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MFF – The Mystery Woman

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As a deep sleeper I will often be oblivious to the outside world while I’m tucked up in bed. All sorts of catastrophes can take place outside the bedroom window and I would be none the wiser, indeed they could happen inside the bedroom and the same would be true. This particular day was no different to any other.

I was probably aware that Jan had left for work earlier in the morning or she may have gone to the gym for a workout in the pool but I will have drifted back into the cosy world and comfort of my bed.

As is often the case I will stir from time to time, almost certainly due to an engorgement of my cock – a regular morning ritual. A few strokes would suffice, an extension of that lovely feeling a man gets when his cock is straining at the leash. And then drift slowly back into slumber. Whatever caused the erection would no doubt be back into my dreams in a while.

The room is always dark and the curtains drawn tightly and it’s warm. In the summer times I will sometimes wake with a start, conscious that I could be laying on the bed completely naked and someone comes into the room looking for something. But today was a cold and wet winters day and I’d be sprawled under the duvet totally asleep or drifting in and out of semi-consciousness.

And that’s how it was when this story started. Asleep, erect, warm and comfortable. Jan must have come home after a swim and crept into bed with me. I could feel her soft warm skin against mine and I could smell that smell of sex in the air. She was in a horny mood. Or was I dreaming? Half awake but more asleep than awake I moved my hand back down to my cock as it needed a little attention. It was so hard and needed a few strokes before I woke, maybe more. Was Jan with me? Was I just dreaming?

The duvet rose and fell and was being adjusted, as Jan often does. I may have smiled as I brought my hand up to the end of its stroke. Just one more downward stroke. Maybe another. It was then I felt her hot lips encase my shaft and her tongue push hard against the back of my cock. I moved my hand away as she went deeper. Hmmmmmm, good dream I thought. Jan repositioned herself and I could feel the softness of her large breasts rubbing against my legs and the heat from her mouth felt fabulous. Hot and wet, just like her pussy. Was she wet now I wondered. Would she turn around in a minute or two and have me lick her pussy while she carried on sucking my cock? She continued to suck, soft and hard, up and down. Hmmmmm, should I open my eyes? should I tell her to stop in case I cum? I am close, after all I have been playing with my cock for probably an hour or more, on and off. I could cum anytime now and I wanted to.

The surge of blood and increasing temperature meant my semi-conscious state was rapidly fading into consciousness. My awareness of light and dark began to return, my eyes opening just slightly but closing just as quickly. I could really smell the essence of sex in the room, I could smell Jan and the wetness of her pussy. She must be really turned on, maybe she has been playing with herself while I was asleep. Maybe she was turned on by my attentions to my cock. Had she cum already? Hmmmm, she smelt good. I began to hear her now, muffled sucking noises, slurping on her saliva as my cock went deeper. I could hear her stroking her wet pussy and her light moans as she brought her self closer and closer to the edge.

The sounds were close, the smell was close. Then it dawned on me…they were very close. Jan was stroking her clit and rubbing her fingers up and down her wet lips but the sound was next to my head. How was that possible? We weren’t in a 69 position and she wasn’t lying next to me. I could feel her mouth around my cock and her breasts and nipples touching my leg! How could this be?

My heart raced and my cock twitched and convulsed. It was all I could do to stop myself from coming there and then. There was only one possible answer. But I daren’t look, I didn’t want to spoil the dream. Don’t wake up now! Could it really be? The sucking became louder and harder and I was so close to cumming it was unbearable. The sounds at my side became louder as her movements got faster and I could bear it no more. I had to open my eyes. I heard a moan to my left and her fingers moved rapidly. As I eased my eyes open very slowly I turned to the left and I immediately knew it was Jan at my side. He pussy was right by my face and I could almost reach her but she was already in the throws of a climax. Her pussy was the wettest I’d ever seen it. I looked up at her face and she was smiling as she gently stroked her clit to finish herself off.

“Hmmmmmmm” she smiled as she pushed two fingers inside her pussy. Slowly and deliberately she withdrew them and put them into my mouth. I sucked and licked her cum and it tasted so sweet.

“More?” I said.

Jan lifted he leg around and onto the bed and moved into a kneeling position over my chest and continued to feed her fingers into her pussy and back to my mouth. Three or four of these and then she knelt up and moved her dripping wet pussy to my face. I extended my tongue as her thighs engulfed my head and I began to lick her pussy lips and her clit. Jan rocked back and forth helping me reach the spots she liked licked most.

I had almost forgotten what was going on around my cock and the realisation that Jan had brought another woman into our bed then hit me. I felt the air go cold around my cock as whoever it was had stopped sucking me. The duvet had been moved away and the mattress was moving. She was repositioning herself! Oh my God I thought to myself, she’s going to sit on my cock! I felt her knees slide past my hips and her thighs embraced mine as she rubbed her pussy against my cock. I knew she was trying to get me to enter her but she was teasing.

I licked Jan’s pussy for all I was worth. Gasping for breath, desperate to shout out. Heaven.

“Can I fuck him now Jan?”

I had no idea who it was. What did she look like? Did I know her? How did Jan know her? Ahhhh…was it the girl from the site? Oh God, the suspense was intense. Answer her Jan, for Gods sake answer her….

“Mmmmmm, do you want his cock now then?” Jan quizzed.

“Fuck yes, I need it.”

Twenty minutes seemed to pass until, what was probably five seconds later, I heard “Ok, you can fuck him. And when you’ve made him cum, I want to lick you. Make him cum quickly wont you,” she whispered.

With those words I felt the mystery woman lift herself up and push my rampant cock to the entrance of her pussy and immediately sink straight down taking my full length into her already wet pussy. God it felt great. A pussy to lick and a pussy going up and down on my cock. Awesome.

I lifted my arms and raised my hands to Jan’s breasts but I was too late. Someone else was already there. I felt the hands cupping Jan’s breast and using her palm to caress Jan’s nipples. I slid my hands along the arms of the woman and made my way to her breasts. I felt the curvaceous globes and lightly played on her nipples with my fingers. They were erect and each time I flickered over them I heard her moan. She obviously liked them being stroked. A gentle pull on each one followed by a pinch, not too hard but enough to generate that signal that connects pussy to nipple. She moaned louder “Ahhhhhh, ooohhh!”

My hands made their way around her waist and over her hips and I was able to grab her arse and pull her in closer, forcing my cock in a little deeper. I was so close now and I could feel the surge making its way to the point of no return. I pushed up deeply and hard, lifting the woman off the bed and at the same time I felt Jan push down harder against my tongue. We were about to come together. I pushed again and Jan rocked faster. She was cumming and I could feel her wetness begin to trickle down my cheeks and I could hold on no longer. A succession of rapid thrusts up and up and the point of no return was reached. Unable to shout out or make any noises all I could do was push and push, letting what felt like a gallon of cum leave my body. Jan’s movement slowed as she rocked gently against my face, bringing herself down from orgasm slowly as I occasionally pushed into the woman sat on my cock as she squeezed each time I moved towards the bed. I slowed my movements and soon came to a full stop as she squeezed and pulled my cock with her now dripping pussy.

“Oh someone lick me, for fuck sake, lick me, I’m close!” she muttered. And I felt her slide of me and position herself at the bottom of the bed.

Jan raised her self from my face and lifted one leg so she could kneel beside me. She smiled down at me and then licked my face and kissed me deeply. No words were spoken and I began to mouth a question but Jan put a single finger to her lips, smiled and winked. I knew to be quiet and enjoy the experience.

Jan quickly swung around and I moved my legs out of the way so she had better access to the mystery woman and so that I could have a better view. Jan bent forward and pulled one of the woman legs open more and immediately buried her face in to her pussy. Jan’s tongue licked her pussy from the top all the way down to the bottom.

“Oh Fuck!” was all I could manage.

I could hear slight whimpering coming from the other end as Jan’s fingers came into play. Jan’s fingers stroked the lips of the pussy before her and in between strokes she bent forward and licked at the lips and clit. Every so often she would open her mouth wider and suck deeply over the clit and I assumed her tongue would be making all manner of strokes across this other woman’s clit as she sucked.

“Ohhhh yesss, there, there, Don’t stop!” came from the other end.

And Jan didn’t stop. Her fingers were stroking just how a woman wants to be stroked and her tongue and lips were moving around where they needed to be to make a woman cum. After a few seconds of silence from the other end Jan plunged two fingers deep in the the pussy she was licking. She pushed in deep and fast and kept up a rhythm to match her licking.

“Ohh geeze. Yes!” The fingers moved faster, maybe deeper. “Oh, it’s there. Yes. God yes. Oh, fuck yes……I’m cummmming…..ahhh, fuck yes……ohhhh!” came the stream of expletives. The mystery woman had definitely experienced an orgasm. No doubt there. And my previously limp cock was fully aware of the fact and that it had been Jan causing it. We were at half mast now and going in a northerly direction.

Jan adjusted her position and put her leg over the mystery woman so they were now in a 69 position but Jan had other plans. I heard something said but it was unclear but the two women moved in sync and swapped positions very gracefully. Jan was now on the bed with her head still close to me and above her was the pussy she had just licked to orgasm and I could now see her arse. And an appealing arse it was, and so tempting too.

Jan looked back at me and smiled again. “Are you enjoying it so far babe?”

I laughed softly, “A bit”.

“More to come. Go and sit in the chair and I’ll tell you when you can play with us. It’s my turn now, you can watch her lick me and I’ll watch you play with your cock.”

I sat down and my cock sat up. The mystery woman had begun her caressing and I could see that Jan had felt those gentle strokes of the tongue. Jan loves to be licked and I could tell she was enjoying the attention. And probably not just from the woman’s tongue. I was watching her and I knew that turned her on.

Jan twitched a little and let out a short “Ahhhh” as her hands began to encircle the woman’s waist. Jan ran her hands down and around the hips and buttocks of Miss X and began to play with her pussy with her fingers. She opened her lips for me to see and stroked up and down.

“Gnnnn, ohhh yes, there,” Jan blurted out as the woman obviously hit the spot. “God yes, lick me there!” and she carried on stroking her pussy and let her fingers wander between her arse cheeks, wet and wanton.

The mystery woman was getting excited too as she shifted position several times as different strokes came close to the sensations she liked. She began lowering her pussy to Jan, wanting it licked and sucked again.

Jan let out another moan as she raised her head a little and lapped at the swollen clit in front of her. Two simultaneous moans were heard and I could stop my self from standing up. My cock was rampant and in desperate need of attention. I stroked gently as Jan licked and lapped at the pussy before her and her hands caressed the woman ample backside, sending tingles of pleasure through her body while she gave similar sensations to Jan.

Jan pushed her head back and looked directly at me and said “Yes, don’t stop. I’m so close!” and returned to her licking for just a second. Her head came back again and again she looked directly into my eyes, “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum…..ohhhhh, yes don’t stop. Don’t stop. Nnnnnnnnnnnn, ahhhhhhh yes!”.

“Oh fuck yes.” was my simple response as I began to stroke my cock a little faster. “Oh wow.”

I continued to wank for a few more seconds, gazing on this beautiful sight, when I heard a little voice say “Can I have some more of his cock now Jan?”

“Mmmmmm, you deserve some,” Jan replied with a horny smile while looking at me. “Come here Paul.” she said extending both her arms and reaching for my cock she said “You’d like to fuck her now wouldn’t you?” but it wasn’t as a question, more of an instruction. What was I to say, to do? I had to obey!

Jan pulled on my cock bringing me closer to the pussy above her face. I had to quickly kneel with one leg on the bed as Jan opened the pussy with her other hand and led my stiff cock towards the entrance. Her hand went behind me and she pushed my arse towards the woman. With very little effort my cock slid back into the woman I had still not seen. Jan pushed on my backside and I could hear her urging me on.

“Fuck her hard babe, like you fuck me”.

I increased the pace and let my hands wander over the arse in front of me, I gripped her hips and pulled her towards me, aware that just below my balls were slapping against Jan’s chin and then the woman’s thighs.

“Oh fuck!” was again the best I could manage and I increased the pace, fully aware of the dangers. I didn’t want this to end, I had to hold on. A few more thrusts and I had to slow down for fear of cumming again too soon. I slowed further, pushing in deep and holding there and then pulling away slowly almost withdrawing my cock and then pushing in deep and hard but holding the thrust in its final place. And again pulling back and almost coming out of her wet pussy. I felt Jan pull on my thigh, wanting me to withdraw, so I did and at once she forced her head up and back so she could take my full member in her mouth. She wanted to taste the juice of the woman on my cock and I wanted her to. Jan sucked my cock in deeply, almost gagging as she sucked hard, almost making me cum so I had to pull away quickly.

“Nice!” Jan said. “Maybe someone else should be sucking this now? After you’ve fucked me though. Go to the other end and fuck me please, let me feel your cock inside!”

I needed no further instructions. Another pussy to play with. ‘Died and gone to heaven’ that was my only thought. I lifted my leg of the bed and bent over Jan and gave her a long tongue filled kiss. She tasted sweet and I wanted more but I felt her push me away and was aware she needed cock. I got up and looked down and we both smiled. She was enjoying this and she could tell I was too.

I moved around the bed to where Miss X had been causing orgasms in the hope I would recognise the woman. Her body shape was definitely my type. She had curves where a woman should have curves. Nice hips and arse, a waist and this one had large boobs with erect nipples. I let my hand wander over her back and around to her boobs. I cupped them and squeezed them gently, locating the nipple which I gently squeezed as I past. My hand worked its way up her back so I could move her blonde shoulder length hair our of the way but it revealed nothing as she bent forward and licked Jan’s clit again.

“Ahhhhh, nice,” Jan said, causing me to look back to her. “Fuck me Paul, I want you cock in me.”

I regained my composure and stood between Jan’s legs, my entrance partly blocked by the blonde. She sensed the urgency and moved back a little and to one side and with her left hand slid two fingers into Jan’s wet pussy. She pushed them in deep and I could see she was stroking the G-spot.

“Arghhhhhh, ohhhhhh,” Jan bleated. “God careful…..oooooooo!”

The blonde withdrew her fingers and ran them up and down Jan’s lips and then opened her fingers to spread Jan’s lips wide for me. I recognised the gesture and moved forward. I tried to be gentle, to be slow but I couldn’t hold back. As soon as the glistening wet tip of my cock felt the wetness of Jan’s lips I pushed in hard, very hard making a loud slapping sound as our pelvis’s made contact. I pushed harder and harder, faster and faster. Two, three four pushes. Slowing to gentler rhythm and then fast and hard again, slapping our bodies together.

“Yesssssssss!” came the cry from both woman. “Oh Fuck!” came the response from me. This was so good, I thought, I have to slow down. I pushed hard and fast again, pivoting my hips for shorter and faster thrusts. I had to slow down. But wild horses couldn’t stop me now. I pushed and pushed until I felt that surge. I slowed quickly, I was too close. Slower. Slower, less power. Slower.

“Let her suck you,” Jan called out “I want to see her sucking you.” as she began to ease her way from under the woman. My cock slipped out of Jan’s drenched pussy lips and sprang up right and in one swift motion the unknown blonde latched on to my cock for the second time that morning. And she went deep, all they way down an sucked hard as she came back up.


“Is that good Paul, does she suck good?”


“Are you going to cum in her mouth?” Jan smirked, knowing if she carried on talking I would lose all control.

“If you cum in her mouth I can taste it after and we can both let your cum spill on to our tits. Would you like that darling? Do you want to cum in her mouth? Do you want to see me kissing her and taking your cum from her mouth? Hmmmmm?”.

“Oh Jan, I’m cumming. Oh fuck I’m cumming………..Oh, oh, oh……….ahhhhhhhhhhh” was my slow and loud response. Jan knew what she was doing. She made me cum. She’s so bloody horny.

I felt the mouth of the blonde pull away and sucking all the time and it was then she sat back and I could see her face for the first time. It was Annie, from the site.

Her mouth full she smiled and winked at me. “hmmmmmmm.” was all she could manage. Jan got into position and they both knelt up. Jan stroked Annie’s breast and caressed the nipples. Annie mirrored the actions and cupped Jan’s breast. They moved in closer and Jan opened her mouth as she approached Annie and they kissed. I could see their tongues sliding in and out of each others mouth and my cum was oozing from both their mouths, down their cheeks and some falling on the breasts. The two woman kissed for a few seconds and then both sat back on their heels. Both looking at me they opened their mouths and let the saliva enriched cum pour from their mouths and onto their boobs. Each woman holding up a breast for the cum to land on. They took turns in rubbing the mixture into each others breasts and nipples before returning to a long and deliberate kiss.

“Wow.” was the only thing I could again manage to get out of my mouth.

“Hmmmm, I see your cock is still hard babe. Want some more pussy?” Jan asked.

I smiled and managed a weak sounding “Yes.” and Jan got off the bed ad moved to the chair.

“I want to watch you fuck her properly now. Like you do me. Make her cum with you tongue and fingers. I want to see her cum!”

Annie moved back up the bed and lowered her self on to her elbows. Obviously wanting to watch me lick and finger fuck her and watch Jan at the same time. Annie and I both knew Jan would be masturbating while I was performing for her, for them. Annie wanted to see too.

I pulled Annie’s legs apart and then pulled her to the bottom of the bed, so her pussy was just over the edge of the bed. I slowly knelt don on the bedroom floor as Annie propped her self back up on to her elbows again. I heard Jan sit back into the wicker chair as I opened Annie’s legs wider. I was perfectly positioned, as I always am for Jan. My first lick started at the bottom, close if not on Annie’s arse and I licked slowly and deeply all the way up to the clit where I slowed down and flicked as I reached it.

“Ahhhhh.” Annie whimpered.

My licking continued and developed into a sucking motion. I latched on to the clit after a dozen or so long slow licks and sucked hard while my tongue made circular movements. I held that as long as I could hold my breath and then released the suction and continued to lick. A few minutes of this process passed before I put my two fingers into my mouth to make the wet and then sank them deep into her wet pussy. I lifted my head and looked up at Annie and then over my shoulder to Jan.

“Ohhhhhh.” Annie whimpered again as I curved my fingers around to stroke her G-spot. I heard Jan shift positions and looked back again. She was stroking her pussy now. “Oh, yes, fuck her with those fingers!”.

My fingers plunged and twisted. The upward stroke pushing hard against the soft area above the pubic bone. Annie laid back, knowing what was to come and she pushed a hand hard down onto her lower stomach. My fingers pushed in and up while my tongue lapped and licked her clit.

“Go on, there. Oh yes, push. Yes.” said Annie as she began to push her hips up to meet me.

“Make her cum, let me see her cum!” I heard from behind me.

I steadied the pace, increasing it slightly. Increasing the pressure on the clit and inside. Faster and faster. Then slowly. No fingers just tongue. Then faster. Then slowly. Each variance offering a little more expectancy from her, a little more tease from me. But I knew she was close. Her clit was swollen, her outer lips were engorged, she was extremely wet and was barely able to keep still. A few more licks, a few more thrusts and she would be there.

“Oh, fucking hell that’s good, Oh yes, suck my clit!” Annie blurted. Yes she was close, seconds away now.

“Ahhhhhh, ooooh.” came from behind me. It was obviously working for Jan too. She knew what it felt like, she was experiencing it for Annie, she was about to cum too.

I licked and sucked hard for the last time, circling y tongue over and around Annie’s now very swollen clit and made one or two last strokes inside her pussy as she let out an almighty expulsion of breath and screamed “Oh fuck, ….. oh fuck……yes I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Oh fuck yes, don’t stop. Ahhhhhh!”

I licked gently for a minute or so afterwards, helping Annie to come down from the high and was aware that Jan hadn’t cum and was still stroking her pussy waiting for the finale.

“You can fuck her again now.” she whispered loudly. “Get on top and fuck her like you fuck me.”

I stood up and held Annie’s ankles and pushed them back towards her and wide apart. I moved in closer and positioned my cock close to her opening. Pushing her legs further back I leant forward and thrust my cock in to her. Her legs were wide open and high, almost on my shoulders as rested my hands beside her shoulders. I pushed in hard and deep, again making that familiar slapping sound. I pushed, she pushed. I could feel her juices splashing onto my balls as I thrust in deeply. It wasn’t going to be long, I knew I would cum soon. I pushed harder and harder and realised Jan was moving behind me. Her arms wrapped around me as I pushed in and out. Jan’s body was close to mine and I felt her pushing in as I pushed in. Jan was fucking Annie with me. I felt her leave me and come to the side of the bed as I slowed the pace. She was up to something and I wanted to see it before I came again.

“Sit on me Jan, let me make you cum again.” Annie pleaded.

“Oh fuck.” I said.

Jan climbed on to the bed and knelt facing me. She lowered her very wet pussy onto to Annie’s moth and tongue as I pushed in deeper to Annie’s pussy.

“Oh fuck, this is awesome.”

Jan looked at me as my sweaty face dripped over the two of them. Jan rocked back and forth, occasionally stroking her clit as she did. My movements quickened as the two women began moaning in unison. The more I pushed the more Jan rocked, the louder the muffled moans were from Annie.

“I can’t stop myself Jan, I’m gonna cum babe, I’m gonna cum!”

I pushed in hard, almost knocking Jan of her perch and as I started to cum I could see Jan’s eyes closing slightly as she began to cum at the same time. I pushed in deep hoping that Annie would cum with us. The last few strokes getting more and more sensitive for my cock. I pushed in harder and harder as I finished my own ejaculation and Jan stood up to allow Annie some air and we heard her sigh loudly with a smile on her wet face.

“Unbelievable!” was my final monosyllabic utterance. “Thank you sweetpea.”

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