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Late Night House Party

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The house music pumped from the stereo along the wall as I finished getting dressed for the night. Black silk shirt and a pair of worn-out khakis with my new Pumas and I was ready to go. Saturday nights are always big in Orlando, and lately my girlfriend and I had been running with a group of all night partiers.

Tonight we would be heading to a club downtown and then to an after-party at a friend’s house. The group going to the club would be about ten or twelve people, all in their mid 20’s, and who knows how many would show up at the after-party. One thing that was for sure would be that everybody would be looking good and ready to party. I loved not knowing what the night held in store.

Adele walked out of the shower toweling off her long red hair and wearing nothing but a pair of dark blue thong panties. She smiled her sexy little smile when she saw my mouth drop open.

“You look good tonight, baby,” she said in a seductive growl as she dropped the towel and put her arms on my chest. My hands gently glided down to her plump, tight little ass and I gave it a slow squeeze.

“You are just too sexy for your own good,” I whispered in her ear as I gave her ear a quick nibble, trailing soft kisses down the side of her neck. She purred receptively and ground her hips to mine.

Adele has the kind of body that I go crazy for. She is 5’8 and has beautiful strawberry blonde hair that hangs down to the middle of her back. She knows how sexy I find her when she puts her hair up and leaves just a few strands trailing over her beautiful face. Her smile is perfect and her eyes are simply stunning. She weighs somewhere around 120 lbs, and it is proportioned so beautifully. She is fairly thin, but with 34c breasts that are perky even without a bra. Her hips are wide, giving her a slight hourglass figure, and her ass is nice and round.

Just as I started to slip my hand down the back of her underwear the doorbell rang.

“Uh-oh, I must be running late”, she sighed as she gently withdrew her body from my grasp. “Tell them I’ll be ready in ten minutes,” she said before she gave me a long kiss. She smiled and stared into my eyes as I backed out of the bedroom. Adele is a very sexual creature, and our sex life had not diminished at all in the 8 months that we had been together. We have sex on a daily basis, and often enjoy talking dirty to each other. She knows that I find her irresistible.

I opened the front door to find Carl, Heidi, and Jessica smiling and talking.

“Hey Jay, what’s happening my man?” Carl asked as he shook my hand and hugged me.

“Just gettin ready for tonight, bro. Come on in,” I replied.

I greeted Jessica and Heidi as they came inside, giving each one a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They were both beautiful girls. Jessica was 5’6, and had long black hair. Her thin body looked hot in the tight black pants and sleeveless t-shirt with the big star on the front that she wore. Heidi had short brown hair and a voluptuous body. D-cup breasts and wide hips, but the cut-off t-shirt she wore displayed her flat stomach nicely. She had great curves and a tight, thick body that sometimes caused some naughty thoughts to go through my head. I had seen her kissing Adele one night at a bar and the image was permanently frozen in my mind, although I didn’t make a big deal out of it to Adele.

“So where is that hot girlfriend of yours, Jay?” Jessica asked as she playfully ran a finger up my chest. Our group of friends loved to tease each other, but aside from a few girl-on-girl kisses, nothing had ever really happened that I knew of.

“She’s getting dressed, and I’m sure she’d love your help,” I replied with lust evident in my voice. The two girls giggled and hurried back to the bedroom as Carl put on some rap music. Carl was shorter than me at about 6 feet, while I was around 6’2. He was skinny and not as broad-shouldered as me, but a good looking guy nonetheless. He didn’t have a girlfriend at the time and loved flirting with Adele, always making sure to give me the impression that he was just joking so that I didn’t get too jealous. I had fantasized a few times about watching Adele get fucked by him, but had never told anybody and was content to let it remain a fantasy.

“Hey man, look what I got for tonight!” Carl said as he produced a pill bottle with about twenty pills inside.

“X?” I asked.

“Yea baby. Good too, from what I hear,” he replied with a smile. “You and Adele down to roll tonight?” he asked hopefully.

“Well I can’t speak for her, but I would love to. I haven’t eaten any in about six months. Have you eaten any yet?”

“No, we were waiting to see if you guys wanted to,” Carl explained.

“Well, I guess I should see if Adele wants…” I started to say but was cut off as the three girls came out of the bedroom.

“Beans?” Adele asked hopefully as she presented an outstretched hand to Carl. He stopped a second as he stared at her tan body in a spaghetti-strap t-shirt and tight shorts that ended just below her ass cheeks.

I nodded enthusiastically.

“Yes ma’am,” Carl replied with genuine excitement in his voice.

We all ate a pill and then took a taxi downtown. We were all excited to be with our friends, and the flirting became even more intense as the night progressed. By the time we got downtown and into the club the ecstasy was beginning to send its waves through our bodies, and the sexual tension seemed to multiply. Stares seemed to last longer, and lust seemed to pour from everyone’s eyes.

Once inside the club we met up with Summer and A.J.. There was a round of hugs and kisses , and I noticed that after hugging A.J. Adele kept her arm around him, and a quick jolt of jealousy ran through me. A.J. was a very good looking guy. He had chiseled features and a tall, lithe body with wavy brown hair. He wore a t-shirt that seemed a little tight and a pair of velour sweatpants.

A.J.’s girlfriend Summer was hot. She had long blond hair and a tan, curvy body that she was showing off by wearing a short skirt and baby t-shirt. She and A.J. both ate pills soon after we arrived. Summer introduced me to a friend of hers, a beautiful Asian girl named Mariko. Mariko had come with a guy named Steve, who was short and stocky. I got caught staring at her several times, but her tight body and silky black hair were almost too much. She was wearing a cowboy hat, sleeveless shirt, and short skirt. My mouth was watering. After she and Steve had taken some X, we found a table surrounded by a long, black, circular couch along the wall of the club. There was a DJ spinning some house music and break-beats, but not too many people were dancing yet. We all used the time to talk and flirt as the X kicked in.

About an hour later we were all rolling hard. I was sitting between Summer and Heidi and staring at Summer as Heidi rubbed my back. The physical euphoria caused by the back rub was intensified by the sight of Summer’s beautiful face. I had to consciously fight the urge to kiss her. At one point I glanced at Adele and thought I saw her kissing A.J., but they were seated in such a way that I couldn’t really tell. I felt the sharp sting of jealousy lance through me and I was about to get up when people began migrating to the dance floor.

We all got up and in a mass exodus made our way through the crowd, dancing the whole time. We congregated in the darkest corner of the dance floor, and soon we were wet with sweat as we danced into a near-frenzy. Suddenly Summer appeared in front of me and stared into my eyes as she moved closer and closer. Engulfed with lust I pulled her close and we began grinding our hips together. As my left leg moved between her legs I could feel her warm crotch grinding down on my leg. As she danced away I held onto her with one hand at the small of her back. She put her hands through her long blond hair and gave me a look that was pure lust. Lost in the moment she threw her head back and I immediately began to kiss her neck, starting just above her collar bone and following a trail up the side of her neck. She wrapped her arms around my head as I sucked on the hot flesh of her neck.

As I was kissing her, I glanced over her shoulder and saw Adele. She was sandwiched between A.J. and Heidi, with A.J. behind her, and Heidi in front of her kissing her on the lips passionately as the danced. I felt a surge or lust coupled with jealousy as I stopped kissing Summer and began to stare at Adele. She was totally oblivious to me and was swept up with desire, one of her hands back around A.J.’s neck and the other firmly planted on Heidi’s tight ass. Summer noticed my distraction and turned to see what I was staring at. I feared that she would fly into a jealous rage at A.J. and Adele, but instead she just laughed and kissed me. The kiss seemed to melt away my jealousy and I returned it passionately as we continued grinding each other.

The next few hours are a bit of a blur, but I do remember kissing Jessica and then watching her make out with Summer. I saw Heidi taking turns kissing Steve and A.J., and almost came in my pants when I saw Mariko running her hands over Adele’s tits while Carl watched. The night was definitely turning out to be a surprising one, but as it wore on I began to want to take Adele home and fuck her all night long. However, I caught myself also wanting to fuck every other girl with us too.

When the house lights came on and the music stopped I was sitting back on the couch making out with Heidi. The bouncers began pushing everyone to the door, and we looked around for our friends. We found them near the door, and I recognized that everyone was present except for Adele and A.J.. The bouncers herded us outside, and about five minutes later Adele and A.J. came out, hand in hand. Adele had a guilty look on her face when she saw me, and quickly let go of his hand. She walked up to me and quickly gave me a long, passionate kiss which elicited some cheers from the crowd of people filing out of the club.

“After-party at my place! yelled Carl.”

“I want to take you home and fuck you for the rest of the night,” I whispered in Adele’s ear.

She looked into my eyes and said, “But everybody is going back to Carl’s, … don’t you want to go?”

I could tell that she certainly wanted to go, but I was afraid of why I thought she wanted to go. Making out with a couple people on a dance floor is one thing, but who knows what might happen at Carl’s. I glanced over her shoulder and saw Summer staring at me and in an instant my mind was made up.

“Yeah, we can go. But you behave yourself!” I said as I gave her ass a little smack.

We all piled into cabs and before we knew it we were back at Carl’s. As we entered his house I guessed that he had anticipated well for the evening. The only light came from Christmas lights strung around the room, and there were large cushions all over the floor. People began sitting on them as well as the two couches in the room, and soon a couple of joints were being passed around. I noticed that Jessica hadn’t made the trip with us, so the crowd consisted of me, Adele, Heidi, Carl, Mariko, Steve, Summer and A.J..

I struck up a conversation with Mariko, and although it was initially about music, it quickly shifted to sex. Carl put on some mellow but funky music and as the joints were passed around everyone began to mellow out. I didn’t notice at first, but Mariko’s hand was resting on my thigh as we talked. I looked over and saw Heidi and Summer slowly and softly kissing each other on the other sofa as A.J. and Steve watched. Adele was sitting on the floor and Carl was sitting right next to her, his left hand massaging the back of her neck. Mariko saw what I was looking at and began whispering in my ear.

“You have a beautiful girlfriend, Jay,” she purred as her hand moved to my crotch. My cock instantly sprung to life and continued getting harder as she softly raked her fingernails across it. I moaned and closed my eyes. “Would you like to see her pleasured by someone else?” she asked softly.

“Yes,” I replied, surprised at my own answer.

“You know that she loves you very much…” she continued as I felt her unbutton my pants.

“Yes,” I sighed.

“I think that she would like to see you pleasure another as well, don’t you?” she asked as her hand slid down my pants and around my cock.

The immediate sense of euphoria was incredible. Aside from Mariko’s touch, the thought of Adele and I sharing a sexual experience with others made me feel like I was on fire. I opened my eyes and saw Adele smiling at me as Carl kissed her neck. I smiled back at her and she closed her eyes in pleasure. Mariko dropped her head to my lap as she pulled my now rock hard cock out of my pants. Her soft tongue glided over the head and then her wet lips enveloped my member. She began slowly bobbing her head up and down in my lap while applying constant suction to my cock with her mouth. I moaned in delight as I saw Carl help Adele take her shirt off. Then he bent down and began to lick her nipples. She let her head fall back onto a pillow and moaned with delight.

Mariko’s mouth was sending me into heaven and I cupped her tight little ass with my hand and began to slowly massage it. She began to squirm a little and started moving her hips, pushing her ass into my hand. She was now picking up the pace of her blowjob and jerking me off into her mouth at the same time. I pulled her skirt up and began to slide my fingers down the crack of her ass.

I looked down at Adele again and saw her in a position that almost made me cum. She was bare naked and Carl was sucking on her pussy while he fingered her at the same time. Adele was moaning loudly and running her hands through his hair, and I could hear him sucking on her pussy. Mariko kept sucking faster and harder.

“Ohhhhhhh shhhiiitttttt!” I yelled as I bucked my hips and drove my cock down Mariko’s throat. She kept sucking as my cock shot stream after stream of cum down her throat. I collapsed back into the couch as Mariko smiled at me.

I then saw A.J. stand up and walk over to where Adele was still being eaten out. He kneeled down beside her head and began rubbing her breasts. She quickly reached up and pulled down his sweatpants and his cock sprung out only inches from her face. It was slightly shorter than mine but at least as thick, if not more. He leaned forward a little more and she thrust her lips around his cock, immediately stroking his cock as she forcefully sucked it. I felt my cock spring to life again as I watched my girlfriend sucking a cock while having her pussy eaten. Carl stopped giving her head for a second and watched her suck A.J.’s cock. Overcome with lust, he rose up, pulled his pants off, and put Adele’s legs over his shoulders. He readied his hard, long cock in front of her soaking pussy lips and slowly drove it into her. I never thought that watching another man fuck my girlfriend would turn me on so much, but I was going crazy with desire.

Mariko sat next to me watching them, and was rubbing her pussy while she watched my girlfriend getting double teamed. On the other couch, Heidi was sitting in Steve’s lap with his cock buried in her pussy while Summer was fingering herself and kissing Heidi. I looked back at Adele and saw her being bounced back and forth as Carl’s thrusts got stronger and stronger. His cock was shining with her cum every time he pulled it back, and his hips were making a slapping sound against her ass.

I grabbed Mariko by the hips and pulled her ass towards me as I turned on my side and pushed my pants off. I hiked her skirt up to her hips as she looked back over her shoulder at my hard cock and purred seductively. I pulled her top leg up into the air with one hand and with the other I pulled her damp panties to the side. Then I guided my hard cock into her hot pussy. She gave a loud “OOooooohhhhh” as I entered her, and in seconds I was fucking her hard as we lay on our sides. I gripped her ass hard as I drove my cock into her, and I could hear her moan sharply each time I thrust.

I looked back at Adele and saw her on her knees, now being fucked doggy style by A.J. as she slobbered on and licked Carl’s cock. The sight made me fuck Mariko even harder, and as Mariko neared an orgasm she began to rub her clit furiously. A.J. was pumping my girlfriend with slow methodical strokes, and she looked back at him over her shoulder and groaned with delight as she continued jerking off Carl. She looked over at me and as our eyes met she flashed me her sexy little smile. She kept her eyes on me and pulled Carl’s cock back into her mouth. Seeing her acting like a total nymphomaniac like this drove me absolutely wild, and she knew it. A.J. began slapping her tight ass as he pumped into her, and she began to thrust her hips back, impaling herself on his rod.

I felt a pair of hands on my hips, and turned to see Summer kneeling down in front of Mariko and running her tongue all over Mariko’s pussy while I fucked it. The sensation caused Mariko’s moans to get louder and louder, and as her body tensed with the rapture of her orgasm she grabbed Summer’s head and drove Summer’s mouth into her crotch. Mariko screamed as wave after wave of orgasm rolled through her. Mariko collapsed back onto me as Summer stood up and kissed her face.

Then I heard Adele. A.J.’s continuous pumping into her hot pussy was having an effect, and she began to scream.

“Oh fuck yea! Oh god I’m gonna cum so hard! Fuck me A.J.! Fuck me! Yes! Yes! Oh God Yesssssssssss!” she cried as she came all over his hard cock. Her pleasure sent him over the edge and he grunted as he pulled out of her pussy and shot streams of hot cum all over her ass and back. Instead of taking a break after cumming, Adele’s orgasm seemed to unleash her inner slut. She scanned the room with hungry eyes and saw Steve sitting on the other couch and jerking his short fat cock as he watched Carl laying on top of Heidi on the floor in front of him, her huge breasts vibrating with every thrust of Carl’s cock into her pussy. Her legs were wrapped tightly around Carl and her hands gripped his ass tightly as he pistoned into her. Adele stood up and walked over to Steve, her tight ass swaying seductively as she strode over to him. Without saying a word she bent over to kiss him as she straddled his hard cock and guided it into her pussy. Seeing her so overwhelmed with lust drove my sex drive even higher. Her heart shaped ass began bouncing up and down in his lap as he gripped her ass cheeks.

Mariko was now on the floor with A.J., their bodies intertwining as they kissed, and summer lay next to me on the couch, her long blond hair spread all over the pillow under her head. She was naked, and had her legs spread before me. She looked into my eyes seductively and I pounced on her. We immediately began kissing feverishly as she gripped my cock and guided it into her dripping wet pussy. She arched her back as I began sucking on her neck and throat while pumping my hard cock into her. I felt her fingernails rake across my back and I slid my hands under her and grabbed her ass, pulling her hips into mine as I fucked her. We both moaned loudly as we let our animal lust take over, and soon we became a mass of flailing legs and arms pumping together in unison. I glanced across the room and saw Adele surprising me again. Carl was positioning his cock at her asshole as she continued riding Steve.

She was looking back at me with pure lust in her eyes as I saw Carl’s cock slowly gliding into her ass. She gritted her teeth as her ass slowly accepted Carl’s meat. I know that I was the first person she had let fuck her ass, and seeing her offering up every part of her body for any guy in the room drove me wild. I gripped Summer’s ass even tighter as I continued to pound her, and her wails of pleasure were heavenly to hear. However I could not take my eyes off of Adele as two cocks began to simultaneously pump into her pussy and ass. She moaned loudly and I could hear the orgasm building in her. The sweat dripped off my face and chest as I fucked Summer even harder. My head started to spin as I felt another orgasm coming on. Summer felt it coming too and cried out.

“Yes baby! Pump your hot cum into my pussy! Cum inside me! OH FUCK YESSS!” she cried as I pumped load after load of hot cum into her tight pussy, and then passed out.

When I awoke the next morning, bodies were strewn across the floor, some under blankets and some out in the open. I glanced down and saw Adele nestled into my chest. She looked up at me through tired eyes and smiled. I kissed her forehead softly and then smiled back.

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