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Love is Like Wine, Better with Age

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Molly opened her eyes and blinked several times as she realized that she was in a strange bed in a strange room. She was naked, but covered with a sheet. Molly sat up on her elbow, holding the sheet over her body and looked around. It was a pleasant room, richly appointed with elegant furnishings. Suddenly she gave a start as she saw a man sitting in an upholstered chair looking back at her. Frightened, she asked, “Who are you and where am I?” The man smiled pleasantly and tried to put her at ease.

“You’re at Chris Donavan’s house. You passed out at the party last night and crashed in this bed,” he told her. She glanced about and saw her clothes neatly folded on a chair as she tried to recall how she ended up in this room.

“You still haven’t told me who you are or what you’re doing here,” she said trying to appear unafraid.

“I guess you really put one on, last night,” he started, “I’m Cedric Chapman, a friend of Chris Donavan’s family. I was at the party too last night watching you and others, having a good time. You had a lot to drink and I escorted you to this bedroom to sleep it off, Miss.”

“But, I’m naked! Did you do that too?” Molly asked.

“No, Miss, that credit belongs to you. You decided to…to…copulate…my brains out, and you undressed completely. You got into bed and promptly passed out.”

“And what did you do?” she asked warily. Cedric told her that he covered her, folded her clothes and started to leave when some drunken young men tried to enter the room with lust in their eyes. He chased them away and decided to sit in the room to prevent any unwelcome amorous adventures from occurring. Molly was unconvinced as she held the bed sheet tighter to her chest. “How do I know if you didn’t take advantage of me?” she asked timidly.

“It’s called rape, and it’s a felony. I don’t engage in either,” he said.

“Let me get this straight,” she responded, “I chose a fifty year old man to sleep with, stripped naked, got into bed and you didn’t do anything?” Cedric nodded yes, adding that he was in his late sixties.

“So I had nothing to fear from you?”

“Well, Miss, I wouldn’t say that, but I do like my bed mates awake when I make love,” he said with a smile. “I did not take advantage of you, nor did anyone else, though they certainly tried,” he told her. Molly returned the smile cautiously and sat up straight, still covering her naked body with the sheet. Cedric told her about several attempts by the male partiers to join her during the night, but he dissuaded them.

“Did you see me naked?” she asked. He nodded yes, saying that he could hardly avoid it since she didn’t try to conceal herself. She smiled coyly then asked, “Well, what did you think?” Cedric told her he was taken by her beauty and thanked her for the pleasure of seeing her lovely body. Molly grinned and began to believe Cedric’s account of her predicament. Cedric stood up and asked her if she would like a cup of coffee. Molly nodded yes.

“Fine, Miss, I’ll get you a cup and you can get dressed while I’m gone.”

“Thank you, and my name is Molly,” she said as he left the room. Molly jumped from the bed still clutching the sheet around her and went into the bathroom. She checked herself over and concluded that no one had fucked her while she was passed out, confirming what Cedric had told her. She found a toothbrush and paste, brushed her teeth, washed her face and combed her hair. Ready to face the world again, she thought about what Cedric had done to help her. ‘Maybe I ought to give the old guy a real thrill, for taking such good care of me,’ she thought. The more she thought about it the more aroused she became. ‘Why not,” she decided. She ran back to the bed and covered up as she heard Cedric’s knock on the door. “Come in,” she said.

Cedric opened the door and immediately noticed her clothes still folded on the chair. He entered, walked to the bed and handed her a mug of coffee. Molly accepted the coffee and dropped the sheet as she took the mug, revealing her lovely conical shaped breasts, her nipples upright and hard. Cedric was a bit uneasy and he stepped back a bit to sip his coffee telling her she had dropped the sheet. Molly smiled and put the mug down on the nightstand cupped her breast and said, “I bet you just can’t eat one.” Cedric smiled, put his mug down and sat on the bed to lightly rub Molly’s nipple. She moaned in arousal as he bent to her and licked the nipple into his mouth to suckle it. Molly held his head tightly as she reveled at the pleasure from his tongue.

Cedric removed his clothes and stood naked as he held Molly’s nipples with his thumbs and forefingers gently rolling, pinching and pulling them while she moaned in pleasure, feeling her pussy getting wetter. She looked at him to see a trim man with some gray hair at his temples and wisps of gray on his chest. Cedric’s body was firm, but not muscular. He pushed her breasts together and sucked both nipples at the same time, something that no one had ever done with her.

She gasped in pleasure as he pleasured her breasts. During the course of their foreplay, Cedric had managed to swallow a Viagra pill without Molly’s knowledge. He kissed her lovely firm young body from her breasts to her trimmed bush.

Cedric nuzzled her bush with his nose and inhaled her fragrance. He gently pulled her to the edge of the bed and spread her legs, placing her calves on his shoulders. He kissed her very wet pussy and she gasped with pleasure. Covering her pussy with his mouth he probed deeply into her cunt with his tongue then swirled it over her clit. He continued to lick and suck her cunt and clit until she came powerfully several times. When he was sure the Viagra had taken effect, Cedric mounted his young prize and slowly slid his seven-inch cock into her very tight little pussy. Molly moaned and clasped her legs around his waist holding him fast as he began to pump his cock in and out of her drenched sex. He fucked Molly to orgasm three times before he too erupted in a hard orgasm when she came for the third time.

Exhausted and spent, they lay on the bed catching their breath and gasping to each other how marvelous the other was. “Oh my God, that was almost too much, Cedric,” Molly told him between gasps.

“Not bad for an old guy,” he teased her.

“Jesus, that was right up there with the best I’ve had,” Molly said as she kissed him. “I think I have a new outlook on…‘older’ lovers,” she smiled.

“Molly, you were magnificent! This old man thanks you for letting him relive a fantasy that he thought was dead and gone,” Cedric told her. She thanked him and told him she had to see him again. Asking him to promise to call her, she gave him her telephone number and kissed him. Cedric dressed and smiled at her as he went downstairs to wait for her to shower and dress. Molly came down after a little time, dressed and ready to go. Cedric agreed to drive her home as she had come to the party with a girl friend that had left without her last night.

Three weeks passed and Molly had not talked to Cedric. He had called, but she was out and he left a message with his phone number. Molly had accidentally erased the message and could not call him back. His number was unlisted and his friend, Chris Donavan, was in Europe for a month. Dejected, Molly hoped that he would call again. She decided to go shopping and comfort herself. Somehow, shopping always made her feel better, no matter the cause of her discomfort. She called her girl friends, Beth and Shirley, and they agreed to meet her at the shopping mall. The girls met and spent the afternoon shopping, but mostly window-shopping. Beth suggested that they get a bite to eat and she led the way to the food court.

The young women ordered their food and sat down at a little table to eat. Suddenly, Molly nearly spilled her soft drink as she spied Cedric sitting down at a table near the back. “Guys’, do you remember me telling you about the older guy who fucked my brains out after Chris Donavan’s party?” she said. The other girls nodded and Molly said, “Well, he’s sitting near the back wearing the brown leather jacket.” Beth and Shirley looked at Cedric then back at Molly.

“He’s the guy?” they asked in amazement. Molly nodded yes and retold them the lurid details of their lovemaking. They teased Molly for ‘robbing the grave’, but were all ears when she repeated the details of their encounter.

“I bet he couldn’t ‘do’ all three of us, Molly,” Beth said to her in jest.

“Yeah, that would prolly kill him,” laughed Shirley.

“You smart asses want to find out?” Molly challenged them. Her girl friends giggled and said ‘sure’ knowing that it couldn’t ever happen. “Ok, you’re on!” Molly declared as she got up and walked to Cedric’s table. He stood up when she greeted him and they hugged one another. They talked for a few moments then Molly sat down at his table. She told him about the accidental erasure of his message and was hoping that he would call again. “I’m so glad to have run into you again,” she told him. Cedric gave her his phone number and told her he was happy she saw him and came over to say hello.
“Well, Cedric, there is another reason I came over here,” she admitted. A puzzled look came over Cedric as he waited for her to explain. “I hope you don’t get upset, but I told my best girlfriends about…about…you…you and me, at Chris’s house,” she confessed. Cedric smiled and replied that he bet her friends didn’t believe her. “You’re right about that, Cedric,” Molly confirmed. “They don’t think you have the capacity to take all three of us to bed for a foursome,” she said with anticipation.

“Are they afraid they would kill the ‘old man’?” he asked. Molly nodded, adding that she told them that he could indeed handle them. “Well, I see that I have a champion to defend my honor,” Cedric teased her, “Please tell them that I accept their challenge with only one condition,” he said.

“And what might that be?” Molly asked with a grin.

“That there are no conditions nor rules,” Cedric said with a huge grin. He fetched the paper with his phone number and wrote his address for Molly. “Here, Molly, I’ll expect the three of you around seven pm for dinner, cocktails and romance,” he added. Cedric got up, waived at Beth and Shirley, hugged Molly and left the food court. Molly swaggered back to her friends and smiled from ear to ear.

“We are all expected at seven pm for dinner and drinks…first!” declared Molly. Beth and Shirley were stunned. “What did I tell you, I knew he would accept the challenge. To be honest, I think we may be at a disadvantage,” Molly mused. Beth and Shirley resigned themselves to an evening with ‘grandpa’ and concluded that at least they would get dinner and drinks. Molly smiled, she knew better, but decided to let them find out for themselves.

“Maybe we ought to buy new panties for tonight, Molly,” Shirley chided her.

“You can if you want to, Shirley. I’m not wearing any panties tonight,” Molly said as she led the girls from the mall.

The girls pulled up to Cedric’s house and got out of the car. His house was big, but not huge and he obviously lived in comfort. They were dressed elegantly in evening mini skirt dresses and were quiet as they knocked on the door. Cedric opened the door and greeted them, hugging Molly. She introduced Beth and Shirley and Cedric welcomed them all to his home. He led them to a sitting room off the dining room, which was elegantly set for dinner for four. They chatted about themselves and Cedric learned that Molly was twenty-three, Beth twenty-two and Shirley twenty-six. Molly and Beth were enrolled at the University and Shirley had graduated and was working for a law firm. All three studied law.

They finished their cocktails and entered the dining room to sit at the table. A Chef appeared with steaks and served each of them. He popped open a bottle of champagne and placed it in the ice bucket then advised Cedric that he would be leaving in a few minutes. Cedric nodded as he and his guests began to eat their dinner. It turned out that Cedric was retired as a former founder and CEO of a software engineering firm. He told them that he was comfortable financially without need for many material things. His modest home and Cadillac were sufficient material possessions for him.
They finished dinner and sipped their champagne when Molly got up and kissed Cedric. “I’m ready, love,” she told him, “coming guys?” she asked her friends. Cedric, Beth and Shirley got up and he led them to the stairs and up to his bedroom. He entered the bathroom and swallowed the maximum allowable dosage of Viagra removed his clothes and returned to the bedroom. Molly was naked and was helping the others to join her. Finally, the girls were naked and Cedric stood to admire each of them. Molly he knew well and was the most beautiful of the trio. Beth had dark blonde hair, smaller breasts than Molly and a neatly trimmed bush. Shirley was a brunette, with large breasts that defied gravity and had a full black bush. Cedric stood naked with a huge hard-on as he asked them to lie down at the edge of the king sized bed.

He kneeled in front of Beth and kissed her closed, but seeping cuntlips. She gasped. He licked her cuntlips on their outsides and flicked his tongue his tongue across the edges of her closed pussy lips. Beth moaned as he licked her clit and reached to lightly rub her nipples. He trapped her erect clit between her cuntlips and began to roll her clit between them. Beth writhed and groaned in pleasure. Still masturbating Beth, he moved to Shirley and began to lick her pussy and clit. Shirley cried out in pleasure and ground her pussy into his face. Cedric reached for Molly’s pussy and clit. He grasped her clit between her cuntlips and started to masturbate her too, while she moaned her pleasure.

Beth turned toward Shirley and cupped her breasts as she pulled Shirley’s nipple into her mouth to suckle it. Molly, surprised at Beth’s bisexual action, decided ‘what the hell’ and turned to suck Shirley’s other nipple. Shirley groaned with passion as she felt her orgasm rising deep inside her. Cedric’s tongue was maddening as he brought her to the brink of orgasm several times, but denied her the pleasure. Finally, she could endure no more and she exploded in a savage orgasm bucking and shuddering through several cums as Cedric sucked her ferociously throughout her orgasm. Shirley lay gasping for breath as Cedric moved to Beth and covered her sopping wet pussy with his mouth. Beth wailed in delight as she felt his long tongue plunge deep inside her. Cedric probed her inner cunt for several minutes then assaulted her clit with his marvelous tongue.

Screaming her pleasure, Beth shuddered in a powerful orgasm, spewing her nectar all over Cedric’s face and mouth. Again and again he brought her to orgasm until she could no longer stand the intensity of his tongue on her clit. Beth breathed heavily as she tried to compose her senses after her delicious orgasms. Cedric moved to Molly and he kissed her inner thighs as she closed her eyes in delight. He pulled at her oozing cuntlips with his lips as she writhed to try to get his tongue on her clit. Cedric placed her legs on his shoulders and parted her cuntlips with his tongue. Molly moaned with deep pleasure as his tongue probed deep inside her. Beth and Shirley had recovered enough to play with Molly’s breasts and nipples, as she was lost in the delight of Cedric’s tongue.

He teased her and pleasured her, but withheld her from orgasm several times while she writhed in passion. Cedric sucked her clit into his mouth and began to suck it as though it were a nipple. Molly groaned in ecstasy as he sucked her clit in and out until she thought she would go mad from lust. “Suck her nipples,” Cedric said to Beth and Shirley. Both girls immediately bent to Molly’s breasts to each suckle a hard and sensitive nipple. Molly was consumed by passion and lust as she writhed and gyrated from the marvelous sensations at her pussy and nipples. Molly screamed it ecstasy and shuddered through a massive orgasm, spewing her nectar over Cedric’s waiting mouth. He swallowed her nectar and sucked out more as his tongue ‘tormented’ her super sensitive clit through another thunderous orgasm.

While Molly moaned and gasped for breath, Cedric rose up between her legs, still on his shoulders, and positioned his massive cock between her sweet cuntlips. She gasped as the huge cock slowly entered her tight pussy, sliding relentlessly deeper and deeper. Molly groaned with ecstasy with the familiar feeling of this huge cock impaling her again. Cedric fucked her slowly, withdrawing to his cockhead and sliding it deep again and again. Her clit rubbed against the base of his cock, serving to drive her mad with desire. “Fuck me!” she shouted, “Oh God…fuck me!”
Cedric slowly increased his pace as Molly thrust her hips into him matching him stroke for stroke.
Finally, her pussy and clit could stand no more and she erupted in a tremendous orgasm, screaming with intense pleasure. He continued to fuck Molly until she came twice more then fell back on the bed, spent and exhausted.

Cedric moved to Beth and lay next to her. He helped her to straddle his hips facing him and she grasped his cock to guide it inside her sopping wet pussy. She shuddered in delight when his huge cock impaled her and she began to fuck herself as Cedric rubbed her nipples. Beth fucked him slowly to make him last, but she soon found that he was completely in control of his cock and would outlast her. He motioned to Shirley to mount his face and play with Beth’s nipples as he ate out her tender pussy. Quickly, Shirley complied. Plunging his tongue deep inside her pussy he soon drained her of nectar. The three of them pleasured one another while Molly, totally fatigued, watched them intently. Shirley could not stand the concentrated tonguing of her clit and screamed as she rocked through a magnificent orgasm. She tried to get off Cedric’s mouth, but he held her fast and she orgasmed again, gasping and begging for him to stop so she could breathe.

Shirley rolled off Cedric to lie partially against Molly, as Beth was lost in a sea of unbridled pleasure fucking Cedric’s huge cock. Cedric grasped Beth and brought her to his chest and rolled over so he was on top. He began to thrust his mighty engine in and out of the tight little pussy as Beth screamed with lust. “Oh, sweet Jesus, that’s so good! Fuck me hard…fuck me!” she repeated again and again. Cedric bent to her breast to suckle her nipple as he fucked her. Beth was moaning constantly when suddenly she screamed and blasted into a powerful orgasm. She mumbled and giggled incoherently as the massive cock brought forth another hard orgasm from her trembling pussy. Beth squirted her juices all over Cedric’s cock and balls, adding her nectar to Molly’s. Another orgasm consumed her and she became limp, gasping for air and whimpering.

Cedric withdrew his cock from Beth’s cunt and moved toward Shirley. She turned to get on her hands and knees raising her ass high to reveal her black haired pussy. He nodded to her and moved close behind her to draw his cock between her lovely asscheeks. Shirley clamped her asscheeks together to capture the instrument of her desire. Cedric moved his cock down until it touched her little rosebud and he paused. He pushed a few times against her asshole the lowered his cock until it was nestled between her wet cuntlips. He eased his massive cock inside as Shirley groaned in pleasure. Laying his chest on her back, Cedric clasped her breasts to rub and tweak her nipples as he slowly began to fuck her. She thrust her ass back at him hard, meeting every thrust of his with one of her own. He released her nipple and began to rub her clit as he fucked her doggie style.

Shirley gasped as Cedric captured her hard upright clit between her cuntlips and began to roll it between them. She screamed for joy as her lover pleasured her clit with his fingers and her cunt with his marvelous cock. She reveled in feeling his heavy balls slap against her cunt as he fucked her. Molly and Beth had recovered enough to start rubbing Shirley’s nipples driving her faster toward orgasm. Cedric’s cock was relentless as it drove and retreated from her tight cunt seemingly without end. She could feel her orgasm rising swiftly within her pussy as she relished her friends’ fingers on her nipples and the massive cock in her cunt. Molly and Beth moved their heads under Shirley’s chest and began to lick and suck her nipples as Cedric continued to ravage her cunt. Shirley shrieked as her orgasm overtook her. Her juices flowed in torrents from her pussy as Cedric continued to fuck her hard. She started to come down from her orgasm when another orgasm consumed her. Bucking and jerking she screamed in passion while cumming hard several times. She collapsed onto the bed gasping for breath, pulling Cedric’s cock from her cunt.

The three women lay spent and exhausted, breathing hard and trying to recover. Cedric rolled over onto his back, his huge hard-on pointed at the ceiling. One by one the girls recovered their senses and marveled at Cedric’s endurance. Beth shook her head and said, “I can’t believe it. No one can fuck like that!” she exclaimed.

“But he did,” Molly corrected her. Beth grinned and nodded that indeed he had.

“Oh my God, Molly,” Beth said, “he hasn’t cum yet! Can you believe it? We came several times from his tongue and his cock, but poor Cedric hasn’t cum at all. Cedric grinned as Molly bent to him and took his juice-coated cock in her mouth to lick and suck it. Beth kissed him and covered his nipple with her mouth to lick and suckle it. Shirley joined her on Cedric’s other nipple. His cock seemed to grow even harder as Molly serviced his cock while Beth and Shirley pleasured his nipples. Molly released his cock and motioned to Beth who quickly replaced her. After a few moments, Beth gave way to Shirley as the three girls rotated at sucking his cock and his nipples.

After several cycles, Molly began to lick his balls as Shirley sucked his cock. Beth continued to pleasure his nipples. Molly reached under his balls to locate his asshole. She licked her finger and slowly inserted her finger in Cedric’s asshole probing for his prostate. He moaned in pleasure as huge drops of pre-cum oozed from his cockhole. Molly inserted another finger and began to fuck his ass as she licked his balls. She saw his balls begin to draw up tight and realized that he was very near orgasm. Still finger fucking his ass, Molly told he friends to form a three way on Cedric’s cockhead. Their swirling tongues drove Cedric faster and faster toward the edge, until he groaned and blasted a huge volley of thick white cum from his cockhole. His frothy cream shot up and arched over to splash on his chest.

Molly covered his cockhead with her mouth and caught the next volley in her mouth, relinquishing the still erupting cockhead to Beth. Molly swallowed his seed and kissed him deeply, just as he delivered another wad of thick cum to Beth’s waiting mouth. Shirley quickly replaced Beth and was rewarded with a huge load that splattered onto her tongue. Molly continued to rub his prostate throughout his orgasm causing him to spurt out huge volumes of cum. Finally, his orgasm subsided and the girls released his cock from their mouths. They giggled as his cock slowly became flaccid. “You three killed it,” Cedric teased them.

“Would you listen to that?” said Beth. “You fucked and sucked our brains out, Cedric,” she declared. Shirley added ‘amen’ to Beth’s comments. “Molly…wow! We owe you an apology for doubting you. This was wonderful! Cedric is wonderful!” Beth said with the dreamy look of a well-satisfied woman. The four of them lay in bed recuperating and recounting the past three hours of making love.

“You are wonderful,” Shirley said to Cedric as she kissed him, “thank you for a marvelous evening. I’m ready to do it again very soon,” she smiled. “Everything was grand. The food, drinks, and of course, the romance,” she said grinning. “We can’t thank you enough, Cedric.” Shirley got up and entered the bathroom to shower and dress. Beth joined her and soon they returned, showered and dressed.

“Come on, Molly,” Beth urged her as Molly stretched naked on the bed. “It’s late and there’s school in the morning.”

“You guys go on without me,” Molly told them, “I’m staying with Cedric and he’ll bring me home in the morning.”

“Lucky you!” Shirley exclaimed with a laugh. Beth and Shirley said they would see themselves out and would call Molly later the next day.

” God you were good, Cedric,” Molly whispered as she kissed him. She brought his mouth to her breasts so he could nurse them. Cedric eagerly complied. “How long before you can fuck me again?” she asked.

“In the morning, you cute little nymph,” he answered, “But my tongue is ready now,” he added. Molly pushed him back on his back and straddled his head, bringing her wet pussy to his lips. Cedric covered it with his mouth enthusiastically and proceeded to pleasure her again. Dreamily she rode his mouth to another delightful orgasm then turned to a sixty-nine position and began to suck his wondrous cock. Her expert tongue soon brought him to a hard-on and they continued to suck one another into the wee hours. Spent and exhausted they lay quiet in a joint embrace.

“I’m so happy to have found you,” Molly said to her older lover. “I learned how much better a patient lover can be, and I thank you, Cedric.” He kissed her cute little nose and patted her delightful asscheek.

“I’m happy too, Molly,” he whispered to her, “You really made me feel special tonight. I needed that.” She cuddled next to him and they drifted off to sleep, dreaming of what tomorrow would bring.
The End

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