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Making Up Is Hard To Do

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Weeks of anger, hurt and frustration had caused the maelstrom of emotions to abate enough that we could be in each other’s presence without compounding the situation. My heart squeezed painfully in my chest as I looked at him, my eyes feasting once more on the visage of this man I love. His silver hair was shorter than it’d been the last time I saw him;

he’d evidently gotten a fresh cut for this encounter. His deep brown eyes were somber, but hungry, and I could see remnants of our shared pain flickering in them, mingling with the love I knew was reflected in mine, that no amount of pain could eliminate.

“I’m so sorry,” we said at the same instance, and in that moment, all the apologies, all the regrets, rose up out of that one phrase. “Sorry” for not trusting, “sorry” for causing confusion, “sorry” for believing the malicious tricks of a supposed friend, “sorry” for the silence borne of stubborn pride. We fell into each other’s arms, mouths crushing against each other’s, biting, bruising, conquering. Still smouldering anger quickly became the fire of passion, and hurt turned into heat.

We fell together on the bed, a yearning to taste each other guiding our movements. My knees straddled his head as my lips wrapped around his thick cock. He drew my clit into his mouth, sucking on it like a little penis, as my tongue wrapped and twined around his member. Residual anger was causing us to be rougher with each other than usual; my teeth scraped his shaft lightly as my head bobbed up and down on it. Then I felt it. A nip on my sensitive bud hard enough to make me utter a noise of protest and pain around his bulbous head. This exclamation was rewarded with a resounding smack on my ass. I quickly swallowed any other protests lest he give the other cheek the same treatment.

After that, though, I was even less gentle in my ministrations, nibbling the tender intersection where the base of his cock and his heavy nutsack meet. I felt the vibrations of his own pain noise against my pussy, and I pinched the sensitive inside of his thigh. He flinched beneath me, his hips bucking up, shoving his tumescent member against the soft skin of my cheek. My lips grasped it, taking the whole length in my mouth in one fluid swallow. I sucked hard on it, my cheeks caving in with the strength of the draws of my mouth against him. My teeth dug lightly into the turgid flesh, and I licked the marks with my tongue.

His mouth gave the same treatment to my tender clitty, sucking hard on it, catching the sensitive skin with his sharp teeth. My slit was right over his nose, and I knew he was having trouble breathing, his need for air making him take short, shallow breaths around my pussy. I ground against his face, seeking the release I needed. At the same time, his hips pistoned up, ramming his cock harder and deeper into my mouth, making me gag around it. Then came that first explosion of white hot come, shooting its stream down my throat, choking me as I tried to swallow it. Still his hips relentlessly thrust upwards, forcing his thick cock and volcanic orgasm down my abused airway.

Struggling for breath, I still sucked him, taking every drop he gave me. By the time his orgasm gave way to aftershocks, I was exhausted, gasping for breath, yet my body still clamored for release. I fell limply on top of him, mindful only of his salty taste in my mouth and the tantalizing forays his tongue was still making along the seam between my swollen lips. SMACK! I jumped at this sudden assault on my tender ass. “Oh Gawd!” I gasped, as my forbidden dark side rejoiced over this treatment, rewarding Jimmy with my juices washing over his face. He lapped them up greedily, hungry for every bit of me he could get. Before my eyes, his cock jerked back to life, once more filling with desire and hardening. Our time apart had caused an insatiability to spring to life inside each of us.

He pushed me off of him, leaving me empty and craving, satisfaction clawing through me, demanding release. “Get on all-fours,” he demanded. “I’m going to take your ass.” Fear and a deeper, primal hunger swept over me. For all our talk, my virgin ass still wasn’t fully trained to accept his large dick. Yet, we both knew that I wanted no one else to have it. Trepidation and excitement warred within me, yet, trembling, I acquiesced to his wishes, leaving my vulnerable ass, red from his smacks, fully exposed to him.

I felt the bed dip as he climbed behind me, the coarse hairs of his thighs tickling the insides of my legs. Warm lubricant bathed my tight pucker, and I heard the unmistakable wet sucking sounds of his hand rubbing the lube on his cock. His hand reached around and beneath me to rub my tender clit. Then I felt his large head against my bum hole, pushing gently against it, demanding entrance. Jimmy’s clever fingers on my nubbin and the pressure against my ass enflamed me, and I pushed back against him, easing my virginal tightness around his impossibly thick cock. As he fully impaled me on his cock, I whimpered from the discomfort of this new invasion. Slowly he began to slide in and out, stretching me, and discomfort gave way to pleasure. He grasped my hips, controlling the depth and rhythm, wanting to conquer, but not wanting to cause pain. Balancing on one hand, trusting him to hold me, I reached under to rub my throbbing clit, desperate to find my reclusive orgasm.

With a final tweak of my fingers, I came hard, screaming from the force of my orgasm and exultant over the final barriers between Jimmy and me coming down. As wave upon wave of sheer unadulterated pleasure crashed over me, I tightened around Jimmy’s thickness. With a final thrust, he yelled out his own climax, filling my bum with raw heat as he came in my ass.

Spent, exhausted, temporarily satiated, I collapsed on the bed, Jimmy’s weight bearing down on me, pressing me into the mattress. His deflating cock remained in my ass, slowly easing out with his essence. He wrapped around me, his legs imprisoning mine, his arms encircling me, our hands together, fingers entwined. I sighed, a tear of relief and happiness slipping out of my closed eyes, only to trickle across my cheek to land on the muscular, hairy arm under my head.

I had been conquered. He had been captured. I was fully his. He was fully mine.

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