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Lusty Love in the Afternoon

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Danny was killing time at the one and only shopping mall in his little town, as he did most Saturdays afternoons, when he noticed the blonde muffin. He felt the familiar ache in his groin, in his heart and in his brain as his eyes drank in the stranger’s beauty.

This guy was born to induce lust; he was the kind of man that always got Danny’s pulse racing: big-boned, blonde and beefy with down-home looks on an open, honest face.

And those lips. Oh those lips! So full, so shapely and so cherry red. Danny envied the girl who kissed those lips and got to see this hot stud strip off his snug, faded denims at the end of the day.

As the blonde guy passed by Danny stared after his full, firm shapely butt trussed up in those snug jeans of his. How he would loved to stroke that love-muscle and part those beefy cheeks. And just as he was thinking that the blonde hunk turned to catch Danny staring at his ass.

After his lust attack Danny decided that he needed a coffee and a massive slice of chocolate cake. It was either that or a couple of double vodkas and it was still too early in the day for that. He had only just sat down and started into the devilishly good chocolate cake when he heard the scrape of a chair. He looked up and damn! The blonde stud had sat down at the table next to Danny. He smiled and Danny quickly took in his tiny teeth and how absolutely beautiful he looked when he smiled.

‘Can I borrow your sugar?’ he asked Danny.

Danny passed it across and wondered why he asked for it when there was a sugar shaker on his own table. It wasn’t possible, was it, that somebody so hot and hetero looking could be interested in him. Truth be told, all Danny ever did was look and lust. He never expected to have anything happen to him in this little town and apart from one clumsy fumble he was near enough a virgin at the age of twenty three. He judged the stocky stud to be in his late twenties and in Danny’s mind that made him very much the older man. A shiver of delight shimmied down his spine as he fantasized about being seduced by this beautiful, beefy blonde hunk.

‘What’s the cake like?’ the stranger asked.

‘Excellent.’ Danny replied. ‘You should try some.’

‘Thanks.’ The big-boned blonde replied as he used his teaspoon to scoop up a little of Danny’ cake.

It wasn’t what Danny meant at all but even the sight of the stranger’s fingers as he reached out to steal Danny’s cake was enough to get him thinking sexual thoughts. What was with this guy? It was like he was flirting or something but how was that possible. He looked over at the husky dude and just about had to cross his legs to stop from springing a boner right there in the mall with dozens of people walking by.

‘So, what do you think?’ Danny asked.

‘Yeah, it’s good.’ the blonde replied, then stuck out his hand. ‘The name’s Luke, by the way.’

‘Pleased to meet you.’ Danny told him.

‘I bet you are,’ Luke said, ‘the way you were checkin’ out my crotch, damn! It made me pretty horny.’

‘Are you…’Danny asked.

‘Gay?’ Luke replied. ‘Let’s just say that I take it where I can get it and in this little town there aren’t too many people putting it about so this afternoon I’m getting some from you.’

Danny blushed beet red. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He was going to get laid! And by the hottest man he had ever seen, the kind of man who inhabited his dreams and made his cock ache from all the stroking he did.

‘You got somewhere to go?’ Danny asked.

‘Only back on the farm. How about you?’

‘I still live with my parents.’ Danny told him.

‘We can go back to the farm; it’s only about fifteen minutes away.’

‘I don’t have a car.’ Danny said.

‘I’ll take you there and bring you back again when we’re done. I mean, we could just find some bushes but I want to do it properly and get completely naked.’

‘You’re not like…’ Danny voice trailed off; he was too embarrassed to say it.

‘What? An axe murderer? Relax, you’re totally safe. We both want the same thing, don’t we?’

‘Yeah,’ Danny replied ‘it’s just that…well, I’ve never really done it before.’

‘Are you serious?’ Luke asked. A big grin crossed his face. ‘Oh man, I’m gonna give it to you good.’

Twenty minutes later they arrived at Luke’s cottage on the farm. He got out of the truck and came round to open Danny’s door. Before the younger guy could get out of the truck Luke leaned in and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Danny felt his pulse race and he knew everything was going to be just fine.

‘My parents are up in the big farm house but it’s plenty private over here.’ Luke told him.

As soon as they were inside the cottage Luke pulled Danny into his arms and kissed him, properly this time with his tongue darting into Danny’s mouth and making his head spin. Danny’s arms started stroking up and down Luke’s broad back, enjoying the feel of his muscles moving under the skin. He could feel Luke’s hard, fat cock crushed up against his own throbber. On and on they kissed and Danny felt light headed as his hands slid lower and lower until they were cupped around Luke’s beefy ass.

He squeezed and fondled that firm fuck flesh; it felt as good as it looked and he couldn’t wait to see it laid bare and cracked open for his viewing pleasure. His fantasy had always been to pleasured a big-butted blonde man such as Luke and now his dream was about to come true.

‘You like that big ass, dontcha?’ Luke whispered in Danny’s ear.

Danny nodded.

‘Girls can be mean.’ Luke said. ‘They’re always going on about guys with tight little butts. I’ve never heard a single one lusting over a big fleshy stack but the way you’re feelin me up I know you want it bad.’

‘Take your clothes off.’ Danny begged.

‘Not so fast, little buddy. There’s plenty of time yet.’ Luke told him.

Luke started unbuttoning Danny’s shirt and Danny felt like he was the sexiest man in the world as he watched Luke doing that. Once Danny’s shirt was undone Luke placed his large, warm hand on Danny’s smooth chest and felt his heart thumping. He could get used to having a guy like Danny around. The way Danny had looked at him back in the mall well, Luke knew he would remember that feeling forever. In that brief moment he knew that a least one person in the world considered him all out utterly fucking gorgeous and that was a very flattering feeling.

He started stroking Danny’s smooth chest and teasing his tiny little pink nubs. Danny’s knees felt weak and when Luke started nibbling on his ear he had to beg to go lie down on the bed. Luke took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom. He took Danny’s shirt off him and started to unbuckle his belt. Danny’s hard cock throbbed inside his underpants, glued to the fabric by the copious amounts of precum that had leaked out of him. Now Luke was sliding his zipper down and tugging on Danny’s jeans.

Danny soon stood there in just his underpants and socks. Luke pushed him down on the bed and took his socks off. Now the man of his dreams came and lay down next to him and took Danny in his arms and started kissing him again. Once more his warm, experienced hands slid over Danny’s near virgin flesh. That last time he had cum even before he had gotten fully undressed and he hoped that he wouldn’t make a fool out of himself this time. But as Luke’s nails started raking down Danny’s underpants-clad cock he knew he was in serious jeopardy of blowing his wad.

It felt better than anything he had ever known in his life, far better than the feel of his own fist wrapped around his cock as he pumped one out. Luke’s touch was light, but assured, and his kisses kept Danny’s fire rising all the time. He could so easily have surrendered and spunked his underpants but he knew he wanted more and he didn’t want to disappoint this husky hunk with the magic fingers and satin tongue.

Danny was just about going out of his mind when at last Luke peeled off his underpants and wrapped his fist around Danny’s hungry cock. The feel of another man’s hand on his throbber was just out of this world and once more he felt close to orgasm. But then suddenly Luke flipped him over and all rhyme and reason ended right there. A loud groan escaped Danny’s mouth as Luke parted his peachy little cheeks and plunged his hot tongue up Danny’s tight little pink pucker. He writhed about on Luke’s tongue and all he knew was that wanted more.

And he got more. He saw stars as Luke’s lubed finger suddenly penetrated his virginal chute. This wasn’t what he had in mind when he had got naked. His clenched his ring tight against the invading finger but Luke worked it loose. He withdrew his finger and squeezed out another dollop of lube against what was easily the prettiest rosebud he had seen out of the seven or eight male buttholes he had inspected at close quarters. That warm, silken chute was wrapped tight around his finger now and Luke couldn’t wait to have his fat cock in there but he knew from the things that Danny was saying that he would have to take his time.

Reluctantly he eased his finger out of Danny sexy ass, but he knew the seed had been sown; the idea was in the younger man’s head and soon hopefully he would be begging for Luke’s cock. Luke flipped Danny back onto his back and took his soft cock into his mouth. Using his lips and tongue in a display of all the skill he had learned from his male and female lovers he pleasured the younger man until his cock was soon fully re-inflated. Luke reached down and fondled Danny’s full, smooth nuts as he skillfully worked his warm, wet tongue over Danny’s sensitive cock head.

‘Oh shit! That feels good.’ Danny moaned.

Wait till you feel my cock in your tight ass, Luke thought to himself. A delicious drop of precum slithered over his tongue as his fingers gently brushed over Danny’s lubed up ring. Very, very gently Luke worked the tip of his finger into Danny’s hot hole as he slurped on his seven-incher. It was a beautiful cock, and Luke hoped they would have another session together some time because a cock that beautiful, and hard and eager, deserved to be sat on, especially by an ass that Danny had already admitted to him was the stuff of his dreams. He remembered how he had caught Danny staring at his ass and it was in that moment that he decided he had to have the young stud.

‘Please, take your clothes off.’ Danny begged.

Reluctantly Luke came off Danny’s cock and started to slowly strip. He loved the way the young stud was eating him alive with his eyes. He had never known such lust and being the object of it made him even harder than he thought possible. When at last he peeled off his boxers and his fat, eight inch cock slapped up against his belly Danny let out a groan of horny amazement. Luke’s cock was so incredibly thick and so amazingly hard that it was doing something to him that Danny hadn’t considered half an hour ago. He reached down and touched his lubed love-lips and it felt so amazing good that he slipped the tip of his finger into his ass. The wonderful sensation spread through his whole body and inflamed his lust to boiling point.

Danny flipped over onto his belly and then got up on his knees and pushed his peachy bubble butt out in the air. Luke’s mouth was dry and he squeezed out another dollop of lube and pressed it into the warmth of Danny’s crack until he felt his finger slide, with ease, into that the luscious love-canal that he knew waiting his exploration. He smeared some lube around his fat cock head and then steeped up to the mark, teasing his hard cock up and down the length of Danny’s crack. Danny’s nerves tingle and were close to snapping as that warm spongy cock slid over his wanting asshole.

His desperate hunger made him even more receptive to Luke’s gently invading cock that Luke had hoped. He met no resistance now as he slowly fed Danny all of the eight, fat inches that he had to give. He sighed when at last he was buried to the bone and stroked Danny’s smooth back, telling him how good he felt. Danny was as pleased as a young man could be; he had successfully ingested his very first cock and what a fat monster it was too. Hearing the sounds that rose and died in Luke’s throat he knew he was giving the older man a whole heap of pleasure. This was what it was about: taking and receiving pleasure; he had waited a long time for a man like Luke and it was worth the wait.

Luke’s hard cock stroked expertly through Danny’s slick assguts giving pleasure he never knew was possible. He couldn’t describe it, couldn’t say where the pleasured was based or where his body ended and Luke’s began. The pair sweated and grunted in unison as Luke rode Danny’s ass and Danny rode Luke’s cock . The feel of that silky smooth chute wrapped around his bulging hard cock as it thrust, thrust, thrust… was quickly rising to the number one spot in Luke’s sexual memories.

And Danny found that the longer Luke fucked him, the better it felt, and the better it felt the more he relaxed and so the pleasure increased. He was wiggling his butt against Luke’s rod now as he fisted his own hard cock. The sensation of being so regally filled was doing something incredible to his own cock and he could feel waves of pleasure spreading out from his ass and passing through his drawn-close balls and into his cock that was only moments away from spewing. He needed to warm Luke that he was ready to blow and instinctively he clamped his assring tight against Luke’s hard cock.

‘Oooh yeah….’Luke growled as he quickened his stroking. Danny knew the big man was ready to cream off inside him and the thought heightened his excitement. His hand flew over his cock now, his foreskin sliding back and forth over the secretion slicked sensitive cock head. His asshole was clamping of its own accord now as he felt the soles of his feet start to tingle. Luke growls grew louder and louder as his cock grew ever more sensitive. His cum laden balls churned in their excitement to shed their load. Luke’s cock lurched about in Danny’s ass as the younger man skillfully set about milking the very cream out of him. The sweat dripped down Luke’s chest as he pounded away, trying to prolong the best fuck he had ever had.

It was Danny who broke first; the sensations in his ass and balls and cock were too much to bear. He let out a howl as a massive jet of jism blasted out of his cock and drenched Luke’s duvet. As the second jet shot out of him he heard Luke’s bellow as the older started to shoot off in his ass. Each was on his own journey to completion but had to use the other to get there and they were totally spent when Luke collapsed onto Danny’s back, pinning him down in his own spunk slick.

The pair lay panting as they regained their breath and their senses. Luke gently pulled his deflating cock out Danny’s spent ass and lay down next to him. He guided Danny into his arms and the pair shared the gentlest kiss of the afternoon that they knew would not be their last.


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