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Meeting Mark

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When my step-daughter said she was coming home from college to visit, we were pleased of course and somehow not surprised when she said she was bringing a guy who was “just a friend”. She has something of a naïve belief that guys just want to be friends with her, but of course it always turns into something else. She truly seems to have no clue that she’s way too hot for guys to be “just friends” with. For my part, of course I couldn’t resist giving her a hard time about it.

I started teasing her about her “friend” and she insisted that he was just that. I persisted and reminded her of all the other just friends that she’d had previously and she finally said that this one was definitely just a friend because he’s gay. I assumed she was just trying to shut me up, and who could blame her, but she went on to explain that he’s something of a militant for rights on campus and leads a couple of organizations not just for gay rights, but for a number of other causes as well. This finally shut me up which is never easy to do.

That night I was feeling especially frisky with my wife and of course she took the opportunity to tease me about the cause of my arousal. She stroked my cock and teased that I must be turned on by the thought of having a gay man in the house. She and I have shared many fantasies involving me being with another man and she didn’t miss the chance to point out the potential even if we both knew that I wouldn’t act on it. Nevertheless, we had our usual amazing sex as we talked about a scenario that was closer to real than usual and that really turned us both on even more.

The next weekend they arrived on Friday night in time for dinner. Introductions were made all around and as I met Mark, I have to admit that the fact that he was gay was front and center in my mind. Throughout dinner, I kept having thoughts of him having sex with another man, he was good looking and well built, though not overly so. His personality was similar as well, assertive and sure, but not cocky. It was really a good conversation through dinner when I could follow it. I hoped that my distraction didn’t show or at least that no one would guess the cause. Our step-daughter decided she was going to take our daughter shopping the next morning and Mark said he was going to have to stay here and get caught up on a little school work if nobody minded. We said of course not and then my wife looked at me sort of slyly and said, “Actually, I have to go into work for a while in the morning anyway”.

As we climbed into bed that night, my wife reached over and found my cock already hard. She smiled and stroked it slowly and said, “Thinking about you and Mark having a little quality time tomorrow?” 

I laughed and said no rather weakly. She stroked my cock slowly for a minute and I felt like I was going to cum already when she stopped and said, “Well I’m going to leave this alone just in case, so you’re good and ready”. My balls suddenly ached even more and my hand went to my cock, but she stopped me and I moaned, “You bitch”. She replied, “That’s right”, with a smile. It took me a long time to fall to sleep.

I slept later than usual and only woke when my wife came in the bedroom with a cup of coffee for me. She said that our daughters were just getting ready to leave and she was just finishing some computer work and was then going to leave as well. She slid her hand beneath the sheets and gave my cock a stroke. It jumped readily and my balls resumed aching and she said, “I’ll take care of that later if you don’t get any other offers” and with a wink, she walked out. I watched the sports news and a little while later she came back to give me a kiss as she was leaving. What I didn’t know was that part of her “computer work” was leaving some of the erotic stories I’d written open but minimized on the computer that Mark was going to be using this morning. She knew they’d be impossible for him to miss and she suspected that when he read the rather graphic content he would be spurred into action. All the stories that I’d written involved me being with other men and exploring my many fantasies of gay and bi sex and submission.

I turned the TV off and finished my coffee, then got up to take a shower. As I stood under the warm stream of water, my cock rose and I began to stroke it slowly. I had to admit, that my mind wandered to Mark again. Just the fact that I was alone in the house with a gay man was arousing enough, but there was something about him that was very erotic as well. I stroked myself slowly, but before I came, I stopped and resolved to save it for my wife when she got home. I had to try hard to divert my mind to something that would allow my erection to deflate despite its repeated arousal without satisfaction, but eventually, I resumed my shower in relative distraction. I got out and toweled off and by now was thinking of a few things that I had to get done at some point during the day. I walked out of the bathroom naked and went towards my bureau as usual. What wasn’t usual was that Mark was lying naked on our bed slowly stroking his cock.

I stopped, in shock and stupidly said, “Mark, what are you doing?”

He didn’t answer for some time and then said slowly, “I’m stroking my cock.”

I couldn’t say anything at first, but finally, my mouth reacted properly and said, “You need to leave.”

He didn’t move and didn’t answer at first, then said, “Do I. It looks like your cock says otherwise.”

My cock, of course, displayed my true feelings and was throbbing hard already. I dropped my eyes down, partly from embarrassment and partly to confirm the betrayal that I could feel pulsing hot through my body. My eyes drifted slowly up and stared at his cock. He was still lightly stroking his hand up and down the shaft. I stared and could do nothing but observe every detail. It was beautiful. Long and thick, not huge, but big and perfectly shaped, I stared and couldn’t look away. My trance was broken by him getting up from the bed and walking towards me. My eyes dropped again. I was too nervous and embarrassed to look at him. I could see a wet spot at the tip of my cock and then could see his body come into view as he stepped close to me. His hands gently slid over my nipples, causing my body to convulse and more wetness to seep from the end of my cock. His hand went to my cock and he wiped his fingers across the wet head and I thought that I would cum all over his hand. He brought his hand to my mouth and pushed my chin up so that I was forced to look at him at the same time. My mouth went to his fingers and licked the salty wetness from them as he said, “You’re hungry aren’t you?”

I nodded my head in shame and hunger.

He smiled and said, “You want to suck my cock don’t you?”

I nodded my head again.

“That’s not good enough. Tell me what you want.”

“I want to suck your cock”, I said with a trembling voice.

“I know you do. You want me to make you my whore. You don’t just want to suck my cock, you want to worship it. You want every drop of cum you can get out of it, don’t you.”

It was not a question and he knew the answer of course. “Oh god yes. I want your cock in my mouth. I want you to fuck me and I want to you to give me all your hot cum”, I blurted out as I dropped to my knees in front of him and his swollen cock.

I stared straight ahead at it and he took it in his hand and slowly stroked it up and down again. He bent his cock forward and ran it across my cheek and under my chin. He forced my head up with it, to look him in the face. I tried to look away, but couldn’t. He said, “Where do you want my cum?”

“Everywhere” was all I could say.

He smiled. A sort of wry smiled that seemed to be amused by what a cum slut I was in front of him. I was beyond embarrassment by now and was consumed by lust. My servitude fed his arousal and he gave way to his power over me completely. “I’m going to give it to you everywhere before we’re done,” he said, “but I’m going to start with your face, because a slut should have cum on his face before he gets fucked. Get on the bed.”

I climbed onto the bed and he pulled my head around so that it was close to the edge. He stood over me, stroking his cock. I stared in amazement and lust at his cock and heavy balls just inches from my face. My body quivered and my face was frozen in a look of lustful anticipation. “Tell me what you want”, he panted.

“Cum on my face. Oh god, cum on my face. Shoot your hot cum on me. Cover me. I want it. Please. Cum on my face. Please. Please Mark. Please. Please.” I ranted.

I watched his balls pull tight to the base of his cock. His cock throbbed and jerked. His cum flew and landed hot on my face. Shot after hot shot flew from his lurching cock all over my face and neck and into my hair. My orgasm came. Cum poured from my cock out onto my belly. His legs grew weak from the force of his orgasm and he leaned forward onto the bed to steady himself, pressing his cock and balls into my face as he did. I licked and sucked at his cum soaked balls. A long moan that started when I saw the first throb of his cock was muffled but not diminished by his messy crotch pressed to my face. I felt his hand on my cock and though its hardness had only diminished slightly, I felt it grow harder still. He regained his strength and brought his hand to my mouth. I licked my cum greedily from his fingers. He ran his fingers through the cum that he had shot all over my face and smiled at me, seeing that I was eagerly awaiting whatever he wanted to do to me next. He slid his hand under my neck and lifted my head towards the head of the bed. He spread cum everywhere he touched me. I was lying on the bed now, with my head toward the top and he straddled my chest and pressed forward, saying, “Suck my cock”.

I did so eagerly and he slowly began to move his hips back and forth, fucking my face. I nearly choked, but he went slowly at first and then fed me more and more of his cock with each forward stroke. I wanted every inch of him inside me and relaxed my throat and gave over to him. “That’s it. Suck it. Oh yea, take the whole thing. I knew you were a cocksucker the first time I saw you. Yea, take it you fucking cocksucker. Yea, suck that cock. Oh god Steve, you are such a cock hungry slut. I’m going to fuck your face and then I’m going to fuck your ass.”

I felt his heavy balls slap against my chin and my nose press into the matted hair of his crotch with each forward stroke. His hand pressed to the back of my head and pulled my hair hard with each forward stroke, burying his cock into my hungry mouth. He stopped and rolled off of me. “Get on your knees, bitch. I’m going to fuck that tight ass of yours now.”

The sound that escaped me was half moan and half whimper. I quickly moved to my knees, my head and shoulders pressed to the bed. “Reach back and spread your cheeks for me”, he commanded.

“Oh god, fuck my ass”, I panted as my hands pulled my ass cheeks apart, exposing my tight hole to him.

“Shut up slut”, he barked. “Push your finger in there and loosen it up for me.”

I wiped my finger around the sweat and cum that had run between my legs and then slowly forced my finger up inside my tight ass. I felt like such a slut, finger fucking my ass in front of him, but I wanted so badly for him to fuck me and my finger felt so good, I slowly worked it in and out moaning.

“You are such a horny bitch”, he taunted. “Work another finger in there so my cock doesn’t split you open.”

“Please, just fuck me”, I moaned, but I complied, forcing a second finger into my ass.

“Oh, I’m going to fuck you alright. I’m going to shove my whole cock into that tight little ass of yours. I’m going to fuck it until it milks my cum. I’m going to fill your slut ass with hot cum.” 

His hand pulled mine away, my fingers popping out and quickly replaced by the fat head of his cock. It was coated with cum and saliva and he leaned forward in one steady thrust pushing his whole cock into my ass. I felt his weight on me and over me and it pressed my head and shoulders into the soft bed. I moaned. A slow deep moan. My ass felt impossibly full and my cock throbbed and dripped. He eased his cock back and then slowly forward again. I could feel every beautiful inch of it touch every nerve and sending waves of only pleasure over my entire body. My hips rocked back, wanting him to fuck me harder and deeper. “Yes. Yes. Fuck me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Oh yea, fuck me”, I panted.

His hands took my hips and he began to thrust powerfully and deeply with each stroke. His hips crashed against my ass and he couldn’t fuck me hard enough or fast enough for either of us. We were both blind to anything but our own lust and he fucked my ass wildly. My hands clutched handfuls of the bedspread, trying to get a grip to force myself back harder against his thrusts. I panted and struggled to breath, my face buried in the blankets. I felt his cock stiffen and throb in my ass and my cum start to flow as he reached around and stroked me. I lifted my head from the mattress and saw my wife standing inside the bedroom doorway, leaning back against the door with her pants around her knees. She rubbed her clit furiously with the flat of her hand pressed hard against her mound. She came hard as we did and it wasn’t the last time that morning for any of us.

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