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Lingerie Shop

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It was just past closing time as I looked through the shop window with great interest in the quiet side street I found myself on. I had the night to kill being away with business and had gone for a walk around the town’s small streets before I went for something to eat.

It was filled with corsets, girdles, suspenders and bras, all for the more middle aged but discerning lady. A couple of torso dummies at either end of the window display showed some lacy attire that really had me thinking.

I didn’t what it was about this kind of stuff that turned me on, maybe it was seeing my auntie getting changed as a young guy or remembering long ago flashes of heavily laden brassieres through the tight cleaning dress of our curvaceous housemaid, but whatever it was it had a very certain allure about it for me. Just the thought of that well filled lace by voluptuous middle-aged ladies, still with needs dormant libidos was always a bit of a fantasy of mine.

As I looked through the window, alone on the street, admiring the various underwear a little side door at one side of the display opened and a woman quickly stepped into the window with an array of garments in her hands. She smiled at me as she stepped amongst the display and began to move things around and strip the dummies to replace their scant outfits with something new.

I watched her for a short while, stepping back a little so as not to appear too close to her work and she busily but skilfully quickly dressed the dummies in their new garb and re-arranged the display. It didn’t take her long, but as she busily worked away I watched her carrying out her task.

She was middle-aged, probably early to mid-fifties, but looked good for her age. Her curvy body was exceptionally well proportioned, ‘built for fun’ as I liked to put it, with auburn hair. She wore a caramel knee-length skirt, not to tight, not too loose that showed her hips and legs off well, a white well fitted semi-opaque blouse through which I could see she wore a slip and either a bra or basque, which I couldn’t tell. Her tan nylons showed off her shapely calves and ankles and her wine coloured stilettos only served to show these off more. She had something about her, an air of confidence suggested by her well-dressed manner and the way she carried herself and went about her work.

I was lost in my own somewhat naughty thoughts, imagining her in some of the underwear she was working with, when she turned, not realising I was still there and after being a little startled at first, smiled warmly at me again. She gestured through the window as to what did I think of the work and I replied with a big thumbs up and a smile. She stepped from the window and closed the door as I took a lingering look at the new garments before I thought about setting off to find somewhere for dinner.

Just as I turned and had walked about five paces away from the shop I heard the shop door open and the old fashioned bell tinged. I turned to look and saw the assistant step out of the door and look down the street toward me. I stopped and turned and began to walk back toward her as she smiled at me. “I’m sorry I looked startled just then” she said, “I hadn’t realised you were still there.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you either.”

“Is there anything I can help you with?” she asked, “If you’re looking for something I haven’t cashed up yet.”

“No, I was just admiring your stock.”

“Thank you. It’s rare to see a young man like you admiring this kind of ladies wear” she said.

“Yes I suppose” I started, “but you do have some very lovely stock I see. Very elegant.”

“Why thank you ” she went on, “why don’t you come in and have a look around while I get tidied up, maybe you’ll see something that takes your fancy. Anyway you could give me a hand lifting a couple of higher items down off the shelves. My assistant’s gone home and she’s much taller than me, I can’t reach.”

It was too good an offer to resist and I followed her back into the shop.

It was quite small inside but it was very well laid out, obviously for the higher end of the affluent middle-aged market and she had some lovely stuff inside, even better than what she showed in her window. “Are you the manager here?” I asked. “Sort of, I’m the owner.” “Oh I see, well you have some lovely items here,” I said as I looked around at the array of basques, girdles, pantygirdles, brassieres stockings, pantyhose and variety of other underwear she stocked in her shop all designed for the upmarket well-heeled middle aged woman.

“Thanks, could you give me a hand?” she asked as I turned to find her standing by some shelving, I need the items of the top, can you reach them for me?”

I stepped over to her and reached up to pull the items down, passing her the lacy girdles I found on the shelf. She turned and bent over to put them on a lower shelf next to her and I couldn’t help but watch her skirt tighten around her hips as she bent over before me, her lovely arse jutting out towards me and just asking to be touched.

She looked back to me from where she bent and caught my eye as I looked at her. I looked away as she carried on putting the things on the shelf and stepped to look through some more racks, blushing slightly. “Are you local?” she asked, no I’m just here for the night with work, I come down here a couple of times a month.” “What about you,” “Yes, I live above the shop, plenty of space and very central.”

“Perks of ownership,” I commented.

“One of them” she said, standing.

“And the others?” I asked, making conversation.

“Being your own boss, working when I like, meeting good looking young men like you, that sort of thing.”

I almost blushed as we caught each others eye and smiled.

“So have you seen anything that takes your fancy I could tempt you with?” she asked.

“Yes, plenty” I replied.

“And what might that be, anything in particular?”

Again we both smiled as we looked directly at each other, me blushing slightly. I hesitated.

“I’ll tell you what,” she said stepping past me and pulling the blind down on the shop door. “Why don’t you show me and we’ll see what we can do about a discount.” I looked around, my eyes taking in the items that abounded.

“But I haven’t got anybody to buy for,” I offered.

“I see” she went on, “well I’m not sure if there’s anything we can do for that,” however the way in which she said it was somewhat of a teasing manner and I’m sure there was something more behind it, at least I hoped so.

I do like that one I said pointing to a mannequin that wore a silky black basque-cum-girdle affair with attached suspenders and tan stockings.

“My, you have fine tastes” she commented, “that’s from our best range. I’ll get you one to see if you like the feel of it.”

“But,” I started.

“No buts, I’ll be back in a moment.” She disappeared into a back room and returned seconds later with a plastic wrapped version of the one discussed that she began to unwrap.

“Really there’s no need,” I said.

“It’s absolutely fine,” she said, “It’s not often I find a handsome new young male customer like yourself.” I almost blushed as she looked at me and smiled.

“There,” she said pulling it from its packet and placing it in my hands, “How does it feel?”

“Very nice, it’s so soft and silky, you can feel the quality of the material.”

“Spoken like a true aficionado. So then, would you like it?”

“But like I said, I’ve got no-one to buy for.”

“Hmm,” she mused, “How about if I model it for you, then would you buy it?” I looked at her dumbstruck, unable to believe what I was hearing.

Taking it from my hands she laid it on the counter and turned to me. Was I really hearing what I thought I was hearing and also seeing the look in her eye that was far beyond the look of a friendly shop assistant. “I’ll take that as a yes” she said as her hand moved to her blouse where she stood and her fingers began to undo the top button of her blouse.

I stood there, hardly knowing what to do as I watched her undo each of her buttons until her blouse fell open and her underslip came into view. Then she turned, and leaning over the counter she reached round and her hands went to the fastening of her caramel skirt. I was immediately beginning to get hard as I watched her undo the button on her skirt and then slowly unzip it, before sliding it down over her hips where it slipped to the floor. From what I could see of her body already she looked in great shape for her age, I couldn’t wait to see more.

“Come here and help me take my slip off,” she said, leaning on the counter. I stepped forward, hardly able to believe my luck and placed a hand on her white, silk-covered hip. Standing behind her and running my hands down her back I felt the soft silky material under my touch and I reached down and very slowly began to pull it up over her legs and thighs. I looked down and watched her nyloned legs reveal themselves to me, regarding them in great detail from her high heels to the point where her slip was at now as I raised it over her thighs.

She looked over her shoulder and smiled as my eyes widened, taking in the sight of her dark stocking tops as they came into view. “Oh my!” I exclaimed at the sight of them, taking in even more of a view as her white suspenders also revealed themselves to me. Higher and higher I pulled her silky underslip, revealing her luscious full round bottom, encased in silky white satin panties that clasped her behind wonderfully. Then her hips and deep white lace suspender belt that helped frame her beautiful behind. Finally her white lace bra that held her fulsome breasts until she reached up and I pulled off her slip over her head and dropped it on the counter next to her.

She placed her hands back on the counter and was half bent over before me as I placed my hands on her back and began to slide them up and down slowly. I felt the lace of her bra and her suspender belt and then, as I looked to her in case of protest, but found none, my hands slipped down further and began to feel her gorgeous backside through the satin material of her tight white panties. “Ooh, that feels nice” she said as I gently rubbed her bum cheeks through the soft material before exploring further still to feel the softness of her upper thighs and her silky tan stocking tops. She felt exquisite.

My hands crept to the inside of her nylon clad thighs and began to climb, but she spun round to face me and I had to pull them away quickly. I looked at her up and down admiring her wonderfully well proportioned body, so very sexy for a lady of her age. Her full breasts filled her lacy bra and her white panties disappeared between the ‘v’ of her legs, leading your eyes to her stockings and suspenders.

Again I reached down and began to stroke her stocking tops, playing with the fastener of her suspender and stroking her smooth white skin above. “I’d better go and try this on” she said grabbing the black girdle and disappearing past me into the back stock room, closing the door behind her. I was as hard as hell and had never been teased like this before, I couldn’t wait to see her in my selected garment when she returned.

I stood there waiting, growing harder by the second, thinking about what was in store ahead for me, but she never returned. Instead I heard her call from the back room, “Ready. Come and see!” I stepped around the counter and opened the back room door slowly, but it was dark in there as she’d turned off the light. I fumbled for a switch, finding it by the doorframe and flicked it on. And there she stood before me, smiling facing me and leaning seductively against a chair in the small room.

“You look amazing,” I said as I took the sight of her in. I’d certainly been right in my selection as she stood there one hand on hip, before turning to show me a rear view of her in the garment. She filled it beautifully and looked so alluring stood there facing me, the black full body girdle-cum-basque shining in the light of the room. I stepped toward her and began to run my hands over the material, feeling her lovely body and figure beneath.

She bent over slightly and let me run my hands down her back, feeling her through the material. They slipped down and down until again I began to caress the cheeks of her behind through the silky material. She sighed longingly as my hands ran over her and then I lightly slipped a finger between the cheeks of her ass, pushing the material in a bit so it dipped to show the crease of her ass through the material.

I pulled her up and turned her around to face me, placing my hands on her hips and pulling her close to me. My hands began climbing upward across her stomach until I was able to gently feel the underside of her full breasts through the material. She gasped softly as she felt my fingers touch her and then gasped some more as my hand slid higher and cupped her breast. First one, then the other. Taking it in turns to fondle each, feeling their fullness beneath the soft material. Sliding my hand down again over her stomach it descended further and further until, very slowly, my fingers edged their way down to her well pronounced pubic mound.

She looked deep into my eyes not saying anything, the pair of us filled with lust. My fingers slid further down until they gently rounded between her legs and I saw her eyes close slightly and her mouth open a touch to sigh a little as she felt my fingers very gently begin to rub her through the material. “Oh yes, touch me, there, that feels so nice,” she whispered. I stroked her gently feeling the warmth spreading between her legs, and then further down my fingers ventured to feel the smooth white skin and above her dark stocking tops, and then the touch of her nylons against my hand.

“You look fabulous,” I told her. She smiled and gasped again. I moved my head towards her and we held it for a moment our lips and eyes just centimetres apart. And then, knowing either of us could hold back any longer I whispered, “I want you,” and at last our mouths met in a hot and hungry embrace. Her eager lips and tongue meshed against mine and we kissed in a passionate embrace as my fingers stroked her between the legs, feeling her dampness beginning to seep through the material. “Yes, take me,” she whispered back.

Her hands began to run over my chest and down, they slid to the front of my trousers and she began to stroke my cock through the material, feeling it rapidly growing hard to her touch. “It’s been such a long time, ” she whispered as she began to undo my belt. My hands moved up her body again and cupped her breasts through the material of her sexy garment, feeling her stiff nipples beneath. Gently I uncupped them, releasing them to my view. “You look beautiful,” I told her as I gently fondled her soft flesh in my hands and stroked her nipples between my fingers.

My belt undone she undid the button on my trousers and slowly unzipped me, moving her hand to the waistband of my shorts and slipping her fingers beneath. I bent my head and kissed and licked her breasts and stiff nipples, “Ohh,” she sighed. Her hand slipped down inside my shorts and her fingers brushed against me as she slid them further still and then curled her fingers around my shaft. “Mmm, you feel nice and hard,” she said. I was.

“Would you mind if I took you in my mouth?” she asked. Stupid question really. I smiled and shook my head. She sank to her knees in front of me and grabbed the waistband of my trousers, pulling those down firstly. My dick bulged through the material of my shorts as she rubbed me through it, staring intently. Slowly pulling my shorts down also it sprang free and she gasped. “Oh it’s beautiful,” she said curling her fingers around it, “it’s so nice having a lovely young cock to play with.” It felt just as nice having this gorgeous older beauty knelt before me playing with it too. She slowly wanked me a few times with her hand and then I watched as she moved her head toward me opening her lips to take me in.

Her red lips slipped over the tip of my cock and down my shaft as I gasped in pleasure at the feeling. Cupping my balls with one hand and holding my shaft with the other she sucked me expertly to my delight. I watched as her head bobbed up and down on me and I felt her teasing my glans with her tongue. After a couple of minutes I decided it was her turn and helped her to her feet. “I want to taste you,” I said. “Oh yes please,” she whispered. Sitting her on the chair I knelt between her legs as she placed her hands on her thighs and my fingers stroked upwards from her ankles all the way up the inside of her nyloned legs.

Stroking the smooth flesh of her inner thigh and up above her stocking tops, my fingers crept to her mound and began to stroke her through the material. I could feel she was wet and popped open the fasteners of her black girdle to reveal her trimmed bush and glistening pussy lips. Breathing on her I parted her lips with my fingers and began to lick her damp hole. “Oh yes, lick my pussy,” she breathed as my tongue explored the full length of her lips. I licked her warm sweet juices down as she held the back of my head and pulled me tighter and deeper into her. “No one’s done this for so long,” she said, “it feels so good.” She tasted good too.

Finding her clit she went into immediate raptures as I licked it around and around with the tip of my tongue, slipping a finger into her wet hole to feel her juices coating it and the warmth of her inside. “Oh yes, that’s it, just there,” she encouraged as I licked and fingered her simultaneously. She began to gently grind her hips against my face as she pulled my head to her and her juices ran from her freely into my mouth and onto my tongue. “Oh, that’s it, don’t stop,” she went on as her hips began to grind faster and harder against my face. “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” faster her hips ground and her thighs began to shudder. “That’s it, don’t stop, I’m going to come, I’m going to come.”

Her thighs began to shake involuntarily and her hips began to buck against my mouth as she pulled my head as tight to her as she could and clamped her stockinged thighs around my ears. “I’m coming, I’m coming I’m co…, Aaaaahhhh,” she moaned loudly as her climax shuddered through her and her juices spilled into my mouth. Her thighs held me tightly in place until her climax had subsided enough she was able to let go and I came up for air, wiping her juices that were smeared across my face with my fingers. “No one’s ever made me come like that,” she gasped smiling. “That’s just the start,” I said smiling mischievously. “I can’t wait,” she said smiling and giggling.

“You don’t have to,” I replied standing up and pulling her shakily to her feet. Our mouths met again, kissing and tonguing each other passionately, her breasts pressing into my chest. I took off my shirt I still wore and the trousers and shorts that were still around my knees until I stood naked before her. “I still can’t believe this,” she said reaching out and stroking the underside of my bare hard cock with her hand, “I’ve never been with anyone so young and so fit.” “And I’ve never been with anyone so alluring and so sexy,” I replied, causing her to smile broadly. “Now come here and sit on me, because I want to have you, now.”

I took my turn to sit on the chair and pulled her by the hand toward me. I placed my hands on her lovely full-rounded hips and positioned her above me and slowly began to help her lower herself down. She reached between her legs and grasped my hard shaft in her hand, keeping it pointing toward her as she got lower and lower down. As I held her by the hips and steadied her she placed me at the entrance to her hole and I could feel the warm wetness of her on the tip of my dick. Lower and lower she went until finally I could feel myself sliding deep inside her as she sank all the way onto me, right to the base of my dick until I was fully buried inside her.

She gasped loudly as I slid inside, as did I, and held me there in place whilst we both sat still and enjoyed the feeling for a few moments, looking deep into each others eyes. “You feel fantastic,” I told her as she smiled back and slowly, holding her by the hips she began to life up and down on my dick. “Ohhh,,” she gasped, “I love the feel of you inside me. Such a nice hard cock, it feels so good.”

I kissed and sucked on her gently bouncing breasts as she rode up and down on me whilst I stroked her thighs and stocking tops. I reached behind her, rubbing her the cheeks of her behind, before gripping them and pulling them apart as she bounced up and down upon me. “Get up,” I said, lifting her from me, “kneel on the chair.” She did as asked, grabbing the back of it to balance herself as her round ass presented itself before me. Again I pulled her cheeks wide apart and positioned my cock at her wet hole once more. “Give it to me,” she gasped and then groaned loudly as, responding to her request, I slid my dick all the way into her in one long movement until again I was buried to the hilt.

Taking hold of her by the hips I began to pump in and out of her in long slow strokes, much to her delight. She gasped and moaned as I shafted her from behind, stroking her buttocks, feeling her stocking tops, playing with her suspenders and reaching beneath to fondle her swinging tits. “Yes, shaft me,” she gasped as I shagged her, my speed increasing. Hanging on tightly to the back of her suspender belt I used it to pull her onto me hard and deep causing her to moan in ecstasy. “Yes, give it to me, give it to me,” she gasped again and again.

I pulled her from the chair and lay her down on the floor where she lifted her legs and bent her knees, opening them wide for me to get between again. “C’mon, give me your hard young cock,” she pleaded, rampant with desire, “slide it into me again and screw me hard.” Getting between her legs I held the base of my shaft and she grabbed me, guiding me in toward her eagerly.

She placed me at her entrance again and as I felt her wrap her stocking clad legs around me I pushed into her in one long hard shove, causing her to cry out with pleasure. “Oh yess, that’s it, give it to me.” And give it to her I did. I shafted her as hard as I could, causing her to moan with every inward thrust. “You feel so good,” I grunted, “I just love fucking you.”

“Yes fuck me,” she groaned in response, “don’t stop, fuck me, harder, fuck me.” She wrapped her legs tightly around my back and dug her high heels into my backside, spurring me on faster still as I screwed her almost senseless.

Her tits jigged up and down as I screwed her relentlessly and I felt the silk of her stockings against my hips. “Ahh, I’m going to come again,” she warned as she began to buck like a wildcat against me, lifting her hips to meet mine. Her movements brought my climax closer to fruition too and I felt my spunk rapidly beginning to build deep inside. “Hold on I’m gonna come too,” I warned her which just made her scream even louder in ecstasy. “Yes come for me,” she urged, “give me your hot young spunk.” I couldn’t hold back any longer and as I shouted I was coming her climax hit her broadside too. She bucked and groaned beneath me as spurt after spurt shot deep into her pussy, but it wouldn’t seem to stop and pulling out of her even more spurts shot all over her pubic hair and up onto her black silky garment.

She dipped her fingers in it as our orgasms began to subside and licked it from her fingertips. Spent and gasping I slid my slowly descending dick into her and moved in and out gently just to extend the last throes of her climax.

Eventually we moved and as I stood she stood with me and took me by the hand. “C’mon,” she said. “I want you to pick some more,” and then we’re going upstairs to try them all out.” I smiled and followed her gladly. “How often did you say you could make it down here on business?” she asked. I was going to try and make it far more often from now on.

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