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Late Summer BBQ

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It was a glorious late summer evening on the south coast of England and the sailing club BBQ was going like a bomb. At least thirty people were still there at midnight and there was no sign of the party slacking.

Someone she knew had invited along my wife, Joy and me and we were really enjoying ourselves. The music was still playing, not loud due to the time but enough for people to still enjoy some dancing.

We had made ourselves comfortable with a friendy, mixed group and probably had too much to drink! In fact, maybe everyone had had too much to drink!

Most of the evening we had ben up dancing, laughing and joking with our new friends but by now I needed a rest! Joy was off on one side talking with a group of men and women and I was chatting with new friends who included a nice couple called Steve and his wife Claire. As we chatted we noticed one of the guys come over to a girl in our group and taking her hand he led her into the darkness.

Claire giggled and said, “I know what they are going to do!”

NaiveIy I looked quizzically at her. Unsure what she meant .

Still giggling, Claire was tipsy to, she looked me in the eye and said “He is going to fuck her!”

She laughed again and rolled over on a blanket. As she lay there her hand brushed across her pussy mound and lingered a while as she fingered herself gently.

Taken aback, I stared at her and found my cock stiffening in my shorts. Claire is a petite blonde with quite big breasts and her bikini top only just held her in as she sprawled in the sand. I could see down her flat tummy and in the top of her bikini pants. Very inviting.

“Hmm” said Steve, “I’d give her on alright!”

Claire laughed again and still lightly playing with her pussy retorted,

“You’d fuck any girl who was willing darling! Dan, keep him away from Joy because he said to me earlier he’d love to get the chance to fuck her!”

I laughed with them both but checked slightly when Steve said,

“to damn right! I’d love to get between those great legs and fuck her ass off!”

We all burst out laughing again just as Joy walked back over toward us.

“What’s going on here then?” She queried with a grin.

“Oh don’t worry Joy,” said Claire, “It’s just that Steve said he wants to fuck you!”

We all collapsed giggling at the look on Joy’s face.

“Is that all?” She purred. “I bet he isn’t up to it right now.”

There was a moment of silence from us at her retort then as she started to giggle again Claire reached out and rubbed Steve’s cock through his shorts.

“Mmmmm, I’m not so sure about that.” She said softly. “He feels hard enough to me.”

Steve shifted awkwardly but his erection was clearly visible to us all. I looked at Joy as she stood above Steve. The fire highlighted her trim body and her long legs seemed to reach to the sky. She stood with her legs slightly apart by his head and he must have had a wonderful view up her short skirt to her flimsy knickers.

We hadn’t realised that swimwear was the dress for the BBQ and she was dressed in a short skirt and loose halter top. From his position under her only the darkness would be hiding her neat pussy from his gaze.

Joy was looking down directly at Steve’s erection as Claire continued to gently rub it. Teasing him in front of us. I could see that Joy was wondering how it would feel to be impalled on his manhood and wondered if she would indeed let him have her sometime. Thinking about it, I wouldn’t say no to fucking his wife either!

I jumped slightly and an unexpected thrill shot through me as Claire reached an arm out and touched me provocativly on my bare, inner thigh.

“Come on Dan, let’s dance and these two can have fun too!” She pulled me to my feet and we joined the other dancers.

As we started to dance I saw Steve leading Joy by the hand and I half expected them to dissapear into the dark. I was wrong and they joined us with the other dancers. The music was slow and soft and I tingled as Claire melted against me. I put my hands round her firm body and felt a little awkward as my hands came to rest on her pert ass cheeks. Not to mention that my erection was poking into her flat tummy!

“Mmmmm, you seem to be enjoying yourself Dan” She sighed and she began to push harder against my erection.

I felt my heart beat faster as this attractive woman let her hands roam over my back and over my ass. The heat from her pussy penetrated through my shorts as she gyrated her hips aginst my cock while we danced. I sank my face into her neck and the smell of her body was intoxicating.

Lifting my face from her neck for a moment I looked around the dancing couples. The music had clearly got people in a sexy mood and there was little attempt from some of them to hide where their hads were wandering. Claire was no exception, she had a hand down the back of my shorts and was gently kneeding my cheek. It was nice!

One girl was dancing with two men and they were openly groping her body, sharing her pussy and tits between their four hands. Her bikini seemed to have dissapeared and I was sure one of them had her impalled on his cock as they danced in the darkness near the fringe of the fire.

Finally I found Joy and Steve. He is quite a bit taller than my wife is and she was almost totally enclosed in his arms, her feet nearly clear of the sand. I saw he had a hand up the back of her skirt and between her open legs. He seemed to be fingering her from behind and it looked as if he had at least one finger up her pussy or asshole as he kissed, sorry, ate, her soft mouth. My wife was lifting one long leg up to allow him better access to her cunt and ass.

Joy wasn’t’ resisting his hand or kisses. In fact she was kissing him back fiercly and she had a hand pushed in between them and looked to be playing openly with his cock. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before she would need fucking and she wouldn’t mind who fucked her at this rate!

I was distracted from watching them by Claire who suddenly wrapped her arms round my neck and kissed me. Her tongue pushed against my lips and invaded my mouth. It felt good and I responded by kissing her back as I felt her thrusting her hot pussy against my erect cock. She was just about fucking me through my shorts and I began to forget what my wife was doing.

Breaking our kiss, Claire took my hand and silently led me back to our drinks. As I followed her wiggling ass I could hear the girl with the two guys from the dancing. She was moaning loudly as her two lovers gave her a good fucking just on the edge of the fire. Another girl had joined them and she was kissing the girl as the men fucked her.

Steve and Joy were already back at the drinks. They were sprawled on a blanket kissing and groping each other. Joy’s sodden knickers were lying in the sand and her skirt was up round her waist. Steve was laying half on top of her with a leg between her’s and they were kissing wildly.

As we got closer I saw his hand run up the inside of her leg and onto her pussy. My wife moaned and opened her legs wider to let him in. His fingers dissapeared inside her dripping cunt and started to finger fuck her. Steve still had his shorts on and Joy was clinging to him, raking his naked back as he finger fucked her craving cunt.

Claire giggled when she saw them and turning to me said,

“Looks like my hubby is going to fuck your wife after all!”

Without a pause she kissed me again and dragged me down to the sand.

My hand found its way between her legs and onto her pussy as we sank to the sand. She pulled a blanket under me and as I got my hand inside her pants she gasped.

“Ohhhhhh nice” she purred as I sank two fingers into her dripping pussy.

Wriggling my fingers deep inside her cunt I made her eyes roll back with pleasure. I got my thumb on her clit and pushed, bringing my thumb and fingers together. Claire’s eyes rolled again and I tried to bring her of with my hand.

She let me do her for a while as she watched her husband fingering my wife then still giggling, rolled me onto my back and straddled my chest. Smiling, she reached behind her back and released her bikini top. Her firm breasts came into view and her nipples were standing out proud.

Leaning forward she fed one of her nipples into my mouth. I took it willingly and sucked and nibbled at it making her moan with pleasure. After a few moments she changed and fed me the other. I again took her in and sucked and nibbled harder.

With my hands I tried to ease her lower down my body and I managed to get my cock out of my shorts. Gently I worked her into position to get it up her cunt and began to pull at the flimsy bikini bottoms. I was the only thing between my raging cock and her wonton cunt.

Claire lifted her breast from my mouth and whispered, “No, Dan, no fucking, yet.”

She looked at me with hooded eyes and then slowly slipped down my body. Her warm skin rubbed over mine and I was almost going crazy with lust. Still staring me in the eyes she got lower and lower. Eventually my cock with a silver bead of pre-cum glistening on the tip came into view between her breasts. She stopped and began to tit fuck my cock.

I broke her gaze and let my head flop back. The sensations of her tit fuck coursed through my body and I felt a climax building in my groin. I tried to tell her I was about to cum but she just giggled and kept on tit fucking me. In no time at all I tensed up and felt the cum rush from deep in my balls all the way through me until it exploded from my cock all over her breasts and my chest.

Claire sighed as I covered her with cum and she raked my chest with her fingernails. I shuddered as she did it and more cum erupted from my throbbing cock. I heard her giggle.

Beginning to relax I looked to where Joy and Steve had been groping each other. I saw that Steve was now totally on top of her but I wasn’t sure if he was actually fucking her yet. I was distracted by Claire who took my limp cock in her hands and started to lick and suck me. That took my attention from what was happening to my wife!

Claire made me feel wonderful s she gave me an expert blowjob. Her clever sucking and nibbling soon had me growing in size again and she kept glancing at me with bright giggling eyes. I lay back and enjoyed what she was doing to me, placing my hands on either side of her blonde head and gently helping her to maximise my pleasure.

As Steve’s wife pleasured me, I looked over to see what he was doing with my wife. Joy was flat on her back with her legs bent at her knees and open wide. Steve was in between them and I could see him slowly raising and lowering his ass like he was fucking her. I noticed he still had his shorts on. Joy had her arms round his neck and was still kissing him.

While I watched, Joy let go of his neck and reaching down, began to ease Steve’s shorts down off his ass. It was clearly the signal to Steve that she was ready to let him fuck her totally now and without stopping his kisses, he helped her get his shorts down his legs.

“Fuck me now Steve, fuck my ass off” she purred into his ear.

A tight white ass came into view between my wife’s open legs and I saw her hand shoot down between their groins. Steve lifted his ass quite high as my wife gripped his cock and fed it up her cunt. When she had him in her, Steve sank down again and filled her pussy with his raging cock.

My wife sighed as he took her and thrust her hips up hard against him. She ground her pussy hard against his groin as he filled her and I could hear her panting for him to fuck her hard.

Slowly Steve began to fuck her as they lay next to his wife and me. Claire had an eye on them as she ate my cock and I realised I was hard again. She looked up into my eyes and grinned at me. I watched facinated as Steve’s tight white ass rose and fell steadily in the surounding darkness as he fucked my willing wife. I could hear her moaning softly under him as she let him fuck her and she began to respond to his clever cock.

Gently Steve’s wife rose from my cock and I felt a cool draught of air caress my erection. She worked her way up my body until I could feel the soft fabric of her pants rubbing challengingly aginst my cock. Surprised, I watched as she stood up still straddling me and deftly took her bikini bottoms off without falling!

Looking up at her I enjoyed the sight of this attractive woman standing naked straddling me. My cock twitched as I took in the neat, short blonde hairs of her nice pussy. It looked so much like Joy’s.

Lust was filling Claire’s face as she lowered herself down to me. She placed her hands on my chest and squatted over my cock. It twiched mercilessly as her cunt got closer and closer, teasing me with the heat coming from her body.

Finally she took hold of my cock with a small hot hand and holding it up straight, rubbed the tip against her swollen clit. I saw her shudder as the pleasure swept through her body and she slowly lowered herself down onto me. Fraction by fraction she impalled herself on my cock. Waves of pleasure ran through me as the heat of her cunt slowly enveloped my cock. Her eyes were closed and she started to moan and sob as I penetrated deeper and deeper into her cunt.

I was almost overwhelmed by the time our pubic hairs entwined. My cock was totally immersed in her hot dripping pussy whan she came to rest on me. Slowly, very slowly she started to fuck me. Closing my eyes I relaxed and enjoyed the fucking Claire was giving me. Her pussy was constantly raising up and down on me and each time she had me fully inside her, she would grip my cock with her cunt muscles. Slowly I could feel another orgasm building in me.

My eyes shot open as I heard Joy squeal. Looking over at them I saw Steve go rigid and then pump and pump into her as he came. My wife was clinging to him as he thrust in her and she was cumming hard with him. Gasping, she thrust back at him as she tried to get him to pump her again and again. Both of them seemed to colapse in a spent heap together.

Claire had been watching as well and she began to pant faster and faster as she quickened her fucking. She began to writhe about and her head was waving around all over the place. Now with a cry she suddenly stopped and slammed down on me so hard it almost hurt.

Her orgasm crashed through her as she came hard on my cock. Holding on to her hips I held her tight to me as my orgasm burst inside her. I moaned as jet after jet shot out of my cock deep into this woman’s hot body. Cum filled her and began to seep from her ravaged cunt. She flopped down onto my chest and kissed me deeply. Her eyes closed and she seemed to snuggle into my chest satisfied for now.

I looked over toward Steve and my wife just before my eyes closed and I remember seeing him reluctantly climbing from between her long legs. Behind him I saw a naked man with his erect cock waving in front of him. Somewhat confused, I watched as the man knelt down between my wife’s legs and her arms reached out and pulled him down on her.

The last thing I remember was listening to Joy moaning as he pushed his cock up her and seeing his white ass pumping up and down between her open legs as she was fucked again.

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