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Lisa’s Party

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We walked into the party and realized neither of us knew anyone. Both Lisa and I had decided we needed to get out more so when a friend of mine told me about this party we both thought it would be a way for us to meet new people.

It was in a ritzy section of town and we told the guy at the door that Phillip had told us to meet him here.

I think we could have used any name in the book and he would not have known. There we all kinds of people at the party. All races and all colors, old and young.

We quickly found the kitchen and deposited our bottle since it was B.Y.O.B. after we had mixed a couple of stiff ones for ourselves. Lisa looking sexy as hell, stood in the doorway taking in the activities while I poured an extra shot into her glass. She had worn a rather loose fitting short flared dress that zipped all the way up the front. Her legs went all the way up to her lovely ass. Lisa has kinda small but nice sized tits with her nipples being the most perfect I have ever sucked. Some people call them puffies. Whatever you call them, when she gets horny they stick out noticeably. Because she works out and stays active she looks great. Even though she is in her late 30’s, most people guess her in her 20’s.

We walked through the various rooms in the home and soon found ourselves lost. The place was huge. In each large room different things were ongoing. Everything from dancing to card and other party games to simply standing around and talking. Whoever planned this party knew what they were doing.

After refilling our glasses a few times we had met and chatted with several different couples. We found many of them were in the same boat as we were. It seems this place was a regular party house and the parties were held with regularity. As we were moving through one of the rooms, Lisa was suddenly whisked away from me and she gestured to me to wait as a tall black man drug her toward the darkened area where people were dancing. I watched as he pulled her to him during a slow dance and found myself strangely excited to see Lisa being mauled by this black stranger. As the dance progressed I kept losing sight of them as their view was periodically blocked by other couples. A couple of times I thought I saw one of his hands come up between them but I could not be sure. I circled the dance floor in a casual manner and tried to get a better view of what this guy was doing to my wife. On one occasion I could have sworn I saw a guy that was dancing behind them reach over and run his hand under Lisa’s skirt. I went back toward the kitchen to freshen our drinks and when I returned the song had ended and Lisa was nowhere in sight.

I began looking through the various rooms and finally entered the game room and seated with her back to me on another black guys lap was my wife. The room had several people standing around a table in the center on which the people seated around this table we playing some sort of card game. Because of all the spectators I found it easy to move about and gain a better observation point. I was amazed at how quickly Lisa had been spirited away from me. One minute we are moving through a room, and not more than 20 minutes later she had danced with one guy and was now sitting on another guys lap in a completely different room. Lisa was the only girl at the table and there were at least 10 guys seated around this table playing this game. She had a drink in her hand so I found myself standing there with a drink in each hand. The guys whose lap she was sitting on kept fidgeting in his chair and everytime he fidgeted, Lisa would close her eyes and her head would weave from side to side. She was obviously feeling the effects of whatever she was drinking. Pretty soon the guy she was sitting on apparently lost. A fat white guy to his right declared himself the winner and I was surprised to see him reach down and unzip his pants and pull a rather large cock out. “My turn” he declared and the black guy under Lisa mumbled something and I nearly spit my drink out as I saw him lift my wife off his lap. His cock must have been 9 inches long and it was thick. Not only that it was dripping wet from having been shoved deep into my wifes cunt. I had not noticed when I came into the room. Lisa’s dress had fallen over the sides and I could not see that this guy she was sitting on had his cock in her.

I could not believe what I was seeing. The black guy literally lifted Lisa off his lap and as he slid his chair back a bit he pushed Lisa in the direction of the fat white guy. She staggered some and kind of fell forward and was caught by the white guy who turned her around and pulled her back toward his lap. As she began to sit down he guided his cock toward her juicy cunt. She sat slowly back down and soon the game was underway again. This game went on and I found myself frozen in my shoes unable to move as I watched my lovely wife moved from cock to cock to cock. There were 4 black guys playing a couple of Hispanic looking guys and the rest appeared white. Some were fat some were skinny and there was one old guy that looked like he was in his 80’s. In the next hour or so Lisa had sat on every lap and had every cock shoved in her. I was in a constant state of shock and yet I was turned on beyond belief. The first big surprise came when one of the black guys made a declaration during one of the hands of cards. He started laughing and when the rest asked him what was so funny he told everybody that he had gone where no man had gone before and he had his cock buried in my wifes asshole. The look on Lisa’s face was one I had not seen before. Her head kept weaving from side to side and her eyes were clenched shut. It was obvious to everyone that he was telling the truth because as he would move himself upwards into her from time to time she would grimace. The old 80 year old started laughing louder and told the black guy that he hated to rain on his parade, but that he had put his cock in Lisa’s asshole too. That bought an even bigger laugh from the table.

The strange thing about this was no one unzipped Lisa’s dress to expose her lovely tits. I later found out it was because most all of them were married and in the event any of their wives came in they wanted to look somewhat respectable. I am sure several of them shot their cum in my wifes pussy as she made the rounds. I caught glimpses of several of their cocks as they were moving Lisa around and after a while it looked like they were all coated in cum.

After everyone had a turn at my wifes cunt someone said they should change the stakes. Soon they all agreed and the next thing I know, my wife is being pushed under the big round table they are seated at. A big fat black guy was the first winner and I moved to get a better view as he reached under the table and pulled Lisa toward his spread legs. He had unzipped his pants and was stroking his cock as he clenched my wifes hair and pulled her head toward his big fat cock. I noticed Lisa pushing against his knees to keep his cock away. She had never been real wild about sucking cock. In the past if anyone would have ever said she would suck a cock they would have been mistaken. Add to that a black cock and I would have thought it impossible. Now here she was on her knees under a large round table being pulled by the hair toward a large thick black cock. The game had paused while the first black guy claimed his winnings and everyone was leaning over to get a better view. The black guy was pumping his cock for all it was worth and he was getting Lisa closer to it all the time. Precum was dripping from it more and more with each stroke. As he clenched Lisa’s hair in his fist he finally got her face close enough to begin rubbing his precum all over her face.

It was obvious Lisa wanted no part of this, but I suspected they had put something in her drink because she would have never allowed all this to happen in a sober state. At least I did not think she would. Lisa’s face was soon glistening from precum as the black guy pumped his cock and bounced it off her face. One second it was hitting her nose, then it was poking her in the eye, then her forehead, then it was bouncing off her pursed lips. “Ohhhh, fuck” the black guy started moaning and zeroed in on getting his fat black cock in her mouth. I was certain he would have to content himself with shooting it on her face when he scored a direct hit harshly against her lips. His cock bounced against her lips so hard she inadvertantly opened her mouth. That was all it took as the “ooooh’s and the ahhhhh’s erupted from the rest of the guys in the room. The black guys cock slid into Lisa’s mouth and after a brief pause as he forcefully entered her throat, never stopped until his pubic hair was pressed flat against her nose. Lisa really began to struggle then. “Shit its no wonder” I thought, “that fat black fuck has cut off her air supply”. With both hands clenching Lisa’s face to his sweaty crotch he began to hump her face. His cock would come out an inch or two then thrust back in. This only happened a couple of times until he clenched her head tightly against his crotch. He had his cock deep in her throat. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah” he moaned as he pumped her full of his cum. Finally he collapsed back in his seat and a deflated limp cock popped out of Lisa’s mouth. She fell back to the floor gasping and coughing. I looked and saw no cum anywhere. She had swallowed it all.

Cards took the back seat after this performance. Lisa was now passed from cock to cock under the table. The scene repeated itself and Lisa got a belly full of cum. During one of the cock sucking episodes her dress had been unzipped and her lovely tits were exposed for all to see and marvel at as she was pressed forward to suck another cock. The fat black guy had definitely set the trend and all of the guys at the table had to keep pushing until they had their cocks all the way in her throat. I was shocked to catch a glimpse of the biggest cock at the table. It belonged to none other than the 80 year old. While it was not as thick as the fat black guys cock, it had to be 3 or 4 inches longer. That made his cock a good 12 inches long. Everyone marveled as he slowly slid his cock forward while pulling her head toward his crotch. He reached the back of her mouth and we could tell when he had to force it into her throat cause his fists clenched her hair tighter and his ass clenched as he pushed it into her throat. Then he slid in the remaining 5 or 6 inches. It reminded me of a sword swallower.

One of the other black guys pulled his cock out of her mouth as he was about to cum. “Hold your mouth open bitch” he yelled. Lisa who had this dazed look in her eyes did as she was told. “Wider bitch”! She opened her mouth as far as she could. Everyone gasped as he shot stream after stream of cum directly into my wifes wide open mouth. Some of it started to run out of the corner of her mouth . “Don’t you spill a drop bitch” he yelled at her and she sucked in quickly as if she dared not lose any. “Don’t swallow yet baby” he said as he shot more cum into her mouth, “just you hold it in your mouth”. Lisa did as she was told. “Now that is a load” the black guy declared after he had finished shooting in Lisa’s mouth. Everyone leaned over and looked as Lisa held her cum filled mouth open. I could clearly see her mouth was completely full of cum so much so I could not see some of her teeth. “Now swallow it all baby”, the black said. I could not believe it, but Lisa closed her mouth and several gulps later had swallowed it all.

Shortly after this, their card game began to break up. And everyone began leaving the party. I slipped back out of the room and made myself another drink for the road. Lisa staggered into the kitchen and asked where I had been. I told her I got tied up on the dance floor and asked her the same question. “Oh, just mingling ” she replied. Although I find it hard to believe, I am thinking maybe if she was drugged she was not completely aware of what had happened. Ya right, and I have some swamp land for sale too. So far, she has not shared with me what she did, but she did say she although she was way too drunk, she had enjoyed herself. At least she says she thinks she did.

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