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Long Weekend

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It was finally a long weekend! A glorious three-day period of languishing with friends and drinking in the sun of a Canadian summer.

It was the Canada Day weekend and plans had long been in the works to get our group of friends out camping.

Unfortunately by the time zero hour came around we had received a few cancellations. Work, family and just general chaos cost us three tents of folks and left us with just Sarah, John, and myself.

It was a shame to miss the opportunity for some camping fun and after some hurried phone conferences we three decided to make the leap and go anyways.

Late Friday afternoon found me gathering the last of my camping gear, which was extremely minimal except for food, sleeping bag and the necessary libations and waiting on my front steps for John to pick me up. John and I had known each other for about six years and were close friends.

We spent many a weekend drinking and whiling away the hours on patios and chasing skirts. John was about 6’2″ with short brown hair he wasn’t much for styling so it had a perpetually unkempt, just slept in look. He was in good shape for 30 and was an avid camper like myself. He already had a bit of a tan because he often worked in his back yard on the deck for his house. We were popular enough with the ladies we just didn’t take the hunt too seriously.

“Got your suntan lotion for the nude beach?” he said with a leer, as I loaded my gear into the back of his already stuffed pickup truck. He was always much more filthy minded than myself and he loves to push the limits.

“No nude beach, just rocks to jump off and a river to swim in. But we might run into some young college girls who are scared of bears so keep your shirt on.” I teased. He wasn’t hairy at all but he always made a big deal about taking his shirt off anyways.

“Fuck you.” he smiled. “Let’s roll over to Sarah’s and get this show on the road!”

Sarah. One word to describe Sarah is uncomplicated. Sarah was also fun, laid back, and easy to be around. This made her a perfect addition to the trip and the fact that she filled a bikini in all the right places certainly wasn’t a problem. She was also a hell of a wingman. Nothing tells woman you are fuckable more than a hot friend who is a girl. However our main issue would likely be keeping other male campers off her. But that was entertaining in its own way too as she was more than capable of fending off advances. But our mock-chivalry always made her laugh so we played the fools. She is that kind of girl. Makes you foolish with a grin. She often got us into trouble when we were out but she had yet to go camping with us. This was her first trip with John and myself.

She was ready when we pulled up, hauling a massive framed backpack and about ten grocery bags of food and alcohol.

“Hey guys!” Sarah said, carrying everything down the last few steps from her front door. She was about 5’7″ with her long brown hair done up in a ponytail. She had on a pair of tight cargo shorts and a university t-shirt. John and I got out and helped pack everything into the back. After that was done she immediately jumped on John and put him into a ridiculous headlock trying to climb on his back.

“So this camping spot is a good one right?” she said panting, looking at me as they wrestled around until John just put her over his shoulder and patted her on the ass a few times, holding her there.

“Don’t ask me, ask him. He picked it. You get to ride in the back!” John said as upended her into the box of the truck amongst the sleeping bags, and supplies.

“Jerk!” she said as she climbed to the edge of the box liner, crossing her forearms. “So this is a good camping ground right? No swamps?”

I moved around a few grocery bags to make sure that things were well situated for the drive and looked over at her.

“It’s on an island in the Admiralty Islands of the St Lawrence. It’s called Beaurivage. It’s a great campsite. It’s right on the water and right near a dock. My parent’s boat will get us out there and back, we can even do some water-skiing if we feel like it” I said.

She climbed out of the back of the truck, putting her hand on my shoulder for balance. I always got shivers when she touched me but I pushed that down deep where all such feelings normally go, to join the ones about hot teachers and naughty nuns. Forbidden fruit.

Climbing back into the cab of the truck we were all stuffed onto the bench seat. But it was a big truck and we were reasonably comfortable. Sarah got the “hump” much to our amusement. John said it was so he could see out the rear view as she was shorter but I was the same height as her so it was an obvious lie. He always flirted outrageously with Sarah and she flirted back. They were very entertaining.

A few short minutes later we pulled out onto the highway to begin the four-hour trip to where my parent’s kept their boat.

Because I could sleep anywhere I dozed off shortly into the drive as Sarah and John chatted. Knowing these two the next few nights were going to be long and I would need it. When I awoke I was leaning against the inside of the truck door and Sarah was lying with her head on my shoulder. John was stoically driving on as it wasn’t a long drive but a full day of work takes a lot out of a guy and he was bolstering himself with a can of lukewarm Coke from the glove box.

“Hey man, want a swig?” he asked.

I shook my head. “I can wait until we get there. When did we lose her?” I said indicating Sarah’s headed nested on my shoulder. I didn’t want to move. It felt comfortable; despite the seatbelt jamming into my back and the fact that her warmth added to the hot sun through the window had me sweating like crazy.

“About 10 minutes after you did. No stamina, either of you.” he grinned, watching the road.

Looking out the window I could see that we were almost there. My parent’s boat was down at the local marina and it was literally minutes from the highway, that’s how small the town was.

Pulling through the parking lot we found a spot and I sat up slightly, causing Sarah to start awake.

“We’re here, lady. Time to hit the river.” I said, squeezing her knee.

I paid our fees to the Canada Parks Officer before heading over to the boat. Meanwhile John and Sarah had already moved all the stuff over from the truck and it was sitting on the dock beside the boat. Going on board I packed away the tunnel covers and put the top down. The boat was about 17′ long, a nice little inboard/outboard pleasure craft. My parent’s let me use it on weekends when they weren’t. Since they were getting on in years they used it less and less, much to my happy weekend planning. John grabbed ice for our coolers and if necessary we could always come back into town for more.

Once we had the gear stowed, I took us out. It was around 9PM and the sun was still up so we had plenty of time to hit the island. Besides I knew this part of the St Lawrence like the proverbial back of my hand having spent a lot of time out here as a kid.

We left the breakwater at a leisurely pace, not wanting to set up any wakes but once outside I told everyone to sit down so I could really get us moving.

The first few seconds were exhilarating with the nose bouncing on the waves, the roar of the engine and the splashing spray hitting us as I pushed the throttle forward trying to bring us up on plane. The chop lessened as we gained speed until we were moving at around 40-50km/h, just skimming the wave tops. It was hard to talk with the wind whipping past but it was a lot of fun.

John and Sarah took turns standing with me, looking out over the windshield, wind and spray in our faces as we snaked in and out amongst the islands through the Wanderer’s Channel. The green blue water of the St Lawrence was starting to darken as the sun went down.

Sarah eventually sat down in one of the jump seats at the back of the boat and put her legs up on the runabout seat in front of her. Her ponytail was flying out the back but she had a big grin on her face as she sat there comfortably with her sunglasses on.

I looked over at John and nodded, smiling.

As if rehearsed we began to push up and down with our legs as we drove, causing the boat to move up and down in the water.

This being Sarah’s first trip out in the boat we were doing what was called “wave ramping”. The boat is on plane, meaning that it is moving along the water and the wave troughs aren’t wide enough to cause anything more than a ripple, giving a smooth ride. But the waves are still there and if you have enough weight pushing down and up simultaneously you can force the boat to “ramp” and catch a bit of a jump, even at high speeds. So with our combined weight pushing the boat down into the water it wasn’t long before we caught a wave big enough for us to catch some air. Just enough that that it caused Sarah to be lifted from her seat a bit, making her squeal. This immediately set John and I to laughing as she straightened herself and glared at us over her sunglasses.

What she yelled at us was lost in the wind but it couldn’t have been flattering.

About 15 minutes after leaving the dock, with the sun just starting to go down over the islands I brought us into the dock for our camping space. We tied up and unloaded our gear up the hill where John and I quickly set up the four-man (or in this case 2 men and 1 woman) tent. It was a breeze; we had a lot of practice. Our campsite was just back from the shore and had a commanding view of the river and the nearby Endymion and Mermaid Islands. One was an ecological preserve and the other was a great place to take pictures as it had some really interesting glacial rock formations. The rock shore near our site was about 10′ off the water and you could sit comfortably and swing your feet if you wanted.

We made a quick dinner of hotdogs on the portable Coleman stove. Always eat your meats first, my dad used to say. Since all we had brought were steaks, hamburgers and hotdogs, it was an easy feed. Pulling out the camp loungers we all sat back and ate our dinner while we watched the last of the sun go down behind the island. The lapping of the waves and the occasional sounds of boats in the distance was soothing and a far cry from the busy cityscape we normally lived in. We sat in silence. We could just make out the glow of my hometown in the distance but it was muted and did little to blur the stars above us.

John, our resident pyromaniac, helped Sarah build a campfire in the rock pit and soon we had a cheery blaze going. The smoke helped keep the mosquitoes down too. Thankfully out here the river moves well so they don’t get as many. I handed out the beers as Sarah sat on the ground in front of John poking the fire with a stick while John leaned back in his chair looking up at the starry sky.

“Well, this is it. What do you think, kids?” I said, settling down in my own camp chair where I could see them and not get smoke in my face.

“It’s beautiful, man,” John said, taking a long pull from his beer. “Good choice.”

“Yeah, it’s hard to describe. We don’t see stars like this back home. Thanks for inviting me.” Sarah said wistfully as she leaned back against John’s legs, craning her head back and looked up at him, then over at me.

I nodded with a smile.

John reached down and tousled her hair and poked her ear, causing her to shy away.

“No problem, glad to have you. Just don’t be groping me in the tent tonight, its bad enough with him trying to spoon me.” John said gesturing towards me and I laughed.

“Shut up about that, it was just one time and I was dreaming about your mom.” I said but the thought of sleeping in the same tent with Sarah certainly had me pitching a tent of my own in short order. Crass I know, but accurate.

It was a harmless fantasy that had me just closing my eyes and thinking about it for a few minutes. Naughty nuns were one thing but actually having her in the tent, wearing little more than panties and a long shirt (if that) were very interesting. I would just have to be sure to sleep far enough away.

Far away was where I was when 130lbs of girl landed in my lap with a cheerful “Save me from the bad man!” Sarah was always a bit of a ninja and she had come over and plopped herself down before I could move. I gave out a choked sound as she settled down and I tried not to drop my beer.

She stopped for a second with a funny look on her face that became a big grin. I groaned internally. She could probably feel my hard on through my shorts pressing against her. I fully expected her to tease me, especially after the earlier comment about John’s mom who is a blustery woman of 60. But instead she leaned forward to set her beer on the ground. Perched as she was in my lap this only served to press her harder against me. She then curled up in my lap, putting her arms around me and played with my ear as she lounged against my chest. I am about 195lbs and in fair shape but I was a little uncomfortable with her so close, really conscious of that “spare tire” but all I could do was take a deep breath and relax as best I could and pray that I lost my erection.

“How do you know that I won’t be groping you John? Why is it always the guys that are the gropers? How do you know that I won’t be bad myself?” she said smugly.

John just looked at her for a half a second and then shrugged his shoulders. His smile was visible by the firelight. After a few minutes of teasing my ears Sarah gave me a peck on the cheek and started to get up. Her hand brushed lightly along my thigh very close to my crotch. It could have been a mistake but she really hammed it up with lots of complaining about being old and not able to balance. So I slapped her once on the ass as she got away from me, causing her to squeak.

“Ouch, Mr. Slappy! Any harder and you are grounded!” she said rubbing the offended cheek with a laugh. I just adjusted myself as surreptitiously as I could. No sense advertising my arousal to John. He certainly wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to tease me.

A couple minutes later Sarah came back with a handful of beers and dispensed them. Since I wasn’t done with my last she just placed it between my legs with a knowing smile.

I mouthed the word “Thanks” in a sarcastic way to her and I’m not sure if she saw it or not but she just kept on smiling.

We had purposefully brought the long reclining loungers so we could all be as comfortable as possible. She had put on a fleece jacket while getting the drinks, but her legs were open to the elements, and she had goose bumps from the slightly cool night air. She flopped down in her chair again right next to John’s and stretched out. We had each had better than a half dozen beers each by this point and were well on our way to a serious bender.

“I wonder if we will see anyone else on the island tomorrow?” she said. I was certain we would and said as much. “There are seven campgrounds on the island and about 30 picnic spots. No doubt this place will be hopping. Why? You planning to pick up a local boy?”

She just grinned.

“Don’t I always?”

John yawned really loudly about then and stretched his arms over his head. He then reached out and rubbed Sarah’s neck with his one hand. “Soon it will be time to sleep folks. We want to get an early start tomorrow so we can get some fun in.” he said as he caressed the nape where her ponytail met her neck. That was one way to get her purring. John had magic fingers to hear the girl’s he went with. I didn’t know myself. I kept our action strictly to the occasional slap on the ass during sporting events.

He patted the chair in front of him and Sarah made a squeak of joy as she jumped over to his chair, pulling the fleece top’s zipper down to give him more access to her neck and shoulders. His strong fingers rubbed at the sides of her neck and she arched it forward so he could get his hands around it. He would press down against her shoulders with his thumbs and roll them around on the knots of muscles she always had there. This was an old routine that we all enjoyed. John loved to touch her and she loved to be touched. I was content just to watch my two best friends. She had parked herself between his legs with her legs crossed and leaning forward. He was pressed up against her back slightly as his hands worked. He liked to press down from above; he said it helped his hands keep from getting tired.

John stroked Sarah’s neck and shoulders for about 15 minutes before he grabbed her ponytail with one hand and pulled her back against him strongly. She gave out a hiss of what might have been surprise but the moan that followed was anything but. He kissed her on the shoulder once wetly and let her go. She seemed surprised by her own reaction and might have been blushing but I couldn’t tell from the firelight. John made to sit up and sort of pushed her forward until she was sitting on the end of the lounge chair giving him enough room to get up.

“Where’s the restrooms around here, man?” he said peering into the dark.

“Follow the path to the left, take the flashlight. There are portables there all summer long. Don’t fall in there might be raccoons.” I called as he stumbled off.

As Sarah and I sat there she lay back on John’s chair and was staring into the sky, the crackle of the fire and the occasional pop of burning sap was all the sound we made.

“Almost time for bed I think.” I said, sounding nonchalant. “We can put the fire out as soon as John gets back” I got up with a grunt and moved to the bucket of water I had prepared just for this, bringing it closer to the fire. “Why don’t you go in first Sarah, that will give you time to get ready before we come in.”

“Ooh. Mr. Modesty. I am pretty sure you have seen all I have at some point I think maybe you should go in first. To check for spiders!” she scrunched up her face as she lifted her head up to look over at me.

John came stumbling back, cursing slightly at the treacherous path. “Okay folks, that’s it for me. I will have my pancakes with blueberries and a nice rasher of bacon — crisp.” He moved over towards the tent and we could hear the zipper in the dark as he climbed inside. We could just make out his flashlight as he searched through his stuff and laid out his sleeping bag. I put out the fire with the bucket of water with gouts of smoke and hissing steam while Sarah picked up the beer bottles and threw them back into the cooler.

“Good night” she said, coming over to give me a hug goodnight. I kissed her on the neck as always but the hug lasted just a little longer than usual this time. She must really be tired. I ventured a kiss on her cheek and she returned one on my lips. Just a soft butterfly of a kiss but it was more than I was expecting. “Good night” she said again softly as she moved through the dark towards the tent. Moments later I heard the zipper again, followed shortly thereafter by a gale of laughter from both of them and some quiet conversation.

I moved my chair a little closer to the rocks and lay back down with the last of my beer. The stars were bright in the sky and it really reminded me of some of the best times of my life out amongst these islands. Before I knew it I was asleep in the lounger.

Waking with a start I felt Sarah’s hand on my arm. She was wrapped entirely in her sleeping bag and was shaking me gently. It was the very middle of the night and the moon was set so it was pitch dark.

“You coming into the tent?” she whispered. Having been startled awake through no fault of hers I wasn’t sure I could sleep immediately so I shook my head. “Nah, just going to stay out here for a bit longer.”

“Okay then move over a bit so I can join you,” she said trying to join me side by side in the chair. It couldn’t work. We just couldn’t fit that way. Finally she just pushed me off the chair and laid out the sleeping bag. She then got me to lie down so she could lie back against me. She was just barely visible to me in the starlight as she got ready to join me in the lounger and I could make out that she was wearing just her bikini top and her shorts. The dim light shone off her bare skin and I was reminded of earlier. What if I had a repeat? It was quickly out of my hands as she lay down resting her back against my chest, her head leaning on me as she watched the sky. She pulled the sleeping bag around us and although most of our legs were still sticking out, we were warm enough.

Not quite knowing what to do with my arms I just lay them around her, staying away from any dangerous territory and tried not to concentrate on the feel of her skin against me.

“There we go, that’s better. Just let me know when you feel sleepy and we can go into the tent,” she whispered. I wasn’t sure that would be ever if it was this comfortable. There was an electrical storm brewing in the distance, the flash of lightning streaking across the sky without a roll of thunder, like a fireworks display with no sound. I hoped that it would pass us by.

Sarah and I didn’t speak; we just lay there watching the occasional flashes. Sometimes she would run a finger along my arm absently, I’m not even sure she knew she was doing it. It raised the flesh on my arms and once gave me a shiver enough to move her.

“You cold?” she whispered.

“Not a bit, just gave me a shiver is all.”

“I will stop,” she said.

“No it’s okay, it feels nice. Mind if I return the favor?” I said and mentally slapped myself on the forehead. Idiot!

She didn’t say anything just pulled my arms in a little closer. I ran my hands softly along the skin of her arms under the blanket starting at her fingertips and working up to her elbows. I repeated this softly; occasionally I would drag my nails over the silky skin of her forearms too. It was all the distance I could manage without being obvious about my touching. She turned her head to lean her cheek against my neck and gave out a contented sigh. By this time I was fully aroused and I didn’t care if she felt it. It wasn’t like I was trying anything. We were just enjoying the view. Half naked. Under a blanket. I shook that thought off and just concentrated on the light show.

After a little while it seemed she had fallen asleep because her breathing became regular, her chest rising and falling. I didn’t want to wake her so I just lay there, listening to her. Sometime she gave out the quietest of snores, which caused me to snicker once, regretfully waking her up.

“What’s so funny?” she said sleepily.

“You snore, kid,” I whispered into her hair. She smelled wonderful.

“I do not” she whined, smiling, I could just see her teeth as I looked down. She straightened out slightly moving the soft skin of her back up against me and laid her arms out straight, her hands on my thighs, just resting. I crossed my arms in front of her, almost but not quite hugging her and I ran a finger across her midriff just as a lark. She pulled in her stomach but after I did it a couple times she just lay there. I don’t have a clue what I was thinking but I slowly spread my hand out on the bare skin of her stomach and just lightly stroked it across the expanse of silky flesh. Her hands scrunched up a bit and her nails raked my thigh muscles. That was new.

There was a distant flash of lightning followed a moment later by a roll of thunder. The storm was definitely coming. I ran my hands more lightly across her bare flesh just playing a little and she didn’t object. At one point I even dipped slightly into the waistband of her shorts.

“Sorry.” I said, but I was anything but.

“S’ok” she replied sleepily and I did it again, pressing a little harder than before. Her nails grazed my thighs again and made a swirl as she clenched and unclenched her fists while I touched her. I resolved just to play it cool and not do anything dumb. My one hand traced along the underside of the bikini top, the nail just barely touching the skin.

“This is nice,” I said lamely, again mentally kicking myself. God I was such an idiot. She just responded with a soft contented noise.

A much louder crack of thunder follow the next flash of lightning and the wind had picked up slightly. It was definitely going to be a storm but I didn’t want to move and Sarah wasn’t running for the tent so I just lay there. My hand played lazily with the bikini top, occasionally stroking the bow between her shapely breasts and alternately toying dangerously with the inviting opening at the top of her shorts. Sometimes I would brazenly dip a little deeper into the top of her shorts and once I even touched the very top of her panties. This sent my erection into overdrive but I was beyond caring.

Though the wind had risen it was still no cooler, in fact it had gotten a bit warmer, the storm carrying in a warm breeze. When I felt the first drops of rain hit my legs I thought for sure she would go running for the tent but she didn’t even move. Her hands had begun to run slowly up and down my legs in time with my explorations. A bright flash set afterimages of the river and the nearby islands in my eyes and the following crash was just seconds behind it. Her hands grabbed my legs and she sucked in her breath. This was on a downward exploration of my hands and they met just below the waistband of her shorts and fell onto the top of her silk panties. I made to pull my hands back quickly but hers were quicker and she caught my wrists. Trapping them. Lifting her head slightly she kissed me underneath my chin and then again on my neck under my ear. Turning to look down at her in surprise I let my lips meet hers and her hands gripped me tightly as we kissed for the very first time ever. A real kiss. It was as if it opened a gate and things began to happen very quickly.

I turned slightly towards her and she turned towards me so our lips could meet more fervently. Opening my mouth slightly I probed her lips with my tongue and this prompted hers to meet it. She moaned into my mouth as our tongues slid together gently. The kiss was firm and not sloppy, she was an extremely good kisser. Her one hand came up from my leg to behind my neck and pulled me into her, kissing more ardently.

All filters were lost and my hands just pressed down into the V of her thighs and stroked along her crotch, pressing up against her clitoris for a brief moment. She immediately spread her legs to allow me access to her. When my wrists would go no farther her hand raced to the button on her shorts and popped it open. I quickly pulled down the zipper as if my life depended on it and immediately my hands both moved back against her wetness stroking the lips through the silky material.

She moaned louder into my mouth and broke the kiss to bury her head in my neck, panting. The rain chose that moment to pick up but we didn’t care. The lightning came in a sheet of azure light, and the rolling thunder was the staccato crack of a firecracker and the deep bass of a drum. Her legs were spread so invitingly that I couldn’t resist delving deeper. With one hand I pulled her panties away from her and with the other I pressed my fingers against her most intimate parts, rubbing gently at the lips, luxuriating in the wetness that I had caused. Or at least hoped I had.

“You are bad,” she said gruffly into my neck, kissing me and licking with her tongue before pulling my head back down by the hair to hers for a deep kiss. I bit at her lips slightly before gently putting my tongue back to hers. While one hand worked between her legs, the other rose to cup her breast. I could feel the hard nipple through the material of her top and I stroked it with my index finger and thumb, pinching gently.

We were lying in a warm rain on a lounge chair on an island in a thunderstorm but it didn’t matter. Her free hand moved down to join mine, her fingers entwining into mine as they explored. Her wetness got all over both of our hands and she brought her hand up to my mouth so I could lick her juices from her fingers. This caused her to moan very loudly as my tongue rolled across her delicate fingers, sucking lightly. Meanwhile my hand remained busy. I slid two fingers into the opening of her pussy and pressed them gently into her. She bit the side of my neck and groaned as they filled her.

Three quick flashes of lightning in quick succession punctuated by earth shattering booms of thunder brought us slightly to our senses for a moment. She sat up slightly, the now soaked sleeping bag tossed open. Her hair was wet from the rain and she reached up and pulled the hair elastic out and threw it to the ground. I hurriedly leaned forward to kiss her again, reaching my hand up behind her head to take a handful of her beautiful brown hair and pulled her into me. She turned awkwardly towards me on the lounge, pulling her legs up in the criss-crossed fabric mesh, trying to get closer to me. I was not thinking too clearly by this point and I yanked her head back by the hair, forcing her head back. She moaned again and I could see her hand tighten on the side of the chair as she held herself up. I studied her for a moment before leaning in and kissing her along the neckline and down to her breasts. I put my other arm around her to support her and take the weight off her while still pulling her head back. She was now kneeling between my legs as I sat up. My legs were to either side of the lounger now.

The sharp crack of thunder was coming louder now and more often, as the warm rain beat down onto us, soaking our clothes even more. As I kissed her I could lick the rain from the slope of her breasts. Relaxing my hold on her hair I hugged her to me as my mouth sucked at her nipple through the thin fabric of her bikini top. She reached back behind herself and undid the snap freeing them for me. But almost as soon as they were free I was off to a new target, only teasing her nipples slightly with my tongue.

The sound of the rain splashing against the river was a constant drone now, and we could hear it landing on the leaves behind us as it ran down through the canopy.

Breaking another kiss I held her arms and pushed her back from me slightly so I could look into her face. The rain was dripping down her face and a stray hair was draped across her lips. She had a slightly wild look in her eyes and I am sure my own matched it’s intensity.

“Tell me what you want. I want to hear you ask for it so I know there are no mistakes.” I said, looking intently at her.

“I want to fuck you. I want you to fuck me.” she hissed. I untangled myself from her and stood up quickly and took off my shirt because it was sodden with rain and in my way. I then turned my attention to Sarah’s shorts. I stood her up next to me and kissed her deeply. We were the same height but right then I felt ten feet tall. Not breaking the kiss I pushed her shorts and panties down as far as I could with my hands. Hers took over and she eventually stepped out of them entirely. This left her bikini top hanging around her arms and this was quickly discarded. She was now completely naked before me; her beauty highlighted every few seconds by a flash of lightning. She tried to put her arms around me but I fended her off. For now I wanted to be in control. I sat her down on the sleeping bag and pressed her back so that she was lying down. I then spread her legs again and pressed my face into her clit, smelling her arousal. Her hands immediately went to my hair as my tongue sought out her wetness and lapped at her gently. Whatever skill I lacked in my frenzy to pleasure her I more than made up for with enthusiasm.

Spreading her lips with the fingers of one hand I darted my tongue in and out of her and up onto her clitoris. I gently tongued her button while at the same time my other hand slid two fingers inside of her. She was extremely tight but she accepted them with a loud moan and an arching of her back. As I slid my fingers smoothly in and out of her she began to fuck up against my tongue. I pinched the hood of her clitoris ever so slightly with the fingers I was using to hold her open and begin to lick around her lips taking in her pleasure center with each circle. I tried to find her rhythm and within a few minutes I was just fucking her with my fingers. My tongue was no longer needed. Her feverishly stroking fingers replaced it. No one knows a woman’s pleasure like the woman herself. If she hadn’t taken the initiative I would have grabbed her hand and brought it down there for her to teach me what she wanted. I am no fool. Why fumble around when there is a teacher right to hand.

She began to moan in time with my thrusting fingers. I altered the angle slightly so that I was thrusting deeper into her, stroking towards the inside of her clitoris on each out-stroke. The rhythm of our fingers was quickly bringing her to the brink. I could feel the ring of muscles inside her tensing and relaxing. An ear-shattering crack of thunder followed an intense bolt of lighting out over the river and she finally slipped over the edge with a groan. She lifted her head up and the muscles of her stomach tensed up. The muscles of her sex practically crushed my fingers as a new rush of wetness that had nothing to do with the rain flooded our hands. She shivered and pressed her hips against my fingers as they now slid gently in and out of her, milking the last of the orgasm from her. With each deep stroke she moaned until she grabbed my hand and just pushed the fingers in as far as she could and held them there. She tossed her head back and forth in the rain. I think she was a little surprised she had come so hard. Her eyes fluttered open as I took my hand from her and rose to stand above her in the rain, stretching my legs. I was no Adonis but right then I must have looked like a hungry god. I was shirtless, my chest heaving from the exertion of pleasuring her, wreathed with a nimbus of lightning whenever it flashed.

Pushing herself up on her elbows she smiled at me in the dark. The rain was coming down very hard and we were beyond soaked. Rising completely to sit facing me her hands went to my legs and up into the legs of my shorts. Her hands were more than able to fit and she quickly found my hard cock. Looking up at me she beckoned me closer and pulled my head down for a quick kiss.

“Your turn” was all she said as she wrenched open my shorts and forced them to the ground, freeing me. Her hand went around it and stroked it firmly. I kicked the shorts away and she leaned in and swiped her tongue across the head licking up a dewdrop of liquid. She looked up at me again as she stroked my cock with her hand.

“Tell me what you want. I don’t want there to be any mistakes.” she said in a tone of voice I had never heard from her before in all the years I had known her.

“I want you to fuck me. I want to fuck you.” I said, simply stating the truth.

She leaned forward and her mouth covered the head of my penis. Her sucking lips and tongue worked gently at the head, as with each stroke she took a little more. I was about seven inches long but between her hands and her moist lips no part of me went wanting. She would get me wet with her mouth first then stroke me hard for a few strokes almost making my knees buckle before taking me back in her mouth. The wind picked up even more around us, whipping her wet hair against my legs as she pulled me deeper into her mouth. Her hand went around me to my ass to pull me into her and her one leg entwined around the back of my knee. I wasn’t going anywhere.

She would stop every so often and I would lean down to kiss her wet mouth, breaking it only so she could take me back into her, hollowing her cheeks as she alternately stroked my cock and grazed my balls with the nails of her other hand or scratched at the skin of my legs with her nails. I almost came twice but I held on. She gave a moan of disappointment that I hadn’t come right away but I think she was more than happy to wait for it.

The thunder was now constant and it sounds different out over water, a hollow echo to the booming and the lightning was flashing like sheets. She looked out over the river, it was almost lit now with the constant strikes. She looked nervous but also excited so I pulled back from her and lifted her to her feet into a kiss, pressing her naked breasts against my chest. It was a wrestling match. Who could be the one kissing whom the hardest. Our arms reaching behind each other’s necks, pulling hair and stroking ears and backs.

I couldn’t wait any longer and I turned her around and leaned her over the chair, bent at the waist. I moved the head of my cock to her slit and rubbed it up and down once or twice. When it met her opening I didn’t hesitate I just slid it inside slowly, luxuriating in the silken feel of being inside of her. She threw her head back as we ground together. I only had time for a few strokes before I had to pull out because I was going to come. That could be remedied but I was very worried about the storm. We were pretty exposed out here and it was getting worse.

“We need to get inside the tent. Come with me.” I said quickly gathering our sodden clothes and leading her to the tent. “My sleeping bag will be dry and we can finish what we started in there.”

“But what about John?, she asked, her arms wrapped around herself in the rain.

“Don’t worry, he will be out like a light.” I hoped. Besides he wouldn’t dare say anything once he knew what was going on. Pushing Sarah inside the tent ahead of me I followed her in and fished a towel out of my gear. I always come prepared and handed it to her while I got my sleeping bag unfurled. Drying off quickly we climbed inside it and curled up together. Her facing me gave me the perfect opportunity to kiss her again. She hesitated slightly and I feared we were done but she just looked over her shoulder towards where John’s sleeping form was. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back to me, kissing her again. Outside the tent the rain drummed non-stop against the waterproof canvas. Sarah reached down between us to stroke me with her hand. Rolling her thumb around the tip getting it wet. We had some difficulty getting it into her in that position and with a frustrated sign she blew the hair out of her face and just threw open the sleeping bag. Whispering in my ear she just asked me to fuck her from behind. Now we were only a couple feet from where John lay but I couldn’t stop now. Pushing her onto her hands and knees I knelt behind her and slid my cock into her wet pussy. I was all the way in, my balls pressed against her. She pushed back against me and moaned quietly. I pulled out slowly and then slid back into her.

Slowly we built a rhythm, going slowly but deeply and at the end of each thrust she twisted slightly so I went just that little bit more inside of her. She had the sleeping bag bunched in her hands and her face buried into it as I began to fuck her more furiously. I could hear her moans even though she tried to hide them in the thick fabric. I looked up from where I was kneeling behind her, fucking her deeply when I saw John was looking at us. Wide awake. I caught his bemused grin as a bright flash of lightning lighted the tent.

Not slackening my pace I continued to stroke inside of Sarah trying to push her to orgasm before the inevitable happened, maybe that would slacken any embarrassment she might feel. I had a feeling we would have some serious explaining to do.

But John took matters from my hand as he slid forward from his sleeping bag and took Sarah’s hands in his own leaning forward to look at her. She started with a groan and looked up. Though they couldn’t see each other fully in the dark they made some other connection and she didn’t cry out. She panted from where I was thrusting into her but made no other noise. They just sat there for a few moments as her orgasm built. I could feel it and I knew I couldn’t last much longer either.

“I’m not…going…to last…much longer…where should I…” I said as my hands reached forward and pulled gently at her damp hair, trying not to slow my thrusts.

“Come inside me. It’s okay. Please. Oh god!” she said as my rapidly swelling cock burst inside of her, the pulsing of my cock set off her orgasm and she leaned forward and kissed John on the lips as they held hands through her orgasm and mine.

I could barely hold myself upright as the pleasure ran through me. I drained myself entirely; it was if my entire body passed through me and into her. My bones turned to jelly and I just slowly leaned forward onto her, pressing her down until she lay flat on the sleeping bag, me slowly shrinking inside of her until I pulled out gently. She and John were still kissing wetly as I slowly leaned back to rest on my elbows. Sarah broke the kiss and sat back for a second. Nothing was said. She just sat there. Another flash of lightning outside the tent showed me that she was still gripping one of John’s hands as he watched her from where he was lying on his sleeping bag.

Leaning forward she pulled John up from the ground so that he was kneeling. She lifted the hand that was holding his up to the back of her neck. John seemed unsure what to do until she pressed his fingers into her hair, tangling them. Understanding, he then pulled her head back, causing her to cry out in pleasure.

“Please” was all he said in a choked voice as he held her there. She just nodded quickly as if afraid of the answer she would give if forced to speak it. He leaned forward and pulled her in for a kiss. His large frame dwarfed hers as he hugged her close. Reaching down to her breasts he ran his hand across her erect nipples and down her front. Then his hand curved over her back and caressed back up her spine, giving her shivers.

Breaking the kiss again she pushed him back.

“Let me.” she said as he lay back. He was naked, a fact I had not noticed before and his cock was standing straight up. Looking back over at me she grinned and then leaned forward to engulf him with her wet mouth. She was obviously still very aroused as she moaned each time he stroked her hair or thrust up against her sucking lips and tongue. He moaned loudly and I could appreciate the sentiment. I felt the stirrings of my own arousal again and decided to join them as a willing participant if they would have me. Moving forward I gently began to kiss my way up Sarah’s legs starting at her ankles. She shivered some more but did not stop me. It was warm now in the tent with three bodies inside and she was definitely working hard to pleasure John. Any thoughts of fatigue were washed from my mind when she broke away from both of us and lay back spreading her legs.

She pulled John up to her and together they worked his cock inside and she moaned into his neck as he thrust himself into her. He rode her hard for the first few minutes; pumping into her as she cried out each time he went in to the hilt. He then sat back on his heels and lifted her legs working her in a gentle rhythm that he could control. She was rolling her head back and forth making small noises, drumming her fists on the floor of the tent through the sleeping bag.

I was transfixed. I just shuffled closer to Sarah and when I came within arms reach she reached up and stroked my face.

“Thank…you….so much. each word was punctuated with a groan or a panting breath as John pleasured her. I couldn’t take anymore and neither could Sarah it appeared as she had me kneel up next to her face so she could suck my cock some more. I was fully hard again within three pulls of her skillful hand. Moving my cock to her lips she again licked the pre-come from the tip before taking it into her mouth. She made no pretense this time around. She wanted us to come. Both of us and she was making no bones about it. Rocking her hips against John’s thrusts she occasionally squealed around my cock as she sucked me.

John reached down between them and placed his thumb very gently on her clitoris and rubbed it back and forth to help increase the friction she felt. This sent her wild in paroxysms of pleasure as he thrust deeply into her, gaining speed.

Seeing her coming again being fucked by my best friend, the wild look in her eyes as we took her, pushed me over the edge again and I pulled out of her hot mouth. She pressed my penis to her breasts and stroked me until I came onto her chest, my moans as loud as hers. She kept on rubbing me until my orgasm subsided and I leaned down to kiss her again deeply, our tongues locking together.

Unseen by me her other hand reached down between her and John to stroke the shaft of his cock as it moved in and out of her. This was more than John could handle and he gave out a sharp cry as he too came. She moaned quietly and pulled John down for a kiss as I again fell back to lie down on the sleeping bags.

Nestling near me she curled up between us. One hand was on John, one leg was stretched out over mine.

She mumbled something about bacon in the morning and “best trip ever” and promptly fell asleep. I couldn’t even summon the energy to respond. John was no different though I am sure he had a million questions. Well tomorrow would be soon enough to answer them and perhaps in the full light of day we could look back on this night and simply share a chuckle at the wildness of it all.

At the very least it would be a hell of a memory.

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