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Mardi Gras Adventure

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Shelly walked briskly down Bourbon St while I followed close behind. Her fat round ass, encased in a tight, short skirt, swayed from side to side as she deftly navigated through the crowd in her 4″ heals. A mass of beads, ranging from small to big, was draped around her neck but they did little to hide her huge, God given breasts.

“Show your tits,” a group or drunk boys on a balcony above her serenaded and she stopped abruptly and looked up at them with a defiant smile.

“What ya got for me,” she asked in a thick southern drawl. She had grown up in rural Virginia and we had lived in the DC metropolitan area before relocating to the Florida panhandle in 2013. Her pale, chubby hands rested on her wide hips and she looked up expectantly.

“Whoohoo,” the boys above cheered loudly. They all looked to be in their mid twenties and each boy wore shorts and tight teeshirts which displayed their well sculpted physiques. They held up several larger beads and my wife pointed to a set of red, white and blue beads that she liked.

Shelly nodded at me and I held my hands out to catch her bounty as she pushed the mass of beads around her neck to her back and started to slowly lift her tight, low cut shirt up. She bared her soft, doughy midriff and nicely tapered waist to the underside of her big DD cup tits and then paused.

The boys cheered louder and my wife popped her sexy bra clad breasts into view. A momentary hush fell around us and my pulse quickened as my wife reached behind her back and quickly unfastened her big lacy black bra letting her tits swing free to a deafening chorus of hoots and hollers. Her hands moved under her giant tits and she weighed them playfully before bringing her right nipple to her mouth and sucking on it for several moments. She was in her element and reveling in her glory. 

Shelly had long been a flirt and she adored being the center of attention but for years she had been overly self conscious of her body. She was, and always had been, a thick woman with wide hips and a big delicious ass, and that didn’t align with the mainstream media depiction of what an attractive woman was. It was only recently that she had accepted that she was beautiful and sexy because of her body and not inspite of it and the transformation was inspiring and hot. Her new found confidence had insipred a revival of her libido and that had opened a new world of interests to us both. 

“Do you want to see more?” She teased as she stood with her tits out and an excited glimmer in her pretty green eyes. She and I had been to New Orleans several times since we’d moved to Florida but we hadn’t been during Mardi Gras before and we were both amazed at the hedonistic atmosphere throughout the city. 

“Show your pussy,” one boy yelled. He was a dark haired boy with a fit body and what appeared to be an impressive bulge in his shorts. A crowd had gathered around my wife and I and neither of us felt safe at that moment.

“Invite us up and I will,” Shelly replied as she openly caressed and squeezed her big tits, leaving little doubt what would happen if they did. She and I were relatively new swinging but our kinks knew few boundaries. If it was legal and ethical and no one got hurt we would try it.

Moments later one of the guys from the balcony led us up to their room. My wife was the only woman in a room filled with young men she’d never met and me, and she didn’t seem to mind at all.

“So what do I get if I show you my pussy?” She asked as she looked at the small group of guys. Her infectious smile widened and I knew exactly what she wanted.

“Wha, what do you want,” one rather timid boy stammered nervously. He held up several large beads but my wife shook her head.

“Nope,” she answered quickly. “Quid pro quo. I want to see all of your cocks. If I do I will show you my pussy and you boys can keep my panties.”

My heart was racing and I watched the 6 of them quickly decide in unison to acquiesce to my wife’s demand. One by one they pushed their shorts down and their flaccid and semi flaccid cocks popped into view. Like my wife, I’d never been in a room with 6 eager half naked young men and my cock began to stir. I considered myself straight for the most part but I’d had a few same sex experiences when I was young and I was more than a little curious about bisex.

Shelly squealed with delight and quickly pushed her panties down her thick, shapely legs. She kicked them off and tossed them to the most well endowed of the strapping young men. The fresh, intoxicating aroma of my wife’s wet pussy wafted over me and I moved behind her as we faced the young men.

“You’ve dreamt about this haven’t you?” I teased softly. My lips grazed her ear and I kissed her neck as I lifted the hem of her short skirt up past her hips baring her neatly trimmed pussy.

A hush fell over the room and the guys openly ogled my pretty wife’s bare pussy. Her hard clit poked out from its hood and I brushed my fingertip over it making her moan softly. 

“You,” Shelly said, pointing at one of the guys. She crooked her finger and beckoned him closer. Her eyes moved down from his young handsome face to his rapidly growing dick. He had a nice cock. It wasn’t huge but it was above average and straight with a thick shaft and a pretty pink tip.

Shelly dropped to the floor and wrapped her hungry lips around his fully erect dick. Her head bobbed and she slurped noisily on it while her hands expertly manipulated his smooth, shaved balls. 

His eyes closed and he breathed deep and steady. His legs started to tremble and my wife buried the length of his manhood down her throat. He moaned deep and low, sending a shiver down my spine as Shelly swallowed his load.

The other guys surrounded my wife and I, waiting for their turn. The shy boy fisted his cock and my wife eagerly sucked it into her warm, talented mouth. I knew all to well how quickly she could make a man cum when she wanted to and in less than a minute he erupted inside of her.

Shelly was on a roll and I was enjoying the view as my wife zeroed in on the only black guy in the room. He had a sinewy yet muscular build and a nice thick unclipped dick. It was average or slightly longer and she took him to the root with relative ease. 

Tears streamed down my wife’s cheeks as she held him balls deep for a seeming eternity. Her fingers teased his taut ass making him squirm uncomfortably. His hips began to jog fore and aft and Shelly forced a digit up his ass making him explode violently in her insatiable mouth.

Shelly swallowed his load and rose to her feet like a new born fawn. She pulled me to her and kissed me hard, letting me taste the fresh cum on her lips.

“Oh shit yo,” one of the boys said as my wife and I shared the fruits of her labors. I reached behind her and unfastened her bra while we kissed and then lifted her shirt off, leaving her naked top and bottom.

“Go pair off with they gay guy,” Shelly whispered softly so no one but I could hear her. I knew whom she was referring and my stomach filled with nervous energy. She and I had often shared our deepest fantasies and she knew very well that I wondered about bisex.

Shelly pulled the well hung guy to the couch and the last two guys looked first at her and then at me. I had a moment of complete clarity and I realized that there wasn’t one gay guy. There were two.

They were both well built and slightly effeminate but one was bigger all around and he had tbe distinctive aura of a natural top.

“Get on your knees,” he said. His voice was light and playful but at the same time it was firm and unyielding and I obediently fell to my knees. The fresh musky scent of his hard body engulfed me and my nostrils flared. 

I gazed up at him with warm, pleading eyes and ran my hands up his well defined legs. It had been almost twenty years since I had touched a man like that and my mind was reeling. My lips parted of their own accord and I accepted his hard pulsating cock into my mouth.

My wife groaned in seeming agony as the well hung guy entered her sloppy wet pussy. Her hips bucked upward to meet his deep, powerful thusts and she raked her nails down his broad, trapezoidal back. I had seen and heard her fuck other men but never whilst I was sucking dick and the situation blew my mind.

My cock twitched and bounced between my legs as the two gay moved closer, giving me two delicious cocks to enjoy. I could hear them kissing above me and I dared not look. Two guys kissing to me was far too intimate for me and I concentrated on stroking and sucking their big throbbing dicks.

The top backed away, pulling his cock from my lips. He moved down towards my virgin ass while his friend fed his long somewhat slender cock into my ravenous mouth. It slid deep making me gag and I moaned around his warm flesh as the cool salve of lube spread over my puckered asshole.

He rolled a condom onto his fat cock and pushed the tip against my hole.

“Relax,” the top said in a deep soothing voice that sent a shiver down my spine. “You’re gonna love it.” He stroked my lower back and eased his cock into my tight asshole.

Pain ripped through me and I squealed like a stuck pig. He pushed deep until his balls presses against mine and then grabbed my hips as his friend gripped the sides of my head. My body rocked between them as if I was stuck in the vortex of a whirlpool. Saliva dripped from my chin and my cock muffled grunts and groans sounded distant and detached.

I heard my wife cry out in obvious ecstasy and I felt my cock grow harder as his dick stroked my prostate with each powerful stroke. My legs trembled and I felt like my entire body was a singular excited erogenous zone. Every movement brought me closer to nirvana.

The cock in my mouth got bigger and harder and he forced it into my throat. His deep guttural moan rang in my ears and he erupted inside me, filling my belly with his delicious seed. 

I dutifully swallowed and he sliped from my still eager lips. I sucked the final drops from him and savored the residual flavor as his dominant friend fucked me hard from behind. 

My wife cried out from another intense climax and my legs started to quiver and quake. I felt my climax building quickly and I gripped my throbbing cock as he continued to fuck me hard and fast. His body slammed against my ass and I groaned wantonly. My cock twitched and jerked. Cum spewed from it and my eyes rolled back in my head.

He pulled his big dick from my gaping anus and ripped off the condom. His hand moved furiously over his big meaty cock and he pumped an enormous load onto my ass.

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