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Memphis Night

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Raymond Fields lay on his hotel bed bored and lonely. He hated these extended business trips. Thirty days on the road always led to boredom. This trip seemed worse then most. The assignment he was on did not require any overtime, which left him with way too much free time to fill. In the ten days he had been in Memphis, Ray had already seen every pay-per-view, porn and regular, on the hotel system.

He knew what he really needed was someone to share the oversized Jacuzzi and king-sized bed in his room.

Since he had no significant other, Ray had no travel companion for long trips. Actually Ray preferred the lone wolf life. At home he had enough friends who were regular bedmates to keep his horniness in check when new conquests weren’t happening. On the road he usually managed to find one or two local partners. This trip his co-workers all seemed to be mated for life so nothing doing there. Ray had tried a few of the bars near his hotel but had not found any companionship yet. Tonight he was going to walk the two blocks to Beale Street and check out the famous Memphis music scene. He didn’t hold out any hope for finding action in those clubs, but hell he thought a night of booze and good music would at least relieve the boredom.

Ray put on his favorite sex-hunting outfit anyway and headed for the lobby. At 40 Ray was still as fit has he had been when he was a three-sport star in college. Ray’s perfectly proportioned tall body caused a few heads to turn as he headed down the street. Ray’s unassuming nature seemed to indicate he had no idea that he was unusually handsome. His eyes were a startling shade of blue and his thick wavy brown hair did not have a fleck of gray yet. He wore a stylish short-cropped mustache and goatee.

Ray turned the corner and joined the throng of Elvis worshipping tourists on Beale Street. He was amused by the endless places that were ready to take the rubes’ dollars. As he searched for the joint his local coworkers recommended he read the neon signs that seemed to scream out for attention. He began to think his coworkers had misled him, as the addresses were way off from the one he had been given. He looked up at the numbers painted above the door to a place called ‘Elvis Presley’s Memphis Restaurant’. The sign promised cooking like Elvis’ mom made. The only reason he didn’t double over laughing was the concern he had when he saw the numbers 126 and realized he must be at least a few of miles from the address he was given.

Ray walked to the curb and climbed into a waiting cab. By the time the cab pulled to the curb again, Ray could see he was clearly no longer in the glitzy part of town meant for tourists. When Ray paid the cabbie, the driver offered his card.

“Look, y’all should give ol’ Billy at the dispatch a call ’bout 20 minutes for’in you be wantin to go back to the hotel. Wouldn’t be a right smart idear, for a handsome rich looking yankee to be hanging on the street here abouts later. Just tell Billy that I said I would fetch ya,” the cabbie said and flashed a big toothy grin.

Ray pocketed the card and thanked the driver as he stepped out on the sidewalk. He wondered a bit what he might be getting into as he looked around the mostly deserted area. Though it was very run down, it really didn’t seem like such a bad neighborhood. Besides he had been in some really rough places in his time and he could handle himself pretty well.

Ray chuckled when he saw the sign on the dingy storefront that led to the recommended spot. Underneath the neon sign that despite several burned out letters, Ray knew said ‘Sammy’s Pit’, was a very cliché, dancing pigs sign. Below the pigs, the neon once spelled out ‘Blues, BBQ and Booze’. Ray pushed open the door and stepped into the dark café. Before his eyes adjusted well enough to see in the dimly lit entrance, Ray could hear the music playing in the back room. It was good old southern jazz and the band sounded as if they were born to play the instruments. His immediate thoughts were that indeed it would be a pleasant evening. A big man that reminded Ray of Bubba from the movie Forest Gump walked up to the old wooden podium that served as a host station.

“Y’all want a table or will ya be settin to the bar?” he asked Ray nonchalantly as if he didn’t care if Ray stood in the doorway all night.

Ray asked for a table where the music was playing. Bubba led him back through the café. Ray took his seat and ordered a draft and a shot of sipping whisky as the waiter handed him the hand-typed menu. Ray never drank whisky and beer together, but somehow it seemed to be the thing to do at Sammy’s Pit. As he waited for his drink, Ray surveyed the room.

There was a mahogany bar running the length of the far wall. Between the shelves that held bottles of every imaginable kind of liquor hung large ornately framed oil paintings. Ray could see that this was once a very nice joint or perhaps a high-class brothel based on the subject of the paintings. They appeared to be a series depicting a romanticized version of a Roman orgy painted in a bygone era, a time when desirable women were voluptuous in more then just their breasts. No anorexic babes for Sammy’s place.

The tables and bar stools were about half filled with a very mixed group of clearly local patrons. The band had five members, piano, drums and three horns. The older gentleman singing could have given Louis Armstrong and Mel Torme lessons in smooth.

Ray ordered dinner when the waiter returned with his drink. He opted for Sammy’s Platter, which included, if he was reading the misspelled menu correctly, generous heaps of shredded beef and pulled pork BBQ, a half rack of Sammy’s smoked ribs smoothed in hot sauce, a pot of momma’s down home beans and a mess of Sammy’s home-fried potatoes. Ray left his question unasked, preferring to sit and enjoy his wisecrack alone.

“Will I actually be able to feel my arteries hardening when the lard soaked potatoes go down and do you have a crash cart handy?”

Ray sipped down about half the shot of whiskey and then took a long pull on his beer. The whisky was good, very smooth; the beer decidedly cheap and bitter. The band struck up a peppy number and several couples headed toward the dance floor. The young couple in the booth next to Ray’s table got up to join the dancers. Ray took notice of them when he sat down. He imagined most everyone took notice of the sexy couple; they were the type of people that just somehow demanded you take notice. They appeared to be somewhere in their mid-twenty’s, though they may have just been so attractive they looked younger. Both were wearing what Ray would call “come fuck me” outfits, however they were clearly a couple that had been together for some time.

Ray watched the couple dance as he finished his shot. They were doing a sort of modified jitterbug. Ray was impressed with the couple’s style and their uninhibited merry-making. The sexy couple stood out from the group on the small dance floor as they brought the sleepy little joint to life. The strong young man easily tossed his hot partner around in perfect time to the beat. Her short skirt rode up frequently exposing her sexy garters and thong, as well as her taught round ass-cheeks. When the number finished and the dance stopped, the audience applauded as much for the dancers as for the band.

The next song was a slow sultry jazz tune. The singer who earlier had invoked Satchmo was now melting the ladies panties ala Barry White. The couple remained on the dance floor, their bodies pressed tightly together, moving as one to the sensual rhythm of the music. The man unashamedly caressed his lover’s ass as she ground her sex against his thigh. All eyes were now glued to the couple. Ray felt his heart quicken as he watched the man’s hips move in a familiar fashion. Although unseen, Ray knew the man was rubbing his bulging manhood against his lady. Ray felt a stirring in his pants as the couple moved so that the woman’s back was to the room. As her hips swayed to the sensual beat the man nonchalantly raised her skirt giving the room the treat of a full view of her sweet alluring ass, which was left fully exposed by the tight black thong she wore. After a few quick caresses of her naked flesh the song came to an end, as did the dance and the show. The audience applauded and whistled. There was no question who they were applauding this time. The smile on the bandleaders face indicated that was just fine with him.

As the couple tried to make their way back to their table, a waiter serving a large party blocked them. The couple was stopped right next to Ray. The woman’s sexy, nylon-cover thighs were just inches from Ray’s knee. Ray smiled at the couple and told them how much he had enjoyed their dance. In return he heard the sexiest, sweetest, southern voice he had ever had the pleasure to hear.

“Well airn’t y’all a sweetie? We don’t giet too many nice gentlemen from outta town in Sammy’s. I am Susie and this here is my man Jimmy,” she said extending her hand.

Though he never before had done so, Ray took her hand and kissed it softly, because it just felt right. The sweet southern fox, giggled. Then Ray did something that he was surprised by, he turned on his come to my room and fuck me charm. He had no idea why since the lady was clearly taken.

“Very happy to know you Susie. I am Ray and you are about the nicest, sweetest, sexiest thing I have seen in Memphis, sweetie,” Ray practically cooed in his rich baritone.

Remembering Jimmy, Ray turned, extended his hand and smiled, “Hope you don’t mind me saying how sexy your lady is Jimmy. With some women it just isn’t possible to not tell them, but I am sure you hear it all the time. Hell, I bet she has to listen to the ladies cooing over you too. In fact you are about the hottest couple I think I have ever met.”

Ray wondered if the sipping whiskey had already gone to his head. He was never so forward with strange men. For a second, Ray was a bit nervous that he might have over done it. Then the man took Ray’s hand and shook it hardily while clasping him on the shoulder with his other hand.

“Hell, friend, I am right proud of my lady. I think it is bout the hottest thing there is when other folks notice how damn sexy she is,” Jimmy said grinning.

He winked at Ray as Susie said, ” We can’t have such a charming visitor to our favorite spot sitting alone eating, now can we sexy? Will you join us, Ray?

Susie smiled warmly at Ray, encouraging him to say yes. Ray figured what the hell, he could use the company and even though she was clearly taken, she was stunning eye candy. The waiter had moved on and the couple slid into their booth. To Ray’s surprise they took opposite sides and Susie patted the spot next to her, indicating Ray’s place. As Susie had slid across the worn leather bench, her skirt had ridden up and Ray could not help taking a good look at her exposed upper thighs. Ray had an immediate reaction upon seeing her frilly stocking tops, lacey garters, and exposed tanned flesh. When he looked across at Jimmy, Ray realized he had been caught ogling the man’s woman.

Jimmy just smiled and said casually, “Right purty,. ain’t she?”

Ray managed to stammer an answer, “Er..Um.. yes Jimmy, this is some woman you got here!”

Susie giggled, leaned over and kissed Ray’s cheek. She told him he was a real sweetie and then asked if he was on of those Yankee charmers her daddy warned her about.

The three of them laughed, talked, ate, drank and listened to the music. Ray was having the best time he could remember having in years and two hours had passed before he knew it. He was conscious of Susie rubbing against him as they enjoyed the evening, but took it as a natural occurrence of booth sitting or maybe some innocent flirting. Perhaps the couple got hot flaunting her to strangers and then went home and fucked each other like beasts, Ray thought. Whatever, he didn’t care, they were nice folks and he was having a great time. Besides, he now knew who was going to star in tonight’s fantasy when he stroked himself to orgasm before sleep. The brief daydream was broken when the band returned from their break and began to play an up tempo number.

Susie turned to Ray, put her hand on his thigh and said, “Hey Ray hun, y’all wanna dance?”

“Good idea, baby, see if you can teach our Yankee friend some good ol’ southern moves!” Jim piped up enthusiastically.

Ray tried to protest, say that they should dance and he would enjoy watching. Jimmy said that that was nonsense and that good southern hospitality demanded he offer his wife to be the dance partner of his guest. Jim added that it would give him a chance to watch his sexy lady’s moves. Ray wasn’t sure if it was the amount of Rebel Yell he had consumed or if the couple was actually seducing him, but he was becoming convinced he was going to be offered more then just a dance before the night was through. Ray began to imagine the hot southern stud watching as he romped with Susie.

Ray slid out of the booth, hoping his semi-erect cock wasn’t too obvious. He extended his hand to help Susie out of the tight space and was treated to the best show yet. Susie made no attempt to prevent her skirt form riding up to her waist. Ray’s eyes traveled up the tiny thong that covered no more then the opening to paradise. Her neatly cropped small bush, actually more of a landing strip, peaked out from the sides of the thong, confirming she was a natural strawberry blonde. Susie jumped up, fixed her skirt and led the slightly stunned Ray by the hand to the dance floor. Ray caught just a glimpse of the huge grin on Jimmy’s face as Susie drug him away.

Ray clearly was not the dancer Jimmy was. However, he managed to do all right with Susie’s guidance. After two up-tempo songs, Barry White returned. Ray attempted to head back to the table figuring it would be inappropriate to dance with Susie to the sensual melody now playing.

Susie grabbed his hand pulled him close and cooed, “Where y’all goin? I sure enough haven’t finished and I reck’on a gentleman won’t be leaving a lady wanting.”

Susie slid into his arms and pressed her body close to his. Ray could feel her heat as they swayed to the slow erotic melody. Susie pressed tighter and let her fingers dance over his taught muscles. Ray felt a twinge of discomfort knowing his swelling cock was pressing into her. Susie had no such concerns as she seductively rubbed herself against his bulging slacks.

Susie moved her lips to Ray’s ear, flicked his earlobe with her tongue and purred, ” Mmmmmmmm, I see my dance excites you the same as it does my Jimmy.”

Ray heard himself moan something about her being a hot southern tease as his hands pressed into her back pulling her tight to his body. He then purposefully ground his manhood into her, simulating making love to her.

Susie bit his earlobe softly, whispered, “I am no, tease, sweetie,” and began to French kiss his ear, letting her warm, wet, soft, sensual tongue dance all around the ridges of Ray’s ear.

Ray let his hands drop to her ass and began inching her skirt up as he had watched Jimmy do earlier. Ray figured she would try to stop him any second or Jimmy would be grabbing him by the collar and tossing him in the gutter soon. However, Ray cared not at this point, he was going to touch the fucking tease’s hot naked ass flesh before he got his eye blackened and his nose broken. To Ray’s surprise Susie just cooed and continued assaulting his ear with her tongue as he raised her skirt and exposed her ass. He looked over and saw several band members smiling as his fingers gingerly touched her sensitive skin for the first time. Susie ran her tongue over Ray’s cheek and then kissed him deeply as her hands went to his ass and squeezed hard, encouraging Ray to be bolder. Ray turned her so her ass was facing the room, looked over to see Jimmy was still sitting at the table smiling and watching and began to kneed her supple ass cheeks as he ground his cock into her abdomen. The music came to an end after another minute but Ray and Susie remained in each other’s arms for a few seconds, panting with lust for one another.

Then Susie said, “hun, I gotta pee! Be a good boy and order me another drink and I will meet you at the table.”

Susie pinched Ray’s ass and sashayed off to the ladies room. Leaving Ray standing alone a bit nervous about returning to the table and seeing Jimmy. But he figured oh well, Jimmy had made no move to stop the dance so maybe he really was into sharing his hot wife. Ray stopped the waiter asked him to bring another round to the table and went to rejoin Jimmy.

“Dancing is thirsty work! Susie wanted another drink and I needed one so I went ahead and ordered you one too. Hope you don’t mind my presumptuousness?” Ray said as he slid onto the booth seat across from Jimmy.

Jimmy smiled and said, “You’re the guest, Ray. Glad to see you are learning to take advantage of our hospitality. You and Susie looked hot up there!”

Before Ray had a chance to reply, Jimmy said he needed to return some of the beer he had been drinking and headed off toward the bathrooms. Ray wasn’t sure if Jimmy would be going to the one with the bull on the door or joining Susie in the one with the cow on the door for a quick fuck. In fact Ray wasn’t sure about much. He was a bit confused about how causal Jimmy was being considering his wife had just been major fondled in public right in front of him. But “when in Rome” or Memphis in this case, do as they do.

The waiter brought the drinks and when it became more then a couple minutes that Susie and Jimmy were gone, Ray assumed his thoughts about the couple having a quickie in the bathroom might be accurate. Another few minutes passed and Ray had another thought, perhaps this was a con to stick him with the bill. Not that he would mind so much, he could afford the couple hundred dollars even if he wasn’t on an expense account. The thing that bothered Ray most about that thought was that he prided himself on knowing people and being a good judge of character. He really felt the couple were genuinely good people. Besides he was pretty hooked on the idea of ending the night in a wild threesome of some sort at this point. Feeling a little pressure from his own bladder and not wanting to sit like a fool waiting, Ray headed for the bathrooms himself. Just as Ray was about to turn into the little hallway leading to the restrooms, Susie turned the corner and ran right into him.

“Well scuse me, handsome,” Susie said with a smile, “Sorry we left you a waiting hun. Jimmy came back just as I came out and we were talking a bit. See you at the table when you two studs are done.”

Ray smiled at Susie and headed for the men’s room. There were two urinals. Jimmy was standing at one. Ray walked up next to him and said that he too had to return some booze before he could continue.

Jimmy chuckled and said, “Yeah booze’l git your bladder going every time. Ray you know you made a big impression on Susie. She wants to fuck you.”

Ray stammered a bit not really sure what to say, but managed to get out, “Um wow really?”

“Yes, she told me she want to get that big dick you were rubbing all over her inside her snatch and ride you like a bull”

“And how do you feel on the subject, Jimmy?”

“Well, it’s like this Susie and I do a bit of swinging, but a smart man like you probably knowed that already. So I think we ought to go out there down those drinks and then head to your fancy hotel for a private party. Assuming you would enjoy that.”

“Jimmy, I know I would enjoy having Susie. She is the hottest piece of ass I have had in my arms in a long time. I am a little surprised a hot stud like you is willing to let me have her though.”

“Well friend, I am going to be there and participating in some capacity. If it is a true three-way that is great, but if you can’t handle any more then me fucking her after you are spent that works too.”

Ray was no stranger to bi-sex but was still feeling a little cautious about Jimmy. He agreed to have them over and they both agreed to play the details of the party by ear. As they returned to the table, Jimmy winked at Susie. This was the signal the invitation had been accepted. Susie jumped up wrapped her arms around Ray’s neck and kissed him deeply and passionately. Then she giggled and promised him it was going to be a night he would never forget. The threesome quickly finished their drinks and Ray paid the bill. He insisted over Jimmy’s protests. It turned out the couple’s car was right outside and they were headed toward the hotel in minutes.

It was a rather small sports car with no back seat. Jimmy had told Ray he would have to share the passenger seat with Susie. Ray did not find this to be a burden. Susie’s skirt had ridden up and she was grinding her nearly bare ass into Ray’s swelling crotch as she kissed him deeply. Susie thoroughly explored Ray’s mouth and he hungrily sucked her soft wet tongue. She had one hand inside his shirt and was running her fingers through his soft chest hair. Her moans were only slightly stifled by Ray’s mouth. Ray could feel her heat as she continued grinding her soaked thong in his crotch. He was not yet aware of the growing wet spot on his pants front.

Ray felt Susie’s elbow dig into his thigh and looked down to see she had opened Jimmy’s pants and taken his cock out. She was stroking the full length of her man’s shaft as she kissed and humped Ray. Ray was temporarily transfixed by Jimmy’s cock. It was not quite fully erect but looked to be about 7 or so inches and was fairly thick. However, it wasn’t the size that caught Ray’s attention. Ray thought it was an incredibly attractive cock. The circumcised head stood atop the shaft with a large proud flair, almost as if it had a mane. Jimmy’s cock was a dark flesh color and the head was pink and healthy looking. The shaft itself was smooth except for the perfect large vein that ran along the top and the smaller veins running over it that added character. Though Jimmy was still partially covered, Ray could see that his pubic hair was neatly trimmed like Susie’s. It was very closely cropped and appeared to be shaped like an arrowhead pointing to the base of Jimmy’s shaft. Ray imaged Jimmy’s balls were likely shaved smooth too.

Ray actually lusted to suck a cock for the first time in his life. Other times when Ray had indulged in same sex play it had been a lark or part of an on-the-spot group thing, not truly an overwhelming desire. Tonight Ray knew he was going to thoroughly enjoy sucking Jimmy’s hot cock. Ray thought that perhaps he would get a chance to suck Jimmy while the hot slut whose juices he now felt soaking through to his silk boxer-briefs was riding him. Ray couldn’t think of anything he wanted more then Susie’s hot cunt sliding up and down his dick while he sucked Jimmy’s delicious rod dry.

Ray’s daydream was broken by Susie’s screams. She was cumming hard in his lap. As her body shook with several waves of orgasmic pleasure, Susie released Jimmy’s cock and broke the kiss with Ray. Ray watched Susie as he reached over and took her place stroking Jimmy. Jimmy’s smile and low moan told Ray that he was pleased. Susie had barely recovered when the hotel came into sight. Ray quickly put Jimmy’s cock away as Jimmy parked. Before getting out Jimmy turned to Ray and kissed him deeply. Though surprised Ray went with the flow and shared a brief tongue dance with the handsome man.

Fortunately, the hotel had a side entrance for guests with keys. That entrance eliminated the need for Ray to parade his girl cum soaked pants through the main lobby. Susie stood between the two men and made sure their bulges did not diminish during the 14-floor elevator ride. She gently fondled their cocks while alternately kissing them deeply. When the elevator door opened it was obvious to the middle-aged, balding businessman that stood waiting exactly what the threesome was on their way to do. Susie squeezed the surprised stranger’s ass as the trio exited the elevator and headed for Ray’s room.

Ray let the couple into his mini-suite and quickly apologized for the underwear and socks he had left laying in the middle of the floor. He clearly was not expecting company. Susie giggle and said something about being used to that sort of thing since Jimmy tended to drop his drawers everywhere. Ray excused himself, suggesting the couple help themselves to the bar while he changed out of his damp pants. Ray stripped off his clothes and slid into the plush terry robe the hotel service directory informed him he could own for only $95.00.

When he stepped into the main room, Ray found Jimmy shirtless, fixing drinks at the mini-bar. Susie had shed her skirt and blouse and was laid out as if on display in the middle of the big bed. Susie smiled as Ray’s eyes wandered over her sexy body. She wore a black lacy bra that pushed her breasts up and together. It had small holes that allowed her extremely suckable nipples to peek out. Her breasts were ample in size though not overly large, perhaps a full C cup Ray thought. The matching black thong as Ray already knew, covered little more then her slit. Susie’s strawberry blond landing strip flowed out from each side of the sexy material and served as an enticement to seek more. Susie also still wore a small garter belt and the sheer nylons it held in place.

Jimmy handed Ray a drink and the two men stood at the bar sipping sour mash and admiring Susie. She clearly enjoyed the attention and began slowly sliding her hand down her sexy belly. When her hand reached her thong, she paused and asked Ray if he would like to see more as she smiled wickedly. Ray managed little more then a grunt and a nod, but it was clear he wanted it all. Ray’s tied tongue caused Jimmy to chuckle as Susie slipped a finger inside her thong. She pulled the nylon aside and exposed her puffy, glistening pussy lips. Ray felt his cock jump under the robe as Susie spread her lips open and showed the men her wet inner folds and already engorged clit. Like her nipples Susie’s clit was large and even from ten feet away was clearly visible.

Susie raised her right leg and undid each of the clasps that held the top of her stocking in place. She then slowly rolled the nylon down her leg and off of her foot. Susie causally tossed the stocking to Ray before repeating the procedure with the other leg. Ray caught the stocking and pressed it to his face. Susie tossed the other stocking aside and then wiggled out of the thong and garter belt. She lay on the bed, wearing only the sheer bra. Her knees were raised slightly off the bed and her legs were spread open giving the men a full view of her treasures.

Susie smiled seductively and purred, “Sweetie, why don’t you go slide into that big ol’ Jacuzzi in the corner while I see if I can convince our new friend to show me what he is a hidin under that robe?”

Jimmy walked over to the tub and turned the water on as Ray opened his robe and let it fall to the floor. His hard cock stood out from his body as if it was pointing the way to the bed and Susie. She sat up and crooked her finger at Ray beckoning him to come over to her. Susie cooed that she needed a bit of help with her bra. As Ray moved toward the bed he caught a glimpse of Jimmy sliding his boxers off. Ray sat on the bed beside Susie and undid the catch on her bra. She wiggled a bit and it fell into her lap. Ray picked the lacey restraint up and tossed it in Jimmy’s direction. Jimmy smiled at his wife and Ray and then got into the warm swirling water. Susie leaned toward Ray and kissed him deeply as she reached for his twitching cock. Ray sucked on Susie’s delicate tongue as she slowly stroked his hard shaft. She moved her hand gently up and down his cock her thumb teasing the head and cum slit on each pass. Each time she reached the base, Susie gave Ray’s heavy ball sack a little tickle. Ray began to kiss his way down Susie’s neck and then across her shoulder, moving steadily toward her magnificent breasts. Susie let go of Ray’s cock and cupped the underside of her tits, raising them up for Ray. Ray wrapped his lips around her right nipple and sucked in as much of her flesh as he could. He was grateful she had released his cock because he was concerned he would cum in her hand if she had continued.

“Yes, god! I love it! Suck my tits!” Susie squealed as Ray lustfully suckled her tantalizing orbs.

Ray was startled when Jimmy cried out, “When she squeals like that it is time to fuck her Ray! She wants it hard. Fuck my little slut Yankee-boy, make her scream!”

Ray looked over and saw Jimmy’s leering grin and was amazed at the transformation. The handsome, polite, young man had become a lustful dominating man encouraging a stranger to use his beautiful wife like a cheap whore. The encouragement had a transforming effect on Ray. He pushed Susie down on the bed so hard her head bounced back up. The he roughly pushed her legs open with his knees as he pinned her shoulders down with his string hands. Susie squealed, the sound somewhere between sheer joy and slight fear.

Jimmy called out to Ray again, “Yeah man! That’s it take my fucking slut hard! Make the bitch cum good!”

With that, Ray dropped down onto Susie, biting her voluptuous tits as he rubbed his hard throbbing cock in her cunt juiced soaked slit. Ray was grunting like an animal as Susie wiggled and squirmed under him. His cock head was assaulting her excited clit sending waves of electric pleasure through her body. Ray’s balls already tightening due his lustful attack on the beautiful creature were rubbing just below Susie’s pussy and he could feel her ample juices running over his sack. Susie and Ray were so lost in their animal lust they did not notice Jimmy approaching the bed until he climbed up next to them. Jimmy began massaging Ray’s ass hard and exhorting him to fuck Susie.

“Give her that big cock stud! Show her how a Yankee treats a fucking nasty southern whore bitch!” Jimmy practically screamed in Ray’s ear as he slapped Ray’s ass.

Ray rose up and roared before he plunged his cock into Susie’s gapping cunt. Ray was now lost in lust, pounding his almost painfully hard cock into Susie’s hot cunt without a care if he may be hurting the hot young slut. Yes slut, Jimmy’s words and Susie’s actions had made Susie a slut in Ray’s mind. Susie began screaming as the first waves of a powerful orgasm shook her hot body. Just as Ray felt her pussy squeeze and pull at his cock, Jimmy straddled her head dangling his balls in her face and aiming his cock at Ray’s mouth. Susie immediately began sucking and licking Jimmy’s smooth balls as she continued cumming on Ray’s cock. Jimmy reached out and grabbed Ray’s head pulling him toward his twitching cock. Ray hungrily licked the precum covering Jimmy’s cock head before wrapping his lips around Jimmy and sucking the spongy cock head into his mouth.

Jimmy began fucking Ray’s mouth as Ray continued pumping Susie’s spasming cunt. Jimmy’s cock muffled Ray’s moans as Ray unloaded several hard shoots of thick cum deep inside Susie’s steamy pussy. Ray had to concentrate to avoid biting Jimmy’s shaft as he became lost in the incredible orgasm. Ray let Jimmy’s cock slide from his mouth and collapsed next to Susie as the last of his thick musky cum oozed from his still throbbing cock.

Jimmy feel upon Susie, sliding his aching shaft into his brides waiting mouth. He fucked her face like a wild animal fuck’s his mate’s pussy. As he did pushups atop his bride, Jimmy sought out Ray’s slowly deflating cock with his hungry lips. He wanted to lick his woman’s juices from Ray’s enticing puffy cock flesh. Jimmy managed to gets his lips on Ray’s cock and the thoroughly tongue bathed the semi-erect shaft and soft spongy head. Jimmy loved the taste of the mixture of Susie’s sweet cunt juice and Ray’s musky manhood. Jimmy groaned loudly and shoved his cock into Susie’s throat. He was cumming and shooting a thick stream of hot, salty jism directly down Susie’s throat into her stomach, while still sucking fervently on Ray’s once again hard cock. Susie fought off her gag reflex and swallowed every drop of sweet cum her lover could feed her.

Finally, unable to take it any longer, Susie pushed on Jimmy, which was their agreed upon safety signal. Jimmy pulled out of Susie’s mouth and rolled across Ray. The three of them lay cuddled together panting and enjoying the euphoric high for several minutes. Jimmy then kissed Ray deep and hard. Ray had never before felt such passion from or for a male sex partner. Ray’s head was swimming and his cock was aching for another release.

Ray’s heart leapt when Jimmy took hold of his shaft and moaned, “I want you! I want you to fuck me like you fucked Susie’s hot cunt!”

Susie squealed, “Oh yes. Fuck my man! Let him feel that big hot cock of your’n deep inside his ass!”

Susie layed over Ray and began licking Jimmy just blow his ball sack. Having no lube she was going to ready his tight opening with her tongue. Jimmy raised his legs in the air giving Susie complete access to his hungry asshole. She licked him with abandon, dribbling her warm saliva all over his puckering hole before attempting to work he tongue into him.

Meanwhile, Ray had managed to wriggle out form under Susie and positioned his head under her so he could lick her semen oozing pussy. Some many orgasms in a row had left Susie’s cunt lips swollen and extremely sensitive. Ray sucked lustfully on the flesh meat Susie pushed into his face as she pushed more of her saliva into Jimmy’s ass. Jimmy moaned loudly as Susie began stretching his anus with her fingers.

Susie purred, “Oh god baby, I wanna see you fucked good and hard! I wanna sucked your pretty dick while he shows you how my pussy feels when a big ol’ cock uses it!”

Susie ground her cunt into Ray’s face as she came again. Ray was rewarded with a gush of girl cum and still more of his own cum washing out of Susie’s cunt. Then Susie told Ray it was time Jimmy got the fucking he deserved. She smacked Jimmy’s ass lightly and told him to get on his knees. Their rolls had completely reversed. Susie was now in charge and Jimmy was the eager slut.

Jimmy got on his hands and knees ready to be fucked hard and deep. Susie smacked his ass again as Ray moved into position. Susie stroked Ray’s cock as she kissed him deeply and then told him to use her man’s cunt well. Ray leaned forward with Susie still holding his cock in her soft warm palm. She guided the twitching head to Jimmy’s winking anus, then caressed Ray’s heavy balls as he pushed his cock head into Jimmy’s ass.

Jimmy’s heart leapt in his chest as Ray’s fat cock head stretched his anal opening. Susie squealed with delight and then slid under her man. She licked Jimmy’s clean-shaven smooth ball sack as Ray inched his way into Jimmy’s ass. Susie continued fondling Ray’s balls as she licked Jimmy and occasional her tongue slid lower and tasted Ray’s shaft as it slowly disappeared in her man’s ass-cunt. Jimmy concentrated on the feeling of Susie’s tongue on his balls and managed to relax his rectal muscles allowing Ray to slide ball deep into his ass.

Ray held still for a minute letting Jimmy’s ass adjust and ready itself for the assault it would soon be receiving. Susie revealed in licking the four hot nuts that now hung next to her mouth. The contrast amused her. Jimmy’s completely hairless, boy-like sack pressed next to Ray’s manly hairy balls. The incredible musk of the two men overwhelmed her senses as she drank in their taste and smell. Just as Ray began to slowly slide his throbbing cock in and out of Jimmy, Susie reached down to finger her once again flooding pussy. Watching Ray’s cock slide in and out of Jimmy, the powerful tastes and smells and her fingers manipulating her clit sent Susie into yet another body gripping orgasm. She screamed into Jimmy’s nuts like some hellhound being taken forcefully by Satan. The erotic female sex sounds drove Ray to pound Jimmy’s ass harder.

Jimmy cried out, “Oh god yes! Fuck me Stud! Fill my cunt hard just like you filled hers! Make me your slut too, please!”

Ray couldn’t believe the complete transformation he had witnessed. He humped Jimmy’s ass as if he was possessed now. He had never before been atop a submissive man and the feeling of power he now had from this couple’s complete desire to be used was amazing. Ray was madman, fucking like there was no tomorrow and the only thing that matter was his enjoying these two sluts. Susie exhorted Ray to fuck her slut-boy harder and then gobbled down Jimmy’s cock knowing he would soon lose control and she would be rewarded with more of his delicious seed. She sucked his dick hard like it was a delicious piece of candy. Jimmy began bucking wildly, forcing his ass back onto Ray’s cock. Ray matched the rhythm so that his cock was now penetrating to Jimmy’s depths. The hard thrusts were forcing Jimmy’s cock deeper into Susie’s mouth so she wrapped her hand around the base of Jimmy’s shaft allowing her to concentrate on suck the cum out of her man. Suddenly Jimmy froze and Ray drove his cock deep inside Jimmy’s ass, fully impaling the handsome stud.

Jimmy screamed, “OH MY GOD! FUCK! MY PUSSY IS ON FIRE STUD!” as his cock exploded in Susie’s waiting mouth.

Jimmy’s violent orgasm caused his rectal muscles to contract hard. Ray felt his cock squeezed hard inside Jimmy’s now tight ass. He felt as if his cock was being sucked into Jimmy. Jimmy’s ass pulled him so hard he thought his dick was being ripped from his body. Then suddenly Ray exploded. Wave after wave of pleasure ripped through Ray’s body. He was having his first ever multiple orgasms. His mind went blank filled only with the pleasure of the moment. He knew words and sounds were coming from his mouth, but he had no idea what he was saying. All was pure feeling and he blacked out for a few seconds as his pleasure centers overloaded.

When once again conscious, Ray continued orgasming. His chest was tight, his heart pounding causing his torso to heave. His body convulsed although he had long since shot every last drop of semen his loins could muster. He realized he was no longer fucking Jimmy. The three lovers were now lying their bodies intermingled in a heap all lost in some amazing orgasmic fog. It was several minutes before anyone was able to speak.

Susie finally spoke in a giggle voice, “Wow, well Ray hunny, what y’all think of our southern hospitality now?”

Ray smiled and replied in a whisper, which was all the voice he could muster, “I think I might just have to relocate!”

All three then napped for a bit before showering and spending several more hours finding ways to enjoy one another in and out of the Jacuzzi. They shared a few more nights together while Ray’s Memphis trip continued and have made plans for Jimmy and Susie to visit Ray on vacation soon.

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