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Midnight Masquerade

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Getting out of his car, Mark turned to look at his sister, Katie, shaking his head. Once more she had talked him into another crazy idea and he couldn’t quite figure out how she’d done it. Ever since they had been young children, his twin had the uncanny ability to bat her eyes at him and get him to do her biding. He contemplated getting back into his car and going back home, but his sister stopped him before he’d completed the thought.

“I know what you’re thinking Mark, and you can forget about it. You are going to have a good time tonight even if I have to beat it into you.” Katie was only a few minutes older than himself and took the role of bossy big sister very seriously. 

Even as he allowed her to drag him into the large foyer of the hotel, Mark protested. “I don’t like crowds, Katie. I don’t want to be here.”

“Too bad,” Katie said, grabbing his arm again, the purple wings of her fairy costume jostling him as she pulled him toward the Celino Hotel Ballroom.

Grumbling to himself, Mark handed his ticket over to the costumed man at the door; taking the simple black mask he was given. Katie received a mask as well, only hers was a deep red.

For the third year in a row, Celino Hotel was hosting the Midnight Madness Ball. The invitation only event was a huge success with many local business men and women who preferred something a little more grown up than the rowdy crowds found at bars on Halloween. Normally it was just a costume party but this year the owner and host for the Ball had decided to go with a masquerade theme.

Mark would have been content to stay at home, curled up in his favourite chair by the fireplace, reading. Instead he found himself decked out in full pirate ensemble, complete with sword and eye patch. Although he thought that he looked absolutely ridiculous but Katie had told him that he looked hot.

She hadn’t been the only one.

When Mark had come downstairs at home after donning the costume, his seventeen year old daughter, Kaylee had whistled at him and his twenty year old daughter, Olivia said that he was definitely going to be getting hit on that night. Mark hoped that the girl was wrong because he wasn’t interested and he’d told them so. His daughters had simply laughed at him and told him that he was just being silly. Then they’d told him to have fun and not come home until late.

Kaylee didn’t know he only planned on staying for an hour or so. That was the amount of time he’d promised his sister he would stay. Mark had no intentions of staying any longer than that. The minute he was free to leave, he was out of there.

“Come on Mark,” Katie said, nudging him out of his memory. “Put the mask on and let’s go already.”

In order to wear the mask, Mark had to take off his eye patch which he was sort of happy for. A few years before he’d been in a car accident that had left him blind in one eye. For months afterward, he’d had to wear an eye patch and the damn thing was uncomfortable. He didn’t relish the idea of wearing the mask though, because it would prevent him from seeing what little bit he could. 

Still he put it on because his sister was glaring at him and no one was ever able to stand up to one of his sister’s glares, not even him.

“There you go,” she said with a smile. “Now remember your promise. You have to stay for at least an hour. I’m going to mingle and have some fun. You do it too, find some hot guy to flirt around and have fun with.”

Mark sighed heavily, watching his sister the fairy walk away from him. Then he turned and headed toward the bar area of the ballroom, smiling at the bartender. He didn’t drink alcohol often and tonight would be no different. He knew damn well that Katie would be drinking and he was going to have to be sober in order to take her home. There was no way in hell he was leaving his car behind. 

Ordering a soda, Mark leaned against the bar, looking out over the crowd, trying to see if there was anyone he recognized. Of course that was impossible considering everyone was wearing masks and all were in costumes. He’d be lucky to find his sister now, since he’d seen no less than three women and even one man wearing the same sort of fairy costume.

Glancing at his watch, he sighed again. Five minutes in. Fifty five minutes to go before he could leave. 

“Mmm well hello there sexy.”

Mark near about jumped out of his skin when he heard the sultry voice at his side. One of the main reasons he hated being blind in one eye was the fact that he could never tell when someone was approaching him from the left. That of course, meant that he was constantly being snuck up on and startled.

He turned to better see the man who’d come up to him and instantly wished he hadn’t. Whoever it was couldn’t have been more than twenty-one or so and he was clearly drunk. Mark could smell the stench of stale beer and sweat permeating from the guy. 

“Want to dance, gorgeous?” the man asked Mark, his speech slurred and his footing unstable. He grabbed onto Mark’s arm to keep himself from falling over, giggling like a child.

“No thanks,” Mark told him, carefully prying the man’s fingers from his arm. He really, really wanted to go home now. The last thing he needed was a bunch of drunk people getting after him. Especially ones young enough to be his own children.

Even though his sister had told him to have fun and find a hot guy to flirt with, Mark doubted even Katie would blame him for not wanting to be bothered by this one. Twinks weren’t his cup of tea and hadn’t been even when he was one himself. 

“Oh come on,” the man was whining now. “It’ll be fun. I can show you a really good time …”

It took everything in Mark not to physically cringe when the other male ran his fingers down his chest, hooking into the open front of his shirt. He brought his other hand up, wrapping it around the guy’s fingers. “Don’t touch me,” he said through clenched teeth. “I’m not interested in anything you have to offer.”

The guy pouted at him, wavering on his feet again as Mark pushed him back a bit. “Party pooper.” He leaned in close once more, his hand reaching out to brace himself, narrowly missing Mark’s crotch. “Oops.” There was that damn giggle again.

“The man said he wasn’t interested,” another male voice said as a third male joined the group. “Come on now, let’s go find someone else who would delight in your little ass. Over that way. Go on now.” The man steered the young drunk in the opposite direction, giving him a tiny nudge.

When he turned around with a smile on his lips, Mark near about melted.

The man was absolutely gorgeous and that was even with a mask on.

He had dark blond hair worn a little too long but shagged up in the most sexy of ways, as though he’d just run his fingers through it. The dirty part of Mark’s mind gave the suggestion that the man’s hair looked like he’d just gotten out of bed after having a long fucking session. Brilliant blue eyes sparkled behind the mask, a mischievous amusement reflected in the depths. His slender nose and strong chin framed what Mark considered to be the man’s best feature: his perfectly full lips.

He had to almost smack himself from imagining what those lips would look like wrapped around his dick with those piercing eyes looking up at him.

Biting back a groan, Mark shifted a bit to relieve his discomfort, realizing the man was talking to him. “I’m sorry, what was that?” he asked, flushing red.

“I said, sorry he bothered you,” the guy told him, leaning against the bar and smirking at him. “And I said my name is Oliver.”

“Oh, I sort of zoned out,” Mark confessed. But that was as far as it would go. There was no way in hell he was going to confess to this man that he was thinking incredibly naughty things about him. “I’m Mark. Nice to meet you, and thanks. You know, for that.” He nodded his head in the direction the twink had gone.

Oliver smiled at him again and Mark felt his knees go a bit weak. That was a smile that would make any man’s heart melt. “No problem,” Oliver told him. “In fact, I’m about to go get some air. Care to join me? I’ll protect you from the drunks trying to get at that hot body of yours.”

Mark laughed a little, feeling his face flush again. The fact that this man found him to be attractive even with the stupid costume he had on made him feel oddly pleased. Perhaps this wasn’t going to be such a bad night after all. He nodded his head, pushing away from the bar and followed the other man through the crowd. He could do with spending a bit more time with him and getting away from the crowd for a while. Something about Oliver intrigued him and he was keen to figure it out.

As they walked, Mark took the time to continue his assessment of the man, noting the angel costume he wore. Black leather pants hung low on Oliver’s slender hips, black angel wings brushing over the swell of his ass. An ass that Mark’s hands were aching to reach out and touch.

“Here we go,” Oliver said once he’d opened a door and lead them out into a hallway. “Much quieter out here, don’t you think?”

Mark nodded his head, attempting to get himself under control. It was bad enough to be here without his hormones turning against him at the sight of a half-naked man. Even if said half naked man was hands down the sexiest creature he’d ever laid eyes on. He took the chance to watch the other man a little more, noticing for the first time the spattering of hair on his chest and that was almost his undoing. 

Mark had always been a sucker for a man with chest hair. 

Oliver smiled at him as he leaned against the railing of the balcony, tilting his head slightly. “This isn’t your scene is it?” he asked quietly, lifting his glass to his lips and taking a sip of whatever it was he was drinking. “Why did you come if you’d rather be anywhere else?”

Mark shrugged and moved to lean against the rail with Oliver. “My sister and my daughter happened,” he said. “My daughter said I needed to get out more and my sister told me in no uncertain terms that I needed to get laid.” From where they stood, they could still hear the music from the ball room and Mark watched out of the corner of his eye as a couple came to stand on the balcony, making out with each other.

Oliver laughed again. “Hmm I think I agree with your sister,” he said. “No offense, Mark but you’re pretty wound up. You need to relax more.”

Mark near about jumped out of his skin when Oliver’s hand rested on his arm, moving slowly upward. The shorter man was squeezing Mark’s arm lightly, almost as though he was attempting to relax him. 

“I-I uh…” Mark stammered, looking at Oliver, his mouth going bone dry. There was a look in the man’s eyes that told him that Oliver wouldn’t mind helping him out with the relaxing and possibly in the way his sister was referring to.

Oliver smiled and stepped back, moving his hand. “Sorry. I have a bad habit of touching people. I should learn to curb that.” He glanced over Mark’s shoulder at the couple who were making out and groaned. “Well, someone is getting laid tonight…”

Mark turned his head, and his eyes widened when he saw that the male of the couple had the female’s dress pushed up and was unabashedly using his hands to bring her pleasure. He turned away quickly, embarrassed at watching them. 

“I think I know of a better place to get some air and also talk more if you’re interested in joining me?” Oliver said a moment later. 

Mark found himself nodding his head, thinking it wouldn’t be too bad to spend some more time with Oliver. He wanted to get to know the man better. For someone who didn’t want to be here in the first place, he found himself oddly drawn to the sexy angel’s charm. Imagining things his mind should not be conjuring up.

“Follow me,” Oliver said, leading Mark back through the crowded ballroom and then out the door. He smiled at the door man, telling him to go on inside and have some fun before heading for an elevator.

“W-Where are we going?” Mark wanted to know a moment later, watching the numbers above the elevator doors blinking brightly as the machine descended.

“My office,” Oliver said as the doors dinged open and he stepped inside. He smiled and waited for Mark to join him then pushed a button for the top floor. “I own this hotel.”

Mark’s surprise was written all over his face. “Impressive. Do a lot of your guests get tours of your office then?”

“No, only the ones I like,” Oliver said. 

They lapsed into silence for a few moments and then the elevator stopped and Oliver stepped out with Mark close behind him. Soon they were stepping into a large office and Oliver shut the door behind them, gesturing to the sofa that lined one wall. “Have a seat, make yourself comfortable,” he offered.

Instead, Mark wandered around the room, taking in the photos of smiling girls on the walls along with a few shots of the girls with their friends. Oliver saw what he was looking at and grinned. “My daughters,” he said with a proud grin. “Both of them as beautiful and talented as the day is long. And as annoying too.”

Mark smiled at him. “They’re beautiful,” he agreed. Then he saw a picture of Oliver with a man who had dark hair with grey flecks throughout. He pointed at the picture, “lover?” he asked.

Oliver grinned. “Best friend. We’ve known each other since I was five. Ronnie is … my other half for lack of a better word. He helps me with everything.”

Mark smiled. “It’s good to have someone like that. Reminds me of my best friend. We’re very close.”

Oliver moved over to a bar area of the office. “Would you care for a drink? I don’t drink alcohol, but I think I have something up here if you want anything stronger than soda.”

“Soda is fine,” Mark told him, stepping over to the sofa and sitting on it. “This is a nice office. Roomy and cozy. It feels comfortable.”

The angel made them each a drink and brought it over, sitting close to Mark on the sofa. He handed one of the drinks to Mark and just sat there watching him. It was slightly unnerving for Mark, but he turned and looked at the other man, taking in everything he saw. One thing was for sure, Oliver was definitely sexy and the thoughts he’d had of him before were definitely starting to come to the surface again.

“Is there something wrong?” Oliver’s voice broke through Mark’s thoughts again and the man shook his head.

“No, no,” he said. “I just … okay this is going to sound very forward but … why did you ask me up here?”

Oliver smiled and Mark watched him shifting closer on the sofa. “Because I think you’re very attractive and I’ll be honest in saying that since the minute I saw you walk into the ballroom tonight, I wanted you.”

Mark nearly choked on the sofa he had been drinking at that moment and he stared at Oliver. He wasn’t moving any closer but Mark could see that he was clearly honest and meant every word he said.

“I’m not like this…” Oliver told him with a soft whisper. “I don’t normally …” he broke off, looking away and made to stand up.

Mark took his hand, stopping him from getting away. “I’m not like this either … but something about you…” he swallowed and then licked his suddenly dry lips. “I … kiss me.”

Oliver’s eyes widened behind his mask, but then he sat back down, moving closer to Mark and lifting his hand, running his fingers over Mark’s cheek. Mark closed his eyes, completely surprised at himself, slightly nervous and nearly shaking in anticipation. He was never like this. He never lost all his inhibitions like this.

He let his eyes drift closed as Oliver moved closer still. He could feel the other man’s warm breath against his skin and then the softest of lips were pressing against his own for only a second. Mark opened his eyes, looking right into Oliver’s noting the guy was looking at him as though gauging his reaction.

Mark bit his lip then leaned in and kissed Oliver again. This time the kiss was more passionate, open mouthed and it was all he could do not to moan against the man’s lips. Oliver definitely was skilled when it came to kissing and Mark found himself wondering if he was just as talented in other areas.

When he felt Oliver’s tongue dancing along his bottom lip, Mark did moan, opening his mouth to allow the other man entrance, giving in to his silent begging to take the kiss deeper. He massaged Oliver’s tongue with his own, a rush of desire coursing straight to his dick when Oliver sucked on his tongue.

“Oliver…” Mark moaned the man’s name as Oliver trailed kisses over his jaw and down to his neck. He tilted his head, allowing the man more room, biting his lip to stop another moan from escaping his mouth. God the man was going to drive him insane with those talented lips of his.

“God I want you,” Oliver moaned against the skin of Mark’s neck. 

All of Mark’s protests fled from his mind as thoughts of being with this man, even just for this one night filled his mind. He ignored everything screaming at him to get out of there, to just tell the guy he was flattered but not interested but he knew he couldn’t lie. He wanted Oliver too.

“Then…” he tangled his fingers in Oliver’s blond locks, bringing the man’s lips to his own once more, kissing him hard. “Take me.”

Oliver smiled at Mark again, leaning close to him and kissing him back, hard and passionately. Mark felt himself sinking into the pleasures of the man’s mouth, wanting — aching — for more. He wanted all of Oliver. He wanted to feel the man’s hands and mouth on him, touching him everywhere.

“You’re so beautiful,” Oliver whispered as he leaned down a little more, pressing his body against Mark’s in a way that could only be described as wanting. Mark wrapped his arms around Oliver’s waist, pulling him so that the man was straddling his lap, not once breaking the contact of their lips, wanting only to have him closer.

Mark let out a sharp moan when Oliver trailed his lips along his jaw line to his neck and he felt an indescribable chilling of his flesh when he felt those tiny teeth nipping at his skin before Oliver’s warm mouth covered that one spot on his neck, just beneath his ear and sucked on his skin. “Oh god…” he muttered, his hands moving to encircle the man’s waist again, trying to not dig in fingers in Oliver’s sides.

Oliver leaned his body away a bit more, so that his chest wasn’t pressed against Mark’s and slid his hands between their bodies, reaching for the buttons on the white shirt Mark wore. He felt the buttons being released from their holes and then the gentle tug as Oliver leaned out and pulled the ends of the shirt from under his legs.

Then the material was parted and Oliver’s warm hands were inside the shirt, running along Mark’s chest. He moaned softly when he felt his fingers brushing over his nipples, and then his lips were at Mark’s neck again. Unable to help himself, Mark arched against him. “O-Oliver…” his voice hitched when he felt Oliver’s fingers grazing along his belly, moving to the buttons of his pants, undoing them in one smooth motion.

Oliver looked up at him as though waiting for permission to continue and Mark nodded. God he would die if Oliver stopped now. The man smiled, bringing his head down so that they were kissing again and his hands resumed their explorations of Mark’s chest. Then they roamed lower even as he slid his body off of Mark’s legs, moving his hand so that he was brushing against his length through the material of his jeans and boxers. Mark moaned softly, his eyes drifting closed. If there was a god, he was smiling on him right now. 

He didn’t know when it happened, but Oliver was soon on his knees on the floor in front of Mark, both his hands now at Mark’s waist, tugging on the jeans a little. Mark’s eyes flew open and he looked down at the man and nodded again. He knew from looking into those blue eyes what Oliver wanted and by god he wanted it too. Hadn’t he been thinking about this very thing from the moment he’d met him?

“Just relax. You’ll like this, I promise.”

Mark nodded and leaned back against the sofa again, trying his best to do as the angel said and relax. He closed his eyes as he felt his jeans being tugged a bit lower, and then the rush of warm air against his exposed flesh.

“So beautiful,” he heard Oliver mutter a moment before he felt something like liquid velvet running along the length of his dick. Mark let out his breath in a harsh moan, sensations intensifying due to the circumstances. 

Oliver used his tongue against him, running along the length of his dick before taking him in his mouth, working him with both his hands and his lips. It was all he could do to not arch against Oliver, the urge and need to get closer, to have more of himself taken into that warm heat. He felt Oliver leaning up a little and lowering his mouth over him even more and he let out a harsh breath. God, this felt so damn good. 

“Oliver…oh god…” he moved his hand from his side, tangling his fingers in Oliver’s thick blond hair. He didn’t want to hurt him, but he couldn’t keep his fingers off. Oliver seemed to like that he did that because he heard the moan against his erection and he could feel it as well. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he wondered if it was possible to die from pleasure. Possibly, and if it happened, he would die incredibly happy.

“You taste so good,” Oliver muttered when he came up for air a moment later. “Mark, you taste so damn good…”

Mark wanted this feeling to last forever, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold out nearly that long. Oliver went back to using both his hand and his mouth on Mark, his movements speeding up, causing Mark’s breath to become even more ragged and the urge to arch against Oliver was even stronger now. He felt his body begin to tighten and he knew that he wasn’t going to be able to last.

“Oliver…oh god…damn…fuck…” Mark moaned, sinking against the cushions even more, his fingers tangling in Oliver’s hair once more. “Gods…Oliver, I don’t … I can’t…I…mmm…” He didn’t want to lose all sense of control, he didn’t want to without at least warning Oliver. But that moment was coming and he damn well knew it.

“It’s okay…” Oliver whispered, licking along the length of Mark’s dick again. “I want you to. Let go Mark…”

Mark blissed out hearing those words and he allowed himself to fall even deeper into the arousal of Oliver’s lips on him. He moaned, one hand fisting the pillow beside him and the other tightening around Oliver’s hair. He couldn’t open his eyes if he wanted to, wondering if they would be able to after this was all over.

Suddenly he couldn’t contain his harsh breathing, his body arching despite himself and he felt release throughout his entire body. He tried to control the bucking of his hips, but it was no point. “Oh god…oh yes…fuck…” His words were punctuated by long moans as he came hard against Oliver’s lips, feeling the man swallowing his load expertly.

Mark didn’t know how long it took him to calm, until the shaking in his body stopped and he could begin to breathe again but then was finally calm enough to reach for Oliver, pulling him up his body and capturing his lips fiercely. He could taste himself on Oliver’s lips, but he oddly didn’t care. 

“Enjoyed that did you?” Oliver teased him.

Mark nodded. “Wow…I…wow.”

Oliver just kissed him again. “We have all night, Mark.”

There was a promise in his words, and even though he wanted it, Mark couldn’t help feel a little nervous. He glanced down and noticed that Oliver had somehow removed both his pants and his boots and he was pretty much naked now except for the open shirt. Oliver was still fully clothed and Mark didn’t like that at all. He reached for the man’s pants, undoing the button on the leather slacks and lowering the zipper.

“I want to see you,” he muttered to the man. “Please…”

Oliver laughed a little, standing up and helping Mark to lower the leather material over his slender hips. Mark let out a moan when the other man’s dick sprung up, standing at attention, and the head glistening. Mark couldn’t help licking his lips at the sight. He was beautiful everywhere. Mark wanted that dick buried in him and he wanted it now.

Oliver seemed to be able to read his mind at that and he smirked. “Not just yet,” he said with a grin. “We have to get you ready first.” He leaned over and kissed Mark slow and sensually. “Be right back.” 

Mark watched him walking over to his desk and searching in a drawer for something and just being this far from the man annoyed him. He wanted to be close to Oliver and as he looked at that large oak desk, Mark realized he wanted to fuck him there. He wanted the cold wood pressing into his stomach as Oliver took him from behind.

On shaking legs, Mark walked over to the desk, leaning against it. Oliver glanced up, holding a bottle of clear lube in his hand and raised his eyebrow at Mark. Mark simply shrugged and then smiled. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be taken while being bent over a desk.”

“I guess this is your lucky night then,” Oliver said. “I’ll give that to you. I’ll make all your fantasies come true, Mark.”

Mark smiled again, leaning down to kiss Oliver. It never occurred to him to wonder if the man did this often since he had lubrication in his office, nor did it matter to him right at that moment. His mind was set on one thing and that was feeling the man’s hard dick filling him. He wanted him so bad he could taste it.

“Turn around,” Oliver whispered to him, helping Mark so that the man was facing the door, his hands braced on the desk. “I’m going to make you scream for me,” Oliver promised.

Mark moaned at the first touch of the man’s fingers pressing against the puckered flesh of his hole, the cold lube making Oliver’s fingers slick and the breach easy. His eyes drifted shut as he focused on relaxing to make it easier. Oliver was leaning over his back, kissing his neck and sucking on the sensitive skin just below his ear. 

Part of him thought that this was wrong, that he should not be doing this with a man he’d just met. The other part of him was so aroused that it didn’t bother him anymore.

After all, he was told to have fun tonight, wasn’t he? And he was most definitely having fun.

He felt Oliver’s fingers sliding in and out of his ass faster and he couldn’t stop the torrents of moans that escaped him. Mark near about screamed in pleasure when those probing fingers found his prostate and brushed against it.

“Fuck!” he moaned, slamming his hands on the desk. “Please… don’t tease… fuck me…”

Oliver slowly removed his fingers, pouring a generous amount of lube over his dick and Mark relaxed his body even more when he felt the head of the man’s dick pressing against his ass. He leaned back, arching his back to show the man that he was ready, that he wanted him. 

“Oh fuck yes…” Mark moaned loudly when Oliver’s length was buried fully inside him. He was glad for the fact that Oliver took a moment before moving to help him get used to the feeling. He felt so full, stretched like nothing else.

“Oliver…” he pushed back again, a plea for the man to move.

Bless Oliver for taking the hint. He pulled out almost completely and slammed back into Mark, his hands on Mark’s hips to set a pace that was comfortable and thrilling for the both of them. Mark moaned his pleasure over and over, not able to stop the sounds from leaving his mouth. 

“Oh god,” Oliver moaned as he leaned over Mark’s back, thrusting slightly faster. Every time he slammed into Mark’s ass his dick brushed over his prostate and caused Mark to gasp and moan. His body was sated from the orgasm Oliver had pulled from him earlier but already he could feel that pressure building up. Already he knew that when it came to this man, he would never be able to last for long.

“Fuck me, Oliver,” he begged. “Harder…”

Oliver complied with him, slamming into him harder, pushing Mark against his desk. Mark moaned again when he felt Oliver’s hand reaching around him, wrapping around his leaking shaft and stroking him in time with his thrusts. That was his undoing and he screamed in pleasure, moaning Oliver’s name as he came hard and fast over the man’s hand and against his desk.

“Oh Christ,” Oliver hissed through clenched teeth. Mark felt him tighten and he thrust into him one final time before he too came deep inside him, kissing the back of Mark’s neck. 

Mark couldn’t say how long it had been before Oliver slipped out of his body and the man slumped into his chair, his chest heaving. He turned around, looking at him and smiled. That had been by far the best sex he’d had in a long time and his body felt like rubber.

The blond took his hand and tugged Mark closer causing him to fall onto Oliver’s lap and he snuggled there for a moment, sharing sweet kisses with him.

“That was amazing,” he murmured against the man’s lips. “I’m glad I came out tonight after all.” He heard Oliver echo the sentiment and sighed happily, as he leaned his head against Oliver’s chest, fingers playing in the hair on the man’s chest. “We have to meet up again.”

“I agree,” Oliver told him, kissing the top of his head. 

Mark glanced over at the clock on Oliver’s desk and he groaned. How had it been that almost two hours had passed since meeting the man? His sister was probably wondering where he was and knowing Katie, she was probably worried sick.

“I have to go,” he said reluctantly. “I’ll call you.” He kissed Oliver again, knowing that he would be able to find the man through the hotel.

“I’m looking forward to hearing from you,” Oliver told him as he too stood up. It was only then that Mark realized Oliver still wore the wings of his costume. That couldn’t have been comfortable when they were sitting in the chair. 

After getting dressed and sharing one more fiery kiss with Oliver, Mark left the office and went back to the ballroom in search of his sister. Katie was by the door to the room, her arms folded over her chest. The relief on her face when she saw Mark was unmistakeable.

“I thought you might have left without me,” she accused him. “Are you ready to leave, because I’m totally ready to go home.”

Mark nodded his head, hooking his sister’s arm through his own. They walked toward the door and he glanced back up toward the elevator, noticing that Oliver was just coming out. They shared a secret smile and small wave as Mark left the building with his twin.

“Where the hell were you anyway?” Katie demanded as she got into the car. “I looked everywhere for you.”

“On a tour of the hotel,” Mark told her. “Sorry, next time I’ll tell you where I’ll be so you don’t worry.”



Opening his eyes when he felt his bed dipping, Mark turned over and groaned. He had fallen asleep soon after getting home from the ball. The memories of the amazing sex still fresh in his mind, he had dreamt of brilliant blue eyes and full lips and bodies tangled together. 

A dark outline showed that he wasn’t alone in the room and he coughed a little, blinking to try to make his eyes adjust to the darkness. “What time is it?” he mumbled.

“Just past three,” his husband answered him, crawling onto the bed and leaning over to kiss him. “I would have been home sooner but I couldn’t get away from the party.”

Mark nodded thoughtfully as he kissed the man back. He sat up and leaned against the headboard of the king sized bed, watching his husband pull off his mask and leather pants.

“Did you have fun?” 

Oliver turned to him, sitting on the bed to pull off his boots. “Of course I did,” he said, leaning back as Mark helped him remove the wings their daughters had both glued and taped to his back. “We really should act out some more of your fantasies more often baby. Who would have thought pretending we didn’t know each other and having hot sex in my office would be such a turn on huh?”

Mark blushed and ducked his head, carefully prying a piece of tape from his husband’s skin. Mark had come up with the idea of spicing up their marriage with more interesting sexual scenarios and Oliver had completely agreed with him. One thing he loved about Oliver was the fact that his husband never took offense to his crazy ideas.

“How about next time we do one of your fantasies?” he suggested. Oliver nodded and lay down next to him, pulling Mark against his chest and kissing him deeply. 

“We’ll plan something tomorrow. For now, let’s just get some sleep. I’m exhausted and you must be too.” 

Mark kissed him back and snuggled against his husband, his eyes drifting closed again. But before he went to sleep he heard Oliver’s sentiment of love for him.

“I love you too baby.”

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