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Mardi Gras Madness

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My husband and I enjoy going to Mardi Gras, now even more so than ever. The first couple of times we attended were in our hometown of Galveston and we enjoyed it a lot, although it is a pretty mild scene compared to Mardi Gras in the “Big Easy”.

We saw things that shocked both of us and even though we are not exactly prudes, we didn’t really get into a whole lot of the sexual revelry.

True, with our inhibitions loosened by the alcohol and the party spirit, we both shared a few kisses and a little “innocent” groping with total strangers, but that was about the extent of our participation. One thing gnawed at us the whole year as we waited for our next trip, something that intrigued us that we didn’t feel adventurous enough to try.

You see, being new to the New Orlean’s experience, we spent most of our time seeing the sights and participating in the parades and the raucous street life, but one night we wandered into a little jazz club just out of curiosity. There was a lot of dancing to a really good jazz combo and we enjoyed that very much, both together and with other partners. There was one thing though, that we were really curious about. It seemed from time to time we kept noticing people, both singles and couples, seeming to disappear to somewhere toward the back of the club. Finally our curiosity got the best of us and my husband asked a guy who seemed to be a regular, what was going on back there.

The big man smiled and said that was where the “real” party went on. It seems the people who went back there were ready for a little more action than would be allowed in the public area with all the tourists and the occasional police checks. It was pretty much an any thing goes party only for the open minded and those not faint at heart. Anyone was welcome to participate and he suggested we check it out, eyeing me lustily. While our curiosity made us want to at least take a peek, we resisted that urge. Funny thing though, after we returned home, it was all we could think about. We even fantasized about what might have happened had we gone back there and without words both vowed to at least check it out on our next trip.

Our first couple of days were spent as usual, enjoying the parades and the street scene, but as we prepared to go out for the third night, we agreed that we would check out that club.

The first couple of hours, we wandered the streets and did a little bar hopping, but finally we made our way to that club. My husband could tell I was still a little uptight and uncertain about going to the “real” party, so for the first hour or so we danced and he plied me with more drinks until I was feeling no pain and very little inhibitions. Finally, we made our way into the back room.

My first impression was one of disappointment, not really knowing what to expect. I guess I expected a full-fledged orgy. As we found a table and observed, I did notice that the dancing was a lot raunchier and risque and there was definitely a lot more exposed flesh and more open making out by couples of both sexes. Still it was not nearly as wild as I had expected. That all changed a short time later, thanks to my suddenly adventurous husband.

We were dressed that night as a “Roaring Twenties” couple, my husband in his pin-striped suit and Fedora and I in one of those flapper dresses, short and form fitting with all that fringe.

As we danced, he moved behind me, grinding into my butt as he slowly lowered the top of my dress down to my waist, exposing my lush breasts to all eyes. Thank goodness, I had enough strands of beads on that no one could really get a good look. All they could see was the beads moving as he fondled my breasts, making my nipples rockhard as he ground his growing erection into my tingling butt. Still, he had gotten the attention of several of those nearby.

When I didn’t protest his actions, he took things a step further, definitely drawing even more attention our way. Just as he had earlier with the top of my dress, his hands moved down and lifted my dress until it was gathered at my waist, exposing my long, shapely legs and almost nude, thong covered bottom. To make things even worse, his big hand moved to the tiny patch of red material that barely covered my clean shaven pussy, fondling it slowly before pushing the material aside, exposing me totally. This brought many suggestive catcalls and brought most of the movement on the dance floor to a standstill. I suddenly felt lightheaded, not as much from the booze I had consumed as by the fact that it was obvious where my horny husband was headed with his actions. He left me little time to ponder my own feelings.

“How about it, anyone want some of this?” he laughed, his words slightly slurred as he slowly slid a finger up and down between my rapidly moistening labia. I writhed against him, trembling as I realized he was offering me to any and all takers.

“How about you, Zulu?” he said, addressing a huge black man dressed as a Zulu chieftain, all the while one hand fondling a breast as the other fondled my now sopping sex. “You want some of this fine, white pussy?”

The dark giant let his actions speak for him, one huge hand on my husband’s chest, pushing him away as he enfolded me in his other powerful arm. His thick, full lips crushed down on mine, his tongue entering my open mouth in a kiss that took my breath away. As I returned his kiss, his huge hands cupped my tingling butt, pulling me so close that I could feel the heat from the growing bulge beneath his breechcloth grinding into my suddenly churning belly.

“You don’t need these.” he roared for the crowd as he ripped away my wet panties, leaving me completely exposed for a second before his big hand covered my mound, causing me to jerk as he plunged a huge finger into my sopping hole. “You like that, white bitch?”

“Mmmmmmmmm….yeeaasssssss…love it…finger my wet pussy.” I purred, writhing on his thick digit, eyes closed, my head lolling back drunkenly. “Make me cum baby. I need to cum so bad.”

Just when my body started trembling, right on the edge of a much needed orgasm, he pulled away, smiling wickedly at the dilemma of a woman right on the edge. The gathering crowd roared their approval with raucous laughter and even more lewd remarks.

“On your knees, slave!” he demanded, towering menacingly over me, his big hand twisting in my hair as he forced me downward. “Worship at the feet of Mutumba.”

Entranced, I slid to my knees, hands trembling as I pushed aside his breechcloth, finding myself face to face with the biggest, darkest black cock I had ever seen in my life. Hanging there in it’s semi-flaccid state, it was nearly twice as long as any cock I had ever had, thick, dark, uncut and as menacing as the black giant it was attached to.

“Don’t just stare at it, bitch!” he growled, prompting more calls from our audience. “Worship the black cock of your master. His huge hand again twisted my hair painfully, pulling my face into his musky crotch, almost smothering me with his masculine aroma.

Timidly, I reached up, my hand unable to completely encircle his thickness. Pulling back the thick hood of flesh that covered its purple head, I flicked my tongue out, lapping away the glistening precum that oozed from his slit. He gasped, jerking slightly as my ovalled lips closed over the thick organ, sucking a couple of inches of the thick, velvety cockmeat into my mouth, tongue swirling around it eagerly.

The crowd was really getting into it now, chanting as I sucked more and more of the rapidly growing organ into my stuffed, stretched mouth. The room rang with comments like, “look at her work that dick” and “suck that black cock you white slut”. All the lust in the room only served to further fuel my enthusiasm for blowing the biggest cock I had ever seen. At the moment there was only me and that huge black cock in the whole world.

“You want my cream, white lady?” he laughed, pulling what had to be a foot of solid, rockhard cockmeat from my mouth and tauntingly slapping my cheeks with it. “You want my hot, black sperm in your white belly?”

“Mmmmmmmmmm….yes….yesssssssssssssss!” I murmured, grabbing his giant organ, trying to pull it back into my salivating mouth. “Cum for me master. Give me your hot, sweet cream!”

He grasped my head in his huge hands, holding me still as he pumped his throbbing bone in and out of my stuffed mouth, fucking my face mercilessly. One of my hands fondled his huge ball sac, feeling those huge orbs tightening. My other hand slid between my own trembling legs, frigging my sopping cunt, bringing me closer and closer to another orgasm.

Just when I thought I could stand no more and my body was rocked by an overwhelming orgasm, he pulled his swollen rod from my mouth, twisting my head back roughly with one hand while the other stroked his throbbing monster rapidly. Through lust glazed eyes, I watched the big eye in his cockhead open, the first jet of his creamy essence spurting over my lapping tongue. There was so much that I could not swallow nearly all of it and I felt glob after glob of his hot manjuice spurting into my face and hair, dripping down onto my bead covered chest. When he stopped shooting, he stuffed his spent shaft back into my mouth, letting me lovingly suck the last of the tasty juice from his throbbing bone.

“Now I’m going to breed my white whore.” Mutumba announced proudly, glaring at my shocked husband who still stood nearby, as enrapt in the lusty scene as the rest of the crowd. “You want me to plant my potent black seed in your wife’s white belly?”

“Do whatever you want, big guy.” my stunned husband said meekly, sounding far away as the crowd roared appreciatively. “Give the horny bitch what she wants.”

The black giant pulled me to my feet by my hair,dragging me to a nearby table. He roughly pushed me face down on the table, one big hand holding the back of my neck while the other alternately spanked my exposed butt and then reached between my spread legs to fondle my sopping sex, probing me deeply with two thick fingers, opening me for the coming assault.

As wet and open as I was, I still cringed and cried out in pain as he entered me, stretching me painfully with his thickness as he plunged a couple of inches of the ebony tool into my helpless body.

Totally disregarding my screams and pleas for him to take it slow, the black giant plunged on, each powerful stroke planting his pulsing rod deeper into “virgin” territory. It was such a strange mix of pain, pleasure and taboo excitement that I thought I might lose my mind.

“You like the way my big black dick is fucking you, bitch?” he growled, his hand twisting in my hair, turning my head until I was staring through drunken, lust glazed eyes at my stunned husband. “Tell your husband how much you love the way Mutumba fucks you.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm…uuunnnnnggghhh….yesssss…yesss.. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” I cried out, totally unashamed at the slut I had become. “He’s fucking me sooooooo good, honey! His black cock is so big and hot and hard…FUCKING ME SOOOOOOO FUCKING GOOD…OHHHHHHHH GAAAAAAWWWWWWDDD YES!”

Having recently used my mouth to relieve his needs, my black master had seemingly unlimited staying power, pounding relentlessly into my helpless body that seemed to be wracked by an almost continuous string of blinding orgasms. He had to have fucked me for a half hour at least when I told him my legs were too weak for me to stand any longer. Lifting my legs, he held me up, fucking into me “wheelbarrow” style, penetrating even deeper into my stretched, aching cunt.

“You want me to shoot my sperm in you, my little slut?” he roared, his throbbing cock buried deep in my fertile womb, churning and grinding slowly as he awaited my reply. “You want me to put a black baby in your white belly? Tell your husband you want my powerful black sperm to make a big black baby in your belly.”

“Ooooooooohhh…ohhhhhhhgaaawwwddd..yes…yes…. YEEEEAAAAASSSSSS!” I screamed out, delerious with sexual pleasure. “Let him give me his baby, hon’. Please let him cum in me…PUHLEEEEEEZE!”

Even as the last words trailed from my mouth, his huge cock jerked, erupting and bathing the walls of my uterus with what felt like gallons of his virile, potent black sperm. My tortured cunt reacted, my own juices gushing from me so copiously that for a moment I thought I had lost control of my bladder and urinated on myself. Never in my life had I cum so hard. I suddenly felt so weak that it was a struggle just to remain concious, feeling a great loss and emptiness when he slowly eased his spent monster from my ravished cunt.

“Anyone else want some of Mutumba’s brown pole?” I heard my master saying proudly as he gave my upturned, motionless ass one more sharp, stinging slap with his huge hand.

“Meeeeeeee…meeeeee please!” I heard an older, chunky white woman who had been sitting in a nearby chair watching our show, her pudgy fingers working at her matronly breasts and the hairy, wet snatch between her thick thighs. “Bring that big, beautiful cock to Momma.”

Through half closed eyes, I watched her fat fingers close around his thick length,still glistening with my juices,pulling it into her drooling hungry mouth. She sucked him lustily, noisily, bringing more roars of approval from the spectators who were now totally caught up in the lusty spectacle.

I had little time to enjoy my role of spectator as another stranger suddenly moved behind me, feeling disappointingly small as he sutffed his smaller organ into my gaping gash, sloshing around in my wetness. His hands reached beneath me to roughly paw at my aching breasts.

“”Damn, this cunt’s so loose and wet I can hardly feel it.” he laughed, bringing the roar of laughter from the crowd around us. “That big black fucker really stretched her out. Gonna have to fuck this tight ass.”

I had little warning or time to protest as I felt his cockhead nudging against my puckered rosebud. It suddenly felt much larger as he plunged into me without warning, causing me to cry out in surprise and more than a little pain as he pumped into my unprepared asshole. Soon my cries were stifled when another man, a huge black man, climbed onto the table, grabbing my head and stuffing his big, dark erection into my open mouth.

Before I became too distracted to think of anything else, I watched Mutumba pull the older blonde into the floor, placing her on hands and knees as he plunged into her gaping hole, causing her to squeal with delight. Nearby, my husband smiled and gave me a helpless shrug as a young redhead knelt before him, hungrily sucking at his throbbing cock while a muscular black man entered her from behind.

I soon lost track of how many men, and women used my aching body. The black man who had been feeding me his cock, pulled me from the table and carried me like a sack of feed to a mattress in the back of the room almost as soon as the cock punishing in my ass released it’s load.

All in all, I learned from later watching a video tape someone had graciously given my husband that I had repeatedly had a total of eleven different men filling my various openings with an endless supply of fresh, hard cockmeat. I even had my sloppy pussy eaten by the young redhead while my husband fucked her sexy ass and the highlight of the evening for most seemed to be when I engaged in a torrid sixty-nine with a sexy, slender blonde, both of us dining like starved animals at each others sodden cunts.

We have really enjoyed watching that tape over and over and having marathon sex bouts from the stimulus it provided. We are both definitely looking forward to the next time we make our way to the Delta City.

By the way, Mutumba failed in his efforts to impregnate me. His timing must have been off, but the anticipation of the possible results of our evening of lust only added to the excitement and afterglow of the whole adventure and I have little doubt that he or someone else will get another shot at it next year, same time, same place.


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