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Lost Property

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Ann and I were on the last night of our summer holiday. We decided to go to a classy club offering an adult orientated show for our last night away. Normally Ann would baulk at going to this sort of place, but she seemed to be very relaxed from the holiday and possibly all the good sex had left her a little more receptive and more adventurous. It was quite a sophisticated club so we dressed smartly.

Ann wore a lovely strappy black dress and had her hair pulled back to show off the lovely string of pearls she had around her neck. I wore a jacket and tie.

We had a great meal and quite a bit of wine as we watched the show. It was a real glamour show with girls in really extravagant costumes, although most of them were topless as well. The girls all had great bodies and looked really sexy in their skimpy outfits. In the final act the girls were left dressed in only the skimpiest of G-strings. My wife either did not notice, or chose not to comment on my staring at these beauties. The raunchy atmosphere in the place was complimented by waitresses in equally skimpy outfits.

Ann actually has a great body as well, since she works out regularly and is careful about what she eats. However, she has always been rather shy about being naked so she never spent any amount of time without clothes on — much to my regret. At least she seemed to enjoy sex and so we had a good sex life which kept me satisfied.

After the show the floor was opened for dancing by everybody. The music was great and Ann and I enjoyed a number of dances. Feeling a bit turned from the show I felt her up a bit while dancing, but only within the limits that she found acceptable. Sometime later the last dance was announced and we took to the dance floor for a last time.

When the music ended, we both went to the bathroom before our ride back to the hotel. We came out of the bathrooms to find the club practically deserted. Our table had been completely cleaned, and Ann was horrified to find that her purse had also disappeared. Anxious pangs hit both us. Our passports and flight tickets home were in her purse.

We frantically searched for our waitress but could not find her. Eventually we managed to locate the barman, who said nobody had handed a purse in as lost property. However, he added, sometimes such things were handed in to the security people at the door. The show having ended and everybody having left though, the security people were now off duty. He suggested that we try the club owner’s office as he would still be there.

We rushed down the passage to where he had indicated the office would be. Sure enough, the label on the door confirmed it was the right place. Ann knocked and we both entered when the door was opened.

We walked past a large, muscular man (who I recognized as one of the security guys from outside) into an enormous room. It was more like a small apartment than an office and was really luxuriously furnished. The carpets were soft and plush, there were some really comfortable looking couches and a leather topped desk. Obviously the club must have been generating quite a good profit to accommodate the owner in such luxury.

Form behind his desk the owner introduced himself as Jack, asked for our names and then asked what he could do for us. Ann explained our predicament, and was sounding quite desperate when she asked if they had maybe found her purse, or if somebody had maybe handed it in. She highlighted our plight by explaining the situation with our passports and flight tickets. Besides the potentially insurmountable problems of trying to get through the various immigration control points on our way home, we also could really not afford to buy new air tickets after the expense of our holiday.

Jack smiled and pulled out Ann’s purse from one of his desk drawers, asking if this was the one. We both heaved a sigh of relief. Ann started thanking him profusely and advanced to collect it from him.

“Wait a minute. Not so fast Ann,” Jack said emphatically, stopping Ann in her tracks. “I first want to know what you thought of the show tonight.” I started explaining how great it was and how good looking the girls were. I told that he must have very good talent searches out there to find these girls.

“Hey Rick, I would like to hear what Ann thought of the girls, not you.” Jack looked at Ann. “Did you find the girls were sexy and erotic?” Ann blushed a little at being asked such a direct question by this stranger, but responded indirectly by saying that she could understand why the show appealed to men.

“You didn’t answer the question Ann, so let’s try another one.” Jack sounded a bit annoyed. “So tell me if you think your body is as sexy as those girls in the show.”

Ann looked at me for help in this situation. I did not like such brazen questions being put to her, so responded. “Look Jack, I don’t think it is fair or right to ask my wife such questions. Can we please just get her purse back and we will leave right away.”

Clearly irritated by my interjection, Jack retorted, “Stay out of this Rick if you want any chance of getting Ann’s purse back. I have something you want, so first you two have to give me what I want. Is that clear?” Jack glared at us looking quite threatening.

“Max – you may to have sort out this guy for me,” Jack sneered, looking at his security man, who I now thought of as his bodyguard. Max, in his tight Jeans and even tighter T-shirt moved in behind Ann and me to reinforce the threat that Jack had made. Ann and I glanced at each other, feeling very uncomfortable about the way this was working out.

“Right Ann — if you expect to get your purse back you will have to answer my question.”

Ann’s face flushed as she hesitantly responded. “Well I think I have a reasonably good figure, but probably not as good as your girls.” I could sense that she hoped this was the right answer.

“Well since you are not sure, take your dress off – and I will assess for myself,” Jack instructed in a tone which implied that he would not accept anything else.

“No Jack, please be reasonable. I am not that sort of woman and I have done nothing wrong. Can we not just get my purse back and we won’t disturb you any longer,” Ann pleaded.

“Ann, you do not seem to understand. Max found your purse and brought it to me for safe-keeping. So I believe you owe us some favours,” Jack responded with that sneer in his voice again. “Max, I think you should take off the ladies dress so that we can make some progress here!”

“NO YOU WILL NOT!!” I yelled at Max and stepped in between him and Ann. I thought the whole situation was turning really sour and wanted to put a stop to it.

“Rick you are a slow learner and you irritate me. Max – tie him to the pillar with his own tie,” Jack instructed in a low, menacing voice.

Max grabbed both my arms and forced me across to the pillar in the corner of the room. I tried to struggle but this muscleman was way too strong. He pulled my jacket half way down my arms effectively pinning them at my sides. Very quickly he ripped my tie off, pulled my arms behind me and around the pillar and tied my hands tightly at the back of the pillar. I was trapped, facing into the room.

“Rick, I hope you now understand your position. You will NOT interfere in my discussion with Ann. If you talk or shout we will also gag you. Is that clear?” he asked in that menacing tone.

“So Ann — now we can continue where we left off. Max – take off Ann’s dress.”

“My pleasure boss!!” Max smiled.

I could see Ann stiffen up at Max’s approach. Having seen what happened to me I guessed that she was too afraid to resist. Max moved behind Ann, unhooked the clasp at the top of her dress and slowly pulled the zipper down. Max then took each shoulder strap and slipped them off her shoulder. I couldn’t help thinking that he seemed quite gentle in his actions with Ann. He eased the dress lower, making sure his hands brushed over Ann’s breasts, before he let the slinky black dress slide down her body to land in a pile at her feet.

Despite the apprehension I felt, I found myself feeling proud of how sexy my wife looked standing there in her lacy black underwear and stockings. Her bra and panties were fairly transparent and her nipples and trimmed bush were quite visible. She did look sexy. Ann was clearly very embarrassed and did not know where to look. She had always been shy and reserved about her sexuality. Jack broke the silence.

“You look good. I like your choice of underwear — it shows off your nipples and trimmed pussy quite well.” Ann glanced down to see her nipples hardening in response to Jack’s pointed comment.

“If you dress so sexily for your husband, I wonder what you wear for your lovers,” he chuckled.

His comment hit a nerve with Ann, and she spat back. “I don’t have any lovers and never have had. I am a respectable and loving wife.” She glared at Jack.

Jack smirked. “If that is true we will have to teach you what you are missing out on Ann. But let’s continue seeing how you compare to my girls. Since all the girls work topless we need to take your bra off Ann.”

“No!! I will not appear topless in front of you men,” Ann resisted and was clearly not going to just let Jack have his way. I was about to express my disgust when I remembered the threat of being gagged as well as tied up.

Jack picked up her purse and waved it at her. “I guess it going to be really awkward trying to get new passports in this country. Finding somewhere to stay in the meanwhile might be quite difficult as well in the middle of holiday season………….. Shall we have the bra off?”

Ann visibly backed down, and nodded her head.

“You at least seem to understand who is in control here. Max take off Ann’s bra – I want to see her tits.”

Max smiled in anticipation as he moved behind Ann. She stood quite rigid, with a very apprehensive look on her face, as she waited for him to expose her breasts. Max first slipped the bra straps off her shoulders, before unclipping the back. He then slowly eased the bra off, letting it fall at Ann’s feet with her dress. Similarly to when he had removed Ann’s dress, I thought he had an almost gentle, but erotic way of doing it. Max then cupped each breast, kneaded them briefly and tweaked her nipples before stepping away.

“Her tits are real boss — no silicone there. They feel really good.” Max smiled at Jack.

Ann had very nice, firm 36C tits, which were now exposed for all to see. She glanced down at her visibly hardening nipples, clearly dismayed at this reaction.

“Very nice Ann — you certainly do look sexy. You could work at my club quite easily. I am sure the clients here would love to see those tits. You also seem to get a thrill out of showing them off – judging by the state of your nipples.”

Ann blushed furiously, probably partly due to the fact that her aroused nipples had been noticed and commented on, but also due to the sexually biased comment about other men enjoying her body.

I had to admit that she looked very sexy standing there dressed in just her high heels and small lacy panties. With her hair tied up it seemed to emphasize her naked top half, while the string of pearls hanging down her chest drew one’s eyes to her exposed tits.

Jack was clearly enjoying the sight as well. “Standing there dressed like that you look like a high class, sophisticated whore Ann. I bet you give a man a really good fuck.”

Ann was visibly shocked at the crude comments. I had to try to stop these men abusing my wife. “Jack and Max — just let us go. We will pay you – you can have whatever cash is in Ann’s purse.” I tried to reason.

“I warned you to keep quiet Rick!! Max – gag him,” Jack snapped.

“You should realize that I run clubs to make money. I do not extort money from people. Ann can get her purse from our safekeeping once some favours have been returned. And I will decide what those favours are!!” Rick made his point.

Max produced a cloth from somewhere and quickly tied it around my head, cutting into my mouth. I could do no more than grunt. He did it so proficiently that I was sure he had done this many times before.

“I hope you understand Ann, that we have a way to get what we want,” Jack said in a serious tone and looking in my direction. Ann looked stunned and gave a small nod.

“I am glad that is clear! Now I expect you to show some remorse for your husband’s stupid interjections. You can start by giving me a blowjob,” Jack sneered.

“OH GOD NO!!! Please don’t make me do that. I’m a married woman and have always been loyal to my husband.” Ann looked pleadingly at Jack.

“Ann — your husband is tied up and you two are going nowhere until I have received the favours I expect. You WILL give me a blowjob — and you had better do it well.”

Jack smirked.”Besides, if you have only experienced your husband’s cock, it is way overdue for you to experience the thrill of another man’s cock.”

I could not stand this talk, and starting tugging at my restraints and making as much noise through the gag as I could.

Jack chuckled loudly. “Max, I think he is saying that he wants to watch his wife servicing another man. Pull his trousers down so that we can see if he gets turned on watching his wife with another man.”

Max laughed as he roughly undid my trousers and pushed them down to my ankles. He also ripped my shirt buttons apart and pushed the shirt down my arms. I watched helplessly as he exposed my cock for all to see.

“I think little Rick going to enjoy watching his sexy wife get it on with another man?” he teased.

In the meanwhile Jack had moved from behind his desk and had taken off his shirt. He stood facing Ann. Ann’s eyes scanned over the lean but muscular chest while he kicked off his shoes and then she focused on his crotch as his hands moved to undo his trousers. As Rick slid his trousers down a reasonably long, but slender cock popped out and stood to attention. I saw the apprehension in Ann’s eyes as she wondered whether she could go through with this.

“Hey Ann, are you excited by what you see? Go ahead – touch my cock – get a good feeling for it, before you taste it and suck it.” Jack laughed at Ann.

Ann seemed to realize that we were stuck in this office she had little option but to go along with Jack’s instructions. The way they had dealt with me was a sure sign that if she did not co-operate they would just get rough about what they wanted.

Hesitantly she reached out and wrapped a hand around the cock that was pointing right at her. Jack covered her hand with his and stroked it up and down his length a few times. He instructed her to continue stroking him as he withdrew his hand from covering hers, and moved it up to cup her exposed breasts. He caressed and fondled both tits and rolled her nipples between his fingers. I knew that Ann’s tits and nipples were highly erogenous zones for her and wondered if she was getting stimulated by Jack’s touch.

Jack was obviously thinking similarly as he asked Ann, “So Ann, doesn’t that feel good stroking another man’s cock while he fondles you? And just think, you can enjoy this without even cheating on your husband behind his back — since he is watching you have fun.”

Ann didn’t respond. Rick then pulled up a chair, and reclined in it with his cock standing straight up. He instructed Ann to come and kneel on one side of him. He positioned her such that I would be able to see very clearly what my wife was doing to him, and instructed her to get on with the blowjob.

Kneeling next to Jack, Ann stared down at his erect cock. “I …… I don’t know if I can do this,” she stammered.

Jack just grabbed her one hand and placed it on his cock and told her to get on with it. Ann started to slowly slide her hand up and down his cock. Getting impatient, he grabbed Ann’s hair and shoved her face into his lap. She was clearly shocked by his roughness and just opened her mouth and covered the head of his cock with it. With his hand still in her hair Jack got Ann’s head bobbing up and down.

“That’s more like it. Now make it good – or else….!!” Jack took his hand out of Ann’s hair and started roughly fondling her tits.

Quite quickly Jack’s rough kneading of Ann’s tits was causing her to moan — probably from a mix of pain and some pleasurable sensations. With her tits being sensitive I guessed that despite the rough handling she was experiencing some stimulation.

I could see Jack was starting to appreciate the wet sensations around his cock. Soon he was thrusting gently into Ann’s mouth. Ann let out an erotic sounding little groan every now and then. Was she just trying to make Jack feel good, or was she actually finding herself involuntarily stimulated by what was happening?

Although I was still furious about Ann being forced to suck this man’s cock, I had to admit that I found the sight very erotic. Here was my wife dressed only in her tiny lacy panties and stockings sucking a naked man’s cock, while he was massaging her tits and rolling her nipples. Much to my disgust my cock started to get hard.

My wife’s sucking and stroking of Jack’s cock was getting him very worked up. He gave up on Ann’s tits and brought both hands up behind her head. “Yeah baby, that’s it. Enjoy getting some cock other than your husbands. I am going to cum soon — and you are going to swallow every drop!!”

Ann speeded up her pace. Clearly she wanted to get this over and done with.

“Oh YEAHHHHHHH. HERE IT COMES. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH,” shouted Jack, as he erupted into Ann’s mouth. He held her head firm over his squirting cock and I could see her swallow for all she was worth.

As Jack’s body experienced its last orgasmic jerk, he let go of Ann’s head and she sat back on her haunches, breathless and flushed. She just looked down at the ground in front of her, as she wiped the last of Jack’s cum from her lips.

“Not a bad blowjob for someone who claims to be inexperienced. You made me cum quite quickly.” Jack smiled at Ann. “And now tell me — did you find it a thrill to be pleasuring another man?” Looking over at me he added, “Your husband seemed to like watching you service another man.”

Ann looked over at me, and frowned when she saw my rigid cock. I was very embarrassed at getting turned on from watching her being used and abused by other men. I could not look her in the eye.

“So Ann — did you get a thrill from that?” Jack clearly wanted her to answer.

“NO, I did not! I have now carried out the favour you wanted so now pleeeeease let us go.” Ann responded.

Jack instructed Ann to stand up facing him and said to her in soft voice. “I think you are lying to me — and I don’t take kindly to being lied to.” With that he took hold of her lacy panties, and pulled them halfway down her thighs, exposing her pussy. I saw him slip a finger between her legs.

“Ann you have lied to me. Your cunt is sopping wet. You obviously got a huge thrill out of giving another man a blow job. I said you look like a sophisticated whore, and now I will treat you like one for lying to me!!” Jack plunged two fingers up Ann’s cunt as he spoke. Her eyes opened wide and she could not prevent a groan escaping her lips.

“We are going to fuck you like a whore — and your husband is going to watch how you get pleasured and made to cum by another man.” Continuing to finger Ann’s pussy, Jack looked at me and smirked, “Your wife will never be the same again. She is always going to want more variety after she has enjoyed a really good fucking here.”

“Jack, pleeeeeeeease don’t do this to me! Please don’t make me have sex,” Ann pleaded. “I just want to leave here with my husband now.”

Ignoring her plea, Jack turned to Max. “Max, take off Ann’s panties — she won’t be needing them — and lay her down on my desk.”

Max stepped up to Ann, slotted 2 fingers into the back of her panties and with seemingly no effort just ripped them off her. Ann gasped in surprise, and tried to cover her nakedness. Grasping her arms Max exposed her fully again, and lead her over to the desk. Following Jack’s instructions he made Ann lie across the desk with legs over the side facing Jack’s chair and her head over the opposite edge.

Jack went to sit in his chair placing Ann’s legs either side of him, so that her pussy was totally exposed to him. He slid a hand up her thigh and then pushed 2 fingers up her wide open cunt. I saw Ann’s body react to the invasion but she muffled any sound. Slowly fingering her, he used his thumb to rub her clit. Ann bit her lip, which indicated to me that his touch was sending an erotic thrill through her but that she determined not to show it.

“Max, you get undressed while I pleasure this little whore. I am going to make her cum really hard in front of her husband. Are you looking forward to that Ann?”

“Nooo, pleeease no. Don’t do this to me!!!” Ann pleaded again. Jack just laughed at her.

As Max started stripping off, Jack leaned forward in his chair, spread Ann’s legs wide and started licking her cunt and clit. From her body language I could tell Ann was trying hard not to respond to the stimulation. I know that she loves cunnilingus, and I guessed she would be fighting a losing battle. Her body soon starting giving a few twitches, as Jack tongue hit the mark. His fingers were still moving slowly in and out of her cunt.

Trying to see what Max was doing Ann turned her head to face him. She was just in time to see a huge thick cock spring out of Max’s jeans as he slid them off. Ann’s eyes widened visibly as she saw Max’s equipment. I wondered what was going through her mind.

With his monster pointing straight at Ann, Max walked to where Ann’s head was just balanced on the edge of the desk. Her eyes did not move off his cock as he approached. Standing right next to her face he smiled at her and told her it was time for her to taste his cock.

“Oh God,” Ann said resignedly as she took hold of Max’s cock and guided it slowly into her mouth. As she adjusted to having to stretch her mouth to accommodate Max’s cock, he started massaging her tits and rolling her nipples between his large fingers.

I stood there tied up and helpless with a clear view of what both men were doing to my wife. Despite still feeling outrage at these men abusing Ann, I could not change my body’s reactions to the hugely erotic sight in front of me. I had never before seen in real life some other person engaging in sex – and here right before me my absolutely naked wife had two men stimulating all her erogenous zones, while she was sucking off one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. Ann’s body was starting to shudder as all her pleasure buttons were being manipulated and licked.

Ann’s eyes closed and she started groaning. “Nooooo. Pleeeease. I can’t let you do this to me!!” She was rapidly losing the battle to control her orgasm, but still did not want these men to make her cum.

Max and Jack sensed she had capitulated and as Jack inserted an additional finger in Ann’s cunt Max focused on rolling both Ann’s nipples. Very quickly her body was shaking uncontrollably.

Ann pulled her mouth off Max’s cock, looked at me with pleading eyes and cried, “OH GOD RICK!! — I can’t help it. They are making me cum and I can’t stop it.”

With that she erupted into an explosive orgasm. “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH. OHHHHHHHHHH. AHHHHHHH,” Ann shouted as her body shook and shuddered with the powerful erotic shocks running through her. Max and Jack kept up the stimulation until her shaking started subsiding.

It was such a turn on seeing my wife experience such tremendous erotic pleasure that I nearly orgasmed as well. I desperately wanted to cum but could not touch my cock the way I was tied up.

Standing up and leaning over Ann, Jack looked into her eyes, smiled broadly and said, “You enjoyed that, like a good little slut didn’t you? And this time you cannot lie to me!”

Still getting her breath back, Ann just sighed, but was still not going to give them the pleasure of acknowledging that Jack was right. “Well, your husband is about to watch you have more fun. Max can’t wait to slip that huge dick into your cunt. You are going to love feeling that huge thing stretching your pussy walls.”

Despite her body still coming down from the orgasmic high, Ann tried to avoid getting fucked by this stranger. “PLEASE don’t fuck me Max. Only my husband has ever done that. Please can I just suck you off like I did for Jack?”

Max chuckled as he walked round to stand between Ann splayed legs. “Honey, all good whores love a huge cock. And now is your chance to get spoiled by this one. I am going to give you really good ride.”

As he picked up Ann’s legs and put them over his shoulders, and Ann watched as he lined up his cock with her pussy entrance, she resigned herself to being used by another man, and said softly, “Max please just go gently.”

Max obliged and slowly edged the head of his monster past Ann’s pussy lips. I saw her body tense as she adjusted to his size. Max then gradually eased in deeper and deeper. Ann let out a huge groan as Max pushed in the last bit. Giving her just a brief moment to get used to his cock, Max started slowly thrusting in and out of her pussy.

“OHH … AHH … OHH!!” Ann let out little cries as he rhythmically buried his cock deep in her cunt. As Ann’s cries turned to deeper sexual groans Max slipped a hand down between her legs and started rubbing her clit. He thrust a little harder and faster as Ann started an involuntary erotic moaning.

Suddenly Max withdrew from her cunt, eliciting a deep sigh from Ann. “Want some more honey? Does that big cock feel good?” Ann’s very erect nipples and spread legs (which she could have closed) clearly indicated her sexual excitement was now controlling her actions, but she resisted saying so.

“I can see that you are very turned on honey. I am going to make you cum with your pussy full with another man’s cock.” Max chuckled at the prospect.

With that he plunged right back into Ann’s stretched cunt and started pounding her pussy. Almost immediately Ann started groaning again. Max was now also flicking her clit and rolling a nipple to increase her stimulation.

“Your cunt feels very ready to cum. Just let go and let your husband enjoy watching you cum with another man’s cock buried deep in you. He already has a rock hard cock watching you be a slut.”

Max was talking dirty to Ann to increase the level of stimulation. “My cock feels good inside you doesn’t it? Soon you are also going to have the thrill of another man’s cum filling up your insides.”

The mention of him coming in her cunt seemed to really push Ann to the edge. Erotic cries started escaping from her lips with each thrust by Max, and she was actually starting to match his thrusts.

“Ohhhh… Ohhh…. Ohhh….. I can’t believe it……. I going to cum again!!” She looked at me as her body started to shudder.

” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. OH SHIIIIIIIIIT. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Ann exclaimed as her second orgasm that evening rolled through her body.

As Ann’s moans and groans of erotic pleasure continued, Max groaned, and plunged deep into her cunt. His hips jerked squirting his cum deep into Ann’s pussy. “OHHHHH YEAHHHHHH. Feel all that cum inside you honey!!”

As they both came down from their erotic highs, Max withdrew his dripping cock, looked at Ann and said, “You are a great fuck, and you cum so easily. You are going to be hooked on big cocks from now on.”

With cum dribbling out of her pussy Ann looked over at Jack and still a bit out of breath, said, “Well Jack, both of you have now had your fun, and I guess I have now paid you the favours required. Can we leave now — with my purse?”

“Why are you in such a hurry when you seem to be having such fun? Rick is clearly also getting quite a thrill out of your sexual exploits. I bet he is desperate to cum at this stage, since his cock has been rock hard all the time that you have been enjoying other men get it on with you.” “You cannot leave before I have given you and your husband a little more excitement. When you leave here, your sex lives will never be the same again.”

“Jack, have your not tormented us enough tonight? What more do you want?” Ann challenged, obviously having recovered to some extent. I grunted through my gag, and tugged at my restraints, trying to indicate support for Ann.

“It seems that Rick is saying he wants to watch you getting fucked some more,” Jack laughed at me.

“So Ann you are going give him some more excitement. Since I have not had the pleasure of fucking you yet, we’ll see how Rick responds to that. Besides you seem to orgasm so easily that I want to see if you are an insatiable little slut that will cum 3 times. I am going to fuck you while you are still on an erotic high.”

“Oh God no Jack — I will not cum again. You men have abused me enough already.” I sensed Ann was trying to get out of being fucked again by trying to convince Jack that he would not have the pleasure of seeing her cumming involuntarily another time.

“That sounds like a challenge,” Jack sneered. He pulled Ann off the desk, turned her around and made her bend over the desk leaning on her elbows. Her legs were spread leaving her pussy and sphincter very exposed. He stroked her arse before sliding his hands down her crack. He ran his fingers around the rim of her little back hole, which made Ann tense up. She relaxed again as he moved down to slip two fingers into her cunt.

“Well Ann, you are about to experience another first for you tonight — being fucked by 2 men on the same night. I bet you have fantasized about this. I’ll make sure we don’t disappoint.”

Jack removed his fingers from her cunt and replaced them with his cock. He easily slid all the way into her in one stroke. Her pussy was clearly still a little distended from Max’s cock. Jack fucked her rhythmically while stroking her arse. Suddenly he slapped her arse. “OWWW. Why did you do that?” Ann cried out.

“Having had Max’s cock and having cum already we have to use some other ways to excite you some more,” Jack replied smugly, and proceeded to slap her arse a few more times. Each time Ann cried out, but could not pull away as she was pinned down with her legs up against the desk and Jack’s full body weight behind her — and his cock deep in her.

Keeping up the rhythmical thrusting Jack reached into his desk draw and produced a tube of cream. He squeezed some onto his fingers and proceeded to rub the cream around Ann’s tight little rear hole. With a fearful look on her face she tried to look around to see what he was doing. “That right Ann, the level of excitement is about to increase,” Jack smirked. I watched as he applied a little pressure on her puckered hole.

“No Jack. Please don’t touch me there!!” Ann pleaded. I knew she had no experience of anal stimulation and felt that part of her body was most private.

“Oh all little sluts like their arseholes being played with.” Jack applied more pressure. Ann was clearly resisting, and pinching her hole closed. Jack gave her arse a solid slap. The surprise and flash of pain made her unclench her arsehole and Jack’s finger slipped up her lubricated puckered hole. I saw Ann wince before her eyes opened a bit wider as she felt Jack finger probe her nether regions.

As Jack’s cock and finger thrust and probed Ann’s holes I could sense that she was gradually starting to get aroused again despite her earlier orgasm’s. Probably she was finding the new sensations in her arsehole quite erotic.

Jack slapped her naked backside a couple more times and as Ann let out a muffled cry on the last slap her shoved a second finger up her puckered holed. Ann let out a moan of discomfort, closed her eyes and hung her head. She was clearly just accepting the abuse and the sensations that were accompanying it.

She could not stop her body showing signs of erotic stimulus. An occasional shudder or deep groan indicated that the level of erotic thrill was growing. Jack understood the signs as well and with his unoccupied hand stretched under Ann and rubbed her clit. This soon increased the pace of the body shudders.

Having got Ann to a good level of sexual excitement Jack withdrew fingers and cock. “Now for your final thrill Ann!!”

Jack held Ann’s hips tightly in his hands, pushed her hard up against the desk and lined up his cock with Ann’s puckered hole.

As his cock tip applied pressure on her sphincter Ann cried out. “OH GOD NO JACK. NOOOOOO!!! NOT THERE PLEASE. YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!!”

Jack visibly applied more pressure to push past Ann clenching. I watched as Jack raised his hand to slap he arse — the same tactic he had used earlier.

“NOOOO Jack!!” The slap landed. Ann eye’s opened wide. ” NOOOOOO…… OHHHHHHHH MY GOD. OHHHHH………. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Ann exclaimed as Jack cock pushed it’s way past her sphincter and slid deep into her arse.

“Oh my oath. I feel soooooo full,” Ann sighed as Jack started thrusting up her arse.

“Your ultimate slutty thrill, hey Ann!!” Jack smirked at her as her grabbed her tits and fondled them.

Clearly the erotic mix of discomfort and sexual stimulus from her first anal fuck was getting to Ann. She was groaning quite deeply and her body was tense.

I was again embarrassed that I was very turned on by this highly erotic sight of another fucking my wife in the arse and fondling her tits and now also her clit. I was getting a huge thrill out of the fact that my wife was clearly incredibly stimulated at this stage and was almost certainly going to cum soon again from the sheer erotic pleasure she was receiving. My cock was rock hard and wanting to cum as well.

Continuing to fuck Ann’s arse Jack stimulated her nipples and clit. I guessed that these erogenous zones were also quite sensitive by now from the earlier work out’s that Ann had received. Ann was probably experiencing a significant combination of discomfort and erotic thrill.

Jack stepped up the pace of stimulation on Ann, and her body started shuddering again while she let out very sexual sounding moans. Clearly the new erotic sensation of having her arsehole filled with a thrusting cock was getting to the core of her, and overriding any discomfort. Ann started her little pre-orgasm whimpers, indicating she was reaching the inevitable climax.

“OHHHHH. This can’t be happening. ………….. OHHHHH FUUUUUUUCK. AHHHHHHHHHH.” Ann exploded into her third orgasm that night. She could not help herself and matched Jack’s thrust as he rapidly worked himself up to orgasm.

Jack jerked, thrust hard into Ann as his semen squirted deep into her arse. “OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS. What a tight arse on this little slut!!” Jack pulled out to let the last spurts of cum squirt over Ann’s butt. It seemed like a final act of domination over my wife — covering her in his cum.

Ann lay exhausted on the desk as Jack went to sit in his desk chair again.

“Well Ann, I guess you have paid your forfeits now………. and you have had the thrill of being fucked and being made to cum by other men. Now that you and Rick have had a taste of illicit erotic thrills I’ll bet you are going to want it again soon.” Jack chuckled looking at me and my hard cock.

“Before we give you your purse I think you owe it Rick to make him cum. You have had all the fun, while he could only watch — although I think he loved that.”

“Ann, make Rick cum while he still tied up. He has got a huge hard-on from watching you enjoy raw sex. Just give him a hand job so that he can understand that you have had enough fucking for tonight, but you just want to release his tension,” Jack continued still enjoying his sense of power over us.

With Max and Jack’s cum dripping out between her legs Ann came over to me and took hold of my cock. She looked me in the eyes as she stroked me, but didn’t say anything. I think she was trying to understand my true reaction to tonight’s events. I had been so turned on by the erotic sights I had seen that I knew I was not going to last long.

Just then Jack came up behind Ann and put his hands around her with one cupping her tit and the other snaking down to her pussy. “That’s it Ann, make Rick cum while he gets a thrill from watching another man touch your body, and play with your tits and cunt.”

Jack knew that I would have cum easily anyway, but by fondling my naked wife as she stroked me he knew I would be over the edge very quickly.

I started shaking as I approached what I could sense would be a huge orgasm. “Now that your wife has tasted how exciting it is to be slut she is going to want more men to fuck her Rick. Do you want to watch her do it again? Does it thrill you to watch her cum with another man’s cock in her cunt?”

Reaching my peak I could only nod my head as my body spasmed. I shuddered and bucked as Ann continued to pump my cock, continuing until every last drop of cum had squirted out onto the floor. I would have screamed with pleasure and release as well had it not been for the gag that was still in my mouth. Ann gave me a wry little smile as she listened to my muffled cries and gave my cock a final squeeze.

“Ann, you can undo your husband now and both of you can get dressed. You are free to take your purse and leave when you want. Max will see you out. I am sure we will never see you again, but you will not forget that we taught you both something about sex tonight that is going to change your lives.”

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