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Longing For Love

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Jackie arrived at her house and retired to her bedroom. She threw her keys on the night stand before taking a few deep breaths. She wondered how she should spend the rest of her evening and night. She knew her husband was already asleep in his bedroom, passed out drunk. She was so bored with her marriage of six years that there was nothing left but empty feelings for her husband. She wished he would just leave and divorce her. All he cared about was getting drunk, day after day. It seemed as if he had alcohol for blood.

She decided to go online and open her BBW chat room. Just as she logged in, her friend Nina popped on to Instant Messenger. “Hi Jacks, When are you gonna open your chat room? I’m bored, and Brian is working tonight.” Jackie replied, “Hi, Nina about 8 pm I think. I need to eat something first. ” “Ok Jacks, see you then.”, Nina said before Jackie put her status on Away.

While passing time, Jackie grabbed a bite to eat and checked her email. “Dang, mostly junk mail. I might as well go ahead and open my chat room.”, She mumbled to herself. She was looking forward to a peaceful evening with all her friends. She liked to keep her chat room clean with lots of flirting and joking around. It helped to scare away the loneliness and blues of her real life.

It didn’t take long for people to start coming into the room after she set it up. “Welcome to my room. Have fun and keep it clean, please.”, She greeted them. Nina appeared in the room, giving her someone to chat with while she kept her eye on the name list. She was always looking for interesting people. One name in particular caught her eye. It was: handsome4rent. She decided to check out his profile. “Wow! He is handsome.”, She thought.

She didn’t hesitate to comment to him. “Hi, Handsome. Sure do like your pic and profile. Welcome to my room.” He immediately responded with a private message to her. “Hi, How are you? My name is Jeff.” Before responding to him she asked Nina to keep an eye on the room for her. Then she returned to the private conversation. “Hi, Jeff. I’m Jackie.”, She told him. He said, “Yes, I know. I was just looking at your profile and admiring your lovely blue eyes. You have a beautiful smile.”

“Wow. Thanks Jeff. But I’m no one special. Just me is all. You’re sweet. Thank you for saying that.”, She typed as her face blushed. “Well, Jackie, May I add you to my friends list. I need to go to bed. I teach at Boston University and have to get up early.”, He replied. “Sure. No problem. Nice to meet you and nice chatting with you.”, She said. Jeff responded with, “Goodnight beautiful lady.” Then he signed off.

She returned to the chat room and thanked Nina for watching it. “Did I miss anything good?”, She asked her friend. “Not really. Just having fun, Jacks. Welcome back, girlfriend.” By this time, Jackie’s mind was already wandering back to the conversation with Jeff. Anticipation built inside her. She could hardly wait to talk to him again. Something about him intrigued her mind. She wanted to get to know him more. She hoped he would talk to her again the next night.

She began to feel anxious and excused herself from the room with apologies for leaving early. “Stay as long as you want, everyone.”, She said before logging off the internet. Then she climbed into bed, snuggling under the covers with her mind centered on Jeff. She began to think about what could happen. He seemed like a great person. She longed to meet ‘Mr Right’ and had a feeling that he was the one for her.

She pictured his face in her mind, wondering what it would be like to kiss his soft lips. She imagined the feel of his hands caressing her body. A familiar heat began to spread through her like wildfire. It had been many years since a man had sensuously made love to her. The longing had grown quite strong over time. The only pleasure she received was from her vivid fantasies.

Jackie closed her eyes, as she was swept away in her fantasy. She removed her clothes slowly, as she wished Jeff would do to her. She could almost feel his mouth planting gentle kisses along her body. She shivered as her nipples hardened. “Oh, yes. Don’t stop.”, She whispered to her imaginary lover.

She felt him moving down her body, lavishing her with kisses til he reached her nether regions. He rubbed his face against her mound, waiting for her to part her legs. She slipped her fingers into her wet slit, touching herself as she wished Jeff would with his tongue.

Her fingers moved rapidly against her swollen clit, sending waves of pleasure throughout her. She gyrated her pelvis against her hands, slipping two fingers inside herself. She moaned and panted in pleasure, wanting more. It felt so deliciously good, that she almost forgot that Jeff wasn’t actually touching her.

When she peaked with a powerful climax, her squeals of pleasure echoed through the house. She was not concerned that her husband might hear, because he was probably passed out drunk. She spoke to her fantasy lover, saying, “Make love to me, Jeff.” She imagined him climbing on top of her, slowly sliding his cock deep inside her.

In her fantasy, he seemed to be the perfect fit, like their bodies were made for each other. He gently stroked in and out of her of her, wanting to give her the utmost pleasure. She moved her fingers at the speed that she wanted him to go. Slipping them in and out of her wet valley, in rhythm with the scenario in her mind.

She continued this until her body was enveloped by an intense heat as an orgasm began to ripple deep inside her loins. She cried out in pleasure, just as she imagined Jeff moaning and releasing his load of cream. Their juices mixing and covering each others legs. Jackie thought about what it would feel like to have him collapse against her bosom, heaving and trying to catch his breath. In her mind, she wrapped her arms around him. Not ever wanting to let go. She lay still, until her body began to relax. Then she rolled to the other side of the bed, feeling more content than she had in ages.

It seemed to take hours for her to fall asleep, but before she knew it the sun was rising. She felt well rested for once and in a chipper mood. So she got up to make her husbands coffee and prepare his lunch for work. He never ate breakfast or supper for that matter. He drank his supper always. She hoped he would leave earlier that morning.

As soon as he left for work she started her daily routine of house work. When her soaps came on she always took that two hour break to relax. On occasion she would check her email so it wouldn’t pile up with junk mail. When afternoon was closing in, she made a run to the post office to check for snail mail. After she arrived back home she started preparing supper, thinking maybe he would eat for once. She ate before he came home, cause if he did eat, he’d eat alone.

A few hours later he arrived home with his beer in hand. He retired to the sofa and popped a top. He turned the tv on and sat back. “Supper is ready if you want to eat, I’m going to my room.”, She told him. Jackie suspected he had already drank a few before coming home. But she didn’t care as long as he left her alone. “I also made you a plate for your lunch tomorrow.”, She yelled to him. “Uumhmmmmmmm.”, He mumbled in reply. She prepared a hot bubble bath so she could relax before opening her chat room.

She slowly sank into the tub, enjoying the feel of the hot water against her skin. As she washed herself, she imagined that Jeff was bathing her. His hands were gentle as feathers, highly arousing her, again. Her fingers slowly massaged her erogenous zones, as her mind pictured him. She smiled as she washed her hair, caressing her scalp just as she thought he would. It felt almost as good as sex.

The water soothed her body as she poured it over her head, making her feel like she had been massaged by a thousand soft tongues. There was no need to continue touching herself. She was so relaxed and satisfied with the bath, that she felt as if she had just experienced a triple orgasm.

When she finished her bath, she dried off and pulled a long t-shirt over her head. Then she turned her computer on, in the hopes of getting to talk to Jeff again. She didn’t see Nina online that night and the room was slow. She just left it open for any of her friends to use and started surfing web sites to bide her time. Nothing but wall flowers in the chat room. That’s the term used for people that just sit and don’t chat.

It was almost 8 pm when she got a message from him. “Be still my heart. Oh my God, its Jeff.”, She said to herself. She was so excited that she quickly closed all other programs but the private message between her and Jeff. She couldn’t believe he came back to talk to her again. “Hi, Jackie how are you? Remember me from last night?”, He asked. She felt her face redden, thinking about the fantasy she had the night before.

Jackie replied, “Oh, yes I sure do. How are you tonight, Jeff?” “Well, actually I couldn’t forget those lovely blues eyes and perfect smile. You’ve been in my thoughts all day.”, He said. “Wow, Jeff.”, Jackie replied.. Then he said, “Well, I feel connected to you since I saw you. Like I’ve known you before.” “Oh really? Cool.”, She replied, feeling a bit awed by his words.

“We can chat longer tonight if you would like, Jackie. I don’t have to work tomorrow.”, He told her. “Sure, Jeff. I would love to chat with you for a while.”, She said, ecstatically. They ended up talking all night. She told him everything about herself and her horrible life at home. She left out no details, being solely honest with him. Little did she know that this was just the beginning of months of talking every night for them.

Jackie had even marked on her calendar the night that he appeared for the first chat with her. Somehow she knew she would end up caring for him. She already was feeling strongly towards him. The thing she loved best about him was the fact that he had never once so far ask her about anything sexual wise. As she was kinda old fashioned in that way. She had morals, however, she did have deep sensual and naughty secret fantasies deep inside. She had never known the right kind of man to share them with.

As time went on, Jeff proclaimed his love for Jackie. He said, that he would love her forever and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. The feelings of desire and lust was building between them. The sexual tension began to grow with each conversation. They both knew they needed to make love somehow but neither wanted to bring it up.

Finally, Jackie could wait no longer. After fantasizing about him for months, she broke the ice one night. She casually began to flirt with him by telling him that she liked to look at his picture and imagine what it would be like to kiss him. Jeff wasted no time responding to her need. He showed her what a wonderful sexual person he could be. He talked about tenderly making love to her, leaving out no details. He was always more concerned with her pleasure than his own.

Jackie felt like a woman again. She was loved , needed and wanted. Jeff was so gentle and loving, he made her feel like she was somebody. She had never know that kind of love before. As time went on, she began to love him like she had never loved any man. They talked about meeting in person so they could make love and hold each other.

They just had to be together. Jeff promised her time and time again, that it would really happen. He swore to her that he would come to South Carolina in June, just as soon as the semester was over. But that was over six months away, which seemed like a life time to wait, to Jackie.

It was almost Christmas time. The most wonderful time of the year. Jeff and Jackie were in love and that made Christmas even more wonderful. One day while she was online checking her email, she got a instant message from a mrlewis55. “Who is that?” she thought. “Could it be Jeff’s family, since his last name is Lewis? Oh my God, has something happened to him?”

“Jackie is this you?”, The message read. “Yes it is, who are you?”, She replied. “I’m Jeff’s dad. I’m in Chicago. Jeff has been in a bike accident but he is ok. I’m on my way to Boston to the hospital. I’ll contact you later.”, He told her. With shaking hands, she typed, “Ok! Please let me know something Mr Lewis.” “I will Jackie. Bye.”, He responded before disappearing.

Days went by with no news. She cried day and night, worried about Jeff. About 2 weeks later, Jeff contacted her. Her heart almost leapt out of her chest when he sent her a message. “I’m sorry, honey. I’m ok, but staying in Chicago at my parent’s house. Merry Christmas. I love you and I am truly sorry that I worried you.”, He told her. Breathing a sigh of relieve, she smiled and answered him. “It’s ok baby. I’m just glad you are ok. But, God I have missed you.” He said, “Me too, sweetheart. I’ve missed your loving.”

“I know. I love you too. Honey, please give me your personal info so I can contact you. I can’t bare to not know if your doing ok. See what happened when you had the accident and I had no way to find out anything.”, She pleaded. He hesitated for a moment then said, “Ok, baby I’ll give you my phone number and address.” “Thank you.”, She replied. “Your welcome sweetheart, just for you, honey. Let’s make love. God! I need you!”, Jeff said. “ I need you too baby, so much.”, She told him before he started talking in the way she loved so much.

Before they said their good nights and logged out, Jeff promised to come back the next day to chat. But he did not show up. She began to worry, and fret about him again. She neglected her housework, hoping to catch him online during the day. As each hour passed, she became more suspicious because he was rarely online. Each time he was, the conversations were brief with him promising to return the next day. She finally had enough and decided to call him.

She dialed the number he given her with trembling hands. She frowned in confusion when someone answered the phone, with the name of an Italian restaurant. “Oh my God!”, She thought, when they said that nobody named Jeff Lewis was there. “Maybe he accidently gave me the wrong number.”, Jackie mumbled. She logged onto Yahoo and did a people search.

“Damn! No matches. I’ll go to the Boston businesses listings and look there. Then see if I can find the street where he lives.” She thought. She saw restaurants in the Boston metro area so she looked for the one she just talked to. She saw that the same phone number and address matched the ones Jeff had given her.

She cried for days, not knowing how to take it. But she loved Jeff so deeply, that she would give him a chance to explain. Finally, after a few more weeks of anguishing time, Jeff was back online. When she confronted him about the wrong phone number, he changed the subject. But she let it slide because she didn’t want to loose him. They talked for hours and made love. He promised to be online more for her. “I’m just so busy with school, that’s all.”, Was his excuse.

By now Jackie was so disgusted with her marriage that she could barely stand to be in the same house with her husband. She knew it wasn’t fair to him, her or Jeff to continue being in the marriage. So, she sat down with her husband and told him that she wanted a divorce. He said, “If you want, I’ll leave and move back home.” Jackie told him she thought it would be best. He left the same night and she filed for divorce soon afterwards. She hasn’t seen or heard from him since. She figured he probably had his freedom to drink himself to death. She pitied him, but she thought he might seek help someday.

Well needless to say Jeff returned eventually. Again, Jackie asked for the truth. Jeff replied, “Ok! I’ll tell you everything. Just let me say I know I lied to you. I just don’t want to loose you, Jackie. My name is not Jeff Lewis. My name is Jon White. I do live in Boston. That’s the only true thing I told you about myself.” Stunned but relieved to finally hear the truth, she replied, “Let me say this. I still love you. There’s no need to lie to me. I’ll give you this last chance, if you will give me your real phone number, address and call me.”

So, Jeff gave her another phone number and said “I’ll try to call you before I go to work in the morning. If I don’t call then you, call the number I gave you. It’s my office number. I’m in a Realty partnership. Ask for me.” “Ok, but you better try to call me, Jon.”, She said. He replied, “I will baby. Good night my love.” “Good night baby, I love you. Bye.”, She told him.

Jackie went to bed and slept like a baby after weeks of crying herself to sleep. The next morning she waited for his call. Afternoon came, still no word from him. Jackie decided to call the number and ask for Jon. “My God! It’s a fucking ski shop!”, She thought to herself, when the man on the phone said, “Sorry ma’am, we don’t know a Jon White.” “Thank you. Sorry for bothering you.”, She barely managed to say before dropping the phone. Tears streamed down her face as she fell to her knees on the floor. She screamed, “Damn, you! Who ever you are!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Devastated she got up, turned on her computer, and logged onto Yahoo. She sent Jon an offline message to the email address he given her when they first met. Her message read, “I hate you for what you have done to me. You were everything to me! I gave you almost a year of my undying love. How could you do this to me? I’m blocking you, leave me alone!! P.S. You know what Jeff, Jon, whoever the fuck you really are. The best way to get over an old love is to find a new one. POOF!!!!!!!!!!”

After weeks of tears, hurt and devastation Jackie realized it was finally over. Although she was shattered and felt like her heart was broken beyond repair she was determined to go on with her life. She decided that she wasn’t going to let him destroy what she had left of her life. She wanted to find someone in her local area that she could meet for real. Her married friends Nina and King, suggested that she open another chat room. She thought about it and said, “I don’t think I’m ready.”

But she started chatting in local chat rooms on occasion. She met a few nice men, and even went out on a few dates. She decided to be very choosey and make men prove themselves worthy of her love. She did not want to get hurt again by another man that played games on the internet. She made many new male friends, careful to keep most at a distance until she figured out if they were fakes or not.

After several more months of the monotonous searching for her Prince Charming, she finally met a man online that seemed to live up to everything he told her. His name was Paul. He was thirty-nine years old. Although he was a little over ten years younger than Jackie, they seemed to hit it off from day one. They chatted every day for months before deciding to meet in person.

They agreed to meet at a hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Jackie arrived first, waiting in the lobby for him. She recognized him from his picture, when he pulled up to the curb and handed the valet his keys. He walked through the door, instantly making eye contact with her. She nearly melted when he stared deep into her eyes and gave her a sexy smile. He approached her slowly, scooping her hand up in his, bringing it to his lips for a soft kiss that sent tingles up her arms.

Jackie felt as if her knees would buckle before he released her hand and walked toward the check-in counter. Her eyes wondered down his backside, admiring his physique. She liked the way his butt muscles rippled against his tight jeans with each step he took. She was pretty sure that he wore nothing under his pants. Her cheeks blushed when he glanced over his shoulder and caught her staring.

She turned her head, embarrassed that he had seen her lusting over his ass. He handled it with the utmost grace. He merely walked to her side and offered his arm to her. They followed the bellhop to the elevator, neither speaking on the ride up to the top floor. Jackie gasped when the doors opened to the penthouse suite.

When she opened her mouth to protest about it being to costly, Paul placed his finger against her lips. “Ssshhh, Don’t worry. You’re worth it.”, He said. She felt awe struck as she roamed around the vast suite. The view of the ocean was breathtaking and the room was grandly decorated. She was so busy taking it all in that she did not notice Paul whispering to the bellhop and handing him a wad a cash.

Paul sat on the sofa, giving her time to let it all sink in, knowing she had never been pampered before. He fully intended on lavishing her with many gifts that weekend. She did not turn to look at him until a knock sounded at the door. He smiled at her and winked, knowing it was the bellhop returning with a couple surprises.

He opened the door and took the items from him. Jackie stared in disbelieve as Paul approached her, carrying a dozen roses and a bottle of Champagne. He

put the bottle in a bucket of ice, and handed the flowers to her. “Paul, You shouldn’t have…”, She said. He interrupted her by pulling her into his arms. She looked up into his eyes, when he said, “Only the best for you, my love.”

Jackie’s eyes filled with tears. She thought her heart was going to burst. She had given up hope on ever finding a man that would treat her that way and wondered if she was dreaming. He took the roses from her and laid them on a table, pulling her even closer to him. His warm breath grazed her skin, as he slowly lowered his mouth to hers. Their lips melted together in a heated kiss.

Jackie responded to his touches by wrapping her arms around his neck, and holding him tight. They knew what each other needed at the moment and slowly began to undress each other. Paul’s hands slid underneath her shirt, expertly unsnapping her bra in one smooth motion. She trembled in response as her ample bosom fell against his chest. He groaned, and slowly pulled her blouse over her head.

He lowered his head to her shoulders, kissing each one softly, nudging the bra straps until they began to slide down her arms. She gasped when her bra dropped to the floor and Paul cupped her warm flesh in his hands. He caressed her gently, only removing his hands long enough for her to pull his shirt over his head.

What he did next literally took Jackie’s breath away. He sank to his knees, and began to pull her slacks down with one hand, leaving a trail of kisses down her legs. She stepped out of her shoes, allowing him to pull her pants off. She squirmed, feeling a bit self conscious when he slid his fingers under the elastic band of her panties. He looked up at her with lust filled eyes, reassuring her that everything would be ok.

When she stood naked before him, he began to nuzzle his face against her mound. She felt weak in the knees and wanted to sit down. But he wrapped his arms firmly around her thighs, holding her in place. He slid his tongue into her slit, gently massaging her swollen clit. He moaned in pleasure when he tasted her desire. She parted her legs a bit, giving his tongue access to her nether region.

Paul slowly darted his tongue along her wet valley to her dripping hot box. She bit her lips to hold back a cry of pleasure as he lavished her with licks. Sensing the growing urgency inside her, he stood and let her remove his jeans. She gave him a knowing smile when she saw that he wore nothing underneath. His erect shaft sprung out as the denim fell around his ankles.

Jackie licked her lips, when she saw the drops of pre-cum glistening on the tip. He kicked off his jeans, and grabbed her hand, leading her to the king size bed in the other room. He let her lay down first, then crawled between her legs. He covered every inch of her bare skin with swirling licks and her moved up her body.

He resumed the task of pleasuring her, parting her lips with his tongue. He began to tantalize her button, licking with rapid strokes. His hands slid up to her breasts, teasing her hard nipples, sending chills down her spine. She moaned in pleasure as he devoured her. He lapped at her juices like a man dying of thirst in the desert. It had been some time since he had been with a woman, and he fully intended on filling all his cravings as well. Being the type of man that gets pleasure from giving pleasure, Paul was more than happy to please Jackie’s needs. He ate her juicy sex like he had all the time in the world. He wiggled his tongue until she began to shake and cry out, then he stopped. Just as she started to relax he began again.

The intensity of her pleasure tripled when he swirled his tongue around her nub, while sliding a finger inside her. She gyrated herself against his hungry mouth. Her juices seeped out, covering his hand and face, as he thoroughly licked her. A warm heat enveloped her body as she was swept away by a powerful orgasm. He continued lapping at her as she bucked and thrashed. Her squeals of ecstacy echoed through the room, causing his cock the throb.

He waited until she began to calm down, before stopping. Then he slithered up her body and kissed her passionately. Jackie could taste her juices on his tongue which made her desire mount. She pulled away from the kiss and wiggled out from under him. Paul rolled onto his back and smiled when she moved between his legs.

He groaned when she began to flick her tongue against the tip of his staff. She licked the pre-cum off his skin, enjoying the taste of it. Their eyes locked and held as she slowly sucked his length into her mouth. She moved her mouth very slowly, liking the effect she was having on him. Paul gritted his teeth, fighting the urge to lose control.

Her mouth felt heavenly, compared to his hand, which was all he had been using for pleasure for quite some time. His eyes rolled back in his head as her tongue whirled around his girth. She stroked him ever so slowly with her lips, gripping him tight as she took him in deeper with each movement.

Seeing as how it had been a while since Jackie had sucked a cock, it took her a few minutes to get the knack of deep throating without gagging. When she was finally able to take the tip of his cock into her throat and hold it there, it was more than Paul could handle. He moaned and said, “Oh my God!”, just as his rod erupted in a huge orgasm. Jackie swallowed rapidly, eagerly taking in every drop of his cream.

She smiled in satisfaction, when he finished. He lay there, limp as a rag doll, panting and gasping for breath. She gently twirled her tongue along his muscle, licking him clean. Each touch made Paul shudder, and whimper. Jackie knew he was feeling very sensitive, so she was careful not to overdo it. She rolled over and lay down next to him. She watched him for several moments, expecting him to fall asleep.

But she was taken by surprise when she noticed his cock slowly coming back to life. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it when it began to rise. Paul looked over at her and said, “Wow. That was good. I’ve never been ready to go again this fast.” Then he leaned over her, nuzzling her neck, working his way down to her breasts. He suckled each nipple, teasing them until she thought she was going to burst.

He moved between her legs and pressed the head of his pole against her honey pot. She moaned and wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him toward her. His length slowly entered her, causing both of them to gasp. Paul’s cock was surrounded by her velvet heat when seemed to fit him perfectly. Jackie smiled, knowing for sure that he was the man for her. She had always known that her prince charming would be a perfect fit for her nether regions.

Paul took her hands in his, holding them against the bed as he began to slowly move in and out of her. They stared deeply into each others eyes, probing one anothers souls. Each time he pulled out just a bit and pushed back in deeper. Every slow thrust sent overwhelming pleasure through them both. They moved as if they had made love many times together. There was no clumsiness or nervousness usually associated with new lovers.

Jackie wrapped her arms around him, pulling him to her for a kiss just as Paul rolled over taking her with him. She ended up on top, straddling his cock. Her muscles tightened around him as she began to glide up and down his length. His hands slid up her sides to her breasts. He cupped them as she began to move a little faster. They jiggled wildly as she tipped her head back, closing her eyes and started riding his pole rapidly.

“Oh yes.”, He mumbled as she rocked her body faster and harder. Each thrust of her pelvis, smacking her ass against his balls. She bounced rapidly off of him, taking all he had to offer. He thrust upward each time she plowed her cavern onto his cock. The only sounds that filled the room was their heavy breathing and the sound her their slapping skin.

As the intensity of the act came to a peak, they were swept away by the rapture of the moment. Searing pleasure shook them both, as Jackie’s body spasmed, pulling the orgasm from Paul. She fell against his chest, enjoying the aftershocks of the orgasm as he continued moving against her until he had shot the last of his hot cum deep inside her.

Their sweat covered bodies screamed for oxygen as they lay there breathing heavily. When she finally got enough strength gathered up to move Jackie slid off of him, onto the cool sheets. “Oh my God.”, She said between breaths. Paul looked at her and smiled. He turned on his side and wrapped his arm around her waist. They lay there not speaking for quite some time after that.

Jackie felt sweaty and sticky and wanted to bathe. But didn’t seem to have the energy to move until Paul offered to give her a bath. She followed him into the bathroom and waited for him to fill up the huge tub. He stepped in first, and offered his hand to her. She held onto him as she moved into the water. He waited for her to sit down, before he moved behind her.

She leaned back against his chest, enjoying the soothing effect his touch had on her body. He started bathing her by washing her shoulders and arms, then she leaned forward long enough for him to soap her backside. When he reached her breasts she closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure. He washed them very carefully, spending more time than necessary caressing and nurturing each one.

“I’ve truly died and gone to heaven.”, Jackie thought to herself as his hands moved down her torso. When he reached her cleft, she stood up and turned to face him. His long fingers gently washed her pink folds, causing her to quiver with desire. He washed her legs and feet then rose to a kneeling position. She watched as he poured water on her, rinsing the soap suds away. Then he parted her lips with his fingers and slipped his tongue into her wet heat. She gasped and steadied herself by putting her hands on his shoulders which pushed his face closer to her sex.

Just as her knees buckled, causing her to sit down again, he took a deep breath and ducked his head under the water. She giggled as his tongue continued tickling her. She thought he was through when he came up for a breath of air, but he went right back to pleasuring her. This went on until she was on the verge of a powerful orgasm. Then he sat back up and directed her to turn around.

He positioned her facing away from him so that her hands were on the end of the tub. Then he began to massage her back with slow circles, not stopping until he had rubbed her ass too. Then he slid his cock into her slit. She pressed her ass against his abdomen, letting his thick shaft slide deep inside her wet tunnel. By this time the water had cooled, which magnified the feeling of each stroke.

Paul slid his hands up her belly to massage her melons. He gently squeezed them as he rocked in and out of her pussy. She moaned in joy as his balls slapped against her. He moved his hands to her hips, gripping them tightly as he increased his rhythm. Intense pleasure swept through them both as his pole erupted in a huge orgasm. Jackie cried out in pleasure as the twitching of his cock started her climax.

He fell against her back, pushing her flat on her stomach in the tub. The only part of her not in the water was her head. Paul nuzzled her neck, covering it in soft kisses before rising up. He helped her out of the tub, so she could dry off while he bathed. She wrapped a large towel around herself and walked back to the bed.

By the time Paul was finished in the bathroom, Jackie had drifted off into a deep sleep. He smiled down at her as he pulled a quilt over her body. Then he snuggled up against her, holding her tight. They slept like that until morning. When she woke up, it took Jackie a few moments to get her bearings. She felt disorientated at first, wondering if it had all been a dream. She turned her head to find Paul laying next to her. His dark eyes were staring intently into hers.

“Good Morning. If you’re hungry, I ordered room service.”, He said. She sat up and looked at the clock. It was almost 9 am. She was surprised that she had slept the whole night. Normally she only slept a couple hours at a time. “Yes, I’m starving. I worked up an appetite last night.”, She said with a wicked smile on her face.

While she was getting dressed, breakfast arrived. By the time she was done, Paul had already set all the food out on the table. Her stomach growled when she saw the feast that awaited them. There was bacon, sausage, omelets, pancakes, cereal, fruit, juice and coffee. She sat down at the table, mildly surprised when Paul shook his head at her. He scooted a chair over next to hers and picked up her fork.

He stabbed a strawberry with it and lifted it to her lips. She took a small bite of it as juices poured down her chin. He leaned close to her, lapping the juices off her skin. Jackie squirmed in her seat as she felt heat growing between her legs again. He put another bite on the fork, then handed it to her. She lifted it to his mouth, watching as he sensuously ate his strawberry.

Then he kissed her slowly. When their lips parted again, he offered her another bite, followed by a kiss. This continued until all the fruit was eaten. She was glad when he moved over to the other side of the table to eat his omelet. She didn’t want to play with hot foods. They ate in silence, both lost in thoughts of what had happened the night before. Neither speaking until most of the food was gone.

Paul scooted his chair back and said, “Would you like to go shopping?” She nodded her head, thinking how wonderful it was to be with a generous man for once in her life. They packed up all their belongings and had the bellhop put them in each of their cars before heading out to shop. They took Paul’s car. Jackie wasn’t sure where they were going. She thought he might take her to a mall.

She glanced at him in confusion when he pulled up in a jewelry store parking lot. He didn’t say a word. He got out of the car, and walked around to open her door for her. She followed him to the door of the store, which he held open for her. When they walked inside, she was flabbergasted by all the beautiful jewelry. Paul led the way to the rings, giving her a mischievous grin.

He told the clerk that he wanted to see several types of rings that have the birth stone for January. Jackie didn’t say a word until he asked her which ones she liked. She told him that she liked the stone that was in a heart shape that had small diamonds set around it. He told the clerk to measure her finger and he wanted a ring in that size. After the purchase was made and the ring was on her finger, they left the store hand in hand.

They walked next door to a fancy Italian restaurant. Paul requested a table in a corner where they could have some privacy. He tipped the host generously, then scooted into the booth across from Jackie. He took her hand into his and said, “I know you have been hurt many times in the past by other men. They were all fools. I see the beautiful person you are inside and out. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life with you. But I don’t want to rush you. So, today I bought this ring for you as a symbol of the love that I hope will continue to grow between us. Plus it’s my promise to you that I will never hurt you or lie to you.”

Jackie stared deeply into his eyes while he spoke. Tears of joy streamed down her face. All she could manage to say was, “Oh my God.” Paul moved over to sit next to her and wrapped his arms around her. He held her tight until she stopped crying. When she finally looked up at him again, he said, “I would be deeply honored if you would marry me, someday. No pressure though. Take your time. I will wait the rest of my life for you if I have to.”

Before she could respond the waitress showed up to take their order. They ended up eating the best Italian meal either of them had ever experienced. Nothing else was said about Paul’s proposal the rest of the day. That evening they drove back to the hotel so Jackie could pick up her car. They parted with a tender kiss and promises to talk on the phone everyday.

It was very late when she arrived home, but she couldn’t sleep. So she logged onto the internet. She was stunned to have email from Jeff/Jon. He told her that he missed her deeply and was very sorry for deceiving her. She clicked reply and said, “Leave me alone. I have someone else now. He’s NOT a fake like you are.”

Then she shut down the computer and went to bed. She was woke up by the phone early the next morning. It was Paul. He said, “I miss you.” She said, “I miss you too. When can we see each other again?” “Funny thing that you should mention that. I am planning a trip to your town. I will be there in two weeks.”, He replied. “That’s wonderful, Paul.”, She told him.

The next two weeks seemed to fly by at record speed. Before she knew it, the day had arrived for Paul to come visit her. Jackie’s stomach felt nervous that morning, as she waited for him to show up. She didn’t relax until she saw his car pull up in the driveway. She had the door standing wide open by the time he reached the porch. They immediately embraced and shared a deep kiss.

Within a matter of minutes they had shut the door, stripped each other and were making passionate love on Jackie’s bed. They didn’t get out of bed until that evening. She cooked them a steak dinner then they went back to bed. Over the next two days, they made love countless times. On the morning of the day that Paul was to leave, he said, “Jackie, I’ve got to tell you something.”

Dread filled her mind and heart because she thought he was going to admit a terrible secret. He turned to her and said, “I have asked for a job transfer. I am going to be moving here. Will it bother you to see me more often?” Jackie let out a sigh of relief and said, “Hell no! It won’t bother me. That’s wonderful news.”

By the end of the month, Paul had moved to her town. He had a nearby apartment. They saw each other every evening. They took romantic walks at sunset, played in the rain, shared many picnics and talked for hours on end. Days turned into months and before Jackie realized it, over a year and a half had gone by.

She sat lost in thought one day, thinking about her relationship with Paul. He had been very good to her, to the point of spoiling her with many gifts and tokens of his love. She didn’t really care if he gave her presents or not. What she appreciated most was his undying love and need for her.

After a few hours of deep concentration, she called Paul up at work, inviting him over for dinner that evening. He gladly accepted and told her that he would be there at 7 pm. She worked quickly, whipping up a gourmet meal, fit for a king. She set the table with candles and put a romantic cd onto play in the stereo. When she heard his car pull up outside, she turned the lights down low and walked to the doorway. He gasped when she opened the door wearing a long white sheer satin night gown.

He followed her into the dining room, wondering what she was up to. He sat down, never taking his eyes off of her as she lit the candles. She sat down next to him, filling his plate with various delicacies before speaking to him. “I have something on my mind, darling.”, She told him. He sat his fork down and waited for her to finish. She nervously twirled the ring on her finger that he had given her the weekend they met.

“Remember what you told me about wanting me to be your wife?”, She asked. He nodded his head and said, “Yes, I still feel that way. I will do anything for you. I love you, Jackie.” She smiled and said, “Good, Because I feel the same way. Yes, I will marry you Paul.”

His mouth fell open in astonishment and he jumped up out of his chair, scooping her up in his arms. He hugged her so tight, that she thought her ribs were going to crack. When he finally set her down on her feet, she felt dizzy. He talked rapidly, overcome with excitement. “When do you want to get married? I can free my schedule at work and go any day that you say. Or do you prefer to elope? I have always wanted to go to Vegas.”, He babbled.

Jackie laughed and said, “Slow down and catch your breath, sweetheart.” She took the calendar off the wall and began to thumb through it. She stopped on the anniversary of the day that they had met face to face. Which was only about 5 months away. He nodded his head in agreement and said, “You have made me that happiest man on Earth.”

They soon forgot about eating and spent the rest of the evening making love. Paul stayed over that night, not leaving until time for him to go to work the next day. Jackie wasted no time in planning the wedding. She wanted a romantic event that all their friends could attend. She worked day and night, getting everything planned.

The following July approached quickly as she struggled to make the final arrangements for flowers, caterers and the guest lists. The night before the wedding, they agreed to spend it apart. Having a big case of the nerves, Jackie decided to get online for a while. Once again, she was greeted by an email from her ex-love. “Please talk to me Jackie. Let me explain myself.”, Jeff/Jon pleaded in the letter.

She sighed and logged onto Yahoo messenger, and unblocked him. Sure enough he was online and wasted no time sending her a message. She let him attempt to explain his lies and try to sweeten up to her before she told him that she had some news. She explained to him how she had met the most wonderful, honest man on the internet and fallen madly in love with him in person.

Then she told him about the wedding the following day and that she planned on living happily ever after with Paul. After a few moments of hesitation, Jeff/Jon replied and said, “I’m sorry about hurting you. Please don’t marry him. I still want you, Jackie.” She typed, “Goodbye Jeff, Jon or whatever the hell your name is. Get a life. I finally got me a real man and I’m the happiest that I have ever been in my life.” Then she blocked him again and logged off the internet. She went to sleep with a smile on her face that night, feeling very satisfied at upsetting Jeff/Jon with her wedding plans. She slept soundly until the alarm clock went off.

By 10 am, her house was filled with wild commotion. Many of her friends had come from all over the country to see her get married. After many hugs, smiles and pictures, she finally managed to get dressed in time to make it to the park for the wedding. She stayed out of sight until the music started playing. Her oldest son, Tim, walked her down the make-shift aisle.

She looked from side to side at all the friends and family that had shown up. Tears welled up in her eyes when she saw Paul standing by the podium, waiting for her. He looked so handsome in his gray suit. It was the perfect contrast to her off white short dress. Her son kissed her on the cheek before giving her hand to Paul.

Then they turned to face the minister. He said, “We are gathered here today to witness the joining of this man and woman. They wish to recite their own vows. Paul turned to Jackie and said, “I spent my whole life searching for a woman that would love me for who I am. Now that I have found you, I don’t intend on ever letting you go. I would give my very breath for you, my sunshine, my life just to be with you. I would walk to the ends of the Earth for you, just to have the honor of being your husband.”

Jackie fought back tears of happiness when she began to recite the vows she had written. She said, “Paul, You are my everything. Because of you, I can now feel complete. You are my best friend first, my lover second. You make me feel whole. I love you with all my heart and soul.”

The minister said, “Place the ring on Jackie’s finger Paul.” With shaking hands he pulled a ring out of his pocket. It was the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. He slid it on to her finger repeating what the minister told him to say, “With this ring, I thee wed, to have and to hold you until death do us part. I take you as my wife from this day forward.” Then it was Jackie’s turn. She slid a ring out of her bouquet and put it on Paul’s finger.

Her voice trembled as she said, “With this ring, I thee wed, to have and to hold you until death do us part. I take you as my husband from this day forward.” Then the minister said, “I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride.” Their lips melted together in a slow sensuous kiss that seemed to last an eternity.

By the time the reception and picture taking session was all over, Jackie was exhausted. She threw her bouquet before sliding into the limo. She laughed when she saw that her young Grand-daughter had caught it and said, “Eeewww!!! I’m not getting married. Kissing is gross.”

Paul and Jackie waved at everyone as the limo drove them to the airport. They put the privacy glass up so they could change clothes during the ride. They ended up making out most of the ride and had to hurry to get their clothes on before the car pulled up to the curb. They barely made it to the boarding gate in time to catch their flight. Jackie slept most of the way to their first layover. It was late the next morning before they made it to their destination.

They spent two wonderful weeks in Hawaii. They made love every chance they got. Each year they go back there to celebrate their anniversary. They have been together ten years now. Unlike most romances that start out online, this one can actually end with, and they lived happily forever…

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