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Lust in Paradise

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When my college housemate Jamie first suggested going on holiday to Tenerife together I jumped at the chance. “Really?” I said eagerly. “That’d be really cool, we can go and see that cave I was telling you about, you know, the one with the fossils…” I was amazed at the offer, and chuffed at the same time. I mean, Jamie and I weren’t even that close friends…

“Woah, hang on a minute” said Jamie, laughing. “It’s not just us two going, and I’m not sure it’s supposed to be that kind of holiday.” He explained that one of his football club regulars had broken an ankle during a nasty tackle and was going to need to stay in England for treatment. That left a place free on the holiday, at a discounted cost of course, and he had thought I may enjoy a break after studying so hard for our first year exams.

“Oh” I said, a bit put out that I was being added on to obviously make up the numbers, “well, I suppose I could make it, but there’s no way I’m playing footie all week…”

“You don’t have to” said Jamie, rolling his eyes. “It’s not a team holiday, just a week away in the sun, bunch of mates, you can do what you like, go where you like, do whatever. I just thought you might enjoy it.”

“Alright” I said, a bit mollified. “Who else is going?” Jamie reeled off four or five names, blokes I didn’t know, but who he said were “a really good laugh.” I was still not sure. I mean, what would I have in common with a group of football playing meatheads, just out to get pissed every night and shag as many girls as they could get their greedy hands on. Jamie wasn’t really like that, at least not every weekend, but even he and I probably wouldn’t have automatically become friends if we hadn’t been thrown together by the university in the same student house.

But he was pretty laid back and un-laddy for a sports mad historian, added to which he was seriously fit with a physique worthy of the drool that (I felt sure) must have been dribbling out of my mouth when I watched him trotting off to the gym or to play football in his favourite red satin shorts. The way they clung to his solid thighs and stretched to breaking point on his meaty bum was quite often my wank image of choice on a lonely night in bed. Not that he knew any of this, or at least I didn’t think he did. But I had caught him giving me a quizzical look from time to time, his beautiful green eyes narrowing, furrowing that spotless brow, and recently he’d taken to ruffling my dark hair on his way out, a gesture that both annoyed me (like he thought I was his kid brother!) and had me sprouting a stiffy under the kitchen table.

But anyway, I reasoned to myself, it was cheap, I had been working pretty solidly on my exams, and as Jamie said, I could do what I liked once we were there. So I said yes, and spent the next week alternating between dreaming of the trips I could take (unlike most of my friends I actually enjoyed my subject, geology, and was determined to do some exploring when we were away) and day-dreaming of Jamie’s bulge in his (very small) red Aussiebum swimming briefs that I had sometimes seen hanging out on the washing line or drying on a radiator.

Now, I don’t want you to get the idea that I’m some sort of closet case, enduring a pitiful lonely existence, waiting for Mr Right to come along and sweep me of my feet. In my own circle of friends I like to think I’m well-liked and appreciated. I was certainly never short of people to see and places to go but, like I said, my university liked to mix up its student intake for our first year, and so my student house was peopled mostly with guys that I rubbed along with easily enough, but didn’t really consider as my main group of friends. And so my being gay had never really been announced to my housemates and, as I wasn’t having any sex-life to speak of, there was never that awkward moment of explaining who the strange guy in the boxers was, nicking someone else’s milk from the fridge.

So the big day arrived, and we got up hideously early to catch our Sleazy-Jet flight to Tenerife. I’d met up with the other guys going for a drink the previous week, and they actually seemed ok to me. They didn’t get pissed off their faces, didn’t start any fights, didn’t feel up any unwilling girls and seemed to think I was alright too. There was a lot of…well…to be frank un-politically correct comments concerning the merits, or otherwise, of the various women in the pub, but most of it was actually quite funny and, to my surprise, I enjoyed the evening.

They weren’t a bad looking bunch either, on the whole. They were all quite tall, overshadowing my more diminutive stature, and quite solidly built. Jamie was still the best looker, I’d thought, with his thick sandy-coloured hair going off in all directions and a pair of gorgeous pink lips that pursed seductively when he was thinking, or spread wide to accommodate his infectious smile. Carl was alright too, a bit shorter than Jamie and dark-featured in a vaguely George Michael’ish way. The other two, Andy and Marc, had faces only a blind mother would love, but made up for their looks with a stream of quick-witted banter, and some sharp observations about the various characters in the pub.

The flight was ok, I sat next to Jamie and we chatted a bit about college, watched a movie, and I managed not to be too obvious in my frequent glances at the exciting bulge outlined by his tight shorts. He was looking fantastic, his tanned muscular legs were covered in a fine coating of sun-bleached blond hairs and his fitted t-shirt showed off his well-developed chest and gave a peek of golden fur at the top. He dozed off for a short while and, on the pretence of being interested in the in-flight magazine, I allowed myself a longer stare at his masculine beauty, drinking in the wide shoulders and small waist outlined by his t-shirt.

I had to surreptitiously adjust myself under the magazine as his sleeping form slumped slightly in his seat, causing the bulge of his cock to attempt a break for freedom from the constraints of his shorts. It was as much as I could do not to reach out and give it a stroke, and I had to content myself with imagining the warm weight of his length, and the feel of it stiffening in my hand, my lips sucking on his purple mushroom, as I too dozed off….

We landed in good time, in an intense dry heat, only to discover that our transfer coach to the apartment had broken down further inland. We decided to use public transport, resulting in quite a trek to get to our apartment, and by the time we arrived we were all feeling a bit hot, sweaty and grouchy. I hadn’t really given much thought to what would happen when we got to the apartment, so when it came time to drop our bags in the rooms and freshen up I wasn’t expecting the sudden lurch in my chest when Jamie said I’d be sharing with him. Apparently Carl and Marc, housemates back in England, always shared rooms on trips, partly because they were used to each others routines and partly because Andy was a notorious snorer so nobody wanted to share with him. I took a few deep breaths and followed Jamie down the sunlit corridor to a nice room, airy and sunny, with a terrace that looked out over the beachfront and lush green hills .

Jamie dropped his bag, asked if it was ok for him to shower first, and proceeded to take off his t-shirt. This was ok, I’d seen him bare-chested loads of times in our house, but when his hands started pulling on the drawstring of his shorts as he idly kicked off his flip-flops, I made a gabbled excuse and bolted to the terrace, saying I needed some air. What the hell was wrong with me? I wasn’t expecting anything to happen, I knew Jamie was straight, but the sudden realisation that my fantasy was about to be revealed just proved too much. I heard the hiss of the shower, and Jamie whistling. Shit…what if that was my only opportunity to catch a look at his cock?!…I composed myself, cleared my throat a few times, and went back in to the bedroom.

We had a room with bunks, and Jamie had swung his bags up onto the top, so I lay back on the bottom bed and started, oh so casually, flipping through a magazine on local attractions, my heart beating a steady rhythm.

Eventually the shower was flipped off, and a few minutes later the door to the bathroom opened and Jamie walked into the bedroom…wearing a pair of briefs! Damn! He still looked amazing though, his near-nakedness almost as good as the complete deal. He sauntered across the tiled floor, towelling off his hair, then sat down on the bed next to me, his bum resting against my hip. His skin was slightly red from the shower, and the scent of his clean, fresh shower gel washed over me like a wave. “You alright?” he said to me, giving me a quizzical look. “You look a bit flushed.” He ruffled my hair.

“Oh, I expect it’s just the heat” I answered, flushing even more. “I might have a bit of a lie down.”

“Yeah, I was thinking the same” said Jamie and, getting up, he hung the towel and came over to the bunks, getting ready to haul himself up onto the top bed. Suddenly I was presented with an arresting sight, Jamie’s body from the knees up and the shoulders down, framed by the top and bottom of the beds. But my eyes, of course, were locked on his most outstanding feature, his light blue briefs hugging and framing a pair of plum sized balls and the nub of a short thick cock angling off to the left. I could clearly see the shape and plumpness of the short shaft and the slight tenting of the material where his little mushroom head was pressed against the fabric.

With a grunt he hauled himself onto the bunk, giving me a quick snapshot up between his spread golden thighs, the briefs momentarily pulled tight in the space between his arse and balls, as he swung first one leg and then the other onto the bed. He settled himself, the wooden slats groaning and creaking above my head. “Speak to you later” he yawned, and as I lay there dazed and now fully erect, I eventually heard his breathing deepen as he drifted off.

I must have dozed off too, images of muscular golden footballing thighs floating through my mind, as the next thing I knew was Jamie’s voice, breaking through my foggy mind with a regular calling of my name. I opened my eyes. Jamie’s face swam into focus, hanging over the edge of the bed above. “Alright sleepy” he grinned. “Probably time to get up now.” The room had darkened since we lay down, the evening sun now casting a fiery orange glow onto the white walls.

As I yawned and rubbed my eyes Jamie’s legs suddenly swung out over the edge of the bed, and with a grunt he pushed himself off, landing on the floor near the head of my bunk. This now put my line of vision directly in line with his light-blue covered arse and, as if a bucket of cold water had been suddenly thrown on me, I was jolted awake.

What an arse it was! Even in the fading light I had a clear view of the fullness of his cheeks filling the briefs, and the slight shadow where the material was drawn into the cleft of his backside. He yawned, rubbed his head, ambled over to where he’d dropped his rucksack before and knelt down to get some clothes from inside. This just served to pull the thin material even tighter over his arse and down a little from the waistband, revealing an inch or so of golden bum crack. I had two choices: to throw caution to the wind and wank off there and then, so aroused was I becoming, or to get up and try to keep myself under control.

Feigning nonchalance I got off the bed and went towards the bathroom, of course having a long stare at the golden skin of the top of his arse and the shadow where it swooped down towards the hidden treasure. God, I just wanted to rip off those little briefs, bend Jamie over the chair, spread his beautiful cheeks and bury my tongue in his little pink virgin hole. He was turning me on so much!…

And that pretty much set the routine for the week. For two people sharing a room there proved to be remarkably few opportunities to catch Jamie in the buff. He was usually awake and showering before I stirred, and invariably was wearing underwear or swimming trunks when I finally unglued my eyes. We spent some of our time together, going to the beach or mooching around the craft stalls in one of the small villages near the resort, but he was also good at giving me the space he thought I wanted.

The truth was that, increasingly, I just wanted to spend time with him. I was finding out so much more about him, about the things he liked, his opinions and feelings on a range of subjects, and I was liking him more and more. He was funny, surprisingly quick-witted, and actually one of the most charming men I had ever met. He made me feel…well…special and, like a druggie starved of a fix, I was becoming hooked on him and wanting more. And he seemed to like being around me. I seemed to make him laugh a lot, and we often just joked around, when we were getting ready to go out or at the pool side.

He even instigated a few mini-wrestles, grabbing me from behind and pinning me down on the floor between his golden thighs. The first time this happened, and his crotch ended up only an inch or two from my face, I nearly shot one off in my pants. And I’m sure he knew the effect he was having on me. Touching his skin, catching his eye, wondering if he was thinking of me as I was of him, all meant I was walking around with a near constant semi-stiffy.

Just being around him had my senses spinning, the way he walked, his smell, his natural grace and agility. The first time I came down to the beach to join him and the guys for a spot of sunbathing he had been messing about in the warm sea, and when he saw me he waved, shouted to me, and splashed out of the sea to walk back up to where we had laid our towels. I nearly fainted! The little red Aussiebum’s were clinging vainly to his hips, their stretchy material bulging out at the front with the effort of containing his heavy cock. They weren’t exactly sheer (my Jamie was no tart!) but the water made them cling to his body like a second skin, and as he got nearer I could make out the distinct banana outline of a meaty cock and balls, the blond hairs of his inner thighs turned dark.

I thanked Jesus for sunglasses, as my eyes were no doubt out on stalks, but he just ambled over and dropped down onto the towel next to me. He leant back on his palms, knees bent and slightly open, turning his handsome face to the sun, apparently oblivious to the effect the view of his bulging trunks and lean torso was having on me. He stayed like that for a few minutes, worshipping the sun whilst I worshipped his lean, muscular body, then he sat up straight. He looked at me and, unless I imagined it, looked me up and down. My own speedos were quite tame, I thought, but still emphasised my flat stomach and respectable package.

“Fancy a dip?” he said, raising an eyebrow and giving me a funny half-smile.

“I’m fine, I want to finish my book” I said, flustered and blushing to my roots. Was he flirting with me? Had he seen me eyeing him up? I thought I’d been so subtle….

“See you later then” he said, winked and sauntered off down the sand towards the water. Fuck me, but his arse looked amazing, the damp swimmers clinging to his rounded muscular cheeks, his tanned legs and back perfectly framing the vivid red briefs. I hastily adjusted my cock, took a few deep breaths and lay back on the towel to picture his body in my mind and contemplate the agony of lust…

On the last night of our holiday we all agreed to go out for some farewell-to-Tenerife drinks. The guys were all on good form as, despite not a sniff of getting laid all week, they were all convinced that this was their lucky night. Jamie and I got changed together, me casting sly glances at the prominent bulge in his undies (looking fabulous in a pair of tighty-whities) as he shaved, dressed and waxed his hair to perfection.

We met the others down in the hotel bar, downed a swift half, and set off to trawl the strip of clubs, bars and crap restaurants that made up the main attraction for younger people in search of some nightlife. It was pretty packed when we got there, everybody dressed (or under-dressed) to the nines, doing that slow parade up and down in groups of friends. We got some beers and positioned ourselves in a good vantage spot to watch the beautiful things trawling by. There was noise from all directions, stereos in bars, people calling out to friends, the occasional motorbike winding it’s noisy way between the crowd. Comments on the various people passing our table were soon flowing freely, and I joined in with enthusiasm.

Some of the guys passing by, with girls or in groups, were gorgeous, tanned and in a variety of tight fitting polo shirts, or trousers that emphasised muscular arses and hinted at some sizeable whoppers in the package department. We were all drinking quite steadily, me not wanting to appear too much of a pussy in front of the more drink hardened sports guys, and I soon felt a little bit light-headed. I felt a hand squeeze my mid-thigh. It was Jamie. “How you doing mate?” he said, “You can slow down a bit if you like”.

“I’m fine” I said. “This is a good way to end the week.”

“Well” said Jamie, and chuckled. “I can think of better.”

He was looking into my eyes as he said this, and I nearly choked on my drink. What did that mean? Was it an ‘all boys together’ lets-get-us-some-girls comment, or did his raised eyebrow and slightly flushed cheeks mean something else. Fuck, confusing or what! The rest of the evening passed in something of a blur. My mind was whirling with beer, the constant parade of hot boys, and trying not to think about what the fuck Jamie’s words meant…if anything. I was also getting a bit pissed, as was everybody else, and before I knew it, it was 4am and we were starting to wend our way back to the apartment.

I felt a bit unsteady on my feet, to say the least, and after my third stumble on the pavement Jamie came alongside me and put a supportive arm around my shoulders. He was holding me!. “Shame you didn’t pull tonight” I said casually.

“The night is still young” said Jamie, and winked at me. His arm tightened around my shoulders.

When we got back to the apartment, the guys decided to crash. Jamie and I went back to our room, and as I watched him fumbling the key into the lock I realised he was a bit pissed too. Once in the room he went and sat straight on my bed and lay back, moaning softly and clutching his head. “Christ” he said. “I feel like shit.” He certainly didn’t look it, he looked fucking beautiful! I went and sat by him, my heart beginning to pick up its beat. I put a friendly arm around his shoulder (what was I doing????).

“Lets get you to bed” I said softly. Jamie nodded and managed to stand up. I pulled his t-shirt over his head, placing my hands on his chest to steady him as he threatened to topple over. His skin was golden and warm and his wide chest was hard with muscle. I kept my hands there as he began loosening his belt and, with a flourish, undid his top button on his jeans. He leaned forward slightly and dropped his jeans to the floor, then stood upright and tried to kick them off his feet. He was getting tangled in the twisted material so I knelt down in front of him and, removing his trainers first, pulled his jeans off over his feet. This done, I rocked back onto my toes and suddenly realised I was eye level with his undies clad waist.

The bulge at the front was way bigger than when he had got dressed earlier and, I swallowed dryly, there was a definite twitch behind the white cotton. As I watched, eyes glued to his crotch, the outline of his cock became more pronounced against the cotton and started to grow thickly, tenting the front of his briefs. I swallowed again and licked lips that were suddenly dry, my head now clear and alert. I was aware of Jamie swaying above me and, on instinct, I put my hands on each side of his waist to steady him. He groaned, and put his hands firmly down on my shoulders. I looked up, his eyes were shut tight but, amazingly, his cock suddenly started moving slowly towards my face.

Time seemed to stand still, and I was aware of the thumping of my heart in my chest. The white cotton covered cock stopped, almost resting against my cheek. I would just have to move an inch forward……I looked up again, Jamie’s face was a picture of intense concentration, his hands gripping my shoulders tightly, his breath coming in short, rasping pants. Without thinking any more, I moved my head forward slowly, put out my tongue and ran it up the underside of his covered cock. He gasped, and his legs trembled slightly, but he didn’t move away. I licked him again, slowly from base to tip, and his prick pulsed under my tongue and swelled in the moist briefs.

I slipped my hands under the elastic of his pants at the side of his thighs and, reaching back, ran my hands over his silky taught ass cheeks. Jamie groaned, and I took my hands away, reached up to the waistband of his briefs and slowly began inching them down his hips. His bush of dark blond pubes was revealed and then, slowly, the base of his cock. I drew the underwear down, the pressure of his erect stiffy fighting me all the way, until finally his swollen red head cleared the material and his whole prick jerked upwards, swinging back in front of my face.

The head was beautiful, wide and round, the open piss slit already forming a tear of precum which I licked off with a swift jab of my tongue. Jamie gasped, and groaned again as I leant forward and slid his red head between my lips. He stretched my mouth wide, but I didn’t stop, I slowly sucked his whole fleshy long length into my mouth, stopping only when his thick, tight pubes surrounded my nose. I backed off a bit, savouring the taste and feel of his swollen cock, then started slowly sliding his sizeable length in and out of my puckered moist lips.

Jamie began to feel the rhythm I was creating and bucked his hips slightly every time I sucked him in, forcing his throbbing head against the back of my throat. He was panting now, short hard breaths, and I feared he’d spunk in my mouth before anything else could happen. With an audible pop I came off the end of his cock, a thin string of saliva connecting his member to my mouth. I looked up, and saw his eyes open, saw that intense green gaze meet mine. “Can I touch you?” I demanded, throatily. He nodded, and gave me his funny half-smile again.

I got him to step out of the crumpled undies lying around his feet, and told him to turn around. His arse was magnificent, chunky and bold and bursting with hard packed muscle. His cheeks were covered in a fine dusting of blond hair, and swept down to form a perfect crease at the top of his thighs. I nudged Jamie forward, and he rested his knees on the edge of the bed mattress. This pushed his arse out, nearer my face, and made the cheeks spread slightly, allowing me my first glimpse of his lightly haired crack.

I reached out and ran my fingers down his ass, applying a light pressure with my fingernails. Jamie tensed, his round globes tightening, his back arching, as a new sensation overwhelmed his senses. I spread a palm on each muscular globe and parted his cheeks. My first sight of his tight pink hole nestled amongst the darker hairs was like a punch in the guts. My breathing was almost a pant now, as I slowly trailed my tongue up the valley of his ass, flattening the darker hairs between his cheeks, until I reached the silky pink knot of his sphincter. I teased it with the tip of my tongue, hearing Jamie groan above me, tightening his grip on the bed sheet.

I moved my hands even further apart, forcing Jamie’s cheeks to spread wider, and almost came in my pants as his sphincter opened slightly, creating a little dark tunnel into Jamie’s inside. I lapped my tongue over and over on Jamie’s exposed hole, sticking my tongue as far as I could into the dark tunnel, revelling in the taste and smell and feeling of having my mouth on this beautiful man’s most intimate part. He was thrashing about now, moaning and panting, his back arched. I put my finger in my mouth, then rubbed it over Jamie’s soft pink slit. He gasped and I felt him push back slightly onto my finger.

I slowly pushed my finger against his hole and after a little resistance felt his sphincter give way and my finger entered his velvety smooth channel. I poked it all the way until my knuckles hit Jamie’s muscled cheeks. I pulled it out nearly all the way, then drove it in again with more force. Jamie’s panting got louder. “Stick it in, fucking stick it in” he cried, and started bucking his hips, trying to drive my probing finger further into his guts. I slicked another finger and added it to the first, mesmerised at watching my two fingers parting Jamie’s muscle and stretching his hole.

My own cock was leaking precum like a dodgy tap, so with my free hand I undid my buttons and zipper, and half stood to pull my trousers below my knees. My skivvies were tented at the front by a rock hard prick, a dark wet patch already showing where my precum was oozing out of my swollen head.

I shucked off my undies and my cock sprang free, sticking straight up and probably as hard as I’d ever known it. I pulled my fingers out of Jamie’s ass, and stood up behind him. I don’t know what I was thinking, I was pretty much out of control with lust but, standing behind him, his spread cheeks giving me full view of his stretched pink hole, I leaned in and started rubbing the head of my stiff prick up and down the valley of Jamie’s spread bum. His moaning became even more pronounced, and he thrust his arse back, forcing my stiff tool to ride over his hole, back and forth.

I grabbed his cheeks and forced them up and out, his pink ring of muscle opening before my eyes, my sticky engorged purple cockhead bouncing over its rim with every thrust. I could feel myself getting close to cumming all over Jamie’s gorgeous bum, so I pulled slightly away to stop the friction. I reached between Jamie’s thighs and fondled his hairy ball sack, amazed at how tight it had become. He whimpered softly, so I moved my hand forward and started sliding his stiff cock between my fingers.

He must have been near to eruption point as he suddenly sat back, throwing his head back onto my shoulder and started moaning loudly. I guessed he was about to cum, so I quickly moved my hand around his hip to better grasp his cock, and my other hand went down to his bum, my fingers parting his sweaty cheeks to prod at his moist hole. He groaned “I’m gonna come!” and suddenly his prick hardened to iron and I felt the first pulse in his cock as a thick white rope of spunk shot from his cockhead. He must have shot three or four big loads far onto the white sheet before falling forwards, resting his weight on his hands.

I had been feeling my own orgasm building and now let loose, spraying Jamie’s smooth arse cheek with a blast of my own hot white cum. I watched, amazed, as it ran in rivulets down his thigh and onto the bed sheet, forming a dark patch against the white cotton.

After a few seconds my heart started returning to its normal rhythm, and I stood back from Jamie, my trousers finally completing their delayed journey to my ankles. Jamie turned towards me, and sat on the bed, his cock already drooping and now squashed between his thighs. A tear of cum was forming at the tip and I suddenly longed to lean over and lick it off. I looked at him. He was looking at me. “I don’t know what to say” I said, trying to gauge what his response would be.

“Neither do I” he answered. “Shit, what just happened?” He looked like he was in a state of shock.

“Are you OK about…you know…” I trailed off, glad that at least he wasn’t angry.

“I don’t know” he replied, “what about you?” I took a deep breath, this was kind of the moment. I looked at him squarely in the eyes.

“Yeah, I’m OK with this. I sort of, you know…wanted to…touch you” I said slowly. He didn’t answer for a moment, seemingly lost in his own thoughts.

“It was…nice” he said finally. “But I think I need to sleep.”

“Sure” I said, and turned away from him, pulling my undies back up over my sticky cock, my trousers off, and got into the bed. Jamie stood up, turned off the light, and came back over to the bed. I assumed he was going to haul himself up onto his top bunk, but he paused as if undecided about what to do. The moon outside cast a bright white light directly into the room and I could half sense, half see him looking at me intently.

He said quietly, “Can I come in with you?”

I nodded, pulled back the covers, and he slid underneath, his long body lying next to mine, thigh to thigh, hip to hip. I lay there, listening to Jamie breathe, not daring to move for fear of disturbing him, until after about ten minutes I heard his breathing deepen as he slid slowly into his sleep. What was going to happen tomorrow? I guessed I’d find out then……

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