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Life’s Surprises

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Luka Brenner had thought he was adjusting to his new job, new city and new place just fine. In fact he loved his new job. The hours were good, the pay was decent and he felt he was really making a good impression on his boss and colleagues. He had even made a few work friends that he sometimes grabbed lunch with or even the occasional beer after work. 

Most of them had wives and children, so Luka didn’t quite fit into their lifestyle beyond lunch and after work beer. He needed to make some buddies that would have more free time to go out. He also wouldn’t mind meeting a nice lady to share a little pleasure with. It wasn’t that he wanted to get into a relationship though. Luka was still kind of reeling from the fallout of his last relationship. No, no long term relationships for a while. But a friends with benefits thing would be nice. 

Luka had decided her would put a little effort into finding such a lady, but in the meantime things were going well. He had found a room for rent in a big house in his new city. His landlord (and roommate- one in the same) was a nice guy. They even had dinner together sometimes. The other guy renting in the house came and went, and was never around on weekends. Luka felt comfortable there. It was a pretty nice house, well maintained and in a classy area. The rent was affordable. It was a good fit. 

Yup, all was good, until the holidays came along. Now, Luka suddenly felt very lonely. The holidays had a way of doing that. They could make you suddenly feel very isolated. It was as if the holidays just put a spotlight on something that was probably already there but you had otherwise managed to ignore. 

There had been some work parties of course, and Luka had enjoyed those. He even went to a few of the guy’s places for casual get togethers. A few people had asked him what he was doing for Christmas day, but instead of telling the truth he had lied. “Oh I am going to my aunt’s place for dinner. She lives not too far from here.” Everyone had bought the lie easily and seemed appeased that he wouldn’t be alone for the holidays. 

If fact he didn’t have an aunt living nearby. He didn’t have any family living nearby. He just didn’t want any pitiful looks or pity fueled invites where they’d make room for him. He didn’t want to watch happy families enjoying their Christmas traditions and feeling like an outsider. Luka figured it would just be better to stay home. 

When Luka’s mom had died it had changed his entire family. His father had remarried almost instantly, which understandably didn’t sit well with Luka and his siblings. His sister was already married so she took to just spending her holidays with her husband’s family. Luka’s brother was seeing a girl and they seemed to like to take off on vacations for the holidays. Luka had lived closer back then, so he did in fact go to an aunt’s place for the holidays. Sure, he still felt like a bit of an outsider, but at least he was related to those people. 

However, here in his new home town he was just surrounded by strangers and casual acquaintances. Christmas was going to be a bit of a lonely affair for Luka this year. He planned to stay home, eat junk and watch a movie marathon on Netflix. He had even bought some beer. He would drink alone. He didn’t care what anyone thought. No one would know anyway. 

Christmas was going according to plan. Luka wasn’t even all that bothered. He had had a few beers, ate some pizza and chips. He had some cheese cake planned for later. Movie number four was playing. It was pretty good. Luka had even bought himself some gifts. Such as a new cellphone and a new pair of shoes. Of course he hadn’t wrapped them or anything ridiculous like that, but he was happy to have them all the same. 

Movie night rolled on. The roommates were all out, so the house was quiet every time Luka went down to the kitchen to grab a beer. He wasn’t drunk, but was feeling pretty good. He had a slice of cheese cake and selected his next movie. A comedy to follow an action flick. He was also getting a bit tired, but wasn’t quite ready to sleep. 

One more beer was what Luka decided around two in the morning. He would have one more beer, finish up the comedy which was better than he had expected and then he would sleep. All and all being alone on Christmas wasn’t as awful as he had thought it would be. He paused the movie and went down the stairs to the kitchen. It was on his way back upstairs that he noticed car lights out front of the house. Then he heard a crash on the stairs out front of the house. 

Luka put his beer down on the hallway table and made his way toward the front of the house. His socked feet were silent on the hardwood floor.Someone was stumbling around on the porch, Luka could see their shadow through the curtains on the doors. It seemed highly likely they were drunk, whoever they were. The car pulled away, and Luka realized it was likely a taxi or a friend dropping someone off. He wondered if some drunk fool had the wrong house?

The shadow out on the porch seemed to be searching it’s person for something. Most likely keys. Luka debated just taking his beer and going back to his room, but then thought better of it. This drunk fool probably needed to be directed to his own house so he didn’t freeze on the porch. 

Luka picked his way quietly down the hallway without turning on any additional lights. Just in case the person was not some hapless drunk, Luka didn’t want them to know he was there. He took the four steps down into the wide entrance area and peeked out the curtain. The man on the patio was still fumbling about drunkenly. Luka unlocked the door as quietly as possible, and opened it cautiously. The outside light was on and created a soft pool of light on the step. 

Luka smiled when he saw his landlord still drunkenly searching his pockets for his keys. In fact, Cody didn’t even notice that Luka had opened the door. Luka stood watching his landlord as the cool night air started to filter in around him. Feeling the chill, Luka crossed his arms over his chest and tucked them under his arms. He cleared his throat which brought Cody’s head up relatively quickly. 

“Ohhhhhhh heeeeeey buddy!” Cody slurred. 

“Lose your keys?” 

“Probably back at my folk’s. Didn’t know you’d beeeeee home.” 

Luka stepped back to let Cody come inside. He closed the door and locked it as Cody struggled uncoordinatedly to pull off his boots. Several times Cody almost fell while tugging at his laced boots. Luka caught him each time and righted him. Cody wasn’t a small guy though and he was a heavy drunk.

“Lil help here, buddy…” Cody said while looking down at his boots. Luka chuckled at how drunk the other man was. 

“Sure, sit down on the steps.” Luka guided Cody to the steps. He got Cody situated in a sitting position before kneeling to untie the boots. 

“I woulda brought ya if I had known you were gonna be home, bud.” Cody’s voice was loud and made Luka wince a little. Bud and buddy must be things Cody says when he’s drunk, Luka thought. Since, Cody had never called him either before. 

“Nah, it’s fine. Looks like you had a good Christmas.” Luka glanced up at his housemate, and then tugged off the first boot. The second one followed right after. Luka sat them together out of the way.

“Was okay. My family is not easy to take without booze.” Cody’s voice was sleepy and very slurred. 

Luka stood and waited for Cody to attempt to stand too. After several long moments it was clear that the drunk man was going to need a little extra assistance getting back up. Luka was amused by this situation. He had never seen his landlord anything but totally sober. 

“Come on, Cody.” Luka said as he leaned down to haul the other man to standing. 

Things didn’t quite go according to plan. When Luka bent down to take Cody’s arm, Cody moved with surprising accuracy and grabbed the back of Luka’s head. Cody was gentle but his hold was firm all the same. Much to Luka’s complete shock Cody brought his mouth to his and kissed him squarely on the lips. Attempting to pull back, Luka sputtered with shock. He pulled away and stood up. He used the back of his hand to wipe at his lips. 

Cody was breathing heavy, and watching Luka with dozy drunk eyes. “Hey, I’m sorry.” 

Luka was kind of shocked. He didn’t know what to do next. He looked down at Cody. “Yeah, I guess it’s okay. Look, can you get yourself to your room?” 

“Yeah…yeah.” Cody waved Luka off. He was perched very awkwardly on the steps, still wearing his winter coat. 

Luka stepped around the other man and went up the steps without another word. He didn’t look back as he grabbed his beer off the table and bolted up the flight of stairs to his room. Once inside he locked the door and sat down on the bed feeling more than a bit confused. Had that really happened? Did Cody really just kiss him? 

Luka had so many questions floating in his mind. Was Cody gay or just really drunk? Or both? Was it some kind of weird accident? It didn’t feel like an accident. Cody seemed to very much on purpose pull Luka in for the kiss. The whole thing had been so strange. Luka had no issue with gay people. He always believed to each their own. Love was love, and sex was sex. Who was he to judge? However, Luka had never found himself attracted to men. He identified as straight.

Placing the semi cold bottle of beer to his lips Luka drank it all down in one go. He was going to continue his movie but changed his mind. He felt a bit confused and awkward. He decided to just go to sleep.

Sleep, however, didn’t end up being the escape he had hoped for. Luka’s night was plagued with sex dreams, but of course not his usual sex dreams. Luka dreamed of having sex with Cody. 

Luka tossed and turned and woke up several times. He couldn’t believe the dreams he was having, and what was worse was every single time he woke up his cock was raging hard. It was so bad in fact that it was hard to get back to sleep. He wanted to jerk off, but he felt uncomfortable doing so after his dreams. 

It wasn’t that Luka was at all homophobic. He really wasn’t. He just felt awkward and confused. He tried his best to ignore his rock hard cock and went fitfully back to sleep. It was seven in the morning when he finally gave up. The room was still mostly dark, but he was wide awake and once again absolutely rock hard. 

Luka knew the only way he was going to get some relief was to cum. He was already naked under his blankets since he just couldn’t stand sleeping in clothes. He reached down and slowly began stroking himself. Immediately Luka felt himself relax a little. He needed to cum. His balls felt full and tight. He stroked himself up and down almost leisurely. It felt good. Of course not as good as sinking into a hot wet pussy, but still very good. 

Pre cum began to leak from the tip of his cock. Luka used this to lubricate the head and shaft as he began to stroke himself a little more firmly and a little faster. He grunted softly to himself, mindful that he needed to be relatively quiet. 

Closing his eyes tight he thought back to the last time he had had a really good fuck. She had been a hot redhead he had picked up in a bar. That had been six months ago though, and Luka was really getting the itch to fuck. Jerking off was great as a short term solution, but he needed sex. 

A short time later Luke came hard with a guttural grunt. He tried to keep it as quiet as possible, but it just felt so good to get some release. His hot cum blasted in spurts onto his stomach and chest. He had needed this. He had needed to just let go and make a mess. Cum hard and let it land where it may land. It felt extremely good to do that. He lay there for a short while just breathing deeply and enjoying the aftermath of his orgasm. He finally felt a little more relaxed. 


Luka was showered and starving. He made his way quietly to the kitchen, since he was pretty certain Cody would still be in bed sleeping off the booze he had consumed. So, it was a bit of a surprise when he found Cody in the kitchen preparing to make some breakfast himself. 

“Oh, hey. Good morning.” Luka stammered. He didn’t make eye contact at first. Instead he pretended to be really interested in the grain of the granite counter top. 

“Morning. Hope I didn’t wake you.” Cody replied. 

“Nope, been up for a bit.” Cody rubbed his hand on the back of his neck. He was thinking maybe he should just step out for breakfast. 

“I was so hammered last night. Sorry if I was obnoxious.” Cody sliced open a pound of bacon. “Want some breakfast?” 

“Uhh yeah, that sounds good.” Luka paused, and then added. “You weren’t obnoxious. It’s all good.” It was a white lie. 

“Cool.” Cody said simply and that was that. It was like the kiss had never happened. In fact, Luka was almost certain he had imagined it. Of course he had imagined it. 

The two men worked together to make bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns and toast. Then then they sat down together and ate. They both had heaping plates, and both ate heartily. “You got a hangover at all, man?” 

“Nah, I never get hangovers. I’m fucking tired though.” Cody forked a big mouthful of scrambled eggs into his mouth. Luka found himself watching Cody a little. He tried not to be obvious about it. 

The other man was good looking. Luka wasn’t attracted to him or anything, but he could admit when a dude was good looking. Cody had green eyes, framed by thick dark lashes. He kept his wavy dark hair medium length, and his skin was a nice olive complexion. He was fit, but not over the top muscular. Nice smile, straight teeth. Luka wondered why Cody was single. 

“Lucky.” Luka said simply as he polished off his bacon. 

“But, sometimes when I’m drunk I do stupid shit.” Cody said softly. Luka mumbled unintelligibly in response. He wasn’t entirely sure what to say, but he was thinking of how Cody had kissed him. Was that what Cody was referring to? 

“Like…I might even try to kiss a straight guy.” Cody shrugged but kept his eyes on his plate. 

“Oh.” Luka said simply. He was still at a loss for words. He noted Cody’s use of “straight guy”. Was he implying he himself wasn’t straight? Luka was curious, but didn’t know how to politely ask, so he just didn’t.

“Yeah. Sorry about that.” Now Cody looked up and his green eyes met Luka’s brown eyes. They stared at each other for several long seconds before Luka looked away. He could feel heat rise up from his neck to his face. 

“Don’t worry about it, man.” He bit and chewed a piece of toast. 

They ate together for several excruciatingly long minutes in awkward silence. Finally Luka had to ask, “Are you…umm…are you…gay?” 

There was more long awkward silence, and Luka felt like an asshole for asking. He was pretty certain that Cody wasn’t going to answer when the other man stood up and walked to the sink with his plate. “I am.” Cody said very quietly as he stood over the sink. 

“Ah okay.” was all Luka could think to say. 

“I had no right to try to kiss you.” Cody said by way of apology again. 

“No, really. It’s okay.” Sure it had been weird, but Luka wasn’t going to get all bent out of shape over a drunk kiss. Cody was cool, and he was a good landlord. Also, the rent was fair; the house was nice. Luka didn’t want to fuck up a good thing by getting all weird over a drunk kiss. “Why don’t we just forget it ever happened, what do you say?” 

“Yeah, good plan.” Cody agreed. 

Luka offered to take care of the dishes, and Cody went back to bed for a few hours. 


A week went by. Neither Luka nor Cody brought up the drunken Christmas night. Everything went back to normal between them, except Luka couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss. He couldn’t quite stop thinking about Cody. In fact he was even still having the occasional sexual dream about himself and Cody. He would wake up confused, and as hard as a rock. 

One evening Luka even found himself checking out Cody’s ass while they were both in the kitchen together. Did Cody have a nice ass? Luka kind of thought he might, but what did he know? He wasn’t really attracted to men. Or was he? He had never felt so anxious, distracted and confused in his life. Maybe he was just lonely and really needed to find a woman to fuck. 

Late that same night Luka went online before bed. He found some gay porn. He selected one, but hesitated before clicking play. He hovered his mouse over the play button. He wanted to test himself. See if this appealed to him. But he was scared at the same time. What if it did appeal to him? What if he liked it? What if he found himself turned on? 

It wasn’t that Luka would feel ashamed to be gay or bi or whatever. It was just scary to have always been so certain of your orientation and desires, but then suddenly find yourself curious and confused. Holding his breath he clicked play. He had the sound muted, but the porn began to play. They didn’t waste any time starting with a dick sucking scene right out the gate. 

Luka watched but skeptically. This couldn’t possibly be sexy to him. This wouldn’t turn him on. He liked a pretty woman sucking his cock. Yet, he watched on. He felt his cock stir in his boxers. The guy sucking really seemed to know how to suck. He could really deep throat a dick. Luka resisted the urge to rub his cock through his cotton boxers. 

Of course as the scene played on the two men ended up fucking. They did the deed doggy style. Luka was fully hard. Raging hard was maybe a better description of the state his cock was in. He was beyond excited with his heart pounding and his breathing fast and shallow. He stood and quickly removed his boxers. He needed to make himself cum. 

Luka sat back down and began to stroke himself, but the movie ended. He scrambled and clicked quickly to find another. The scenes were similar but different porn actors. Didn’t matter much to Luka, as he was so engrossed in what the two men were doing together. 

He couldn’t help but imagine being the man sucking cock, and then being that man when he took a cock up his ass. Luka couldn’t be sure he would enjoy it, but he also couldn’t deny that the idea of trying appealed to him. It more than appealed to him. He suddenly craved it. 

Without thinking, Luka stood up and grabbed his robe. He wrapped it around his naked body and made his way out of his room and down the hall to the master bedroom. He could hear the sound of a TV playing softly from within the room. He knocked very softly and held his breath. He could hear Cody moving and then the soft sound of his foot fall as he came to open the bedroom door. 

“Oh hey, Luka. Is something wrong?” Cody’s face was casual concern, as if Luka had just come to report a minor plumbing issue or something equally mundane. 

“No…uh…” Luka licked his lips and shifted from foot to foot. “I…uh…”

Cody’s eyes seemed to light with some kind of knowledge. He nodded once, probably to himself. “Did you want to come in, Luka?” 

Luka nodded and stepped around Cody and into the Master bedroom for the first time. The room was quite large with the same hardwood floors that ran throughout the house. A massive king sized bed dominated the room. It had burgundy sheets, a grey duvet and lots of pillows. There was a bathroom off to the left, and covered windows to the right. The huge TV sat on a TV stand across from the bottom of the bed. 

Luka felt nervous, and his mouth was dry. He looked back at Cody who hadn’t really moved after closing the bedroom door. “I shouldn’t be bothering you.” Luka said weakly. 

“You came here for a reason, Luka.” Cody’s face was open and understanding. He knew why Luka was there, even if Luka couldn’t form the words. 

“I…well…” Luka stammered.

“Listen, there’s no pressure here. You can go back to your room and we will forget this ever happened. The choice is yours, Luka.” 

Luka looked at Cody imploringly, “I just have needs I have never had before. I don’t understand them, and they scare me a little…”

“Ah yeah…I recall that very well. Look, I think you’re attractive, Luka. I would welcome you into my bed, but I won’t rush you or force you. If you’re still confused, maybe you’re not ready. In fact maybe you’ll never be ready. You can stay with me tonight, or you can go. We won’t make an issue of it either way.” 

Luka moved toward the door. It was probably better he leave. He wasn’t ready for this. Cody was probably right and he would never be ready for this. So what he got hard during a porn video of men fucking, that didn’t make him gay. It probably only made him human. He went to pass Cody and reach for the door, when he paused. He stood rooted and looked into Cody’s eyes. He couldn’t leave. 

“I need…” Luka sputtered, as the men stood only feet apart. Cody didn’t move. 

“What do you need?” Cody asked softly. 

“I need you.” 

Cody moved forward and swept Luka into his strong embrace, it felt different but not bad or wrong. It was different but good. This time when Cody’s lips came to Luka’s lips he kissed back with pure abandon. Their tongues found each other and danced together. Luka liked how the other man tasted. He also liked how Cody moved him toward the bed. He needed this little nudge. He needed Cody to take charge. 

Cody brought Luka to the bed giving Luka no choice but to sit on the high mattress. His legs were parted to let Cody near enough to not break their kiss. There was no protest from Luka when Cody reached between them and untied the bathrobe. The fabric fell open and Cody’s hands made their way to Luka’s exposed skin. He ran his hands over Luka’s chest and stomach. He reach around and stroked Luka’s back while placing sweet warm kisses down the side of Luka’s neck. 

Luka moved his head to the side to give Cody better access to kiss his neck. It felt amazing, and Luka moaned when Cody’s lips made their way to the sensitive skin behind his ear. These were moves that Luka had often made with women, but for some reason few women ever did them to him. His breath hissed as Cody’s hands came back around and played over his hard nipples. His cock was heavy and so hard between his legs. 

Cody was still wearing boxers and a -t-shirt which was too much clothes in Luka’s estimation. “Can I see you?” 

Cody pulled back. His breathing was fast and shallow like Luka’s. He nodded and took a step back. Cool air pooled where Cody had been making Luka feel impossibly overheated. Luka watched as Cody pulled off his t-shirt to reveal a nicely toned chest, and well defined abs. He had known his housemate worked out, but he hadn’t realized just what good shape he was in. 

Luka’s breath hitched in his chest and he bit his lower lip hard as Cody hooked his thumbs in his boxers and tugged them down his long legs. When he stood back up, Luka got his first look at Cody’s package. Cody’s cock was magnificent, much like the rest of him, with it’s thick rounded head, and long thick shaft. It made Luka’s blood run even hotter, though he hadn’t thought that possible. His balls were full, heavy and rounded. 

Not knowing what he was supposed to do, Luka stood and began lowering himself to the floor. He would suck Cody’s cock. He hadn’t ever done that before, but he knew what felt good to him so he would attempt to do that. 

“Easy, Tiger.” Cody said gently. His voice was deep and full of desire. Luka flushed a little, but stood when Cody offered his hand to help him up. “Let’s try something else. I know this is all new to you.” 

“Yeah, it is.” Luka’s voice shook a little. It was partly nerves, but mostly pent-up lust that caused the tremble. 

Cody climbed onto the bed with his head near the pillows, and then looked to Luka. “Climb up, but put yourself the opposite way. You know…classic sixty-nine.” 

Luka smiled, and Cody grinned back. After they were both comfortably in position it was Cody that took the lead. He leaned in and wrapped his warm wet mouth around Luka’s now semi-hard cock. Luka’s cock grew fully hard again inside Cody’s mouth. Cody knew what he was doing and it felt incredible. Following Cody’s example, Luka leaned in and took the other man’s thick cock. First he wrapped his hand around the throbbing member, and then he brought his lips to it. 

Both men licked, sucked and slurped the other’s cock. Luka loved the feel of a cock in his mouth. Correction, Luka loved the feel of Cody’s cock in his mouth. The hardness of it, and yet it was silky smooth. The taste as it slid deeper into his mouth. The occasional dribbles of pre-cum. 

Eventually, Luka found himself becoming more and more distracted by Cody’s expert mouth. Cody moved and changed position so he was now down between Luka’s parted legs. Cody was sucking Luka as if he had an agenda, and all Luka could do was grab the sheets, moan, pant and grunt like he had never done before. 

“Cody…,man…I’m…I’m gonna…you might wanna…” 

“Don’t hold back, Luka…fucking cum for me!” Cody growled before stuffing Luka’s throbbing cock back into his hot wet mouth. 

Cody worked Luka’s cock into his throat and swallowed on it. His tongue did amazing things to the underside of Luka’s shaft. Luka reached down and pushed his hands into Cory’s thick wavy hair. All of his muscles bunched and tensed as he teetered right on the brink of his impending orgasm. Cody’s mouth sucked harder, and Luka believed the other man was sincerely attempting to suck the hot cum right out of his balls. He wouldn’t have to try any longer. With a loud guttural sounds Luka released his hot cum into Cody’s eager mouth. 

Cody swallowed it all, and moved up beside Luka. He wrapped his strong arms around the other man. For a long time the men lay tangled, both breathing deeply and both basking in what they had just shared. Cody would place sweet kisses on Luka’s cheek or neck. Luka had assumed intimacy like this with another man would feel weird or awkward, but instead found it to be calming and enticing. He wanted more. He wanted Cody to make love to him. 

“You need to cum too.” Luka said softly. He didn’t want to disturb the feeling of bliss that flowed between them. 

“I will. Don’t worry about me.” 

“I should help you…”

“Nah don’t worry about me. This was a big step for you tonight. Are you sure you’re ready for more?” Cody asked almost lovingly. Luka responded to the tenderness in the other man’s voice. He thrived under it. He craved more. As much as he had convinced himself he didn’t need affection, he now found himself craving it more than anything, and from this man in his arms. 

“I want to make love with you.” Luka replied earnestly. “I’m ready… for that… with you.”

Luka wasn’t sure he was ready, but his words sounded convincing to him. He knew he wanted more. He knew he wanted Cody, but was he really ready to let Cody take him? Where you ever really ready for anything? Sometimes you just had to try and see where it goes. Cody’s eyes reflected doubts. 

“Luka, don’t do anything just because you think I need to cum. I’m fine.” 

Luka shook his head side to side, “No, I want this. I want this with you.” 

Cody didn’t argue any further. Instead he brought his lips down on Luka’s and kissed him with a passion that left Luka dizzy. In his day, Luka, had kissed many women, and they had been very good kisses. But, nothing – absolutely nothing – compared to how Cody’s kisses made Luka feel. As the kiss continued and deepened, Cody’s hands ran down Luka’s body causing his skin to heat everywhere he touched. When Cody’s hand found Luka’s cock it was already engorged and rock hard despite having just cum. 

Cody pulled back slightly, “I guess you do want me.”

“I do.” Luka managed to get out beyond the thickness in his throat. He was scared. He couldn’t deny that fact. This felt like a huge step. It wasn’t that long ago he had considered himself completely straight, and now here he was in Cody’s bed and asking this other man to make love to him. It felt foreign but right, and that was something else that Luka couldn’t deny. 

Dipping his head, Cody placed tender kisses on Cody’s chest. Luka couldn’t help but wonder if the other man could feel his rapid heartbeat. Cody’s mouth curved with a sensual smile, that made Luka’s heart flutter even more in his chest. Damn but this man was sexy. The heated but tender kisses continued down Luka’s stomach and then lower, until once again Cody wrapped his lips around the head of of Luka’s cock. 

He almost protested. He wanted Cody to have pleasure now. Before he could even form a sentence, Cody’s mouth released him and continued lower. Luka had to spread his legs much further to accommodate Cody’s broad shoulders. It was like an electric jolt to Luka’s system when Cody’s soft wet tongue swiped over his asshole. No one had ever done that before! It felt incredible. Luka bunched the sheets in his fists and let go of one long, low growl. 

Cody must have liked the reaction he got, because his tongue became relentless working over and around Luka’s tight little pucker. And just when Luka didn’t think he could handle it anymore, Cody pushed his stiff wet tongue into Luka’s asshole. It was incredible, almost too incredible for words, and Luka arched his back and spurted one stream of cum onto his own stomach. It wasn’t a full on orgasm, but almost like an involuntary reaction. Whatever it was it left Luka stunned and breathless. 

Maybe sensing that Luka needed a moment to compose himself, Cody crawled up between his lover’s legs. He brought kisses all the way back up Luka’s heated body and then was once again kissing Luka’s mouth with ravenous hunger. Between Luka’s spread legs Cody rubbed his cock over Luka’s cock. Both were super hard and wet with pre-cum. He wanted to spend more time driving Luka crazy, but he needed him. He needed to be inside him. He needed his own release almost like he needed his next breath. 

“If you’re still completely sure I am going to grab a condom and lube. Are you still okay, Luka?” 

Luka had no words. He was still trying to catch his breath, so instead he simply nodded enthusiastically. Then he lay back concentrating on regulating his breathing and heart rate as Cody leaned to the left and rummaged in his side table. He came up with a condom, which Luka watched him roll onto his long thick cock. Could that whole cock fit inside him? He sure hoped so, and he sure as hell was going to try. 

After the condom was on, Cody grabbed a bottle of lube. He squirted a generous amount onto his fingers and then stroked it onto his covered cock. After he was sufficiently coated, Cody then squeezed more onto his fingers and reached between Luka’s wide spread legs. The lubricant felt cool and wet as his fingers glided over Luka’s asshole. 

“I am going to loosen you a little and lubricate you fully with my finger. Just take deep breathes and try to relax. It feels awkward and a bit uncomfortable for the first twenty seconds or so, but once your body gets accustomed to the sensation it feels pretty good.” 

“Okay.” Luka’s voice trembled a little bit. He took a deep breath as Luka’s finger pressed against his back opening. 

Luka was surprised that it didn’t hurt. Cody had been right it did feel a bit awkward and weird. He forced himself to relax and remain calm. Cody’s finger slid beyond the tight anal muscle, and it actually did feel good once Luka got used to it being there. Cody added more lube and fingered Luka’s asshole until it felt relaxed and slippery. 

“You’re as ready as you’ll ever be…” Cody was breathless with his excitement. This mirrored how Luka was feeling. 

On instinct alone, Luka lifted his knees and pulled them back a little. This raised his ass a bit off the bed. Cody reached a nicely muscled arm down between them and took his cock in his hand. He guided the head to Luka’s awaiting back entrance. He teased Luka for a moment with the tip of his rubber covered cock. 

Luka’s stomach muscles were bunched tight. He didn’t know what to expect. Would it hurt? Would it feel incredible? Did this one act change him in some monumental way? A slow hiss of air escaped between his clenched teeth, but he hadn’t realized he had been clenching his jaw. Cody was pressing the head of his cock against Luka’s tight pucker. Slowly, Luka’s body allowed Cody entry and then Luka couldn’t think anymore. 

His mind was a whirlwind. This was it. This was the big act. The head of Cody’s big cock stretched him open and held him that way as Cody paused to allow Luka to adjust. The sensations were consuming, and Luka just wanted more. He wanted Cody buried inside him. “More.” he somehow managed to grunt. 

Cody pressed his hips forward and his cock sunk deeper into Luka’s virgin asshole. In unison the two men moaned as Cody slid in until he was buried as deeply as he could get. Luka concentrated on his breathing. Cody was right, this felt uncomfortable at first. Not painful exactly, but just strange. Luka was just about to ask Cody to pull out when the man swooped down and caught Luka’s parted lips in a searing kiss. 

As they kissed, Luka stopped thinking about the discomfort, and Cody began to slowly fuck Luka. He was gentle and he took slow short strokes in and out of Luka’s stretched asshole. When he finally released Luka’s kiss swollen lips, Luka had totally forgotten about any discomfort and only felt complete heady pleasure. Pleasure that was rooted deep inside him. A pleasure he had never ever experienced before, and way surpassed any previous sexual enjoyment he had ever experienced. 

Cody’s rhythm was not frenzied or hurried at all, but soon Luka found himself wanting more. He wanted Cody to really fuck him. “Fuck me…Cody…really fuck me…” he pleaded. 

He didn’t have to ask twice. Cody increased his speed, and sunk into Luka’s ass faster and harder. Luka’s insides turned to liquid heat, and all he could do now was moan. Cody’s thick cock not only fit him perfectly; it also stroked over these amazing places Luka hadn’t had any idea existed. Of course he had heard that anal play was good for men, but he had never really given it a lot of thought. Occasionally, he had wondered about maybe using a toy back there, but then forgot the notion as quickly as he had thought it 

Luka floated on his pleasure. It pooled within him and radiated outward. It all felt so good that he didn’t even have the desire to reach between them and stroke himself. He had this immense about of sheer sexual satisfaction all without even touching his cock. It was mind blowing. 

Luka vaguely noticed that Cody was breathing fast maybe even panting. He was grunting hard with each push in of his cock. Cody needed to cum. Once Luka noticed, he could sense Cody’s increasing need for release. 

“Cum…cum for me…” he rasped. 

Cody’s eyes met Luka’s and locked. The men stared into each other’s eyes and so much passed there without so much as a word. Cody’s thrusts became frantic, and his eyes were stormy with desire. He was really pounding himself into Luka’s fully stretched asshole now. The biggest surprise though for Luka, was that he felt the same storm building inside himself. Without so much as caressing his cock he was going to orgasm. 

Cody’s climax came on a roar. If someone was listening and didn’t realize that Cody was in the throes of release and passion they might have thought he was in the most exquisite pain. Sometimes the two were a fine line. As Cody came hard Luka did the same, shooting rope after rope of his hot cum onto them both. 

Cody collapsed onto Luka with his full satiated weight. Luka enjoyed the sensation of the other man on him. He loved their chest heaving together. He even loved the sticky wetness of his cum between them. His asshole felt good and used, but didn’t hurt. Overall, he felt euphoric and as if he had finally put the last puzzle piece into place. It was a good feeling. An incredible feeling actually. 

Cody eventually rolled off to allow Luka to breath more easily. “Are you good?” 

“Better than good.” Luka said with awe in his voice. 

Cody rolled to his side and propped his head on his crooked arm, “No regrets?” 

Luka rolled his head to the side to fully look at his landlord cum lover. “Only regret is I didn’t do this with you sooner.” 

There was a comfortable silence as they both reflected on what they had just done together. 

“I kind of barged in on you here.” Luka said feeling slightly shy. He had been so horny and so needed when he had knocked on Cody’s door. He hadn’t even thought about the fact that the other man might not have been interested. A drunk kiss one night didn’t necessarily equal a lust for more. 

“I was beyond excited to find you at my door in your robe.” Cody confessed. He leaned over and pressed his lips to Luka’s shoulder. “So, what I am wondering now is…” 

“Yes?” Luka prompted. 

“Will you be staying the night?” Cody looked hopeful and Luka’s heart swelled. 

“I’d like to.” 

“Good…so will you stay tomorrow night too and maybe a few nights after that?” Cody’s eyes danced playfully. 

Luka lifted himself and he and Cody shifted into a natural kiss. When their lips parted their faces remained very close. “I’d really like that.” Luka whispered. It was a start of something beautiful. Luka could feel it in his soul.

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