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Lunch Time

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I’m working the night shift, which is basically sitting at my desk doing absolutely nothing until 10 PM. Nothing but paperwork, paperwork, a call in between, more paperwork. Two breaks, one lunch. I have my lunch at 6:30. My favorite time of the work day. I’m 24 and so far life is completely nothing but boring events, and my job (which I have been working at since I was 20, and only 1 promotion). Anyways, lunch was the most exciting part of the day on this specific day, here in San Diego.


“Cya Darren,” I called to the gorgeous man I work next to everyday. Gorgeous? Here’s what I mean. He’s absolutely perfect. 6 foot 2, with a beautiful build. A nicely toned, muscular chest. It shows through those clean, tight buttoned up shirts he wears. He has short, dark brown hair, and these big and brown eyes. I never seem to keep my eyes off them, that’s how attractive they are. He has these nice, beautiful legs inside his dress pants, or in his shorts he wears on casual Fridays. When he wears short sleeved shirts, he shows off his hairy arms. And they have a perfect amount of hair on them, not too much, not too little, just like how like my men. His dick is absolutely beautiful!! Yes. I’ve taken note at the urinal plenty of times.

“Cya Rickster,” he said, without looking up from his computer screen. He has his own nickname for me! My real name is Richard. To be honest, Rickster sounds terrible, but it’s the way Darren says it in his sexy, deep, 24 year old voice is what makes me cope with it.

I stepped out of the door into the fresh air. Did a quick little jog around the employee parking lot before hopping onto my basic, silver, 2007 model Nissan Altima. Then I pulled out of the lot and headed up the hill to the Wendy’s down the street. It was a short, 3 minute drive. I hopped out and sprinted into the door of the restaurant, careful not to waste too much of my 30 minute lunch break. I waved at my favorite cashier, Tony, who is just like Darren, except with blonde hair, blue eyes, and he’s a couple inches shorter, but the same height as me. I placed my order and then went to the bathroom. Guess who was there before me? Tony.

“Hiya Tony!” I exclaimed to him, a little too excitedly. I was suddenly wondering if some of my fantasies with one of my two favorite men would be coming true.

“Hey there,” he said, in a deep voice (exactly like Darren’s!). He wasn’t in his Wendy’s uniform anymore, just a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. His clothes were tossed on the floor, as he was finishing up at the urinal. I couldn’t help but get hard inside of my tight pants. He turned around to face me, his chest showing through the tight t-shirt. I think he noticed my hard member, because he kind of grinned, picked up his clothes, and made a mad dash for the door. I guess I had scared him off, so bad he forgot to wash his hands.

I was replaying the scene of him pissing (mainly the part of peeking at his dick), and jerking myself when someone walked in. I turned around, face bright red, to see it was Tony.

“Someone’s a little hard,” he said, teasing me, his eyes glued to my 6 inch cock. I then became fully erect all over again, seeing him looking at me like that. He strutted over to me, his gorgeous 6 foot tall figure making me drool. Then he did the weirdest thing. He grabbed me softly around the waist, twisted me around, and got on his knees. I was shocked. I didn’t know Tony was gay, he seemed like the type that would use his beautiful body for women, not for a 6 foot, regular sized man with black hair (which is me). My only beauty was my eyes. They were a beautiful blue, just like Tony’s, not to brag, but I needed at least one thing to be proud of. My member was about a centimeter away from his face. He kissed my tip. I almost fainted. Then he went all around my cock, kissing it. Just when I was starting to think this was all I would get (not to be ungrateful), he wrapped his lips around my penis. He took one of his hands and massaged my balls. Then he went all around my penis, getting it wet with saliva. He used his free hand to undo my belt. His eyes looked up at me, with a sort of pleading appearance. I helped him undo my pants and tugged them down.

My underwear came down with my pants. Tony pulled me closer to him, pushing my ass from behind with his free hand. He clutched my butt cheeks, then rubbed, then repeated. Finally he stuck his finger in his mouth, along with my dick, and put that finger into my pleasure hole. He wiggled it around inside, making me groan as he did both this and worked his mouth up and down my shaft. Dont forget, he was working my balls too. It was amazing. It felt like my eyes were rolling back in my head. I threw my head back, and put my hand in his hair, stroking it. I was coming extremely close.

“Oh,” I let out in between moans. “Fuck man. You’re good. You’re great Tony.” I felt my knees start to shiver. I fell back onto the urinal behind me, which was quickly replaced by Tony’s strong hand. I shot loads down his throat, my hand pushing his head against my dick. He didn’t resist, he just let string after string of my warm, sticky cum flow into him. I felt him gulping and swallowing. When I was done unloading into him, I slid down onto the floor. I was prepared to return the favor. He was prepared to allow me to do so. He quickly unzipped his jeans and dropped them, followed by his underwear. I immediately went to work.

I took as much of his shaved, 6 and a half inch cock into my mouth as I could. I felt the tip at the back of my throat, gagged a little, and continued. I squeezed the rest of his dick that I hadn’t already attempted to swallow up. I moved my hand up and down his dick, making loud slurping noises as I worked my mouth up and down as well. I squeezed his balls, a little too forcefully. He let out a little yelp, which was immediately drowned out by a new set of moans. I squeezed and clenched butt cheeks. I took a dry finger and shoved it up his asshole, which was a mistake, since his ass tightened around my finger. I looked up to see his eyes go wide, his chest heaving heavily with the heavy, short breaths he was now taking.

“Relax,” I told him. “It only hurts more if you hesitate and resist.” My words soothed him and released the tight grip his ass had on my finger. I sucked him off the final bit, while also squeezing his balls, and exploring his asshole. I felt him get tense and his knees buckled, so I pulled my mouth off his cock until I was only at his tip. He blew his load all over, and I tried my best to catch as much as I could it my mouth. I swallowed what I had, the rest all over my face. Then I stood up took off my shirt and tie as he took off his shirt, and we got into a passionate kiss. He broke it, to lick his cum off my face. We continued our kiss, this time with me jerking his cock and him jerking mine.

“I want you to,” I said in a quick breath In between kisses, “fuck me.” He moaned in agreement. Once we were both pretty hard, I got down on all fours on the ground, while he went over to turn on the sink. I tilted my ass a little more upward, and he took the wet water on his hands to lube up my hole, and his cock. Then I felt his head at my entrance. I nodded my head as a signal that I was ready. His head slid into me, and I let out a short gasp. He took this as a signal to continue. So he pushed in more. I pushed back against him, urging him to go all the way in. In a nick of time, his full length was inside of me.

“Fuck me hard,” I commanded. “I don’t want to start off slow.” He obeyed my orders. He quickly pulled out until it was just his head inside, then immediately slammed back in. His balls slapped against my ass cheeks, hard. “Oh!” I cried. He kept going, faster this time. He pulled out, slammed back in, out, slam, out, slam, continuously. I jerk myself crazily, at the fast speed of his fucks. It felt good. Soon, I was exploding all over myself, my body going limp as he continued to pound me. Finally, I felt a warm sensation inside me, fill me up. He groaned in pleasure, then collapsed on top of me. We just laid on the floor like that, him still inside of me, for the next 5 minutes. I never wanted him to pull out, but I had to get back to work.

Wait, work!?!? I had forgotten all about it!! “Tony!” I exclaimed. “I’m late for work!” He seemed just about alarmed as I was, so he quickly sat up, pulled out of me, and got dressed. I did the same, though my clothes were sticky, stained, and smelly from cum. Who cares? I just had sex with Tony! I dashed out of the restroom, went to the restaurant counter, grabbed my now cold food, and went back to exchange numbers with Tony. Then I darted out the door, drove back to work and ate at the same time, and clocked back into my workstation at 8 PM. I was an hour late. Darren looked up and gave me a funny look, scrunched up his nose at the smell I brought with me, and resumed his work on his computer.

“Nice to see ya too,” I told him. “Is boss mad?”

“Nope,” he said, still not looking up from his screen. He paused from what he was saying. Then resumed. “You owe me a little something though, Rickster. I covered for you.” With this last comment, he looked up from his screen, and a huge smile covered his serious expression.

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