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Love That Game

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Being gay and a professional sport figure does not always go hand-in-hand. Over the years, several prominent sport figures have revealed their sexuality. David Kopay, Ed Gallagher, Roy Simmons, Glenn Burke, John Amaechi and Billy Ball, just to name a few. In most instances, revealing their sexuality resulted in banishment from the sport that made them household names.

So, you can understand my reserve in letting anyone in on my secret. My professional career as a pitcher in major leaguer baseball hinders on my ability to remain a star pitcher and to keep my true self a secret. I have been playing baseball for over 7 years now with the same team here in California. For five of those years, I have been in love with the catcher on the team. Some of you may have heard of me. My name is Ryan Klinton. I obviously cannot tell you the true name of my love, to protect his identity. So, I will say his name is Orrin Hopper.

The story I am about to tell you is how our love affair began.

I have what some would term, a rocket arm. I can throw a fast ball up to speeds of 110 mph. Needless to say; few are able to get a hit off me. I was prodigy at 12 and by the time I was 19, I was pitching in the majors. I was under constant scrutiny. Everyone thought that with the speed of my pitches, I would have a short career and my arm would be irreparably damaged. Orrin was traded to the team my third year. He was brought in to help keep an eye on me when I was on the mound. At any signs of tiring, he was to alert the coach and I would be taken out of the game. To date, I have never left a game before the 7th inning and I have pitched 16 complete games.

Orrin is a few years older than I am. He is absolutely male and extremely gorgeous. He is a rare breed of baseball player. He wears his hair long, but unlike other players whose long hair often looks unruly and a mess; his hair is perfect. When he wears it completely down, it falls to the center of his back. Long blond locks that many women fans envy. He has a chiseled face with a roman nose and the most beautiful long blond lashes framing shockingly green eyes. I have never seen a more exquisite face, and I appreciate that catchers mask that he wears to protect it.

I consider myself to be fairly attractive. I wear my black hair longer than most other players, usually similar to that of Hugh Grant. I have blue eyes. Some say deep-ocean blue. A lot of pitchers are overweight, but I prefer to stay in shape and work out regularly. So I have a tall, lithe frame.

I worked a four-man rotation. However, that just meant that I didn’t throw the hard stuff unless I was in the game. I like to keep my arm moving as much as possible (including masturbating). Orrin played 3 games on, one game off. He was always paired with me for practice and real games. Due to consistent close contact, we became friends rather quickly. On away games we shared a hotel suite. On home games, we would often go out for drinks after a victory or get to together to watch replay tapes after a loss.

We did this for 2 years before our relationship changed. As you can image, being as hot as he was, Orrin often had companions. Being a major league player only added to his appeal since it made him more visible. On many away games, he would stumble into my part of the suite, reeking of perfume, with wild stories of the women he met and often times “got lucky” with.

On one such occasion, we were on a road trip and needed to win 2 games to make it to the playoffs. We lost the first game of the three game series, but we won the second game and made the record books. We had a great victory with an actual triple play. Anyone in baseball knows a triple play is nearly impossible to get. It all comes down to the base running of the team at bat. We got lucky; it was the bottom of the 9th inning and the pitcher had a man on 1st and 2nd base. The batter had a 3-2 count and the base runners were going to go on a hit and run. There were no outs. We were leading 5-3. I wasn’t pitching, but I was engrossed in the game none-the-less. I saw our closer wind up and release a curve ball that was on the inside of the plate. The batter swung, made contact, and the base runners were off. However, the ball bounced once right to the third baseman, who had his foot on the bag. He turned and quickly threw the ball to the second baseman. The second baseman, knowing that batter was recovering from a sprained ankle, whipped the ball to first and beat him at the plate.

Our fans in the stands went wild. Our team went wild. We plowed over each other in our attempts to get out of the dugout and hoist the second baseman on our shoulders. They always tell us to know who the batter was, and because he did his homework, we were able to not only win the game, but to get that coveted triple play.

Orrin found me in the melee and slapped me on backside, (the traditional way to say good job in sports). He was grinning from ear to ear. He was the catcher for the game and as he removed his face mask, I could see dirt streaks matted to his face. I pulled him into a tight hug, thumping him on the back before releasing him and grabbing the next player.

That night, Orrin as usual was out with a groupie and doing God new what. Around 2:00 AM, I heard the door to the hotel suite open. I could see Orrin make his way into the room and as tradition dictated, he flopped onto my bed, calling my name and shaking me. I pretended as if he was waking me and stretched my body as I pulled myself into sitting position. “What? Back already? I didn’t expect to see you until batting practice.” I mumbled. In truth, I always waited up for him. Listening to him relegate his stories always made me hard as I pictured him in my mind plowing away at some faceless woman. Often I would replace that woman with myself and would stealthy stroke my cock as his voice resonated through me.

Tonight was no different. I closed my eyes as he spoke and imagined it was me he was kissing, stroking and bring to complete fulfillment. Although he was obviously quite drunk, his voice was steady and his words inflamed my body. I nonchalantly moved my legs, making it easier for me to grab my cock beneath the bed covers. I rubbed the helmet and bit my lip to keep from moaning. Orrin was giving me all the details of the night he had with not one, but two hot fans. He talked about the blow job he received and how it made his toes curl. I pictured myself on my knees, my lips wrapped around his cock, taking him deep in my throat. He continued on, describing these women’s bodies, which I completely tuned out. I already had a good image of Orrin’s body. You don’t share space with someone for as long as we had and not know what the other looks like naked.

I was completely lost in my own fantasies. My hand had picked up the pace on my cock and I knew that I needed to stop or I would lose it. In my mind’s eye, Orrin had crawled over me and was licking my nipples. I was so turned on, I moaned his name. Afraid that I had said his name out loud, I slowed my hand and opened my eyes. Orrin was watching me with a huge smile on his face. He had ceased talking at some point and had been watching me jack myself. I was mortified. He had heard me moan his name. I immediately began to apologize, sputtering through explanations. I just knew that he would request a new roommate. I was afraid he would tell everyone what I was doing and what I said. I was afraid that he wouldn’t want to work with me anymore. I was afraid my baseball career was over.

Orrin reached out a hand and placed it on my shoulder, gently massaging it. With his other hand, he placed his finger across my lips causing me to immediately quiet down. “Shush, he whispered.” He removed his finger and leaned toward me. At the first taste of lips, I knew I was drinking from the fountain of the gods. His lips were soft, supple and strong. I sighed into him. He pulled back briefly, looked into my eyes longingly and then pulled me in an even tighter and deeper kiss.

My heart beat maddeningly. My cock was at full mast. I could feel his own pressing into my hip and knew his desire was on par with my own. I kissed him back with all the passion I could muster. Our tongues danced a ferocious tango, seeking, searching and tasting every cranny of each other’s mouth. Finally, he released me. I fell back into the sheets fighting to catch my breath. I wanted so say something, to ask questions, but the air was so thick with arousal and my body ready to snap at a moments notice, I decided question could wait.

Orrin pulled back the covers and stared at my naked body. At the sight of me in full arousal, he gasped. My 8 ½ inch cock lay against my six pack, leaking pre-cum which rolled down and pooled in my belly button. He reached out a hand and wrapped it around my pole, pulling it away from by body. Lowering his head, he lapped at my belly button, his tongue dipping into me and retreating with a salty snack. I moaned at the sight of him crouch over me. When his tongue made contact with me skin, my cock jerked violently in his hand and another flood of pre-cum roll out of my slit, coating my cock and his hand. He looked at the new mess and then at me before taking the head of my cock into his mouth. It took every ounce of willpower I could muster to not blow my load right there.

I had never felt anything so amazing in my life. He worked my cock into his mouth until he had taken about 6 inches. As he sucked, he tongue would swirl, finding every ridge, every nerve ending. I was loudly moaning now, my back arched, my hips thrusting. It took less than 10 strokes of his tongue for me to lose it. I wrapped his hair around my fist, and my body stretched taut. When Orrin felt that I was about to come, he opened his throat and took in the remaining 2 ½ of my inches. His throat milked my cock as my release came crashing over me. Wave after wave washed over me, as I shot my cum deep into his belly. Nine or ten thick jets of my cum left me to be forever with Orrin. Even after I finished cumming, Orrin continued to use his through muscles to massage my cock.

Slowly, I began to come back from the heavens, as I surely knew I had died. Orrin pulled back, but kept the head of my cock between his lips, using his tongue to lap at cum still oozing out. I had released the hold I had on his hair and was now lovingly stroking his locks. It was soft and framed his face erotically. As Orrin released my cock, I saw that it was still incredibly hard. I started to sit up, but Orrin pushed me back with a hand to my chest. At some point, he had removed his shirt. Now he stood up and dropped his pants and underwear to the floor.

Now it was my turn to gasp at the site of him. I already knew he was uncut, but I had never seen him fully aroused. His cock stood straight up, at least 8 inches and very, very thick. I licked my lips at the thought of getting to taste him for real. Orrin must have seen me, because I heard him groan at the sight. He crawled onto the bed and straddled my hips, bringing his hard cock to my lips. I licked my lips again, this time letting just the tip touch the slit on his cock. He groaned again and his hips jerked forward pressing his cock pass my lips and into my mouth. I knew that if I died at that moment, I would have died knowing that I had just tasted the most delicious morsel on the face of the planet.

I bathed the head of his cock with my tongue, coating it completely with saliva. I worked my tongue into his slit, sucking out the pre-cum. I sucked his slit like a straw, and he threw his head back with a loud cry, “YES!!!” I continued this for a few moments more before engulfing more of him. Orrin reached down and grabbed the back of my head, easing more and more of him into my mouth and down my throat until he was fully seated. I looked up at him, eyes wide and swallowed repeatedly. My throat muscles worked his cock, rolling along the ridges. Orrin’s mouth was open, but no sound was coming out. I pulled my head back until just the tip was left in my mouth. He looked down at me staring me in the eyes, and forced my head fully back on his cock in one move. Our eyes remained glued to each other as he fucked my face while I milked his cock.

I held Orrin’s ass cheeks in my hands. Just as I felt him get ready to release his load, I stuck two fingers up his ass. I felt the muscles in his entire body reach the point of no return. His ass clamped down hard on my fingers and he thrust himself even deeper into my throat as buckets of cum shot of him and into my waiting gullet. Just as he had done to me, I continued to use my throat muscles to milk his cock once he finished cumming. Orrin fell back onto the bed, but I refused to let him go and followed him down, still latched to his cock. His body twitched as continued to milk him, his cock remaining hard in my throat. Finally, I pulled back, but again like him, I held the head of his cock between my lips. I lapped at his slit before attaching my lips to and again sucking him like a straw. His whole body went ramrod straight and I was awarded with more buckets of his delicious cum. I greedily gobbled it down, licking him clean.

I finally released him and noticed the sheen of sweat all over his body and the occasional twitch as he tried to steady his breathing. I crawled up his body and lay in his arms. We stayed that way for several minutes until his heartbeat and breathing returned to normal. I propped myself up on my elbow and covered his face with little kisses, stopping at his gorgeous lips, licking them until they parted and he let me in for a deeper kiss. The second time around, his kisses still caused my belly to flutter and for sunlight to set my heart aglow. I finally broke the kiss and with deep sigh, said, “Orrin, we need to talk.”

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