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Mighty Neighborly of Me

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The first time my next door neighbor Richard screwed me I was pissed. He borrowed my lawn mower a couple times, never returning it with a full tank of gas but always remembering not to clean the machine.

Okay, you don’t get to pick your neighbors, but he could have shown a little courtesy. It got worse a few weeks later when he “borrowed’ it without asking and proceeded to ruin the blade by attempting to cut through some dense overbrush in the back part of his yard.

Although I could not prove he used the mower, who else could it have been? Why, it had to be someone who knew me, and Richard had used it in the past. In any event, he screwed me again.

I hated it when my wife Jordan sunbathed out back, because it invariably meant Richard would have some reason to be up on his ladder, fixing something or another, and several times I caught him staring at my wife who’d fallen asleep, once with her top off. Got a real view that time.

I really hated it when he ogled my daughter or her friends when they were outback. The guy had no shame, as once I caught him taking photos of them with a long lens. That was over the top, and I called him on it. He, of course, denied it, offering me the camera to look at. But fact is he could easily have slipped out the diskette before handing it over.

Richard had the reputation around the street of being a slick, jerk, PIA (pain in the ass) of a guy. He apparently owed a couple people money for various local causes (“Hey Bill, can you put in the $50 bucks and I will pay you back”) and was delinquent in his homeowner’s assessments as well.

He really screwed me royally during one of our summer card games — low stakes —- but he walked off after borrowing $25 bucks from me that I never saw again.

Suffice it to say I tried to stay away from Richard as much as possible. My wife Jordan, though, was very friendly with Richard’s wife Candy (how appropriate a name is that, wonder what her real name was?). They’d spend time together, and every once in a while Jordan would let slip some little news tidbit about our neighbors.

Like how he offered to trade some of his construction company’s time for his homeowner’s assessment. Oh, they did some work, but for every dollar owed they probably did 50 cents worth of work.

I had to laugh, though, when Jordan said Richard insisted on his Saturday night roll in the hay and couldn’t get it up. At least that’s what Candy said. Richard loved banging his wife, and apparently insisted they get it on every Saturday night.

“She complains about how it’s a production, that she always dresses up for him, sometimes as a schoolgirl, sometimes a nurse and even a hooker,” said my cross wife. “She’s got all kinds of costumes. He buys the crap and she wears it. So each Saturday night the go out to dinner then come home and have a go at it. So very child like. I’m so glad our love life is more special than that.”

Jordan also said that at least once a week Candy had to suck him off, usually in the car. “He takes her to dinner then she bows him in the parking lot or by the lake,” said my wife. “He’s such a pig. Maybe that’s where their daughter gets that whorish streak.”

This pissed me off even more about him, because Jordan saved blow jobs for special occasions like my birthday, and we only made love a couple times a month. And here this “Dick” was getting way more than me and he’s a jerk too boot. Well, maybe I was just jealous. But I wasn’t going to complain to my wife. I learned long ago that if I played my cards right, Jordan would be willing more often than if I pressured her.

Talk about the Keeping up with the Jones’ thinking. But it grated me.

All of which made my recent discovery a wondrous occasion. You see, Richard and Candy’s lovely daughter, Courtney, was a slut. How did I know? My wife told me so. Apparently Candy told her that Courtney was grounded half the time, sometimes for schoolwork but most of the time because she’d been caught fucking this guy or that guy.

“Candy said she’d fucked half the males in her class. And she’s serious,” said my wife. “Last week Candy actually caught Courtney blowing a guy while they were in their basement, acting like a total slut. Candy walked right in on them. And a week ago she caught her fucking a different guy…they skipped school and were screwing in her bedroom when Candy came into the house early and caught them in the act. Apparently Richard makes all kinds of excuses for her, but Candy is pissed off.”

My normally demure wife nearly was spitting out the words, as she really had a thing out for the young girl. So here I hated the dad, she hated the daughter. There was a whole lot of hatred going around.

So what does this have to do with anything? A lot, but I am getting to that.

You see recent Saturday I was leaving the Mall when I saw Courtney slamming the door to a car and walking briskly away from it in a huff. The driver side door opened and a young guy got out and called the girl a cocksucking whore. Then, he gave her the finger and got back in the car and sped off. What a spectacle!

Courtney walked toward the Mall before sitting on a bench. I watched as she dried her eyes from crying. She sat there, staring at the ground, for a while. After a bit I drove toward her, stopped and asked if she needed a ride.

She was a little slow to answer, but then said, “Sure, Mr. Roberts, that would be nice. I just got dumped here.”

“We started home and I asked what had happened. The girl was frank and honest. Billy’s jealous of Skip, a guy I’m seeing. He wants me to himself, but I like lots of guys. I’m not ready to settle down.”

The conversation went on for a while and I asked if she’d had lunch. Said I needed a snack, and she agreed to a stop at a local coffee house.

We spent an hour talking about this and that. It took me back years, to days when I’d sit with girls at similar coffee houses. But what I liked most was speaking to this girl who was supposed to be such a slut who seemed so, well, normal. She didn’t act slutty, as quite the opposite, she seemed smart and fun to be with.

For the next hour we spoke about school, and she said she liked it but there were too many “dicks” there that didn’t care about being there. She liked history and the language arts, but hated math and science. But mostly she liked gym and study hall, because she could be out of the classroom or didn’t have to listen to the instructor. “He’s such a tool.”

We had a good conversation and I actually believe she flirted a little. No wonder the guys in school liked her, she was not only hot but she played the part of a cute, hot girl well. All I know is that I was a little embarrassed staring at her boobs (she caught me and smiled) and I hated to drop her off.

On several occasions over the next month I noticed Courtney sun bathing in her back yard and I understood how Richard must have stumbled upon seeing my wife in our back yard. Once I was working on the window and Courtney waved.

Later there was no misunderstanding as she unhooked her top and settled onto her front, allowing her back to get some sun. When she later flipped over — I was still there and she knew it —- I saw her perky breasts in all their glory before she quickly covered them to my view. She acted embarrassed, but she had this big smile.

There was no love lost between Courtney’s father and me. I have to admit I lusted after his daughter in part because she was so beautiful and in part because I hated her father. . She was so approachable, and I fantasized being one of the endless stream of guys who dated her.

Of course, that was a pipe dream, I was old enough to be her father, remember. Still it was the spark to fantasies that got me hot for my wife when she deemed it okay to be taken. Infrequently, but when we did it I’d enjoy so much thinking of Courtney while banging my wife.

As luck would have it my wife Jordan was taking her annual two-week family (hers) sabbatical to the shore (that’s the beach to non-Jerseyites) in the middle of May. Ostensibly it was her family vacation, but really it was that and a way to get the shore house spiffed up prior to the arrival of renters in June.

Jordan was abuzz the week before going, and all she could talk about were our nieces and nephews who would be there, those pre-school rugrats who constantly left a stream of toys and spilled drinks on the floor. I’d like to say we had a great lovemaking session before she left, but she was too tired, it wasn’t by birthday, the moon wasn’t in the seventh house, whatever.

She said I had a rain check, but that was just a way of saying maybe sometime.

The following night I was putting away some laundry when I heard yelling at my neighbors. It was the big Dick, Richard, and he was yelling at his daughter. I couldn’t tell what the yelling was about, but he wasn’t nice. He actually called her a “fucking slut”, something you normally don’t hear a father call his daughter.

The next day I made a hurried lunchtime return home to pick up some papers for a report I was working on that I’d inadvertently left behind. I went inside, picked up my missing papers, and then sped out the front door. I spied Courtney pulling up in her car and waved hello.

“Hi Mr. Roberts,” said the bubbly girl, looking great in her denim miniskirt. “How have you been?”

“Pretty good, Courtney, pretty good. What have you been up too?”

The girl smiled. “No good, I guess. At least that’s what dad thinks. I hope we didn’t startle you last night with our yelling.”

I laughed, telling her it was quite the show. “Maybe you should get a reality show!”

She shook her head and then told me how Richard, her dad, was an overbearing bastard. He was always on her case. Nothing she did was right. Yet he was such a jerk himself. “He jokes about how he takes advantage of you. He actually sneaks over and uses some of your tools when you aren’t around, and he enjoys screwing the homeowners association whenever he can.”

Nodding, I said I knew he was an ass, but he was her father. “You know, we aren’t all dumb and stupid.”

Courtney batted her eyes at me. “I know you aren’t dumb and stupid. You are a guy, and I saw you looking at me the other day. You should have taken a picture and framed it. You are a bad boy yourself.”

Busted, I smiled and looked innocent, stammering something.

“Oh come on. I saw you watching my boobs. I thought your eyes were going to pop out. Good thing Jordan didn’t see you, I bet she’d be a treat! Talk about me getting yelled at, I’ve seen her in action and I bet you wouldn’t get any nookie for six months if she saw you looking at me the way you are.”

Now was my time for embarrassment. “Well, I don’t think she’d cut me off any more, because we hardly ever do it anyway….but you are right, she’d be pissed.”

There was an uncomfortable silence as we stared at the ground. I was thinking about how Jordan would be mad if she caught me looking, and I’m sure Courtney was thinking about her ass of a father.

“Well, I guess I better be getting back to work,” I said, telling Courtney to be careful and have a good afternoon.

She twirled around quickly, her skirt flaring up a little showing some leg, and smiled at me. “You have a good day, Mr. Roberts…..think of me…”

Believe me, I did. How could I not. She was so approachable, and with her reputation, I didn’t have to lie in my bed long at night without my thoughts being drawn to the girl and her exploits. I masturbated while thinking of catching her in the act in the park or in a car, blowing some guy or even fucking him.

The girl may never had touched me but she left me “satisfied” on more than one occasion as my mind placed her in a series of sensual situations or naughty positions.

Saturday morning I was up early to work on the fence in the back yard before the predicted rains came. Nothing serious, just some minor repairs. The sweat was pouring off me when I heard something rustling around nearby. The morning was made much better when Courtney asked if I wanted some of her bad coffee or some cold water.

I needed the watcher but selected the coffee, and she scampered off to get me some. Upon her return we sat and talked for a while. Her mom went on a shopping trip to the outlets and her dad was playing golf. She was home, grounded, because she had been so very bad.

:”So what did you do to get into such trouble,” I asked.

“Do you really want to know?”

Nodding yes, she began her story.

“I had the triple play of bad judgment. First, dad saw my grades, and a D caught his eye. It is an anomaly, it will be much higher, but that’s what he saw. Then mom told him about me and Billy in the basement…”

“What happened?”

“We were, uh, well, my head was in his lap and mom caught us. It wasn’t like we were having sex or anything, it was just a blow job.”

“Courtney! Just a blow job? My goodness, if that isn’t sex what is?”

“Well, we weren’t doing, you know…we weren’t having sex. I would have, you know, but we didn’t have much time and he didn’t bring a condom. So I was just blowing him. Like, you know, it’s not like I’m the only girl on the street who gives blow jobs. Jessica is a cock hound, and Jennifer….”

“Oh, my, you are spoiling my thoughts of some of the neighborhood girls,” I said, shaking my head. “I mean, do they really…”

Courtney smiled and then laughed. “Wouldn’t you like to know, you perv?”

Why was I not surprised? I guess all the girls around town were sluts!

“Anyway, mom caught me and when the grades became a problem they piled on. Then Thomas’ dad called. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

I looked at her with quizzical eyes.

“Well, see, Thomas and I were driving home and we were on the interstate, and well, he dared me to show a truck driver my boobs, and well, I lifted my top and flashed him. I guess Thomas was driving a little funny, or the truck was, and nobody realized there was an unmarked cop behind us. He pulled the trucker over as well as us, and I guess the trucker dropped a dime on me to get out of a ticket. The cop gave us a warning, and called Thomas’ dad. Who got royally pissed off, and called my dad, and well, here I am, grounded.”

What a story. I didn’t know what to say, only that it was half funny and half erotic.

“So you really flashed the trucker?”

“Uh huh.”

“Wow, you are a bad girl. Lucky you were not sent to a convent.”

We both laughed at that one.

“So, uh, Mr. Roberts, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, Courtney.”

The girl looked at me, then the ground. “So, you and Jordan don’t, well, do it a lot?”

I shook my head no. “We’re very busy, I guess, and one thing gets in the way of another and well, we just don’t do it like we did when we first got married.”

“That’s a shame. I guess I am, well, a little loose, but I know I love fooling around. I know I like teasing you.”

“Yea, and if I were your dad I’d spank you!”

The girl laughed. “Oh you would, would you? You are just as naughty as I am. You are a dirty old man.”

I acted as if I was ancient. Stood up and limped around before sitting back down.

Getting out on the edge, I asked her how many guys she’d been with.

“Been with…you mean, like sex?”

She took my nod as reason to continue. “Well, I’ve had sex with three guys, but I’ve, you know, fooled around with, what, eight others. Guys like to have their dicks taken care of.”

She smiled. “I sound like a slut, I guess I am. But I don’t let just anyone, you know, have sex with me. And the guys that I’ve blown or given hand jobs have all been special friends and all that.”

We made small talk for a few minutes, by dick pulsating in my pants and then Courtney went to grab us each refills on the coffee while I put the final touches on the fence. When she returned I could swear a button was unhooked on her top that formerly was secure. She looked adorable.

I couldn’t believe how sexy she was, and how loose she was. She’d been “with” more guys in a couple years than I’d been with girls in my life. I guess sex was different these days that when I was growing up.

We settled back into the chairs and traded some more stories. None were of the sexual variety, but there was a sort of tension in the air.

“So, can I ask you another question,” asked the pretty young girl.

“Of course.”

The girl looked at me, almost inspecting me or at least giving me more than a one-over. It was as if she was attempting to judge something. Turns out, it was what I might say to a sort of proposal.

“Would you like a blow job?”

I stared at the girl, incredulous, as I couldn’t believe my ears. Did I hear her right?


“It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone. It’s just you are always so nice to me, and I know you want me to give you one. I mean, guys like that at any age, right? How about if I give you a blow job?”

I have never had a woman ask to give me one. Oh, after a little coercion on my part they would agree, but to come out and ask, never. And from a 19-year-old college girl who was my neighbor?

“Come on, think of it as a way to get back at my father. Think of it, me sucking you off…”

I know, I know, I should have merely said no. But I didn’t.


“Where do you normally get a blow job, dummy….oh, you mean….how about your basement?” asked the girl, smiling that wonderful smile at her humorous retort.

I quickly moved toward my basement door before my mind could convince me that this was a bad deal. I kept thinking of Richard, and the fact that his daughter offered to suck me off. I couldn’t resist. It was if I’d been magnetized.

Looking around, as if I expected a camera or that Jordan would walk into the room or something. I slowly walked into the kitchen and when bulbs didn’t flash walked down the stairs to the basement. Half of me said it was a joke, the culmination of a dare with a friend or something. You know, tease the old guy. But Courtney quickly took control of the situation.

“Unzip your pants, drop them, mister.”

Embarrassed, but not turning back, I unhooked my belt and lowered my pants to the floor.

“Do you want to sit or stand? Hands or no hands?” asked the girl, “what would you like?”

I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Stand?” was my questioning reply. “No hands.”

She nodded her head as she moved closer, kissing my neck. “Just enjoy, just enjoy,” she said, lowering herself down to her knees. Soon she was lowering my briefs with her teeth, smiling as my cock sprang into view. She cooed at my dick, “well, I’m going to use my hands for just a second or two.” She grasp the meat with her left hand and slowly stroked it to full attention. It didn’t take much encouragement.

The girl was amazing. She stroked me, examining my manhood intently. “You have a nice dick,” said the girl, slowly opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue. Soon she moved her hand away and began licking my cock from stem to stern. I still couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

As she knelt there I was fixated on her mouth and tongue. She bathed my cock with that tongue, licking all over from its tip down to my balls. Down at the balls she carefully licked as my dick bounced along her face. True to her word, no hands.

Courtney was obviously practiced at the art of fellacio as she knew her way around a cock. She wasn’t tentative, she went right to work. Licking up and down and then concentrating on the tip but never forgot the rest of my manhood. She was simply amazing.

I had to hold the back of her head, and bunched up her hair into a sort of ponytail and she slowly rocked her head up and down my cock. I moved my hands to and fro but I wasn’t really directing her, I was merely holding on for the ride. .

The sensations were amazing. She looked so lovely with my dick in her mouth. Moving her head away, she asked if she could hold the base of my dick with her hand. “Of course, you are the boss,” was all I could groan.

Her mouth to traverse my man meat while she firmly held the base and I had to try hard to hold back my orgasm because I came every so close to shooting into that wet and willing mouth twice in the first couple minutes of her ministrations.

Oh how she handled my dick. She worked my cock beautifully in her wet mouth, clearly a girl who had practiced on many dicks in her short time as a cocksucker. She had months of practice on eleven anxious guys, and she made me bask in the ministrations of her mouth music.

In my experience there comes a time when the girl gets tired of sucking, moving into the cum mode. I’ve heard everything, from “hurry up” to “don’t cum in my mouth.” Courtney never slowed her beat, never uttered a word other than little purring groans of lust.

The girl attacked my dick like she might a lollypop, licking all over, sucking from time to time. She moved her head up and down my cock and I couldn’t believe how this was happening to me.

Every once in a while our eyes would meet. She was searching for my feelings, I know, and it was so very hot. She wanted to do anything that would make me love the experience. It may have been a blow job, but it wasn’t a job for her. It was an adventure. Blowing the married neighbor’s dick, sucking the cock of a man decades her senior, enjoying the quest.

All of a sudden she began stroking my cock harder and removed her lips from my dick. “Want to cum, Mr. Roberts; want to shoot in my mouth? I know you are holding back. It’s okay, I want it.”

That did it. That statement sent me over the edge. She had barely gotten her mouth over my dick when the spurts of sauce started to throb into her mouth. She lost only a couple drops, catching them with her fingers and licking them. She kept sucking and jerking my dick off until I was completely satisfied.

Never had I had such a sensuous blow job. The girl was an expert. She kept my cock in her mouth for a bit after I was fully spent. She kept sucking as my dick started to deflate.

“Oh my Courtney, that was amazing” was all I could manage to say.

The girl moved her head off my cock and opened her mouth, displaying some of the residue of my explosion. Then, with some flair, she lifted her head back and took a big swallow. I watched as she moved the sperm cocktail from her mouth to her stomach.

“Yummy that was good to the last drop!” said the girl, smiling at my shocked expression. “You must not have cum in a while; my mouth was full of you.”

I swear the girl alternated speaking with licking her lips. She made it all such a production.

Leaning back against the wall, I watched as she rose to her feet and kissed me on the cheek. “You know, maybe we should do that again sometime,” said the girl. “And thanks for not squeezing my head. I hate it when guys do that.”

Our mood was shattered when her cell phone rang. “Hi daddy. Yes I am home. Oh I just stopped over next door to get something from Jordan but she’s not here. Mr. Roberts is looking for, oh here he is….”

“Uh, hello Richard. Yes, Jordan wanted some, uh, sea salt and I don’t know where Jordan keeps it. Uh huh.”

I told the girl her father said to get what she needed and get back to the house. His round of golf was spoiled by the weather, so he was home early.

She rubbed my dick, smiled, and then skipped upstairs. “Hope to see you soon!” was all she said before heading out. “I’ll grab something from the kitchen to take home.”

With that she was gone. But it wasn’t the last time I saw the girl in that special way. Over the rest of the summer she’d make herself available for some mouth music. Every time I saw her father I smiled. He no longer was the total jerk I thought because his daughter was so very special.

He never repaid his debt in cash, but Courtney more than made up for that.

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