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Living in Sin

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For the past 5 years Katie and I have been dating on and off. We met during our senior year of high school and after a failed attempt at college on each of our parts, we both kind of settled into each other, trying to latch onto some semblance normalcy in our early 20’s Gen X malaise.

By the time we had each hit 23, Katie and I were both steadily coming to the realization we were right for each other. Marriage was something however that neither of us really wanted to give any serious thought to.

My folks had split when I was 4 and the tension between them had festered nastily during my entire childhood.

Katie had come from a slightly more stable home life, but after she had finished school her parents seemed to drift further and further apart since they didn’t have to go through the charade of staying together “for the children” anymore.

Having seen the ‘joys’ of marital bliss directly, neither Katie and I had the suicidal tendencies to jump into that kind of morbid commitment.

Still, for financial and libidinal reasons, Katie and I decided it would be better if we got a small place and lived together.

Katie’s parents, Bob and Sylvia, were both staunch Christians and to no one’s surprise, they hit the roof when they found out Katie’s intentions of shacking up with me.

Even though their marriage was slowly going downhill, her parents did everything but threaten to bring in the police when they found out we would be getting an apartment. I had to take countless calls from both Sylvia and Bob, sometimes pleading nicely, and other times outright threatening us with a certain place in the fiery pits of Hell if we went through with signing the lease. They seemed to think I had lured their precious daughter into the situation where she would be soiling herself by “living in sin’ with me.

* * * * *

Well, after six months of ‘living in sin”, I would have dared anyone to think Katie and I were sharing in some sort of lifestyle that anyone would find envious.

We both worked 10 hours a day and after work we both kept up frequent nights out with our established social circles and on the rare occasion we were able to put the ‘sin’ in living in sin, we were both either to tired or too drunk to make it all that memorable.

About a month into our cohabitation, I found it very odd if not refreshing that the calls from Katie’s folks had all but stopped.

Katie had made some offhand comments about her parents having some troubles but it wasn’t until one night when she had come home drunk from barhopping with her friends and after we had a quick sexual tension release that she opened up and told me the full extent of Bob and Sylvia’s problems.

It seemed Katie’s Father, who also served as a deacon in his church, had finally admitted to his wife Sylvia, that he had been having an ongoing affair with a young secretary from his job. Katie said her Mother had told her that Bob had swore and swore that it was over and it wouldn’t happen again.

A week later, after Katie had came to bed after being on the phone with her Mom for over three hours, she told me her Mom had left her Father and was at a motel in town trying to collect her thoughts. While doing the laundry earlier in the day, Sylvia had smelled the vague scent of a strange perfume on the dirty bed sheets. Upon further inspection, Sylvia found undeniable ‘crusted’ proof that a very recent affair had taken place.

Katie told me her Mom had confronted Bob immediately and her Father admitted to sleeping with the young secretary in the Hampton’s marital bed on more than one occasion since his original apology.

Sylvia had immediately packed her overnight bag and headed out to get as far away from her sullied home as possible.

I felt bad for Katie to have to face this kind of dilemma but I had heard this type of story before a million times from my friends and their families while growing up. What Katie asked me next though, in the calm and quiet of our bedroom, really threw me for a loop.

“Greg..” She said sheepishly.

“Yeah,” I sighed between puffs of my post sex Marlboro.

After a few seconds of Katie not responding to my initial reply, I asked her what she wanted once again. “Before I fall asleep Katie…What you.. want!?”

“Well Greg..” she finally muttered. “I was talking to Mom on the phone tonight…and well…”

“I can’t believe your asking me this Katie,” I interrupted, mashing what was left of my cigarette out in the ashtray.

“You won’t even let me finish..” Katie started.

“That’s because I know exactly what you are going to say…and the answer is NO!” I said as firmly as I could at 2 am and half asleep.

“Come on Greg….she doesn’t have anywhere else to go…all our relatives live out of state and…” She said, trying to be rationally polite and convincing.

“NO,” I barked, knowing full well at some point she would win the argument. Without ever actually verbally agreeing, I laid there silently, feigning sleep, as Katie continued her inquisition.

Finally, at some point Katie had said, “Well , if you’re not going to answer me, I guess I’ll just have to take that as a ‘Yes’.”

Sleepless for the next hour or so, listening to Katie snore beside me, I wallowed in the satisfactory joy of knowing Sylvia Hampton would have to come live with us. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a very sweet lady in her own way and certainly didn’t deserve to get treated like she had by her husband all these years, but the extreme irony of the situation was not lost on me either.

For months she had badgered Katie and I, threatening us with eternal damnation because we would be sharing a bed and a place together out of wedlock. And now she was having to beg her daughter , who in turn was having to beg me to let her Mother come live with us in our sinful home because her husband had been unfaithful to her.

Oh, how I would have to fight the urge to remind Sylvia every waking hour that marriage doesn’t guarantee morality.

The first couple of days with Sylvia there living out of her suitcase was kind of weird. Since she had been a housewife her whole adult life, she had never worked out of the home. Feeling like she was sort of paying her way, Sylvia felt some level of obligation to turn the house upside down, cleaning everything, vacuuming, washing the dishes and doing Katie’s and my laundry. In short , all the things Katie and I always seemed to busy to do.

Immersing herself in the housework seemingly gave Sylvia something to do to keep her occupied, because every time I was around, I got the distinct feeling she was on eggshells, waiting for me to start rubbing her nose in the fact that she had bitched at Katie and I for shacking up together and now she was forced to have us take her in when her marriage hit the skids.

Even though bringing it up crossed my mind every moment of every day, it was almost as nice knowing she was in fear of me saying something and not knowing when it was coming. To try and butter us up, Sylvia simply was way too nice to both Katie and I those first couple of days.

I had to admit, it was kind of nice knowing a hot dinner would be waiting on the table when I got home from work, knowing the dishes would be washed more than once a week and that I would have clean socks to put on every morning.

Katie, sensing my growing comfort level with the new arrangement, steadily began getting more and more jealous and insecure about her Mom’s presence with each passing day.

* * * * *

Laying in bed with Katie about a week into Sylvia’s stay, we rested there in the darkness making small talk, trying to see if we both perhaps wanted to take the night a bit further before we fell asleep.

It had been six days since we had had sex, not the longest amount of time in our relationship but I could tell from Katie’s demeanor and the rumblings inside of me that we both needed a quick release.

Katie and I had done our best to hold off on our growing urges, knowing her Mom was sleeping in the spare bedroom, right beside of ours. Since Sylvia seemed to be around 24/7, it provided my girlfriend and I hardly any window of opportunity to do what we normally did throughout the house when the feeling hit.

“How long do you think she’s gonna stay?” Katie asked innocently.

“WHAT….she’s your Mom Baby…you were the one that wanted her here,” I mocked incredulously.

After a brief pause, Katie replied in a tone that proved she was unaware of what her original idea would lead to. “I know…I know…I guess I just didn’t think it out…God do I feel stupid!”

“You should,” I quickly added. “Has she been to see a lawyer yet?”

“No,” Katie said softly, as if she was worried her Mom might hear her from the next room. “Dad has the lawyers…he has all the connections…she said something about going to legal aide…I dunno,” She trailed off before going off on another tangent.

As Katie kept talking, I guided my left hand up over her body under the stealth of darkness and sensing for heat with my hand, I stopped her in mid sentence when my fingers finally found the undeniable warmth of her hairy pubic slit.

“Don’t… do… that…Greg…Mom’s in the next room!” She hoarsely blathered, as she started to grind underneath my touch.

I knew Katie well enough to know that if she had gone more than 3 or 4 days without sex, giving her an orgasm would be a cakewalk. Considering it had been almost a week, I knew with a little prodding I could easily have my way with her.

Dipping my fingers gently into her slit, I quivered when I felt her moist, pouty pussy lips close around my touch. At the same time she was breathing heavily, trying to tell me not to go any further, her pussy was steadily trying to suck my fingers deeper between her velvety pink walls.

“Don’t do…that,” Katie sighed quietly.

“You don’t want me to do….THIS,” I whispered in the darkness, jabbing my finger into Katie’s tight cunt while at the same time I pushed the bottom side of my thumb directly against her aroused clit.

“Noooooo…oooohhhhhh…yyeeeessssss,” Katie sighed, the air inside of her torso seeping out like a slowly deflating balloon.

“She’s asleep Baby,” I assured, knowing Sylvia had gone to bed over 2 hours earlier. “Here’s a pillow Darling….when… you… scream…just scream into it.”

“I… ahhhh… weeee… can’t… ahhh… aaahhhh… be doing this… here… now…” Katie whimpered.

I stayed silent, calmly laying beside her, continuing to stimulate her entire vulva with my left hand while brushing her soft light brown hair off her brow with my right.

Katie snapped her eyes tightly shut when I started rotating my thumb over her blood-filled clit and began making gentle ‘come here’ motions with my index finger snugly buried inside the inner folds of her pussy.

Laying beside me, mentally fighting what her body was begging her to let happen, Katie’s thighs parted slowly, granting me ever easier access to her sopping wet garden.

By the time I had added my middle finger inside Katie’s cunt, her small thin legs had flexed as far apart as they could, her head rocking side to side on the warm flannel pillow under her soft brown hair.

I leaned up and supported myself on my right elbow, slowly digging my digits in and out of her seething pussy, feeling giddy each time Katie’s vaginal muscles squeezed my knuckles.

Looking down at the beautiful sight of my girlfriend’s face spasming under my deliberate strokes, I smiled happily watching the way Katie’s lips and eyelids quivered with every breath she took. I knew I could aim my inflating cock and slide it into Katie’s pussy anytime I wanted, content for the moment though to just lay there watching her writhe under my touch.

As the seemingly ancient bedsprings of our bed began to squeak under Katie’s gradual pelvic rolls, I pushed my two juice covered fingers even deeper inside her tight cunt. At first I thought it was the sound of our bed creaking beneath us but as I listened closer I wasn’t so sure.

Preparing to enter Katie, I realized it wasn’t the old bedsprings underneath us, my guess was it wasn’t even coming from our own room.

Keeping my left hand fluttering around Katie’s sex, I looked down into her shadowy, contorting face and saw that my girlfriend had begun the journey to a slightly ajar, parallel sexual universe. Any sound coming from our room or the room next door would have to get in line in Katie’s overloaded sensory stew.

When my two inserted fingertips clamped on top of Katie’s G-spot, her thighs that had been parted widely spasmically clamped around my hand as she gasped helplessly in my grasp. With my hand now trapped between Katie’s fleshy warmth, I held my breath trying to listen to convince myself Sylvia was really on the other side of the wall listening.

Finally, the creak of the old uncovered hardwood floor in the bedroom next door clearly registered in my head. Pulling the pillow resting beside Katie’s head closer to her ears in an attempt to further block out her auditory canal, I became convinced Katie’s Mom was on the other side of the wall, blatantly listening to what her daughter and I were doing.

I heard the floor bend and resonate once again in the same spot where earlier in the week I had been in there straightening up for Sylvia’s arrival and distinctly recognized the exact same sound.

Whether it was the cause or just a coincidence, my dick hardened significantly thinking Sylvia Hampton might be eavesdropping on me fucking her daughter. Pulling my left hand out of Katie’s soupy grip, I immediately dug my sopping wet fingers into her fleshy pale inner thighs, pushing them far apart, then leaned in and easily slid my rock hard pecker into my girlfriend’s sizzling sheath.

“Please….please…please be as quiet as you can….Greg….please,” Katie begged distantly, her fingers pulling me by the waist, forcing my pelvis harshly against hers.

“You’re a big girl Katie…it’s none of your mother’s business if you want to get FUCKED…if YOU want to get FUCKED ….then YOU are going to get…FUCKED,” I hissed down at her, more for Sylvia’s benefit if she was, in fact, listening than Katie’s.

Feeling my fully engorged cock slip into Katie’s sticky dark cavern with knife into butter ease, I grabbed my girlfriend by her trim hips and ground our pelvises together as hard as I could, forcing both of us to gasp loudly when my cockhead slammed against the back of Katie’s womb. I knew after 6 days without any sexual release combined with my initial finger foreplay, I could make Katie cum anytime I wanted.

Laying on our sides, with Katie’s right leg draped over my thighs, with each outward pull I made, the rim of my cockhead slid directly across Katie’s exposed clitoris, causing her to yelp and twitch beside me, her mouth biting down on my shoulder to muffle her satisfaction.

With my cock fully devoured now in Katie’s syrupy grip, I grabbed her hips and worked Katie’s body over so that she was now flat on her back. Once I had her pinned underneath me, I gradually quickened my rhythms until the bed was clearly squeaking underneath us. I now knew for sure if Sylvia was listening she could clearly hear what I was doing to Katie from the next room.

Taking my two fingers on my left hand that were coated with Kate’s juice, I dabbed them both into her slightly opened mouth, to both muffle her sighs and to let her taste just how aroused I had made her.

Looking over my shoulder as I fucked Katie, I pictured Sylvia on the other side of the wall, dithering herself perhaps while she listened to me pump her daughter’s pussy.

Knowing Katie was on the verge of cumming, I quickened my thrusts and when I knew she was too far gone to care, I pulled my fingers from her mouth.

As my slick digits existed her parted, quivering lips, wave arfter wave of delirious glee burst out behind them as if I had removed my fingers from a hole in a dyke.

“YYEESSS… YYYYEEES… OOOHHH… OOOHHHH… GGGAWWWDDD… YYYEESSSS,” Katie hissed over and over, her soft breath tickling the hair on my chest.

When she involuntarily dug her fingernails into the flesh of my shoulders, pulling me desperately closer to her, I couldn’t help but letting my own cum spew as well. Feeling it shoot rapidly from the tip of my penis, I immediately felt each bubble of cum ricochet around Katie’s quim, coating my cockhead in a salacious mix of seminal and vaginal fluid.

My head was pounding so rapidly now, I temporarily blanked out any sight or sound in my surroundings. As I fell off of Katie and breathlessly stretched out beside her, we collectively tried catching our breaths from unleashing each of our pent-up orgasms.

Making small talk with Katie, feeling my body careening towards sleep, I swore I heard the bedsprings in the next room faintly, as if Sylvia had just laid back down on her mattress.

Smiling broadly as drowsiness began overtaking me, Katie looked over and kissed me lightly on the cheek. “Is that big smile because of me?”

“Yep,” I replied, only half lying.

* * * * *

Early the next morning, after Katie had already left for work, I slowly trudged out of bed and stumbled into the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice from the fridge. As I was pouring the Tropicana into the glass, I heard Sylvia’s bedroom door open and it was then that last night’s events all came back to me.

Popping a few vitamins and taking a long swig of juice to wash them down, I fumbled mentally for what I was going to say to Sylvia knowing she had probably heard what transpired between me and her daughter overnight.

As I waited for Mrs. Hampton to emerge from the hallway into the kitchen, a wave of deep relief washed over me when I heard the bathroom door down the hall close shut.

“Phew…” I said to myself, thinking that’s one less bridge I have to worry about crossing this morning.

Walking back down the hall to my bedroom for a few more minutes of shuteye before I had to get ready for work, Sylvia’s opened bedroom door to my left caught my attention as curiosity continued to fester inside my head.

Looking to my right and seeing the closed bathroom door, suddenly the shower jets inside started up. From timing Sylvia’s showers over the last few mornings, I guessed that I would have 10 minutes or so of freedom to find what I wanted.

Slipping inside the spare bedroom, I looked down on Sylvia’s unmade bed with her long white motherly full length nightgown cast aside on the sheets. Touching its softness gently, I laid it back down in place and continued on.

Taking a few steps towards the foot of the bed, my focus shifted to the wall that separated our two bedrooms. Gazing intently to the area on the floor I was sure I head heard Sylvia the night before, I slowly walked my way over and hovered above the spot.

Lifting my right foot up into the air, I let it fall on the bare floor and sure enough a low, straining ‘creeeeakkkkk’ echoed out under my weight.

As I looked down at my bare foot on the floor and listened to the familiar sound reverberate around the room, something else caught my attention.

Bending down closer to investigate, I detected several strands of long light brownish blonde hair spread across the floor beside the wall. As I guided my hand up to pick a couple of the hairs up, I noticed something else as I got closer. There were also a few wisps of curly pubic hairs whose color matched the strands of other hair exactly.

With the gears in my head beginning to grind quickly, suddenly I heard the shower in the bathroom across the hall come to a stop. Casually dropping the evidence back down onto the floor where I had found it, I quietly made my way out of Sylvia’s room and disappeared into mine, closing the door behind me before Sylvia emerged from the bathroom.

* * * * *

As the first week with Sylvia there faded into the second and third, Katie and I noticed her Mom had started to drag her feet as far as making a decision about her next course of action. As time wore on though, the inevitable brushfires of conflict between mother and daughter slowly began to spring up causing me to stay further and further out of the situation.

Each time something between them would come up, no matter how small, each woman would come to me, trying to win my favor so that I could tell them their position was right. That was something I wanted to stay as far away from as possible, but since Katie was the one I had to sleep with I tended to cater to her especially since I hated sleeping with one eye open. Needless to say, as time wore on during Sylvia’s stay, I ended up drinking a lot more than normal.

* * * * *

One of the big blowups between Katie and her Mom started when Katie came home very late one night from running around with her friends. Staying up late because she wanted to talk to her daughter, Sylvia met Katie at the door and the fuse was lit.

I had long ago decided to go to sleep and was in the middle of a peaceful rest when the fireworks started in the living room.

Evidently, in her drunken frustration, Katie had suggested to her Mom that perhaps Dad had finally gave in to the constant pressure Sylvia had put him under over the years and that she wasn’t a bit surprised that her Dad had found a younger, prettier and more receptive woman to spend his free time with. Needless to say, Sylvia wasn’t that impressed with Katie’s assessment and ended up slapping her daughter across the face.

I couldn’t help overhearing Katie and her Mom going at it, but thankfully I fought the urge to run in and break it up. They had to settle their problems on their own. Rather than trying to be a hero, I laid there desperately trying to fall asleep before Katie came to bed. When she finally did, she didn’t even turn the lights on.

Laying down beside me, as my eyes adjusted to the dark, I could see the sticky trail of tears along her cheek and the raised welt where Sylvia had slapped her underneath the streetlight glowing through the window.

Katie and I hadn’t had sex in over a week at that moment, since the night actually that I thought Sylvia was eavesdropping. Knowing it was probably out of the question on this night as well, I faked sleep when Katie started asking me what I thought of the situation in the dark calm of our room.

Truth be known, I thought Katie was insensitive as Hell to drunkenly curse and belittle her Mother at such a vulnerable time, accusing her Mom of literally driving her Father to the bed of another woman. Knowing Katie would not want to hear any of this in her current condition, I rolled over and began snoring, hoping she would soon pass out as well.

* * * * *

With the relational etiquette between Katie and I understood, when one of us would stay out late with our friends while the other one was home, the one that was left sitting at home usually went out the next night and got even. Since Katie had to be at work at 6am on Thursday mornings, I figured Wednesday night would be the perfect time to go out and know Katie would be home trying to sleep and cussing me when I lumbered in during the wee hours of the morning.

At about 10pm on Wednesday night, me and two of my buddies, Jarrett and Gary were goofing around at the Ruby Tuesday’s inside our towns megamall. We had just finished dinner and were working our way to the bottom of our third pitcher of beer when I noticed a familiar face across the dimly lit bar.

“Holy Shit,” I said to myself as I pulled the mug down from my face and swallowed slowly. “That’s Sylvia.”

According to my watch it was 10:05 and Sylvia Hampton was sitting in the restaurant part of the pub with one of her church friends, each with a full Walmart bag at their feet beside the booth.

Knowing Sylvia and Katie had the big blowup the night before, and knowing Katie’s Mom knew her daughter would be home all night because she had to be at work so early the next morning, I guessed Sylvia decided to do what most women do when they fell some stress, she went shopping. Being with one of her church friends as well, Sylvia probably was also trying to weed through the accumulated gossip floating around about her falling apart marriage, hoping to get home after Katie had already gone to bed.

Seeing the lady Sylvia was with get up and make a beeline for the ladies room, something pulled me off the barstool and I headed over to Sylvia while she was alone for the moment.

“I’ll be right back guys…I see somebody I need to talk to,” I told my buds as I jumped down from the stool and headed across the crowded floor.

Approaching Sylvia sitting alone at the table, I locked eyes with her about 10 feet from where she was seated. Closing in, her eyes got a pouty, almost exasperated look as I strolled into talking distance.

“I don’t guess I should be at all surprised to see you ….Gregory…here in a bar,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“Guess not Sylvia…a little surprised to see you though…here in a bar that is,” I quickly shot back. “May I have a seat?”

“I’m here in the restaurant if you haven’t noticed…not that you even knew there was a place to eat beside that line of barstools,” She came back quickly. “And Yes, you may have a seat, and in case your wondering…I’m not here alone…I’m with a friend.

“I know…I know…I saw her leave for the facilities just before I came over,” I coyly replied. “I thought maybe at first you were out trying to get even with Bob.”

Rather than getting my failed attempt at humor, Sylvia simply stared at me while her petite frame seemingly sunk into the booth she was sitting in, deflated from my humorous but hurtful accusation. “I’m not that kind of woman Greg… I thought you knew that,” Sylvia replied soberly.

“I know…I do…I’m sorry…that was totally uncalled for,” I softly apologized. “Not that you couldn’t of course…but I know you wouldn’t.”

“That’s right,” Sylvia giggled slightly, her expression finally lightening a little.

We looked at each other awkwardly for a few seconds before several words of concession slipped from my mouth. “I…ahhh…guess…ahhh. you’re out this late because of the fight you and Katie had last night?”

I could tell from Sylvia’s expression that I had struck a nerve. “I guess we’re in the same boat….hoping she’ll be in bed when we get home,” I followed, causing both of us to giggle just a little, breaking the tension.

Looking at my watch, I saw that it was a quarter after 10.”I think she’s probably slipping under the covers right about now….”

“….Probably cussing us both,” Sylvia interrupted, finishing my thought to a tee.

“Look Sylvia…” I said, staring straight into her eyes, trying to be as forthright as I could. “I couldn’t help hearing you and Katie arguing last night…and frankly I was floored that someone that I care about could say some of the things that she said to you.”

Sylvia paused for a moment, taking in what I said. “Thanks Greg…I dunno…maybe she’s right…maybe if I…if I…if I…”

As Sylvia started to stumble over her words and a pool of water welled up inside of her eyes, instinctively I reached my right palm out and cupped her small cool hand with it, trying my best to reassure her.

“Sylvia, You could have any man in this room that you wanted,” I sighed soberly, staring directly into her hazy eyes. “I can only imagine how those words hurt you last night considering all you’ve been through …Katie can be an uncaring…ungrateful…hurtful.. bitch.”

Those words seemed to pierce Sylvia, hearing them about her own daughter, but she said nothing. Her head ever so subtly rocked up and down though, telling me somewhere deep within her , below her love for Katie, she knew it to be true.

“Look Sylvia, ” I said forcefully, hoping I had time to make my proposal before Sylvia’s church friend returned, “I have an idea.”

* * * * *

Pulling over to the curb and pushing the transmission up into park, I brought my car to a stop on the dark empty road, one block from where I lived. Looking up into the rearview I saw a pair of bright headlights fall in line behind my car.

My fingertips and toes tingled and for the first time in a great while, nervous butterflies of excitement fluttered inside my belly.

Hopping out of my car and locking the door behind me, I made my way back and climbed inside the passenger door of Sylvia Hampton’s Volvo as it idled along the side of the road.

“Now…what exactly do you have in mind again Greg?” Sylvia asked, guiding her car back onto the main road for the short drive back to my apartment. “I’m not quite sure I follow what you want us to do?”

It had been on the periphery of my thoughts ever since I had heard Sylvia eavesdropping on Katie and I a week earlier. I knew she was too proud to ever come right out and admit what she had heard, and perhaps did, while she was listening. I knew also she would be devastated if I had outwardly confronted her with it, so I decided to take the more subtle approach.

Knowing that Sylvia was weakened and emotionally wounded from her marital problems and then from her confrontation with Katie, I knew from experience that women in that position would do virtually anything to get a dose of positive self esteem into their system. Perhaps even fucking her daughter’s boyfriend while she slept in the next room to make her feel better about herself. Personally, I couldn’t think of a better way to reframe how Katie saw her mother either. If she thought of Sylvia as a cold, barren and frigid woman, incapable of satisfying a man, than the next hour would hopefully make Katie see her Mother in a whole new light.

Studying Sylvia as we neared the parking lot, I could tell she was still miffed at Katie. I couldn’t think of an other reason why she would still seriously be entertaining my advances other than she perhaps wanted to prove to herself that she still could satisfy a man and what she had heard coming from her daughter’s bedroom a week earlier had stayed and played in her mind.

“If we do this Greg….she’s gonna know it’s you,” Sylvia rationalized.

“No she won’t,” I replied confidently. “That’s why we left my car a block away, out of sight. She’s going to wake up at some point when she hears you having the time of your life…she’s immediately going to get up to investigate…she’s going to see your bedroom door shut…then she’s gonna go to the living room to look outside and she’s gonna see your car there with mine nowhere in sight. Katie’s then gonna retreat back to our bed and she’s going to be able to do nothing but lay there and wonder…and listen…and wonder and listen…. …and…wonder and listen.”

The possibilities of what I was suggesting played out on Sylvia’s face as she pulled her Volvo into the parking space beside Katie’s car. Placing my warm hand on Sylvia’s thigh, I gave her a calm, confident smile and sent her in to make sure Katie had already gone to sleep.

“Now after you’ve seen that Katie’s gone to sleep, just come back to the front door and give me a wave. Go open up the bedroom’s window and I’ll be in before you know it. When I climb in…I want to laying on the bed…in the dark…and I want you hungry.”

Sylvia gave me a helpless but accepting look, turned and made her way up the steps to the apartment. Less than a minute later I saw her small hand wave back and forth beckoning me in and letting me know the coast was clear. Closing the car door quietly behind me, I went around to the back of the building and made my way into Sylvia Hampton’s waiting lair.

Part of me felt very weird sneaking through the darkness of my backyard with the intention of pulling myself up on the window sill of my apartment’s spare bedroom like a thief in the night. I could hear the steel on steel squeak of the window as Sylvia lifted it up. Sizing up the window’s height with my eyes, seeing it was eye-level with me, I guessed it stood about 6 feet off the ground.

I took a deep breath and gathered myself before raising my hands up and lifting my body towards the opening. Taking care not to make too much noise so that I wouldn’t stir Katie in the next room quite yet, I stuck my head through the opening and let my momentum carry me in.

Dropping my hands in front of me to catch myself, I pulled the rest of my body through the window, stood up, then saw Sylvia’s dark murky frame laying flat on the bed in front of me.

Lost in the spontaneity of what I was doing, I purposefully avoided trying to think about the implications of it and the absurdity of it all. Looking down at Sylvia prone on the bed, the dim light of the moon shining through the open window reflecting on her eyes like far away stars, I realized she was probably thinking the same thing as I. I could also tell from the way she squirmed beneath me, she was silently begging me to hurry up.

Pulling my t-shirt up over my head, I sauntered over to the foot of the bed, Sylvia’s fully clothed frame becoming clearer and clearer before me. Unbuckling my pants as I loomed over top of her, I slipped my fingers into the denim of my jeans and began rooting them down over my waist until I could step out of them, leaving me standing completley naked before my girlfriend’s expectant mother.

I sensed in the dim light that Sylvia had started to work the buttons loose on her blouse with her small trembling fingers.

“Stop,” I said quietly as I leaned in closer. “I want to undress you.”

Taking Sylvia by her extended ankles, I could feel the coarse texture of her pantyhose in my grip as I pulled her by her legs down the length of the bed, closer to me. When the fabric of her shin length brown dress began tickling my crotch, and her feet were snugly wrapped around me, I let go and eased down on top of her.

Dropping my hands on the top of Sylvia’s chest, I took her small, sweaty palms in mine and pushed them down to each side of her, forcing her completely flat on the mattress beneath me.

Taking my hands off hers, I guided my fingertips back up to her chest and started working her buttons free, one by one. Each time I undid a button I could feel the soft silky smoothness of the white brassiere against my hand.

I could also feel Sylvia working her pumps off with her feet behind me. Each time she made a jerking motion, tickling my bare ass with her hosed feet, she caused my dick to harden as it jutted up between our bodies.

Once the last button of her blouse was undone, I peeled the blouse away and placed both my hands down onto her chest, feeling the fullness and warmth of her womanly swells as they jiggled underneath the tight constraints of her undergarment. I kneaded the round firmness under my fingers like a kitten making its bed until her Sylvia’s nipples hardened like small acorns under the silky fabric.

Squeezing Sylvia’s ample titflesh in my hands, I bent forward and planted a deep lingering kiss on her warm, slightly parted lips. At the same moment Sylvia started kissing me back, I also felt her hands begin to stir underneath me and finally I felt her close her grip awkwardly around my growing cock.

Digging her hose covered heels into the back of my calves, urging me closer, I collapsed my full weight on top of her body, using my hands to massage her tits while my tongue probed deep into her gasping mouth.

Once I had aroused Sylvia’s nipples to erection, I allowed my hand to drift down her prone body, amazed beyond belief that she was actually rolling my thick slab of meat between her fingers like a pool player chalking a cuestick. When my fingertips finally came to rest on the bottom hem of her dress, I slowly and methodically started to roll the garment straight up her legs until I could grab her thighs with the palm of my hand.

With the dress up far enough now that I could slip my hand underneath and aim it straight for the heated arch between her parted legs, I dug my fingers into the rough silkiness of her L’EGGS pantyhose with the intention of easing them down, thus uncovering the under-fucked pussy I could sense was ready to feel something hard and real.

Bunching up the tightness of the hose covering her thighs between my eager fingertips, I removed my mouth from hers and whispered into Sylvia’s ear, urging her to lift her hips off the bed so that I could more easily slip off her undergarments.

Impulsively, Sylvia raised her hips, giving me unhindered access to pulling her pantyhose all the way down until the elastic band rested just below her knees. Now with unhindered access to my moist pink target, I slipped my left hand back up between her legs while my right hand continued to bunch Sylvia’s conservative brown dress up the length of her legs while she still had her ass raised up into the air.

Finally, when I looked down in the sparsely illuminated darkness of Sylvia’s bedroom, I could see an area of total pale whiteness where Sylvia’s dress had been pulled up to her waist and her hose and been pulled down to her knees.

With a deft tug of her soaked panties with my left hand, her pussy was uncovered as well. I could feel the humidified heat radiate out against my touch as I worked her white briefs down her thighs until they rested around her knees just like her panty hose.

Sliding over, so that my thighs were pressing directly down on hers, I closed my hand around Sylvia’s, helping her jerk me off for a few delightful seconds, giving me enough time to adequately position myself so that I could guide my fully aroused dick right at what I had wanted the whole time, Sylvia Hampton’s desperate and seething pussy.

Feeling my pelvic bone crash down directly against Sylvia’s, I helped the 47 year old housewife guide my penis deeper into her long deprived sheath until she lurched and literally gurgled out loud from having something so alive and forceful taking root inside of her.

“GGGGAAAWWWDDD…” Sylvia yelped hoarsely, her voice sounding unlike anything I had ever heard come from her mouth before. “You gotta be gentle…Greg…ooohhhh…pleaseeee…it’s been…soooo…looongggg,” she whispered.

“How long?” I urged down to her while digging my cock around the inner folds of her clenching sheath.

“Two years…” Sylvia distantly whispered back between deep breaths.

I found it unfathomable that a woman, especially one that was this sensuous and desirable, could go that long without sex. My original suspicions had been right however. It had been so long without the pleasure that comes with sex for her as well as having the pleasure of giving your partner the satisfaction that she was now capable of anything.

As I savored the wet clutching feel of Sylvia’s vagina massaging my cock, I knew that I was opening Pandora’s Box in a way. I got the feeling, as she desperately tried fucking me back, the cap on her lust had finally been removed and now she would feel the need to satisfy it whenever she could.

The more I built up my relentless stroking rhythm, the higher Sylvia raised her hips, thrusting up to meet me downward pressure. I could not believe the cold prude I thought I knew as my girlfriend’s mom was actually this wanton in bed.

As I fucked her, the light bulb went off inside my head telling me that this probably wouldn’t be the last time I got the pleasure to fuck Sylvia. In the back of my mind I hoped the next time I could do it a little slower, using some foreplay on her, perhaps even getting a little more kinky. This time however, all I wanted to do was make Sylvia cum and make her scream loud enough so that the sound of her quaking voice would forever be etched in the mind of her viciously insensitive daughter who was undoubtedly listening in the next room to the sound of the humping, rhythmic strain of the boxsprings underneath us.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Sylvia tightened her grip on my shoulder, imploring me to stop for a moment.

“What is it?” I whispered.

“I heard something…” She quietly replied, trembling beneath me.

Turning my head to the side, I listened for a moment as well. Finally, it registered in my head what it was. The door from Katie’s bedroom had opened and the creak of her feet on the hallway floor echoed as she headed up to investigate the strange noises wafting through the house.

“It’s Katie….I think we’ve got her curiosity peaked,” I said satisfied.

Slowing beginning to ease my cock back into Sylvia’s depths, together we listened as Katie slowly made her way back down the hall, stopping for a moment outside Sylvia’s door to listen before returning to our room, quietly closing the door behind her.

Knowing Katie was now paying attention to everything going on in her mother’s room, not having a clue who was causing Sylvia’s bedsprings to make so much noise, I quickly reached down and grabbed the base of my cock with my right hand, forcing my cock deeper inside her tight, slick walls.

Shaking my dick inside of her like I was stirring batter, I eased my left hand underneath Sylvia’s hips, pulling her closer to me.

Watching as she winced and writhed under more torturous assault, I bent down and placed my lips right by Sylvia’s ear.

“GOD DAMN!! Your pussy feels so good Sylvia,” I hissed nastily. “Deep down I knew it…you’re just a cock hungry slut…just like your daughter.”

I could tell by the way Sylvia’s cheek blushed and heated against mine, no one had ever talked to her before during sex like that. Despite the embarrassment I was causing her, she still fucked me even harder and with greater abandon when my cruel words began tickling her ears.

“So…you do like a big hard dick in your pussy…don’t you Sylvia…DON’T YOU?” I gasped in her ear.

“Yes,” she answered softly.

“I can’t hear you Sylvia…do you…like a… big.. hard… dick… in your pussy?” I pressed her.

“Yes,” she replied, a little louder this time.

“Huh,” I implored her.

“YEESSSS,” She finally answered loud enough for me and anyone else in the house to hear her, as she closed her arms around my neck tightly, digging her nails into my collarbone.

Taking my left hand that was resting underneath Sylvia’s behind, I swiped my index finger down the crack of her ass until I found the small puckered rim of her sweaty anus. Guiding my finger into Sylvia’s cunt, adding it to the tight mass joining my cock inside her pussy, I lubricated it for a few seconds before pulling it back out.

Taking my juice coated finger, I quickly sunk it back and slipped it inside Sylvia’s behind gently, causing her to cringe while her breath temporarily halted in her throat.

“You’ve never been fucked there….have you?” I sneered into Sylvia’s ear, feeling how tight and ungiving her anus was. “You’ve never had a guy ram his cock up your ass while another guys fucks you…have you?”

“No,” I heard Sylvia whisper distantly.

“Well…I could get a few of my friends together ..and we could really stretch you out…your daughter likes getting DP’D…bet you would too Sylvia,” I sneered brazenly into her ear.

“OOOOHHHH,” the writhing housewife groaned loudly, her body shivering in my arms at the mention of Katie and her sexual vices.

“I bet she’s in there right now Sylvia…listening to her Mother get plowed…Hell…she’s probably in there playing with her pussy as we speak…cussing you.. and wishing she was you all at the same moment…I know her…Sylvia…I know what she’s like…she’s in there right now getting off on this…just like you were the other night…I knew it…like Mother…like Daughter…”

“AAAHHHH…AAAHHHHHH,” She cried spastically below me, sounding as if someone had filled her vagina with hot coals as she desperately humped me, trying to get me to spew my cum to put out that fire.

With Sylvia’s dress snugly cropped around her waist, giving me unhindered access to her pussy, I reached underneath her with my other hand and closed it around her fleshy, warm behind.

Now with all 10 of my fingers digging cruelly into Sylvia’s small taunt asscheeks, I forced her crotch against mine, silently demanding her to fuck me back with her cunt.

I could feel Sylvia’s vaginal secretions seep out of her soupy tunnel until it dribbled down onto my flexing fingers, making the grip I had on her asscheeks very slippery.

Sensing she was on the verge of having an orgasm, I lifted Sylvia’s prone body up with my hands, tilting her ass up into the air then diligently worked my whole body backwards until Sylvia’s small petite frame was catapulted off the bed and on top of me.

Straddling me now, her pussy still tightly clenching my burrowing joint, I got my first chance to look up and see Sylvia’s shadowy face above me. Her eyes were closed tight but from the way her cheeks, lips and the veins in her neck twitched, I could tell I was touching a place deep and long hidden inside her 47 year old, soon to be divorced body.

With Sylvia now straddling me, her body was facing directly at the wall that separated Katie’s room from the spare. Keeping my rhythm up, the bedsprings beneath us continuing to squeak out painfully, I could hear the short fits of spasmic joy blurting out of Sylvia’s mouth with every exhale she took.

Knowing every cry of pleasure Sylvia was making was bouncing through the wall and into Katie’s ears on the other side, I deliberately raised my hips upwards, crushing my cock as far as it would go inside her deep twat, spearing my girlfriend’s mother from below until her toes and fingers curled as if she had been jolted with a dose of electricity.

As I continued balancing and massaging Sylvia’s ass with my left hand, I brought my right hand forward and forced my thumb against her visibly glistening and erect clit until I had poked and prodded the pink bud enough so that Sylvia became nothing more than a life sized marionette under my control.

“Cum for me…Sylvia…come on…cum for me,” I haughtily gasped up to her as I relentlessly thumbed her clitoris while still fucking her.


I could feel every muscle in her body tighten substantially, including her vaginal sheath around my embedded cock. As I watched her cum on top of me, my eyes widened all the way as the frustrated housewife’s whole body seemed to rattle and shake in a series of fitful convulsions.

As she continued lavishing herself in wave after wave of her long awaited orgasm, Sylvia’s crotch now worked like a bucking rodeo animal on top of my pelvis, until I knew I couldn’t hold back my seed for much longer either.

Deftly reaching up and grabbing the base of my cock, I slowly removed it from Sylvia’s syrupy grasp and when it finally came free with a loud moist plop, Sylvia’s trembling hands were waiting right there to take it in her hands to finish me off.

I could see Sylvia looking down from above, her gaze fixed on the glistening majesty of my penis in her small white hands. I could see clearly in her eyes that she was contemplating what that 7 inches had done to her as well as what it could also do to her in the future.

Jacking me off tenderly, I sent the first of three rapid streams of cum right between her breasts. Watching from beneath her as the white sticky seed dribbled and oozed down her chest, underneath her brassiere. The next wave of ejaculate landed on the silky white garment still covering her chest and stomach.

“Next time I fuck you Sylvia…you are going to be totally naked and you are going to feel my warmth all…over…your… beautiful….body,” I promised her, letting her know I didn’t want this just to be a one time fuck.

Sylvia’s hands seemed to be on autopilot, as she continued to pump my still hard cock even after every drop of seminal fluid I had was running down the front of her body. I watched in the dim, orangish light filtering through the window in the room, as Sylvia lowered her head silently towards my crotch and proceeded to clean off the traces of cum that were still clinging to my throbbing and sensitive cockhead.

* * * * *

The next 10 minutes were a blur. After tossing my clothes back on and throwing myself out the window, I jogged back a block away to get my car and then I drove the short distance home.

Letting myself in the front door, I casually strolled through the darkened apartment, down the hall towards my closed bedroom door. I could see the door to Sylvia’s room closed tight as well. I walked past it then hesitated a moment, still feeling my now deflated but still tingling dick buzz between my legs, remembering what Katie’s Mom had just done to it.

Turning slightly, I made my way through my bedroom door and saw the dark lump of Katie laying under the sheets, pretending to be asleep. I knew because when she sleep, she always snored lightly. Right now she was completely silent, not even breathing.

Taking my clothes off, I crawled into bed beside her and laid there waiting for her to turn over. About 5 minutes later, she did turn towards me and asked how my night was.

“Fine,” I replied aloofly.

Out of nowhere, Katie wrapped her leg around mine, holding me in her grip tightly. My bare leg could feel her hot, still wet pussy and I instantly knew Katie was doing exactly what I thought she was while I was secretly in the next room with her Mom.

I could tell Katie wanted to tell me what she had heard but all she could muster the courage to ask was if I saw anything unusual in the house when I came in.

“No,” again I replied aloofly.

Easing her head under the covers, a still horny Katie made a beeline for my gradually reflating cock. Before I knew it, Katie ‘s mouth was solidly around it, unknowingly sucking it just like her mother had done less than 15 minutes earlier.

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