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More than Just a Friend

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As he looked down the companion way into the cabin of the sail boat he reflected over the past year and a half that he had known Lori. She was slipping out of her clothes getting ready to go swimming with him. In the privacy of Lake Huron they would swim nude and enjoy the sun…. and of course enjoy sex in every possible way until they were both absolutely sated.

She was a beauty. Maybe not a beauty with high cheek bones and in the pencil thin anorexic way that a model might be considered a beauty, but she was one of the most beautiful lovers he had every known. Affectionate, responsive, adventurous, warm, and very, very soft. He couldn’t say he was in love with her; They never discussed that. He know though that he was very attached to her. He loved her smile, her wit, and well maybe…

A year and a half. Well, twenty months to be exact. Twenty months, one week, and six days of stolen time, e-mails, phone calls, and an occasional encounter of some of the most satisfying and fulfilling sex any man had a right to . He had never intended to meet anyone on that trip. Sure, it happens when you travel for a living but he never actively sought out companionship. Not male or female. He didn’t go to the bars to watch sports games and share the camaraderie of the boys, and he certainly never was into the night club scene to pick up some lonely lady for a one night stand. He was independent. Happily married. Not just happy, totally fulfilled. He would take his novels and manuals and read or study. A beer with dinner. Flirt with the waitress. Maybe an occasional field trip to a local museum or aquarium. It was just another trip.

Just another trip until he met Lori. Lori was someone different. It was a Saturday in October. He had come into town late the night before, landing at Teterboro. Normally he stayed close to the airport, but this was New York City. He had never actually been here before. The last time he had been close was when he stayed over by La Guardia. That had been before 911. Who would have thought then that just three weeks later.. Who would have thought now he would me someone like Lori….

With a day and a half to blow, he thought he might as well take in some of the sights of the Big Apple. He always was amazed by cities like New York and Washington DC. It wasn’t the sights that he enjoyed, it was the mélange of the smell of fresh pastries, coffee, and corner food vendors, the sounds of honking traffic and the occasional police whistle. The people moving like determined ants through canyons of steel and glass. He could just watch for hours. The cute little blond with the turned up nose in the rope knit sweater, the heavy set black UPS driver unloading cardboard boxes onto his cart, the unshaven man in the long coat mumbling to himself as he shuffled down the sidewalk…. This was what fascinated him. What was their story? Where had they been, and where we they going?

He had stopped and asked the Concierge at the Berkley Hotel where he was staying for directions to a pastry shop and Central Park. You would think that he would be able to see it from his room on the third floor, but this was New York.

“Left out the door and right on Columbus. Called Arte’s. It’ll be on the left side. Continue up Columbus to the end of the block and turn left on 63rd. Go to the end of the block and you are there. “Need any theater tickets? I still have a few for tonight’s showing of Slut the Musical. Well worth going.” The Concierge chimed in his best PR voice.

“No, but thank you. You have been most helpful” He replied picking up a complimentary USA Today off the counter. Nice kid. Polished nails. Gay or just a New Yorker he wondered as he slipped out onto the street.

It was crisp that morning. Sweater weather. It was one of those fall days that are crisp in the morning, climb to the high 70’s by mid afternoon, and then plummet into the high 40’s at night. It was beautiful. This was the best that autumn could offer. Summers last hurrah before relinquishing control to the swirling winds, wet rains, and slushy snow that would hold New York captive for the next several months. You could see it in the eyes of the pedestrians on the street. Happy, hopeful, vibrant. Being from the Midwest he knew all too soon that it would be replaced by that somber look brought on from too many days without sun.

She was in line in front of him at Arte’s. At first she didn’t catch his eye, but the back of peoples heads rarely did. The first intrusion into his consciousness was the light waft of her perfume as he perused the menu board of coffees. It wasn’t heavy like a New York perfume. It was soft, subtle, inviting like the subtle smiles between two people whose eyes who catch each other glancing on a bus. There is something deeply sensuous about the smell of soft perfume intertwined with fresh dark roasted coffee. It is the promise of long leisurely mornings spent cuddling, kissing, and fondling in bed. The crisp autumn weather only accentuated the feeling, triggering inner emotions of years gone by as special smells often can.

He wasn’t a young man anymore, but he wasn’t old either. At 48 he thought he was starting on the downhill side of life. His light brown hair had only a hint of grey at the temples, and his blue eyes were still clear, but age was slowly but relentlessly creeping in. Tiny crows feet were forming by his eyes, and the lids drooped slightly like Bo Bridges eye lids. Still he was considered handsome. It always surprised him when his daughter said one of her friends thought he was hot. He was 6’1″ with a muscular frame that was slowly succumbing to gravity. It took effort now to maintain himself. Red wine and the easy living that came later in life were his constant foe…or his friend.

She stepped aside waiting for her order as he stepped to the counter ordering a Dark French Roast. No pastries for him, thank you. The girls name tag behind the counter read “Vonda” and her lip ring, green tinged hair, and too long green nails screamed NEW YORK! Too each his own he thought as he turned to the right. His senses finally homed in on the scent as she turned to face him. That was the first time he remembered seeing Lori. Cute, about 5’6,” brown hair. Forty something he guessed. Normally he was not drawn to strangers. Was it the perfume, the fall weather, or was it one of those chance encounters that seem to happen once every ten years or so when your eyes meet and there is some mysterious attraction to a total stranger for no apparent reason.

He smiled slightly. “Good morning” he said quietly while tucking the USA Today under his left arm.

“Good morning” she replied as she picked up her coffee and turned toward the door. What was that look he read on her face? The mind can play terrible tricks. What appeared to be a flicker of attraction more likely was a friendly lady being pleasant. She could have been a waitress used to smiling sweetly to men for the extra tip, or a professional head hunter who used her charm to ferret out candidates qualifications. It burned in his mind. He tried to shake the feeling. He hated when things like this happened, which was almost never. How can a simple exchange of greetings created such a longing feeling? It wasn’t like he didn’t exchange greetings often with woman. Ah well, some fresh air in the park and it will drift back to hidden reaches of the mind where it belongs he thought.

He quickly retrieved his coffee dropping a few coins in the jar marked “TIPS” and headed for the exit. Winding his way through the other patrons he exited back onto Columbus turning left toward 73rd. The street was starting to fill up with the mornings delivery workers, office staff, and of course tourists. Being careful not to share his coffee with the clothing of some pedestrian he headed for the park.

He approached the park from the south west side, slowly sipping his coffee and taking in the sights. Passing the Dakota he turned south and entered the park on 72nd. A Small sign and map indicated that this area included the Imagine mosaic, a tribute to John Lennon. Beyond was an area called Strawberry fields, again in honor of Lennon and his love for the park. A couple walking a dog headed north along a path, and a young man on rollerblades headed south. Not in a hurry, and enjoying the morning he headed north past the mosaic and toward Strawberry fields.

He really wanted to find a park bench to sit and read his USA today and enjoy his coffee. It was cool, and the dry leaves in their oranges and reds still covered the path, not yet swept aside from the days traffic of bikers, joggers, and tourists. He ambled over to the right side, spotting a bench that was available with only one occupant on the left end. As he approached from the right rear, he recognized the back of the head of the attractive lady from the coffee shop. For a fleeting moment he contemplated turning around and walking south.

What is with me today… he mused. It’s like you are in grade school again. Forcing himself to continue with his original plan, he walked past the bench on the left side, walked in front of the attractive lady, and seated himself on the right end of the park bench. It was only then that he allowed himself to glance at her.

This was the first good look he had of her. She was cute. Brown hair, short, and beautiful blue eyes. She wasn’t sophisticated sexy, but she had that look that just made you want to take her in your arms and hold her. She looked soft, warm, cuddly, and had the glow of warmth and freshness. These were not normal thoughts for him about stange ladies. Acquaintances yes, but not women he just ran into on the street. It must be that fragrance, soft, alluring. Damn, what was wrong with him? It was as if he knew her, or he wanted to know her. His mind was almost begging her to appreciate him, to notice him. It was not an emotion he was used to, but for whatever reason he felt powerless to control it. His rational side maintained his structured façade while his emotional side struggled to understand what the attraction of this lady was.

“Hi, you stalking me from the coffee shop?” she smiled as she turned to face him.

He blushed, feeling foolish for blushing, and feeling even more foolish for not understanding why he was blushing. He smiled at her. “No…just taking in the sights. Beautiful morning. You are lucky to have a place like this to come too” he replied.

“I’m not from New York” she said. “I guess I’m just taking in the sights like you.”

There it was again. That look, or was it just his mind playing games. Damn, why am I reacting this way he thought. Confused on the inside, but ever in control he thrust out his hand. “My name is Tom. Thank you for sharing your bench with me.’

“Lori” she said taking his hand.

It was soft and warm. He held it for what should have been uncomfortably long even though it was probably only several seconds. She did not withdraw hers either. It was like time slowed and silent secret messages crept back and forth between their extended hands until it seemed like both hands slowly and reluctantly withdrew on their own..

That was the first time he had touched her, and it was clearly etched in his mind.

“So Lori, what bring you to the Big Apple?”

“Vacation, My husband and I came to enjoy the city, take in the theater, and play tourist”

My heart sank just a bit. Damn, what is with me? Why am I disappointed she is here with here husband? “So where is he?” Again, self recrimination. No tact. She IS going to think you are a stalker, or weird, or worse.

“Sleeping I’m afraid. He partied it up a bit too much last night and is sleeping it off” Lori replied.

Strange, she didn’t seem put off. It almost seemed like she was enjoying the company. Probably reminded her of an uncle or her dad he thought. But something inside of my irrational brain just would not let it go.

“Would you like to walk with me up to see Strawberry fields?” he asked trying not to sound immaturely hopeful.

“Thank you, I would enjoy the company.” Lori smiled and took his hand in hers. It seemed like the most natural gesture and he still could not understand why. They had talked about it later, but neither had a rational explanation. Like some chance meeting in some country western song, he found himself in the company of a beautiful young lady walking in Central Park.

They stood, he put his arm lightly around her, and they headed north up the path like they had known each other for years.

It was a beautiful morning. The hues of yellow and orange blazed on the trees. It was warm, not hot in the sun, but still cool in the shade. It wasn’t long before they found themselves leaving the path and walking through the woods. Talking and sharing secrets like they had known each other for years. Occupations, dreams, stories about family. She was happily married. Nice husband, but a bit on the inattentive side. He had been married for ages. 30 years. Satisfied, but after 30 years of marriage they had done it all…several times. As they talked he sensed the tension building. Step by step the longing grew. Finally he could take it no more. He stopped, turned to her and looked her directly in the eyes. She didn’t withdraw.

He drew her closely to him, slowly at first giving her every opportunity to protest or withdraw, but she didn’t. Those captivating eyes, the soft alluring scent, and the soft lips. Yes, they were soft. As their lips met he could feel the passion rising up in him. This lady knew how to kiss. Her soft tongue brushed his lips and he eagerly accepted it. Holding, kissing, pressing together they stole secret moments. Soon he moved his hand to her breast, first on the outside of her blouse, and having no resistance he moved it to the inside. She had wonderful breasts, soft, warm, and apparently very sensitive. His fingers traced her aureoles and brushed her nipples. God she felt great. She responded by giving in, kissing back passionately and deeply. It was like a torrent had been released.

After a quick glace around he raised her blouse and bra exposing her breasts. They were beautiful. Full and smooth. Her aureoles were light and the nipples large and hard, puckered from the cool air. Lowering his head he licked around the areola and softly licked the nipple. She was letting out slight moans now, and her body responded to the stimulation. As he licked her breasts his hand found its way to the front of her slacks. Soft smooth material, kind of stretchy. Perfect. His fingers sought out that special spot, expertly pressing, rubbing, and gliding until her body signaled the correct location.

“Yes, oh please Tom, yes.” She moaned. Lori’s face looked like an angels lost in pleasure. “Don’t stop, pleeeese don’t stop.”

When he was sure he found her clit it, he started rubbing it harder while squeezing he nipples firmly between he lips. Her body started responding aggressively thrusting her mons into his hand. He could actually feel her getting wet through the slacks. Finally her head leaned back and she let out a long low moan signaling her orgasm.

“Ahhhhh ahhhh.” Her body suddenly convulsed several times and his hand became even wetter.

What a beauty. What an experience.

“Oh thank you. You don’t know how badly I was needing that” she said smiling weakly.

Another glance around indicated they had relative privacy. Shaded by low trees and trimmed hedges he could see around them, but their location was hidden in the shadows of the fauna. He removed his jacket and laid it on the ground, and then lowered her onto the jacket. Lifting her hips slightly he pulled her slacks down off her hips, below her knees and then finally off. Her pubic hair was light, like her own brown hair, and it was soft. He dropped to his knees and placed his face between her legs. Mmmmm. Yes, that soft scent now mixed with the lusty smell that only oral sex provides. He licked her labia tentatively using his tongue to separate and open the lips. She was soo wet. It almost made him wonder if she had had sex with her husband before the trip to the park.

Soon he had found her clit with his tongue. Flicking it expertly and softly grinding it beween his lips he soon had her withering in ecstasy. Her juice was trickling down her crack and wetting her all the way to her anus.

“Oh yes, oh yes, now, now please fuck me.” Lori cried.

At just the right moment he quickly spread her labia and inserted his middle finger while still licking her clit. Searching, searching, there it was, her G-spot. He immediately redoubled his efforts on her clit while steadily massaging her G-spot. The second finger of his hand had slipped in her juice and was rubbing against her rectum massaging the rim as his tongue battered her clit..

“OH MY GOD TOM” she screamed. “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

Her cum flooded his face. God she tasted great. Wave after wave of orgasm rolled over her, increasing at first and the slowly subsiding like waves on a pond. He was becoming concerned that their passion had drawn someone’s attention, but apparently the ambient sounds of traffic, and a jet overhead had maintained their secret.

Lori’s face was still flushed, but her breathing was returning to normal. “Ohhhh. That was sooo good.” She panted, “But I think it is time for you too be taken care of.”

Lori rose to her knee’s and started unbuckling his pants, setting his hard penis free. His under wear was soaked with pre-cum and it stranded a little bit as she drew his cock out. She pulled lightly on him causing a big drip to expel from the tip as she looked into his eyes. She then used the drip to lubricate his shaft with her hand, all the while gazing directly at him. Finally she placed her mouth on his cock, sucking it in and massaging his balls.

“Oh god Lori, that feels great” he moaned. Steadily she slid her mouth up and down on his shaft, playing with the end of it with her tongue on the back stroke. One hand played with his balls as the other squeezed and caressed his behind. He could tell that this was not just a favor for Lori. Lori really loved giving head.

“Oh its so close, now, now” he warned her giving her the opportunity to pull off, but if anything Lori only intensified her efforts. Within seconds he felt himself explode in Lori’s mouth spilling his lust and causing his knee’s to go weak. Lori didn’t just accept the gift, she sucked it out demanding more.

“Oh god Lori, that was great. That was so good, that was spectacular. You are a treasure” was all he could get out.

That was the first time I’ve done that with anyone else since my husband and I got married.” She confided. “It doesn’t make you think less of me does it?”

“No Lori, if anything it makes me think more of you, in more ways than one. Actually I will probably be thinking a lot more about you” he replied, smiling warmly.

We spent the next few minutes straightening up and putting our clothes back together. We really didn’t need to talk at this point, the afterglow filled the void.

“It’s almost noon, I better get back to the room now.” She said.

“Can we stay in touch?” He tentatively asked.

“Yes, yes, that would be great. You aren’t just being polite are you Tom? Write down my e-mail…”


That had been twenty months, one week, and six days ago he mused. Since then they had been able to meet 6 times. He loved those visits. He loved her sexual abandon, her smile, her wonderful nipples, and her unquenchable drive. It didn’t surprise him that her husband couldn’t keep up. He didn’t think five men could keep up with this remarkable beautiful lady.

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