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Menage at Aunt Aud’s

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I left my aunt Audrey’s an older 18 than when I arrived. She taught me things in a weekend, that would have taken years to learn with someone my own age. I got home and called Diane and asked her out that night. I borrowed Mom s car and we went to the drive in I haven t seen any movies with Di we spend all our time making out.

I talked to her about going out to Audreys house on Saturday and swimming and fooling around. She readily agreed . After I dropped her off I went home and masturbated thinking about the fun to come on Sat. I just wish my wall was a little thicker my Mom keeps busting me, what are you doing in there . Any how the week went by way to slow for me. I told my Mom I had to go back to Audreys and finish what I started the week before, and could I use the car. A moment of panic when she said maybe she would take the ride with us. That wouldn’t t do at all!! Luckily my sister called and asked her to lunch and shopping. So that freed up the car and set my mind at ease.

Saturday finally came and I picked Diane up ,and away we went. I guess my excitement showed because Diane asked if everything was OK.I told her I was excited about going to Aud s cause of all the fun we had the last time. And that was no lie. She reached over and grabbed my hard dick to confirm that I was excited. She got this big smile on her face as she unzipped me. She leaned over and gave me 65mph. head very dangerous when your dealing with someone like me, when I come, I totally lose control. So as the moment built the car slowed till I couldn t concentrate on driving at all I pulled to the break down lane and let loose!!!!! I let her clean me off as we pulled into traffic she sat up and still had the smile. I reached over and put my hand on her knee and they parted for easy access. I spent the next 15 miles rubbing her clit and fingering her till she came. We were almost to our exit my dick was getting hard in anticipation of things to come.

A little info about Audrey. My mom and her went way back to their high school days. Both had married out of high school. My Dad died when I was 15. Aunt Aud s husband died shortly after leaving her this 5 bedroom 3 bath house on 3acres, they had just bought.

She went to collage while her husband was in Europe during WW2. When he died she at least had an education where it was easy for her to find work. She lived at home when he was at war so her Mother took care of Dale. I mentioned her daughter earlier. At this time Dale was 21 and married. Dale was the first to ever give me a hard on. She got in deep shit cause I was 8 and she was13 and we got busted sneaking into each others rooms, while our parents played cards. Dale s pussy was the first I touched with hair on it also. As I said earlier we played with each other as we grew up Dr&Nrs. I never looked at Aud as anything other than my moms friend. Till Now. Hot Hot Hot!!!

Diane and I pulled into the driveway and up to the house. We went in and were greeted by Aunt Audrey. She took us into the living room. I was startled to see her camera set up on a tripod in front of the window facing the pool. I asked about it and she said she was filming birds earlier that morning. We small talked for a while. Di said she couldn t wait to get in the pool.So she went and put on her suit we came prepared this time. My plan was to get it off her as soon as possible. Even tho I went and changed into my suit. Aunt Aud excused herself saying she was up early and she was going to nap awhile. Before she went Di asked her why the pool was so far from the house. Her reply was the previous owner s had lots of kids & grand kids. They put it out there to allow the the children some freedom to make all the noise they wanted. With that she told us to have fun, and she would be out after her nap.

Di and I walked down to the pool. As always I was unable to keep my hands off her. Reaching inside her two piece bottom to grab a little of that beautiful ass. She rebuked me saying my aunt was still watching. I turned and saw no one and told her so. She grabbed my cock and gave it a playful squeeze,and ran the rest of the way to the pool. She jumped in with me close behind. I swam under water and between her legs giving her pussy a pat as I swam by. Once we were settled in we started making out I pulled her bottoms off .She protested saying that what if my aunt s camera was still filming. I laughed and said that in that case we better put on a very special show.As I was talking I was freeing her pretty tits from the bathing-suit top. She kept making mild protests about getting caught by my aunt but at the same time I could she was getting turned on by the idea. I asked her what she would do if my aunt came out while we were both naked. I told her that my aunt would really have the goods on us. She could make us do any thing she wanted . So s not to tell our parents!! Diane was getting more and more excited by this talk of getting caught she was humping my hand and kissing my neck. I pulled her over to the side of the pool. She sat on the edge like last week only this time I know she was aware of the camera she kept glancing toward the window. I kept telling her to relax that my aunt was sleeping, and not to worry. Finally when I had my tongue buried in her and my fingers playing her clit she got into my tongue fucking. I was doing some of the new things with my tongue Aunt Aud taught me and Di was definitily benefiting. She came a small shudder and I dug deeper my tongue slipping to her ass-hole my fingers rubbing her clit in no time my manipulations produced the desired results she released a river of cum, arching her back she flopped around as if in seizure. She professed her love for me, while almost pulling my ears off my head Oh my God she said every time we have sex it gets better, I ve never come like that in my whole life . She lie back and I walked to the steps {none of that boner breaking shit this week]. I came to her and sat next to her we hugged and she pushed me over. As she gently ran her lips down my torso, she stopped at my nipples and sucked them into her hot mouth. All the while I was talking to her about Aunt Aud, and what if she was watching, and filming what we were doing. She looked up at me and told me that she hoped my aunt was watching. We made such beautiful love she wanted to share the experience, and if she was watching she couldn t yell at us not without busting herself as a perv. Yes Diane was not only beautiful she was smart too! I asked Diane what we should do if my aunt came out? She said she wasn t sure there are different ways she could come out [this told me we were going to get caught] angry, understanding, or naked herself. She hoped she didn t come out angry, because the other two we could handle. That said she went down on my cock and swallowed it whole she was in the throes of passion but still thinking rationally. That is a puzzle cause men don t have that capacity once the blood drains from the big head to the little head its over. That’s about where I was at that time. Diane was whipping me with her hair as she bobbed and twisted her head up and down my shaft. My second come of the day was on its way my explosion was grand. This girl was my passionate match. She gulped my come and lay on my belly licking the last drops. She got up and stretched. She went to her suit pool side ,where I threw it , put it on and asked if I wanted a cold drink. With that she said she would be right back.

The story goes Diane ran into my aunt in the house and asked if she minded if we skinny dipped. My Aunt Audrey was not at all taken back as a matter of fact she admitted to swimming that way herself almost exclusively. Diane almost begged Aud to join us. My aunt wondered weather or not I would be embarrassed, Diane told her that I had nothing to be embarrassed about, that I had a nice body. But if I was I could put my suit on].Diane returned with the soda s,she told me what transpired between the two of them. Diane stripped out of her suit about that time Audrey came down the walk wearing a robe and carrying an arm load of towels, practical woman. Towels much better than cement to lie on.We all took our towels and spread them out. Aud asked if I minded her being there, my reply was as long as she didn t mind me walking around with a hard-on. She laughed and told me that unless I controlled my self better she wasn t going to take me to the nude beach anymore [never been to the nude beach]. And as far as controlling what my cock was going to do on a given moment Ha! I was 18 my dick was naturally hard ya maybe for a few moments after cumming but other than that hard!!! My aunt shrugged her robe, again I was awed she had a great body!! Diane too was impressed I heard her breath catch when she saw my aunts body, but she hid it behind a sip of soda.I decided it was time for a dip. My dick was getting hard again, watching the two beautiful women sunning.After a while I just gave it up,and climbed out of the pool. My dick bounced it s way over to the towel, it was so hard it almost hurt. Both the ladies were smiling like they swallowed the bird. My aunt told Di that she should do something about my condition or she would. Di s smile grew as she pulled me down on the towel between them. She took my dick in her hand and told Aud that she could use some help. My aunt not being one to waist a good hard-on, as I found out the week before, leaned over and licked the pre come off me as she looked Diane right in the eye. The look they gave each other smoldered with passion, I thought to myself I m in big trouble! But I sure as hell didn t want to get out of it. Aud licked the head and offered some to Di who in turn sucked the top into her mouth. They were teasing each other using my dick as a Na Na. I was holding my head up with my hands watching as the two women went in at the same time. Each licking up their side meeting at the top they wrapped their tongues around each other in a kiss that lacked no passion, when they broke that look passed between them once again. They both moved their mouth s around and up and down my shaft I was so taken with their lust I didn t notice I was about cum and cum I did. I erupted shooting cum up to my chest. The girls scrambled to see who could lick up the most it really didn t matter they kept meeting and mixing their mouthfuls with their tongue s. I went down for the count when I came to each had their hand on part of my cock & balls and heads resting in the crook of my arm.It was a very pleasant feeling, a real calm compared to the intense passion of a few moments before. They were moving their fingers toying with my soft dick,Aud new how to bring it right back to hard but I got the feeling she and Di were getting a little more comfortable with each other, so she wasn t rushing. We were all getting to much sun on places that weren t used to sun,Aunt Auds tan tho had no lines, confirming what she told Di earlier about skinny dipping. The more I looked at Aud the more impressed I became with her body, her tits only sagged the slightest, her tummy was flat with no stretch marks, her ass a sexy jiggle, her legs were very shapely, even her feet were sexy. Noticing all these things my cock was stirring again. Time for another dip, this time the girls joined me. Aud swam like an Olympian, I was a strong swimmer also so we raced a few laps Di being the starter. I offered a bet the winner got to eat Di s pussy. Aud asked me what made me think she was that kind of girl. I said the race would determine that.If she tried we would know, well she agreed to the bet.Di laughing said she wins either way her kind of bet! I said I think we all win either way. You guessed it I lost, did you ever try swimming with a hard -on, well it kind a acts like a rudder. And I did complain to no a vale, Aud told me I should have kept my mind on the race instead of the prize! We all laughed, Aud said we should have some lunch, so we headed to the house. I still had the hard-on Aud asked Di if it ever went away. Di,s sighed and sad no hardly ever but we all have our cross to bare. She said if only she could keep it hard the other ten minutes, her life would be complete. We all laughed, and Aud offered to be as much help as she could. I wasn t hungry so I went to the shower to get the chlorine off, as I passed the living room I noticed the red light on the camera. I went in and looked through the lens. It brought me right to the towels, I called to the kitchen and asked if I should turn it off. Aud called back in and wondered how in the world did that get turned on? And said yes turn it off we would have to watch some bird films later!! I started the shower I used the master bath it had a four seat Jacuzzi and a multi head shower also a bidet and two sinks and mirrors as far as the eye could see. I just got the water right when company arrived the two women pushed their way in and started soaping everything in sight, me included. We soaped and rinsed and soaped again, Aud stepped out a moment and came back and was holding an old fashioned hot water bottle with a long hose and several plastic wrapped ends for the hose. I watched as the women douched each-other, than Aud turned and said ok its your turn. My what!She said just turn around you know I wont hurt you. I looked to Di for help but she just shrugged. I turned, Aud said assume the position so I put my hands on the wall she lubed her tool with some soap and asked Di to hold my ass open so she could hit her target. She slid the 5 in.tip in my ass 3 feet, OK OK 3 inches but I was a virgin. I swear it felt like she put two quarts of water up my ass she told me to hold it and go sit on the toilet. I went back to the shower she did it again, the third time she told me to let go in the shower. So I bent and tried to squirt her. Dumb the position left my ass open to her hand, Ouch. She followed her hand in with her lips and gave my butt a kiss, she let her tongue slip to my hole and proclaimed it to be edible, as she offered Di a taste. I was surprised Di dove right in I know she never did anything like that before. But she was a natural in no time she had me bent over begging for her not to stop. A glance over my shoulder, Aud was watching with wild eyes as she stroked her pussy with one hand and pulled her nipples with the other. Aud moved closer and turned Di s head from me to her Di went after her pussy like she was born to it. She told me later she often fantasized about being with another woman, and she took full advantage, to make her fantasy come true. I watched stroking my cock Audrey s knees buckled and she pushed her cunt into Di s face Di pushed back to drink my aunts cum and not waste a drop. She pulled out of Aud s cunt and without taking a breath grabbed my cock with her pussy soaked mouth she sucked me with abandon of true lust and passion. I don t think she knew where she was. All she knew was she needed that dick. She pumped and pulled and sucked till I could not hold on I exploded down her throat at the same time she came so hard it almost through her over backward. Good thing she was holding my cock so tight.

I was the only one left standing OK I was leaning against the wall. If not for the wall I would have been fucked out heep#3. As it was I was able to turn on the shower again and hose the ladies down. We all regained our composure and dried each other off. We went right to the master bed and Di asked when Aud was gonna claim her prize. No time like the present smiled Aud as she slid her tongue along Di s calf and up her thigh moving ever closer. As she went I watched from the base of the bed Auds ass stuck high in the air allowing me to view her ass and pussy not to be out done just as Aud clamped onto Di s clit I buried my face in Aud s cunt my nose rested on her anus till I couldn t breathe. I moved my tongue up to her ass and back again. Her pussy was soaking wet and I needed to put my dick in there. I moved up behind her and easily slid in. I bumped and ground slowly not wanting to separate her mouth from Diane s pussy. I was looking into Di s eyes and she looked at me with true love and true lust. She watched as I fucked my aunt and we knew, Di and I, were the best. As Aud s mouth worked its magic on Di s pussy I watched Di go from a lusty trance to twisting lust filled wench. With her budding orgasm my efforts increased the chain works perfect Auds tongue worked harder. We reached the peak together Diane cried out I growled Aud s if she made any sound was buried in Di s cunt. I don t think Audrey was ready for Diane s discharge but she didn t miss much,her muffled gulps told me that.I fell to one side ready for a nap. I wasn t the only one.

When we awoke it was late in the afternoon. We should be getting home,Aud didn t want us to leave.I had my Moms car but Audrey told me to call and see if we couldn t stay over. It was ok with my Mom. All we had to do is ok it with Diane s folks. that wasn t as easy. Aunt Aud smoothed it out with her mother telling of the 5 bdrms. And she could use our help closing the pool in the A.M. poor widow woman! We ordered pizza and I drove to town to get it and some soda. Upon my return they made me undress they still hadn t put any clothes on so I was easy to oblige. We ate pizza while we watched the movie of the afternoons antics. We kept looking at each other you could tell we were getting ready for another session. Well you could tell I was ready that’s obvious, with the girls I had to look in their eye s. I had to comment on what a sexy trio we were.We were all in agreement that there was more to come after all I only ate Diane out once today. Aud got near drowned in Di s juice and she wanted more also.The girl cum s in qt s. And she found another person that appreciated that. Aud and I are in agreement drinking her cum is great getting her to that point is the most fun. None of us ate much, our appetites were reserved for each other. Audrey suggested we retire to the Jacuzzi she told me to grab the movie. I was puzzled till we got to the bath and with a remote she opened a mirrored panel to reveal a T.V.-V.C.R. combo. I went to put the tape in but there was already one in the carriage. I suggested we watch the one that was in there. I didn t know for sure but I guessed it was the one of Di and me. Sure enough as we watched we commented that Di looked as if she were playing to the camera. She admitted fantasizing about being watched by Audrey, so she put on a good show. Aud was across from me and she put her foot on my chest I looked at Di and made sure I was being watched. I grabbed her foot with both hands and began to massage her instep and up to her toes and down to her heals, Di asked why I never do that for her. I answered I ve never done this for any one, I m learning myself. I went on to explain about noticing what a sexy woman Aud was right to her feet. But now that I m becoming aware I ll pay her feet attention to. With that I took Auds big toe in my mouth. I sucked slowly and made my way down each toe till the baby . I went back up the line when I reached the big toe I sucked it deep into my mouth. I glanced at Di and she had Aud s other foot to her lips she was aping my actions. I started sucking her toes as if they were her cock Audrey was getting the benefit of our competition to see who gave the best foot .I don t know who broke first but it was suggested we move the party to the bed.

Di and I continued our competition in the bed room each of us making love to one of Audreys feet=calf=thigh and on. We were definitely lust crazed sucking on every inch of Auds body occasionally meeting to tongue each others mouths, but most of the attention went to Aud. Funny we as a team we avoided her pussy and her nipples but we awakened every other erogenous zone known to man and or woman.Aud was in a separate world taken to a new plane by our caresses. At one point she was talking in tongues, now and than you could make out a word like[ obubldg comhtgl suckmeohgod aligydv yessssssslickmeeee oglby]. You get the point I think.Her voice changed at one point and she said FUCK ME NOW! I didn t hesitate I climbed between her legs and slid into her pussy ,she was so wet the sheet was soaked beneath her.Di was startled by the voice,she saw me move and followed suit but she placed her pussy on Aud s mouth we were looking at each other again she leaned to me and we kissed as we humped Audrey s body.Diane had one hand on my neck the other reached to where my cock was ramming into Auds pussy. She rubbed Aud s clit than she reached into her cunt with two fingers my cock and her fingers left little room for any thing else. Di had that dreamy look she too was lost in ecstasy I was afraid she would hurt Aud. As she now put all her fingers into Aud the feeling on my dick was absolutely fantastic even after cumming several times I was reaching that point again. I started shooting in Aud but Di pulled me out and caught some in her hand and and the rest in her mouth she turned and let Aud lick her hand. It was such an erotic scene. I felt part of the greatest sex team in history.

Di was commenting on how bad she needed some dick. Aud asked what was wrong with mine. Di said to Aud she just got the best. Aud had the knowledge of how to get it back in action she pushed me down and started sucking my cock I thought I was done for the day. How wrong I was! Di was lying with her legs spread as Aud sucked my cock she finger fucked Diane my dick was not cooperating,till she took her pussy soaked fingers and brought one to my ass. She slid it into me and almost instantly the cock came to attention. She smiled at Di and asked if she wanted to go for a ride. Di climbed on facing away from me Aud kept her finger in me and I could feel her tongue licking my balls. And I thought I had felt the best, now I was riding a new feeling, the most intense sexual buzz enveloped my whole being. I lifted my head so I could see what was making me feel so good. I could only see Diane bouncing and grinding on my dick. I was getting lost in the total feeling of being fucked in my ass while fucking Di s pussy. Auds tongue felt like a cats licking my balls, she ran it up into Di s ass and to the base of my cock where it joined to Di s pussy ,she lapped Di s juice s I was riding an EROTIC wave that was way over my head. We were all lost in lust and lovin it!! Diane kept cumming and her pussy was so wet as if she was pissing . But it was all her cum juice. Audrey pumped her finger in and out of my ass harder and faster. My climax built but held as I pumped Di I think I was on the verge of insanity I was in a place where all there was ,was SEX, and I never wanted to return. I think Di was screaming steady now or is that me,no it is us. Aud pulled her fingers from my ass and a flood of cum shot deep into Diane s cunt!! I passed out just as Di collapsed on me. I awoke a short time latter with Di on one shoulder and Aud on the other. Both breathing evenly sound asleep. I smiled as I too drifted off. Time was something I lost totally that day or was it days? I woke up to my dick being sucked, always a joy to open my eyes to a bobbing head. Not that it happened all that much in my 18 years. But in the years since I have enjoyed the sensation many times. Audrey was pulling at my cock with her mouth Di lay nestled in the crook of my arm, awake and watching!! I moaned a little Di looked up at me smiled and licked my nipple and started sucking on my tit. Another new and wonderful feeling how much more pleasure could we bring one another. I was willing and able to find out as another round began.

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