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Lisa’s Truth

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The ad read, ” Gentle Touch….bachelor parties, one on one shows, sensual massages. Sorry, no credit cards.” Lisa took another long sip from her gin and tonic, and stared at the paper in front of her. My God, she wondered, Am I really going to do this?

She stood up and nervously paced the livingroom floor. Did she really want this? But what choice did she have? She’d known for a long time that she felt an unusual affinity for some women that she’d met. Not all of them, but enough to throw her life into turmoil.

And then she’d met Harmony. In no time at all they’d become extremely close friends…spending pleasant evenings watching old movies, sipping wine, and sharing girl talk. But after only a few short weeks, Lisa had to admit to herself that she felt something unique for the dark haired beauty. A longing…an aching for her touch. She’d come perilously close to betraying her feelings several times. Especially last night.

Harmony had been relating an amusing story about an incident that had occurred that day at the airline where she worked, when, as they both giggled, she had placed her hand on Lisa’s thigh, leaving it there for several long seconds.

Electric shocks had raced from the warm touch on her leg, right to the core of her being. But even more unexpected than the brief caress was the look in Harmony’s large brown eyes. Was it really there? Lisa thought that she could make out something hidden, yet struggling to be seen. What was it? A fleeting flash of desire? A smokey haze of lust?

Completely unnerved, Lisa had almost immediately forced a yawn, and then pleading exhaustion from a long day, had left and returned to her own apartment across the hall.

Still trembling, Lisa had stood inside her door, leaning back on it trying to regain her composure. Her heart was still pounding as she stripped off her clothes and slipped into her bed where she lay touching herself…first gently and deliberately, the furiously with animal abandon…bringing herself to climax over and over again. Finally her body’s nearly insatiable craving subsided, leaving only damp sheets and a terrible feeling of uncertainty.

She desperately wanted Harmony…wanted to taste her mouth, her smooth, tanned skin, the depths of her womanhood. And tonight she seen a similar longing in her friends eyes. Or had she only imagined it?

She knew that it was only a matter of time before she would have to give in and declare her feelings for Harmony. But what if she was wrong and Harmony didn’t feel the same? Well, she would have to deal with that at the time, perhaps losing a dear friend. But she knew that she would never know for certain until she faced her.

But how well did she know herself? What if she was right and Harmony responded the way she always did in Lisa’s fantasy…with a deep, tender kiss, her hands going to Lisa’s tiny breasts, and more? Suppose they began to live out what had been her dream and Lisa found herself feeling revolted, realizing that she was, after all, better suited to men. What if her body had been playing a nasty trick on her all along, and she found herself rejecting Harmony’s attentions. She would, again, most surely lose her dearest friend…and all for nothing.

The risk was too great. She had to at least know herself…know her own body beyond any shadow of a doubt.

And so Lisa returned to the sofa, picked up the phone and dialed the number for Gentle Touch Escort Service.

“Hello, Gentle Touch,” said a soft, breathy voice.

“Um, hi,” replied Lisa. “I’d like some information on your service.

“Certainly. Bachelor parties are$150, and one on ones are $75, either in call or out. Those fees are for the agency. Our escorts work pretty much for tips, so we always say to plan for a minimum tip of $100.”

“Sounds reasonable,”Lisa murmured. Is an appointment necessary or is short notice ok?”

“Oh, we always have plenty of girls on call. Will this be for a bachelor party or a gift for a boyfriend?”

Lisa took a deep breath. “No, this will be a 1 on 1…and it’s for me. Will that be a problem? I mean, you’ll have to send someone who is pretty open minded, and…really appreciates a good tip.”

There was a momentary silence on the line. “Can you hold for a minute? I need to make a call to check.”

“Sure, I’ll wait.”

Several minutes went by, then the young lady returned. “Ok, you’re in luck! Ruby is available right now and she has no problem with it.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to have her come over here for nothing.”

“Well, when I told her that the client was a generous female she said ‘Oooooh’. Know what I mean?”

“When can she come? No pun intended.”

Lisa gave her the address. “She should be there in about a half hour or so. Maybe a little more. Not much”

“I’ll be here.”

Fighting a swarm of butterflies in her stomach, Lisa mixed herself another drink, and sat down on the couch….staring at the apartment door.

* * *

When the doorbell rang, an hour later, Lisa was momentarily seized by panic. She briefly considered running into the bathroom and locking the door, but managed to fight off the urge. Taking a deep breath to strengthen her resolve, she set her drink down on the floor and walked to the door.

Her hand trembling slightly, she grasped the knob and pulled the door open.

“Come in,” she said softly, glancing furtively up and down the hallway. The large breasted young lady stepped inside, looking around curiously, a pleasant smile on her face.

“I’m Ruby,” said brightly, offering her hand.

“Thanks for coming so soon,” Lisa replied, taking the offered hand. “Well…hey, come on in and make yourself comfortable. Can I fix you a drink or get you a beer or something?” She bolted and chained the door, then walked to the already closed drapes and tugged them a little bit tighter.

“No, no thank you. Nothing for me. This is a lovely place you have here.”

“Thanks. I like it. Sure I can’t get you anything?” Lisa asked again, nervously rubbing her hands together. “I’ve got some chips and dip, or some…”

Ruby lifted her head slightly as a little laugh escaped her lips.

“Really, no. I think maybe you’re a little nervous here, mmm?”

Lisa’s face reddened, as she smiled a shy smile and looked down at the floor.

“It shows that much?”

“Don’t worry about a thing. I guarantee you will enjoy this….a lot. I’m guessing that this is the first time you’ve called an escort, right?”

“Yes, it is. I’ve never…I mean, this all totally new to me. Not just calling you, but, well….I haven’t been….” A mist if perspiration had appeared on Lisa’s brow and she absently rubbed her hand across her face. “Uh, do you get many calls from…people like me?”

“You mean women, or nervous wrecks?” They both giggled, the tension easing slightly. “A few. Not nearly as many as I’d like. It’s almost always some fifty year old fat guy with no hair and bad breath.”

“Yewwww,” smiled Lisa, beginning to feel a little more relaxed. She like the redheaded beauty in front of her. Her eyes roamed over the escorts body as Ruby strode to the table and set her shoulder bag down on it. Lisa estimated her to be about five feet, six or seven inches tall. Certainly not a pound over 120, with wavy, red hair cascading to just below her waist. Lisa thought she had the body of a ballerina, except for the rather large boobs.

She couldn’t help but note that Ruby was almost her exact opposite. Where Ruby was quite tall, Lisa was a compact, five foot two inches with silky smooth skin over a hard as marble, athletes body. Her eyes were the blue of a cloudless November sky, complimented perfectly by naturally blonde hair worn in short, boyish bob. To her never ending regret, her breasts were also quite boyish, except for the rather prominent nipples.

Although her back was turned, Ruby instinctively knew that Lisa was staring at her…appraising her. With a cat-like motion she raised her arms above her head and languidly stretched her whole body. Then, with a not-unexpected grace, she performed a super model-like turn to face Lisa, causing a lump to form in the pretty blondes throat.

Ruby brushed back a fiery lock from her forehead as she slowly walked across the room to where Lisa stood. “Like what you see… far?” she asked in low, husky voice.

Lisa nodded, trying, unsuccessfully to match the taller girls stare, then averting her eyes, blushing anew.

Ruby laughed in a warm friendly way, then said, “Sorry, but I guess I’d better take care of business before we get started. The office explained our fees to you?”

“$75.00 I believe she said.”

“That’s right…plus tips. The agency gets most of the fee. I work essentially for my tips.”

Lisa thrust her hand into the pocket of her levis and withdrew a small wad of bills. She counted out ten, twenty dollar bills, then laid them in Ruby’s outstretched hand.

The red head grinned brightly. “They told me you said you were generous. I guess you are. Do you have a cd player in here somewhere?” she asked, looking around the room. Lisa showed her where it was and soon they were enveloped by a slow, seductive beat. Ruby glanced around, then quickly shut off all lights, except one small end table lamp, giving the livingroom a dim, yet warm and cozy feel.

Wordlessly, Lisa moved to the sofa and sat down, very straight, both hands flat on the cushions beside her.

“Girl, you’ve gotta relax a little. You are wayyyy too tense.” As she spoke, Ruby began a slow, not too technically involved, but very seductive dance. Her hands slid up and down her hips and torso…now slipping up under the midriff top she wore…now teasing at the button of her tight fitting, Daisy Dukes. The whole time she kept her eyes intently on Lisa’s face.

Lisa smiled a bit sheepishly, and did her best to appear at ease…even though she was anything but. The familiar butterflies were back in full force as she watched the beautiful young lady swaying to the music, moving almost imperceptibly, but steadily closer.

Now very near the sofa, directly in front of Lisa, she turned away and began rolling her hips in circular motion. Moments later she turned back, revealing that the button was now undone, and the zipper down, allowing the fabric to gap open, exposing the upper edge of a silky black thong.

Locking her eyes on Lisa’s, Ruby moved still closer…to the point where her legs stood on either side of the hot, young blonde’s. Her thumbs were hooked under the front edge of the midi top.

The girl suddenly leaned forward, pulled the stretchy fabric out, and over Lisa’s head, leaving it hooked around the back of her neck. The tall, willowy dancer had positioned her ample breasts mere inches from Lisa’s face, her hands stroking them, tweaking the firm, protruding nipples.

Lisa repeatedly licked her hot, dry, lips and swallowed hard, trying to understand and control the incredible feeling within her.

Then, like magic, the top was gone….lying on the floor by their feet. As Lisa took a deep breath of cool air, she glanced down and saw that while she had been eye to nipple with Ruby, the shorts had vanished, leaving only the thong to scarcely cover the obviously shaved private spot hovering close before her.

Ruby gently put her hands on Lisa’s shoulders as she kicked off the shiny, black heels she’d worn until now. She then carefully placed her right foot up on the couch frame and, using her grip on the shoulders to steady herself, stepped up to place her left one on the frame also. She then wriggled forward until her knees were nearly pinning the lovely blondes arms to the back of the sofa. She touched the taut strap on either hip and the tiny garment sprung loose….then dropped free.

Lisa’s head began to swim, her chest pounding so hard she thought it might drown out the music.

As her hips continued to writhe, Ruby ran her fingers through Lisa’s short, silky hair, softly touching the nape of her neck, sending shocks throughout her body. After a seeming eternity, she stepped down, and with a sly grin turned around and placed her feet in a wide stance. Knees locked, she bent at the waist until her long, red tresses touched the floor.

She gazed back through her spread legs, reached through and using her right index finger traced the length of her ass and pussy, letting the finger slip ever so slightly between the folds there. She could see Lisa’s face was deep red now, her hands were fists gripping the cushions, knuckles white.

Ruby straightened up, slowly turned to face Lisa and, in a voice barely above a whisper said,”You look very warm in those clothes. Let’s get you a little more comfortable.”

Lisa’s hands visibly shook as her numb fingers worked to pull her t shirt over her head, immediately exposing naked boy-like breasts, with throbbing nipples nearly half an inch long screaming for attention. She stood up, transfixed as Ruby sank to her knees, then undid Lisa’s Jeans and pulled them to the floor. Lisa timidly stepped out of the jeans looped around her feet, then froze as Ruby leaned forward and softly kissed her taut stomach, tongue darting lazily into the “innie” there.

The dancers hands slipped around to caress the well muscled buttocks before her, then hooked the elastic of the Vickie’s Secret panties, and slid them down the strong legs.

Lisa was stark naked , standing in from of another stark naked girl, and she was beginning to feel like this was the most normal thing she’d ever done! She felt totally liberated for the first time since she could remember. A small laugh of elation escaped her lips.

Ruby smiled knowingly and said,”This is what you paid extra for.” With that she playfully pushed Lisa down onto the couch. Then, crawling forward she began to stroke and caress the magnificent young body all over. As she did so, she was gently guiding the milky thighs apart, and with one last tender look at Lisa’s now closed eyes, she leaned forward and slid her hot tongue into the slick, wet pussy in front of her.

A ragged gasp burst from Lisa’s lips, eyes flying wide open in wonder, all her stomach muscles contracting violently. My God! It felt so wonderful! NEVER had any mans mouth produced this kind of sensations. Her hands became entwined in Ruby’s luscious hair, pulling frantically as the redhead’s lips sucked hungrily at her engorged clit.

“Oh…My God…Ohhhh…Jesus Christ…” she hissed through clenched teeth. And then wave after wave of ecstacy washed over her, flooding her senses, sending her to a place she’d never been and never wanted to leave!

But she needed more. Like the old book said ‘Once was Not Enough’. Ruby raised her head, her face glistening with Lisa’s essence, eyes burning with desire. Lisa scooted off the sofa and Ruby , instinctively understanding the need in Lisa’s eyes, slid up onto the cushions. Positioning herself on her back, she spread her shapely legs as wide as she could.

Lisa paused for a moment, taking in the lovely vision before her…the overpowering aromas….Then she whispered,” This is what I paid extra for!”

Ruby’s pussy was spread wide and running freely with her desires.

Her own body still trembling from her orgasm, Lisa gently placed her right hand on the inside of Ruby’s right thigh, the left on the flat of her tummy.

“Mmmm,” she said softly. “Your skin is so hot.”

“Hot with desire for you, little girl.”

Lisa slid her left hand over the burning flesh to the dancer’s large, firm breasts, lightly brushing the beckoning nipples with palm of her hand. Leaning forward, she carefully kissed the hard protrusions, then teased at them with her tongue. Finally, she slowly closed her lips around one of them, rejoicing in the sensations of the rigid nipple moving against the inside of her mouth, causing the hard nub to grow even more erect.

Lisa moved back down Ruby’s torso, laying her head on her flat tummy, her face only inches from what she had so often fantasized about. Her right hand crept up the pale inner thigh, hesitated for a moment, then tentatively explored the wet, slippery place.

The heat felt incredible there. Lisa almost expected to see steam rising from it. She gazed in silence, speechless as her fingers moved about Ruby’s playground, spreading and smearing the love juices, amazed at the feel of it on the smooth shaven pussy.

Lisa felt Ruby’s hips begin to slowly undulate up and down as the redhead, unable to endure any more, urgently whispered, “Please…oh Jesus…pleaseeee!”

Even through the haze of her arousal, Lisa realized magnitude of the step she was about to take. She raised her head and moved it closer….closer. Her mind was a kaleidoscope. A montage of blended images spinning by at warp speed….Harmony’s eyes…Tom’s huge penis….Harmony’s mouth…lips….Ruby’s silken hair….Harmony…Harmony….

The first contact was electric! The taste! The feel! Although it was her first time, Lisa’s mouth seemed to know instinctively what to do…lips sucking at the turgid clit, tongue probing, driving deep…deeper.

The young escort’s hips cooperated eagerly, moving this way and that to achieve total stimulation.

“Oh, please,” gasped Ruby. “Put your sweet pussy on my face. I want us to cum together. I need to taste you in my mouth!”

Not needing a second invitation, Lisa hopped up on the couch, her lips still clamped to Ruby’s honey spot, and positioned herself for the tall redhead’s pleasure.

As she continued to dive hungrily into heaven…again and again…she felt her buttocks being grabbed by hot sweaty, hands. She felt the cheeks being spread wide as fingertips probed her anus, raising her level of arousal yet another notch. And then the raging inferno that was her womanhood again came under attack by what felt for all the world like a dozen tongues and mouths.

Almost immediately she felt the muscles if her stomach and lower body tighten.

Lisa now worked on the pussy in her face with reckless abandon, licking furiously, meeting the increasingly wild hip thrusts with stabbing tongue and fingers. Her whole world began to converge in her own tunnel of love as she, too, began to pound herself toward the out of control redhead.

Suddenly the air was split by the shrill chirp of the telephone. Lisa and Ruby ignored the intruding sound, unwilling and unable to stem the tide rising within their thrashing bodies. As the sweat soaked beauties rocked faster and faster, building toward the ultimate release, a disembodied voice from the answering machine floated through the steamy room.

” Hi Lisa, it’s Harmony. Are you there?”

Now Lisa, too, was tightly grasping Ruby’s luscious buttocks, pulling the steaming pussy to her mouth so hard she thought she might suffocate…her tongue thrusting and jabbing…licking and swirling…

“I guess you’re not home. I’ll call you tomorrow. Uh..we need to talk about last night.”

Ruby felt as if her neck might snap, straining forward, her whole face engulfed in the fiery gash, lost between the golden fleece covered folds. She could feel Lisa’s muscles beginning to twitch and contract as the young blonde redoubled her thrusting motions.

“Uh, last night I almost did something that, well…I don’t know how…hey, I’ll explain when I see you tomorrow. Bye bye, Hon.”

Lisa and Ruby were melded together, almost one. Arms and legs began to quake like a seven on the Richter scale! Lisa felt the telltale spasms wrack the entire feverish body stretched out beneath her, back arching toward the sky.

With Harmony’s voice just fading away, still echoing in her ears, Lisa slipped over the edge, head spinning, gloriously both falling and soaring!

The fireworks she had always heard about, seemed to be exploding inside of her…her body pummeled by blinding bursts of pleasure! She arched her back stiffly, raised her wet, streaked face, and cried out,”Ughhh…Oh God….Ahhhh…I’m cumming..Oh Lord I’m cumminggggggggg!!!”

And then they were done. The all encompassing spears of passion quietly receding whence they came. Both laid as they were for a while, bodies relaxed, fingers tracing lazy patterns on super-sensitive skin. As they basked in the indescribable afterglow, the words that had traveled across a miles of telephone lines still echoed in Lisa’s ears.

She began to smile, her mind replaying the words..over…and over…and over…

“Harmony,” she whispered softly to no one, and everyone. She tenderly licked her lips as the insistent tingling in her loins began anew.

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