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Mask Night at the Bar

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It was nearly pitch dark in the bar, and an air of excitement was palpable in the quiet murmurs of the crowd. Frantic whispers broke out as the emcee stepped to the microphone and the house lights came up. Now you could see the large screens hanging from the ceiling in strategic spots along the room. Now you could see the pommel horse onstage, the examination table with stirrups, the loops and bars and stocks that permitted a variety of bound positions.

Now you could see that everyone in the room was masked. The bar was small, really. About 25 tables closely circled the raised stage, none more than about 12 feet from the action.

“Alright, people,” announced the emcee, “some of you know the drill. It’s Wednesday night here in ‘Nawlin’s,’ and that means fantasy match time! You can see what we have on-stage for tonight’s fun. At your places, you’ll find a pencil and paper. Now, we checked your ID’s coming in, and you’re all of age. So, take the next 5 or 10 minutes to write out your fantasy. Give us details! What is your most secret sexual desire? Do you want to do or be done to? Who do you want to do it with? If you just want to watch, that’s fine, but if you want to really have some fun, start writing! We’re going to read all your requests, and we’ll vote on the best matches.”

Across the room, small lamps were lit at each table. Behind the masks, eager partiers began completing fantasy forms. Name. Brief description of fantasy: Act, position, prop, dress, preferred partner. First time? Yes/No. Is there anything you absolutely will not do: describe.

“Are you really sure you’re ready to try this?” Stephanie asked Steve. “You don’t even know who these people are.”

“Everyone has to wear a condom, there’s no real risk,” whispered Steve. “And I’ve been wanting to do this ever since we were here last year. I’m already hard just thinking about it. Are you sure you’re OK with it?”

“As long as I don’t have to get up there,” sighed Stephanie. “I think it would be hot to watch you, though.”

“Well, let’s both hope I match, then,” replied Steve.

“What name did you give?”


“Time’s up for round one, folks,” reported the emcee. “I need everyone’s forms front and center. And just to get you all warmed up, Mandy and Glenn are going to entertain you while we check out the matches.”

Mandy turned out to be an impossibly slinky blond, about 5’6″, with hips so narrow it was hard to believe she could even be real. Her breasts, though, were nicely rounded “B’s,” perfectly shaped—as everyone in the room could soon see when Glenn peeled off her tight t-shirt, baring them to the audience’s view. He cupped them in his large hands from behind, teasing her nipples to stiff, pink points, and arousing himself in the process. Blond himself, shaggy haired, and well over six feet, he looked like a Viking. He was easily a foot taller than petite Mandy.

“I’d like to play with him,” Stephanie hissed.

“So, fill out a form for the next round. Maybe you’ll get lucky,” laughed Steve.

Glenn’s pants strained over the obvious bulge of his stiff cock. Mandy lifted his shirt up from the bottom and pulled it over his head, revealing a broad, furred chest. She darted out a pointed tongue and swirled it over his nipples, one at a time. Just then the video screens came on, showing a close-up view of the action. Glenn groaned as Mandy’s tongue teased, and her hand slid down slyly to cup his package and stroke him gently.

Breath was held throughout the room as Mandy knelt, unbuckled Glenn’s belt, unzipped his pants, and revealed the first pulsing erection of the evening. It was a beauty: nestled in a full bush of strawberry blond hair, it was thick, dark red, and a clear drop of fluid already oozed from the tip. He stepped out of his pants and stood proudly naked on the stage.

“Ooohhh!” sqealed Stephanie to Steve. “I knew that would be worth waiting for.”

Mandy’s lips and tongue explored the length and girth of the Viking’s penis for several long minutes, but she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of taking him into her mouth. On the big screens, the shaft of Glenn’s hard cock was slick with the moisture from her tongue.

Clearly frustrated, the naked Viking pulled Mandy to the center of the stage, stripped off her skirt and panties in one quick movement, and used a dangling pair of cuffs to fasten her wrists high above her head. He spread her legs wide and cuffed her slender ankles apart. Then he pushed a button, and raised the platform she stood on up about a foot—just the right height for the big man to penetrate her comfortably while standing.

Pulling a lightweight switch off a side table, he stood behind Mandy and whipped her smooth, rounded ass with it; with tingling strokes that made her fine cheeks nicely pink.

Then, moving around to kneel in front of the helplessly bound woman, he snaked out a surprisingly long tongue, swirling it very, very lightly over her prominent clitoris. For an achingly long time, he teased her exquisitely, and she writhed, trying vainly to thrust her hips harder against his face and get the stimulation she needed to come. On the large screens, even the slightest flicker of that amazing tongue could be seen in magnified view, softly and relentlessly assaulting Mandy’s defenseless clit. It looked as if it felt wonderful.

Finally, Glenn stood up, unwrapped a condom and unrolled it over his throbbing organ, and began to rub the rubber-covered tip very gently against Mandy’s swollen clit. Her thighs were shiny with her own juices mixed with Glenn’s saliva.

“Stick your cock in her!” Someone in the crowd yelled.

“Fuck her now! Fuck her good and hard!” Added a chorus of others.

Undaunted, Glenn kept up his slow, careful caresses, then began to push just the head of his cock into Mandy’s dripping wetness. She was whimpering and trying to push herself against him, but with her arms and legs restrained, he was completely in control. Finally, he took his own pleasure: shoving himself in to the hilt and pulling completely out, in long, deep thrusts. Her hips moved with each fresh penetration, and his pubic bone ground hard against her clitoris. When she came, which didn’t take long, she cried out and her whole body convulsed, and he groaned and came afterward.

“Oh my God, that was hot,” moaned Stephanie. “You could do me right now, on top of this table!”

“Look at the guy in the red mask, behind us.” noticed Steve. “He’s already ahead of you.”

Sure enough, the man had unzipped his jeans and was stroking his stiff cock. He startled when the house lights came up, exposing his public masturbation, but didn’t stop until he spurted jets of come, which he wiped up with a tissue.

“Eewww!” said Stephanie. “No wonder the floor is so sticky.”

“Alright, everyone, it’s voting time!” announced the emcee. “We have three matches, and we need your help to choose the lucky winners for this round. But first, weren’t Mandy and Steve terrific? Let’s have a round of applause for some truly passionate fucking.”

The audience was only too glad to release some of its pent-up tension in a burst of thunderous applause. A still naked Mandy and Glenn took a bow, then picked up their clothes and walked off stage.

“Thank you everyone. OK. Now I’m going to describe our three fantasy matches, and when I’m done, I’ll give you a chance to vote on which one you’d like to see acted out on our live stage!

“Fantasy match number one would hook up a woman who wants to eat her first pussy on our stage with a woman who wants to be stripped, bound, and eaten out until she screams. We’ll call it: ‘Girls and Swirls.’ Remember that one, now, when it comes to the voting. It sure sounds delicious to me.

“Fantasy match number two would pair up a man who wants to do the Chippendales thing and strip for us, with a woman who wants to fuck a male stripper’s ass with a strap-on. We’ll call this one: ‘The Slicker Stripper.’ Sounds kinky!

“And for fantasy match number three, we’ve got a guy who wants to give up his cherry for us and get fucked up the ass while strapped into our stocks, and a guy who’s always dreamed of breaking in an anal virgin. He promises to be gentle. We’ll call it: ‘Buns of Lust.’ I always like to see our customers trying out something new while they’re here.”

“Is that one yours?!” asked Stephanie.

“Oh yeah,” groaned Steve. “Vote for me!”

“Are you kidding? I’m dying to see you take it up the ass.”

“Here’s how the voting works,” explained the emcee. “This is our decibel meter. When I say your choice, scream as loud as you can. The biggest noise wins, so get ready to tell us what you want.”

Match number one, despite a volley of applause and many shrieks, got a decibel rating of 12.2. Match number did a little better, with 13.4. But match number three was the clear winner, with a rating of 15.8. (Stephanie’s loud screams probably helped).

“Alright everyone, you’ve made your choice, and I think it’s a winner. It’s probably every man’s deep secret fantasy: to take a hard cock up the ass from a masterful partner. I’ll need Jeff and John up here. Folks, a big hand for Jeff and John!”

While the clapping continued, Steve gulped, quickly arranged his erection in his pants so he could walk, and climbed the two steps to the stage. While he couldn’t see “John’s” face under the mask, the man’s neat, upscale clothing was reassuring. He couldn’t believe his fantasy was about to come true—and with a room full of witnesses to share the experience! John was about the same height as Steve, six feet, but where Steve was lean, John was solid, with broad shoulders and a thickly padded chest. Steve wondered what his cock would look like—and feel like—then shivered, realizing he would soon find out.

“So, Jeff and John,” said the emcee. “This is a brave thing you’re doing! You don’t know us, you don’t know each other, and you’re going to get naked up here on our stage and have sex with each other. We’re so glad you’re here! Now, it’s going to work like this. Jeff, your fantasy is to be taken. John, your fantasy is to take—so that means you’re in charge. You tell Jeff what you want done, and he’ll do it. Ready? OK!”

“Take off your clothes, I want you naked,” commanded John. The room cheered as Steve, his face flaming red under the mask, unbuttoned his shirt and set it aside, tugged his t-shirt out of his pants and pulled it over his head, untied and removed his shoes, pulled off his socks, and then stood there, helplessly, in just his pants.

“Everything,” said John quietly. “Take off your pants. I want to see your cock and get a good look at the ass I’m going to be fucking.”

Steve unbuckled his pants and unzipped his zipper. He pushed them down his hips, revealing a hard cock tenting out his blue plaid boxers. He held his breath while he pulled off his shorts, and stood there, hands crossed to hide his genitals.

“Put your hands on your head and turn around,” ordered John. Steve complied, excitement fighting with embarrassment in his mind, his stiff cock revealed now, bouncing as he turned. It was warm in the room, but he shivered nonetheless, knowing what was coming next, wanting and fearing it at the same time. But there was no going back. He had to go through with it. He had never felt so vulnerable and exposed. Only the mask hid his identity.

“Come here and get into the stocks,” directed John. Steve had to bend over from the waist to fit his wrists and neck into the 3-foot tall stocks, which were, no doubt, designed for maximum exposure of their intended victim. His small, tight ass stood out embarrassingly, and his rock hard erection throbbed beneath his belly. John touched him for the first time while spreading his legs and locking his ankles into cuffs, just like Mandy. Steve was now completely immobilized, unable to change his mind or resist his coming anal violation in any way.

John now stood in front of Steve and unzipped his zipper. He reached into his shorts, withdrew an already-rigid cock, and instructed Steve to suck. Faced—literally—for the first time with another man’s erect penis, Steve looked, shocked, at the organ that would soon penetrate his virgin ass. From this view, at least, it looked huge: thick and throbbing, with prominent veins and a large, rounded, nearly purple head. He involuntarily clenched his butt cheeks, and his own cock bobbed.

John bumped the large head against Steve’s lips. Steve tentatively reached out with his tongue and slid it along the underside of John’s shaft. The skin was warm and soft and incredibly smooth, and Steve could smell his musk. He knew how good even the light tonguing must feel, and John pushed the large head into his mouth. Steve swirled his tongue over the tip, pushing it into the hole at the end, and teasing the sensitive spot just under the glans. John let out a low moan and fed more of his cock into Steve’s mouth.

As John began to thrust his hips, shoving his stiff penis deeper into Steve’s mouth, Steve accommodated, having no choice in the matter. He was sucking his first cock—in public—and from the throbbing he felt in his mouth and throat, John wasn’t going to last long. He could see one of the screens from his vantage point, could see himself, naked, spread eagled and bent over, his mouth obscenely stuffed with a stranger’s swollen dick. It was an incredibly erotic sight. He wondered what Stephanie thought of it.

“I’m going to come in your mouth,” announced John. “Because that way I’ll last a lot longer when I stick it up your ass.”

The crowd cheered, and began to chant, “fuck his mouth!, fuck his mouth!” in rhythm with John’s thrusts. The first jets of hot sperm hit the back of Steve’s throat, and he gulped, trying to keep up. Some of it dripped down John’s shaft, and John scooped it up with a finger and made Steve lick it off. He’d tasted his own sperm, and it wasn’t so bad, just sort of warm and salty. It smelled like fresh-mowed grass.

Now what? Steve wondered. John looked to be about in his mid 30s, so he probably couldn’t get it up again for at least 10 or 15 minutes. What was he going to do in the meantime? Steve suspected he was about to find out.

Sure enough, John stood up, tucked his semihard penis back into his pants, and zipped up. Then he moved around behind Steve, who felt all the more naked since John was clothed. For a long moment, John just stood there, enjoying the view, while Steve shivered and all the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. John reached out one fingertip and ran it very slowly from the nape of Steve’s neck down his spine, and between his cheeks, teasing his asshole. Steve’s cock jumped.

John then took Steve by the hips with both hands, and began to knead and massage his small, muscular butt cheeks. It felt wonderful, and Steve started to relax a bit. The man’s large hands caressed his thighs, and gently cupped Steve’s dangling testicles. “You’ve got one fine ass,” said John. “I’m going to really enjoy this.” With that, John dropped to his knees behind Steve and started to kiss and lick his upper thighs and his ass, first the outside, then, as Steve held his breath, spreading his cheeks apart and flicking the tip of his tongue against Steve’s unprotected asshole. As Steve closed his eyes with pleasure, John’s impossibly soft, wet tongue swirled around his anus and even thrust inside! It felt unbelievable.

Stephanie squirmed in her seat. Seeing that soft, wet, pink tongue swirling into Steve’s most secret flesh was driving her crazy with a hunger that just couldn’t wait for the hotel. She surreptitiously lifted her skirt and slid a hand into her panties to sooth her throbbing clitoris.

“Is that your guy up there on stage?” a deep voice whispered into her ear. “Yes,” she managed. “I thought I saw him leave you here. Do you mind if I help you out, while he’s up there? You look like you could use some help.” Instead of answering, she pulled her hand out of her panties to give him access. “Put your ass on the edge of your chair,” the stranger insisted. When Stephanie slid forward, he ducked under the table, grasped the waistband of her pantiess, and tugged them down around her ankles. He spread her thighs wide and held them apart with his strong hands. In the deep dark of the bar, he sucked her clit between his lips and thrust his tongue deep up inside of her and wiggled it around. The entire area around them was suddenly filled with her fragrance.

When Stephanie looked at the stage again, John’s ass-licking had found a steady, slow rhythm that seemed to be driving Steve wild, judging by the way his hips were rolling from side to side, and his eyes were closed in ecstasy. John’s cock was hard again, now, and he withdrew it from his pants. If anything, it looked even bigger this time. Stephanie wondered how something so big could possibly fit into Steve’s little hole, but he liked to play with dildos and butt plugs, so she didn’t worry too much about it. And that strange tongue on her clit felt so insistent and so warm and so wet… She held off her orgasm, wanting to wait until she saw that thick cock disappear into Steve’s ass. Mmm.

Steve opened his eyes when John’s tongue stopped its soft rimming. John stood up, walked around in front of Steve again, and held his stiff cock up to Steve’s lips. “Kiss it,” he ordered. “And then I’m going to fuck your virgin ass.” Steve kissed the spongy head, and then John rolled on a condom and slicked up his erection with a generous dollop of lube. Moving around behind Steve, John spread additional lube around his anus, then stood close behind him, slowly running the rubber-covered head of his cock up and down his crack, teasing. Up and down, up and down, until Steve began to feel accustomed to feeling the pulsing manhood so close to his unprotected asshole. This was it—the moment he’d been waiting for. Now Steve could see on the screen that John was holding his dick in his hand, aiming it. And he could feel the cockhead against his butthole, gently pushing.

John took his time, but he was insistent. And as he pushed, he kept up a steady murmur of erotic talk. “I can’t wait to bury my cock to the hilt in your virgin ass. I’m going to stretch you like you’ve never been stretched before. You’ve never had a real man fuck you, but you’ll never forget this, I bet. God, I bet you’re so tight…” The rubbery head pushed through his anal ring with a pop, and then John shoved, gently. Steve watched on the screen what he could feel between his legs—he was a virgin no more. A man’s cock was solidly lodged in his rectum, and it felt incredible.

The crowd cheered as John’s shaft disappeared between Steve’s cheeks, and Stephanie, with the stranger’s tongue trilling an impossible beat against her clit, and two fingers thrusting inside of her, cried out as her orgasm overtook her.

John pumped in and out of Steve’s ass now with slow, rhythmic thrusts. With his arms locked into the stocks, Steve couldn’t even touch his own aching cock, but he was beginning to realize that it didn’t matter. The big penis thrusting into him was massaging his prostate. His cock was leaking a stream of clear fluid, and he was getting closer and closer. Looking through the mask holes to the screen and seeing the big shaft disappearing inside of him, and feeling John’s balls slapping against his ass with each deep thrust, was the final spur he needed. One more thrust, and another, and he groaned out loud as his cock spurted and he came. In another few thrusts, John came, too, pulling off the condom and shooting his seed onto Steve’s ass, then rubbing it in to his skin.

John slapped Steve’s ass, said, “thanks, man, that was great,” and released him from the stocks. Steve grabbed his clothes from the heap on the stage floor. “There we have it, folks, fantasy match round one,” said the emcee. “Let’s give Jeff and John a big hand!”

Steve put his clothes on backstage, and found his way back to the table with Stephanie. Eyes bright beneath his mask, he gave her a deep kiss. “So, how was it?” he asked. “Awesome!” she answered.

“And now it’s time to think about round two!” said the excited emcee. “Did Jeff and John give you any new ideas? Tell us your fantasies, and maybe you can be next.”

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