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Mom’s Friend was My First Love

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The best lovemaking of my life, was the first.

When I was eleven years old we moved from the city to the country. My mother’s first new friend was a lady from a neighboring farm. She was several years younger than my mother and had three daughters, one a year older than me and the other two younger by one and three years. For the first several years I enjoyed riding bike and doing other kid things with the three daughters but around the time I turned fifteen I started to notice their mother.

Shirley was a bleached blonde and always had a half inch or so of dark roots showing. To this day I find that attractive. She was fit and muscular from working on the farm and had a husky voice and a great smile. I began to notice her more and to take in every detail of how she looked and acted. When I was very young, I was always fascinated by the plentiful hair on her arms. I had never seen a woman with that much soft hair and when the first summer came, I discovered she had the same short soft pale hair on her legs. When she and her daughters came one day to help pick green bean from our garden she wore a halter top, which was in style back then, and one of my favorite things on a woman. When she stopped to push her hair out of her face, I noticed long brown hair under her arms too. At that moment her perspiration had dampened her yellow halter enough that I could clearly see the outline of large dark nipples and that with the sight of her underarm hair gave me an immediate erection. I turned away and picked madly to hide it from my mother and Shirley and her daughters but from that moment on, I secretly watched Shirley as much as possible.

When we stopped to rest and sit in the shade, Shirley and my mom both lit cigarettes. I had always hated smoking and being around smokers but suddenly on Shirley it was sexy. I noticed that at the end of her long slow exhales wisps of smoke came from her nose. She seemed to really enjoy each cigarette and each time she drew on it.

My fascination with Shirley continued for the next four years. I found that during the summer her standard dress was shorts and a halter top, often with an open short sleeve blouse over it. Her breasts were not overly large, I later learned they were a B cup, but her areolas were large and brown and her nipples were prominent and quick to erect. By the time I as 19 I had a serious crush on her and she was the object of most of my masturbatory fantasies, my perfect woman.

During the summer of my 19th year I heard a conversation between Shirley and my mother that shocked me. Her husband had been abusing her for years physically and verbally. Since her daughters were getting older she was considering a divorce. She then told my mother that her husband was taking their daughters and show calves to the state fair at Sedalia, Missouri but she was not going. She was going to stay behind to take care of the farm. I slipped back out of the house so that they would not know I had been listening and five minutes later my mother called me back. She said that Shirley had a question for me. Shirley asked if I would like to make a little money helping her on the farm during the next week. My mouth went dry and my palms damp and I tried to give a positive answer without showing my excitement.

Shirley’s Farm

Shirley met me at the gate when I arrived at 7 am. She was wearing old white halter top and white shorts. Her dark tan, lovely face and quick smile made me feel like the luckiest guy on the planet. She told me that her husband had thrown several loads of hay on the barn floor and had two more trailer’s loaded outside and we were going to start the day by stacking all of it. She carried a water jug and her cigarettes and lighter in her hands but quickly handed me the jug and linked her arm through mine. She smiled at me and told me how happy she was that I was there to help her and keep her company as she led me to the barn.

We spent the morning dragging the hay and stacking it. We were both hot and sweating heavily when we first stopped to rest. Shirley and I sat down on bales of hay and she immediately lit a cigarette. As she drew deeply and then exhaled a long slow stream of white smoke into the air I took my first really good look at her. I had avoided staring at her knowing that I didn’t want to have to hide an erection all day long. Her white halter was soaked with sweat and was practically see through. There was a breeze blowing and I watched her wet nipples harden to bumpy high peaks under the thick wet cloth. I didn’t realize how long I stared when Shirley said, “I guess I should go change into something else.” I was caught and embarrassed and on top of it all, the tent in the front of my pants was growing rapidly.

I was shocked at my own words when I said, “Please don’t.” There was a long silence as Shirley put the cigarette to her lips and took a long draw on it. She pulled the cigarette from her lips and I briefly saw the dense white smoke in her mouth before she inhaled it into her lungs. She held it for several seconds and then exhaled a long white stream slowly in my direction. She said nothing as for the next several breaths streams of smoke continued from her nostrils. This dirty sweaty woman with hay in her hair and dust streaks on her skin was the sexiest woman I had ever seen.

She said, “I think we should talk about this, I know you like looking at me and I really don’t mind, but you are my best friend’s son and I think we should be very careful about what we say and do.”

“I think you are wonderful, I always have.” I stumbled and stuttered on my words.

“Look,” she said, “I am 38 years old, twice your age. I am not an attractive woman and even my own husband doesn’t really want me anymore. You need to wake up and find a girl your own age.”

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known,” my words stumbled out. “Your husband is an idiot and a bully. My dad never liked him and neither do I. He is a complete idiot if he doesn’t realize that you are more special than he could ever deserve.”

She just looked into my eyes as she brought the cigarette to her lips with a shaky hand drawing deeply before inhaling and then very slowly exhaling and then she said, “Thank you for that, I think you really mean it.”

“I do, I have always loved the way you treat people and how kind you are and how lovely you look, no matter what.”

She actually blushed. “Thank you, you have always been a special young man but I thought you watched me because I am so different, because I don’t shave and never wear a bra. Actually, I was flattered that you seemed turned on by looking at me so much. I also worry because I am afraid your mom will notice and …. “She hesitated for several seconds, taking another long drag from her dwindling cigarette, “I enjoyed you looking at me and felt attractive because a handsome young man like you stared.”

I was shocked and speechless. I watcher her rise and go to the door of the barn to stub out her cigarette and throw it out into the dirt. She came to me and took me by the hand and led me to the back loft door. We sat on a pile of loose hay and she lit another cigarette. I asked her, “Are you angry with me?”

“No, no, no…….how could I be angry with you? You are the first man to say something nice to me in over 20 years. I am just worried and scared because you are so young and … I am so attracted to you.” She put the cigarette to her lips again and after inhaling deeply she began her long slow exhale when I reached out and took her hand in mine.

“I will always revere and respect you, you are so wonderful so if I am out of line please tell me and please forgive me.” I then shocked myself again, as I leaned forward and gently touched her lips with mine. She met my kiss and we gently explore each other mouths with our lips and tongues. I had made out and petted with several girls but this was the most erotic thing I had ever felt. My cock felt like it was going to burst through my jeans. Shirley’s mouth tasted smoky and was warm, her tongue was soft and warm and gently probing. After kissing for several minutes she pulled back and immediately took a deep drag on her cigarette. Our eyes were locked on each other and when she had exhaled half of the smoke I could wait no longer and pressed my lips to hers again, tasting the smoke and her mouth and gently we lay down side by side on the hay. She pulled away for a minute, and asked me “Are you really sure you want to do this with an old lady like me? ”

“Yes, more than anything, if you want to do this with a kid like me.” She took one more long drag from her cigarette as she walked to the window and carefully put it out, being careful that no sparks were in the hay. Exhaling a long stream as she walked back to me she raised her arms, standing before me, and untied her helter behind her neck. Her thick brown underarm hair was highlighted by the light from the window and as she dropped the top and reached to untie the back I saw her lovely breasts bared for the first time. Her large areola’s were reddish brown and covered with puckered bumps, and her nipples were sticking out like thick pegs and were an even darker brown. I rose to meet her and took a nipple in my mouth, gently sucking it as my hand covered her other breast. I was finally tasting and feeling those lovely breasts that I had fantasized about so long. As my fingertips reached to her underarm hair she raised her arms giving me full access and I ran my fingers through the thick sweaty fur that I had dreamed about for so long.

She moaned as I continued to suck her nipple feeling it grow huge in my mouth. “Harder” she said, “pull them, bite them, ohhhh,.” She sank to my side and pulled me to her mouth as we began kissing again and my hands continued to explore her breasts and underarms.

I felt her hands on my belt as she opened my belt and unbuttoned my levis, pulling down my jeans and short is one motion freeing my drooling rock hard cock. She then grabbed my t shirt pulling it over my head leaving me naked from the ankles up. As she touched my cock a shock ran through me. I put my hand on hers and said “stop, I know I can’t last and I want to be able to please you.” She smiled and said, “I know you will cum pretty quickly, and that is ok. Let me help you to cum and then we can relax and enjoy each other.” I laid back and she covered her hand with my pre-cum and her spit and began to slowly stroke me. She them began to tease my nipple with the tip of her tongue. No one had ever done that to me and it felt wonderful. I knew my nipple was as hard as hers and her hand stroking my cock was the finest feeling of my young life. Her other hand cupped my balls and she gently fondled them as she continued to slide her hand up and down my hard cock. On each up stroke she rubbed her thumb around the head of my penis and was giving me more pleasure than I had ever imagined. The stimulation of her tongue on my nipple and her slick hand stroking my cock was too much and I told her I was going to cum. She said, “later you can cum in my pussy and mouth, but this time I want to watch you and feel you shoot your load.” She speeded up her hand on my cock and her tongue on my nipple and I felt the orgasm begin. Spurt after spurt of cum shot into the air and my stomach and her hand were covered. When I had slowed she quickly put her mouth over my cock, sucking the last of my cum and extending my orgasm for another minute. I lay there in the hay, sweating, hot, itchy and totally satisfied and tapped of energy. She continued to fondle my now limp cock as she reached for another cigarette and her lighter. She put the white tube in her mouth and lit it with one hand while the other kept stroking my wet but flaccid penis.

“That was fun,” she said, “in a little bit we will do it again but we will be able to take our time and have a lot of fun.”

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