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Lessons of Love

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Benny loved her. Always had, ever since he met her nearly a year ago. Sometimes he would lay awake in his bed, at home looking up at the ceiling where dappled shadows played during moonlit nights. He would slip out of his shorts and hold his cock in his hand, and conjure her up in his mind. Her dark hair would swirl about her face and her large green eyes would twinkle as her lusciously thick lips curved up in a joyous smile revealing her perfect white teeth. Sometimes his imagination would allow him a glimpse of creamy white breasts swelling from the top of her low cut blouse, and sometimes he could even make the blouse vanish.

Then his cock would swell nicely in his hand until he felt it as a thick hard pillar of manhood. His hand would begin to work slowly at first, moving up and down, gaining rhythm and speed as he held the image of her milky tits with rosy nipples standing erect and proud at their summit. Of course he’d never seen her breasts in their naked splendor, but he’d read enough Playboy and Mayfair magazines to be able to fill in those details. He would dream and fondle in the darkness until he climaxed and his hot cum would spurt upwards to fall back, pleasantly warm and sticky onto his belly. He’d sigh, then slip into a pleasant sleep wherein they would cuddle and hug and kiss…

She was unaware of Benny’s feelings for her. She liked him, of course. He was a pleasant, if gangly eighteen year old with a sweep of blonde hair that always seemed in need of combing. His chin sported a wisp of fine beard as soft as down and he had the most attractive cheeky smile! The way he curled one side of his mouth into a dimple would be enough to win any girl’s heart, if she was any girl and if she was taking particular notice. Of course Benny seemed always to be the one approaching her when the others were dissipating to pursue other pressing engagements. Not that she minded. She was fond of them all and wished each of them their happiness.

Today was the first day of spring and Mother Nature had really turned it on. A great panorama of blue sky, fluffy white clouds and golden sunshine hung over a world freshly awakened from its winter sleep. The scent of flowers hung in the air while birds chirped and bees hummed the melody of the new season.

* * * * *

Susan Langmeyer glanced out of the window and watched the gardener in his faded blue bib overalls as he dragged the hose across the lawn, positioning it to get the maximum benefit from the sprinkler. Even at this distance she could see his well-toned muscles as he wrestled the 50-yard long anaconda that was the heavy weight rubber hose.

Someone had told her he was 42 years old and recently single. She sighed. Three weeks shy of her own 40th birthday, at 39 she had been divorced for six years and unattached for the last two. Somewhere deep in her soul a silent sob of sadness almost drew a gray cloud over her day, but she shrugged it away angrily and grabbed the first of a mountain of paperwork, settling herself in her chair in preparation for the task ahead that would see her leaving well after twilight set in.

When the door clicked Susie frowned and looked up. Any interruption would keep her here even longer and tonight she looked forward to a quiet night with her cat, her television and a large bag of crisps. She watched the door open slowly, unable to make out the person through the frosted glass panel that dominated the top half. He stepped into the room with a youthful spring that made him seem to be walking on a waterbed or on the floor of one of those huge blow-up castles one sees at the fair. Susie let her smile spread as she straightened in her chair. Work or not, she always had time for one of her boys.

Benny approached the desk and favored Susie with one of his charming grins, causing the loveable dimple to manifest on the left side of his mouth.

“Um, not interrupting or anything, Miss?” That was Benny, always formal and polite. He was a good kid.

“No, actually I was just reading through these papers. What can I do to help?”

Benny looked down at his shoes a few moments, swinging his right foot in a short arc, causing his rubber sneaker sole to squeak as it brushed the linoleum.

“Just wondering if you could advise me of something.”

Susie sat back, her eyes studying the boy. He was athletic looking like a greyhound, full of boundless energy and ready to run. There were a few freckles left over from childhood, but the man was emerging in that handsome face.
”Of course, Benny. If I possibly can, I will.”

“Well. Its about girls and stuff.”

Oh my God! Susie thought. He’s going to ask about the ‘birds and bees’.

“I like this girl, you see. She’s really beautiful and I’ve loved her since I first saw her, but she doesn’t know. I mean, I think she likes me, and all that, but…”

He looked at her, waiting for a prompt.

“But she doesn’t love you?”

“I dunno. She never said. Maybe she would if she knew how I felt.”

“Have you told her how you feel, Benny?”

“Um. I try, but the words don’t want to come out.”

“So what you want to know is how you can tell her that you love her, huh?”

“Yeah. I am close to her and I feel all tingly and all that, and I just want to hug and kiss her but I don’t know how to start.”

“Well. You need to start by telling her how you feel. Then if she responds by saying she loves you too, maybe you should kiss her.”

“Um. I’ve never kissed a girl before other than my aunts and my mother, but that doesn’t really count huh?”

Susie laughed at that and put her hand out to pat his cheek. He really was handsome, and so young; so innocent. An exciting tingle thrilled through her as she felt the warmth of his cheek and the soft touch of his hitherto unshaved beard.

“It isn’t such a hard thing to learn, Benny. You just put your lips on hers and let nature guide you from there.”

“I’d love to kiss her. You know, just kiss her. Not say anything, because I know I’d screw that up.”

Susie was still bubbling inside from his cute ‘…but that doesn’t count’ remark so she replied instinctively and, in retrospect, rather flippantly.

“Well you can always try that. It may work.” “You think it’ll work?”

”Maybe. It is certainly a romantic way to say you love her.”

“Well, ok. I’ll try it then.” And Benny kissed her smack on the lips. It wasn’t a long kiss, just a quick brushing of lips really, but she felt as if he’d touched her with a cattle prod causing a tingling bolt to travel through her to her toes. In the momentary confusion she felt dampness welling within her pussy and her heart raced wildly.

“Oh, Benny. I mean that you should try it with the girl you love.”

He grinned, the dimple appearing prominently in his left cheek. “I just did.”

* * * * *

Susie gasped a couple of breaths, her hand slapping her breast above her heart as she fought to steady herself from the effects of that emotional assault. Thoughts raced; a boy young enough to be her son professing love for her? And he had such cute buns too. But it would be wrong…wouldn’t it? Somewhere in the maelstrom of her confusion a quick fantasy of him humping her wildly made her pussy contract hungrily but her rational mind was already preparing the gentle rebuff that would cool his amour.

“Oh, Benny. I am so flattered…” ‘But…’ her mind prompted. Say the ‘but’. She glanced down the length of his body, all wiry muscle and youthful energy. She hadn’t had sex other than with her battery powered ‘toy’ for just over a year. Her lips squeezed together to form the ‘b’, then her desire over-rode it and again she smiled at him.

“You really mean it? You have loved me all this time?”

“ I think you are stunningly beautiful, Miss, and I have dreams about you.” He reddened a little and looked at his shoes briefly, but then locked his eyes on hers. “Naughty, erotic dreams.”

Susie wanted to admonish him, tell him it was not right for him to talk to her about erotic dreams, but the notion excited her so much that she could only smile up at him. She had taken his hand at sometime and now she pressed it to her breast, feeling his hot palm against her nipple.

”Oh Bennie. That is so romantic. I would love to know about those dreams. Do you want to tell me?”

“Well…They’re kind of …um…involving sex and stuff.”

”You and me?” She was using his hand to rub her nipple, which responded, growing firm and pushing against the fabric of her blouse.

“Yeah. You’re naked and we’re on a grassy bank near a stream. I am kneeling between your legs with this huge boner…”

“Hmmm…A huge boner huh, Benny?” She had lowered her voice to a throaty whisper and her free hand strayed up his leg, groping for his youthful balls. “Have you got a huge boner now?”

“Um. You bet.” Benny grinned wider and stepped a little closer to let Susie’s hand do its magic. He had felt her nipple harden beneath his palm and although he was well aware of what he felt, it was the first time in his life he’d ever touched a girl’s breast.

“Oh dear. Can I touch it?” Her fingers were already working on his zipper, tugging down the little toggle to disengage the teeth. His shorts bulged from the created opening under the pressure of his swelling cock.

“Oh, Benny!”

Susie reached inside his shorts and grasped the hard shaft drawing it out into the open. A swollen purple head popped free and behind it, a good seven inches of thick, hard shaft that towered from two lovely round balls. Already a large dewdrop of pre-cum glistened at the eye. She looked up at his face and saw his eyes were closed while his mouth had relaxed into a sloppy grin.

“Have you ever done anything with a girl before, Benny?” She whispered.

“Ooooh…No Miss. Never, but I read about stuff.”

“Hmmmm…And looked at pictures no doubt?” By now she had her hand around his shaft and was squeezing it gently, rhythmically, marveling at how hard and vibrant it felt in her hands. Oh, it had been such a long time since she held a cock in her hand.

“Um…some pictures too, yes.”

“And what pictures do you like best, Benny? You like big breasts with hard nipples? You like pictures of a girl’s pussy?”

Her hand moved gently up and down in a slow stroke as she spoke. Up above she had let go of his hand because by now he was fingering her nipple, pinching it between his thumb and finger, rolling it and rubbing it through the thin cloth of her blouse and the silky cloth of her bra.

“Um…I like tits…um, I mean breasts…yes. And pussy too.”

“Ooooh…yes. You can say ‘tits’ Benny. Have you ever been with a naked girl, Benny?”

Her free hand had come down and cupped his balls as she stroked him with the other, carefully controlling her speed and touch to ensure he wouldn’t cum too soon. Young men inevitably did cum too soon, but she would try and prolong the moment as best she could.

“No Miss. Never had the opportunity.”

“I bet you’d like to though, huh? Would you, Benny?”

Susie leaned forward and licked her tongue across the tip of his cock tasting the sweet nectar of his precum before sitting back again and looking up at him, smiling her naughtiest smile. “You know you can tell me anything about your desires, don’t you?”

Benny swallowed hard. His hand had found its way through the buttons of her blouse and up under her silky bras. He had her tit cupped in his hand with a finger on her nipple, stroking it back and forth.

“Well it would be kinda cool, I guess.”

“Ok, hold on a while then…”

She let go of him and withdrew his hand gently from under her blouse. Susie stood up facing him. She came about three inches short of his height that way and so still had to look up to match his gaze. Slowly she picked apart the buttons on her blouse until it fell open, revealing her full and ample breasts. The bra cup had slipped back down when Benny removed his hand and now they both were once more covered in black silk with ebony bumps where her nipples jutted out. Shrugging out of the blouse, she reached behind and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. Now she paused, dressed only in her black panties and bra, standing cock-kneed before the youth-soon-to-be-a-man.
”Now you, Benny. Fair is fair.” Her finger pointed at his shirt and trousers in turn, her head tossed to one side.

Benny kept his eyes fixed on her face as he unbuttoned his shirt. With a shrug and a toss it ended up in a pile on the floor. Then in a quick, ungainly motion he threw off shoes, socks and pants almost in one movement. Naked he was magnificent with a cock that strained to reach the ceiling jutting proudly from a bush of sandy hair.

Susie admired him for several moments then smiled seductively. “You want to see my bare tits Benny? Then you must undo my bra.”

* * * * *

He moved around behind her and fumbled with the catch. She arched her back a little to slacken the strap and waited patiently for him to figure out how the catch worked. Suddenly the bra came away and fell to the ground, letting her tits pop free.

”They are all yours honey.” She whispered, turning to face him. Benny’s eyes bulged as he took his first ever look at a pair of perfect, creamy tits with big strawberry nipples only inches from his face. He licked his lips nervously and reached out with trembling hands.
”Yes, baby. Touch them. Feel them. Take them in your mouth.”

By now Susie had her ass pressed against her desk, bending slightly backwards while Benny had closed in to her. He was massaging and fondling her tits, licking and sucking on her nipples while his cock pressed against her panties, nudging against her pussy lips as if trying to get in. Susie moaned at the sweet, thrilling touch of his hands and lips on her tits. Tingling jolts of desire coursed though her body and she felt her pussy dripping with love juice.

”What about my pussy, Benny. Do you want to see that too?”

”Ooooh Miss. Can I? Mmmmm…I can feel it through your panties with my cock.”
”Yes. Benny. My pussy is yours to play with.”

He slipped his hands into the waistband of her panties over each hip and thrust them down as far as he could. Susie lifted each knee in turn and soon she had them off, kicking them onto the floor. Now she wore nothing at all except for her high heels and she realized she felt like a Goddess in her nakedness.

”Ooooh yes, Benny. Now you can look at a real woman’s pussy.”

Benny dropped to one knee as she spread her legs. Dark curly hairs parted to show him the pink vertical grin of her wet pussy. Pussy lips gaped giving him full view of her hard clit and waiting tunnel from which the juices were trickling wetly.

He reached out and put his finger into her groove, slipping it down until the tip dipped into her love trench.

”Mmmmmm…Deeper, lover. Stroke your finger inside me and make me cum.”

It was a heavenly feeling after all the lonely nights alone with her cat. Benny started awkwardly, one finger slipping in and out of her cunt though without much finesse but he learned quickly.

”Oh, baby! That’s nice. Use more fingers and use your thumb on my clit.”

”Clit?” Benny asked, his voice thick with passion as he played with her pussy.
”Yes, honey. Here, let me show you…” Susie placed her own finger on her clit, rubbing it gently in a rolling motion, thrusting her hips forward so he could see that little button being stimulated under her busy finger.

Benny took over using his thumb and at the same time pushed another finger deep into her honey pot.

”Oh, Miss Langmeyer! This feels so good.”

Susie was somewhere on cloud nine. Her body tingled and shuddered under the sensuous stimulation in her pussy. She took Benny’s face in her hands and kissed his mouth, probing deeply with her tongue. After a while she whispered into his ear.

”Would you like to fuck me, Benny?”

He didn’t speak, but nodded his head, his summer blue eyes looking wide and deep into her big green ones. He was trembling now, sexual excitement stimulating the flow of testosterone his body knew it would need to complete the coupling. Benny’s cock was throbbing almost painfully, so pumped up and ready that it was fit to burst.

”I want your cock. Please fuck me Benny.”

There was no hesitation from Benny. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and moved his hips to line up with her wet slot. His rampant cock was dripping with precum, ready to burrow into her hot, gaping pussy. Benny wriggled himself into position feeling his swollen knob slip between her pink lips. He thrust his cock in hard for the first ride of his life. No guy ever forgets his first fuck, and Benny was sure this one would be stenciled on his brain until Judgment Day.

At first he felt his shaft sliding against the damp, but oddly silky walls of Miss Langmeyer’s pussy then with a bump his balls crushed up against her. Deep inside of her his cock thrummed with sexual tension. Next Benny felt her pussy close around his cock, gripping it like a glove. Then she began tensing and relaxing in such a way it felt as if his shaft was being sucked.

She’d embraced him, pulling him up against her enormous tits, and now her eager lips closed over his mouth. They kissed with tongues entwined and her hips began to move, thrusting back and forth. Benny countered that thrust until they had a rhythm going and he felt his cock slide in and out of her, his balls banging into her pussy on each forward stroke.

Benny was young. He was athletically fit and so full of energy he could go all night, but he was also a virgin and the overwhelming sensations that thrilled through his cock brought him to climax after only a short time. He felt the deep, throbbing sensation in the pit of his stomach. His balls contracted and he knew he was going to blow his load.
”Oh, Miss Langmeyer! I think I am going to cum.” He whispered hoarsely. Instinctively he tried to withdraw his cock but she grabbed the cheeks of his ass in both hands and pulled him hard into her so that his last thrust rammed home even deeper than before. Pussy muscles clenched around the shaft as he let loose his first shot. His cock pulsed and squirted shot after shot of sweet cum deep inside her. Susie closed her eyes and reveled in the thrilling feel of hot sticky jizz splashing her pussy walls so deep in her it felt like fine liquor in her belly. She held him in tight, her own orgasm making her pussy suck and quiver against his shaft, her cum flooding her, mixing with his and dripping down his shaft.

”Oh yes! Oh, Benny…Benny…BenNY BENNY!!!”

Her sweet voice changed tone and octave until it was his mother’s voice calling him in that familiarly loud, almost-a-scream tone she used each morning.

Benny saw Miss Langmeyer dissolve the instant he opened his eyes. Sunlight snuck through the crack in the curtains illuminating his bedroom, heralding the new morning. His mother’s face peeked around the corner of the bedroom door, her lips smiling as she saw he had awakened.

”Hurry up, sleepy head. Breakfast is ready and you don’t want to be late for school.”

* * * * *

Spring is not a great time for a young man, especially a randy young man, to be learning advanced calculus or about the social structure in Outer Mongolia. It is a time of l’amour: a time of dreams where the love of a lady brings meaning to the day. Susie smiled at him and he could see straight down the front of her dress. Those big melons of hers called him. Her perfume caressed his senses and he knew she wanted to make love in the new-mown hay.

Mr. Potsworth was frowning at him over the rim of his glasses, his social studies book laying open in his hands. The man’s stare dragged Benny back to the stuffy classroom with its dull lessons. He sighed and glanced at the time. It was only 10:15am. Oh dear, he’d be old and gray before he got out of here today. Reluctantly he forced his mind back to Outer Mongolia.

* * * * *

Finally it came: that sweet sound heralding the end of a tedious day. The 4:15pm bell clattered in its off-key clamor releasing both students and faculty from their arduous tasks. Doors banged open and a thousand feet scurried down hallways seeking to escape into the afternoon sunshine.

Benny sighed his relief and sat back in his chair letting the big-handed clock above the whiteboard tick away ten minutes. The last period teacher, a sour old soul named Ms.Gelling (Mzzz…not Missus, not miss…and definitely not ma’am, but Mzzz. It sounded as if she should look like a mosquito instead of a prospective retiree when you used that as a title) gave him a disapproving stare then ignored him as she packed a small library of books into a Gladstone bag. Felix the Cat, Benny thought as he watched. He smiled at the image it created and he watched as she headed for the door. A few more minutes and all would be the way he liked; then it would be time for him to go.

He walked quickly along the deserted corridor. It was amazing how quickly everyone disappeared at the end of the day. One could use it as a measure of how much the whole school ‘thing’ endeared those whose fate it was to participate. Passing the principal’s office he saw the door was ajar. A quick peek without even breaking his stride showed the office was empty. Even the faculty lounge was deserted. Like walking through an ancient city populated only by the spirits of the dead, he thought. But he knew that the building was not deserted. There would be at least one person who hadn’t gone home.
She never went home this early.

* * * * *

Being careful was one thing Benny had a natural instinct for and he used it now as he checked each room along the corridor. That wasn’t too hard as most had the door flung back against the stopper, the interior of the room exposed like a wonton woman showing her wares to her lover. There was a slam somewhere deep in the building and a short burst of coughing echoed faintly, but it wasn’t anywhere near this floor.

He arrived at the door, a gray aluminum portal with a frosted glass panel that dominated its top half. One final glance to assure himself the hall was clear, and Benny twisted the handle.

Benny stepped into the room and saw Miss Langmeyer at her desk. She looked up from a pile of papers and smiled at him.

“Um, not interrupting or anything, Miss?”

“No, actually I was just reading through these papers. What can I do to help?”

Déjà vu! The next thing he was supposed to say would be ‘Just wondering if you could advise me of something.’ But he held his tongue. His mind raced as he approached her desk. She had such lovely black hair, like the sleek coat of a panther, and her green eyes accented the likeness to that black cat.

“I was just wondering…”

Damn, her smile was so sexy. His eyes flicked momentarily to her full bosom and he saw just a hint of silky black bra through the gap between the buttons of her blouse. She raised her eyebrow, waiting for him to finish.

“Um, do you believe in prophecy, Miss Langmeyer?” By this time he had reached her desk and was leaning his butt against it, hands supporting himself of the table edge. He was looking at her sideways and his grin, dimple and all, was calculated to charm her.

“Prophecy, Benny? I think so. What kind of prophecy are you referring to?” Always correct in her speech, that was Miss Langmeyer. Trim and proper school ma’am. She was the senior lecturer in English Literature with the looks of a Latin beauty and all the senior boys adored her. Except for Benny. Benny simply loved her deeply.

“You know, Miss Langmeyer. Dreams and stuff.”

“Hmmmm. Predicting future events by dreaming? I have read about that.”

“Well, do you think that such a thing happens?”

“There is many documented instances where it is purported to have happened. I do not know, Benny, but I do keep an open mind on the subject.”

”I had a dream last night.”

Susie sat back in her chair, her hand resting lightly on the desk. Her smile remained non-committal, not at all laughing at him. It gave Benny courage to go on.

“I love a someone very much, but she is not aware of it.” He began. “Have you told her?” She asked

“No. I guess I haven’t found the right opportunity.”

“Did your dream have something to do with your feelings for this girl?”

“Oh, everything. In my dream I kissed her, letting her know that it was her I loved.”

Susie raised her eyebrows and her smile widened, revealing her neat white teeth.

“Oh, that is so romantic! “

“So do you think I should try kissing her to let her know how I feel?”

“Oh, Benny. If she loves you too she would simply swoon. A handsome young man like you.”


Benny pushed himself off the desk and gathered her awkwardly in his arms, kissing her on the mouth. He did it much better than that first kiss in his dream. For an instant she pushed with her hands against him and even gave out a muffled ‘Mmmmmmfffff’ but slowly she relaxed. Her arms snaked around his shoulders and her lips parted, her tongue coming out to meet his. It was a long, salubrious kiss with twisting exploring tongues darting in and out. Benny felt her tits pressing against his chest the nipples hardening and he felt her begin to gently rub those lovely orbs against him.

When they finally broke for air Susie gasped, her arms still flung around his neck.

“Oh my! That girl you are after will simply melt in your arms if you kiss her like that.”

“Um…You are that girl, miss Langmeyer. You are the one I love and the one I dreamed about last night.”

“Oh Benny. Are you sure? I am a little older than you and…”

“I love you, Miss Langmeyer and I had such a dream about us.”

“Tell me about your dream.”

“Well, it was…um…very erotic.”

Susie hugged him to her again, pressing her cheek against his. She felt all dizzy and weak from this unexpected turn of events. It was strictly forbidden to ‘mess’ with a student, but damn! This was a young man, old enough to know his mind and she had been so lonely for so long. Even now she could feel her pussy tingle and there was a warm dampness between its lips.

“Well, if you are going to tell me, Benny, then tell me. What did we do in your dream?”

“We made love. Right here at this table. We touched and played with each other, and we fucked…”

That was it. Something let go when he said ‘fucked’ in such a natural, sweet way and her dam burst. Instantly her pussy was wet and ready for action and she felt a deep craving for cock.

“Oh Benny.” She placed one hand behind his head and pulled him down to her chest, pressing his cheek against her heaving tits. “And would you like that to happen right now?”

“Oh yes, Miss Langmeyer. I would, so much. Would you like to play with my cock?”

“Yes, Benny. Very much.”

Unlike the dream, Susie checked the hallway and locked the door first, undressing as she walked back to her desk. By the time she gathered him in her arms she was naked, not even shoes on, and her pussy was dripping with her love juices. Benny had stripped and now leaned back against the desk, his cock jutting forward and upward. She grasped that shaft and gave it a few swift tugs as she kissed him again. His hands sought her plump nipples and squeezed them before releasing them to rub her tits with his palms.

Soon he had slid his hand sown along the curve of her belly, fondled the neat bush between her legs then slipped easily into her hungry pussy.

“Oh, fuck!” She whispered in his ear as his fingers penetrated her. A tremor went through her as he inserted a second finger, and then a third.

“Oh Miss Langmeyer. Say that again. It sounds so sexy coming from you. Talk dirty to me.”

“Yes, Benny. Please fuck me with your fingers. Oh honey, I want your cock!”

Benny used the three fingers well, masturbating her to climax almost instantly. Her cum washed over his hand and her pussy sucked greedily at his fingers.

“You want what?” He growled in her ear. “Say it.”

“I want your cock, baby. Oh, fuck, I want your cock so bad.”

“Where. Say it.” Oh Benny. I want your cock in my pussy please.”

Benny used his thumb on her clit, rubbing it and stimulating it until she was thrumming like a highly tuned guitar string. At that moment she knew he could have anything, do anything and she would be glad to be his slave.

He bit her earlobe, nibbling it briefly then whispered. “Miss Langmeyer…”

“Yes, Benny?”

“Tell me where you want my cock again. Say it like a slut would say it.”

“Oooooohhhhh…Benny, Oh, sweetheart I want your cock. I want you to ram your cock in my cunt and fuck me, fuck me. Oh!”

“That’s better.” He grabbed her waist and turned her around, bending her forward over the table. His hands parted her ass cheeks and she knew he was ogling her, her ass and her pussy lay bare and waiting for him. She felt helpless in his hands. The strength of youth was so overpowering. There was a second or two when she wasn’t sure what he would do next.

My God, she thought. What if he rams his cock up my ass? But no sooner had that thought passed then she felt his hot, throbbing knob at the gateway to her pussy. He shoved. A thrill ran through her and a pleasant sensation exploded through her as his shaft sank deep into her cunt. He grabbed her around the waist, hands grasping her tits then he began to bang her hard and fast.

“Talk to me. I want to hear you talk dirty.”

“Oh Benny. Yes! Yes! Oh, fuck me baby. Ram your cock in faster and deeper. I want you to cum in my cunt. Of fuck me sweetheart.”

“Oh, Miss Langmeyer! You have such a sweet tight cunt! I just want to shoot a load of jism deep inside you.”

And then he stiffened. His cock rammed into her so far she thought she was going to split in two, then she felt it pumping. Spurt after spurt of cream splashed inside her while her pussy contracted, sucking on his cock as if trying to extract the last drop.

“Oh, fuck Benny! Oh, yes! I can feel you cum inside me. Oh, darling!”

He finished and withdrew his cock. It was shrinking rapidly when she turned around, but she grabbed it anyway. She dropped onto her knees before him and plunged his dick into her mouth, using her tongue to clean cum and pussy juice mixture off it. Her hands went to his balls, squeezing and playing as she cleaned him, licking and sucking energetically. It wasn’t long before his cock reacted by stiffening again and soon she was stroking his newly resuscitated member, sucking it and teasing the head with her tongue. Benny began groaning and rolling his eyes as he felt his juices gathering. He was young, and the young recover quickly. When he did cum he shot his creamy load directly into her mouth. She swallowed each spurt of warm sperm as it splashed against her palate and marveled at the clean, zesty taste of him.

* * * * *

She came up for air, her lips wet and smiling, a little bit of his cum dripping down her chin, her eyes dreamy. She was kneeling like a slave, knees well apart, ass on the ground, looking up at her master. It would be hard for any man to believe she was so close to her 40th birthday as right now she looked like a raven-haired girl in her twenties. Benny looked down at a pair of firm tits, milky white with huge rosy nipples that were in height of sexual excitement. The lovely round swell of her ass cheeks protruded behind. She still had hold of his cock in one hand and he suddenly wished he could take a photo of them just like this.

“I love you, Miss Langmeyer.” He whispered to her, his lazy smile and sparkling blue eyes making him angelic in the mellow afternoon light.

“I love you too, Benny.” Susie replied.

“I want to fuck you again and again, Miss Langmeyer.”

“Mmmmmm. Me too Benny, only not here. Not ever again. I want you to come to my place.”

“So you can teach me, teacher?”

She smiled up at him and patted his ballbag.

“So that I can be your slave, master.”

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