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It was a few days before spring break in my senior year of high school, when I first saw Monica as a sexy lady. She was about 40 years old, and always had a very sweet smile on her light, skinned face. She had, short brown hair with streaks of blonde running through it. Most times, a very big smile and a little sparkle in her eye for me. Being a dumb shit 18 teen year old high school guy with hormones going wild for my fellow female students. I never really noticed.

Monica, was our bus driver. She was a widow, and there were so many rumors about her I don’t think anybody really knew a thing about her. She lived and owned the farm next to my families. She had married an older man right out of high school. They weren’t married a year until he passed away, leaving Monica a very big farm, and tons of money.

One story that went around town was; Monica and her late husband were making love when he died. All of us kids would say things like, “With her big hips, and butt she could kill a man.” Monica had a very nice, full, womanly set of hips and her round ass could split a pair of jeans wide open. She wasn’t fat, just a nice full lady.

Until one day, the girl I was banging at the time told me, “James, do you ever see how see looks at you?” Debbie asks me. Debbie was a total babe at 5 foot 7 inches tall with blonde hair that went to her firm ass, “she looks like a bitch in heat when she sees you coming.”

“What are you talking about?” I said, taking my normal seat on the bus and running my hand up Debbie’s short skirt, she loved it when I fingered her. I could make her cum anywhere; “she’s old enough to be my mom!” I looked to the front of the bus, sure enough; Monica was looking in the big rear view mirror, back at me. I gave her a little smile and went back to fingering Debbie’s’ sweet pussy.

Since I lived next to Monica’s farm, I was the last person off the bus, and the first on every morning. All the other kids had been dropped off and Monica started driving toward home. I had always sat in the back of the bus doing my homework or writing a love letter to the girl I was fucking at the time.

However, today after the last kids got off the bus, I slowly walked to the front of the long bus and sat down right behind Monica, “How are you today?” I ask her, as I looked into the rear view mirror. Her sunglasses covered her eyes as she looked up.

“I’m fine, and how are you James?” she gave me that sweet smile again, “you know you’ve been riding my bus 3 years now, and this is the first time you’ve ever came to sit with me on the way home.”

I kinda felt bad, she was always so friendly and never had sent me to the school office for some of my wild escapades. Like, mooning cars that drove by our bus, or tossing water balloons on people walking down the sidewalk, “I know. I’m sorry.”

She just gave me a glance in the mirror and said, “Maybe this will be the beginning of something new.” She gave me a very sexy look. When I looked at her pretty smile, it came to me that she was a very nice looking woman. As I looked up, I also saw that she had a big set of breasts. I guess she was a size 40dd.

We talked about things that were going on around our small town of, London, Kentucky. Nothing really ever happened at all, just some ‘bull-shit’ gossip about somebody. Or somebody moving away to a bigger city.

“Would you like to make some money this weekend?” Monica said, “I need to find out why my tractor won’t start. I’ll pay you for coming over and looking at.” As she looked back at me, she had a pleading ‘little girl’ look on her face. I had to grin when I saw it, she looked so cute.

I had been taking auto shop every year in high school. Whenever anybody had car trouble they called yours truly to fix it, “Sure, I’d love to. I’ve been dying to see what you’re place looks like,” She had thousands of trees that shielded anyone from seeing her home, “what time and day do you want me to come over?”

She laughed a little and said, “If you ever wanted to see my place, all you had to do was to come over, silly. How about tomorrow about 11a.m. I’ll even fix you a nice lunch, OK?” So, it was set. I would be at the lovely woman’s house the next day.

The rest of the day, Monica filled my mind with visions of her sweet smile, her big breasts, and those great hips. Later that night, I had a date with dear, sweet Debbie. And she was going to get the ‘fucking’ of her young life.


Debbie came by my house about 7:30 that night to pick me up, “Hi, sexy,” I said as I slid into her car. Giving her a nice long kiss, letting my tongue wrap around hers, “I’ve been waiting for you!” My hand found it’s way under her skirt. I could feel she was already horny, “Is this for me?” I whispered in her ear. Moving my fingers over her wetness, teasing her hard clit, “I love it when you’re this wet.”

“Yes!” Debbie moaned, thrusting her hips to my rubbing hand, “you’re going to make me cum right here. Stop, please!”

“Don’t you want this hot, sexy pussy to cum?” I teased the poor, horny girl, “you’re pussy is so wet, and on fire. I could fuck you right here.” By now, I had 2 fingers going in and out of her young body. Her juices coated my fingers.

She ground her hips into my hand. I knew if I didn’t stop, my beautiful date would be exploding any second, “Oh James! Stop. Not now, I want it by the lake. PLEASE!”

“Oh come on, cum on my hand.” I said driving my tongue into her mouth. Caressing her tongue, gums, and lips. My other hand went around her body, grabbing her breast, teasing her nipple. Rolling her nipple between my fingers, driving my young date crazy.

Her moans deepened, she was close to cumming on my hand, “STOP! JAMES! I want it by the lake, DAMN IT!” She pushed me away from her, “you can make me cum anywhere. I love you so much.” Her lips gently kissed me, and we drove away.

Debbie pulled her car to a nice spot by the lake, and we climbed into the back seat, “Now! You can do anything to me!” she said as she spread her legs, “I’m so horny James.”

My hands began pulling off her thin blouse, exposing her tender, young breast. Her nipples looked like bullets, standing proud, ready to be used, “Oh Debbie, you’re so beautiful.” My mouth covered one off her nipples. My tongue teased her nipple, her back arched and her hands rammed my face into her breast. I tried to imagine what it would be like sucking Monica’s big, full breasts.

“Oh yes! Suck it. Suck it hard. Make me cum!” Debbie begged me. I had never seen her this horny. She was on fire and I loved it.

My hands pulled her mini skirt up, “Oh Debbie, you wore the panties I bought you,” two days before I got Debbie pair of powder blue, bikini panties that were a size to small. I could see her young love mound, her sexy lips and exactly were her wetness was coming from, “do you want me to eat you or just go on and love you?”

She panted for air, her sexy eyes were filled with love, and she looked at me, and she said, “Take me HURRY!” her little hands tried pulling down my jeans, “HURRY! I’m going to cum right now!”

I pulled my jeans down fast, I mounted my disparate date, “I love you, Debbie!” I pushed my 10 inches deep into Debbie’s tender sex. Her incredible wetness made me slide deep in her body, “OH GOD! Debbie!” I began pumping her young body, in and out, pushing my cock into her womb. Each thrust into her, I thought of our sexy bus driver, Monica. ‘I bet her pussy would be wet,’ I thought.

“OH JAMES!” Her thin hips lifted up, her body released on my cock, “OH YES! OH YES!” Her loving muscles softly squeezed me. Bringing me to my release, into her loving body.

I pumped my cock faster into her, filling her body with my hot seeds, “OH DEBBIE!” I pumped her deep, fast, and very hard. Each thrust into I pretended it was Monica, “Oh you’re so sexy, so hot. I love fucking you, Monica. Oh yes!”

Debbie’s wonderful, thin hips matched my every lunge into her body, “I’M CUMMING AGAIN! OH JAMES!” Once again, my sweet date’s body exploded on my hard, thick cock. I pumped her hard, fast, ramming into her sex.

After a good hour of hot sex, we rested into each other’s arms. Tears filled Debbie’s soft eyes, and she ask, “James, you called me Monica. Were you thinking of her while you loved me?” she began sobbing in my arms. I felt so bad, this beautiful girl gave me her love, and I called her another woman’s name.

“Oh no! I would never do that. I don’t know why I said that. I’m SO sorry.” I hugged her tight trying to comfort her. I was such an ass.

Debbie’s crying slowed a bit, and she said, “I think you did. James, we’re through. That really hurt me. I can’t believe you were thinking of that old, fat cow of a woman, when you were fucking me,” She fixed her clothes, “you can go fuck her fat ass. Never call me again!” she reached across me opening my car door, “GET OUT!”

“She’s not a cow. She’s a very nice lady!” I got out of her car, slamming the car door as hard as I could. And, began my 10-mile walk home.


The next morning I woke up early. I took a quick shower and got ready for the short drive to Monica’s place. As I walked outside the early summer heat hit me in the face. Today was going to be a hot one, and it would make working in the sun a bitch. All I could hope for was, her tractor was parked in the shade, or in the barn.

I drove up Monica’s driveway, the first thing I saw was, her tractor was parked right in the middle of her 100-acre yard. “Oh shit,” I said, pulling up to the front of her big house, “Wow, what a nice place.”

Monica walked out a few seconds after I parked, “Well, good afternoon.” Her face filled with that big smile. Her eyes also had a little sparkle in them; “it’s good to finally get you over here. I’ve known you for 3 years now. And, you’ve lived next door to me since the day you were born.” That day, Monica had worn a very tight summer blouse, which showed her nice, firm breast. I could swear the pair of pink jeans she had on was going to split open. They covered her firm hips so good; it looked like they were painted on her.

“You sure do have a great place,” I said, as I looked at her house, and a quick look at her hips, “it’s going to be a hot one today.” I looked up to the sky.

Monica smiled with her sweet lips, and said, “It sure is. If you need water, drinks, anything you be sure and speak up, OK?”

I looked her over again, and replied, “I sure will. How long has you’re tractor been broke down?” We started walking towards it. Monica led the way, giving me a great look at her ass in the tight jeans. She had one nice looking ass. It was firm, and very toned. She had to work out, or something. “What happened when it broke?” I ask her, giving her hips another fast look. I started looking over the tractor engine.

“I was cutting the grass, it started making a very high pitched squealing noise. I headed it to the barn, and it just shut off.” She made a sad face, “is that bad?” She moved next to me looking at the dead engine. I could feel the heat from her very nice looking mature body.

I reached to pull out the oil stick, my arm brushed her firm breast, and it felt SO nice. All I could think about was, what they would look like naked, “Did it have oil in it?” I ask, looking at the dip stick, “if it was dry, you may have burnt up the engine.”

“As far as I know it did. It’s very hard not having a man around to help me,” She said with that sad little girl look on her face, “I really need to hire somebody to help me here. It’s to much for me sometimes.”

I looked at her sad face. It looked like she was going to start crying any second, I hated to see any woman cry, and I said, “I should be able to fix it Look, it is full of oil,” I showed her the dip stick, “you really need someone to help you out around here?” I needed a job, and it would be fun seeing Monica more, HELL I was starting to really like this lady. She so sweet, good looking, so sexy looking.

“GOD, yes. Are you interested?” She looked like she was going to jump into my arms she was so happy.

I looked at her happy face, and said, “What would you be able to pay? I’m TRYING to save for that class trip to England. But, 5 thousand dollars is a lot.” All of my friends had good jobs and parents that had lots money. But, my family didn’t have that kind of cash. It looked like I’d being home for the summer, and all of my friends would be in jolly old England having a great time.

“Oh I could manage about… 10 dollars an hour. How does that sound?” She had that pleading little girl look on her face again. I could have never made that much working in town and here I could do all kinds of things outside, and best of all, I’d be able to see, and be near Monica. I was really starting to like her.

“That would be great!” I told her.

Her sweet face lit up, and she gave me a tight hug. Our hips pressed together, sending a hot rush of blood straight to my cock. Her breasts crushed into my chest. I had never felt anything so nice in my life, “OH THANK YOU! I’m so happy. I was kind of worried if I had to hire somebody I didn’t know. It’s real hard being a single woman. You’ll never know.” Her warm eyes started to fill with tears.

Her head lay on my shoulder, I could feel her warm body relaxing in my arms, and she pushed her wonderful hips into mine. I’m sure she felt me getting stiff against her body, “I guess I need to go clean house, and start lunch. If you need ANYTHING, just yell.” She pulled from me, leaving me with a nice loving feeling.

“I sure will.” I said, watching her walk away. Her fine ass had a nice young girl swish. I think I made her day with our nice hug. I know it sure made me feel good.

I got my toolbox from my truck, and started tearing down the tractor engine. It was hard keeping my mind on what I was doing. All I could think about was Monica, and how good she had felt in my arms. I had always dated young, thin girls from school. I had never held a woman with a nice, full body like hers.

About an hour later I had the all engine parts lying in the back of my truck. One of the main bearings had locked up. It wouldn’t cost my new friend that much to fix.

“Well, did you find out what’s wrong yet?” Monica ask. I turned to see that see had changed into a very small half shirt, with no bra, that gave me a great view of her breasts and nipples. As I looked down, she had also changed into a pair of those, little Spandex shorts. Her hips and ass looked like they were sent from heaven. I could see every bone, curve, and best of all, her tender, love mound. And, it was swollen and a little damp spot right in the middle of it.

I couldn’t get my reply out, “I … Um… yes, it’s a burned out bearing.” I stuttered. Still in shock from seeing her body, “it won’t cost that much to replace it. We can get it real cheep in Summerset.” I looked to the tight shorts that covered her body. I had never seen anything like her in my life. Her wide hips filled my eyes. All I could think about was what it would be like lying between them.

“Thank goodness. I was worried it would cost a fortune to fix.” She had leaned against me. Her pussy pressed into my side. I could feel the immense heat coming from it. It felt like she was on fire. None of the girls I had ever dated felt like this. They always got horny as hell for me, but it felt like there were flames coming from Monica’s pussy.

When I turned to look at her, our bodies were face to face, and pressing together. My growing manhood now rested right on her hot, love mound. My hands slid down and holding each side of her hips. Her warm flesh filled my hands, “I… need to tell you something.” My face turned bright red.

“What? You don’t have to be embarrassed, you can tell me anything.” Her soft hand went to my face, and gently caressed me. It was so nice having her hand on me. You see; my family wasn’t a very hugging, or touching kind of people. The only time I ever had a woman’s hand on me was, when I was with one of the girls I dated. But, this was SO different. I could feel love coming from her hand.

I stuttered a few times, then managed to get the words out, “You… Um… look REALLY sexy in those shorts.” I did it. Now she was going to slap my face and think I was a pervert.

She shifted against my cock, rocking softly against my hardness, “Oh thank you. You’re so sweet. It’s going to be SO nice having a handsome man around here helping me… fixing things.” Her warm mouth moved to mine, and she gave me the softest and most loving kiss I had ever had in my life. Her lips sent hot blood to my cock. Filling it to full hardness.

My hands moved to her bottom, I slowly caressed as her kiss deepened. Her body trembled against mine as I gentle squeezed her bottom, “Mmmm we better go eat lunch, and get ready to drive to, Summerset, before it gets to late.” She started to pull away from me, but my hands held her sexy hips to mine. I didn’t want this wonderful feeling to leave me, “It’s been so long since a man has held me like this.” Her head rested on my shoulder, and I could feel her body relaxing. I could hear her breathing increase, she began gyrating her pussy on my swollen cock.

“OH YES!” She moaned, driving her tongue into my mouth. My hands went under her tight shorts. I was now holding her bare bottom in my hands. I ran my hand down the wonderful crack of her behind, teasing her. Her flesh was so soft, and so very hot.

“I’ve never held anyone like you before,” I said, as my hands continued touching her bottom, pushing her into my hardness, “you feel so good.” My caressing of her deepened, pulling her hips into me hard.

“Let’s go inside,” Monica gasp for air, pulling away from me. I watched her sexy bottom as she led the way into her wonderful house.

Once inside I couldn’t believe how nice her house looked. It had giant beam ceilings and skylights everywhere, “Oh this is the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen in my life, Oh wow!” I said, when I saw her big screen TV set, “this is so nice.” I went over to look it over, “How does it look?”

She moved against me, just like outside, her hips pushed into my manhood. And, she brought it back to full hardness in 2 seconds, “It won’t work. Last month I was cleaning, and it hasn’t worked since. I’ve been so lost without it.” She had that little girl look on her face again.

“Well…” I caressed her firm ass cheek, and said, “I’m good at fixing most… anything.” My hands slowly moved around the soft shorts to her warm pussy mound. I could feel her breath in with each touch.

“Oh my!” she pulled from me, “I…I bet you could… can.” She stuttered like a little girl. Her face turned a nice shade of pink.

I looked behind the giant TV, sure enough, a wire had been pulled off. I plugged it back in, and her TV came back to life, “OH YES! THANK YOU!” Monica jumped into my arms, smashing a hard kiss on my lips, “I’ve missed it so much. I’ve got so many movies in the mail I’ve wanted to watch.”

I looked a self she hard next to the TV, she must have had close to a thousand movies, “How many do you have,” I looked around the movies, “you have a few I’ve been wanting to see myself.”

“Oh really? What ones?” She asks, pushing her body back into mine, “maybe we could watch one together some night?” That little girl look she got on her face was just about to kill me. Whenever she was happy, sad, or excited it filled her face, driving me just about insane.

My hand cupped her bottom, “That would be so nice. Especially with you.” My hand slid back under her shorts, this time I went down the front. Her pussy was soaked; her juices ran from her body like a river, “You’re so hot!” My fingers started teasing her swollen clit. I gently moved my fingers up and down her wet lips, stopping at her tender opening. A finger slowly entered her quivering body. Her muscle squeezed my finger as I pushed it inside her. Her head rested on my chest as I pushed father in her longing body.

I pushed one more finger in her; again, her muscles greeted me in her body. I slowly worked in and out of her, “You’re beautiful,” I kissed her on her lips.

“OH GOD!” She jumped away from me gasping for air, “Let’s eat, before you drive me insane,” and we went to her kitchen, “I hope you like what I fixed for us.” I looked at the table, she had fixed fried chicken, mashed potatoes and rolls.

“WOW! It looks great. You didn’t have to go to this much trouble for me.”

She just smiled and said, “I’m going to do anything it takes to spoil you. I don’t want to lose my handsome new helper.” Her hands ran through my long, thick hair. Her breast pushed to my chest, crushing her hard nipples into me.

I rubbed her sexy ass, running my hand down her wonderful crack, and replied, “You don’t have to worry about that.” And I sat down to eat the great lunch she made.

We talked about some of the things she wanted to do in her yard. And she liked hearing about the things I wanted to do when, or if I ever got my own farm. Then I just had to ask her this, “Is it true that you’re totally rich, and you’re husband died making love to you?”

“WHAT?” she yelled, “is that what they say about me?” her face had a little look of hurt, “I’m what you could say rich.” She took a deep breath, and went on, “NO, my husband didn’t die making love to me. He died after his shower. He lay across our bed and just passed away. He had a very bad heart.”

I reached over to her, wiping a small tear from her eye, “Don’t worry about what they say. I think you’re a wonderful woman.” I said, leaning to her warm lips, I placed a little kiss on them.

“I hate this town,” she sniffed, “if I didn’t love this house so much I’d sell it and move.” She hugged me, “And, now I’ve got you.”

I caressed her hair and said, “You sure do,” I pulled her from the chair, picking her up into my arms, “Where’s you’re bedroom?”

She pointed to the hall, “James. You’re a VERY attractive young man, but I shouldn’t do this,” I kissed her deep, sliding my tongue around her mouth, “Oh GOD help me.” She moaned.


I walked into her room. Her bed sat by a large window over looking her yard, “I’ve thought about you every minute since yesterday,” I sat her on her bed, “I even lost Debbie thinking about you.”

Her hand reached to mine, and in a very caring voice she ask, “Oh, what happened? You two love each other so much,” Her hand caressed my back as I sat down next to her, “I’m so sorry.” Her tender lips moved to mine. She kissed me deep, as her hands reached to my pants. She gasp when she felt my hardness in her hands.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, as my hands found her large, supple breasts, “how long has it been for you?” I pulled her tiny shirt over her head, tossing it on the floor. As I looked to her heaving breasts, I could see her nipples getting hard right before my eyes. Her sweet face turned red seeing me look at her. See looked like some of the teen girls I had been with.

“You will be my second man.” She kissed me, “I haven’t been with a man in 20 years.”

I reached to her, holding one of her tender breast in my hand, and said, “Oh you poor thing,” I kissed her deep, as my fingers caressed her lonely nipple, “I’m going to love you the rest of the day. Is that OK with you?” I kissed her again; laying her back on the king sized bed. My hands roamed her neglected body. I couldn’t believe a woman as pretty as this, had been alone so long. My hands found there way between her breathtaking thighs, Monica was soaking wet.

Her body was on FIRE, “Oh James. Love me. Hold me.” She said as tears ran down her beautiful lonely face. The little girl look that I had come to love filled her face.

I stood up, pulling down the tight shorts that covered her hips, “I’ll do anything and everything you want,” I looked down, seeing the most gorgeous sex I had ever seen. Monica’s sex lips had to have been 2 inches long. I moved between her legs and began kissing her creamy white things, “do you mind if I …taste you a little while?” I ask, kissing up and down her wet pussy slit.

Her legs wrapped around my head, squeezing me tight, “OH JAMES! OH GOD! YES!” She screamed to the top of her lungs. Her screams echoed through the house. Her hips thrashed about the bed as my tongue found it’s way around her pussy, “no one has ever done this to me!”

I lapped at her pussy, finding every cavity, cleft and opening on her. Letting my tongue tease every centimeter of her tender flesh. I was driving her crazy, “Is it good?” I stopped licking to ask her.

Her hips thrashed into my face, “OH, YES! YES! She screamed out. She again, locked her thighs around my head. I drove my tongue into her center. Pushing as deep into her wetness as I could go. Her entire lower body lifted off of her bed, “JAMES! I’M CUMMING! OH JAMES, YOU MADE ME CUM!” Her screams filled the house, as her body released on my tongue. Her juices rushed from her body, coating my face, “James, oh James.”

I lapped at her flaming pussy until her immense orgasm was over. Then I moved atop of the hips and ass that had been driving me crazy all after noon. As I looked down into her eyes, that little girl look once again filled her face, “Oh Monica! You are so beautiful,” and my cock head began to makes it’s way into her lonely love, “Monica!” I yelled as I entered her loving body. I shook with pleasure and delight as I made my way in this loving woman.

Her gentle, caring hands held me tight as I pushed into her deepest burrow, “Oh James!” she moaned as I sank into her burning body. Her inner muscles squeezed my hardness as I pushed farther in her, until I was resting with my entire cock in her.

I rested on top of Monica, enjoying being in this beautiful woman. Being inside her was like nothing I had ever felt. Her body squeezed me as gentle as her loving hands had. Her insides milked my cock, as I looked at her sweet face. I was lost in a woman more than twice my age. And, I loved it!

I began moving in and out of her wonderful love. Each push inside her was better than the last. Her body squeezed me tighter each time, “You feel SO good!” I gasp as I pushed deep into her wanting pussy.

“James! You feel so good inside me. I could get used to this real easy.” Monica said, smiling up at me. Her sexy hips started pushing to meet my thrust inside her. The incredible juices flowed from her body, making her very slick inside. The great sound of sex filled the silent room, as we loved each other.

I pumped her body faster, deeper; I was ready to cum in this sexy woman, “Monica! Monica!” I thrust deep in her as I could push. My long cock started shooting its built up load, deep inside her lonely body, “Oh! YES! OH MONICA!” I screamed as I filled up her womb.

“YES! YES!” She yelled out as I came in her. She rammed her hips to meet my thrust in her, “Cum sexy man. Cum in me, I love it.” Her caring hands wrapped around my neck as she kissed me softly on the lips. Our eyes watched each other, looking into each other’s soul.

I knew I was in love. I was meant to be with this lady. I hugged her to me as tight as I could. My cock rested in her deepest depths, “OH JAMES!” Monica screamed when her massive orgasm ran through her body. Her muscles locked around my cock, milking me into cumming again. My body shot another load of cum into her body, “Oh yes! Cum again!” she cried out.

Well, that was two years ago. My parents were in shock when Monica and I told them that we were getting married. The real shock came the next spring with Monica had our baby.

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