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Meeting the Neighbors

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My wife, Sandy, and I, my name is James, had lived at our house for three months now. We had made ourselves pretty comfortable in our new neighborhood and was getting to know the community. Next to our house was a new house being constructed. We had wondered who our new neighbors were going to be. Finally, the day came; the new house was finished and our new neighbors moved in.

We hadn’t seen them for the first three days, but on the fourth day, we did catch a glimpse of them. They were a young couple, in their mid twenties, both very nice looking.

The next afternoon, I had gotten off work early. Sandy was still at work so I was home alone. As I was in our bedroom, I looked out the window which happened to look straight into the bathroom of our neighbors. They hadn’t yet had the opportunity to hang blinds so it was quite open to view. As I was changing into something more comfortable, I noticed that the wife of the new couple next door was preparing for a shower. I couldn’t help but watch.

She was a gorgeous blonde girl, straight hair to her shoulders, and a fantastic body. She took off her shirt and underneath lay her exceptional bosom. She wore no bra, so her tits were in full view. I would have to say they were a healthy C cup with large areolas. It was obvious she tanned topless. The sexy neighbor then began to remove her jean shorts. At this point I could not help myself and began to masturbate as I watched.

Underneath her shorts she wore a sexy little blue thong, but I didn’t have much of a chance to view them as she quickly took those off too. To my excitement, her pussy was completely void of hair. What a little sexy bitch, I thought to myself, but then as I continued to yank myself, she looked over and our eyes met. I must have looked like a deer in the headlights. She stood there for a moment and then walked over to the full length window and smiled and waved.

I wasn’t sure what to do, so I awkwardly waved back. She then put on a wicked grin and turned around so I could check out her derriere. She seductively looked over her shoulder and ran her hands over her tanned cheeks. I began to yank my cock harder. I couldn’t believe this new neighbor was giving me this peep show willingly.

The neighbor then turned back around facing me and reached back up to her tits and began rubbing them, throwing on the sexiest of faces. A few moments of this and I couldn’t take it any more. I blew my load all over the floor of my bedroom. I could barely stand up. When I was done, I looked over to the new neighbor and she mouthed “finished?”. I shook my head yes shamefully. She then blew me a kiss and got into the shower which I could not see.

When my wife Sandy got home, I couldn’t wait to tell her about my afternoon experience. Sandy was a gorgeous woman with all the beautiful facial features of a sexy model, with long, loosely curled brown hair and dark eyes. She had fantastic D sized tits which always pleased and an ass that wouldn’t quit. After I told Sandy about the whole new neighbor strip tease, she was curious.

“So was she hot?”

“Oh yeah, she was smoking.”

Sandy always had this little fantasy about us getting it on with another couple, so I knew what was coming out of her mouth next.

“Would you fuck her if given the chance?”

“Well, if there was someone to fuck, she would be the one. She was pretty damn hot.”

Sandy smiled. She always liked it when I talked about other women that way. She got up from where she was sitting and came over to me and stripped down. “Then I want you to fuck me and think about her while you do it.” she playfully said. I did as she requested and we spent the next few hours having our fun.

The next day Sandy was taking some trash out to the curb. She was gone much longer than I had figured she would be, but I really took no notice of it. When she came back in, she had something to tell me.

“I met your strip tease husband out there.”

“Oh really?” I said.

“Yeah, he confronted me about yesterday.”

A look of horror came over my face. “Oh no no, don’t worry,” Sandy said, “Everything is okay.”

“It is?” I asked rather surprised.

“Yeah, I introduced myself and we talked for a few minutes. He asked me if I knew about what happened between you and his wife yesterday. Oh by the way, her name is Tiffany. Anyway, I wasn’t sure how to answer, but since he obviously knew about it, I just said yeah. He then asked me how I felt about it.”

“Yeah?” I said as I cringed, figuring he was pretty mad about it.

“I told him I really didn’t have a problem with it as long as it didn’t violate his wife’s wishes, which apparently it did not. And then to my surprise, he didn’t have a problem with it as well. In fact, I noticed in his shorts he had a pretty big hard on as we began talking more about it.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, really. Anyway, the long and short of it is, we’re having dinner at their house tomorrow night.”

“What!?” I asked rather shockingly.

“They want to get together with us and get to know us. Just neighbor’s having dinner together.”

I wasn’t sure how to feel about this dinner engagement, but there wasn’t much I could do about it either. Things were already set in motion and I would have to go through with it; meet the husband of the wife who I jerked off to the other day.

Tomorrow came and after work Sandy and I got home and changed into some casual clothes. Sandy wore a short pair of shorts and a tee-shirt. I wore some jeans and a nice polo. Seven o’clock came and we made our way next door.

Gary, the husband, came to the door when we knocked. He enthusiastically introduced himself to me and welcomed us in. As we came into the living room, Tiffany was sitting on the couch. He introduced my wife to his and the to me. “I believe you already know my wife.” He said. I blushed hard. I wasn’t sure how he meant that.

Tiffany looked great. She was wearing a short little black skirt and a loose silky top. Gary wore similar clothing as I, except he had on denim shorts rather than pants.

We all ate dinner and small talked about our jobs and how Gary and Tiffany came by this house and why they bought it. Typical neighbor small talk. After dinner we adjourned to the living room and had some wine. There were two couches that faced each other. Sandy and I sat on one and Gary and Tiffany sat on the other.

We continued the small talking for some time as we continued to drink the wine. After some time, without me really noticing, between the four of us, we had polished off six bottles. Occasionally while visiting Tiffany positioned herself where I could see her white thong underneath her short skirt. She caught me looking once and gave me a seductively approving look.

Finally Gary made a suggestion. “How about a game?” he asked.

Sandy sprung up. “Yeah that sounds fun. What should we play.”

“How about sexual fantasy?” Tiffany suggested.

“How do you play that?” Sandy asked slurring her words a bit from the effects of the wine.

“Well,” Gary said, “We take one of these bottles here and spin it and whoever it points to has to admit one of their sexual fantasies. And it doesn’t have to be something you have or haven’t done; just something you enjoy sexually.”

“Sounds fun.” Sandy said, then she turned to me, “You game?”

“Oh yeah.” I answered and the four of us got onto the floor.

Gary spun the bottle and it pointed towards my wife, Sandy. “Well,” she bashfully said, “Its a little sluttish, but I like it when a man shoots his cum all over my face.”

“MMmm. Me too.” Tiffany said.

I spun the bottle this time and it landed on Tiffany. “I like it when,” she started, “a man takes me in the ass and cums inside. That’s so hot.”

We all took a small laugh. Gary then spun the bottle and it landed on him. He had a devilish grin and looked at all of us. He slowly said, “I want my wife to suck James’ cock.”

Sandy’s eyebrows shot up. “Ohhh really?” She said.

“Yeah.” Gary confidently replied.

“Right now?” Tiffany asked.

“Yeah, right now.” Gary said.

I looked over to my wife. “Go ahead honey. Let her have at it.” she approved.

With sneaking peeks at Tiffany’s panties all night, and the little game we had been playing, I was quite aroused. I stood up and pulled down my jeans and took them off. Tiffany crawled over and got upright on her knees. She ran her hands all over my legs and stomach, then pulled down my underwear. My hardened cock shot out. She gave an approving moan. She started licking my thighs, then to my balls. Her tongue felt divine. She then moved her way up to my shaft and made long strokes up and down it, saving my sensitive head for last. I looked around and Sandy had one of her hands up her shirt, massaging her tits; Gary was rubbing his dick through the fabric of his jeans. Tiffany then took my cock in hand and engulfed it with her mouth, pulling lightly, slowly increasing her speed. She then reached around, grabbed my butt cheeks, and started fucking my dick with her mouth. She continued her tongue bath for a few minutes and abruptly let go. She motioned herself back to where she was sitting and I sat back down.

“That was pretty hot.” my wife said to me as I sat back down.

“Okay, here we go.” Gary said as he spun the bottle again. It goes without saying, but the sexual electricity in the room was on fire.

The bottle stopped on Sandy and she quickly spoke up. “I want to see everyone naked.”

We all liked this idea, so we all stood up and disrobed. Gary had a large dick, thick and long. Tiffany stripped and I got to see what I saw the other day, but a little closer up. Her lips were completely shaven as I had remembered and her tits were spectacular. Sandy was of course a vixen. Gary seemed impressed with her large tits. Sandy tanned topless but always kept her bottoms which gave her a sexy thong tan line which highlighted her puffy pussy lips.

Gary spun the bottle and it again landed on Sandy. “Ooooo, my luck night.” she said.

Sandy got up on the couch, ran her hands over her tits and along her inner thighs. She then spread her legs wide clearly revealing her swollen lips. “I want Gary and Tiffany to come over here and pleasure my pussy with their tongues.”

Gary and Tiffany looked at each other excitedly and crawled their way over. The couple nuzzled their heads together and began running their tongues all over my wife’s lips. She opened her legs as wide as she could, holding them apart with her hands. Her moans did not start out slow and get louder. She flat out began moaning quite loudly, her head writhing back and forth. She let go of her legs and put a hand on each of the two heads and groaned hard.

“Oh God yes! suck my pussy good” she screamed. I sat directly in front of her on the other couch and began masturbating. I could see Tiffany’s succulent cunt lips poking out from between her butt cheeks as she ate my wife with her husband.

I saw it coming. Sandy’s eyes shot open wide and he mouth dropped. She was about to have her orgasm. It hit her hard and her body jerked around. This didn’t stop the sexy couple between her legs from letting up and they continued to lap at her cunt.

Finally they backed off and I could tell my wife was in a state of euphoria. She sat there on the couch like a rag doll with her eyes closed while rubbing her hands all over her tits. She then opened her eyes.

“I want to suck both your dicks.” She said as she looked towards Gary and I. We were happy to oblige thanks to the drunken stupor we were in. Gary and I got on opposite sides of her on the couch. We stood up on our knees and presented our cocks to my wife. She sat there in between the two engorged phalluses and took turns sucking them, going from side to side like some nasty tennis match. While she was sucking one cock, she yanked the other with great zeal. The feeling of her lips around my hardened shaft was magnificent. As I was swooning in ecstasy, I felt something cold on my ass. I turned around and there was the sexy Tiffany with a small vibrator in her hand. As I stood there with my wife sharing sucks with my neighbor, behind me, Tiffany carefully slid the vibrator into my ass. Once she had it where she wanted it, she turned it on. The vibrating nearly made me fall over and I noticed my dick apparently liked the extra stimulation. Tiffany very slowly slid it in and out. When Sandy let go of Gary’s cock and took mine back into her steaming mouth, it did not take long and I exploded. Rather than swallowing my load though, Sandy let me squirt all over her face. Moments later, Gary cummed and did the same. My wife had gotten what she wanted. She had creamy cum all over her face.

Sandy pulled the vibrator out of me and sat it aside. She then came over and straddled my wife and began licking the sticky cum off her face. This was very sexy to watch as Sandy sat there moaning while her face was cleaned.

Moments passed as we all caught our breath, then my apparently insatiable wife made another request. “I want you to fuck this sexy little neighbor of ours.” She said as she motioned towards Tiffany. “I want you to fuck her doggie on the floor while Gary fucks me.”

I had been hoping this request would eventually be made. Ever since I had seen the sexy Tiffany in the bathroom window, I could not stop thinking how good it would be to fuck her, and now here was my chance, with my wife’s blessing no less!

Tiffany got onto the floor on her hands and knees. Her ass looked incredible as she spread her legs a little for me. I got on my knees and positioned myself behind her. I put my cock head to her puffy, juicy lips and slid inside her with no problem. Her pussy was exquisite as its silky warmth wrapped around my cock. I began moving in and out of her in a rhythmic motion. Tiffany slung her head back and groaned “Oh James, that feels so good.”

As I began revving up the speed, Sandy grabbed Gary and moved into the position she desired. It was rather crafty of her. She laid in the floor on her back and slid to where her head was underneath Tiffany’s torso, giving her access to Tiffany’s swinging, hanging tits. She then opened her legs and let Gary penetrate her pussy. As he was fucking her, Sandy pleasured Tiffany’s hardened tips.

We were now all rocking back and forth, Gary and I pounding the pussies of our neighbor’s wives.

Tiffany bellowed, “Oh god Yes. Hurt my pussy. Fuck me hard. Yes! YES!!!!”

Sandy moaned over and over with each thrust of Gary’s cock as she vigorously sucked Tiffany’s tits.

Tiffany them made her own request. “In my ass.” She said between breaths, “I want you in my ass. Please, please, fuck me in the ass.”

I was eager to please so I withdrew my cock from Tiffany’s delicious cunt and moved up to her little ass hole. There was enough lube on my dick from Tiffany’s pussy and I slowly slid it into her hot hole. It was so tight I could barely move in and out. Tiffany began to writhe and scream.

“Oh yes, oh yes, it hurts so bad but I want it so much. Fuck me hard baby. Yeah, oh yeah.”

It didn’t take long for me to cum for the second time. The view of my dick sliding in and out of Tiffany’s sweet ass cheeks was too much and I exploded my cream into Tiffany’s ass. Shortly after, Gary shot his load. He pulled out just before it happened and spurted it all over Sandy’s tits.

We all fell to the floor, exhausted from our romp, breathing heavy. Later that night, we had one more roll in the hay with numerous delicious positions. It was certainly a night to remember.

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