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Laura swung her hips back and forth as the music resonated in the small office. She spun around on her three inch black leather heels like a seasoned stripper, reaching for the back of a chair to balance herself as she bent over thrusting her gorgeous slim, tight ass upwards and towards him. The top buttons of her blouse were undone and the black lace of her bra was visible between the white silk fabric of the blouse as she continued her sexy striptease.

She swung her long legs over the sides of the chair straddling it. She thrust her pelvis back and forth throwing her long blonde hair wildly across her face. She sang quietly along with the song as she ground her pelvis against the chair.

Kevin watched lustily as she looked over her shoulder at him and reached up teasingly to undo the next button on her blouse. She stopped, locked eyes with him and seductively licked her lips with her pink tongue as she slowly loosened the button and let it slip open. She reached under the blouse and lifted up her firm tits with the palms of her hands. She kept staring intently at Kevin as she held her breasts up towards her sweet face and flicked her sensuous tongue out and teased each lace covered nipple with a few soft licks.

She looked down at his crotch and over the thump of the base asked “Is that big cock of yours hard yet?”

Kevin looked down at his still soft but now quickly stirring prick. He shook his head no. But then with the show Laura was putting on, getting hard was only a matter of another minute or two.

“Jack off that big cock while I strip.” She said. It wasn’t a request, it was an order. “Stroke your cock. Show me how much I turn you on. Do it!!” She said, still fondling her tits, and every now and then licking her now obviously erect nipples.

His fingers encircled his quickly thickening cock and started to stroke the massive shaft back and forth.

“That’s it.” She purred. “Get that big cock of yours good and hard for me.”

As Kevin jacked himself off, she started to swing her hair back and forth, riding the chair like she was riding a mechanical bull. Her blouse was now fully undone. She had pulled her tits out of her bra, the nipples poking stiffly up into the air. She pulled at them with her fingers as she moved her body sensuously. Her skirt rode up around her waist and her black matching lace thong was visible, deeply embedded in the narrow crack of her ass. Her heels scraped across the floor as she spun around on the chair.

Kevin’s cock was now as thick and hard as it had been before she blew him and his fingers could barely reach around the massive girth. As he stroked he could feel that familiar tightening in his balls. Just watching the half-naked sexy divorcee stimulated another wad of cum to start building up in his sac.

She dropped her blouse off the back of the chair and spun around to face him.

“Are you ready to fuck me yet?” she asked.

Looking at her right now you’d never know she was a loving mother of three and a CFO of a prominent and successful organization. She looked and acted like a wanton slut. Her tits hung free over the top of her bra, her hair was matted to her face by a combination of sweat and dried cum that had spurted over her face when she had sucked Kevin off a few minutes ago. Her skirt had ridden up around her waist and her thong was stuck up her ass. Other than that, all she had on were her fuck me heels and a black choker. As was the case when she first saw his monster cock, her eyes were glued to it and all she seemed to care about at that very minute was getting that cock big and hard so she could play with it some more!

Kevin leaned back and thrust his hips forward so his cock stuck out towards her. “You tell me.” He said proudly. His thick 10 inch shaft throbbed in time with the music, his shining cockhead already bright red and the slit oozing with precum. She had done her job well!

“Impressive” she purred, obviously pleased that her sexy show had rejuvenated his lust and brought him back up to full size.

With a sexy motion, Laura beckoned him closer with her index finger. When he was within arms length she snaked out her hand and curled her fingers around his massive shaft. “Mmmmm” she moaned seductively and admiringly. “You have the biggest and hardest fucking cock I have ever seen!”

Her soft tongue snaked out and swiped gently across the turgid head. She wasn’t going to suck him off again, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t tease him a bit.

Her fist pushed down towards the root of his stiff shaft and the thick head flared out broadly in response to her pressure. Swirling her tongue across his slippery cockhead, she looked up lustily, locking eyes with him.

“Want to stick it in my ass now?” she panted.

Kevin nodded.

“You’re gonna fuck my ass hard, right?” she asked, pleadingly.

Looking down at her he was mesmerized by the continuous firm stroking motions of her hand along his shaft and the gentle, almost feather-like action of her tongue on his dickhead. It was such a contrast. The firm, solid stroking coupled with the teasingly light licks. His heart thumped in anticipation of her making him cum a second time.

“You gonna cum in my ass?” she asked, gazing up at him submissively, still stroking his meat.

He barely had a chance to answer before she slid her lips down over his massive cockhead and drew his hard flesh deep into her mouth with a strong sucking action. She pulled off just as fast, the mushroom-like head springing free with a wet pop. Never loosing eye contact she engulfed him again and again, each time letting him pop free after a quick swipe of her tongue around the rim, only to suck him back in one more time. Her fist continued to pump hard, short and fast just at the very root of his shaft.

“My ex husband never got to fuck my ass.” She panted, eyes still locked on his.

“He just wanted me to suck his cock. Anywhere, anytime. And I’d do it.” She continued. “I love to suck cock!” “But” she said looking down admiringly at his massive organ “I never ever sucked one as big, hard, thick and wild as this one.” she said motioning to her fist still clenched around his huge, pulsing dickmeat.

“That’s what I call a monster cock!!” she said, appearing mesmerized by his pulsing shining red cock. “I’ve had big cocks, even big black cocks but never one like this…”

She now pumped his shaft harder and faster.

“When we were younger Ben always wanted me to fuck other men, you know. And I did, …and he got me to tell him all about it…to describe their cocks in every little detail. Did I suck them off? That was always his first question and I know by the way he asked it…all in a hushed tone and panting, like he was nervous and short of breath… that it was very important that he know that. That’s what really turned him on; cocksucking…especially me, his sweet wife, sucking and licking some other man’s big wet cockmeat. He always wanted to know every little detail…how big was it…was it really hard…did he cum lots…did I swallow?”

She looked up at Kevin….”He really loved for me to be his dirty cocksucker!” As she said the word she leaned forward and slid her soft mouth down his quivering rod another time.

Kevin groaned his approval. She certainly was good at it. All that experience had really paid off. She really knew how to drive a man wild.

She cradled his heavy balls in her palm as she sucked, pulling off to look up at him after a couple of wonderfully long deep strokes….demure, submissive, teasing him to the very edge.

“He wanted to make videos of me sucking cock. Said he could rig up a camera in the room where we were. All I had to do was make sure the guy was in a certain place when he’d shoot his load. He always wanted me to tease them until they begged for me to make them cum.”

She continued to jack him in short but firm strokes.

“He loved the thought of his wife, being begged by some guy to suck him off. I think the big turn-on was the thought of his sweet, pretty little wife doing something so dirty and nasty. He’d see me talking to my friends or out shopping with the kids and he’d picture me down on my knees, in black lace, my hair wild, with 8 inches of big fat black cock stuck in my mouth.”

Again, she looked down at his meat, dropping her tight lips over his cockhead and sliding them back down his shaft. After one long slow stroke, she pulled off.

“Did…did….you ever get filmed….you know, giving a blow job?” Kevin asked hopefully.

She nodded….”Sucking cock it’s called Kevin” she reminded him teasingly….”Yes, Mm, hm. I did.” She smiled….”but I actually did it myself and he never knew.” She continued to gently stimulate his steel hard rod with her mouth and hand. “I have the tapes.” She giggled. “You know sometimes when I’d be with a new guy I’d ask him if he wanted to see any dirty movies. Of course he’d say yes…what idiot wouldn’t … and then I’d show him the tapes of me. We’d sit together on the couch watching, but really I’d be watching him. It would take him a few minutes to realize it was me in those sexy outfits sucking those big hard cocks.”

She stroked Kevin’s shaft as she continued with her story.

“Once they figured it out it used to be so much fun watching them squirm and try to hide their erections while at the same time wondering if I was going to dress up like that and suck them off like in the movie.” She laughed.

“Did you?” he asked, his voice quaking.

She stopped her stroking and gently ran her lips up and down his throbbing rod.

“Always. Of course I did. I was as hot as they were. After driving them wild with the movies and teasing them a bit with images of me doing it to them, I’d excuse myself and come back all dressed up dirty and ready to suck them off. They’d be naked in a second. Sometimes I’d barely get to touch their cocks before they’d cum, they were so horny.” She giggled “One guy almost hit the roof with his spunk he was so fucking horny! I swear you could hear it squirting out his slit. With one guy, I almost filled a champagne glass….he just kept cumming and cumming.”

“Did you drink it…?” he asked hesitatingly, not sure if that would bother her.

She smiled….”I’m not going to say if I did or didn’t. Maybe sometime I’ll show you some of the videos?”

Kevin sighed. Her talk had his cock was red hot and throbbing. Mercilessly, Laura continued to stroke him while she talked. His balls were boiling. He needed to cum soon.

Laura went on. “I’d always talk dirty as well. Tell them all the sexy things I was going to do to them. Really get the cum boiling in their balls before I’d open the gates and let it out.” She laughed….”Kind like I’m doing to you right now…”

She looked down at his cock.

“Ben always thought a woman should dress up sexy to suck cock. Said it was always more sexy for a woman to be wearing something than to be naked. What do you think?” she asked.

“Think hard…” she teased, strokingly him lightly, teasingly, waiting for his answer.

“Lingerie….” Grunted Kevin, his mind more on what her lips and hand were doing to his dick than answering her stupid questions. “I like sexy lingerie…”

“Ohhhh, yes…he liked that. And you know what else he liked….in fact he insisted on it…. He made me wear my wedding rings when I was giving some guy a handjob or a blowjob. It made him all hot when he’d think about my spit mixed in with some guy’s thick, sticky cum running down around my fingers and all over the rings.”

“Didn’t the guys worry about you being married?” Kevin panted.

Laura laughed. “Look at me Kevin.”

He looked down at her.

“I’m 107 lbs. I’m 35-22-34. My stomach is flat, my tits full and firm. Would you turn this body down? But here’s the kicker …OK? Imagine the lights are dim, me with my hair done up in a tight bun so you could hold onto it and guide my pretty face down towards your cock so I could deep throat your pulsing rod all the way down to the very root, swirling my soft wet tongue continuously over your quivering cockhead as I buried my nose in your balls. Imagine me with thick red cocksucker lipstick smeared all over your rock hard shaft, tonguing your heavy balls, in a sexy baby doll outfit, thong stretched tight up my perfect ass, long sexy legs capped off by 5 inch fuck me pumps. Imagine me with your dick slicked with baby oil and my spit running down over your balls and cock, my index finger shoved up your ass tickling your prostrate and you’d tell me….no, I don’t think I’ll let you suck my cock….you’re married.” She giggled.

Kevin moaned….the image she had just created of her sucking the cock of one of those men made his heart start to pound so hard he thought it would burst from his chest.

“I’d like to see that sometime…” he said hesitatingly.

Laura smiled. “I thought you might say that. I don’t think there is a man alive that would not like to see me dressed up dirty, down on my knees, sucking his cock down my throat, squeezing his nuts in my fingers.”

“Certainly I never had anyone turn me down.” She smiled proudly to herself. “In fact, I’ll bet if you asked every guy whose cock I sucked or jacked off, that he’d say he’d never had sex that good ever again…”

Remembering what he had said, she answered him. “Sure Kevin…some time I’ll dress up real filthy for you and suck your cock again. I’ll pick out some really hot lingerie and I’ll make your blowjob sloppy and dirty and nasty and there’ll be cum everywhere when I’m done.”

Kevin’s heart sped up at the thought.

She teased him further…”I’d even wear my wedding rings if that would turn you on?”

Kevin did not answer but his wildly jerking and pulsing cock gave him away.

“I take that as a yes” Laura purred as she slipped his rock hard dick back between her lips.

She deep throated him two or three times then pulled him out until the head rested just against her pursed lips. “Do you think I’m a slut?” Laura asked, rubbing his cockflesh against her lips and cheek as she spoke.

“Fuck, yeah” he panted, almost ready to shoot a load across her face that very instant.

“You do?” she asked. “Well, you just wait. You haven’t seen anything yet. I never told Ben about all the times those same guys would stick those cocks in my ass. Ben was just so turned on by the fact that they had their cocks between my sweet lips that he didn’t care about anything other places they went.” She continued, still milking his shaft but now not taking him back into her mouth.

“I got really good at it.” She purred. “In fact, those guys didn’t fuck me in the ass…I FUCKED them WITH my ass.”

She let go of his cock and got up from her chair, unzipping her skirt and letting it fall to the floor. Her heels clicked against the tiled floor as she moved the chair behind her. She locked eyes with the now lust crazed Kevin and pulled her thong off to one side.

“Now Kevin…..stick that big cock up my ass.” She told him.

Kevin wasted no time in shifting forward and taking the shaft of his wildly jerking cock pressed the thick head up against her anus. He wondered how a cock as massive as his would fit into such a small, tight hole, but she dispensed with that worry when she reached back with both hands and pulled the cheeks of her sweet ass apart, opening up her anus for his entry.

“Now” she ordered.

Kevin pushed forward, the thick head flaring and pressing hard against the sides of her crack. As he positioned himself, she quickly and forcefully pushed back hard against him.

“Ungghhhh.” He grunted as his thick head bent sideways then slipped quickly into her anal cavity.

The image of his massive cock impaled in her small, tight sweet ass, was almost too much for him and he almost blew his load right then. It was an obscene sight. His thick cockflesh was white from the pressure of her asshole clenching his shaft, the black fabric of the thong stretched off to one side but brushing against the shaft of his dick. Surely she couldn’t take his cock and enjoy it. It had to hurt like hell.

Laura’s breathing was shallow and fast, almost a panting.

“Stick it … in … deeper… ” she said, her voice barely a whisper.

“You sure?” Kevin responded.

“Yes.” She answered quickly, decisively.

Kevin pushed forward slowly, his massive shaft slipping deeper and deeper into her ass.

“Ok…stop now” she pleaded, reaching back to push against his hips and stop him form moving forward any more.

“Don’t move” she told him….her voice still barely audible.

“I’m going to fuck your cock with my ass.” She panted, her voice quivering with lust. Her breaths were short deep and fast.

Kevin felt her ass tighten around his cock as she drew in a quick breath and held it. It felt like a soft velvet glove had totally and completely encased his dick. Not one square millimeter of his pulsing organ felt untouched. Gently he felt her rock forward and then back, slowly sliding his cock back and forth in the tight tunnel of her ass. She took another deep breath and as she did Kevin felt the pressure on his cock let up for just a millisecond then she clamped back down on him as she held her breath in again. She timed the breaths to coincide with his deepest penetration and each time she took him a bit deeper than the last. A few more breaths and his full shaft was now embedded root-deep in her ass. As she moved Kevin realized it felt like she was sucking on his cock, creating suction when she tightened her muscles then letting up when he slid back out.

Kevin would never have believed this slim woman would have been able to take him all the way in. But she had. And now she started with the real action.

Clenching her ass, she tightened her grip on his cock and started to thrust back and forth. It started slow and gentle…but soon it was hard, fast and deep!!!

She gritted her teeth together as the massive cock surged in and out of her tight ass.

Kevin quivered with lust. His knees became weak and his head started to spin. Kevin wanted to thrust back against her but he was frozen still. He now knew what she meant was she said she was going to “fuck his cock with her ass”.

Her groans got louder and louder the faster and deeper Kevin sunk his dick into her. Clearly it felt as good for her as it did for him. She grabbed a pencil off her desk and bit down on it to quiet her moans.

Kevin was glad the door to her office was solid and that her office was at the end of the hall even though he didn’t care right at that minute who heard them.

“Cum in my ass” she panted. “Please….do it soon…I can’t take much more of this….” She was breathing loudly now between the moans. Her body was shaking in orgasmic bliss.

Kevin didn’t need much encouragement. He looked down at her sweet ass swallowing his big cock and cum started to boil in his balls.

Within seconds he could feel the thick semen rushing along his cum tube and soon he was spraying the inside of her ass with his juice.

“Fuck…fuck….fuck…” he panted, as jet after jet of hot cum splashed deep inside her.

Laura moaned continuously, keeping up the rocking motion as he filled her up with spunk. Kevin was in ecstasy and continued to pump away at her.

Laura slowed her humping against him and moaning, leaned forward on the chair. Out of breath, she seemed in pain but then again maybe she was just trapped in the throes of such an intense orgasm that it just appeared that way.

Looking over her shoulder she moaned “How was that big boy….you ever been fucked like that before?”

Kevin shook his head in awe. Her blonde hair was matted to her pretty face which was blotched red from her intense lust and from exhaustion. Gently, he pulled his still thick, but quickly softening dick from her ass and as he did, a thick glob of cum spilled out. Laura reached back and rubbed the milky white fluid around her asshole, sticking her finger deep into her hole and thrusting it back and forth, sighing with pleasure as she did so.

She pulled out her finger, stood up, and smoothing her skirt down, pulled the drapes aside and peeked out, perhaps to see if anyone had been watching.

Kevin stood there behind the chair, his thick cock hanging limply, a few strands of cum hanging from the head, ready to drip on the floor.

Laura reached for her blouse and pulling the chair back, settled down at her desk.

“I think that’s all for know, Mr. Johnson.” she purred, turning her back to him.

Kevin started to protest but she shushed him and told him it was time to get back to work. She had lots to do that afternoon and she needed to get busy.

He wiped himself off and as he opened the heavy office door she looked back over her shoulder and said rather loudly. “I’d like to meet with you again next week to show you my new oral presentation. Are you free at 3:00?”

Kevin nodded “Yes, Ms. Evans, I’ll be here.”

“And Kevin” she went on, but now in a low and seductive voice “I’ll be really dirty like we talked about if you want?” She smiled.

Kevin’s heart started to beat faster at the thought. As he closed the door, he wondered after what he’d just been through in the last hour how much more dirty and nasty Laura Evans could possibly get.

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