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Mixed Emotions

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This was the first spring day that was both warm and not raining. Just the kind of day I had been waiting for. I live on Flat Avenue which is just a block from the town Cemetery.

I wanted to put flowers on four graves my mother, father, husband and my brother. The family plot is near the center of the cemetery and just off to the circle. So I can park on the road and not have to walk too far on the grass.

It’s rained every day this month and the ground is wet. I turned my ankle a week ago and am on crutches. So that is way I waited for a dry day.

I drove to the Garden center and had that very nice boy Denny Waters fill my trunk with flowers in pots. Denny never misses a chance to say “Good morning Mrs. Schwartz.” Some how when he says my name it comes out like music. Call me old fashion but I like the sound of it.

However the owner a class mate of mine from thirty years ago simply calls out “Hi Anna Bell” Bill Turner is a rough old guy that has never grown up. He’s a farm boy and always will be. A very successful one at that but Bill is just plain Bill.

An hour later I was on the ground going from head stone to head stone setting out the pots. My crutches were laying a few yards away as I came to the last head stone. My parents had a rather large double stone and that is where I was when I heard voices. It sounded only a few yards away but from my ground level position I could not see who was talking.

The man’s voice sounded familiar but I could not get a clear read on it because of the echoes through the larger head stones.

However I did get the feeling all was not well in River City as they say. The male voice was not loud but impressively guarded. Strained to the point of being sinister.

The female said “Not here. Not here in the open. Why do you want it now? Can’t you wait until we get back? I’ll do as you want but not here.”

The man said “I want it now. Do you understand now?!”

All was quiet for a few seconds and then I heard the man say “Open you fucking mouth before I smack the shit out of you.”

The female said in what sounded like a woman weeping “Oh, alright I’ll suck you. But God I don’t know why you can not wait.”

The man said “Suck me off you bitch. You’re a rotten cock sucker but you’ll have to do for today. Now suck.”

I leaned my back to my Parents stone sitting silent and speechless. I was so dumbfounded at what I had heard. I was appalled at such language. I was so shocked at the fact people would come to the cemetery to do such a thing in public. I wanted to move but I was scared and did not want to get caught I had not idea what the man might do to me if I were discovered.

In a few minutes I heard the man grunt and the a few inaudible words passed between them and I got the impression they were moving off.

It took me a few minutes to get to my crutches and on my feet. Hobbling to my car I was set on getting to the police station and telling Jerry Buzzer what I had heard. However as I sat in the car I thought what would I say. I could not use the dirty words of the couple and I really would feel uncomfortable even implying to another classmate of mine what I had over heard.

Even the implications of what was said would embarrass me to the bone. True I had been married and had not lived these sixty one years with out hearing some language like this but I had never used such words and could not now. So I was bound to put the incident out of my mind and move on.

I was nearly home when I remember I had not picked up the flat trays the pots had come it. That would never do to leave those laying around in the cemetery. I called the Garden center and asked to speak to Denny Waters. I told him what I wanted and agreed to pick him up when he got off work. I was going to pick him up take him to the cemetery where he would clean up my mess and I would pay him and return him to his home afterwards.

The Garden center stayed open until eight o’clock but Denny got off at five o’clock. I arrived a few minutes early as I wanted to pick up a few plants for my flower bed at home. I saw Bill and asked where Denny was. I was told there was a small storage shed the kids used to clean up in out back.

Hobbling around the back I saw the shed. The door was open and when I got close I heard Denny speaking on a cell phone. “Yeah, No. I’ll see you later. Mrs. Schwartz wants me to help her. You know her. Yeah, the one with the big tits and nice ass.” Pause. “You bit I would. I’d fuck that old broad it a New York second.” Pause. “Think she would. She has a nice mouth. Sure I’d love to fuck her in the mouth too. I bet she can suck a mean dick. Got to go see you later.”

I almost ran on my crutches away from the shed. I was headed for my car. I had set the few flowers I had picked out on a table and was going to just leave.

I reached for the car door and right next to me stood Denny Waters. “Hi Mrs. Schwartz. I’m all ready to go.”

I was so shocked I stood there looking blankly at this boy. Denny was nineteen or twenty but to me he was a child. But evidently not to who ever he was talking to on the cell phone.

I was caught and could not do any thing about it. I smiled stupidly and said “Oh, Hi Denny. This will not take long. I just forgot to pick up the trash in the cemetery and needed someone to do it for me. As you can see I’m not getting around too well these days.”

He is such a polite boy he opened the car door for me waited for me to get in and then closed it softly. He got in and I was so embarrassed I said nothing as we drove away.

My eyes were fixed straight ahead yet I could see he was grabbing himself and adjusting his privates. I had to think his jeans were too tight. But as hard as I tried to keep my eyes on the road I let my eyes glance to his crotch. Even his tight jeans could not hide what I assumed to be a well formed male member.

I was being a silly old woman. My husband had died six years earlier and because of his illness we had not shared the same bed for three years before that. So here I was sixty one years old and had not had a man touch me in nine years. I had not thought of that and now I could see how it must look to a young man. When I was fifty two I was very active as a willing partner in the bedroom. My husband had been a wonderful lover and even though we did not have children we still enjoyed a well rounded sex life. We often joked that this was much more fun that having to worry about making babies.

The words of this young man were creeping around in my head and I was feeling a strange warmness because of it. I had been highly upset when I heard the conversation in the cemetery but not so much this time even though I was the subject of the dirty words and the object of this boy’s desires.

How on earth could this be? Was every one these days talking dirty? Was I so far out of touch with reality that I had lost any feeling for sex. I knew all too well there was a great difference between love, love making and sex of the sake of pure lust. I was sure Denny was full of lust. He was young with less than standard morals so what else could one expect.

But why would a young handsome man think about an older woman like me. What had he said “The one with the big tits and nice ass.” My god was I? Was I some kind of show off? Was I flaunting my physical attributes? There were surly lots of younger ladies with sizable breast. I did not know what the words “nice ass.” Meant but I some how thought it was a compliment.

Could this man. I was now thinking of Denny as a man and not a boy. So could this man be serous about wanting to have sex with me. Sure he as jesting and not serious. Again I let my eyes drift to this crotch. I think his manhood was growing and the bulge in his jeans was some what larger. I wondered how big this man was.

Denny said “You better slow down the drive way is just here.”

I managed to slow and make the turn into the Cemetery. Denny jumped out and quickly had an arm full of trash. I popped the trunk and he put it in. I had to come out the other side and onto my street. That is when I noticed I had left my handbag at home. So I told Denny I would stop and get what I had agreed to pay him for his trouble.

I pulled in my driver way. Denny quickly came around and not only opened my door but helped me out and held my elbow while I adjusted my crutches. As we approached the side door Denny took the keys from my fingers and unlocked the door. He opened it and stood holing it open until I was inside. Denny did have good manners even if he did have a dirty mouth.

Because of my condition I had a neighbor fix a bed in the den so I did not have to go up stairs. I sat down in the kitchen as I was so tired for some unknown reason. I asked Denny to get my purse from the hall table where I always put it.

He retrieved it and stood in front of me handing it to me. His crotch was there so close I could smell him. How long it had been since I smelled that pungent odor. There was noting like it I had ever smelled before. The smell of a man’s erection and the fluid that washed out of it before it was ready to be inserted into a woman.

I had licked that salty drop of fluid from my husband erection many times. My husband so enjoyed me looking up into his eyes slowly opening my mouth. Holding my mouth open so he could slowly watch as he pushed his erection into my mouth. That was a loving gesture and I loved him with my mouth until he ejaculated. Not that horrible “Suck my cock bitch” I had heard this afternoon.

No; when I let my husband insert his erection into my mouth it was with the greatest of love and affection. Not just a lustful desire to degrade someone. Not for pure lustful sex. No we did it for love. We had a great love for one another and what we did was because we loved and desired to share this love. When either of us reached a climax it was as if we were giving the gift of love to the other.

I understood this and when my husband ejaculated into my mouth it was for me. It was his gift to me because he loved me fully and completely. Not this lust this boy felt for me. Not because I had “A nice ass”. Not because I had “Big tits” Not at all.

How long I had sat there looking at Denny’s crotch I had on idea. I was lost in thought. But my eyes were fixed on his crotch. There it was so near. The smell was unmistakable. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth.

I dare not more. I dare not think. I dare not be who I was. Not now. Not now. I had to be someone else. Any one else. The person in that book I read. Yes I would be that person, that woman who allowed her self to be used. So I waited with my mouth open.

Then the smell was so strong I knew Denny had open his jeans. He had pulled his erection out into the air of the room. It filled the room and my nostrils.

I felt the wetness being rubbed around my lips. He was rubbing the tip of his erection around my open mouth. This was something new. My husband had never toyed or played with me in such a way. This boy, no; this man was teasing me. Keeping his manhood from me. Denny knew what I wanted and he was teasing me.

He was playing with me. He was certainly not in love with me. Yet if this was lust he was not hurrying to complete what ever he had in mind. Denny was enjoying this and was enjoying the moment by playing with me. I had never played in this way. It was different and surprisingly joyful.

How could I be enjoying this? This was so wrong, so disgusting and degrading to both of us. But here I was playing the game of sex with a near perfect stranger.

Denny took my head in both hands pulling me forward. The tip of his erection was large around. I opened my mouth wider to accommodate it. It felt so smooth. I had forgotten how warm and tasteful it was to have the dripping tip enter my mouth.

Denny spoke “I have thought of you like this. I have imagined you with my cock in your mouth. I knew you were a cock sucker. I have dreamed of fucking you in the mouth and filling your mouth with cum. Put your fingers around my cock. Jerk me off as you suck my cock. I want to cum in your lovely mouth before I fuck you. I’m going to fuck you too slow so you’ll cum with me.”

I wanted to say to him “Don’t’ talk that way.” But he was right about one thing I was enjoying the feel of his “Cock” in my mouth. I tried to smile as I thought “I’m a cock sucker. I really am a cock sucker.” This is not love it just lust and therefore in doing what he wants and that is to suck his cock I’m a pure and simple a cock sucker.

Doing as he asked I took his cock in my hand letting my finger circle it. It was so much bigger around than. Well the other one I had enjoyed. I jerked it back and forth. Denny pushed it deeper into my mouth. I had never and a cock so deep in my mouth before. The tip was touching my throat. There was still so much of his cock still out side if it were not for my hand round it he would have pushed it right into my throat. I’ve heard of deep throat. I wondered it I could do such thing. Well maybe later.

“Oh my God. What was I thinking (later) was I thinking this was going on for more than one encounter. Was I thinking I would allow this boy to do this again? Was I out of my mind?

No answer came as I tasted the warm splash of his semen wash across my tongue. Denny grabbed my head and rammed his cock head to the back of my throat. I had no choice but to swallow. So I swallowed and swallowed I also jerk on his cock forcing every drop of cum out of it. Milking the last drop into my eager mouth.

Denny moaned and jerk wildly involuntarily ramming his cock around inside my moth. The swelling seemed to go down some but he surely was not soft. The salty cum slowed and then stopped. I licked the tip without taking his cock out of my mouth.

Denny said “Wow, holy shit that was a fantastic fucking blow job. You’re one hell of a cock sucker.”

I opened my mouth letting him pull free. I slowly opened my eyes.

Denny was a handsome man and I was feeling happy about what I had done. True it was not love, it was like nothing I have ever done before but I was not thinking it was pure lust either. It was more like we were having fun. I had never thought of sex as fun. But I just found out it was and could be more. I was thinking what else had this young man in store for me?

Denny moved back took me by the shoulders and lifted me to my feet. Denny looked at me pulled me to him and kissed me. His tongue darted into my mouth swirling around wiping out the last remnants of his semen. He seemed to get excited tasting his own cum. I was feeling the glow of him thundering through me. I let him push his tongue into my mouth. I let my fingers again circle his throbbing cock.

We moved as one thought the door way and to the bed. The den furniture was pushed to the wall and the bed was center stage. Denny lifted me up and sat me on the edge of the bed.

No words were spoken as he lifted my legs and splayed me on the bed. He worked as a well oiled machine. He lifted my shirt hooked his fingers in the waist band and pulled my panties down as I lifted my hips for him. The panties went flying off some where unseen. His finger worked quickly on my blouse. He pulled me up to remove my blouse and bra.

He unhooked my bra and whisked it away. It followed my panties where ever they were.

“Wow, God what a beautiful pair to tits.” He eased me back down on the bed as he came close taking a nipple between his lips. He caressed my breast with both hands. Kneading and fondling my breast as she suckled my nipples.

Never in my lift had I had my nipples sucked like this. Denny was again playing me for his own enjoyment. But it was more than fun for me. It was sending waves crashing through my body heating me from the tips of my toes to the root of my hair. I fumbled with this T-shirt so he stood up and pulled it off over his head. He quickly removed his jeans and stood there in his magnificent naked splendor. He was a god among gods. Muscles rippled from this well formed chest down to this thriving thick beautiful cock.

Denny climbed up on the bed kneeling between my legs. He pulled my as he called it “Sweet pussy” wide with his fingers just looking at the pink inner lips.

He lower his mouth to me running his tongue from one tip of the opening to the other. He placed his mouth over my soft fatty mound and squeezed down. He clamped his lips on my clitoris.

I yelled with glee. “Oh my God.”

He lifted my legs spreading then wider. I felt his tongue tickle my tiny puckered back hole. He was licking my anus. God want a strange feeling that was and the thought of it sent splinters of mixed emotions through me.

My tiny anus was a very private place and he was invading it as he had my vulva. It was so exciting I felt my first climax start to build deep inside me.

He returned his attentions to my pussy and licked deep while stopping only to suck on my clitoris. He slipped a finger into me wigging it from side to side. Rubbing the thin membrane between the two openings into my body.

I was on fire; this was all new and I kept thinking what next what next. Then he did the unexpected he pushed his thumb into my rectum and two finger into my pussy all the while licking me.

It was such a surprised I did not feel the force of my own emotions as I exploded. I jerked, bounced up and felt the forces of nature pour from my tingling pussy.

I was climaxing like never before. I cried out and mumbled incoherently. I think I said “Oh, god fuck me.”

I had never used such words but here I was screaming then at Denny and he obliged.

Swift as a snake her raised up lifted his hips and pushed downward. He was in me.

His cock ripped its way to my very soul and plunged me into the caverns of a whole new world. He raised up and pushed hard downward again and again. He was an animal fucking me like a wild man. He was really FUCKING ME. Christ was this magnificent. I cried out over and over again. I was cumming and cumming. It would not stop. His cock rubbed every inch of my pussy. Rubbing and sending wild feeling up through me making me scream like the animal I was.

I felt his cock swell in me and I knew he was going to explode in me. I locked my legs over his thighs pulling him so tight he could hardly more. I did not feel pain in my broken ankle I had no ankles I only had a pussy full of thundering cock.

The warmth of his semen filled me to over flowing he pumped and pumped filling me with the thick warm cum he had filled my mouth with.

We came down off the crest of the emotional wave together crashing into a silent heap of breathing flesh.

I felt myself slip off into this hiding place where I could sleep and not think but let the feeling of what had just happened feed me. Feed my emotions and feed the needs that had been so long dormant. I was deep inside my thoughts and hiding so deep I thought maybe I’d never recover.

I slept the sleep of the dead. How long I had no idea. The first thing I noticed was the weight had been lifted from me.

I opened an eye. Just one eye. I was alone. Covered with a sheet and the house was so quiet it was almost eerie.

Every so slowly I sat up and let my legs dangle over the side of the bed. That was when I felt my ankle throbbing. My crutches were at the foot of the bed. Naked as the day I was born I moved into the hall and into the half bath. I was not ready for the sight that greeted me in the mirror.

Blonde hair out in all directions. Blotches on my breasts and belly. Looking down I saw streams of fluid still wet on my legs and the thin silky hair I had between my legs. It had not been that long since I had taken the brief nap. Sitting on the toilet all of a sudden I found both my pussy and ass were very tender. So I guess having a “Nice ass.” Did count for something.

Was I still thinking in theses terms. They had been as foreign to me as plumbing or how to drive a truck. Gods knows I never used words like this before. But here I was thinking of them as every day common words. What was I thinking?

I made my way down the hall to the guest bathroom and managed to get in the tub and soaked in hot and I do meant hot water for an hour.

It was nearly dark when I fixed a sandwich for my dinner. I was lost in thought. I had just had sex with a man or boy young enough to be my grandchild. Yet I felt no remorse or even guilt. He had plundered my body in every way known to men and yet here I was enjoying the after glow. I was still feeling the warm sensation of sinful lust and joyful sex.

I wondered if it could be any better than this. Would I ever fine out? Would I ever again feel and enjoy a day of fun sex like this? I was sixty one and I felt like eighteen and willing to do it again at the first chance. I was not even thinking of being embarrassed the next time I came face to face with Denny.

The next time came must sooner than I had thought. The next morning I got up around eight fixed a pot of coffee and was thinking of fixing eggs when I knock on the kitchen door surprised me.

I saw Denny through the glass standing there looking at me and grinning from ear to ear.

I grinned back and motioned for him to come in.

Denny looked different somehow. Scrubbed clean both face and cloths. The T-shirt was bright white the jeans were a deeper blue not all washed out as yet. He came in stood there with his back to the door just looking at me.

I lifted the pot of coffee as a gesture asking if he wanted coffee. He nodded to the affirmative.

I turned to get a cup out of the cupboard and Denny said “I’ve come by to apologize. I’m really sorry for what I did yesterday. I’m so sorry.”

I paused and stood there. I did not what to talk about it. I did not want to even think about it. It happened I was my fault to allow it to happen in the first place. Sitting the cup on the table I filled it with coffee.

“Denny you need not apologize as it was as much my fault as your. We both were out of line and I think we need to forget it and move on. Really I do not what to talk about yesterday.”

Denny said “Oh no, Ma’am I was not talking about what we did. What we did was the greatest love making of my life. You were fabulous. I’ll never feel sorry for that. I’ll never regret what we shared. No Ma’am. I was talking about my running off without saying bye or telling you I was leaving. I should have stayed until you woke up. It was childish of me to run away.”

I looked at Denny and saw a more mature man than I had first suspected lay beneath that muscular frame. I saw a man that was smiling and there was a twinkle in this eye that told me he was here for more than an apology.

I pushed the cup of coffee across the corner of the table toward him. Denny took my hand lifted it to his lips and kissed it all the while holding his eyes on mine. The kiss was soft warm and thrilling. I felt a shiver travel down my spine to pucker my anus and send the memory of his touch back up to my brain. My pussy quivered and felt wet as I remembered his tongue licking me and making me scream for more and the climax that followed.

I tried to speak but was wordless. My mouth was dry and my hart was racing to catch up with my heavy breathing. None of this escaped Denny notice. He was so perceptive he smiled while squeezing my hand.

I did not move as he moved around the corner of the table reaching for the belt on my robe. I don’t remember him moving but after he took me in his arms and kissed me I felt we were both naked.

Denny said “Anna Bell you’re so beautiful. I love the feel of your body. I can not get enough of you. I need you now. I need to see you lovely face as I push my cock into you. Would you like to feel my cock in you?”

Denny waited for me to answer but I could not speak. I did manage a grunt and a moan as his finger tips found my wetness.

Denny said “I love your pussy. It beautiful and sweet and it feel so good when it is around my cock. Your fucking cunt is as warm as your mouth. God want a great blow job you gave me. You’re a wonder cock sucker. Do you like for me to call you a cock sucker?

I think you like to hear me talk sexy using hot sex words to get you excited. Tell me how much you liked sucking my cock.””

I mumbled something but that was not good enough. Denny wanted me to expose my self and say these dirty words and use these sexy words. He asked me again to tell him how it was for me.

I said “Yes. It was good for me too. I like it.”

Denny laughed and said “Tell me how you like to suck my cock. Tell me how you felt when my cum filed your mouth. Tell me you like me to call you a cock sucker.”

“Denny I can not. I can use those words. Please?”

He smiled and I knew he was going to insist. So I said “Oh Denny I love to feel your cock in my mouth. I loved it when you came so I could taste your cum. Yes and it thrilled me to hear you tell me I was a good cock sucker. I’ve never been told that before and it got me excited. You’re such a bad boy.”

Denny was not done with this play of words. He said “Anna Bell you seemed to get a thrill and excited when I fingered you sweet hot ass. When I was licking you cunt and sucking on you clitoris I was thinking of how good it would feel to fuck you in that lovely ass. You do have a great ass. I think it was made for fucking. I’d really love to watch my cock push into your ass hole right up to my fucking balls. I’d love to feel all my cock deep in your lovely ass. Anna Bell I want to fuck you in the ass. Would you like that? Tell me you want me to fuck your ass. Tell me you want to feel me cum up you lovely ass. Just say it. Denny fuck me in the ass. Say it. Tell me.”

I did not feel the wave of passion sweep over me. I was so excited my blood was boiling at his words. My legs crumbled. Denny caught me and helped me into the den and onto the bed.

I opened my eyes to see Denny sitting back on his heels kneeling between my wide spread legs. His fingers were slowly playing along the wet crack of my pussy.

“Are you alright Anna Bell?”

“Yes. I just fainted. Your words were too much for me to absorb and accept there meaning all at once.”

“He laughed and said “Come on Anna Bell the way you sucked and fucked me yesterday I thought you had been around more. So you’re telling me true you’ve never screwed around a lot?”

“No. Just once in college for only a few minutes and he never did anything and then my husband was the only man I’ve have ever been with. Until now.”

Denny said “Anna Bell I feel honored that you allowed me to be the one to bring you out of the past and into the new age of sexual freedom.”

Denny was talking all the while he wet a finger and slowly pushed it into my rectum. I felt his finger go deeper and deeper. Then his thumb was pushing into my wet pussy. Denny had his middle finger in my anus and this thumb in my pussy rubbing them together through that thin membrane.

The sensation was so erotic and arousing I shivered uncontrollably. Denny said “Tell me you want to feel my cock in your ass?”

“Yes.” I said.

“Tell me.”

“Yes; Denny I want to feel your cock in my ass. Fuck my ass. Fuck me.” I cried in shame but what I was feeling was not shame at all. I was so hot my nerves were on the top of my skin. Every touch burned like fire.

Denny rolled me on my side with my left leg between his legs. He was sitting on it. My right legs was pulled up out in front of me bent at the knee. Denny had his cock driven deep into my pussy and was ramming away like a jackhammer. I had never been put in this position before. I was unusual, different and highly exciting. I could feel every inch of him. Rubbing me inside and then I felt his finger or fingers work into my rectum. He had two finger in my ass while he rammed into me. I was so excited I felt my climax work its way up and the flood happened so quickly I had little time to tell Denny I was cumming.

Denny felt me cum and just as quickly he pulled out of me realigned his aim and pushed his cock slowly into my ass. It felt so big and of course it was big. But it moved slowly deeper and with more passion on my part as well as Denny’s. I moaned and gulped and said words that had no meaning outside the animal world.

When I felt him fully embedded into me I groaned. I cried out “Denny. God what have you done? Oh, god. You’re; you’re. ”

Denny pulled on my hips driving his cock an inch deeper. Then I felt the spreading of warmth in my bowels. The warmth of a jelly like fluid washing away the last of my self respect. I was last in this crazy world of sex and lust. I was feeling as if this was the perfect moment for me to yell at the top of my lungs. “I love you.” But I was not in love with this boy. But god know I was in love with what he was doing.

I savored every moment of his wonderful feeling. This strange way of making love. Or just plain sex. Simply fucking for the sake of fucking. I screamed in my head “Denny fuck my mouth, fuck my cunt and yes fuck my ass fill me with this warm juice. Oh, god forgive me I’ve have become lost in sin and I love it.”

Denny felt across me still fully embedded and slowly wilting but not slipping from me.

I pulled his hand to my breast and place my hand over his. I fell asleep. When I woke Denny was still partly erect and still in my ass.

Denny said “How was that?”

I said in a weak voice “Never have I felt anything like that. You’re teaching me things I never knew two people could do. It was a strange feeling and still is. I can feel so much of you its so warm. Different than the other way. I did like it. Am I shameful and I becoming a shameless hussy?”

Denny said “There is something special about fucking a good tight ass hole. I said you had a great ass and this proves it.”

He lifted his weight off me and sat up. He started to move back and forth again. The fire in me was instantaneously turned on. I cried “No; go slow. Easy not too hard. I want to cum if I can.”

Denny did go slow and easy fucking my ass while rubbing my clitoris. I did climax when I felt him grow stiff and hard. Denny followed with his own climax and together we wet the bed as I came like a river over a dam.

In the shower I washed his cock with tender loving fingers. I compliment him on his size, strength and stamina. Denny kissed me and we stepped out to towel off.

Once again in the kitchen dressed in my robe and Denny in his jeans. I asked about his job. He said he had today off.

He said “You know for a woman your age you really are marvelous. You’re one sexy bitch.” I took it that Bitch used in that context was not bad. So I let is slip with our a come back.

He said “There might be one mover thing that you might like. Hell I know you would like it. However it takes a mind set to really get into it.

But I think you’ve found that sex can be fun. And having fun with sex can be one of the greatest ways to really feel good about yourself. You have enjoyed everything we’ve done so far haven’t you?”

I looked at Denny wondering what on earth could be added to our already full sexual plate. So I asked “What are you talking about?”

Denny smiled sipped his coffee leaned back in his chair and said “You’ve enjoyed my cock in your mouth. Right?”

I nodded.

He said “You’ve enjoyed my fingers in your pussy while I had my cock in your mouth. Right?”

Again I nodded.

He said “I know you loved my cock in your pussy while I had two fingers in your delightful ass. Isn’t that true?”

I wondered where this was going so I said “Yes. Of course I did every thing had been great. So what are you driving at?”

He said “I think you would love to have two cock in you at the same time. I can pick up a dildo vibrator at the adult store and you could enjoy a cock so to speak in your pussy and ass at the same time. Not just my fingers. What so you say? What me to pick one up and come back tonight?”

I was blind sided by this suggestion and could not think straight. I had never used a vibrator of any kind but the suggestion was not to all unpleasant of an idea. I asked “Are those things very much like the real thing?”

Denny said “Some women swear by them. I hear that thousands are sold every year.”

I said “You’ve been a good teacher so far so if you think it would be fun and enjoyable for me and of course you then I guess we can try it. Let me pay for it. How much to they cost?”

Denny said “This one’s on me. If you like it then we’ll see what’s next.”

I could not imagine what could be next. This was almost too much. But for just a second I did feel a warm exciting shiver travel up though my pussy up to stiffen each nipple and then back down to make my ass pucker. I was really getting into this wild sex thing. “My God I was so bad.” I laughed out loud.

Denny smiled as if he knew just what I was thinking.

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