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Lost and Found

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Prologue 5 years ago

18 year old Kenny sat beside the bed holding his mother’s hand. He was both frightened but calm at the same time. When she had been diagnosed with lung Cancer a year ago, the doctors had given her weeks. Yet now, almost a year later, she was still hanging on. As he held her hand though, he knew the end was near. Her grip was a lot less than it used to be and her face was contorted with pain.

He was afraid because she was all he had in the world. For as long as he could remember it were just him and his mom. His dad had left when he was a baby, something about not being happy in the relationship. He hadn’t had the best childhood; he spent a lot of his time with the neighbor while his mother worked two jobs to support them. When he was sixteen, he quit school and went to work at the local construction site to help his mom out. He was a foreman now and made enough money to pay for her hospital bills.

He felt her eyes on him and looked down at her with a smile. “What?” he asked softly, brushing her sweat coated black hair back from her face. Even laying there dying, Kenny thought his mother was the most beautiful woman in the world. She stood a little over 5’10”, but the Cancer seemed to have shrunk her a bit. She was slender, but not overly so, she kept her jet black hair long until it pooled around her waist. But it was her eyes that always seemed to attract the men. They were lavender, although in the right light, they looked like a dark purple.

Kenny had her hair and eyes, but other than that, he was his entire mysterious father. He stood over 6′ with a slender build that he had actually muscled up a bit working construction. He had a nine inch cock that was thick; he barely was able to wrap his hand around it. Of course he had never had sex with anyone, so he didn’t know what it would like to be inside someone. See, Kenny was gay, he had never told anyone, including his mother. But he had known for a long time that girls just didn’t interest him. As friends, sure, no problem, but as lovers, nope, the spark wasn’t there. Of course he hadn’t met the right man yet either, but he figured he was young he had plenty of time to discover love.

He turned back to the woman in front of him as she put her hand against his cheek. He closed his eyes and leaned into her hand, then leaned down as her voice came out in a whisper. “Promise me you will look for your dad Kenny. I know he loved you, even if he didn’t love me. There is a letter in my nightstand drawer, addressed to you. He wanted you to have it when you were old enough. Promise me.”

Kenny blinked back tears as he opened his eyes and looked down at her. He had to swallow twice before he was able to speak through the lump in his throat. “I promise mamma.” He rested his head against her chest and closed his eyes listening to her heart try to beat.

She ran her hand lightly over his head and took a shuddering breath. “I love you baby.” She said softly, and then she closed her eyes. He heard her heart give another couple of beats then there was nothing but silence and her hand fell limp against him. He wrapped his arm around her waist holding her tight as he let the tears he had held back fall. “I love you too mamma.” He said to the quiet room

Chapter 1 Present day

Kenny stepped out of the air conditioned airport into the hot Florida heat. He slid his sunglasses on over his eyes as he looked around. It had been a long five years. A lot of heartache and longing as well as uncertainty. After he buried his mother, he spent the next month going through her things trying to decide what to keep and what to give to Goodwill.

It was two days later when he found the letter that his mother had been talking about. He had thrown it on the bed without opening the envelope and continued going through her things. He didn’t know anything about his father, the man had been MIA for the past 18 years, why would he want to find him now?

He carried the letter around in his wallet for six months before he finally decided to open it. He was sitting at his dining room table, just finished with dinner and pulled it out. It was worn from being folded in his wallet. He opened the envelope carefully and pulled out the papers inside. There were two pages of writing and a picture. When he looked at the picture, he understood what his mom had said when he said he was a spitting image of his father.

The man was basically an older version of Kenny. Instead of the black hair and lavender eyes, he had dishwater blonde hair, with ice blue eyes, that seemed to see inside you even from the picture. He was leaning against an old 73 mustang smiling at the camera as he held a baby in his arms. Kenny didn’t need anyone to tell him the baby was him. The man was smiling as he looked at the camera as if it was the proudest moment of his life. He turned the picture over and read the inscription on the back.

“Mike and Kenny at the road show. March 1973, Kenny, age 6 months.”

Kenny closed his eyes as his fingers tightened on the photograph and he blinked back tears. He hadn’t cried since that day his mother died and he told himself he wasn’t going to cry over a man he’d never met. He took a ragged breath and opened his eyes, realizing he had the picture clenched in his tight, closed fist. He loosened his hand and straightened out the picture as he tried once more to blink back the tears. His father had left two months after that picture was taken. As he stared at the picture of his father holding him, he had one burning question in his mind. WHY?

With shaking hands, he put the picture on the table and picked up the letter and began to read:


I know by now you are probably pissed at hell at me. What kind of man walks away from his own son? I can tell you so many things, that there was another woman, that I found something better. That I didn’t love your mother enough to stay. But all of it besides the last would be a lie. I didn’t love your mother, not the way a man should. I only married her because I got drunk one night, ended up in bed with her and you came along nine months later.

I doubt she ever told you this, but you were the product of a one night stand that never should have happened. If she ever reads this, then she will know what I’m about to tell you, but I am sealing this letter so hopefully she never will. See Kenny, I’m gay, have been my whole life. I have never had any interest in women as a sexual partner. The thought of sinking into a woman’s pussy, well let’s just say instead of turning me on like most men, it actually turned me off, in a big way.” Kenny actually chuckled at that part, he was the same way. He continued reading:

“Anyway, like I said, I was drunk that night. How I actually managed to get it up enough to not only have sex with her, but actually get her pregnant, I have no clue. But apparently I did, because you were the result. Hell, I even made her get a paternity test when I found out she was pregnant, because I didn’t think it was possible that I was the father.

Of course those tests don’t lie, so I did the honorable thing and married her. Before you ask, yes, we did have sex while we were together. I would just close my eyes and imagine I was sinking into a tight male ass instead of her pussy. She was tight enough that the illusion worked. That and the fact that we only did it doggie style so I didn’t have to see her tits bouncing as I ripped into her. I know, not an image a kid wants of his parents but there you go.

Anyway, after almost a couple of years, the illusion got harder to maintain. She wasn’t as tight after you were born. I tried to get her to let me fuck her up the ass, but she was a prude on that. She kept telling me that hole is exit only, not meant to have anything go into it.

I finally got to the point that I couldn’t stand having sex with her anymore. We actually stayed together for about three months after I stopped fucking her. Personally between you and me, I think she was screwing some guy she worked with but she never offered to tell me and I never asked. I will tell you I never was with anyone else while I was with your mother, but that doesn’t mean that the craving for a cock in my mouth and ass wasn’t there. It finally got to the point that I just couldn’t take it anymore. I loved you to pieces and hated the thought of leaving you behind, but I didn’t think a gay man trying to raise a child was a good idea. So I gave her some bullshit story about another woman, packed up my things and left.

I don’t know if you want anything to do with me. I will understand if you don’t want to meet me or ever see me but I thought you should know the truth about why I wasn’t there when you were growing up. It’s not that I didn’t love you or that I don’t now. That one night may have been my hell, but Kenny, you were my heaven that came out of that night. I don’t regret fathering you and I am hoping you can forgive an old man enough to try to give us a chance at a real relationship.

I’m moving back to Florida to stay with my parents until I can work something else out. I’ll leave their address at the bottom of this letter. If you ever do decide to contact me, just send a letter there, even if I’m not living there anymore, they will know how to get a hold of me. I love you son and pray that someday you will give me a chance to be the father I should have been now.

Yours forever,

Your father,


Kenny looked at the bottom of the letter. There was a Ft. Lauderdale address; his father lived on the other side of the country. No wonder he had never come around. He set the letter on the table next to the picture and just stared off into space unsure if knowing the truth was a revelation or maybe a nightmare. He understood why his father had left, but why couldn’t he have contacted him over the years, at least showed some interest in his only son, even if that son was an accident, he was still his own flesh and blood.

Kenny stood up and turned off the lights and headed for his room. He had to work in the morning but as he slid naked into his empty bed and put his hands behind his head, he knew sleep would be hard in coming. A lot had been revealed tonight and he wasn’t sure how to deal with any of it.

It took him another two years before he finally built up the courage to send Mike a letter. He didn’t call him dad in the letter or in his mind. How could he call a man dad that he had never met? He told him how he had felt abandoned all these years and while he understood why he had left, he didn’t understand why Mike hadn’t at least contacted him.

As he put the letter in the mailbox, he wondered if he would get a response, and for that matter if he really wanted one.

Now as he stood in the Florida heat, he thought back to the day he opened his mail box and found that letter from his dad. There had been stains on the paper, so he knew the older man had cried as he wrote it. He had talked about how glad he was that Kenny had decided to contact him and how he was sorry he hadn’t contacted him sooner. He had been afraid of how Marla would react if he showed up at their door so he had stayed away. He told Kenny how his grandparents had passed away and that he was living in his childhood home, with his husband Mark. He had sent a picture of him and Mark together and Kenny had to admit his dad had good taste.

Mark was at least part American Indian, he had the darker skin tone and high cheek bones. His eyes were jet black and matched the waist length hair that flowed down his back. He was like his father, slender but not overly so. He was smiling into the camera as Mike leaned against his chest, his arms wrapped around Mike’s shoulders. As he stared at the picture, Kenny felt his cock harden in his pants. At 20, he was still a virgin. He knew some clubs would let people under 21 in but he hadn’t built up the courage to actually visit one.

Over the last couple of years, Mike and Kenny had exchanged over a hundred letters back and forth. It was only over the last few months that they actually started talking to each other on the phone. Mike kept pushing Kenny to come for a visit, but he kept making excuses on why he couldn’t. The truth was, he was attracted not only to Mark, but to his dad as well. The thought of his father wrapping his lips around his cock, gave him wet dreams quite a few nights.

He knew his father was gay, and he had admitted to him that yes, he took after him in more ways than he thought. Mike had laughed when Kenny admitted he was gay. “Talk about a chip of the old block.” Mike said with a laugh. Kenny had closed his eyes as a shiver ran through his body at the deepness of his father’s voice. He had forced his voice to be normal until they hung up but by the time they did hang up, his cock was so hard, he had to jack off twice before he could sleep. He wanted to meet his dad, but how did he explain to a man who had disappeared almost 22 years ago that he lusted after him. Incest was wrong, everyone knew that, but he couldn’t help the fact that he wanted his dad to fuck him. He wanted him to fuck him in the worst way.

Mike had finally convinced him to visit a couple of weeks ago. He had let slip that his vacation was coming up and no, he didn’t have any plans. In the end, Mike was practically pleading with Kenny to come visit him. “I want to meet my son.” He said and Kenny could hear the tears in his voice. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to hide his attraction, but he knew he couldn’t hide from him forever, so he agreed to spend his two week vacation in Florida with Mike and Mark.

Once Kenny had his vacation set up and the airline tickets arranged he called Mike. Mike promised that he and Mark would meet him at the airport. Now as he blinked in the Florida sun, he once again wondered if this was really a good idea. He had actually convinced himself to turn around and catch the next flight home when he heard someone call his name. He turned towards the voice and caught his breath in his throat. Mike was walking towards him with Mark beside him. He was dressed in a pair of jeans that looked painted on, with cowboy boots and a pale blue tank top that seemed molded to his body. His hair was pulled back in a tie at the base of his neck. Kenny knew his father had long hair, just like he did, although from the pictures Mike had sent him, his hair was longer then Kenny’s shoulder length.

Mark was dressed pretty much the same way Mike was, except he was wearing a dark purple tank top that seemed to show off the muscles in his chest. Both men were wearing sunglasses and Kenny barely got to really look at Mark when they walked up because he was suddenly pressed against Mike’s chest as Mike pulled him into a hug. “God, you are all grown up.” Mike said fighting back tears as he held Kenny in his arms.

Kenny stayed stiff in his arms for a second. But then he leaned his head against the older man’s shoulder and picked up a scent that was all him. There was a slight sent of Old spice, but the rest was all male. Kenny rested his face against his father’s shoulder as he wrapped his arms around him, holding him like he was the last man on Earth. When Kenny relaxed against him, Mike tightened his arms around his son. He felt Kenny’s cock hardening between them and smiled against his son’s hair but he didn’t do anything else, just held him against him. “I’ve missed you dad.” Kenny said softly smelling his father’s shoulder as the tears he had held back for the past five years finally fell silently down his cheeks.

At Kenny’s soft words, the tears Mike had been blinking back, slid silently down his own cheeks and he held Kenny even tighter. “I’ve missed you too.” He said his voice choked with emotion.

Mark stood off to the side as father and son reunited after all these years apart. He knew how many nights Mike had cried in his arms for his son, wondering if he would ever see him again. He knew Mike regretted leaving Kenny behind. He had told him it was the hardest thing he had ever done. Now watching the man he loved more than life itself holding the son he figured he would never hold again, Mark blinked back his own tears and just smiled.

Mike and Kenny just clung to each other in the Florida heat. Each crying silent tears as they found the one man they had searched for all their lives but were sure they would never find again. When they were both finally able to compose themselves, Kenny pulled back, wiping his eyes on his shirt sleeve. Mike wiped his own eyes then turned to man he had spent the last 10 years with. He wrapped his arm around Mark’s shoulders and looked back at his son. “This is Mark, the love of my life.” Mike said his voice still rough with emotion.

Kenny looked at Mark and smiled. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Mark pulled away from Mike’s arm and moved up to Kenny. “You have no idea how long he has been waiting for this day.” He said with a soft accent.

Kenny was glad Mark couldn’t see his eyes, as he looked down at his feet. “Yeah, well I had some things to take care of first.”

He was startled when Mark suddenly wrapped him in a hug. “Thank you for coming Kenny, you have no idea how much this means to Mike.” He said softly against Kenny’s ear.

Kenny looked at his father over Mark’s shoulder. Even through the sunglasses, Kenny knew his father was beaming, watching the two men he loved most in this world in front of him. He hugged Mark back gently, “it’s not a problem.” He said quietly then pulled out of the other man’s arms.

Mark let the younger man pull back, but he smiled softly. Like Mike had, he had felt Kenny’s rock hard cock pressed against him. He knew Mike had said his son was gay, but he wasn’t completely convinced. Now the older man was and wondered if the apple really did fall very far from the proverbial tree.

Chapter 2

Kenny finished drying his hair with the towel then threw it in the corner as he sat on the bed, he would be spending the next two weeks in, in just a towel. Once they had finally left the airport, Mike had taken Kenny and Mark out to his favorite restaurant for dinner then drove them around showing off the sites of his hometown. By the time they got to the house, Kenny was exhausted and just wanted a cool shower and bed.

Mike had wanted to stay up talking, but Mark convinced him to let his son get some sleep. “He will be here for two weeks love; you’ll have plenty of time to get to know him.” Mark said pulling Mike towards their bedroom.

Mike had stopped long enough to hug Kenny once more before he let Mark lead him away. After they disappeared Kenny headed for the shower. He let the cool water rinse away the sweat of the day and then just stood under the spray for a few minutes wondering once more how he was going to hide his attraction to the two men in the other room. He had finally turned off the water, and wrapped a towel around his waist and hair then headed for the guest room. He didn’t hear any noises coming from his father’s room and figured they were probably asleep.

As he unwrapped the towel around his waist and lay down on the sheets, he looked at the clock. It was a little after 1 in the morning. His cock was rock hard and throbbing but for once he didn’t bother jacking off, he just closed his eyes and imagined that the man in the other room was sucking on him as he drifted off to sleep.

Kenny had been wrong, Mike and Mark weren’t asleep. In fact they were lying in bed curled up in each other’s arms. Mark had just finished fucking Mike hard and deep until they both came, and now they were lying in the afterglow. Mike was resting with his head on Mark’s chest, running his fingers in circles over the other man’s chest hair as Mark ran his hand over Mike’s back. “He wants you, you know.” Mark said softly stroking his fingers down Mike’s back.

Mike sighed and kissed Mark’s chest softly. “Yeah I know; I felt it when I hugged him at the airport. Problem is, I have no idea what to do about it.”

Mark was quiet for a minute, just letting his hand move softly over the other man’s back. “Do you want him?” he asked just as quietly.

Mike lifted his eyes then looked back at the chest in front of him. “It doesn’t matter if I do or not, he’s my son.”

Mark took his free hand and lifted Mike’s head until they were looking into each other’s eyes. “Do you want him?” he asked again.

Mike thought about lying, but after 10 years with Mark, they pretty much knew when the other person was lying. He took a deep breath, let it out slowly and nodded. Mark smiled softly and leaned down and kissed him gently on the lips. “Then go be with him.”

Mike’s eyes widened as he looked at the man he loved almost more than he loved Kenny. “Mark, I…”

Mark put his finger against his lips. “Don’t Mike, don’t say how wrong it is or that you will hurt me by being with him. Yes, we have been monogamous for the past 10 years and if it was anyone else but Kenny, it would bother me. But he is your son, you love him and you want him and I know he wants you. If you don’t take this opportunity and you let him leave, you both will regret it for the rest of your lives. Go to him, be with him, the way you want to. I’ll be here and I will see you in the morning. I love you Mark, nothing will ever change that, but I don’t want you letting an opportunity slip away and always wondering what if. Now go.” He pushed gently against Mike’s shoulder.

Mike searched his eyes for a minute but there was nothing to find. No fear, or pain or anything like that. There was only peace. He slid slowly out of the bed, and then looked back at Mark once more “Are you sure?” he asked.

Mark smiled the smile that had made Mike fall in love with him all those years ago and Mike felt his heart flip in his chest. “I’m sure baby; go be with your baby boy. I love you.”

Mike smiled at him then turned for the door. Before he walked out he turned back, Mark was where he left him, watching him with a smile “I love you too.” Then he slipped from the room, closing the door silently behind him.

Mike’s heart was pounding in his chest as he opened the door to the guest room. Kenny was lying on his back, the moonlight coming through the open window, shining over his naked body. Mike slipped into the room, closing the door silently behind him then leaned against it as he stared at Kenny. His cock was soft now in sleep and rested in his nest of pubic hair. He had a spattering of hair covering his chest that went in a line down to his crotch but it wasn’t overwhelming. His chest rose and fell with his breathes as he slept. Mike took a deep breath, letting it out slowly as he moved towards the bed.

He sat as carefully on the bed as he could, so there was barely any movement and Kenny slept on. He reached out with a shaking hand and ran his fingers over the hair on Kenny’s chest. It was soft and he let his fingers move through it, making little circles on the younger man’s chest.

Kenny let out a soft sigh in his sleep and Mike froze, his hand still touching Kenny’s chest. When Kenny started breathing deep again, he relaxed and let his hand move down over the younger man’s stomach. He ran his hand over the muscles and closed his eyes as he let out his own soft sigh. He let his eyes move over Kenny’s body as he slowly moved his hand towards that softness that he knew from experience wouldn’t stay soft for long. He wrapped his hand around Kenny and lifted the younger man’s cock away from his stomach. He was surprised at how thick his son was, he was actually thicker than he was.

Kenny shifted a little in his sleep but Mike barely noticed, he was watching his hand as he slid it up and down over his son’s shaft. He watched as Kenny’s cock went from being completely soft to being semi hard in a matter of seconds. He darted his eyes to Kenny’s face, but the younger man still slept, so he leaned over and took the head of his son’s cock between his lips, sucking gently at it.

Kenny let out a soft moan and shifted in his sleep once more, but Mike didn’t stop this time. Instead he let his head move down until he had all of Kenny’s cock in his mouth. He closed his eyes and savored the taste of the cock in his mouth before he raised his head, only to push down once more.

It took a minute or so for Kenny to differentiate between his dream and reality. He had been dreaming of Mike sucking on his cock. He had the dream before so it wasn’t anything really strange about it, except this time, the feeling was more intense than he had ever had before. It really felt like a pair of lips was wrapped around him. He opened his eyes but it took another minute for his mind to catch up and for him to focus on the man leaning down almost between his legs. He saw Mike’s head bobbing up and down over him. At first he thought it might be Mark, but the moonlight coming from the window hit just right and Kenny saw his dad’s lighter colored hair.

Kenny opened his mouth to speak but at that moment, his dad moved his head back down and Kenny felt his cock slip into Mike’s throat. He arched his body as a moan was torn from his lips. Mike turned his eyes to look at his son, his lips still pressed against the younger man’s pubic hair, his son’s cock still buried down his throat. Kenny looked at him wide eyed for a minute. “Dad?” he asked softly.

Mike smiled at him, and then went back to bobbing his head up and down over the younger man’s cock as he kept his eyes locked on Kenny’s. Kenny was stunned, he had dreamed of this since he first saw the picture of his father, but he never expected it to become a reality, especially when he had met Mark.

Mike moved his head up and down a bit faster; whipping his tongue over the hard flesh and Kenny cried out as he tipped his head back and closed his eyes. His hips started rising against his father’s mouth and Mike just sucked even harder. “Oh god dad,” Kenny cried reaching down and tangling his fingers in Mike’s hair, holding him against him as he bucked up with his hips.

Mike let Kenny face-fuck him for a minute, then gently untangled his son’s fingers from his hair, holding his hand as his mouth moved harder over the hard flesh in his mouth. He kept his eyes on Kenny’s face, watching as the younger man’s breathing became ragged and his eyes closed as moans escaped his lips. Kenny was jerking his hips up and down, as his breath came out in ragged pants. His fingers tightened in Mike’s until it was almost painful. “D…dad, oh fuck dad suck me.” He cried tossing his head back and forth against the pillow.

Mike sucked him harder, jerking his cock with his free hand. Then he grazed his teeth against the base of Kenny’s cock as he slid the head into his throat once more. It was something that drove Mark crazy when he sucked him and Kenny was no different. Kenny screamed and slammed forward with his hips, burying more of his cock down his father’s throat as his balls started to tighten and burn. “I…I’m going to cum.” He cried squeezing his eyes tightly shut.

Mike tightened his throat muscles and Kenny let out a strangled cry. Mike pulled back fast enough that he was able to taste the first shot, but barely. He let Kenny’s cock slide back into his throat as the younger man shot his cum. Mike closed his eyes as he felt his son’s cum sliding down his throat. He moaned softly and when he felt Kenny slow to a dribble he pulled back and let the last little bit rest on his tongue before he swallowed it to.

Kenny had his eyes closed and was fighting to catch his breath as Mike lifted his head off of him. He had loosened his hand on Mike’s and Mike squeezed his fingers gently making Kenny open his eyes. “You taste good kid.” He said with a smile.

Kenny chuckled breathlessly, “thanks dad.”

Mike moved up until they were lying beside each other. He let go of Kenny’s hand as he cupped his son’s face. Kenny leaned into his hand, and then his eyes widened as Mike lowered his face. At the first touch of his father’s lips, Kenny’s eyes fluttered closed and he moaned softly as he turned onto his side and leaned into the other man, wrapping his arms around his neck.

Mike wrapped his arms around Kenny, pulling him against him until he was laying on his back, with Kenny’s body covering his as he deepened the kiss, gently probing at Kenny’s lips until the younger man opened his mouth and he slid his tongue inside, gently rubbing their tongues together. Kenny moaned and pressed even tighter against him as he kissed him back.

Mike ran his hands down over Kenny’s back and cupped his ass, pulling him tight against him. When Kenny felt his father’s hard cock pressing against his stomach, he let out a small whimper and ground their bodies together. Mike moaned against his son’s lips and rolled them over so he was lying on top. Kenny wrapped his legs around the older man’s waist as Mike ground their bodies together making both men cry out against each other’s lips.

Mike gently pulled back and looked down into Kenny’s eyes. “I have wanted to do that since I first saw you at the airport.” He said huskily.

Kenny smiled up at him, “I wouldn’t have minded.”

Mike looked down at the child he had made from a one night stand and smiled. His son was gorgeous, a younger version of him. He was sure he had a string of lovers waiting for him back home. He leaned down and kissed Kenny softly once more then rolled over and pulled the younger man against him. “So how many hearts have you broken?” he asked as Kenny rested his head against his chest.

Kenny blushed and buried his face in Mike’s chest, kissing his nipple. “None,” he said against his father’s skin.

Mike chuckled as he ran his fingers over Kenny’s back. “Well you must at least have some hot guy waiting at home for you.”

Kenny kissed Mike’s chest again, then lifted his head and looked at him. “Nope, not that either.”

Mike looked at him in surprise. “You mean I’m the first guy you’ve ever kissed?”

Kenny buried his face in Mike’s chest again and nodded. Mike pushed on his shoulder until Kenny lifted his head. “Tell me you’re not a virgin.” He said in shock.

Kenny lowered his eyes. “I could, but it would be a lie.”

Mike lowered his hand and lay back against the pillow looking at his son in shock. “How is that possible? You are a very good looking young man. I figured you would have a string of lovers waiting for you back home.”

Kenny moved out of his arms and sat back beside him on the bed and shrugged. “Just haven’t found anyone I wanted to be with is all.”

Mike rolled over onto his side, resting his head on his arm. “Have you even looked?”

Kenny looked down at his hands in his lap, “yeah, kind of.”

Mike reached out and ran his hand over Kenny’s leg, making the other man look up. “What was wrong with them?”

Kenny blushed and looked down at his hands again and shrugged. Mike reached out and cupped his face once more. “Talk to me son.” He said softly.

Kenny looked into his eyes and sighed. “They weren’t you.” Then he looked back at his hands.

Mike smiled and wrapped his hand around Kenny’s neck, pulling him towards him once more. Kenny pulled back at first then let his father pull him against him until they were once again laying wrapped up together on the bed. Kenny buried his face in Mike’s chest, inhaling the scent that was all him as Mike wrapped his arms around him and kissed the top of his head. “You wanted me to be your first lover?” he asked softly.

Kenny nodded against his chest and snuggled even closer, tightening his arms around Mike’s back. Mike sighed softly, running his hands up and down over Kenny’s back and they just lay like that for a few minutes each lost in their own thoughts.

Chapter 3

Mike lay there for a few minutes unsure what to do. He still wanted Kenny, worse than he had ever wanted anyone before. But this was not only his son, his own flesh and blood, but he was a virgin. He had never been with a virgin before, except for when he was one. He knew when Mark told him to come to Kenny, the other man expected them to have sex, but now as he held the younger man in his arms, he was really unsure if that was a good idea or not.

He actually considered pushing Kenny away and going back to Mark, but Kenny was nuzzling his chest with his lips and tongue, dropping soft kisses against Mike’s skin then gently licking it. Mike felt his cock twitch at his son’s tentative movements and rolled over onto his back giving into what his body wanted.

Kenny lifted his head and looked at his father; Mike was watching him with a smile. He smiled back then went back to leaving kisses along the older man’s skin. Mike shivered as he felt Kenny’s tongue moving over his stomach as the younger man made his way lower. Mike knew where his son was heading, but it still tore a ragged moan from his lips as Kenny wrapped his hand around his cock.

Kenny looked at his dad, Mike was watching him, but there was a look in his eyes Kenny had never seen before. It didn’t take long for him to realize it was hunger, his dad wanted him as much as he wanted the older man. Seeing that look seemed to boost his confidence a little because he lowered his head and started running his lips and tongue over Mike’s cock in the way he had done to his chest and stomach.

Mike moaned and closed his eyes as he forced his hands to his sides, to keep from reaching out and touching Kenny. The kisses and licks were soft and tentative and it took a lot of control not to push Kenny’s head until the younger man took his cock into his mouth. Kenny kissed and licked down one side of Mike’s shaft then back up the other. By the time he reached the tip, Mike’s hands were clenched in fists at his sides, his breathing was labored and his eyes were squeezed shut.

Kenny smiled; glad he could cause that kind of reaction in the other man, then started kissing and licking the tip of Mike’s cock. Mike let out a strangled cry and opened his eyes, they were glazed with need. “Please Kenny, take it in your mouth.” He sighed raggedly.

Kenny’s smile brightened as he turned his eyes to his father. He kept his eyes locked on Mike’s as he opened his mouth and let the tip of the older man’s cock slip between his lips. Mike cried out and fought not to jerk up with his hips as he tipped his head back. Kenny watched him as his dad had watched him while he went down on him and slowly moved his mouth down over Mike’s cock, taking it inch by inch until he felt the head pressing against his throat. He had never deep-throated before and wasn’t sure how to do it, so he slowly lifted his head back up.

“Oh god yes,” Mike cried clawing at the blanket as he gave into his body and bucked up with his hips. Kenny’s eyes widened as more of his father’s cock suddenly went into his mouth. He grabbed the base to keep Mike from strangling him as the older man started fucking his face.

Mike worked his cock in and out of Kenny’s mouth, pushing up until he felt Kenny’s hand, then pulling back. His eyes were closed and his breathing was ragged as he worked his cock back and forth. “Suck me baby,” he cried moving his hips faster, “suck daddy’s hard cock.”

Kenny looked down at the cock moving in and out of his mouth and started bobbing his head in time to his father’s thrusts. He moved his head hard and fast up and down, making sure to keep his tongue moving over the sensitive flesh. Mike cried out and clung harder to the blanket as he tossed his head back and forth and jerked up with his hips even harder and faster.

Kenny had a hard time keeping up with Mike’s furious thrusts into his mouth and squeezed the older man’s cock trying to get him to calm down a little. It took a couple tries, but it finally registered in Mike’s head and he stopped moving, letting Kenny work his head up and down over him. Once Kenny had control, he took advantage of it, he sucked hard at Mike’s cock, making a suction with his mouth as he pulled back then releasing it as he moved down. Mike screamed and fought not to start fucking his face once more. “Oh my god, that feels incredible,” he cried forcing his body to stay still.

Kenny moved his mouth faster and harder, his hair covering his face as he sucked hard at Mike’s cock. Mike cried out and jerked up with his hips involuntarily, but Kenny took his free hand and pushed it on his dad’s stomach, holding him against the bed as he devoured his cock with his lips and tongue.

Mike was crying out and tossing his head back and forth as he fought to buck up. Kenny had a death grip on his stomach, holding him against the bed and that just drove Mike to new heights. “Oh my god Kenny, fuck yes…” he screamed thrashing as best he could.

Kenny suddenly shifted and was sitting on his father’s legs. Mike opened his eyes and looked down at his son in surprise as he realized he had totally immobilized him. He cried out and tried to kick up with his legs but Kenny held him against the bed as he went at the older man’s cock harder and faster. Mike tried thrashing but Kenny had him completely held against the bed. He cried out as the thought of being held down pushed him to new heights and he felt his balls start to tighten then burn. “K…Kenny, I’m going to cum.” He cried thrashing his head back and forth.

Kenny hesitated for a split second, surprised that he was about to get a man off with his mouth. Mike took advantage and bucked up, burying his cock far into Kenny’s mouth. Kenny’s eyes widened and he pressed his dad back to the bed as he attacked the cock in his mouth with more gusto than before. Mike’s breathing was ragged and he was crying out his pleasure as he dug his nails into the blanket beneath him. “Oh…Oh god, I’m cumming.” He cried as he bucked up once more and Kenny felt the first spurt shoot into his mouth.

Once again Kenny froze. He had never had a man cum in his mouth before. He didn’t realize how much cum they spilled or even what to do once it happened. As his mouth filled up with the hot, salty liquid, he started swallowing as fast as he could. He barely managed to get all of it, but it was a close thing. When his dad slowed to a dribble, he held a bit in his mouth and actually got to taste it. It was salty but sweet at the same time. He closed his eyes in wonder as he swallowed the last little bit then ran his tongue over the tip of Mike’s cock, looking for more. Mike shivered when he felt Kenny’s tongue, but that was about it, he was too busy trying to remember how to breathe.

Kenny licked at the tip of Mike’s cock until he felt his dad’s hand on his hair. He turned his head and Mike shook his head. “No more, it’s getting sensitive.” He said breathlessly.

Kenny let Mike’s cock slip from his lips and sat back. “Wow, I can’t believe I actually did that.” He said with a grin.

Mike looked at him, “what? Sucked your own father’s cock or got me off with your mouth?”

Kenny laughed as he moved off Mike’s legs and sat down beside him. “Honestly, both.”

Mike looked at him and smiled. “I’m finding it hard to believe you were a virgin until an hour or so ago.”

Kenny smiled and shrugged. “I was, I swear.”

Mike rolled over onto his side, resting his head on his hand again. “So you’ve never been fucked up the ass?”

Kenny blushed again and shook his head, looking down at his hands in his lap.

“You ever put anything up there?” Mike asked looking at him.

Kenny blushed harder and wouldn’t look at him. “My fingers…and…”

Mike pushed himself up on his arm and looked at Kenny. “And what?”

Kenny lifted his eyes, “a banana.” He looked down at his lap again.

Mike scooted closer to him and Kenny lifted his eyes. He expected to see a lot of things, but tenderness in his dad’s eyes wasn’t one of them. “Did you like it?” Mike asked softly.

Kenny smiled softly. “Oh yeah, it felt incredible inside me.”

Mike reached out and ran his hand over Kenny’s face. “Would you like to have a real cock inside you?”

Kenny’s heart was pounding in his chest and he swallowed hard. He tried to speak but instead just nodded. Mike smiled and leaned in, kissing him softly. “I’ll be right back.” Kenny sat there nervous as Mike climbed off the bed and left the room. After a couple of minutes, Kenny wondered if he was coming back. He lay back on the bed and just stared up at the ceiling, then turned his head towards the door as he heard it open.

Mike walked back into the room and he had a bottle of lube in his hands. When Kenny saw it, his breathing started getting heavier and he felt his ass start to twitch. He watched Mike climb onto the bed, but instead of moving up by his head like he had been before. He moved down and nudged Kenny’s legs apart then settled on his knees between them. “Pull your legs back against your chest.” Mike said looking down at his son with heat filled eyes.

Kenny took a couple deep breaths, then lifted his legs and wrapped his arms around them, pulling them against his chest. Mike grabbed one of the pillows and pushed it under Kenny’s ass, lifting him up a bit more. Kenny watched him as he fought to control his breathing, his ass was twitching at the thought of his dad fucking him and his breathing was becoming labored already.

Mike squirted some of the lube on his fingers, then spread Kenny’s ass cheeks open and pressed his lubed finger against the younger man’s hole. He watched as Kenny’s ass seemed to swallow his finger and Kenny moaned softly as he tightened his hands on his legs.

Mike worked his finger in and out of Kenny as the younger man, whimpered. Mike lifted his eyes and looked at Kenny. Kenny had his eyes closed and his head tipped back as he wiggled his ass, as if trying to pull Mike’s finger even further inside him. Mike pulled his finger free, lubed up a second finger with the first and pressed both into the other man. Kenny cried out as he felt his ass stretching around Mike’s fingers. “D…dad, fuck…fuck me…fuck me now.” He cried opening his eyes and looking at Mike.

Mike knew the look in Kenny’s eyes. It was the same look Mark got whenever he wanted Mike to fuck him, hard and deep. Mike pulled his fingers free, wiped them on the blanket, then lubed up his cock. He hoped Kenny was open enough because the boy wanted his cock so he was going to give it to him.

He leaned over Kenny, pressing his chest against his son’s legs, as he lined his cock up at Kenny’s virgin hole. “You ready baby?” he asked huskily.

Kenny looked at him with passion filled eyes and lifted his ass. “Fuck me dad…” he said softly.

Resting his arms on either side of Kenny’s body, Mike slowly started pressing forward with his hips. As Kenny felt his dad’s cock pressing into him, he let out a ragged breath and forced his body to stay relaxed. He felt the pressure of the other man’s cock pressing into him and fought not to wiggle against him. As soon as he felt the head of Mike’s cock press past his ring and slide into his body, he whimpered and lost control of his body. He slammed his ass up, pulling more of Mike’s cock inside him. “Oh my god, yes!!” he cried his eyes rolling up into his head as his eyes fluttered closed.

“Fuck!” Mike cried, his own head tipping back. Mark was tight even with as many times as Mike had fucked him, but Kenny’s ass was so tight, he felt like his cock was locked in a vice.

Kenny let go of his legs and wrapped his arms around Mike, grabbing at his ass and trying to pull the older man even deeper inside him. Mike held himself buried with just the head and Kenny whined and wiggled his butt. “Give me a minute.” Mike sighed through gritted teeth.

Kenny opened his eyes and looked up at the man above him. Mike had his eyes squeezed tight and was breathing heavily through his teeth. “Are you okay dad?” he asked softly.

Mike opened his eyes and nodded, he wasn’t sure if he had complete control of his body yet, but he knew he couldn’t stay like this all night. He needed to move or he was going to cum now and Kenny deserved more than that for his first time. He leaned heavier down on Kenny’s legs, and continued slowly pressing into him. Kenny whimpered and closed his eyes once more. He wiggled his ass as he felt his dad pressing even deeper into his body. “Oh dad, oh god, it feels incredible.”

Mike pressed forward until he was buried about halfway. He wanted to keep going, but Kenny was so hot and tight, he felt his control starting to slip. So he started pulling out which made Kenny whimper again. He pulled out until just the head of his cock was buried in the man beneath him, the pressed forward once more. He felt Kenny’s ass loosening a little around him and his cock was able to slide easier inside him.

He started slicing into him with long, drawn out strokes. He finally managed to bottom out in Kenny and both men cried out. Kenny kept his hands on Mike’s ass as if he was guiding him inside him as he writhed beneath him. Mike started drilling him harder, his cock ramming hard into Kenny’s not so virgin ass anymore. “Ugh…d…dad, yes, fuck me. God it feels so good.” Kenny cried digging his nails into Mike’s ass as he rocked his body against him.

Mike lowered his body even more, so he could press his lips to Kenny’s. Kenny immediately opened to him, and he worked his tongue in Kenny’s mouth in time to his cock in his ass. Kenny pulled his hands off Mike’s ass and wrapped them around his back holding him against him. Both men were moaning wildly as they moved together. Mike pierced him even faster and harder and Kenny cried out against his lips. He turned his head to the side and felt Mike’s lips running along his neck. “D…dad…I…I’m going to cum.” He cried feeling his balls tightening.

Mike buried his face in Kenny’s neck as he pummeled him even faster and harder. Hearing his son’s words, made his control slip even more. “Cum Kenny, oh god cum now.” He cried his hips flying as he pierced Kenny’s tight ass.

Kenny had been on the edge, but his dad’s panicked voice and the way his cock was rubbing against Mike’s ass pushed him flying over the edge. “I’m cumming…” he screamed raking his nails across Mike’s back.

Mike tipped his head back and howled as he slammed hard into Kenny and let go. Kenny cried out as he felt Mike’s cum spilling inside him. Mike held himself buried inside him while his balls emptied, then he collapsed against Kenny’s body.

Kenny laid there beneath his dad, the man he had just met today yet had searched for his whole life and knew that no matter how lost he had been before. He had been found and he was finally home.


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Max wrote

Great storie,love the fact a grownup Son meats his dad for the first time and
They are both gay. Nice