laughed as it twitched and bobbed in reaction.

“I love it,” she cooed before bending over and giving it a loving kiss. Slippery liquid oozed from the tip as it began to get ready for fun.

“Don’t get it too excited,” Tony warned with a smile. “It may take me a while to recharge once he lets go.”

“Not if I can help it,” Laura replied wickedly.

Laughing, Tony playfully pushed her back until she landed on the bed again. Before she could react and defend herself, he quickly moved on top of her and began to kiss her all over her face. Their lips met once more as the fiery embers of their passion rekindled again. Tony bucked his hips slightly, rubbing himself against Laura’s stomach.

“Can’t wait, can you?” Laura giggled as she reached forward to play with it.

“Oh, I can wait,” Tony assured her. “You’re going to beg for me by the time I’m through with you.”

Laura looked into his eyes and kissed him again. “Prove it.”

Tony smiled and moved down her body, kissing every inch of bare skin available to him as he went. He kissed her neck and collarbone before making his way to her breasts and nipples. From there, he kissed her ribs and stomach. He was painstakingly slow and patient, taking his time and reveling in Laura’s body. His hands were now toying with her nipples and he could feel her squirming beneath him.

When he got to the beginnings of her pubic mound, Tony hesitated for an instant as he inhaled her natural scent once more. It was light, musky and intoxicating to his senses. Her fine hairs were light and wispy, barely covering her skin. Tony nuzzled her just above the hood of her clitoris and kissed her, his lips barely grazing the surface. They were light and teasing and Laura wanted nothing more than to push his face into her. His hands were working their magic upon her breasts and she thought it was a distinct possibility that she might go over the edge just from that.

Tony teased her still as he moved to her inner thighs. He sighed happily from the scents he was smelling with his nose and from the soft silkiness he was feeling with his lips. Her legs were parted and he could feel the heat emanating from within. Slowly, he pushed deeper between her legs, kissing, licking and getting teasingly closer to where Laura truly wished him to be.

“Stop teasing me,” she moaned as she put her hand on his head. She didn’t push down, but she merely stroked his face with her palm.

“You’re giving in too easily.”

“It feels so good.”

Without warning, Tony plunged forward with his tongue and swiped it against her clit, sending a powerful erotic shock through Laura.

“Oh shit,” Laura gasped, very unladylike.

Tony chuckled before flicking his tongue very gently against the outside of her clit before going under it. Her sweet secretions were quite evident by then as Tony allowed his tongue to explore all around. He could feel her shaking and heard her little gasps and moans as his tongue danced over her moist skin. Her outer lips were as smooth as a new born’s; thick and full and very wet. He licked and kissed them every chance he could.

Zeroing in on her clit, Tony tenderly assaulted it by alternating between delicate flicks and broad strokes of his tongue. Soft moans could be heard from Laura as she opened her legs further to give him total access to her innermost being. Her body trembled and shook and he knew she wouldn’t be able to take too much more. He eased off her clit and started to suck on her inner lips.

“Oh, baby, Tony, please don’t stop doing that.”

Laura sighed and pouted in frustration, but soon relaxed as Tony’s mouth was loving her in a different way now. His lips and teeth gently tugged at her little flaps and his tongue explored in and around. Soon, he delved deeper into her moist confines and Laura’s body began to enjoy this new intrusion. Deeper and deeper he went until his nose was pressed against her clit. Laura inhaled sharply from the feeling.

Laura bit her bottom lip as Tony’s stiff, pointed tongue pushed in and out of her tight pussy. He could taste her sweet juices and he savored each drop that found its way on his tongue.

Laura was panting heavily now and holding his hands to her nipples. The delicious tingles and tremors were getting stronger as he continued to ravish her sweet sex. As a change of pace, Tony would occasionally pull his tongue out and flick it against her clit four or fives rapidly before diving back between her thighs.

It was the third time he did it that put Laura over the edge. His tongue had just dove back into her when she clenched her thighs around his head and arched her back suddenly. “Tony!!!” she yelled as the first spasm slammed through her, taking her breath away and bringing tears to her eyes. “Oh, oh, oh,” she yelped as each contraction tore into her. “Yes, yes, yes Tony, oh Tony!!” She met each spasm by thrusting her hips into Tony’s face, her own face thrashing back and forth and contorted with a mixture of pain and ecstacy.

Tony could feel her vaginal muscles contracting around his tongue, something he had never experienced before. The tremors and her shaking seemed to last forever as Laura held his head in place. Breathing was becoming difficult, but suffocating between her soft, silky thighs face to face with her sweet pussy didn’t seem like such a bad idea to Tony.

Slowly, Laura’s orgasm abated and she relaxed her legs. Her cries were softer now, more like a whimper as she lovingly stroked his gray-flecked hair with her right hand. Lovely waves of joy were going through Laura as she began to come down from her high. Tony’s face and mouth were wet, covered in her juices. He grinned at her, obviously pleased with himself, before placing his lips on her clit and kissing it.

“Oh, Tony, I’m much too sensitive,” she giggled as she placed her hands around his face. Laura gently lifted his face from her mound. “I want you in me. I want to feel that beautiful penis inside me. Fill me up.”

“You’re beautiful,” he said softly and thinking to himself how lucky he was to be with this woman.

“And you are the sweetest man ever,” she answered. She pulled him to her and kissed him. Gently pushing him away, she said, “Now, love me, Tony.”

Laura splayed herself as Tony positioned himself near her glistening entrance. It had been a while since he had made love to a woman and Tony hoped he would last. The tip of his penis was wet from his excitement when he pushed it to her entrance.

Tony looked at Laura as if asking permission, his eyes full of expression. Laura stared back and studied his face momentarily. She took in the moment and felt a surge of happiness go through her. She wanted nothing more than to have this man inside her and loving her. As if giving him a signal, Laura smiled and waited for his invasion.

He moved forward and gently pushed his way in with Laura offering little resistence. Her warm, moist vaginal walls caressed his penis lovingly and enveloped him with a love he would grow accustomed to. Laura felt loved and fulfilled as she accepted him without reservation. It mattered not whether she had an orgasm. She was already deeply and wholly satisfied.

Tony’s thrusts began slowly and it wasn’t long before they became somewhat in sync with each other’s movements. With his hands at her sides, Tony looked down at Laura and saw a peaceful grin etched upon her face. Her breasts were jiggling beautifully in time with their movements and as he looked further down, he watched his penis going in and out of her. It was a wonderful sight to behold watching her lips stretch and pull in time with his movements.

As he thrust harder into her, their perspiring skin slapped against each other. Laura raised her hips and pulled her knees up higher, allowing him even greater access into her. He could feel the tension beginning to build and he knew from past experience that he wouldn’t last too much longer.

“It’s coming, babe,” he gasped as his penis began to spasm.

“All of it, Tony,” she cried, “give me all of it.”

He tensed and stopped his movement as his sperm shot into Laura. She could feel him pulsing within as she tried to clamp down on him. Tony clenched his jaw and grunted as his seed spilled into her and she accepted his gift with her whole self. Exhausted and perspiring, he bent his elbows enough to allow him to kiss Laura sweetly. Laura wrapped her arms around him and slowly pulled him down to her. His penis slipped out unnoticed as Laura’s hands rubbed his back and her lips found his neck.

“Thank you,” she whispered in his ear as her tears fell freely. “That was lovely. You’ve made me so happy.” Her hands moved to the back of his head as she held him as close as possible to her.

“You’re beautiful,” he said into her ear, “so very beautiful.”

After a few minutes, Tony rolled slowly off of Laura and to the side of her, but never breaking their embrace. Both were exhausted from their lovemaking and side by side, they stared at each other now. It was amazing to Laura that this happened to them, that a dinner date would turn into her making love to him.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked quietly.

“Us. Everything.”

“Me too.”

Tony pulled the covers over them and held Laura to him as she nestled against his chest. “I could hold you forever,” she sighed as sleep began to overcome her.

Tony laughed lightly and held her tighter to him.

* * * * *

The alarm clock woke Tony with a start long before he was ready to come out of his sleep. Laura was still laying against him and impeded his ability to reach for the annoying sound to make it stop. Slowly and carefully, he rolled her off him so he was able to shut off the alarm.

Laura yawned and stretched as Tony climbed over her and stood between the beds with his back to her.

“Nice ass,” she giggled as she looked as his taut buns. She reached out and squeezed one. “I didn’t get to see much of it earlier.”

Tony turned back to her and smiled. The covers were over her hips, but her full breasts were in plain view. Her nipples were engorged and full and begging to be kissed and sucked. He groaned within knowing they didn’t have time for another playful romp, but his penis had other ideas as it jumped to attention from the wonderful sight before him.

Laura giggled again from his arousal, which made her breasts bounce lightly. Tony got even harder and he shook his head in disappointment.

“You’re even prettier in the morning,” he said, thinking wistfully about how they could get together again that day.

“I’m a mess,” she replied.

Tony sat down next to her and put his hand to her face. He caressed it lovingly before kissing her. “Hush that nonsense,” he said.

“You’re so sweet to me.” She glanced at the clock. “You’ve got a meeting soon, don’t you?” The sad look on his face told her all she needed to know.

“Yeah, eight o’clock.”

“And I need to get home.”

“You do?” he asked, his voice dripping with disappointment. Laura nodded her head. “Damn,” he muttered.

Laura patted his face lightly. “You go ahead and shower and I’ll get dressed.”


“Shhh,” she said while putting her fingers over his lips. “Don’t argue. Go ahead.”

Without saying anything else, Tony got up and moved to the bathroom.

Laura dressed solemnly as she thought about the previous twelve plus hours. Unless she lived it, she never would have believed it could have happened to her. And now, it was almost over. Sighing sadly, she wondered what was to happen now. She could only guess things would go back to the way they were before. After all, they both had their own lives waiting back home. She looked in the mirror and saw the plain and ordinary Laura staring back at her and she sighed with disappointment.

“It couldn’t last, could it?” she asked the mirror.

When Tony emerged from the shower minutes later, he noticed the change in Laura immediately. He dressed quickly and stole a glance every now and then. She was quiet and pensive and her smile had faded. Her eyes were sad and it looked as if she had been crying.

“What’s wrong?” he asked as he tied his black dress shoes. He was wearing gray slacks and a beige polo shirt with his police department’s logo stitched on it.

She turned to him and tried to smile, but her sadness was too much to overcome. “Nothing much,” she replied.

“Seems like a little more than ‘nothing much’.” He patted the bed. “Come here.”

“You don’t have much time. I should get going.”

“Not until we talk some. You’re obviously upset about something. What is it? Is it something I said?”

She shook her head. “No, it’s nothing. I should go.” Laura took a few steps toward the door. Tony sprang from the bed and intercepted her by putting his hands on her shoulders.

“Whoa, wait a minute,” he said quietly. “No kiss, no hug? It’s just, ‘I gotta go, bye?'” He looked at her closely. “I can’t let you go like that.” He pulled her close and hugged her.

“No, don’t,” she said weakly and without much conviction. She let herself be held and she melted in his arms. Her tears came once again, slowly at first and then in a torrent.

Tony held her close and stroked her hair as he waited patiently for her tears to subside. He glanced at the clock behind them and he knew they had some time before his meeting. “It’s okay, Laura,” he whispered, “it’s okay.” He continued to stroke her hair and planted soft kisses on her head.

A minute or two passed before Laura slowly pushed away from his grasp. She moved around him and reached for a Kleenex box. Taking a tissue, she blew her nose and wiped her eyes. “I’m even more of a mess now,” she said through tear-stained eyes.

“I’m not getting tired of looking at you,” he replied. “In fact, could get used to looking at you.”

“Could you?” she asked.

“Of course,” he replied. It was then he began to put the pieces of her puzzle together. “Look Laura,” he began.

Laura stopped him and held up her hand. “I know what you’re going to say. It’s ‘I had a nice time, see you around.'”

“That’s not what I was going to say at all. I was going to tell you I think you’re incredible and last night and this morning was one of the best times I’ve ever had.”


“Let me finish. I want to see you again. I need to see you again. I’m hoping you feel the same way about me. Emails and chatting will never be enough for me anymore.”

“They won’t?” she asked hopefully.

“Hon, if I had the time, we never would have gotten dressed this morning. I’m trying to think of ways for us to see each other more often.”

“My weekends are usually free,” she said, managing a smile.

Tony grinned. “I was hoping to hear that.”

He walked her to her pickup a few minutes later. The power of the storm was quite evident as debris and broken limbs of trees were strewn about the parking lot. Tony took little notice as he held the door open for her. They had said their good-byes in his room, but now they hesitated and dreaded their parting.

“You’ll call me when you get home,” he said, almost using his cop voice on her.

“I already said I will. I better go or you’ll be late.” She looked into his brown eyes and wished she didn’t have to leave. Laura moved away from him and got into the driver’s seat and Tony closed the door for her.

After she rolled down her window, Tony said, “I’ll call you tonight.”

“I’ll be waiting.” She started her pickup and it rumbled to life easily. Before leaving, she leaned out the window and kissed Tony once more.

Tony watched her pull away and sadness filled him. He never thought a simple dinner date would turn into this. Head down, he walked back into the hotel. He found his place in the dining room just minutes before the speaker was to begin and sat down.

One of his friends he had met the day before leaned across the table. “God, Tony, you look like hell. Did you have a bad night?”

Tony looked at his friend and smiled sheepishly. “Bad night?” he answered. “Nah, it was the best!”

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