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Mandy’s Therapy

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The sweet odor of pipe tobacco encased the room. Mandy stared at the ceiling as she lay on the couch, her legs slightly spread.

“You have to assert yourself,” he told her.

Mandy sighed for the umpteenth time. “I know. I know.”

“How can you expect to be taken seriously in a man’s world if you act like a chicken shit.”

Mandy took the insult like she always did—lying down. The doctor was supposed to be the best, and a bit unorthodox, but he always left her feeling like the worst.

“Tell me again about the contract,” he said.

“What is there to tell? No raise. No bonus. No nothing.” She flicked at a piece of lint on her flannel skirt. “Do you think I am a complete dishrag?” she asked.

“No,” he replied.

“No sometimes means yes,” Mandy said, choking back a sob.

“Who told you that?”

“Louis, my boss, right before he jammed his cock inside me for the first time. No sometimes means yes.”

“You shouldn’t tolerate such behavior.”

“But the thing is,” Mandy went on, “he was right.”

They talked for a bit more, and then the good doctor sent Mandy on her way, but this time was different. This time he gave her a package to open once she got home. “This should help,” he said.


Mandy opened the door to her apartment, the package in her hand, her unsatisfying contract on top of the package. She had left work early for the day, once she’d seen her contract, and saw no reason to return back to work. Mandy dropped the contract on the high counter which served as her breakfast nook and went into the bedroom. As she often did after a confrontational day at work, she spread out on the bed and let self-pity wash over her.

It may have been an hour or two before she moved again. Mandy had no idea. As she stirred herself to get up out of bed, her wool stocking rustled against the package, and she picked it up and opened it. Inside was the most amazing piece of latex she had ever seen. There was also a tube of lubricant in the box, and a note: use lots of lube.

Mandy took the blue piece of rubber out of the box and held it in her palm. One end was bulb-shaped, and the other looked like a penis. A big, blue penis. Mandy gasped at the effrontery. The doctor had often told her to think more like a man, and he had mentioned that part of his task was to help her achieve that, but she had not managed the breakthrough.

Perhaps it was the mahogany solemnity of the doctor’s office that prevented it. Perhaps it was just his presence. Something was blocking her. Here she was, as educated and as qualified as her peers, but despite being more capable than most, her boss, Louis, had not promoted her. He’d only fucked her, and not even to the point where she orgasmed, but perhaps that last part was her hangup.

She took the blue penis and slipped it in her mouth. Bigger than she’d ever had. Not that she’d had plenty, but she’d had enough. And each one’s owner had promised her something and then failed to deliver on it. Maybe the doctor was right. Maybe the difference was having a penis. Why was she sucking on this penis? Just falling into her preordained role, she supposed. Professional victim.

The sun had gone down, and the streetlights shimmered through her apartment window. Mandy was sick of feeling like a victim. She wanted to feel like a victor.

Mandy unbuckled her Mary Janes and slipped down her stockings and panties. Following the handwritten instructions, she lubed up the bulb end of the double-ender and eased it inside of herself. It made her flannel skirt poke outward at attention.

Mandy unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor. She gazed at herself in the wardrobe mirror: cotton dress shirt hanging down, big blue penis jutting out. Mandy liked what she saw. The shirt blocked her view, though.

After unbuttoning the shirt, Mandy let it fall to the floor. Something about the bra made her feel confined and a prisoner. More victimhood. She took that off, too.

Mandy watched her full breasts bounce as she walked around the living room. “Yeah, this is my cock,” she said. “Listen to me. Hear what I say, because I have a fat cock between my legs.” Mandy strutted about the bedroom, feeling ten feet tall. When she reached down to play with her cock, she realized the obvious—the other end of the cock was touching her in all the right places. Hmm, she thought.

Mandy lubed up her fat, blue penis and began stroking it. Her thighs quivered. This is nice, she thought. Mandy lay on the bed and added more lube. She pumped her fist hard, up and down, up and down. When she felt the sizzle and whir below her belly button, she abruptly stopped. Orgasms scared her. Too much loss of control. But she liked the dripping cock hanging between her legs. However, she didn’t care for how butch it made her feel. She went into her closet and grabbed that pair of slutty heels she never wore outside her apartment. Once there were on she felt like the summit of feminine power. Damn, her legs looked good! She should wear these heels outside.

Mandy put her hands on her hips, looking at herself in the full-length mirror. I’m sexy and I’m armed with a fat cock. Everyone out of my way!

A giggle escaped her lips. What would a man do on a lazy afternoon, she wondered. I know, he’d drink beer and eat potato chips. Mandy sauntered into the kitchen, the slutty heels thrusting her ass out high, her fat blue cock swinging in the breeze. She felt like the Queen of All Things.

There was a big rubber band around the potato chip bag. She pulled off the rubber band and pulled out a Bud Light, twisting off the cap. Instead of taking one chip out of the bag, she grabbed a handful. Some chip-crumbs landed on her breast.

“Now THERE’S a look I like on you,” a familiar male voice said.

Mandy whirled around. Her boss, Louis, was standing on the far side of the high breakfast counter. He couldn’t see her cock. “Are you taller today?” he asked.

“No,” Mandy said sheepishly. “I’m wearing high heels.” Her eyes locked on the floor tiles. After the first time he rammed his cock inside of her, he insisted she give him a key. She, of course, had complied.

“Your boobs are compelling,” Louis said as he unbuttoned his suit jacket. “I’ve never seen them in full light.” Louis licked his lips. It was true. She always undressed in the dark. “I’m glad I sent you to that psychologist. He’s doing wonders.” Mandy raised her eyes enough to see the contract on the counter, but no higher. She didn’t know why she insisted on being naked in the dark. Her nudity felt…empowering. For the first time, Mandy’s feminine mystique was a thing to be reckoned with.

“He is doing wonders,” she said.

“The curtains are open,” Louis said. “You know there are coworkers across the street. They can see you naked.”

Mandy didn’t look at the windows, but eyed the contract instead. A flush raced up from her breasts, filling her cheeks. “And what if they can?” she asked. “All they’ll wonder is why they can’t get a piece of this.” Mandy ran a hand over her breast.

“Indeed,” Louis said, stepping closer to the counter. Mandy stepped closer too, so that he couldn’t see her fat blue cock. She was mortified at him seeing her breasts in full light. She couldn’t bear him seeing her cock. Unless…maybe…well, hers was bigger than his. A lightning bolt of an idea ran through her, shaking her core.

“My boobs are compelling?” she asked. He nodded vigorously and smiled. She went on, “They compel you to take off your pants.” With two quick flips of his fingers and a downward zipper stroke, Louis’s pants fell to the floor. Mandy looked down at his jockeys. “Lose the shorts. And the jacket, too.” Mandy’s eyes met his. Her fat blue cock was making her bold. He still couldn’t see it.

“There are potato chips on your breasts,” Louis said. Mandy stepped closer to the counter and told him to brush them off. Louis smiled and reached over the high breakfast counter with both hands. Mandy reached up to his hands and fastened the large rubber band from the potato chip bag around his wrists, a figure eight fixing it tight. “Whoa,” he said. “Frisky today. I like it.”

Mandy eyed his package, noticing how it paled before hers. “Judging from your cock being at half mast, I can only think you half like it,” Mandy said.

Louis smiled. “Keep talking dirty like that, and I’ll be at full mast in no time.”

“Come to me,” Mandy said in a sharp tone. She felt a tingling in her tummy when she said it. Motioning with one hand, she gestured toward the kitchen entrance. Louis obeyed. When he cleared the doorway, he noticed her fat blue cock swaying in front of her hips. His dick sprang to attention.

Mandy reeled him in by his tie and planted a soulful tongue kiss on his mouth. “You like my fat blue cock?” Mandy asked. Louis was too stunned to answer. “From the state of your little dick, I’d say yes.” Mandy’s insides were ringing with pleasure and power. “I need you to explain something to me. Your eyesight is so good, you spotted those potato chips on my breasts. Can you explain something to me?” Louis nodded yes. His dick bounced up and down too.

Mandy yanked down on his tie and his bound hands landed hard on the breakfast counter. Mandy pushed her hips against his ass, wedging his balls and dick into the counter’s edge. Louis gasped. With the hand that wasn’t holding his tie, Mandy pressed his head against the contract. “Do you see a raise in that fine print? After all my hard work, do you see a raise?”

Mandy let up on his ass a bit, and her fat blue cock rode down his crack. “Oh my God,” he said.

“Do you see a raise?” He replied, no.

Mandy leaned forward, her full breasts pressed against his back. Her fat blue cock rode up between his legs, spreading his nut sack. His body jerked, and he moaned. Mandy felt flush with power. Only hours before she’d been a pathetic dishrag, but now, with her boss bent over the kitchen counter, she was a goddess.

“If I shove my fat blue cock inside of you, maybe you’ll see a raise on my contract,” she whispered in his ear. His reply sealed his fate.

Louis paused for a second, and then whispered “maybe.” Almost immediately, he added, “no.” It was Louis’s great misfortune that he had hired Mandy because of her attention to detail. She was an expert at reading nuance.

Her cock was already well-lubed. She positioned the tip of it bull’s eye dead center on his sphincter. “If I shove my fat blue cock inside of you,” she said softly, “will you see a raise on my contract?”

“NO!” he said emphatically.

Mandy sighed just like she did in the doctor’s office. Nothing ever went her way easily. Oh well, she thought. Now I have a fat blue cock. She pushed her hips forward, and her fat blue cock broke his seal.

“Sometimes,” Mandy said, “no means yes.”

“No,” he said.

Mandy could feel a grippy resistance to her penetration. She eased out slowly, then thrust back in. It went much further. “Does no mean yes?” she asked.

“No,” he whispered.

Mandy repeated the motions. Out a bit, and further back in. Out some more, then ram it back in. He still said “no” to her questions, but each time was a little weaker and more pathetic. Mandy’s big boss man was now dangling at the end of her fat blue cock, and all he could say were no’s that meant yes. Until finally, when she asked if no meant yes, he told her, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.”

Her hips were slamming his butt cheeks, as a slippery slidy extravaganza took place before her. Mandy reached around his hips for his cock. It was dripping with precum.

“Oh Mandy, sweet, amazing Mandy,” he sputtered. “I can see a raise on your contract.”

“A fat raise?” Thrust, slide, thrust slide.

Gasp. “A fat raise.” Gasp. Lurch. Sigh.

Thrust, grind, ass slap, grind, grind, watch him wiggle in pleasure. Was he pushing back on her? “As fat a raise as my fat blue cock?”


“What do you feel?” Ball yank, grind, leg-spread, downward thrust, ass slap.

“I feel you filling me like I’ve never been filled.”

Mandy looked out the window and waved. One of their coworkers was watching from across the street. Mandy was flush with power and the world knew it. She rode her boss deep into the most intense orgasm of her life. Twice.

And from that day forward, she owned her boss. She owned his ass; she owned his body; she owned his mind. The contract written with her fat blue cock.

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